Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 169B Tafsir Al-Hajj 38-40

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the controversy surrounding the use of Hawaiian culture in media and the spread of treachery. The importance of protecting the Muslims' legal system and avoiding revenge is emphasized. The treatment of Muslims is centered around protecting their religion and checking intentions, but the " era of Islam" concept is also discussed. The segment emphasizes the importance of checking actions and goals for one's success and avoiding chaos and loss of progress.
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Lesson number 169 Surah to the hedge eye and number 38 to 64.

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In the Lucha Indeed, Allah udev Pharaoh he defends, who aren't Alladhina amanu those people who believe in Allaha indeed Allah, lay your Hibou He does not love kala Hawaiian Inca for every treacherous and ungrateful person. Allah does not love such people, so he will not defend them instead, who is it that Allah helps? Who is it that he defends those who believe you that Pharaoh is from the EU letters then farine Duffer, and duffer is to push something away. And therefore I'm you that fear on it is to push something away from someone else. All right. So it is to defend someone from something that is harmful to protect them from that which is dangerous. So Allah will protect

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Allah will defend the believers against their enemy, meaning when their enemy will assault the believers Allah subhanaw taala will push the enemy away. The enemy will not be able to prevail over the believers because in the law you their fear only Allah Dena Ave. Allah defends those who believe in Allah Allah your bucola, Hawaiian Inca for Allah does not love people who are Hawaiian and colorful. Hawaiian is a person who is very, very, very hot, extremely hot in and who is go for one who is extremely caffeine.

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Extremely high incline is one who does piano ha Wow, noon, what is piano treachery, betrayal to betray someone to cheat someone to be a traitor. You know, when someone is trusting you with something, they're expecting something good from you, and you cheat them. You say something else and you do something else

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when some good is expected, but instead of good harm is done. So who are Hawaiian? Who are the treacherous that are being mentioned over here? It's basically the mushy cone. The people of Makkah, because the people of Makkah, they were relatives of each other, they were all related to each other somehow or the other. Even if the blood ties were not there, after all, they all belong to the city of Makkah. But what happened? When the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he publicized his Dharwad remember that the first three years the prophets Allah Islam did private Dawa. After three years, what happened? He went public with the Dawa. Alright, and many people they embraced Islam. But at the

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same time, there was a lot of hostility and opposition, from who, from their own relatives, Abu Lahab, who was he the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But what happened when the prophets of Allah Islam invited people to Islam, Abu Lahab betrayed the prophets of Allah Islam, how did he betray him as a relative? What should he have done? supported him? That's what Abu Talib did. Remember, there were two kinds of people who oppose the Prophet sallallahu sallam. One category was of those who were noble in their opposition. They were still noble in their opposition. They didn't do things that are inappropriate.

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And then there were other people who are not noble in their opposition at all.

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They really stoop to a low level in their hatred for the prophets of Allah and people like Abu gehele. People like Abu Lahab. All right. And remember that people who were still noble in their opposition, they were guided to Islam eventually.

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Look at Abu Sufyan look at Khalid even the leader of the Allahu anhu, right. We call them Radi Allahu Anhu. Allah subhanaw taala guided them. But then there were people like Abu Lahab Abuja. They were not guided to Islam. Why? Because it's to a very low level, in their opposition to the Sunnah la SallAllahu sallam. So when they oppose the prophets of Allah Addison, what were they doing in reality, this was their treachery, this was their betrayal, because as relatives, they should have been supporters. And if they did not support at least they should have been quiet, but they weren't quiet. What did they do? They opposed, they were hostile, there is weapons against the Muslims, and

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will have went to such an extreme that when the prophets of Allah will go, you know, in the open in marketplaces, doing Darwin, I will have would follow him as a prophet of Allah, Islam would say to people, yeah, you and us guru La ilaha illAllah. to Pharaoh, Abu Lahab would say, oh, people don't listen to him. He's causing division between our families. He has gone crazy, so on and so forth. He would go on humiliating the prophets. Allah loves them in public. This is

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One good was expected from these people, but instead of showing good what did they show? Evil, pure evil, treachery, betrayal, they betrayed their own blood. And then what happened? When, after a few years when more people embraced Islam, it was their own relatives who were torturing them, or a smell of the loved one who he was tortured by His own uncle, his own uncle.

