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Ar-Rahman 1-78 Tafsir 1-6

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Lesson number 276. Soda man is number one to 78.

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Soda man is a Maki soda. Some have said that the soda is maddening. However, when you look at the style of the soldier the contents of the surah it's very similar to the style and the contents of Maki solos. So it is in fact, Mr. Kimura.

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And the main theme of this surah is that Allah subhanaw taala mentions many, many blessings that he has bestowed on his creation, people gin, as well as the other creation.

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And if you look at the name of this surah, what is it?

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And who is the one who is most merciful? So it is out of his mercy that he has bestowed all of these numerous uncountable favors that we see within us that we see around us that we see above us, that we notice that we don't even notice.

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The people of Makkah, what are they demand from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam continuously? miracles, right? And in sort of armor also that was mentioned. And in fact, a miracle was shown to them. But what was their reaction? Did they benefit from the miracle? No. So over here, loss upon Darren mentioned the various blessings that he has surrounded us with, which in fact are what are miracles as well. Because if you think about it, what have we done to deserve all of these blessings, nothing. We can ever say that we deserve them. If he is a creator, he is the owner, it's up to him, he can give whatever he wants, he can take whatever he wants. So every blessing that He

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has given us, that he has bestowed on us is in fact a miracle. And if you reflect on these blessings, they show to us the power of Allah, there in Allah, the perfect ability of Allah, the mercy of Allah, his knowledge. So, if a person looks around himself, these signs are enough to recognize the Creator. You don't need to see extraordinary miracle strange events to take place in order to recognize who the creators, just look within yourself around yourself. And you will see many reasons many things that point to the greatness of the Creator. That gives you the recognition of who your Holic is, that give you the recognition of who is the one who deserves your worship, who

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is the one who deserves everything from you that you should direct your life entirely to him.

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So let's begin to solo

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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the Most Merciful, the entirety Merciful, the Compassionate One, who is

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a workman over here is looked at that. And the hub of Rockman is the following sentences are lemma holla, calm insan our lemma who will ban all of these are what hub and the motor there is a rushman, which shows that a man is the one who out of his Rama, he has bestowed all of these blessings.

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Which blessings of the third name of Quran of the Hulk of insulin of the band that has been taught to the human beings, because who is he? He is a rapper. And because he is our man, this is why he has bestowed all of these blessings. Now the question is, what does a man need? A man as you know, isn't the structure of our land. And this structure gives the meaning of vastness. It gives meaning a fullness, it gives a meaning of extensiveness. So a man is the one who has extensive mercy. The one who shows a lot of mercy, the one whose mercy encompasses everything, everything, whether man or gene, whether humans are animals, animals, or birds are awkward or they're awkward, believing or

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disbelieving, righteous or sinful, everyone, everyone is encompassed by whose mercy, the mercy of Allah, this is why we learn in total alpha 156. That was, it was the earth coalition, that my mercy encompasses everything. And this sort of demonstrates to us how Allah has mercy encompasses everything.

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and what is the expression of His mercy? The great Lord who names and describes himself with Rama? Who is he? Which blessings has he bestowed on us? That first of all, I know

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he is the one who has taught the Quran the Quran

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Katerina Aziz, the most noble book, which Allah has revealed in the Arabic language upon his servant, this book he has taught, he has taught this book two who are number two who are Lama this book to gibreel. He taught this book to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and he taught this book to whoever that he wants of his servants are lemuel Quran? What does it show? The first blessing that is mentioned is the knowledge of the book, the teaching of the book, which shows that Allah is most important mercy and favor on people is what the sending down of the book, the revealing of the book, and not just revealing the work, but also teaching the book. Because to merely know the book, and to

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learn that there is a difference. When a person just knows the book, what does it mean? He knows Okay, this book is from Allah, that's about it. Okay, he has a rough idea of what's in the book. But our leave of art includes three things. And we all need to reflect over here as well. Because we are doing Tajima as well, isn't it so? So we have to see how well have we benefited from it? First of all, 30 macaron includes the Aleem of its loves of its words. When it comes to the words of the Quran, what does it mean by learning them teaching them? What does it mean by them? that a person knows how to read them how to pronounce them. He knows what their meanings are, he doesn't just have

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a rough idea of what the ayah means. But he knows the meaning of every single word. Darlene includes, first of all, the loves of the Quran, the knowledge of the words of the Quran. Secondly, the knowledge of its mana its meaning. It's not just about knowing the translation, it's about knowing the context. It's about knowing the interpretation. It's about understanding it, being able to relate with it. And the third is Darlene will call on means how to act on, on how to do.

