Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L275B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the effectiveness of the Prophet sall aspiram in reciting and reciting the Day of Judgment, emphasizing the impending time and the need for a tangible miracle to be shown. They also discuss the history of the split of the moon and the use of magic in religion, as well as the impact of the pandemic on people's lives and work. The speakers stress the importance of not being convinced by a miracle and the need for a tangible miracle to be shown.
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out to be let him initiate on your genius millennium, Rahim. Lesson number 275 students will come up. And number one 255

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pseudo karma is a machimura and it contains 55 verses only. So it's one of the very short soldiers of the Quran and you will notice that the soldiers that are now coming all of them are very short in their length.

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And the prophets are the lighter said and recited the soldiers very often, in large gatherings, such as the gathering of aid. Just as sort of cough we learned that he would recite in read as well as jus masala. Similarly, this sort of sort of common use to recite during the eight prayers why, because in large gatherings, basically what is necessary is a reminder, a warning, correct. And the Quran is the most effective reminder. And you will notice that these Sutras, their verses are very short, the message is to the point, and the verses are also very deep. You don't need to say much, and whatever warning that has to be conveyed is conveyed directly in the ayah. So this is why the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to recite the sutras in large gatherings because they're very effective. And the surah sort of karma, what does karma mean? Moon, why is it named karma, because it is mentioned the miracle of the splitting of the moon, which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam showed to the people of Makkah.

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Katara bazzara to one shot called karma, The hour has come near and the moon has played into

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a Katara bazzara, a pata robot from the fetters of the and korova means to come near to approach to come close, but remember, that additional letters give additional meaning. So, it Katara does not just give the meaning of tadoba to draw near the additional tag gives the meaning of it has drawn very near. It has come very close equal tadoba to Sir, it has come very close. And the word Assad is used for an hour, anytime, any moment during the night or during the day.

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And in the Quran, the term the word ASR is used specifically for the Day of Judgment

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over here losses equal turnover this are the our has approached very, very near it has come very close.

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And with regards to the approaching of the our last presenter, it says instead of Mohammed 18, for halion, Luna Illa Sara and to whom BAFTA for Khadija ashore to her for an ala home, either to the crown home, that are the people waiting except that the hours should come upon them unexpectedly, when it's coming very soon, because already there has gone some of its indications. So some of the signs of the Day of Judgment have come on ready. And because they have come already, what does that show that the hour is not too far away, it has come very, very near and of the signs of the coming of the day of judgement is the coming of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, because Who is he, the last

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prophet, the Seal of all the prophets, the first Prophet, the first messenger was who knew highness Allah, and after him, Allah subhanaw taala sent many, many messengers, a final mimbar, the eba was sought after musasa, one after the other. So my Salah Rosalina, tetra one after the other consecutively, and the last messenger was who Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam after whom no other messenger is coming. So if no other messenger is coming after him, what does it mean? That the Day of Judgment is not too far away? It's very, very near. And we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, worries to analisar to karate, I was sent like this with the last hour, and he pointed his

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middle finger and index finger, that there is nothing in between the two. There is nothing in between the two, after the index finger comes the middle finger. Similarly, after coming of the messenger sallallahu sallam, what's the next major event? The coming of the Day of Judgment? Because who was he, the final messenger, the last messenger.

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But if you think about it, approximately 1500 years have gone by since the Quran was revealed since the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, isn't it so? But we see that the day of judgment has not yet come. So what does it mean by this equitana but this hour, The hour has gone very, very near. Meaning that the time that has passed since the beginning of creation is much more than the time that is left until the day of judgment.

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You understand

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that the time that has already passed is much more than the time that is left for the day of judgment to come? Just like in an hour, 60 minutes after 30 minutes, what do you start doing? Counting down? Isn't at all.

