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What to do during Itikaf?

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu This is Optimus agenda from Parliament Institute. Coming to you once again with a special session of the Hangout 30 days 30 questions about the month of Ramadan will quickly we've been saving some of the questions about the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan such as equity capital A little further for right about now when we are very close to the last 10 days and nights and inshallah in the next few days next week rather, we'll start answering more questions about the company fitted and even challah. So the question that we have today is what else Asides from prayer and before on Can I do while I am in air to cuff? So to answer that

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question, I'd like to kind of detail the question and even frame the question a little bit. First and foremost air takeoff in the Arabic language refers to isolation seclusion, and islamically speaking it is a great act of worship is not a tradition of the prophets. allottee to them, that refers to confining yourself and restricting oneself to the masjid and the prophets, a lot of them during the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan would restrict himself to the house of Allah. So that is a teacup. Now, what can you do while you are in the attic off, so let's I'm going to put about four or five things on the table five items, I'd like to provide five things to focus on a game plan

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for you to go. Number one is obviously your five daily prayers. Now that goes without saying, but you can enhance the experience of five daily prayers by not only just praying the prayer sooner prayer, and I often read the card into two hours after every single first prayer. Along with the prayer. I'd also like to mention that all we but guess what you don't have to get from Tara we in the middle of it because you got work the next morning, you're here in Africa. So pray the entire total we and really savor that experience. The second item that I'd like to put on the table for you to take off in terms of a game plan is for on but not just simply her on randomly, because it'll be

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hard to it'll it'll be difficult to be focused to stay focused and to really accomplish something. So here's a little game plan, that if you don't have good text read and reading fluency 10 days is an amazing amount of time to really accomplish that read and reading fluency. In charter life, you do have the DRI than reading fluency proper pronunciation or reading fluency of the Koran, then a goal I'd like to give you is complete the recitation of the entire course on all 30 Jews during those 10 days and nights. Number two, within the foreign gameplan you know that memorization that you've been targeting and thinking about for so long, start chipping away at it, if you don't have

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the 30th just memorized yet, now's the time to do it. And 10 days is more than enough time to accomplish that. Number three part of your game plan is that you want to read the translation for whatever you're memorizing. And fourthly, and finally, get some explanation of the poor on whether it'd be at the fear book or some of your recordings. And also start implementing and reading and learning that for whatever it is that you are memorizing. Now moving on, so two things we've got down, we talked about prayer five times daily, and thought Are we here for on gameplan. The third item is daily of car, see the prophets, a lot of them how to have he provided us a beautiful

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collection of daily remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala that we can engage in morning and evening day and night, it now is your opportunity to not only learn those, but implement and practice them as well. And that's why I'd like to provide a recommendation, his Muslim fortress of the Muslim, you want to keep that in your pocket all throughout the time, you're near to God, and you want to bust it out morning evening after every prayer and you want to start implementing that. The fourth item I'd like to provide in terms of action items for you to kind of is doing that might sound very basic and simple. But you need to start compiling a Dwyer list. And that will be your daily checklist

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every day, you need to check those two hours off. And you need to continuously be adding to that to our list. Morning and evening day and night after every prayer, you need to be raising your hands and making law. And going through that list. Now is a great time to make lots and lots of QA. And the fifth and the final item that I'd like to, you know, action item I'd like to provide for takeoff is we have a 1400 year long scholarly tradition, the scholars would use the opportunity to VR to craft not only for worship, but also for seeking and teaching sacred knowledge. So a couple of recommendations I have, of course in the second point or on gameplan I talked about the fear.

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Secondly, I'd also like to recommend that you have a seat or book or the seat or podcast that we have here a column or any other seat or resource. But when you have these Tafseer resources, the seat our resources, whether it be a book, videos, recordings, podcasts, whatever. You're not just listening to them while laying on your sleeping bag.

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reading it while laying down in bed. This isn't a novel that you're reading, but you're trying to seek sacred knowledge, have a notebook, have a pen, have a pencil, write down notes, take some notes, write down questions that you have. And inshallah, when your mom comes in the evening or in the morning for the prayers, you can definitely stop by and you can say, I had this question, I had that question where you can email them to someone, whatever the case may be. So he does a quick five points prayer, five times daily, total, we improve the quality number two are on gameplan. We talked about the whole thing. Number three, daily remembering the code of code. Number four, do our morning

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and evening day and night, and 15 Finally, take that opportunity to solidify your basics of Islam for anunciado. The last thing I'd like to mention here in this video is what you definitely want to avoid in your teacup, and that is wasting time. And without a doubt you want to completely avoid sinful activity, no gossiping, no backbiting. You know, try to stay off the phone as much as possible. No texting all day long about what's going on. Log Out of Facebook. Definitely no watching of any type of movies and Netflix and YouTube random videos. Stay away from all of that, close the laptop, log out of Facebook. Really seize this opportunity thank Allah for giving you this amazing

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opportunity to tick off and make the most of it and make it a great source of benefit. I hope and pray and Charlotte the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan are extremely beneficial for all of us. Remember, if you'd like your questions answered, please send them in to us via Twitter, Facebook, comments on this video, or you can email them to ask questions at alum institute.org. Just remember to title or tag your questions with hashtag column Hangout. Until next time, this OptinMonster gender from column Institute does our Kamala Hayden was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh