Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 240B Tafsir Saad 41-42

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various methods used by Shavon to treat illness, including shelling, painful things, and washing oneself. The segment also touches on the physical and mental suffering caused by the coronavirus pandemic, including the physical and mental agony caused by negative thoughts and worries, the difficulty of dealing with inner distress caused by Ch’s actions, and the importance of avoiding negative thoughts and worries. The segment also touches on Jesus’s bath, which is a cool, comforting bath that calms the body and bringstrails to the mind, and the importance of adopting certain means and not relying on news or news spreads.
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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. sudut SAAB is number 41

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Walco and mentioned our dinner our servant, a YouTuber, a YouTube Alayhis Salam, meaning also take a lesson from the example of Prophet a you and he has Salam. At the beginning of the surah we learned about the various criticisms that the Mushrikeen of Makkah, hurled at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam baseless criticism, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was advised to be patient over what the people say, and take example from who found the servant of Allah dowelled or his Salam. So the example of going to an Hassan was mentioned, and then of Sulaiman Alehissalaam. And now a YouTube early his Salam, meaning also take a lesson of strength of patients from Prophet, a

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youth, Allah He Salam. And notice how it is said, what are the Dinah our servant, everyone is Allah servant. But when a human body has Salam is described as our servant, this is for the purpose of honor, I benna. Our servant he really showed servitude. He really showed that he was a servant to Allah that Allah was his master. So what could I be Danna, you? What is the story of a YouTuber who Salam is when Nevada he called out from NIDA, he called out to who are Bahu to his Lord. And what did he say in his NIDA in his plea? That amnesia? Indeed, I must Sonny it has touched me. Indeed, it has touched me, meaning he has touched me, who has touched me a shaitana. The shaytaan indeed,

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Chopin has touched me with be Miss been with most with hardship. What are that, and also I that torment? He said, Oh, my Lord, indeed, Chopin has touched me with hardship, and dormant. So what exactly is he asking for? He's not really asking for something. He's mentioning his state before Allah subhanho wa taala. This is similar to how Musa alayhis salam, he said the rugby in the Lima and delta la Yemen. Hierin FurKid, he didn't say Oh my Lord, give me this and give me that and give me that. Now he just mentioned his state before Allah subhanaw taala that, oh my lord, I am needy of any good thing that you can send my way. And this is one of the best ways of making dua. And this is

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another form of what sila wa sila, a means of drawing closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Like for instance, when a person is making Briar, he mentioned the names of Allah, he mentioned the attributes of Allah in order to have his dua accepted. And another way is that we also mentioned our state, our state of neediness before Allah subhanaw taala because this is something that invites the Mercy of Allah. So he said, ignore da da who only musalia che O'Connor be no spinraza Chopin has touched me the word Messiah must, must is to touch something, and it's used for an affliction also, social bond has touched me Benyus, what is the word most most known salad bar most means Musharaka

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hardship. It's used for borrow for some kind of harm, for some bodily affliction. from the same root is the word nasaga. And masala is to fix something to set up something. And most is used for shudder to type extreme tiredness, extreme physical exhaustion. Why? What's the connection over here with NASA to fix because when a person is extremely tired, are they able to stay sitting? Are they able to remain standing in one position? No, they cannot keep composure in their body. Right? They end up lying down Have you ever seen on planes how people are sleeping? It's amazing how cramped how tiny their seats are. But it's interesting how people will somehow you know fall asleep, put their head

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here put their foot there, you know, do something or the other because they cannot sit straight. Right? NASA is not possible. Because of the nose shape. They're too tired, so they're not able to keep themselves straight. This is the state of most when a person is suffering from such illness from such affliction that he's not able to remain a straight anymore. He's not able to keep himself together anymore. He begins to fall apart.