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At the beginning, when you have 60 minutes, when you have 15 minutes, when you have 40 minutes, it seems like a lot. But after 30 minutes, what do you start to do, you start counting down, you feel that less time has been left, and that is the reality. So similarly, equitana bazzara, The hour has approached, meaning it has come very, very near, there is very little time left for the day of judgment to occur. And how much time is that we learned from another Hadees. And so the learner who said that one day, when the sun was about to set, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam addressed his companions, and he was saying that one leadin FCB, a de by he in whose hand is my soul, not much

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of this world is left compared to what has already passed of it. Not much of this world is left compared to what has already passed of it, except as much as what is left in this day of yours, compared to what has already passed. When did he say this at a time when the sun was setting at a time when the sun was setting. So the time that has gone by of this day. Similarly, the time has already passed of this universe. And the time that is left is the time that is left for the day of judgment to come. And unnecessarily learn who said we could only see a small part of the settings and at that time, only a small part that within moments within moments the sun would be gone, it

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would disappear. Similarly, there are just a few moments left, just a few years left until the day of judgment comes. This is why we learn through the Najam as well as the battle as the fact that the approaching day has approached very near, it's not too far away. It Katana bazzara more time has passed and less time remains. And the evidence of that is the sign of that is that one shop calm comma, and the moon it has already split into two.

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In Shaka is from the root letters, Shin cough, cough shock. And shock is to split to cleave to rent asunder to break apart. And in chicag is when something big when something huge breaks apart. So when shakaal comma the moon has played, and this is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. What does it mean by that?

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In Chaco coma? When was it that the moon split? This was a miracle that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam performed. And as I mentioned earlier, the coming of the messenger itself is what assign of the closeness of the Day of Judgment. And when the moon split at his hands, then that too, is a sign that the Day of Judgment is not too far away.

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In Chicago comma, this was a miracle that occurred at the hand of the Prophet sallallahu some

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Some say that in Chicago comma, this is in fact telling us about what is going to happen in the future. However, this is incorrect. Why? Because there are many, many reports from Hades, which tell us that the moon actually split at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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So in Chaco cover and in Shaka is what past tense. What does that show that this event has already happened? And when did it happen in Makkah. We learned that the machine of Makati would constantly demand signs from the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We learn Institute of Art so to Islam sutras and and so many signs the people of Makkah they demanded from hammertone is Allah and Allah subhanaw taala responded to them into little uncouth if 5251 that wakanow Lola on Zilla, LA, to middle of the the people say that How come no miracles have been sent upon him from his Lord. Allah says, say to them, in normal act or in the law, were intimate and enter the little movie that say that the

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miracle designs there with who? Allah subhanaw taala My duty is only to warn you is only to convey the message. If any miracle has to be shown it will be shown at the command of Allah. And then a lot of questions are well me for him, is it not sufficient for them? meaning is this not sufficient as a miracle that zelner is a computer but you clearly him, that indeed we have revealed to you a book which is recited to them, meaning the Quran itself is a miracle. They don't need to see any other miracle.

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But we see that the machine of Makkah still were demanding what a tangible miracle they wanted to see something physical. Why? Because they weren't actually searching for the truth. If they were searching for the truth, if they were interested in the truth, then they would be convinced by the Quran itself. They would be convinced by the messenger sallallahu Sallam himself.

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However, they weren't searching for the truth, what were they doing? They were just arguing and debating with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in order to refute him. They would demand a miracle from him. Why? In order to show that Look, he is not true, because if he were true, then he would definitely show a miracle.

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So what happened? They challenge the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Allah subhanaw taala. He aided His Messenger. We learned from several a hadith in Bukhari, it is recorded that under Sivan, Malik, he said that the people of Mecca as the Messenger of Allah to produce a miracle, and he showed them the splitting of the moon into two parts. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was standing, the people were standing. And what happened, he showed them the splitting of the moon into two parts until they saw the amount of Hara between them. So the moon is split into two pieces in shock altamar, literally, physically into two pieces, they could see one piece on one side of the mound, and they

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could see the other piece on the other side of the moat. From another report, we learned that the moon was split into two pieces during the time of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And one part of the moon could be seen on Mount Abu base and the other on Mount for icon, glory. So there are two reports which tell us how the moon was split. So basically, both of them What do they tell us that the moon was actually split into two into two separate distinct pieces. And the people saw the two distinct pieces, they saw them in charcoal camo, they witnessed it with their own eyes. But what did they say? It was magic.