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And if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has started to put on in the most perfect way, in the most complete way, because he hasn't taught the words. But he has also taught the meanings how that he didn't just reveal the book, but he sent a messenger along with the book and that messenger what was his responsibility to buy in a nasty man Musee de la him the prophets responsibility was to teach the meaning of the book to clarify the meaning of the book, what does it mean? How are we to understand it? So a person cannot come up with his own interpretation? Why? Because the interpretation also has been taught by who?

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For which purpose He sent His messenger. What do we learn in the Quran about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that yet Lu la him Attica, when you are a limo human? kita? Well, hikmah This is very important, because people today What do they say that you can interpret the Quran however you want? Isn't it to have a progressive interpretation? This is what they say this is what the huge fitness today that people want to interpret the Quran however they wish to. And in this matter, they don't stop at any limit. They will just take any word take it out of context, interpreted however they wish to. But what do we see that Allah has even taught the meaning of?

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And for this purpose, he sent the messenger because there's a difference between the language of the book and our theme of the book if it was the same, that they wouldn't have been mentioned separately. What do we learn yet Lou? I am Attica where you are I Lima homolka turbo and

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reciting to them your verses, and teaching them the book as well. So teaching the book means one, teaching the meaning of the book. And then the prophets are also taught us how to act on the book, how to do it on the book. So for example, in the Quran, where the command is given to do Hajj, where the command is given to perform the Salah, isn't it so? The command has been given many times, but where do we learn how to do it from from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu.

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So I learned Quran, he taught the Quran, he didn't just give a book of riddles. No, he sent a book. And he also taught its words, he taught its meanings. And he also taught us how to act on this book. I level

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we see that the people of Makkah, whether they accuse the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he had invented the Quran himself, or that he had learned it from someone else in limbo, Bashar correct. This is what they used to say.

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But over here last panel data is refuting the wish to gain and their accusation that no, this is not the word of a human being this question

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On is not an invention of a human mind. Rather the skull on has been taught by who? by a man, this is in fact a mercy. Therefore the Quran must be taken as what as a blessing and not a burden. Because what is Allah say a rush man? I know Come on, don't take it as a burden. This is a mercy. This is a gift. This is a blessing. And it's from who it's from Allah

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incertitude Iowa we learn and if lambda keytab and akima ayah to some Mufasa let me lead on Hakeem and for the From who? From the one who is hacking the one who is COVID

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insalata Nisa I 113. Also we learn well and Allahu la calcaterra will heck matter where I live welcome Ellen Dugan. Darla, good Archie the book, Allah has started the book. What does it show to us that Allah himself has initiated this noble goddess which noble cause of teaching the book, teaching the Quran, that he is the one who taught the anti jabril who came and taught to her onto the Prophet sallallahu sallam, who then taught the Quran to, to his ummah. And we see that after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, it is the responsibility of those people who have the Quran to pass it on, to spread its teachings. When a person has learned the Quran, then what is his obligation, he

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should just close his books, he should just close that chapter of his life. No, once this chapter has begun, that you have started to learn about the Quran. Now this cannot just become a part of history. No, this has to become your state of affairs for the rest of your life. that a person is constantly engaged in learning and teaching and passing on sharing whatever that he has learned.

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We learned sort of started i a 32. So my old Ottoman kita ballerinas for feta mean are either dinner that we cost to inherit the book those who we have chosen of our servants. So the chosen servants have a love, what do they do? They have the book. And when they have the book, what do they do? They practice it, they learn it, and they also pass it on. And we see that for the past almost 1500 years, this chain has been going on that from generation to generation, the Quran is being taught, whether it's recitation, or it is it's understanding, or it's aloof. Or it's the dream or it's memorization, different sciences of the Quran, they're being taught one generation after the other.

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And if you go backwards, you know when a person gets their ijazah in surgery, for example, what does it mean that they have learned from so and so who has learned from so and so, goes back to some time very back to some Sahabi back to the profits out of artisan invective, debrief and unless

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because this noble cause this noble chain begins from who? Allah, Allah Himself initiated this or unlimited.