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Art, there's so much weakness within the body, that a person is not able to even sit straight. So Chevron has afflicted me with notice from the same root the word nothing, not necess he'd rather NASA Moon slide bow with a casserole under the side, NASA is used for a Marine who is sick person, a person who's suffering from some illness. So Chopin has afflicted me with extreme illness, while other and also torment, what is either either suffering pain, which is experienced in one's body, in one's knifes, it's also used for punishment, because of punishment, even though it may be physical. Like for example, a person is locked up in a jail. Or, for instance, he is chained up now those

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chains might be physically hurting him. However, in addition to the physical pain, is there any mental emotional pain because if that there is, when a person is punished, even if it's something like you know, you're given detention in school, there is the physical hardship of writing something 100 times I don't know if you guys ever thought that kind of detention. I will never do this again or statement like that, writing that down 100 times, or for instance, running around the field, maybe 50 times there is a physical side to it, a physical suffering with it. But in addition to the physical suffering, there's also emotional mental distress. So I that is referring to the torment,

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meaning the inner torment that a Ubuntu Salam was suffering in his illness.

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A ubani salaam his story is not unknown, we have learned her story earlier also in total Ambia. And over here it is mentioned that the must have shape on the touch of shaitan caused him to suffer hardship and great turmoil. What is this must have shape on referring to we see that Chopin can physically affect the human being

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Shavon can physically affect the human being. So it is said that a YouTuber his Salam was touched by Chopin and the touch of Shavon is the physical harm that Chopin, afflicted Ayoub on his salaam with because of which his entire skin erupted with blisters.

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In the Bible, in the book of Job, verse seven, it is said when Satan went out from the presence of the Lord and smart job with sore boiled from the soul of his foot to the crown of his head,

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meaning his entire skin, his entire body was covered in blisters.

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This was the touch of shaytaan gym can physically harm a person also, and sometimes strange ailments, strange diseases, they come about a person is suffering from them and there is basically no diagnosis, the doctor is even or not able to figure out what the actual problem is what the root causes. For instance, for St. Hodder, what is is to have excessive hype, meaning a menstrual period that does not stop that just continues and continues 10 days, 15 days, even 15 days, it's not over 30 days. It's not over there's this constant bleeding. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that this is the hover is a strike caused by Che upon weaning. This is the result of Chopin's affliction on a

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woman. And this is why part of the treatment of is the heart of excessive hailed is that we seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala against the Chopin, we saved them what are we that we say our two hours of protection we increase in our remembrance of Allah so that chiffon is not able to harmless in this way. So a ubani salon was physically harmed by shaitan. Physically into tobacco we learn that Alladhina karuna, Reba, Leia kimono, Alok Kumar, Yo como la vie at the hub batoh shaitana Min el mas, a person who's driven to insanity because of the physical touch of Chopin, meaning Chapin has afflicted him with a physical problem. Now, the most of Chopin is not just hissy. It's not just

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physical, the touch of Chopin, the affliction caused by Chopin is physical. And it can also be manually it can also be Nuptse. Meaning the distress that Chopin causes inside a person, in his mind, in his heart, through what through what's WESA? Through evil whisperings?

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Chopin whispered to a youth on his Salaam in his illness, with feelings of impatience, anxiousness, restlessness. You see when you're ill, isn't it so easy to start thinking negatively about yourself or about others? You get upset with others for no reason, or you begin to feel so down because of the constant attack of shaitan

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or what happens is that because of our physical weakness, SharePoint incites others against us, or he incites us against others, you know, creating problems within people. So, uh, you Bernie said, I'm attributed all of this no spy thaobh. To who to show upon. He attributed all of this to, to show upon, even though everything happens by whose permission and who's willing who's decree, Allah subhanaw taala. So why does he say that cherry pie has afflicted me, basically out of other out of respect for Allah subhanaw taala, not to attribute evil directly to Allah. And also, we can derive from this that literally the suffering that you brothers and I was afflicted with was the work of

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Because chiffon can harm a person in this way.

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Certainly a YouTube or Instagram suffered a great trial. And what was his trial, a long, painful illness. Not just that, but financial loss. He was extremely wealthy, and he lost much of his wealth. Then we also learned about loss of family and loved ones, his children died, his loved ones, his close relatives, they passed away. And in addition to all of that, he experienced the bitter side of people.

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What happens is that when everything's good, people are good with you. But when you're suffering from something, then people initially they pity you, they feel bad for you. And then they might even start saying negative things about you or to you. Like, for example, this must be because of something wrong that you're doing.