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They said, You have bewitched us, you have affected our eyes, or that you have even affected the moon with your magic. And they did not believe in it, because they thought it was only their eyes, which were under the effect of magic. So what did they do? The people of Mecca, they said, we're going to ask other people as well, if they saw the splitting of the moon. If they saw that means it actually happened. If they didn't see it, that means it was only magic that affected our eyes. So what happened, they waited for the travelers for the various caravans from around Makkah to come into Makkah. And when the people came to Makkah, they asked them, did you see the moon split? And

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they said, Of course we did. They also attested to it. But again, the Michigan of NACA did they benefit from this miracle. They didn't benefit from this miracle they didn't believe despite the fact the site with their own eyes, and the people in the surrounding areas, they also attested to it.

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Now, we see that the people of that time, and the people of that area, they saw the moon split, its effect the side split.

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However, it's not necessary that we find this record of the moon splitting in the history of other communities as well.

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Like, for example, if we try to look into the history of China in the history of India and the history of Russia, are there any reports such as this, that the people saw the moon split? It's not necessary? Why? Because the moon cannot be seen at all places at a time, isn't it? So the moon is only seen when during the nighttime, and nighttime is only limited to one to one particular area, isn't it? So it's not all over the world. So just because we don't find confirmations of this from other nations, from other communities from their history, doesn't mean that a person who has intellect denies this miracle. He denies this fact. No. The fact that it's mentioned in the Quran,

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the fact that it's mentioned in Hades, and the fact that the people of that time of Makkah, and also the surrounding areas decide that enough is an evidence for us.

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But still, we see that there are people who find it difficult to believe in this miracle. The thing is that this was a miracle. And miracles are what they are strange. They are different. They're unique, isn't it. So it's something that is not ordinary, it's something that is different. This is why we say it was a miracle. The splitting of the moon was not an ordinary event. It was a big event. But still people find it difficult to believe in it. But the thing is, if you think about it, who is it that caused the moon to split? Allah subhanaw taala the power was not in the hands of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but rather it was Allah subhanaw taala who caused it to happen? Just as

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the other prophets when they performed miracles, what did they say? That died? For example, He saw Islam whenever he performed a miracle. What did he say be in Allah? Isn't it so by the permission of my Lord. So a miracle happens at the hands of a messenger at the permission of Allah soprano.

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And for Allah, there is nothing that is

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Difficult, nothing at all that is impossible. If he is the one who created the moon, then is it not easy for him to split the moon into two pieces? Of course it is. And we know that this entire universe, the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, all of them what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment, they're going to be broken apart, they're going to be covered up, they're going to be scattered, many things are going to happen, devastation, completely destroyed, who's going to cause that? Allah subhanaw taala. So if you can cause it on the Day of Judgment, before that, can you not cause the moon to split? Of course, because nothing at all is difficult for him into the fact that I

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am 44 we learned why Americana Luckily, urges a woman che in facility, when I fill in who can or Lehman cadila that for Allah, nothing can cause him failure, nothing at all is difficult for him anything in the skies or anything in the earth? Why? Because he's earliest bodied.

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So for him, it's not difficult at all to cause the moon to split. And besides, who is the owner who is the creator? Allah subhanaw taala. If he is the owner, He is the Creator, then he can do whatever he wants whatever he pleases with his creation, just as we learned earlier, that allows Milka his possession, how is it it is complete, it is absolute, it is perfect. When he owns something, he has complete power over it as well. So when Allah owns the moon lilla He manifests somehow wet maphis mouth includes the moon. So when he owns the moon, he can cause it to split as well. He can cause it to break as well. And it's not difficult for him. Instead of dsdna 82, we learn in a row who either

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are the shaman and the akula. Who can fire

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that his command is only when he intends the thing that he says to it be and it is it happens. It's not difficult.

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So over here, Allah says equitana bazzara when shopko comma The hour has come near, it has drawn very, very close, and the moon has already split into two.

