Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call Juz 30 – Beauty of Purification

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Islam's "roar and regards to what leaves the body" and how it is a means of purifying the heart. The concept of exposure is introduced and the act of purification is an act of winning by being honest, being chines, being religious, being a person that says Islam, and being a person that makes it happen. The speaker also mentions the importance of choosing the reward for one's actions to achieve their goals.
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salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. We have reached the last Jews of the Koran, Jews number 30 the 13th part of the Quran and I want to share with you a very important aspect and concept for us in regards to our soul. Our soul is that which Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed inside of us, our soul is that which if it leaves our body we are considered may yet we are considered that some scholars may translate the soul as neffs or they may translate it as ruler. And the rule is more been been beneficial here because if we're talking about from the physical sense of that, which leaves the body it is that which is the roar as

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you know fame has defined it. Death mode is moved out to Rohit little just as it is when the soul leaves the body. Now a feature of the roar may be of the knifes In any case, when we talk about the soul, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about a reality of the soul and how he's created it and how we should interact with it. He gives us until he tells us about the raw material of the soul. But how do we interact with it in a successful way? Allah says in the Quran in the chapter of shrimps, the chapter, the son, he swears by this, he swears by the sun and its brightness. He swears by number of items all the way to six verses but then when he gets to the seventh verse,

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he says, When I've seen one so well, for him a half will do what I have what

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he says when I've seen and then upstairs we've translated as soul or we could say roar and regards to what leaves the body. But the neffs here is the pneus is more of that which you are dealing with on a daily basis that which you have to fight. He says when I've seen war master where and the soul which he who has proportioned that he has created the soul in proportion for him a half would you know what's up. So after he's proportion, his soul, he has given it or introduced to it.

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The discernment of wickedness and righteousness for him or her in ham, in ham is that feeling that you may have to do wickedness or to do righteousness and he is introduced the soul to that the soul is exposed to those things. But the exposure does not mean indulgence. The exposure does not mean answering the call of either one of them. And that's where the element of choice comes in. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala says immediately after by the F Lucha Monza, Kara Walker, the hub Amanda sir, and that's what I want to capitalize on here. He says, he has succeeded, who purifies it? zeca like Zika, but the F Lucha man zeca and this is a verb, he is successful, the one who purifies it,

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worked out the harbor Mendes. And he is that loss, the one who covers it, or the one who hides it with sins and transgression. So the covering it is with sins and transgression, you are not allowing it to live, you are killing the healthy soul, adulterating it with sins that are consistent, continuous and supine along with no remorse of those sins. Because when one has remorse, this is an action of teskey. This is an action of purification. Any action that is done in the name of Allah, with the way that Allah once it done is an act of purification.

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So when you pray, when you fast, when you make hij, when you pays a cat, when you're honest, when you fight your jealousy, when you fight your envy, and you think about things and you say a good word about a person that you may be jealous of. And you ask a lot to relieve that jealousy from your heart. This is an act of purification. This naturally is an act of winning by an act of purification. The Act is something Allah loves, therefore the reward for it is endless. But make no mistake, whatever reward it will be. It is a means of purifying your heart. And that process of purification requires the choice that you make, to be purified. The choice that you make, as we

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mentioned, to be honest, to be chaste, to be loyal, to be religious, to be a person that says Allah. I thank you for all the blessings you have given me and I will show my thanks my sugar bill out man would be Lisa with my

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And with my tongue. So Allah May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that consistently think about purifying our souls, purifying our hearts, to where inshallah he will be pleased with this in this life and also in the next May Allah subhana wa to make us of those that benefit from this beautiful Koran. We lost my dad to make us of those that make this grow on the spring of our hearts. We lost forgot to make us of those that make this Quran a source of healing for us. The last panel data makers of those that increase our reading in the Quran, and that make us from the other coroner limoux Hospital, to make us from the people of the Koran, that they are from his family and of his

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special special people may last Madonna make us mean Allah Al Quran, the people of Allah, the family of Allah, which is the family of the Koran. May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that will recite this beautiful book, if we were not from the mat mat how to Quran from the experience ones reciting the Quran. May He make us of those Alinea to tatarian a field called Anwar who Allah He shall may make us of those, that when we stutter and struggle with reciting this book, and it is difficult for that for us for the whole agilon. As a prophet SAW, Selim said that he will receive two rewards May Allah make this course on that which purifies us and keeps us on the path of re

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citation. We get to Luna who have gotten it recites it the way that it should be decided, which in actuality is the people that act upon the ayat, just as a promise a lot of selling was who are called Anil Yoshi, as he said, he was a walking Quran. May Allah bless this in this beautiful book. I mean, Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato

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