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You know, if this person is suffering from so much distress from so many problems in their life, they must be doing some private sin. And these words, they hurt a lot. You know, the first thing is that you are suffering. And what hurts even more is when people talk negatively about you, they start assuming wrong things about you, they start spreading rumors about you, that hurts the most. So a Ubuntu salon, definitely he suffered a great trial. Now the thing is suffering, no matter how big or small it is, does it mentally disturb a person? It does. And one may start off as being very patient, but there are moments when shaytaan gets to us any trial that we're suffering. Like for

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example, a woman is trying to get married and she cannot find the perfect spouse you know, initially she's like self sovereign Inshallah, things will work out whenever it's good. But then eventually down the road after like 567 years, there are moments when she feels frustrated, and that's normal. It happens, you're going through some financial trouble at the beginning, you're like Southern southern Inshallah, I'll do the soul well, but then what happens, there are moments when Shavon doesn't leave you keeps putting waswas in your head, you shake them off, you say, Oh, the video I'm gonna show by the regime. This is from SharePoint, I have opened Allah, I will do to a Quran Allah,

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but check on doesn't leave you. This is the other.

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One is the physical pain, the trial. And on top of that, are that we don't want to say anything negative, we don't want to think anything negative about Allah subhanaw taala. But what happens to your thumb doesn't leave us and he keeps filling our minds, our hearts with fears with negative thoughts with worries. And there comes a point that dealing with the stress of it all becomes harder than dealing with the actual illness are suffering, the actual suffering, yes, it's bad, but dealing with the inner stress that Chevron is creating, that becomes much harder, the mental agony, the inner distress, because far greater than the disease or the problem one is outwardly suffering from.

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So one is the outward suffering. And the other is the inner suffering, outward suffering external, financial, physical, social, you know, family related, whatever it may be, it's bad, but because of Chopin, the inner, you know, distress, it becomes much more harder to deal with. So a huge Alehissalaam he fought this inner distress. And he never said a word of complaint. All he said was aneema sanea shaitana be no Spinward other as if it's getting too much as if, you know, Chopin was not leaving him in total Ambia 83 We learned what a you but it nerd out of the hole. And Nima 70 of them who were under a hammer where he mean that oh my lord, I have been afflicted with them, and you

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are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the people who are tested the most severely or who are the prophets of Allah, then the righteous then the next

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Next best, and then the next best. So a you buddy Sam didn't just experienced his physical illness or financial loss or the loss of his loved ones and family, but also the inner distress that was caused by SharePoint and he describes it as either an invalid he called out to his Lord, humbling himself before Allah, knowing that there was no refuge except with Allah. You see this inner distress a person experiences? What does it do? It empties your heart of everything but Allah because you realize that even people are not worth relying upon. Even yourself your own power, your own abilities, whatever it may be, they're not worth relying upon. So in the state, he called out to

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Allah subhanaw taala and it was set to him on cold. It was sad to him or cold strike, big Lika with your foot or code from the root letters, raw calf BOD Raka and what is Raghava mean to strike something with one's foot

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like for instance, it is said rock Alba Thurber.

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He struck his garment. You know, for example, if you're a buyer or something is too long, so then it gets tangled in your foot and you kick it or something. So rock over silver, likewise, lockable Alba, he struck the ground with his foot. Also inside lockable fossa, he struck the horse with what with his foot in order to make the horse run faster. So all Corbridge Leka strike with your foot rigid is foot Rajul is man and Rachel is little is foot. So strike with your foot. What it's not mentioned here but it's understood. strike the ground with your foot. Meaning exactly where you are lying down or sitting wherever you are, right there and then strike your foot on the ground. And

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what will happen what happened when he did that? a spring of water, it gushed forth. And Allah subhanaw taala said has, this is meaning the spring that has gushed out from the place where you struck your foot. This is more porcelain buried on it is more the sun that is buried, what is marked as a wind seen lamb What does whistle mean?

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To take a bath to wash something or select to wash whistle is to take a bath and more person is that from which bath has taken meaning? water that is for bathing.

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So this is a motorcyle being this water use it for washing yourself bathing yourself. But it is buried by raw dial that which is cool.

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A cool bath. Now you might wonder cool bath no I like hot showers. Right? The thing is when you're suffering from any skin problem, you know heat it makes it worse, doesn't it? You need to calm it down. You need something that's cooling that's comforting and that is what bad it is buried the such cool that is comforting. That is pleasing. Think of the summer don't think of the winter. All right. Think of the summer when it's hot. It's burning. You have a cool drink. Isn't it satisfying? Why is it that you turn the air conditioning on?