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So this miracle, how was it? It was real? It actually happened. This Ischia park it was his seat, it was physical. However, those people who do not wish to believe nothing helps them. Which is why we see that the Michigan of Makkah, despite the fact that they side with their own eyes, what did they call the spreading of the moon? Magic. So Allah says what in yellow?

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And if they see a miracle, if they see a clear evidence, why is it called an ayah? Because this miracle was also an evidence of the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But if these people, they see a miracle, and notice the word, if this has Nikita, meaning any miracle, whether it is the Koran, or it is the messenger, or it is a splitting of the moon, any miracle that is shown to them, what is their reaction, you're able, they turn away, they turn away from what from believing in the messenger, from affirming the miracle, from believing in the truth. We are kulu and they say, say hello, it is magic. They call the ayah. Magic, what kind of magic was the one that is

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Over here, and this is their behavior, and their words of income? are mentioned. Two things are mentioned over here. Their response to the miracle? And secondly, their words of denial, their response? What is it, you're able to turn away? And ask for their words of income? What is it that they say, say one Muslim, that it is magic that is Muslim? Now the question is, what is Muslim?

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Muslim it is from the root letters mean rah rah from the word mirror?

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First of all, it is said with regards to the word Muslim it that it's derived from the word middle. And what is literal mean? What is middle of me? zoom is Latin for stoah. What does it mean? strength, power, or beauty. And over here, it gives a meaning of power. So Muslim it meaning one that is very powerful. This is a very strong, powerful magic.

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This is not a miracle. But what is it very powerful magic. It is so strong that it has even affected the moon. You understand? Instead of believing it as a miracle, what did they say this is very powerful magic that this man has performed so powerful that it is even affected the moon that it has caused the moon to split into two.

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Secondly, the word Muslim It is also understood from the word Mandala What does Mandala mean?

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To pass Moodle to pass mawashi was the model it is when something passes.

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So this is passing magic meaning it is passing. It will soon be over. So don't

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impressed by it. This is just a magic that he performed. And it's just temporary. Don't be impressed by it, it will not last the effects will not last, because the people saw the moon split into two and then the moon went back in its original form. But this is a temporary magic passing magic. Soon it will be over. So don't get affected by it. Don't get impressed by it. You don't have to believe in him just because he showed this magic to you. Third leaders also said that Muslim it is from the word esteem raw and esteem raw means that which is continuous. Mowgli is the law that which is continuous that which is persistent, lasting, enduring.

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So this magic is continuous meaning this has been continuing from where, from the previous generations that this man has learned very powerful magic from somewhere. And this is a magic that was made up by who by the people of the past ancient magic. This is why it is so strong. This is why it has affected the moon. And fourthly, with regards to Muslim it It has also been said that is from the word model, which is severity harshness, meaning this is very bad magic, terrible magic. Like we say black magic black magic is supposed to be very bad, very evil. So why a colusa chromosoma. This is very evil magic. Why did they call the splitting of the moon magic, because this was something

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unique that happened. And they didn't want to believe that it was actually a miracle that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had performed before their very eyes. If they called it magic, the miracle would become trivial, isn't it so they wouldn't have to believe in it. They wouldn't have to submit to the messenger, they wouldn't have to do anything. So by saying it was magic, they were trivializing the miracle completely. When you're colusa home Muslim,

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and say hello Muslim is that this is magic that has affected the moon or this is magic that has affected our eyes, like we learned into law is 66. That for either who were so you, won't you Hi yellow lamb, Liam and NASA.

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That when the Sahara when the magician's when they threw their sticks and their ropes, what happened? Suddenly, the ropes and their staffs seem to him from their magic that they were moving.

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So remember that magic? Sometimes its effect is on who? On the object of magic.

