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An-Najm 31-62 Tafsir 44-62

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Well under who who am I here? And that is He who causes death and also gives life who Amata Amata he gave that a here he gave life same type of fear. So your life and death also isn't whose control? Allah subhanaw taala has control then how can you ignore him? How can you be indifferent to him? How can you think you can turn away from obeying Him?

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Well, I know who and that indeed, he caught up. So Jamie, he is the one who has created the two minutes which to me, it's at the core, the male

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and the female.

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And if you think about it, and living creatures, all the creatures are like this male or female, they're in pairs. So who has created everything of lust and he has created them different, he has placed variety in his creation as well. Male is different, female is different. Men not have attained either tuna from a sperm drop when it is emitted. This is the origin of every male and female whether human or otherwise, that it is created from what not have a sperm drop and that sperm drop either tuna, it will only turn into human being when it is emitted. Do not from the roof. Hackers meme pneumonia, money, money is semen which is emitted. So men not affected either tuna.

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Just imagine human being what is this origin nothing.

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A lot is the one who initiates the creation of the human being. He is one who brings him about He is the one who creates him he is one who sustains him, gives him all of the abilities and when a person has the ability, what does he do? turns away,

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I fall eternally to Allah. What are for Colleen and werchter? Isn't it amazing?

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This is the origin of human beings or annihilation at Aloha. And that incumbent upon him is the next creation or LA He it is upon him upon who? Allah subhanaw taala meaning he will do it it is His promise he said it he will do it. What a national the creation, which creation and the other one meaning the second one, which one is this the resurrection? So it is on him? It is incumbent on Him He will definitely definitely recreate people.

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Well, I know who and indeed he who elvina He is the one who makes rich what a corner and he is the one who suffices. Elena Elena is from the fetters. have I known yet? Oh, honey, what does it mean to be rich? and Elena, you'll need to honey, this is the very mildly off you'll need.

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Elena, what does Elena mean, to make someone rich, to make someone rich how, by giving them wealth,

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by making them free of their needs, by making them independent, because when a person does not have wealth and he is dependent on others, so alna he makes independent, he makes wealthy, how, by giving wealth,

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by giving means of living means of livelihood, and he is also upon a meaning the one who satisfies the person's alcuna has been understood in a number of ways. It's from the fetters of Narnia. halfmoon Yeah.

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First of all, it has been said that it is to treasure it is to store property, it is to keep property maintained properties such property that is immovable, meaning you cannot move it from place to place. So, for example, if a person has a piece of land, this is what you cannot

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Whereas if a person has a piece of furniture that he can move from place to place, but a piece of land is there, a tree is there a field is there, it's going to stay where it is,

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when you have such wealth, than what does that give you satisfaction,

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because you know that you have it

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a piece of furniture somebody can steal it, a very expensive phone, you can lose it, but when it comes to a piece of land when it comes to a farm or a house, a huge thing that you cannot move, then it gives you contentment.

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And you have this feeling that you know I have enough. So aachener first of all is understood as that he is the one who gives satisfaction as well.

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Because a person may have a lot but he may not be satisfied,

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isn't it? So who is it that ohana he makes rich and then he also gives satisfaction a loss.

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the satisfaction of the heart also is a gift of Allah just as well as a gift. contentment with it is also a big gift.

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Secondly, aachener is also understood as a scholar, meaning to make copies.

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And because this alkanet is from Bob, if I, if I has one of the meanings of Sal meaning to take the meaning away, it's the opposite meaning of them at the opposite meaning of the root. So aachener, meaning he causes to be needy, opposite of earner. So who gives wealth? Allah who makes a person for Allah, Who gives wealth a lot and who makes a person satisfied and content with that wealth as well, Allah? Well, I know who Elena Elena was unknown who will share law and that it is he who is the Lord of a Sharla. What is a shareable? A Sherif is the name of a very bright star. And in the time of Jamelia, some people actually used to worship that star, it is said that specifically the tribe of

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Hosea, they used to worship the shadow of the star. Remember that the people of Arabia, they worshiped idols, they worshipped certain things such as trees, and mountains, rocks, and they also worshiped stars.

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And the tribal facade they used to worship the star called shadow.

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And before them the ancient Egyptians, it is also said that they used to worship the sheriff star as well. Why? Because this star would be seen at a time when the night would be full of water. In particular, at that time, in that season, the star will be very obvious. And people used to think that it's because of the star that the night has become full with water. So they used to worship the star as well. And the star is known as serious as i r i. s. So under who who are a Bush era, it is said that, according to many reports that this star, the series is the brightest star in the night sky.