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This is Hawaiian guffawed, who is Corfu? One who is extremely ungrateful for the blessing that Allah has given. Allah subhanaw taala gave the Arabs a huge blessing, how that Allah chose the last messenger to be from among them. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one of them. La Casa de mundo Allah, Allah has shown a huge favor to the people. But were they grateful for the blessing of Rasulullah? SallAllahu? Salah? No, they were not grateful. They were extremely ungrateful to the point that they not only rejected him, but they tried to kill him. They expelled him, they opposed him.

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So Allah does not like such people. Such people do not deserve Allah's help. And Allah will certainly help the believers against such treacherous once the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Indeed, I have feared for the sake of Allah, such that no one has feared, I have been afraid in the way of Allah, such that no one has ever experienced that fear.

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Because there were times when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam could not even sleep at night, he could not. And he asked that who would guard me tonight so that I can sleep. And one occasion the Prophet saw a lot isn't it was in the state afraid, not able to sleep at all, and Sargon and people castable Lauren who came in when he came, the Prophet saw a lot and felt satisfied, and he slept. I have feared in the way of Allah for the sake of Allah such that no one has feared and I have been harmed for the sake of Allah, such that no one has been harmed.

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But Allah subhanaw taala gave hope to the Prophet sallallahu send them to the believers that do not worry. Allah defends those people who believe ALLAH who will defend you. But there is a time for everything.

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In surah to fall out, I have three Allah says Warmia taka Allah, Allah, Allah husband, whoever trusts on Allah and Allah is sufficient for him in the La Habana will Emery indeed Allah will accomplish his purpose. But the Geron Allah who luckily che in Khedira, but Allah has made for everything, a decree meaning for everything, there is a fixed time, a fixed amount, there is a right time or right place, that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for everything. So you will want victory now, but it's not going to happen right now. One thing that is for sure is that Allah will certainly help when, when the time is right. And that time came. What happened after a couple of years in

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Makkah, the Muslims, they migrated to Abyssinia, some of them went to have Russia where they were safe. And then after some time, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the rest of the believers they migrated to Medina where they were safe. So Allah save the believers. Allah defended them. Allah helped them, but there was a time for it. There was a set time for it. It could not happen before that. Why? Because there are benefits to that. There's reasons for that. And in this is a huge lesson, because sometimes we feel like we have been abandoned, year after year has gone by and things are not changing. But no, do not worry. It is Allah's promise that he will help he will

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defend those who are sincere in their faith, those who are true in their faith, but there is a time for it.

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And when we feel like Allah's help is not there, then we need to check ourselves. Instead of being hasty, instead of thinking negatively about Allah subhanaw taala we need to check our intentions. We need to check our actions. Because it is Allah has promised that he will certainly help the believers who does he not help those who cheat those who betray and those who are ungrateful. Oh, they nearly Lavina it has been permitted for those people who which people permission has been granted to who? Those who you caught Luna. They were fought. They have been fought, who were fought against

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who were fought against the Muslims. If you think about it from the time in Mecca, where they fought against clearly I mean if someone think about the family of a mother of the acid or Marubeni acid, Radi Allahu Anhu. Right. And yes, his wife So Maria, what happened to this family? Were they not tortured, persecuted? They were the first

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First shahada, the first martyrs, right? And if they were killed, what did that mean? That the Muslims were basically being fought against? War was being waged against all Muslims. So they were being fought against from when, from the time in Makkah from the very beginning. But what were the Muslims told, be patient, be patient, hold on Allah's promises that He will save you, he will defend you there is a time for it. But then eventually what happened when the Muslims migrated to Medina? And then we should condemn spare them over there either they came there to attack them. So what happened? Oh, the in LA Latina, ukata Luna, be unknown, lowly mu permission has been given to them.

