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Al-Qamar 1-55 Tafsir 41-55


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The speakers discuss the importance of the " reading time," meaning the time spent on a title. They stress the significance of the " reading time," as it is a reference to the success of the title, not just its own success. The speakers also touch on the cultural significance of the title and how it is seen as a source of pride and pride in the country.

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ruder Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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so number 275. So little karma will begin from Ayah number 41.

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What are the feeder owner noodles and they're certainly came to the people of our own another another, the Warner's as well as the warnings. And we know that to the people have in our own alasa panel data sent to messengers who sadly sue them as well as heroin or insulin. And when they came, did they just bring one warning? No, they brought many warnings. We don't insert the sharada is 16 foot df in our own aftercooler in Rasulullah Villa mean that musala ceram and Harun Arsalan both were told, that go to fit our own and say that we are the messengers of the Lord of the worlds. But what was the reaction of the people of their own? Because there will be a Latina called leha. They

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denied our signs, which ones all of them because musar s&m how many signs was he given in total? Nine signs this are I nine signs he was given. But what was the reaction of your own? He denied and after him, his people also get the Boo all of them denied? The i atina kuliah all of it every single miracle, every single sign that mazarin SLM show to fit our own, what was his reaction of denial? In total arafa 132 Wheeler, Mercado mattina beaming 18 litres. Hello, now we hear from our national lager meaning that the people of her own set no matter what sign you bring us, any sign you bring us to be with us with it to affect us with its magic, we're not going to believe so in other words,

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they rejected the signs and they also called it magic into the 56. We learn what are called the arena Who am Tina cola for Canada. What are the all of the signs were shown to fit on his people? What What was his reaction that he denied, and he refused to accept. So what happened for a husband at home, so he sees them a lot did not prepare for their own either he sees him and his people, and how are they sees their disease and moqtada with a seizure of one who is Exalted in Might and Perfect in Ability.

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What is often referred to over here the punishment, meaning Allah sees him with a season of rule, like the one who is Aziz, the one who is mighty, none can defeat him. And he is also mocked at it, meaning one who is fully capable, nothing at all is difficult for him. No one can challenge him, no one can defeat him. So if in our own, he was very proud of his power, he was very proud of his kingdom. He was very proud of his authority. And a lot of panel data. He dealt with him in the most perfect way how that when He punished him He punished him like Aziz and make the definitions. And what was the pride of what we learned in 3551 52 that fit our own. He was so arrogant that he said

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to his people, yeah, call me la Salamanca Misra. Well, how the hell and how he meant it. He said to his people that oh my people is the kingdom of missile not mine. And these rivers they flow under me, meaning look at how much authority I have looked at how much power I have. So how can you leave me and follow Moosa? This was his pride. But what does the last say? That he sees him like? He isn't looked at it? For our own thought he was mighty, but who is mightier? Allah subhanaw taala their own was very proud about the rivers of Egypt. And how did Allah destroy him by drowning him up there as Eason macdaddy?

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So I was praying, what are the questions that people have? And not just the people of Makkah, but after them anyone who lives believes that akufo come Hi, Ron, are your disbelievers better cofounders of florala Cafe, so are your disbelievers hiren better better than who mean Ola eco than those who la eco those meaning compared to you? Those refers to all the people that have been mentioned over here, from the people of New Harley ceram, to the people of art and the mood and the people of Luther insulin, and then also the people of their own. They were very mighty, they were very strong. They were very powerful, very wealthy, very influential. So Allah asks the people who

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are alive today, that are your disbelievers better than the disbelievers of the past, in the sense that are they better in their worldly power in their worldly strength in their worldly mind? So which is why we have not punished them that they're too difficult to destroy, do difficult to punish. No, that's not the case for our was so strong. He was so mighty everything of this world he had, but when the punishment of unlocking could he resisted