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And sometimes its effect is on who? Those people who are watching those people who are looking, you understand. It's only a trick of the eyes. Like, for example, if there is a magic show, and a person puts a man in a coffin, and then he cuts that coffin into two, does it actually happen? It doesn't. Because if it were to happen that men would die. Sometimes it's just a trick of the eyes. Right. And sometimes it's extremely powerful magic that has actually affected the person that has affected the object on which magic is being performed. So it's both ways. And over here, we are going to see how much damage they meant both things that this is magic that has affected our eyes, or this is magic

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that has affected the moon even law says what cut the blue and they have denied. Instead of believing they have denied the messenger, what tomorrow a home and they have followed their desires.

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Why is it that they denied because they did not want to follow what the messenger had brought instead? What did they wish to do? They wish to follow their desires, the desires which a THON had adorned for them their ways, their should, their practices. That's what they wanted to do whatever.

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But Allah says we'll call only Mr. Kane. But for every matter is a time of settlement. No matter nothing of this dunya is eternal. Everything eventually comes to an end.

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So they're denying Why just to follow their desires. Have they forgotten that we're kulu and with Mr. Kane, how long will the follow their desires? How long will they enjoy everything of this dunya is going to come to an end eventually, we're kulu Emeril, every matter must occur, must occur from the root letters call for and what is called army to become stable to become still and Mr. K is one that becomes stable, one that is firmly established, one that becomes stationary, it was moving, moving, moving, and then eventually it comes to a stop. You understand? It was moving, changing, evolving and then eventually it comes to its end its conclusion. So every matter of this dunya

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whether good or evil event

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Chile is going to meet its conclusion.

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Every person is going to meet his end. So those who are upon the truth, what end will they meet? What was the key? What is the car? Are they going to get of success or victory of health? And with regards to those who disbelieve those who deny those who reject the messenger, what is their end going to be? In this dunya, utter loss and in the hereafter punishment? So in this as a warning, we'll call you angry monster, that How long will you persist in your denial? Because what can the will what tomorrow? How long will you follow your desires? Well could not agree Mr. Kay, nothing of this dunya is eternal. And every matter every affair, it will settle upon who? Those who deserve it.

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Those who are responsible for it. So the one who is on height, the one who is on good, the one who is on truth, what will he get? Good. And the one who is on evil, the one who is on top leave what will he get? Evil punishment? Well, Kondo Emery Mustapha, the way everything has a beginning, everything also has an outcome and the way someone has been, that is the outcome that they will receive, that is the outcome that they will get. So we're kulu Omri moussaka, and in this is a warning for the machine of maca, that don't think that your technique, your denial, your rejection, it can help you know, it will eventually bring you to your and your conclusion and in this is also

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hope for who the messenger sallallahu wasallam that these people are denying, but soon all of this will be over when justice will be established, that those who deserve good will be given good and those upon falsehood will be punished appropriately

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one minute

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and there has already come to them of news of information and that is the plural of number two the people of maca to the co founder of Quraysh. Already news has come to them. And what kind of news is it number that which is important, relevant that gives your pain to the receiver. So such news has come to them. And this news, Allah says Murphy that which in it is what was the job, a rebuke, deterrence, restraint. such news has come to them in which is was their job. Which news is this by the way. And that refers to the news that are mentioned in the Quran, whether it is about the people of the past, how they deny their messengers, and how they were punished eventually, or it is about

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the future events with regards to the hereafter. That how people have been in the dunya they will be punished. They will be recompensed accordingly in the hereafter.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:06

And these news these reports that Allah has revealed in the Quran, they are Mr. Joffe. What is Mr. Jeremy

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was the job is from the root letters, they Jean zedge of

00:28:13 --> 00:28:23

xattr is to yell at someone rebuke someone very loudly. Why? In order to stop them from something?

00:28:24 --> 00:29:03

You understand? You want to stop someone from doing something? So what do you do? You yell at them very loudly, very severely. It is at the job to meaning I forbade him sternly, with harsh words with strict words, that almost to the point of frightening the person so that he doesn't dare to disobey Him. He doesn't dare to do what you forbade him from. So most the job must rule. What does it mean? That in which is a lot of rebuke or that which serves as a deterrent? That, which is enough as a warning.