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Why? Because they have been wronged What permission has been given? It's not mentioned explicitly, but it's understood. And what is that permission? What is that permission to fight the enemy? To fight the enemy? That if for 13 years in Makkah, they didn't stop and now when the Muslims are in Medina, still they haven't stopped it is getting worse in their opposition, then of course, now the Muslims have to take a stand also. Now they may take revenge. What in the Lucha and indeed Allah, Allah and Asli him over giving them victory helping them he is luck or the surely competent?

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Because it seemed impossible. These few Muslims, weak ones, most of whom are freed slaves, or their poor people on the society. They will when they are now going to fight against the people of Makkah, how is it possible? How will it ever survive? How will they ever when Allah says what in the Lucha Allah Nasri him la casa de Allah is able to help them Allah is Able to grant them victory. It but are bustled lowline who said that this was the first idea to be revealed concerning Qatal concerning fighting, fighting the enemy, and then the verses of Surah Baqarah were revealed, in which the command to fight was given Wakata Luffy. Sir, beat Allah, over here what has been given permission,

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that now you may raise weapons against your enemy in defense. Now you may take revenge. Now you may stand up for yourself until now what were they told, be patient and ignore? Even if you're killed, you don't do anything. Even if your father is killed. You don't take revenge. You don't do that. You do Sabra only. But now Allah says permission has been given me in the home loan Nemo, because they have been wronged over and over again. And a victory seems foreign to you, then don't worry, because Allah will grant victory. And Lavina Oh, what did you mean dare him? Who are they? Those people who were fought? Who are these believers, they are those who reject them in the area him? They were

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expelled. They were evicted from their homes. They are plural of the build ad hoc without any right. It wasn't that they had committed a crime. It wasn't that they didn't deserve to live over there. No. But they were expelled from their homes. Why? In law, except meaning the only reason why they were expelled from their homes was a guru that they say Rob Boone, Allah Our Lord is Allah. This was their fault.

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This was their so called crime and what was it? Their belief in Allah, the belief of the heat, they renounced idolatry. And as a result they were fought against. If you think about it Bilal, although I know when he was tortured over and over and over again,

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what was a crime that he had committed?

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What crime that he committed? What would he say? That would make people torture him even more? What would he say? I had?

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I had just one word I had. But that word ahead. What would that bring him torture? What would that make him a criminal?

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At one occasion, the prophets Allah, Allah Islam, he was physically assaulted by Abuja, Allah and his gang in the huddle.

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And some Sahaba they were there, they were watching but they couldn't do anything to defend the Prophet salallahu Salam, even why? Because if they took even one step that would be killed. Because the tribes that they belong to, were not that powerful. So anyway, Abu Bakar on the low on who he heard what was going on, and he came to help the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he yelled at them which sequin and he said, a duck to Luna radula and a cooler obey Allah. Are you trying to kill a man simply because he says, My Lord is Allah? Is that his crime?

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You think that is a crime? Is this the reason why you have considered taking his life legal for you, lawful for you?

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Is that really a crime? Alena, Ohara juman dare him belay helping you

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in Gulu, Rabona, Allah, their only crime is that they say our Lord is Allah. Intimate Mohammed Iowan also we learn usually Juna Rasul Allah. Yeah, come unto me no Billa hero because they expelled the messenger. And they also expelled you. Why? Because you believe in Allah? Who is your Lord?

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And does this happen? Now

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that a person is picked on simply because of their religion? Simply because of their Islam? Yes. So if a person is ever in a situation like this, what should they remember? What should they remember? The trials of the Prophet sallallahu, Salah.

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They also went through this, you know, for instance, you're communicating with someone over email or over phone, and everything is going really well. And the moment they see you with a hijab on,

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that's it. They don't want to deal with you anymore.

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They don't want to deal with you anymore. It's amazing how a person would want to rent a place, for example, right? And then you're going through an agent. And then finally, when the landlord wants to meet the tenant, and they see that, oh, it's a Muslim couple, for no, just reason refused.