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What is it? Sure. Anyone who is in this process of learning the hold on receiving the Quran, passing it on, is not doing something small. He's not doing something ordinary. In fact, what he's doing is something very noble. So be proud about it. Be happy about it. Be confident about it. never feel ashamed. Oh, I spent one and a half years only studying the Quran and look at my friends who have excelled so much what they're doing what they're learning is what only Divinia

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but if you think about it, this call on this darling of Quran this has begun From who? Allah subhanaw taala what a noble causative

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so be proud about it. Feel the honor at the end of the previous Surah pseudoscalar in the Maliki moqtada who is Monica maka, the man who is

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because wherever there is a deep connection between the ending of slavery and the beginning of the summers, right, so Malika mcdata resu man who allemaal Quran, so those who learn the Quran, obviously, they are in that chain in that noble chain. So when they're in that noble chain, they have a direct connection with the last parameter and in the Hereafter, where will they be near Allah, seated close to Allah, looking at Allah enjoying looking at

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so our human eye level

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and we see that the prophets are a lot of them himself also. He emphasized the learning and the teaching of the Quran Allah. Why? Because this is a very noble cause. What do we learn? hydrocodone? The best of you, the best of you is who went on varnamo the one

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who learns the Quran and then teaches it as well. Two things, learns the Quran and teaches it.

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But the first step is what? learning and the second step is teaching. So, in order to teach in order to pass it on, a person must learn the Quran as well first. And in learning the Quran, he must reflect on these three aspects do I know the words of the Quran? Do I know the meanings of the Quran? Do I know how to act on the Quran? Am I able to relate it with my personal life? Am I able to implement it as well? Because if any of these aspects are ignored, then this knowledge is understanding is limited, it's incomplete.

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So all these three aspects must be emphasized.

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Now we see that in this surah, Allah subhanaw taala mentions many, many blessings, because it's

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correct. But the first blessing that Allah mentions the first favor that he mentions the first expression of his Dharma, what is it, knowledge of

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the Quran and not just put on but Darlene of what does it show that this is the greatest blessing a person can have? Why? Because it's directly from Allah. It's the greatest blessing that a person can have because it's directly from completely entirely from Allah. We learn in certain classes at 61 or contact our annual Chi Li Kalki taboo in Ramadan. milotic. You never thought you never expected that the book would be given to you. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam never imagined and Allah out of his mercy. He gave him the knowledge of the book. In through the Shura, I 52. Also, we learned what kind of hayner in a colo Herman and Marina Macondo data that email Kitagawa, even you had no idea what

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the book is, what even is, you are completely unaware. So one was a time when a person had no idea about what this book is what is in this book.

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He was in a state of ignorance, and then Allah out of his special mercy, out of his mercy, He bestows upon that person, knowledge of the book, understanding the book, this is a huge favor. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was told what kind of father in law he is.

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That the funnel of Allah upon you is, in fact enormous. Because all of that began from what knowledge of the book, Darlene of the book for which Allah chose the Most Noble Messenger, the most noble Angel, do Midleton and then he sent the most the best messenger as human messengers. So what kind of Obama here an acre of Lima This is a huge favor of a lump on a person that he is given knowledge of the Book of Allah. Then Allah says, Hunter can insert he created the human being,

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and in turn, refers to the entire species of human beings, mankind. And this includes Adam, Ray, Sam as well as his progeny, his children, Adam, and also are the children of Adam Hanako insane, he created the human beings meaning all of them. He created human beings when they were nothing before they were non existent. Before man was created, what was he? What was he Where was he nothing, nothing at all. Insert insert Iowan Allah says hell utter and an insanity Lumina de la mia can check in with God has come upon men, a period of time when he was not even a thing that is mentioned. Meaning nobody knew him. Was there a time that you experienced like that? You did not exist, you did

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not have a name. You did not have an ID, you didn't have anything you were non existent. Who made you who brought you into existence? Allah, Allah concern. Now if you think about it, the creation is mentioned after knowledge of the

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the creation of human beings as mentioned after knowledge of the Why? Because knowledge of the Quran is a greater blessing than the creation of a person.

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Because if you think about it, there are many who are created.

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Isn't it's not many people who are there, but amongst them, who are those who are successful?

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Who are those who are successful? Those who live by this book, those who are in receipt of guidance. And if a person does not live by this book, then what good is his life? What would it bring him in the hereafter? no benefit, no goodness. So this life is meaningful. This life becomes truly a blessing when when a person has knowledge of the book, because without it, this life is meaningless.