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And if you think about it, the stories of the people of the past, the way they're mentioned in the Quran, aren't the most data

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that you listen to those stories, and you become frightened.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:24

And out of that fear, you wouldn't dare to do what those people did. You would stay away from those things that the people of the past did.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:39

Similarly, the warnings of the hereafter aren't so profound. Aren't they so effective, that a person hears about the description of the year after and that itself is enough to stop a person from doing what is mentioned in those if

00:29:40 --> 00:29:48

my fee was the job. And by the way, the word was the job that was actually attacked, and that there has been changed into other.

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So what are the gentlemen? He Murphy he was the job in which there is deterrence, a lot of warning, a strong prohibition a review

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And not just a strong for her vision but heck mettam vallila doing extensive wisdom, far reaching hikma but what is the reaction of these people from Tony noodle, but warning does not avail them. The Quran contains haik Matan belly button, what is Heckman wisdom. And Hickman is also technically the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam right? The teachings that were given to him isn't the teachings that were given to him what ends in Allahu la Calcutta? Well, hikma that Allah has revealed the funny the book, and the Hikmah, meaning the teachings that were given to him. Because Heckman literally is to play something where it belongs, to play something, where it should be,

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where it fits best.

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You understand where it fits best than zero shape. munzee data led me to play something to put something in a place where it is most befitting where it is most appropriate.

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And if you think about it, the entire shittier Isn't it like that?

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All of the teachings that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam imparted to us, how are they the most perfect

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if you think about Salah, the way of Salah at the time of solid, the method of Salah all of that is perfect the way it should be, isn't it in the most befitting the most perfect manner. Similarly think about fasting. Without any command that we have been given in the study of ours. How is it most perfect? So Heck, Martin, meaning this number, this news or this revelation? Whatever teachings have been given to you How are they hate Martin vanua? What does it mean by Bella valleywise from the root letters back lamb line, Bella blue to reach and valuable one that reaches

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and Bella has been understood in two ways over here. First of all, one that is complete, because one that reaches its destination has completed its journey isn't the

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one who has reached the end of the course has completed the course.

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So valuable. What meaning does it give them complete? Perfect. So the teachings, the news, the number that have been given in the Quran that is hikma that is barely complete, meaning the warning is complete. Nothing that was necessary has been left out.

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Nothing that is necessary that is important has been ignored. It's a complete warning. It's a complete package, a complete means of guidance. A complete means of stopping a person from wrong, Hekmat on valuable and valuable secondly has also been understood as profound, very profound. bilello you may have heard of the term bilello. That when something is said in a very eloquent way, because when it's said in a very eloquent way, then what happens? It hits the heart, isn't it, it hits the person when it hits the person, then the target has been met, the change has been made. Correct. So Heck, Matan Balala meaning whose emphasis has reached maximum which touches the heart

00:33:30 --> 00:33:42

and how is it vital because whatever Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, what language is it in, in the Arabic language that itself is very eloquent, profound, effective.

00:33:43 --> 00:34:26

And on top of that, the way the warnings have been presented in the Quran, repeatedly, again and again, in different ways, sometimes by the mention of the people of the past, sometimes by the mention of what is around us, sometimes by the mention of what will happen in the future. Heck, Martin balika very profound, very effective, very eloquent, very detailed, complete, perfect. Nothing at all has been left out. This is the warning that Allah has given in the Quran. But what is the reaction of many people from Tony noodle, but the warnings, it doesn't avail them. They don't benefit these people. from Tony, Tony from the rotators. They know Nia meaning it hasn't availed and

00:34:27 --> 00:34:36

it doesn't benefit, what does not benefit. Another, another is a plural of the word muddied and who is another one who gives warning?

00:34:37 --> 00:34:48

And remember that the word new This is understood in two ways this word will come many times in this surah it's best if you understand it properly right now, so I don't have to repeat the meaning again and again.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:57

That first of all, it's understood as one who gives warning meaning the person who conveys warning and who is He Who is he? The messenger

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

so another Warner's

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

messengers. Secondly, the D is who that which gives warning.