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And I'm not making this hypothetical example. This is a real example. Yes. Smilla Salam Alikum. Once to my husband, he was looking for apartment, and then he have agreement with this superintendent and the superintendent. He gave him written phone number. And my husband, he said, Okay, let's go see the apartment. So when we go, as soon as he saw me that time, I wasn't wearing niqab. He saw me His face has changed and he said Yes, can I help you and my husband he said yesterday I was here this is I want to look at the apartment. He said that apartment is gone. Like somebody else take it. And my husband he said how come like you just tell me? I'll be waiting for you. He said I'm sorry. So

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Subhanallah that we didn't move there but we move here closer to algorithm my kiddies learn Quran I learn Quran. So as Santa crochet and who? Exactly. And this is what we need to remember that if we feel that we are being treated unfairly, and the only reason over there is our religion. Don't blame the religion. Don't hate the religion. Don't resent the hijab. Don't do that. Why? Because Insha Allah, Allah is going to give you something much better, much better. So don't worry. Who can withhold something from you that Allah wishes to give you? Okay? Nobody can. So people can try. But they can't harm you. So Alina Oakley Doom, Indiana humility. How can Illa Apolo Rob Boone, Allah,

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you see, sometimes people are biased? For some petty reasons, even like things that should not even be a problem, but they find a problem.

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Right? I mean, because your skin color is different, or you speak differently or you are an immigrant or because you don't have a particular education or because you are from a family or not from that family, whatever it may be. They treat you differently because of who you are. And does this happen in life all the time, that people are biased against you, just because you are you.

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They don't like you, not necessarily because of your religion. Sometimes other Muslims are even treating us in such a way sometimes relatives, family members,

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the inlaw stories very common, right? That the daughter is being treated differently daughter in law is being treated differently mother's being treated differently, mother in law's being treated differently. You know, a girl will happily involve her mother in her children's life. But when it comes to a mother in law, shut her off completely. I don't want you in my life.

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And remember, these things are part of life that people will treat you differently because of who you are, you will suffer because this is a promise of Allah, Allah will test us and Allah will test others through us.

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Allah who will test others through us which means that we will be tested through others also. So just as part of life, the suffering is there. So if we are suffering, because of Allah's religion, then I accept it.

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Do you get my point? That sometimes people will treat you differently just because you are of a certain ethnicity? Well, if they're treating you differently because of your religion, good, because who's taking pity on me? Look at these words. Alladhina origem and dare him be lady Helton. Who's on your side?

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Allah is on your side.

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If someone is not being fair to you because of your deen you know who's on your side? Allah is on your side a Latina, awkward human dare me Lady How can enlighten your co Laura Boone Allah? Well Oh Allah for Allah

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hiddenness so now what happened? Allah subhanaw taala allowed the Muslims to take revenge, right permission has been granted to the Muslims to take revenge. Why is permission being granted to the Muslims to take revenge? Because many people have a problem with this, that when it comes to Christianity, for example, you're told that if somebody hits you on one cheek, show the other cheek, I just keep getting abused, abused. But in Islam, what are we told that you do? Some are up to a certain point, right? But then you also have to stand up for yourself. You also have to defend yourself you also have to get up and do something to protect yourself. So why is it that Allah

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subhanaw taala has given permission to the Muslims to defend themselves? The reason is given here while hola and if not the federal law he definitely repelling Allah by Allah meaning if Allah does not repel, and NASA people which people bother him, some of them be barreling through others.

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In other words, if Allah does not let certain people fight others and break their power, then what would happen? What would the consequences be LaHood Demuth Surely it would be demolished? Who did not had that meme? What does that mean to pull down a building? Raise record destroy it. So who demand it would have been demolished? What would be demolished? So Amuro salami or floor loft? So Mira, Samira sod me mine. So merasa lemma I use for monasteries. All right, so a monastery which could be in a mountain in a far off place, in the middle of the desert in a forest somewhere who lives in them, monks, and what do they do? Why are they staying over there?

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worshipping God, right? And where are they generally in unpopulated places, but Allah says that even these places would be destroyed will be our own and even br would be destroyed br is a portion of beer. What is the era The Church will swallow atom Salawat from Salah Salah is to press on our places where Salah is performed and it refers to the places where the youth pray the synagogues will masajid masajid Florin of Masjid a masjid understood where Muslims pray. And all of these places Allah says youth Kuru it is mentioned fee her in it is Mala the name of Allah cathedra much because all of these are people of the book, right?