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I love a whole band. And he taught him and occurrence, another huge blessing of Allah that Allah has stopped the human being unban What does band mean? That is from newsletters, biannual and beyond is to make something clear, to make something distinct from the other, to separate it from the other.

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And by allover, he has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, it is said that by and mean speech, speech, and speech also in two ways it has been understood that, first of all, on the barge of which I can live with the Kalamazoo, the one who speaks so on the part of multicolumn ban is what the ability to express to clarify what is in the heart of a person. What's in your mind, you can only express it, you can only clarify it how to ban.

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So, what does it mean? It isn't two ways, on the part of them to convey what he has in his heart, he can express it in two ways how, first of all, through listen. And secondly, through burnin,

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through design, reading through his tongue, through not speech words that he says expressions that he makes statements that he utters. And these statements also, what are they? Are they just random sounds? No, it is speech that is coherent.

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So Diane, is the ability to express oneself in coherent speech. First of all, how does a person do that? by the tongue?

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And secondly, how does a person do that? through banane, through his fingers, how, by kita, via writing, whether you're writing with a pen, or you're writing, how by typing on a computer, or you're texting or whatever, any means of writing. Because sometimes you use your words, use your tongue to explain yourself and other times you use your writing to express yourself. And this is a huge blessing of Allah.

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Because just imagine if what you have inside your heart and mind, you're not able to put it out in words, you're not able to communicate with the other. It's a huge blessing. This is why Allah says Allah manager, Allah who is a well, he sanan worship attending, and a town and also to lips, because with them, a person is able to express himself.

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Secondly, on the part of the mahathat, on the part of the one who is being addressed, what does ban mean, the ability to understand what has been said to him, because remember, communication includes two things, that you say something, and the other understands it. So on the part of the motor Colombian is to speak or to write on the part of the Mohatta, it is the ability to understand what has been said to him, what has been communicated to him, because of a low wanted, he could have only made us hear sounds without being able to understand them, without being able to interpret them. But isn't it amazing that when we hear sounds, we can understand what sound it is, whether it is the

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cough of a human being, or it is the footsteps of a person, or it is the crying of a child? Or it is the words of a person, isn't it? So it's not just sounds that we hear a cow, also a dog, also a cat also could be sitting exactly where you are. They're also hearing sounds, but do they understand that speech? Do they? No, they don't. But you talk to a human being? Does he understand that speech? Yes, you give a book to a cow? Would it be able to understand a word, know what you give it to a human being he will be able to understand a lot.

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So I'll never hold back. He taught him the speech, the speech that is spoken. And the speech that is understood that we're able to make distinction between the sounds that we hear, we're able to understand them. I'll never hold back man. So man understands what is said to him. And what he also says, and this includes all the various languages as well, isn't it

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various languages, because in various languages, people communicate with one another. I level who I am. And also, if you think about it, people communicate with machines also know that there are these languages of the computers, even binary and so on and so forth and so on and what their names are, but with coding and all of that you can communicate with machines even, isn't it? You can give instructions to them. You can give commands to them, right? What is it that you press a key and something big happens on the screen? Does it happen just like that? No.

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There are these different languages that people communicating. And then there is that universal language as well, which people have, how to their expressions, they communicate with one another. But sometimes it's amazing two people speak completely different languages. They don't even know each other's language, but they can communicate with one another through signs, through smiles, through expressions, through their actions through their looks. So who has given this ability to human beings, Allah subhanaw taala are number one.

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So bayad includes speech, it includes writing, it includes various languages, it includes basically communication.

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And this is why it is also said that, Diane, it doesn't just mean speech. It doesn't just mean communication, eloquence, the ability to express very eloquently and clearly but it also means clarification. clarification as to what is right, what is wrong? What is guidance? What is misguidance? What is truth? What is false? What is good, what is evil? You know, people say anything that you consider evil is evil, anything you consider good is good. That's not the case. No, a lot of people what is good, what is evil,

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he is the one who dictates what's right, what's wrong, because he has taught this band clarification. This blessing is such a huge blessing, the ability to express oneself, either through words or through writing, or through signals, even. I remember I once met this lady who was paralyzed, she couldn't move, she couldn't talk, she couldn't do anything. But they had given her this particular computer a lot more than what was like, but with her eyes, she could click on the screen.

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And like this, you would go onto different websites, and she could, you know, listen to different lectures, and that's how she would spend her time. This is also the British express yourself in some way or the other.