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Are the people of New Hello Sam, how long did they deny the messenger 950 years. But that long passage of time also did not avert the punishment. So a co founder teittleman Ola, Econ, meaning what confidence Do you have to disbelieve amla calm? Or do you have Bara atone? Some immunity visible in the Scriptures, but our immunity, meaning when a person is saved from blame, he's declared innocent. He's not held accountable. He has nothing to do with the crime that could be associated with him. So do you have any bar meeting? Do you have some immunity from the punishment that the punishment is not going to come upon you. And this Bara has been revealed were visible in

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the previous scriptures as Zuber is a plural of Zaboo. Meaning it's not the case. You're not mighty compared to the people of the past. And at the same time, you have no immunity from the punishment that has been given to you in the scriptures.

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Amir coluna or do they say National jemmy on We are an assembly, the people of Makkah, those who disbelieve today? Do they say that we are an assembly a jamir that is moonfleet that can defend itself that can support each other? When does it from the root letters, noon solder, and intersolar is to help oneself to defend oneself. So what do these people think that they can defend themselves against the punishment of a law, that's not the case, if they think they are like that, so you will jump through their assembly will be defeated. User move from the root letters, has I mean, hasn't azima and has Emma is to defeat someone and put them to flight. So the thing they're very mighty

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that if the punishment of Allah descends upon them, say use a museum or their gathering, it will be defeated, they'll be put to flight, where you will Luna dubeau and they will turn their backs in retreat, fleeing in order to save themselves, meaning they cannot even help themselves when the punishment of Allah comes. And this is in a way referring to the Battle of battle, because the machinima also considered themselves to be very mighty. And when they came in order to fight against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, how many men did they come with? 1000 men. But what happens? So user moodgym? Are their assembly, their huge numbers, what happened to them? They were defeated. Were you

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aluna dubeau and they left the battlefield escaping fleeing in order to save themselves. Why? Because strength is not with your numbers. Strength is with what with the help of Allah soprano.

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If a person has everything of this world, he has all the wealth, all the resources, all the support all the people, but if he's not upon the truth, then nothing of this world can eat him. Nothing of this world can protect him. And on the other hand, if a person is on the truth, and he's weak, is less in numbers in resources, then again, he will be victorious, just like know how to swim. What did he say a name of luban fantasy? Correct. A NEMA loop I am defeated in worldly terms. Fantastic. So you helped me and that's exactly what happened. Allah helped him and he was victorious against his enemies. And we see this with all of the prophets of Allah. So over here also, the machine of

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Makkah are being warned that the user will jump away You will learn a double inserted Baccarat Ayah 249 we learn come in fifth edition kalila 10 Allah but we attend Katia Ratan Bismillah. That how many a small company has overcome a large company by whose permission by the permission of Allah. So it's not the worldly strength? It's not the worldly power. At the end. What is it that matters, Eman and the help of Allah? Allah says Melissa are two more at home. But the hour is their appointment, this punishment that will come upon them in this world in the form of their defeat. This is not everything. No, the actual punishment, when is it going to come upon them. But it's Sarah to the

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hour the Day of Judgment mode. That is their appointed time, appointed time for what for the real punishment

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was Sarah to end the final hour. At the hair, it is more disastrous

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and more bitter, more disastrous and more bitter compared to the loss of this dunya compared to the punishment of this world and her from the root letters. They'll have Yeah. The human is such a problem. It is such a difficulty. It is such a calamity that a person cannot stand up against. He cannot resist it and he cannot do anything to get rid of it. It's like on him and he cannot avoid it.

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So other hair adhan meaning it is more disastrous. The disaster that the punishment of the hereafter will bring is much more severe that the people cannot withstand, that the people cannot avoid

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They cannot get over what Mr. Amar from the root letters, name rah rah. And one of the meanings of this root memoranda from this we can get the word out all of which is to be bitter, and among more bitter, much more painful, much more stronger, that they cannot resist it. So the punishment of the Hereafter is much worse. And that is what a person should fear.