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And it is 20 times brighter than the sun

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in itself, not that we see it like that. But in itself, it's 20 times brighter than the sun and it's 8.7 light years away from us. So the people they had false beliefs concerning this star. But what does Allah say?

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What does Allah say? That he is a Lord of Sharla even

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don't worship the Sherlock worship Who? The Lord of Sheraton. It's not the sheriff law that provides you it's actually a law who provides you. It's not that the Syrah that controls your life, but in fact, it's Allah who gives you everything you have, whether good or evil in your

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that's all.

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If you think about it, one of the reasons why a person would discontinue the good he has started is the fear of losing this dunya that I don't have many opportunities. I cannot handle this anymore because I cannot excel in my dunya. But what does Allah say over here? That he is the one who provides have no opener, but I know who who are bashira. Allah is the Lord. He is the one who provides it's not these people. They're just a means. It's not these big firms. No, it's actually Allah who provides for you. So do

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Don't do anything to turn away from him. And if you do turn away, then remember there's the warning that we're under who, like our O'Donnell oola and that he is the one who destroyed the first people of our

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He is the one who destroyed the first people of our, when they turned away, a lot destroyed them. Are they Allah, Allah, Allah has been understood in two ways, first of all, the ancient ones because the people of art were very ancient. And secondly, alula is also understood as the first people of art. Because there was a second people of art as well.

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The first people on earth were those who were destroyed. And the flood the second ones, which ones were they those who survived are the people of our meaning the believers who survived. We don't know if 15 for a modern photographer who fail or who will help walk alumina shadowman Napa, they were very proud of their might and strength.

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And Allah subhanaw taala destroyed them. And not just the people of God was the mood. And by the way, who was sent to the people of God, who was the mother and the people of the mood also meaning he destroyed from our car, and he did not spare them from us. So not abacha, he spared meaning he did not spare any abaca back off. Yeah, Baka Baka is to remain to last. So he did not spare anyone.

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Every single one of them was destroyed. Well then Medina Allah will say how to foster healthy data him Jamie

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will call my new Hammond kaaboo and the people I've known before before who

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before the people of Ireland, Simone, Allah subhanaw taala also destroyed them. Or before who these people meaning the courage

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in indeed the meaning indeed the people of New can Oh, they were home they were Alabama more unjust what a thought and more insolent. They were more unjust and more oppressive, more arrogant, more rebellious compared to the people of odd and

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how are they more unjust and more oppressive?

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Because their messenger was sent to them for a longer period of time.

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new hair salon called them for how long? 950 years, but continuously their reaction was of what denial disbelief. So this is why Allah says they were Ozlem and atolla more unjust and also more disobedient because they were the first ones to do it. And they also did it for a very long time. So there's no higher seven we learn no Harrison and said we're in Nicola de Otome Littlefield Levon jolly casabianca Danny was still show Thea home with a son who was stuck Bostick.

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They were very arrogant. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala drowned them that the Earth was spewing water and the sky was pouring down water. They were drowned completely.

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When Duffy Cotta and the overturned towns why he hurled down as well

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as Duffy kata What does that mean? That which has been turned around? Because if what does it mean to turn something from its original direction? Turn it completely the other side?

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this is a system of rule.

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He turned them upside down what cities are these?

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Of the people are loot? arisa.

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And why is it called Africa? because of two reasons. First of all, because they were very deviant in their ways in their behavior. How were they turned around, turned around from what from fitrah

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instead of doing that, which was right, they did that which was wrong in every respect, in every respect, from their personal lives, to their social lives, to how they treated the travelers, how they treated visitors how they treated their messenger. They were deviant people. So

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they were turned upside down in their behavior. So Allah soprano tada Aha, he hurled them down. He threw them down.

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And they're also called difficult why because they were overturned. How did the punishment come upon them? They were picked up, overturned, thrown back down, just imagine.

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Just imagine people and their houses and their animals and their belongings. The entire land is picked up, literally picked up,

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torn out of the earth, picked up, turned upside down, toned back down. So what does he got that? He threw them? He dropped them he heard them down after picking them up. How did a lot of parents are commanded to be able to do that and away from their competitors? How will you know

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When nedjma either, however, does help me to fall down from a height, so, he made to fall down for sure her, so it covered it, it covered do those cities, what covered those cities now I share that which covered. So it covered it, what covered it by that which he covered it. And this is referring to what this is referring to the rain of stones that were sent upon them after they were turned upside down and thrown on the ground.

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into the today 82 we learned a journal Alia surfy.

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And so many places we learned about ijarah stones that were rained upon the CGI Mahmoud was a woman or in Arabic.