00:35:07 --> 00:35:17

So the word know that has also been understood as warnings, you understand warnings because a warning even what does it do? It conveys warning.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:26

So first of all, it's understood as messengers and secondly, warnings. So no that gives a meaning of muster as well in the second meeting.

00:35:27 --> 00:35:37

So format to one another. And over here my is understood in two ways that first of all, nothing, that the warnings the Warner's, these people have not benefited from them.

00:35:39 --> 00:35:46

The message is so clear, the warning is so clear, so effective, but these people have not benefited from these warnings.

00:35:47 --> 00:36:07

And secondly, my eyes also understood this is a question meaning so what use have these warnings been to these people? They haven't benefited at all. They haven't taken any lesson. Because if they had taken any lesson, there will be a change in their behavior. There will be a change in their actions in their thinking in their reaction.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:25

And in this is a warning for us as well that we need to reflect as well. That we have studied so much of the Quran. Hate Martin Bella. Correct? Hate Martin Bella, in so many different ways the warning has been mentioned. But what benefits have we gained from it?

00:36:26 --> 00:36:44

Allah says family to one another. What benefit have these people taken? Or these people have not benefited at all? Introduce I 101. We learn women don't need to win noodle and comilla you know, those people who don't believe no signs no Warner's no warnings can benefit them.

00:36:46 --> 00:37:31

fatawa Learn home. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is Georgia stern away from them. They don't believe even after seeing this clear miracle, even after listening to so much of the Quran. Even after receiving so many warnings, turn away from them. Just leave them just ignore them. Until when yo miad or dari until the day when the caller will call for the one learn home. After that is a pause and then a new sentence begins. Turn away from them full stop. Then yo my other dairy on the day when the caller will call that is when the punishment is going to come upon these people. Right now they don't listen to you. But when the caller will call on that day, the punishment will descend

00:37:31 --> 00:37:53

upon them. Which color is this Islamic field in which God is this? The call to resurrection, the call to Hashem gathering. And he will call them to what Ella Shea in local to something for bidding to something that is terrible to something that is unimaginable. They never thought about it unprecedented.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:42

The word NACA is from newsletters noon care for it's a singular word. And the word no code has been understood in two ways. First of all, look what is understood as that which is terrible. That which is detestable, terrible, meaning you can't even think about it. You can't even think about it. It's terrible. And why is it called no code? Because something that is terrible? What denies it? What rejects it? The heart the soul? Isn't? Because noon capital literally what meaning does that give, to reject incur, right to deny. So something terrible is denied by who? by the people? Why? Because of its awfulness because of its evil aspect, because of the harm that it brings to the person.

00:38:43 --> 00:38:54

And if you think about it, the day of judgment, the gathering the horrors of the Day of Judgment, the tremendous hardships of the Day of Judgment, aren't this whole? Terrible?

00:38:55 --> 00:39:22

If you think about it, any disaster, any calamity of this dunya can it be compared to the horrors of the Day of Judgment? Can it there is no parallel to it? No parallel at all. For example, there's a huge earthquake. There's a tsunami, people are drowning people are dying. You see people falling right before you a great disaster can happen in this dunya. But it is nothing compared to the disaster of the Day of Judgment.

00:39:23 --> 00:39:34

Because the disaster that happens in Estonia that only affects some people, that only affects some areas. But the disaster of the Day of Judgment is going to affect

00:39:35 --> 00:40:00

all people, the entire Earth not just the earth but the sky, the stars, the moon, everything is going to get affected the sky even Eli Shay no curve. So the people will deny it, meaning their hearts will deny it they will not want to witness it they will not want to accept it. Why? Because it will be so terrible. It's something that they have never ever witnessed before the lack of it. They have

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

have never seen before.

00:40:02 --> 00:40:15

Secondly, it's also called no code. Why? Because it will be something unrecognizable to the people because it never imagined it. Unprecedented, strange, they never thought about it. They never anticipated it.

00:40:16 --> 00:40:24

Imagine a person who does not believe in the hereafter does not believe in resurrection, when he sees the resurrection, what a big shock, it will be for him in a in no code.

