Mohamad Baajour – Finding Pleasure in Salat #28 InshaAllah you will not miss a Salat after this

Mohamad Baajour
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levena JANA do phenol Ana de

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su bola Anna. What

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long am I seeing?

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Mr. Levin hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna one fan of Mr. Olympia Anna, was it nine min Yahama Rahimi, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit as from motorists and increases in knowledge mean your anatomy. My dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from any harm. I mean, you Allah

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will last in

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Santa Fe hosts in levena airmen who I'm you know, Solly

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whatever, so, Bill happy whatever song this song Sora that we all know by heart, the surah that Imam Shafi rahamallah He said, if that was the only sort of reveal it would be sufficient, Allah subhanaw taala swearing by time. And then after that, he said, in Al Insana, Liffey hustle. Mankind is in complete loss.

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I don't want to be a loser. And I'm sure you do not want to be a loser. So let's open our ears and listen to what Allah said. after that. He said, Illa, except

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you don't want to be a loser. You have to be from the people who are after Illa after except, so you become all ears. And you want to hear who are the people who are not losers. Well, also in insert Olivia hawser, Allah subhanaw taala sing in an insert and Alethia hustle, mankind is in complete loss except who are these sha Allah, who are the exception I want to be from the exception Yala in the Latina M and

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well, I'm you know, Sally had, but LSR will help. But so this sub

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except the one who does all for not pick and choose from the four, except the one who does all for what are these for?

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He does righteous deeds, and he order a recommend whatever is good, and have patience while doing that.

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Mel saleha, righteous deeds recommend good and be patient, while we are recommending good to others.

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That is my introduction for my topic today.

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And before I start, I want to tell you that I love you for the sake of Allah. So please lend me your ears.

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And I want to make sure today, my brother, my sister,

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that I do not want to upset you.

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My speech today is to my brother

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and my sister who do not pray.

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Like I said, and I repeat, I'm going to be very gentle. Because my goal is not to put you down. My goal is to remind you is to be from the people who are tawassul Bill Huxley with us all the Sabra. I want to hear from the people who are reminding each other of good and I'm going to be very patient and I'm not going to upset you in sha Allah Tada. Because my goal is for you to pray. Not my goal is to tell you Look at me, I pray and I show off. No, no, no. My goal is for for you to start praying. So please listen to me. My first question to you my dear brother, and my dear sister.

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Why don't you pray?

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Did you ever ask yourself that question? Why don't you pray?

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To the people who pray? Are they better than you know they're not better than you.

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So why don't you pray?

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Please, I want you to ponder upon this question.

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And you say that you are a Muslim and you're proud to be a Muslim. But does Islam mean? Islam means to submit to Allah azza wa jal and Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to pray. And Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us Booney al Islam Allah Allah comes the first Hadith that we we learn to memorize. We all know it

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By heart Islam is built on five pillars after the shahada Alhamdulillah you have it. The second one the biggest one after that, his solid. So why don't you pray my brother my sister? Why don't you pray?

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Why don't you pray?

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You might say why I want to pray, but I'm very very busy.

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My brother, what's keeping you busy?

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Is it your children?

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Is it your wealth that's keeping you busy from remembering Allah azza wa jal?

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What did Allah subhanaw taala say? Yeah, he had Nadine Amman who and I know you are a believer to Lee come to Kumu Allah Allah

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the Quran

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when a ye find early Kefalonia hola Iike Holman Hall see rune over you believe. Do not let your wealth and your children

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distract you from the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal and the Salat is the best remembrance and whosoever let that take place he will be she will be amongst the losers. Allahu Akbar, I don't want you to be among the losers, brothers, please.

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When you say you are busy, who gave you the tools to be busy, who gave you the health to be busy? Who gave you the brain to be busy? Who gave you the hands and and the legs to be busy? Isn't it Allah subhanaw taala

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I know that you know that when I become Minette emetine Femina Allah every night and that every blessing that we have is from Allah azza wa jal and the Salah is an opportunity to say thank you, yeah, Allah. Thank you, Allah, my brother, my sister, if I did do a favor, if I paid for the operation to bring your arms back or to pray or to make you be able to walk again or to see again, you would thank me day and night. Allah subhana wa Luz blessings upon us are countless, just look around you please pause right now and look around you. You see that that house that you're living in that phone that you're watching from that computer, that TV that that furniture, that food, that

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wife, those children, that Father, that Mother, this is all from Allah azza wa jal and just few minutes per day to say thank you, Ya Allah my brother, why don't you pray? Please my sister, why don't you pray?

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What did Allah do to you?

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And you decided not to pray? But is it?

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My brothers

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maybe you have another excuse?