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Because if he is okay in this world, if he saved in this dunya, nothing comes upon him in this dunya Eventually, the Hereafter is coming. So, this is a warning against that, but it's our tomorrow Radio One was, sir, to other hair, what Allah

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then Allah says in the moody mean, indeed the criminals feel erlin they are in error was the road and in madness in dunya. While they are alive right now, what is their state that they are in Berlin, away from guidance, and they're also insert, we learned the word syrup earlier in the summer as well. And what the syrup mean, insanity. When a person is not using his mind properly, he's not behaving in a sensible way. So what is their madness? What is their insanity, that when the warning is so clear, still, they don't get it? Still, they're stubborn, when the examples of the people of the past have been mentioned, so much of the number have been given, yet they don't change their

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ways. They're clearly in madness. They're not using their mind for if they were using their mind, they would not behave in this way they will change themselves. In almajiri mean, have you been Alan foster? What does it show to us?

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That if a person does not benefit from the warning that Allah has given then is he using his mind? He's not using his mind. In fact, he is the one who has gone mad. And what do people say that the one who is following what Allah has commanded? He is not using his mind, isn't it? So? Where's the reality is the country that the one who does not benefit from the Quran does not benefit from the reminder, he is inserted. So in almajiri, mean, a few Berlin was sort of

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someone said that Phil Burrell, this lowland refers to their lowland Indonesia, and Sarah refers to their state in the hereafter.

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And in this meaning, we will understand the word serve as fire burning fire. And then certain will be understood as plural of the word sir eat and eat is burning fire So Sarah, in many fires that they will not be able to escape. So feel Bella Indonesia, they're in air, and in the alpha, they will be in the fire. Yo ma use her buena Finnerty, the day they are dragged into the fire use her buena seen her

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and sahabas to drag something on the ground.

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So yo may use her bone affinity on the day that they will be dragged into the fire, what humiliation because they will not go in there willingly. And how will they be dragged? Either would you hear him upon their faces and what will be said muku taste must suck or the touch of soccer. The touch of Hellfire

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feel taste must suffer soccer from the roof that received call for is one of the names of hellfire. And literally it is used for such eat such heat that completely burns the skin or completely burns the skin. Typically what happens it's actually fire that burns the skin. But this is heat. Heat that is coming out of the fire that burns the skin. So it will be said Lou Masako, days the punishment of days, the touch of soccer, you may be able to understand this by if you've ever made retinopathy, if you've ever made it, and when it blows up with all the steam inside. If ever, that steam has touched your hand that it bursts and the steam touches your hand, how is it your hand literally gets burned?

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Literally, you will feel the burning for a very long time. This is what Socrates it's the heat of the fire. It's such heat that completely burns the skin. Similarly, if the oven is extremely hot, extremely hot, and you open it and all of the heat comes out onto your face, then you feel as though your face has been burnt. So it will be said Google masasa can taste the touch of the fire.

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In Serato tour is 13 to 14 we learn yo ma you the owner illusionary Johanna muda. The day the people will be thrust toward the fire of hell with a violent thrust and it will decide how to you know let it come to be how to cut the bone. This is a fire which we used to deny.

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We listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

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while I'm Father john

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better Benny Sara Toma

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in Madeira Nina

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in cola Shea in Hakuna.

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Indeed, all things we have created with

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every single thing that Allah subhanaw taala has created, how has he created it, because the other is from the root letters cough Durga and Qatar is to make something to make something in a certain measure, according to a certain measure a precise calculation.

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So for example, when it comes to the hands, it's not that they have been randomly created No, the size, the color, the number of fingers, the length of each finger, the texture of the skin, all of that is what according to a certain measure, this is what color is. Similarly when it comes to the sun, it's not that randomly Allah subhanaw taala has created something and put it up in the sky. No, it's according to a certain measure, what should be the size of the sun? What should be the heat of the sun? What should be the temperature of the sun? How far should it be from the earth? When exactly should it rise when exactly should set all of these things are what according to a certain

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measure? So Allah says in Kula Shay, in Hakuna who, because every single thing, how is Allah created it according to a certain measure.