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So for her share her militia and notice how it has been said. So it covered it that which covered it. This has been left vague why, in order to inspire fear

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that what covered them what poured down on them was not something small, for the a lot bigger

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than which of the favors of your Lord, do you doubt

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people are being questioned? Which of the favorites of your Lord Allah is a Florida alien from the refactors Hamza lamea, an alien our benefits, blessings bounties.

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So Allah has bestowed so many blessings on you so many bounties on you so many benefits on you. Which ones will you deny? Which of his graces would you refuse to acknowledge? Which of his blessings which you refuse to be grateful for tomorrow? Tomorrow is from the fetters Meanwhile, yeah. Media, what does media mean to doubt? And tomorrow, this is from mirror, what does that mean to argue debate? So which of the favors of your Lord Do you doubt? And based on that doubt, you argue with the messenger you become so arrogant instead of being grateful, instead of being submissive, instead of being obedient, you have the courage to disobey Him.

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If you think about it, in these lessons are mentioned out that he is the one where unknown world hacker obika are unknown who are here Chanukah, zoji, Nita Carranza, these are what blessings and then warnings are mentioned as well. How that he is the one who destroyed the previous people. So when he is the one who gives you everything, and he is the one who has destroyed the previous people as well when they disobeyed him, then what what confidence Do you dis acknowledge his blessings? With what confidence Do you remain ungrateful and you don't care to obey Him? You don't fear him?

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Hi, Nana Dion, this is a warner meaning this prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is a warner at the beginning of the Soto what was said, Marbella. Sahiba con wah wah wah young to Anil Hauer again Allah says hadn't a deal on this is an idea a warner who has come to you mean a noodle Ola of the former Warner's another is a Florida of muddied and an Ola the first ones, meaning just as previously messengers were sent. Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has also been sent as a messenger T.

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Previously Allah sent rude early Salaam Saleh La Silla new La Silla, loot our listener. And now he has sent Mohammed savasana

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This is why he was told say Paul Macron to be there Amina also I am not something new original the messengers

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as effectively as if the approaching day has approached as effects from the root letters, hams as a fan.

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And as is when very little time is left for something. When very little time is left, what does it mean the ending is near or that it is very close. So as if it has come near it has approached it's not too far away. In other words, it's approaching what is approaching and as if the approaching one and what is this approaching one the approaching day. The day that is coming. Which day is the day of judgment. it's on its way it's not too far. Because once the countdown has begun, then really it's not far. It's just a matter of a few more moments

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into the coffin 18 ones in home Yo man as if it and warn them of the approaching day. So as effective as if the approaching day has approached how the messenger has gone. One of the big signs of the day of judgment has occurred already a thorough but a sir to when Chuck can come up.

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Leyzaola hamdulillahi kashia avec besides a lot, there is no remover

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Leyzaola heard there is not for admin dunlea he besides a lot of cassava,

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cassava from the root letters that I've seen, for what discussion mean, to remove something to unveil something to expose something.

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Tasha has been understood in a number of ways. Basically, CATIA is Neptune kashia meaning anyone any person to do its cash.

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And cash here has been understood in two ways First of all, to delay it to avert it. So, once Allah brings about the Day of Judgment Can anyone averted

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Can anyone today it can anyone do away with it? No. No person, laser arm and do nilotica Shiva secondly, cash over yours ultimate understood as knowing about it, knowing as to when it's going to come

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as if it as if it's near it's not too far it's approaching. However, Leyzaola Hammond dooney lenica. Shiva none can disclose it except for who? Allah soprano. None knows about its time except for who? Allah only Allah can disclose it. Only he can bring it about only he can manifest

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in sort of alpha 187 we learned Yes. aluna kinda sarathi A Yana Musa. All in MRL Maha Enderby la Eugen Lee Halle Octavia in

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that they asked you about the hour when is it arrival say it's knowledge is only with my Lord, none will reveal it. It's time except for who except for him.

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Which is why when God does the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbid, near Anissa What did he say? malama sooner on her br lemma when I say

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that the one who is being questioned does not know any better about it than who and the one who is asking. So Allah says FM and Heather had the heater June

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when the hour is so close, when it's coming, it's not too far. It's right above your heads, if I mean how hard is it arguable? Then at this statement, you wonder, you find this statement very amazing. You find this statement very strange. Which statement what are the Hadith is this?

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How the Hadees is understood as first of all the coming of the hour, because whenever the hour was mentioned, people will find it very amazing that Oh there is going to be a day of judgment. And instead of taking it seriously what was the reaction of laughing it off? So Allah says FM inhabit howdy theological. This you find amazing and because of that you are in denial. You doubt its truthfulness.