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Maybe you'd say, Allah did not guide me at your chef. Allah did not guide me to the salad when Allah guide me to the salad, I will start praying. My brother, my brother, my sister, this is from the Shaitan these are whispers from the Shaitan

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Why don't you pray and say Allah guided me to pray.

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You are not praying and saying, oh, Allah did not guide me to pray. So why don't you pray and say Allah guided me to pray.

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Would you say you agree and I agree that the one who guides is Allah right? We all know that. And you're saying Allah did not guide me type. We both also agree that the one who cures is Allah right? He is a Sheffy type when you get sick.

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When you get sick, don't you go to the doctor?

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Don't you take the medicine? Or you sit down and say, no, no, no, no, Allah is going to cure me. Allah did not kill me yet. No, no, you do some thing to be cured. Would you sit at home knowing that Allah is the result and you say Allah is going to provide for me and you go and sleep in the couch and watch TV all day? No, you go to school, you go to college, you get a major you you get degrees and you look for a job and you struggle day and night in order to get the salary. You do something to get the risk.

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Similarly, what did you do to get the guidance you are claiming that Allah did not guide you?

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Now Allah made you click on this so you could watch it. Did you go to the masjid? To be guided? Did you listen to speeches to be guided? Did you mix with righteous people in order to be guided? What did you do my brother to be guided? This is a trick from the shaytaan to make you say none or Allah did not guide me at when Allah guides me. I will start praying

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The hidayah needs work my brother my beloved brother

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needs work like my brother. I don't know how the person who does not pray, I have no clue how do they find rest and peace in their life? How? How could there be peace in the life without salad?

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If the connection between me because salad is from the word Silla, Silla Wasana is to connect. So when I do not pray, I have disconnected myself from the source of Rama, from the source of peace from the source of mercy from the source of forgiveness from the source of love, from the source of kindness, the source.

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So if you're stressed and you're depressed and you have so many worries, Salat is your cure salah is the solution. Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, in an insane Holika helluva, it MSL shadow Jesu, where either Mr. Han Jairo minhwa Allah said, in Surah 10 marriage man have been created restless, when he's touched by adversity is distressed. And when he's touched by good, he is ungenerous, he's not generous. And then he said in

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a little more saline

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Alladhina Humala sauna to him imune except Allahu Akbar, except the people who pray and they are consistent and they are constant in their salad, they will not be among the people who are distressed and ungenerous.

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My brother, this source of rest and peace and relaxation and in this dunya is

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in the remembrance of Allah Subhan Allah be the Karela he got my internal globe by the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal, the hearts feel at ease my brother, my sister, why don't you pray, please? Why don't you pray? Why

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don't you pray?

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This is this is the best thing that Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with Islam. And Allah ordered us in the Quran ordered us to pray in many, many places ordered us to pray. It's an order from the one that you love. I know I know. I have no doubt in my heart that you love Allah azza wa jal. If you love Allah subhanho wa Taala Why don't you obey Him? You obey your father, you obey your boss, you obey the police officer. So why when it comes to Allah, you decided not to obey Him? Why? Why, my brother, my sister, why? Why we obey human human beings. And we do not obey the king of kings, Allah azza wa jal, why we obey people that's not going to, maybe we're not even going to benefit us in our

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life. And we this obey the one who is in charge of everything, the one who will decide my destiny for ever, my brother, my sister, why don't you pray? Ask yourself that question, please.

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keep in mind,

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that the salad is a source

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of wiping all the sins, we are all sinners, me and you. And the source is a salad is a source of wiping all the sins. Listen to this beautiful Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim Rasulillah Salam said, if someone if someone has a river by their door, and they shower five times a day in that river, will there be any dirt left on them? The Sahaba said, you have to swallow No way. Somebody showers five times a day. How could they have any dirt left on them? Plus, Allah Salam said, similarly,

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the five daily Salaat they clean the sins just like that river, cleans the body. Allahu Akbar.

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My brother, why don't you pray?

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You might be from the people who would say, brother, a man is right here. And you point to your heart. I have a clean heart. I have a white heart. I do not harm anybody. I love Allah. I love all the people.

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I do a lot of good things.

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hamdulillah that's all great. That you love Allah is great. You love the people is great. You have pure heart. Amazing, excellent. But where does Allah say that if you have pure heart, you don't have to pray. The

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way that he say that. If that is true, if you have a pure heart and beautiful heart and the sound the heart

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In a peaceful heart, you don't have to pray. Then rasool Allah Islam will be the most deserving person not to pray. Because he has the purest heart. And he was the one who, who who prayed till his feet get swollen. Allahu Akbar, brother and sister, why don't you pray? This is not an excuse, my heart is clean, my heart is wide, my heart is pure.