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And this other, Allah subhanaw taala decreed it, he decided it when, even before the creation was created, isn't it so? So good lashay and it includes human beings, it includes their abilities, it includes what they will get in their lives, what they will experience in their lives, what they will suffer, what they will gain, what they will lose everything color Connor, who be called. So every single thing Allah has created it with a do measurement. And this includes the form of things, the lifespan of things, the abilities of things, their characteristics, their functions, everything is decided by who almost upon.

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So, when he is the one who has created everything according to a certain measure, then what does it mean for us, that we are to accept the way things are, we are not to challenge them, we are not to objective them, but we are to accept because there is wisdom behind everything that Allah has created, because of

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and when everything Allah has created with a certain measure, what does it mean? That for example, if someone has to live for a certain amount of time, they cannot die before that.

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If Allah has limited the ability of someone, then they cannot go beyond that and gain some other ability, they cannot do that.

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So first of all, contentment, satisfaction with the decree of Allah. And secondly, this also means that if a person is facing any difficulty, any challenge, he should turn to who,

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because when he is the Holic when he is the one who has decreed when he is the mocked on it, then what does it mean? He is the one who can also make a change. So at times

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have difficulty in times of need, who should a person turn to Allah instead of becoming upset instead of becoming impatient? Instead of giving up hope you should turn to Allah.

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Wa I'm Runa. And our command is not illa wahida turn, except just one, column him Bulbasaur like a glance of the eye, when I'm on our command, meaning when we decide to do something, when we decide to bring something about when we decide to create something, when we decide that something should happen, something should change. Then how easy is it for Allah? in lower hidden just one command? He has to give the command how many times only once once means without the cron without repetition. He doesn't have to give the command again and again and again. No, he just needs to see it once gone only once. And then it happens. And how quickly does it happen? gM hit like a quick glance, a quick

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glance of what will bustle of the eye. Lamb from the root letters, lambing her and lamb is the twinkling of the eye the quick glance of the I saw column him Bulbasaur What does it mean? That in terms of speed of it happening, it actually occurring? The command of a lot to take place? How quickly does it happen? And most of like the blinking of an eye? So without any delay, a lower hidden What does wahida refer to that without any chakra? It happens? And column hayneville bizarre What does that refer to that without any that lead without any delay? It happens. Whereas what's the case with the people, they give a command once it's ignored, it's not heard, it's not understood. So

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they have to keep giving the instructions again and again, they have to keep reminding, isn't it. But for Allah only once is enough. And secondly, sometimes what happens you give a command you give an instruction. And it doesn't happen instantly. There is a big delay between the instruction and the actual carrying out of the command. But we see that for a last command woman amona illawarra hidden column elbasan into ti 82 we learn in a row who either or other shaden akula who can fire code

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just called once and fire corn without any delay. It happens that I'm humbled bustle. And this has also been understood in another way. That one that I'm alone and this refers to the unknown with regards to the coming of the day of judgment

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that when a lot decides for the day of judgment to come, then he only has to give one command. And at that one command, what will happen instantly, immediately, the day of judgment will take place in through TSI 53. We learn in Canada, lol se Hatton wahida. Just one scream. So I had an wahida one blast for either engineer or Dana balloon, then at once they are all brought present before us. Well, according lechner, Shere Khan, and we have already destroyed your kinds of shear is the plural of shear. And who is shear followers are a particular sect, adherents of a particular group.