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Secondly, Heather Hades is also understood as the Koran into a qualifier to but ijebu wounded woman home sacado kaffee Luna had a shaman RG This is something very strange mean the Koran, this messenger very strange. And thirdly hasn't had this has also been understood as the call of the Quran the main message of the Quran which is of the Hades into the cloud, I have five a journal and he has 11 wahida in a shaman Raja the concept of there he found it very strange, amazing.

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So Allah says FM it has it has its article

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when the Day of Judgment is so near, when the message is so clear, you're just in shock amazement, and in this amazement, what's up Hakuna and you're laughing when after Vokoun? And you do not we? You just laugh it off. You make fun? You pass jokes, and you don't read. When you hear the warning. You belittle it by laughing and you Don't weep over it. Having fear of Allah

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What up Hakuna? When after Bakun

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will understand me Don't and you are proudly sporting. You're just wasting your time you are heedless going here and there.

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Sammy Dawn is the plural of the word Samet from the newsletters seen me that from the word smooth and smooth is to raise one's head proudly refer What's his take on that to raise one's head out of arrogance out of pride.

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Like for example, somebody says something to another. They don't like what he has said. So what does he do? raises his head?

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He just shrugged his shoulders and moves on. Like, how dare you say this to me. I don't give any importance to what you have said.

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Like we say lift nose at someone. They're lifting your nose at the other. So this is an expression of arrogance. This is an expression of rejection. So anthem Sammy doon instead of believing instead of crying, you're laughing

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and you are being arrogant towards the messenger. You're being arrogant towards the whole arm towards the Hey,

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More or less alone. So Sammy don't give the meaning of we're stuck with your own mortgage alone, being arrogant turning away.

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And Samuel also gives meaning of expressing hatred to the messenger whenever he passes by. Because whenever the messenger passed by them instead of looking at him instead of listening to him, what would they do? Turn away in pride in arrogance, they would lift their head up in pride

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into it no higher seven the same thing has been said with regards to how they said that he said we're in Nicola madurodam. Every time I call them little fella home jello casabianca Danny was stuffed show the EVO while someone was stuck on a stick valve, that they put their fingers in their ears, they covered up themselves with their clothes, and they were very arrogant. They refuse to listen to the messenger. Secondly, the word Sam It is also used for someone who is walking away, carelessly, with his head raised up meaning is not looking right or left. He's just lost in his own world, his own thoughts. He's so busy in his own world, that he doesn't care about what's on the

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right what's on the left. So Sam is also used for someone who is awful, someone was negligent someone who is needless.

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So what we do, instead of taking the Quran seriously, instead of taking the matter of the hereafter seriously,

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you're lost in your world. He lives of the hero.

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This is why you laugh more and you cry less will anthem semi Dune you're completely negligent towards what is required of you. If you think about it in the previous is where we learnt about our eight led to a level apocalypse and work that one can a person do it when he's lost in this dunya because if a person is scared about alpha, then he cannot turn away he could not stop

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until semitone. Thirdly, semitone is also understood as ones who are busy in music in singing in entertaining themselves. Because according to many scholars in the m&e language, so mood is to play music and sync.

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It was at his mid laner is midlaner meaning Sing for us, entertain us play some music.

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So instead of crying instead of taking this warning seriously, understand we don't you're busy entertaining yourself with one soap opera after another with one TV show after another

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with one movie after the other until semitone

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the matter of the author is so serious, every second that goes by as effective as if every breath you take, you're drawing closer to your deaths. you're drawing closer to your end.

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And instead of taking the warning Seriously, what is the reaction of most people send me Don't entertaining themselves busy in low

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interest facilita 26 we learn Waqar alladhina cafaro lattice Moroni Heather Cohen Willow fee Darla.

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So they were busy themselves entertaining. And whenever somebody was directed towards the Quran, they also try to distract him from Sammy Do you don't become serious? Be serious. First Julian Maggie, prostrate to Allah wa obudu and also worship, worship who worship Him. This is a command that Allah has given to all of us. First Judah Lackey, wobbu, prostrate to Allah and worship and why? Because this is the purpose of your creation. You were created for this purpose. You weren't created for some mood. You weren't created for entertainment. You weren't created, to have fun

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to just spend your lives amusing yourself entertaining yourselves No, you will create it for the worship of Allah. First Julian Maggie work we do.

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Just as we learned earlier, when najmi either how the najem so bright, so big, up in the sky. But when Allah tells it to go to fall down, falls down, it is obedient.

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Similarly, we also when Allah has told us to do the labor we do not know yourself become obedient. Don't turn away. Don't become arrogant. Don't be like the one who are led etowah lautoka didn't work. No one the command of Allah has come obey the law he

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can you listen to the recitation

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Go Wash,

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