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They're all people of the book. So for instance, many Christians they live in Salam here, right? What br in br At least on Sundays they go right Salawat even these are populated by the Jews massager. They're populated by the Muslims and all of these different groups of people who do the worship essentially Allah subhanaw taala and in their places of worship, whose name is being mentioned, Allah's name has been mentioned.

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So what has been mentioned over here is what we're being taught is that if a nation remains in power for a long time, all right, then what will happen to those people they will become extremely arrogant and they will not stop at any limit.

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They will not stop at any limit. So what happens when people are in power? Then Allah's law off duffer? What is Dufort repelling? That comes into effect? And what happens? Those in power are not able to progress beyond a certain limit.

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Somebody else comes and takes over. You see, if you study history, what do you learn? Nations are rising and falling constantly. Forget about nations, even individuals. One person is in power for 50 years, 40 years, 30 years, and then he's not president anymore. He's not king anymore. He's replaced by someone else. Someone is at the height of power, but individual, a nation, a country, whatever you want to call it, they're at the height of power, then what happens? Someone else comes and pushes them down.

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From victory, from power, they go down. They suffer total loss destruction. Right? So the nation that was high now became law. Why does Allah subhanaw taala allow this to happen? The reason is that if this didn't happen, then

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there would be complete chaos, complete facade on this earth.

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No church would be standing today. No Masjid would be standing today. No synagogue would be standing today. This doesn't mean that we should all go to synagogues and worship Allah stands out over there. This is not the purpose of this. If

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you see when there is a war somewhere. Where do people

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Gotta take shelter where?

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In worship places, right? Because Okay, people will attack office buildings. But what will despair, worship places?

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But if, if even the worship places are being attacked, then what does it mean? What does it mean? Extreme facade,

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extreme facade, and it means that those who are doing this very soon will come down. They cannot survive like this, because it's against Allah's law.

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What is Allah's law, that when someone is in power with one, they will be brought down? They will certainly be brought down. And this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala allowed the Muslims to fight the Mushrikeen of Makkah, because of the Musa, king of Morocco were left like that, what would they do? Who would they spare? Nobody, they wouldn't stop at any limit. So this is the hikma while I answer and Allah and Allah who will certainly help my answer to those who help him in the law. halacha universe is indeed Allah is surely powerful and mighty. Allah will certainly help those who help him because you see the Muslims being given permission to fight them, which equals Morocco.

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This seemed like a very daunting task. How is it even possible? The Muslims couldn't even imagine because think about it, Bill, I love the Allahu Anhu was in the sight of the Muslims and who was on the other side, the guy who had tortured and persecuted him. So imagine a banana blow on who is being allowed, okay, go pick up your weapon, and you can fight against your enemy. I mean, that itself was frightening. How can we do that? We are so weak, we don't have much power. We don't have many resources. But what does Allah say? You help the cause of Allah and Allah will help you don't doubt Allah's help. Because Allah is a weak and Aziz, he is strong, he is able He is mighty. So what

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do we learn over here? Allah promises to defend you. Allah allows you to retaliate. But you have to get up and do something.

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Allah will help all those who help him not those who sit back sleeping, or lying in their beds, watching TV, know who will be helped by Allah, those who get up and do something.

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Those who are active, the one who takes a step and Allah is where Allah will also help him. Allah will defend him and don't worry, Allah will give success to you. You help the cause of Allah, Allah will take care of your affairs. And then this is also a reminder that when a person is in Allah's web, and certainly Allah's help will come and if it's not coming then what do we need to check

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ourselves our intention, am I really helping the cause of Allah? Am I really in the way of Allah? What do I want from this work of mine? And we need to check our actions also our goals also insert Muhammad is seven Allah says Yeah, are you Alina Avenue? In terms of Allah? He answered, come if you help Allah, Allah will also help you. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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in long

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guff Oh, oh the night

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we're in long Allah Nasri new love Adi Alladhina. Osprey Jo

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Be ye have been in

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Gulu bone along

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the mat for me or being

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said do you go

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long you

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know long

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