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And what does it mean by that adherence of a particular group, that whatever belief they have, whatever values they have, they share them, no matter what place they're in, no matter what time they're in. So when I called a lacuna, shirakami, a shear over he gives the meaning of your likes the people who are like you in terms of their disbelief in terms of their disobedience. So we have destroyed a Shere Khan, before people have been destroyed. And they were like you in terms of disbelief in terms of disobedience, just like it was mentioned that all of these crimes that are mentioned over here, the people of the past, they are very common today, all of them at once at a

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time. So when a Shere Khan, the likes of you have been destroyed before for Halloween would decayed. Then Is there anyone who will take a lesson? Is there anyone who will take a lesson from what happened to those before? And what's that lesson? That if the people of the past were punished for these crimes, then we have to become extremely careful for a decade. Is there anyone who will take a lesson? Well, could Lucia, Alou and everything that they did, where is it feasible? It is in the records. Everything that the people of the past did, where is it recorded in zuba? zuba is the plural of the boat. And the boat over here does not mean the book of decoder SLM, but rather it

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means scriptures, scrolls, and which books are these the books of deeds of who the children of other

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so called Lucia

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infer Allu every single action that they committed, it is recorded. Where is it recorded in their records of deeds? What does it mean? That everything a person does everything that a person says it doesn't get lost in history. It doesn't just become a part of history. It doesn't just become a part of the past, and it's forgotten. No, everything a person does and says, it is recorded. Nothing at all is left out. We learned earlier my Enfield Omen Colin, anywhere the person utters it is recorded, and over here will kulu Shea In fact, I know who everything that a person has done. It is also recorded. So how can a person then be heedless of the consequences of his actions? When they're

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recorded? When the deeds are recorded? What does it mean that a person will be held accountable, that a person will be given recompense for what he has done? So the point of mentioning this over here is that the people of the past were destroyed for their actions Is there anyone who will take a lesson and the deeds that they performed were recorded, meaning they were given due recompense for their deeds. Likewise, if the people today also perform similar deeds, their deeds are also being recorded, and when they're being recorded, they will be given recompense for them. What kulu Shea infer aloof is zobo work colusa, Eden, and every small workability and great meaning every small and

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great action, every little and big action, every little and big word, every small and big. What is it Mustafa it is one that is written it is one that is inscribed will step one is from the reflectors, simple or subtler, which is to write in a line. So everything whether small or big is recorded, where in their records from the prick of a thorn, when a person suffers a prick of authority, even that is recorded. Because if it wasn't recorded, a person wouldn't get reward for his trouble over it, isn't it? So?

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What do we learn that a believer when he gets breached by authority, when he's patient over it? Does he get reward for it? Of course he does. So what is it it's something very small delete. So the but that's sullied also is written, and Kabir also every big action is written. So from the prick of authority to the footprint on the ground, every action that a person does, no matter how important no matter how major, or no matter how trivial it is, because sullied could be can also be understood as trivial, an important minor and major any action that a person does. Allah says it's most data, it is written, it's not ignored. So when this is the case, one should be very careful of opposing

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Allah in His actions, opposing the commands of Allah, the rules have a look at his actions. In turtle cafe 49 we learned the hard way Latin and the people when they will see the record they will say, yeah, way Latin O'Malley has Al Kitab La Jolla. So the Latin one

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everything is written well why did you do murmee know how there are what are your

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so called looser hidden worker, be it and Mustafa everything is written. When everything is written, a person should be concerned about the consequences of the actions as well. This is why Allah says in the pain, indeed those who have DACA

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why they mentioned those who are careful about what they say about what they do about their smallest of actions, and their biggest affections, from their minor chores to their major responsibilities. In Alma Tolkien, those who are careful feagin net, they will be in general, they will be in gardens, and they will also be where, whenever, and also amongst rivers, which rivers which gardens of Paradise.

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And what is meant over here by fee Jannati when a home is that they will be enjoying themselves in Jeanette and they'll be enjoying themselves with the with the rivers of paradise.

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This is in contrast to those who are in Berlin. And sort of earlier we learned in almajiri mean a few Berlin was there. And over here in melmoth Akina feagin natten one

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if you think about it, this entire school is full of warnings, isn't it? Which is why after the mention of every nation what has been said while Korea several analytically Falmouth Okay, is there anyone who will take a lesson meaning before you move on, take a lesson, take a warning. So over here is good news for who those who take warning those who have

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benefit from the reminder that Allah has sent. So in other words, the pain and what's the greatest benefit that a person can take? What's the greatest lesson that he develops the core, that a person becomes more conscious, a person becomes more careful. Because if you think about it, what is it of the people of the past that led them to their destruction? It was their careless attitude towards the commands of Allah towards the warning that had been given, which is why Allah says, Okay, if I can, or that'd be one of the, the warning was given to people didn't take any benefit. So the problem with many people is that they're not careful, they become heedless, they get lost, they get

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deceived by this veneer.

