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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Surah's teachings and their impact on learning. They explain that Surah's teachings share themes and themes that are complementary to the surah's core message. The speaker also discusses the importance of testing learning and finding one's own success in learning. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for Mr. Ravi Suba Han Rob.
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I was set out to do Kareem

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Marina mbak.

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Today will be reciting the verses are the remaining verses of surah and fall and the first three quarters of surah October. And these two students together are known as the jihad. Surah is one of the interesting features of the Quran is that many of the students in the Quran are in pairs. And these pairs often share the same theme or complementary themes, right, for example of students that are in pairs, we have Surah Surah shops, which have some of the themes and surah Johar ensure Alicia rock, have some of the teams. And sure I'll walk you through some of the themes. And over here we have to advance a pseudo October, which shares the same theme, the theme of jihad. And these two

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students are so similar in the theme in the content in the structure in the rhythm, that some of the Sahaba don't that they might actually be one shooter. And this is one of the reasons why surah Allah and Val comes before to your dauber and why did you know Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in between these two students because of this opinion by for the Sahaba that they may be one children. So the topic continues in on the topic of jihad. But what's interesting is even though the style and the flow is the same, the Sooners are revealed very far apart from each other surah Allah Akbar was revealed at the beginning of the Medina and period just after the Battle of surah October, is revealed right at

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the end of the life of the Prophet sallahu wa salam after the expedition to tabuk. And it is a exploration of some of the lessons that we can take from the book. So what was the book, the book was a place where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, set off with his army to face the Romans, this was going to be the first and the only time that the prophets of all you Salaam was going to lead an army to fight the Romans, right, give it time to be sent the Sahaba to fight them. And after he passed away, we know many wars took place between the Muslims and the Roman Empire. But this was the only time when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself was going to lead an army against

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them. And this was a very difficult situation, because they were going to face a superpower, they were going to face the army that that out match them in terms of in terms of the weapons in terms of the system, in terms of the world in terms of everything. And to get them here to march through the desert in intensive heat at a time where if they are not at home, their businesses will not make a profit. So there are many things going on. And this was a huge test and what what this expedition on caboodle is exposed the best of Muslims and expose the worst of Africa. And so in the surah, we have praised for Abu Bakr radiallahu. And we have many, many verses criticizing the hypocrites. So what

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happens is the prophets lobbyist, however, they go to the book, but the Romans don't show up until the match back home victorious outright in many battles. But the test year was the expedition itself without any fighting, we will it really exposed who was a true believer who was not, this is the place where the famous story the All of us know, when the Prophet was calling people to give money to the money to the army. And over the army, when they gave half of his mind half of the money. He said that, you know, today I did well, you know, he taught him so maybe today I finally able to be a bunker in a hoodie. And he learned that aboubaker brother rhodiola, who gave all of his money. And

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that's when he realized he can't support it here at the Battle of Dubuque when we are preparing to go. It's also here that we have a small, regular one who, and I'm not even open to donating so much to the army that they essentially funded among themselves. And the prophets lawyers have said that after this, nothing can happen this month in terms of this is the good deal then take into China. So we see the best of people the quality shown at the time of trouble. And if we see the worst of people, the munafo, the hypocrisy qualities are also shown at the time of taboo. And this is why the suitor had so many verses addressing and criticizing the hypocrites that at this time, many people

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made excuses instead of feeling sick, my family's not well, I'm too weak, whatever it was, he made excuses not to go. And those who did get dragged along and didn't want to go they tried to cause problems along the way. He started criticizing the Sahaba he started walking to Sahaba to try to cause disruptions, all of these things are going on and what is the exposed types of people existed in your community. So what this teaches us is that sometimes you think the test is one thing, but unless testing you for something else, that in this situation, many of the people thought the test is that they are going to find the Romans the battle, but the actual test is will you actually do

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Medina Will you need Medina sincerely. That was the test. There was no battle that was going to take place was called the Rola no battle was going to take place. The test was

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Who's going to live? And so in our lives sometimes we think will be tested in one way. But I'd love to have those testing us a different way. And we always have to make sure that we are passing every test of life. So these are some of the lessons that we can take from October and they are more verses of the surah view recite to more than I can shoulder with some very fascinating stories. We'll get into that inshallah. Before tomorrow, Mr. Ravi Suba Han Rob is on my cell phone.

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