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Al-Qamar 1-55 Translation 1-55

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una salir del sitio Karim and my birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem furbish rightly acidity were Sidley MD. Dr. Millis any of kuqali openers in our email

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lesson number 275. So caller ID number one 255 Translation

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a pata robot h Jr. It came near a sir to the our one chapter and it's split a comma the moon

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was in and if yellow they see a atom assign your your blue, they will turn away when your Hulu and they say Say hello on magic, Mr Mukesh one that is continuous, what can double and they belied whatever and they followed home their desires will continue and every mmm matter was the one that gets settled what are called uncertainly journal when it came to them meaning from the news man that which fee in it was

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a deterrent, a restraint. Hekmat on wisdom bellybutton one that is far reaching, firmer, so not totally a benefits and noodle, the Warners or the warnings fatawa so turn away on home from them yolmer de yetter he will call a dark color in a towards shade in a thin, local forbidding terrible push on ones who are humble, a bizarre to whom their sites Yahoo June they will come out mainly from adidas the graves got under home as if they Gerardo or locusts monitorship scattered mostly Rena ones racing ahead. Isla towards a dairy the color Yoku he will say alkaff he ruled the disbelievers had this Yeoman a day. I said, one that is very hard. Get there but it relied upon our home before

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them. Our new people have new soccer double. So they denied our burden. Our servant will call you and they said by June a madman was deluded. And he was rebuked further. So he called robber who has robbed me that indeed I must have been one who is overcome fantasies. So help fashiona so we opened our web summit doors of the sky Bhima in whitewater, Mohammed one that pours down Well, if I jump net and we cause to gush forth and the earth or union in water springs fell apart. So it met under the water either upon and in a matter, but in fact, who did it was ordained

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Warhammer nanhu and we carried him either upon that possessor a lot of planks were to solve and Neil's that God it flows the union with our eyes just recompense Lima for who can and he was Goofy, he was denied

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one accord and certainly the rock now have we left it as an as a sign for her than his men from more decades. Anyone who receives admonition anyone who remembers Okay fine, then how can it was are there be my punishment? When are those and My Warnings what are called uncertainly yourself? We have made easy Elko Anna the Quran lithic for the remembrance for hell, that is men from mood decades. Anyone who remembers get there but it belied I do not. Okay fair then how can it was? Are there be my punishment one other and My Warnings in indeed we also know we sent I lay him upon them Rehan a wind salsa, violent screaming fee in yo de nursing of misfortune was damage one that is continuous

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than zero. It plucks. It tears away. anessa the people that I know whom as if they are a jazz who are drunks, nothing of date bombs, Moon one that is uprooted

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for cave

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So how can it was our that'd be my punishment when do the end my warnings one o'clock and certainly yes sell now we have made easy Erna lithic for the remembrance for her so his main from would decade anyone who remembers can debate it denied the mood the mood the model with the warnings with the Warner's for carlu so they said is by Sharon mn Mina from us were hidden one not to be rude we follow him in indeed we either then left shortly in Berlin in an error was their own and madness opia did opia it was bought the crew the reminder are they upon him men from Vayner between us but rather who are He is good verbal a great liar a shell one who is conceited so yeah the moon soon

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they will know all that tomorrow man who al Qaeda the great liar and the one who is conceited in indeed we mostly do want to send a Napa fishy camel fitness as a trial law home for them for the paper home. So wait for them watch them was studied and in dealing with patients when a bit home and inform them under that indeed under the water, this Mattoon a division they know whom between them could lose every should have been a drink more double one that is made to be present. Fernando so they called out Sahaba who their companion further out. So he pursued or find out so he did farrakhan then he hamstrung for kafer so how can it was are there be my punishment? When are the end

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my warnings in indeed we are center we sent our lay him upon them. So I had an awful cry when I hated them one second. So they were

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like broken twigs. And most

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of the one who builds a fence while awkward, and certainly Yes, so we made easy for Anna ludviq for the remembrance for her so his men from what decade anyone who remembers get there but it denied overload people have loot, they know the with the warnings in there indeed we have some that we sent I lay him upon them helsley by a storm of stones in the except Allah family loop of loot Elisa Lam. Let Jaina who received them bisa health by dawn near Mata a blessing Minar Indiana from near us karateka likewise, New Jersey we recompense man who shackled he was grateful, what are called uncertainly, under whom he warned them, but to shorten our grasp further narrow, but they doubted

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the noodle with the warnings. One of that and certainly Brava do who they enticed him on about wifey he his guests fought on a snare, so we erased our unit home their eyes for Dooku. So you artist either be my punishment, one other and My Warnings, what are called uncertainly Sub by whom it came in the morning to them. Book rotten early morning or thereabout punishment was stative one that is abiding. For those who saw your taste either be my punishment when you do and My Warnings, what are called uncertainly Yes, suddenly we made easy on the lithic for the remembrance for her so his men from what decade, anyone who remembers what are called uncertainly it came or he came, and people

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followers that are owner of your own a noodle the warnings camdeboo they belied by a a Tina with our signs, curly hair all of it for a while now home so he sees them after the season, our season of one who is Mighty mahkota the one who is Perfect in Ability.

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Our co founder comb your disbelievers higher and better men than Ola equal those. Are you all or Lucky for you or borrow a tune immunity fee in azubu the scriptures or your coluna they say we are Jimmy or

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And assembly money does

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one who is victorious one who takes revenge. So, you will soon he will be put to flight Belgium or the assembly while you are Luna and they will turn away a doodle the backs been rather Asara to the our mower at home their appointment was Sarah two and our other hair is more disastrous

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and more bitter in indeed allegedly mean the criminals fee in Berlin and error was the roof and madness yolmer on the US habarana they will be dragged film now in the fire Allah would you eat him upon their faces will do to all of you taste must touch suck of of Hellfire in indeed with cola Shea in everything Kanaka now who we created it build up with a measure warmer and not am Luna our command in there except we're headed to one cannon pin like a quick glance bill bustle of the sight of the eye one apart and certainly a lacuna we destroyed a Shia arco your likes your coins for her so his men from what decade anyone who remembers what Colucci in and everything for I knew who they

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did it feasible in the scriptures. were cool and every sullied and small what can be done and big misstep are one that is written in indeed and with the pain the righteous ones fija net in gardens, one out and reverse fee in Makkah seat slay the claim of truth of honor in the near Mulligan game sovereign makuta the one who is perfect inability.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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who shall

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Okay, thank you.

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You can move

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as you say

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near me.

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boo, boo,

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boo boo.

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That is

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the mouth