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And when a person gets deceived by this dunya, then what happens? He loses his consciousness in the sense that he does not remain conscious of Allah subhanaw taala. He does not become careful about what he's doing about what he's saying. And he becomes completely careless of the consequences of his deeds as well. This is why such a big good news for who for the motorcade that inomata kena fija natten. When I have, indeed the righteous, they will be among gardens and among rivers. fee McCarthy's say that in in a seat of honor, they will be placed where they'll be made to sit where, in general, were fee McCarthy's way to get a seed of honor. McCart is from the root letters of the

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what the scar there needs to sit and McCart is worth the place of sitting.

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So in general, they will sit in positions in places in seeds that are upset.

00:31:49--> 00:32:05

What does it mean by slip? slip is truthfulness, isn't it? That which is true. And safe, is also used for good mentioned. It's also used for true praise. It's also used for honor.

00:32:06--> 00:32:46

Sophie McCarthy's sitting in a seat of honor, meaning in an abode of truth, a place of truth, in which there is no line. Neither in coal, neither in statement, nor in was nor in attributes, agenda, everything about it, everything in it, how is it it's truthful, truthful as in real. And it's also a source of great honor for a person. Because who goes to a very special place, any ordinary person, no special places special people go there, correct. And when they go to those special places, their entry in those places as a means of honor for them.

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Like for example, some people, they have a certain pass, to go to certain places where other people are not allowed. When they have that passion, they enter that place. Don't they become honorable within moments, compared to other people, they have a greater status. Sophie McCarthy said Queen Jenna isn't a board of truth. It's an abode of honor. It's not an ordinary abode female car decide to claim. And it's also called McCarthy said, because in general, there will be no idle talk, there will be no false speech letters Murphy, her Malia and Antonia what happens without lying, people say you cannot survive. But in general, McCarthy said, in a place in a seat of honor

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and honor also, because any person who will be in general will in fact be honored via FEMA card is lidocaine or in the mullikin. And especially it will be honorable Why? Because the pain will be made to sit where near a king who is located near a sovereign, who is perfect inability, who is completely capable, who is completely competent, nothing at all is difficult for him. Malik is more profound than Malik or Malik, Malik, it has more mobile of a sovereign, the highest sovereign, above whom there is no one and there's no one who is greater than him. So the greatest King, the King of kings, Malik and Malik, who is mocked at it, who is mocked at it, the one who has fought the the one

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who has acted out meaning His perfect inability, nothing is difficult for him. Nothing is impossible for him who no one can defeat he is looked at it. So what do we learn from this, that the people of general the people who have the core, they will be made to enter? What kind of a place Jeanette and I have and that Jeanette and now her in there, they'll be made to sit were close to Allah. They'll be made to sit where McCarthy's say the cane, a seat of honor and this seat of honor will

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Were in the Maliki and looked at it near Allah subhanaw taala near a king who is perfect inability. And when they're there when they're sitting there, they'll be enjoying looking at a loss.

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Because what do we learn in the Quran, Linda Deen Arsenal, Allah Hausner was the other, they will have her SNA and also the other what is the other to see a loss of parameter.

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This is why we don't insert gamma would you yoma it in. Now we'll be here nasira there'll be radiant, beautiful faces. Why? Because it will be looking at their Lord, instead of Miriam 85 we learn yoma National mattina in on

00:35:40--> 00:36:16

the on the day we will gather the righteous are the Most Merciful as a delegation. The motorcade will be brought to Allah as a delegation, when they will be brought to another delegation as an honorable group of people, they will also see Allah and when they will look at Allah, they'll become more beautiful. And we learned from a hadith that when the people of Ghana, when they will meet Allah when they will visit to meet Allah subhanaw taala they will become more beautiful because of the happiness that they have gained. And when they will return to their families. Their families will say you look even more beautiful in the American market.