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The who has given man the intellect to develop such things. Unless the panel right.

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And we only value a blessing when it's taken away from us. Sometimes a person is in such a state where he's paralyzed, he's in like a coma, where he understands exactly what's going on around him, he can hear you can feel, but he cannot express he cannot say back he cannot respond.

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Remember, by all means, both pressing right on the part of the Whitaker limit on the part of the Mohatta both ways. So who has thought the scale unless

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then by and is also understood as knowledge? Because knowledge is what makes things clear for a person which clarifies things for a person. So Allah will ban and if you think about it, other medicine I'm the first insan What did Allah subhanaw taala give him knowledge as well? Right? I lemma, asthma Cola, he taught other medicine and the names of things. And then this iron is also banned, isn't it? Because it is knowledge. And it also clarifies what is right what is wrong, what is good, what is bad. In sort of earlier in law, I 130 Allah says had a ban on the nurse ban on the nurse same word has been used over there, that this Quran is a clear statement to all people. Well,

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who then will mirliton limb with the cane.

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Now if you think about it, first of all, or even was mentioned, knowledge or liberal Quran, then after that, calc is mentioned after that clear speech is mentioned. Because speech eloquence, the ability to express oneself, the ability to communicate is also a huge blessing. And without it can a person learn? Can a person learn No, you can only learn when you can understand and when you can communicate, isn't without it, learning is incomplete. And we see that for the darling of Quran. Allah subhanaw taala has chosen has selected both ways, how that oral narration as well as written, if you think about it, unless Pentatonix and Angel debris and eligibile What did he do? He recited

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the Quran to the prophets of Allah.

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And the prophet SAW a lot of that and recited the Quran to to the people through ban the Quran was taught the Quran was passed on. And at the same time, Allah subhanaw taala also swears by the pen noon will call me when my restaurant when I assume that which the right refers to the angels whenever they write, but it also refers to the book of a lot that is written because it's a habit, the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what did they do? They also wrote the Quran, isn't it so? So both ways Allah has selected for the darling of Quran. It's done orally and it's also done

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By writing, and if this is such a huge blessing, that what does it mean that a person should be grateful for this blessing? How will he be grateful that those who know how to speak what should they do?

00:30:12--> 00:30:16

Speak and convey the Quran, those who know how to write, write and conveyed

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because Allah will ban every person has been given this ban, who refers to human being, every human being has been given by A. So, whatever ability you find stronger in yourself, you have to use it to convey the con, because that is what gratitude is

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a sham suit, welcome to the sun and the moon. We have been they are according to a precise calculation

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after mentioning knowledge, now unless upon whatever dimensions, the various creatures that are around us, and especially the sun and the moon, first of all, that the sun and the moon, because Ben has been from Hacienda. What is his van mean? computation accounting? So the sun and the moon, they are according to a precise and strict calculation. Meaning they move they function. They run their courses, according to what a strict calculation.

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It's not that whenever the sun wishes to rise, it rises. No, it's not that the moon wishes to be bigger, it will be bigger today. No, it doesn't happen like that. They are the host band, there is a strict calculation and stages that are appointed for both of them. And that is what they observe and follow without any delay. And without any disobedience either. From the day Allah has created them, the sun and the moon are constantly moving on what on their orbit, whatever has been instructed them whatever they have been programmed for, isn't it? Which is why we see that the sun and the moon, how are they predictable in the sense that you know that the sun is going to come? You know that at

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night and there is going to be the moon? Right? It's not haphazard, a sham, Tsukamoto because,

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according to a strict measure, a strict calculation, this includes their orbit, this includes their rising, this includes their setting, this includes their various stages, this includes their movement, all of this from the day Allah has created them is according to the precise calculation, without disobedience, without delay. So this perfect system, who has created it, who has set it up, almost.

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And this perfect system that Allah has set up? It doesn't just provide us with light during the day and sunlight during the night? No, this is not the only benefit that we gain from the sun in the moon, from this perspective, the sun and the moon. But another big benefit that we get is one calculation of time, isn't it? So we learned in sort of unify one ledger on a sham Serbia and we'll come around euro, Roman as a man as it why the Talamo other the cinema will.