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to comfort yourself? So molto Salam baritone. This is a cool, comforting bath, meaning wash yourself with it, and it will relieve you it will calm you it will bring Shiva to you. Well, and Siobhan also a drink, meaning use the spring water to wash yourself and also drink this water.

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In total MBI number 84. Allah subhanaw taala mentions the dua of a YouTuber and his Salaam. And he says first the German Allah Who so we responded to him fucka chef now mabie him in looting, and we removed from him whatever he had. So how was he given Chifa

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through this spring water, so when the water gushed forth, he washed himself with it, and he drank from it. And because of it every ailment that had affected him internally and externally disappeared.

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You see when we're angry, what are we told?

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What are we told? If you're sitting stand up, right? If you're standing, sit down, change your position, and then also do we'll do drink water. Why? Because it calms you don't write, wash yourself, drink water because it calms you down. So he was told, wash yourself and drink water to deal with this mist and

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Either it will cure you externally and internally, the physical disease will go away. And the inner that the Chapin has caused you will also disappear. And how often does it happen that, you know, we're cranky, we're moody, we're upset, whatever is happening, we're not happy inside. And we get that nice cup of coffee and Hollis everything's good. Or we get that nice cool drink or we have some water and everything's good. Salam Alikum Cold Shower is good for back pain. If you have back pain and you take cold shower, if you know you will feel better, maybe 70%. And if you have fever, if you drink water, you will sweat and if we better I experienced Subhanallah right? We think that it's

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always heat. That is helpful. No, it's also cold, which is why we have that ice pack thing, right?

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I never understood ice packs, because when I feel hurt, I want something warm to make me feel cozy. But you know that only aggravates the problem. So depending on the situation, sometimes cool and sometimes hot.

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So a you Vanessa was given this fresh spring water for his shift out. I want you to notice something. First of all,

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he was told Orko Berridge, Lika strike with your foot.

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Now the place the ground that you strike with your foot, where is it? It's right beneath you.

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And in that spring was his Shiva. The Shiva was right beneath his feet.

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But he only learned about it when Allah subhanaw taala allowed and the bath and the drink only cured him when Allah subhanaw taala allowed, because I'm sure during this inless he drank water. And he also washed himself. Because according to Hadith, we learned that he suffered for 18 years. So during that time, he must have had water to drink and he must have washed himself. Definitely. But the fact was that he was meant to be cured at this time, which is why Allah subhanaw taala but she fell for him in water.

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Amazing. You know, we think that the more complicated an ailment is, the more complicated the treatment is, isn't it? But it's amazing how simple they shift out was because the Shiva is given by who? Allah subhanaw taala

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and it is also said that there's no such thing as perfect medication. Why? Because a medication that might work for your friend may never work for you. Because each person is different. You see, medication is a means. And Allah is a Shafi the one who allows those means to take effect. So for a unibody Salam, the Shiva was in water, and that water was right beneath his feet. But it only worked when Allah subhanaw taala allowed.

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What's the lesson in this?

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What's the lesson in this

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trust in Allah asking for Shiva

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and believe that medication or treatment will only work when Allah subhanaw taala will allow it to work. Now this doesn't mean that we don't adopt any means no we definitely adopt means because a you buddy Sam was told to strike his foot. If you think about it, how often does it happen that a person strikes his foot and water gushes out of there? Does it happen? Does it happen? Well, it doesn't generally happen Meriam was told in her labor shake the tree day palm tree, can any average person shake a day palm tree? Seriously, is it possible? No. But she was told shake the tree are you by Islam was told strike the ground with your foot. Why? Because you have to adopt the means that you

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even though Allah subhanaw taala can give without those means also, but you have to take the means that you can take and Allah subhanaw taala will put Baraka he Robles, Allah subhanaw taala will create the results he will create the effect.

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So, this is a very important concept that we have to understand because either we rely completely on you know the fact that okay, just make dua and do nothing, or we say do everything, and don't bother making dua or we make dua with Chuck No, it has to be a beautiful combination, as bad as well as the cool

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of adopting news as well as relying upon Allah subhanaw taala

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so a ubani salaam, he struck the ground with a split the water gushed out, and with that he was cured of his external and internal distress

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