00:36:17--> 00:36:48

But this is for who for those who are truthful, because honor is only given to who the one who is truthful. McCarthy said some scholars have said that this McCarthy said this reward This position is only for those who are truthful, meaning no liar will be allowed to sit there. No liar will be allowed to be in this place. A person who believed in the truth, affirm the truth lived by the truth, he will be paid to sit here or in the Mulligan

00:37:25--> 00:37:26


00:37:49--> 00:38:32

that we see the way the Quran has been facilitated for us. The Quran is also a facilitator. What does it mean? That where it is easy to understand the Quran, the Quran also makes a person's entry into gender easier, how that when a person benefits from the Quran takes a lesson from it, only then he'll be able to enter because this place is given to who McCarthy said, This place is given to those who are upon the truth, those who follow the truth live by it. So when a person believes and follows the Quran, then it will be easier for him to develop the code, then it will be easier for him to become more conscious, then it will be easy for him to entertain that as well. Without it

00:38:32--> 00:38:32


00:38:34--> 00:38:46

Lesson after lesson and I was just thinking if we still don't get it, then it's something that we need to reflect on and ask ourselves that when are you going to get it because you don't know when your life is going to end. And you know, you need to take that lesson from the corner.

00:38:47--> 00:38:54

This is the main warning over here that you don't know when your time is going to expire. So take a lesson before it's too late.

00:38:55--> 00:38:57

You will listen to the recitation of the last

00:40:43--> 00:40:44


00:41:11--> 00:41:14

this is the greatest honor that a person can get

00:41:17--> 00:41:30

the mokara this legal thing, or in the Malik imagedata to be sitting near Allah in a seat of honor to be able to see a law. What great honor is above this greater than this nothing.

00:41:31--> 00:41:38

People strive to reach the heights in dystonia to be close to big people, isn't it?

00:41:39--> 00:41:56

But is that really honorable? Many times, it's not people get there, and then the way they fall is terrible. The way they're humiliated is much worse. And we see over here that the greatest honor that a person can get is that he is seated where in the Malik mctavish

00:41:58--> 00:42:19

salaam alaikum. I'm talking about the ayah 49 in a coalition helana Allah create everything by magic, if you look at the eyes now, we see like everything perfectly if it's little bit bigger, I'm not going to see the beauty of your face I'm not going to see the beautiful of the flower with a lie make it perfect.

00:42:20--> 00:42:31

And the hearing if it is the hearing is so big, like microphone in my ear and I'm gonna hear the see I'm gonna hear all the animals voice all these things will be like, annoying, but I like

00:42:34--> 00:42:36

that this is so beautiful in

00:42:37--> 00:42:48

everything that Allah has created this perfect from the length of it and the size of it to the texture of it to the characteristics it has, the abilities it has, everything is perfect. So who are we to

00:42:50--> 00:42:54

our knowledge is limited and the way Allah has created everything in his wisdom.

00:42:55--> 00:43:06

Now there should be a shift in concerns in the worries of a person where a person was previously concerned about his place and donia. Now we should be more concerned about his place in the US.

00:43:07--> 00:43:48

that every person wants on every person wants to become famous and you know be appreciated by people, but become more beautiful, become more better in worldly terms. But we see that the real success is that of the the real honor is that of the uncle, because no matter what seat of honor a person may have in this dunya is not on him and if he doesn't have the quality of honor will bring him nothing further on what seat of honor he had in this dunya the greatest no one was above him. But what does he have in the humiliation, Berlin muscle no matter what a person has of dystonia in the legitimation of your blood Alec was the

00:43:49--> 00:43:50

zuku Masako.

00:43:52--> 00:43:54

So the real worry and concern should be

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