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These are tricks from the shaytaan. As a matter of fact, when you have this pure heart, it should make you love Allah more. And when you love Allah more, you want to obey Allah more.

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My brothers and sisters

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the first thing that we will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment is our Salaat.

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The first thing

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what are you going to tell Allah when he asked you, I want you to live that moment. Allah Allah, the one you cannot hide anything from is asking you why don't you pray, why you didn't pray in this dunya I gave you all this, this this this this and that and the net have led to countless amount of blessing. Why don't you pray what you're going to say? If the Salah is good Russell was excellent, he said everything else will follow. The fasting will follow the ombre will follow the Hajj will follow the charity will follow the bitter invalidated will follow everything will follow and he said if the Salah is not good

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if the Salah is not good, everything will follow. That is if the person is praying because salad is not good. How about the person who does not pay at all free brother my sister

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What are you going to tell Allah so

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my brothers and sisters I know that you have made many promises in the past in sha Allah Tala after you heard this maybe and I beg Allah Allah I beg you, I beg you Allah and this lesson night of Jamar Allah Ya Allah and this last night of Ramadan ya Allah make these words go from my heart to your heart to their hearts Yarbro Armenia Allah please Allah I beg you and I know that you said in sha Allah and Ramadan I will pray and Ramadan goes and on Ramadan comes and you did not pray. Oh no, no, no when I finished school, I'm going to start praying. And then you finish school when I when I graduate from college, when I when I when I get married, when I have my first child and the shaitaan

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keeps dragging it and tricking you and you're falling into that trap into these traps. No no no further now. Now after this, immediately go back to do an Ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive you. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive you and tell him Ya Allah, I am coming back to you. Yeah, Allah please yeah Allah accept me Allah. Wa you will find Allah subhanaw taala his doors are open. My brother, my brother, my sister who do not pray. I don't want you to be from the people whom Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah with death nurse Allah Coco comfy circle.

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The people agenda would ask the people of the Hellfire What took you to the hellfire? What took you to this place called soccer this horrible place called soccer. You know what was the answer? My brother threatened with death

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Kalu Carlos lamb Nikolina loomo Selene Yama Yama, we used to not pray. Why my brother Allah He either one please my brother please my sister. Now right after this immediately stuck for Allah Toba sincere tilba Other want you to be from the people who would say Hola, Roberto J O loudly Ahmed Hassan Fina. Ya Allah bring me back ya allah I'm going to pray every salat on time. Y'all Allah just bring me back. I don't want you to be from the people who would say

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Regina and Naml Saudi. Yama take us out from the hellfire and we promise you Allah we're going to do righteous deeds are the ones you to be from the people who say yeah late and cut them to the hayati. I wish I have done so much in my life. I wish I've done so much when I was above the ground.

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Be too late, too late. Too late.

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Don't be too late. If somebody took your your vision right now.

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Someone took your hearing right now.

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And he tells you if you start praying, I will give it back to you.

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Subhan Allah Allah. So why don't we give when Allah has giving.

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Why do we give only one Allah takes away? No, no, no.

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Now go ahead, please, beg Allah. Beg Allah to forgive you. Beg Allah subhanahu wa taala to accept your Tober

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and come back to Allah azza wa jal Now go make wudu in sha Allah Allah Allah and pray your first Salat slowly and and with tears and tell Allah Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah forgive me yeah Allah I missed so much yeah ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala told us to clear the levena Ashraf who Allah foresee him tackling Atul Mirage nuttin

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in Allah Hey, I will see you though no badger me

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in a lawful war or rocky game. Allah promised us in this area. The automat said, the most promising the Most Merciful eye on the Quran. So ever has transgressed transgressed against himself, and he didn't, he did all kinds, she did all kinds of sins. Allah subhanaw taala said Don't ever give up on my mercy. I forgive all sins, and leaving the salah is a major sin, major sin masala Sallam told us the difference between us and the non believers is leaving the solid. Come back to Allah my brother come to him back to Allah my sister, may Allah I ask Allah with the best of his names in this blessed night, to make this a lot easy for you to perform. I ask Allah azza wa jal in the best with

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the best of his names to make all the Baghdad easy for us to perform. I ask Allah azza wa jal to make our last deeds our best deeds and I begged Allah not to take our souls except when he is pleased with us. Me and your bill Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Allah early he was happier Jemaine Subhana Allah organic Masha Allah Allah Allah and stuff here okay when I told you like see y'all tomorrow inshallah

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me know

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a Latina woman V sala de force your own Well levena Will Maione Lova we weren't born when levena Homeless Zeca

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Moon will levy now who's only 4g him have you hone in.

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As Why do you

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get a man in whom will you marry me?

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