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So that you know the number of years and also account of time. So in other words, after knowledge, one of the greatest blessings is what the blessing of time, for which Allah has placed two big bodies in the sky, one during the day, one during the night. And you see them throughout the year. And they have a fixed calendar, isn't it Oh, and when they have that calendar, they have that order. You know which month it is, you know which day it is, you know what time of the day it is. Because if time didn't matter much, then it could be very simple, that the sun is there all the time, or that the sun is there, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day providing the exact same

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amount of light. But we see that as the day progresses, the light changes, isn't it took the position of the sun even changes. And with that we are reminded that time has passed.

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So they remind us of the importance of time. What does it show that time is also a huge blessing. Therefore we should not waste any time, whether during the night or during the day.

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When Allah has placed this clock for us this calendar for us. There is a reason we are to benefit from time and we are to use it in the best possible way. It cannot be that it's the beginning of the day, the end of the day, the mid part of the day, such a huge change has occurred in the skies above us in the world around us. And for us. It doesn't make a difference whether it's night or day because we're still sitting, we're still doing nothing

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

No, this is not correct. When the sun and the moon are functioning, moving, following their courses, then we are also to take advantage of time that we have one Nigel, and the stars was shadow and the trees. Yes Do then both of them prostrate. And magic. Imagine is the stars in the sky, all of the stars in the sky. And some say that actually includes the sun in the moon even

00:35:27--> 00:35:46

because they're also like, stars in the sky. So all of the stars all of the celestial bodies, up in the sky, and on the earth, a shut up meaning all of the treats both of them both of these categories, yes to them. They both prostrate, prostrate to frustrate to a loss of

00:35:48--> 00:36:31

energy has been understood in another way as well. Some say that analogy it refers to vines, vines, meaning those plants which don't have a trunk, but rather they have a stem. They're climbers creepers different different types. Okay? And why is it called Nigeria? Because Nigeria is that which rises upwards from the earth, literally. So a star is also called the star Why? It's also called legend. Why because it's up in the sky, right. So similarly najem is also used for vines. So imagine refers to creepers. plants that do not have trunks and a shadow refers to those plants that do have trunks.

00:36:33--> 00:36:42

So when natural was shadow, whether it's the stars and the trees, or the different types of plants and trees, all of them yesterday they prostrate to Allah.

00:36:44--> 00:36:50

Now, what does it mean by the such though, this such that is real such that it happens is it?

00:36:51--> 00:37:21

How does it actually happen? We don't know. Just as Allah subhanaw taala says with regards to that this fear that disability was similar to separate one other woman feeling what immune shame, allow yourself to be handy or lacking let the Coronavirus V, you do not understand that this V but do they do this B yes they do everything. Similarly, the najem and they also do such the How do they do it? We don't know but they do it? Because Allah subhanaw taala has said so

00:37:22--> 00:37:31

and so I said this such that what this means is their submissiveness, their obedience, their compliance, to what is commanded to them do what is required of them.

00:37:32--> 00:37:39

So in other words, whatever command Allah gives them, the stars and the trees, what do they do? They obey.

00:37:40--> 00:38:27

And isn't it amazing fall comes and the trees are full of leaves. But what happens? They will drop down on their limbs, they will change their color. Right? They will change their color, they will drop their leaves every single leaf will fall down yesterday and this is their submissiveness. Allah tells him to grow, they grow a lot tell them to stop growing, they stop growing, right? So yesterday, they're submissive, humble, obedient to the commands of Allah. What does this show to us? What's the lesson in this for us? that were the stars above that are so up high, and the trees below that are on the ground, where they're obedient to a lot with their submissive to Allah, where they

00:38:27--> 00:38:43

do such that to Allah? Then does it not behoove human beings to do such that as well? Does another fit them to do such that as well? If everything is frustrating to unlock, than we do, should be in frustration before we do should be submissive before him.

00:38:44--> 00:39:04

We learn in sort of an hedgeye 18 Allah says, Allah, Allah and Allah Hi, yes, Judah, Allahu Memphis, semi watty woman fill out everything in the heavens and the earth. What do they do prostrate to him was sham. So we'll come over when new Juma? Well gee Bella was shadow Abu Bakar theorem in a nurse.

00:39:05--> 00:39:13

So many things are mentioned Sun Moon stars, mountains, trees, animals, creatures, and many from the people work if you don't have garlic and

00:39:15--> 00:39:35

similarly in sort of art if we learn what it is that he has to do Memphis somehow it will update our I'm welcome her. What we now know him will do we will outside everything frustrates to Allah. So the lesson for us is that we do should be frustrating to him. We do should be humble and submissive before him