00:40:25 --> 00:40:41

So right now, they don't believe very soon, the day of judgment when it will come, they will be called to something that is new code. That is terrible. That is unprecedented. They never thought about it. And that is when the punishment is going to descend upon them.

00:40:42 --> 00:41:06

And how will they be who Sharon who to whom their eyes humbled? Her Sharon, plural of the word harsher and who is harsher, one who is submissive, one who is humbled? What kind of fears for sure that which is visible on the body, that imagine a person is so frightened inside, so scared inside, that his body is also affected?

00:41:07 --> 00:41:30

When a person is afraid, initially, what does he try to do? He tries to hide the fear contain the fear in his heart. But when it gets out of control, then it becomes visible on his body. On the way he walks on the way he moves on the way he talks, the way he looks, it affects the eyes even. And over here, in particular, what is mentioned here, Sean,

00:41:31 --> 00:41:34

ones who will have their eyes humbled.

00:41:36 --> 00:41:46

And what's the whole sure of the eyes? Who sure of the eyes is that when a person is just looking down? He doesn't raise up his eyes. He doesn't lift his glands.

00:41:47 --> 00:42:36

When does a person keep his eyes lowered? When, when he's afraid when he doesn't want to see isn't when he doesn't want to see what is before him. So when they will rise out of their graves when the caller will call. Their eyes will be downcast. They will be looking down humbled, disgraced, fearful, why will they be afraid because of the punishment that they will witness? In through the shooter if 45 we learn what are our home your aluna la ha ha Shireen Amina Dooley Ian Luna Min thorfinn Javi. They will be looking from behind a covert glance. They will not want to look straight at the other at the punishment, but they will be looking from the side from behind a covert glance,

00:42:36 --> 00:42:54

stealing Lee they'll be looking Hashana avasarala home, Yahoo June Amina edgy deathy they will come out of their graves as that is the plural of Judas. Jean de Angeles is such a grave It is such a tomb whose marks even have been finished.

00:42:56 --> 00:43:02

Meaning it's such an old such an ancient grave that it cannot even be told there was a grave over here.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:33

What have we been told that when a person dies, what can we do on the green maximum? Physically when it comes to the grave, just put a mound of soil That's it, the earth just a small thing to in order to mark the grave That's it, we cannot build huge monuments on the graves we cannot make them such that we put marble or granite stone on it rock on it No, just a small piece or like a mound of sand. Why? To mark that place as a grave?

00:43:34 --> 00:44:04

Now imagine if a grave has been marked out. But many many years have gone by many, many years, years and years. And you know what happens over the course of many years. earthquakes happen, floods happen. Now when there is an earthquake when there is a flood people will repair what their buildings or houses their streets. Will they bother to repair the graves? No. So Jared is such a grave that is so ancient that the marks even have been finished. You can't even tell there was a grave over here.

00:44:05 --> 00:44:51

So yes, I mean allege that the people woke up out of their graves, how unknown as if they are generally the mothership, as if there are locusts and locusts that are mothership, they're scattered everywhere. Elsewhere into the corner I have four we learned yo my akuna NASA girl for Russia was for Russia. What marks over here locusts. Because whenever Matson locusts when they come, they come in swarms, huge, massive swarms, many many 1000s of them. You can't even count them gerada mentorship and mentorship known Shinhwa nationalists to spread some mentorship one that is spread abroad one that is dispersed, so they will come out of their graves as if they're scattered locusts.

00:44:52 --> 00:44:55

Why are people described as locusts in particular

00:44:56 --> 00:44:59

because the people will be like locusts

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

Not knowing where to go.

00:45:02 --> 00:45:11

Not knowing where to go to site locals are going here, there and out of fear. They're scattered everywhere. Similarly, the people will also be scattered everywhere.

00:45:12 --> 00:45:19

And just as locust when they come, it's not just a few of them that come but many of them that come and they're scattered everywhere you will find them everywhere.

00:45:20 --> 00:45:21

Has anyone seen something like this?

00:45:23 --> 00:45:41

They go towards light. Once they come in a swarm, they're everywhere. They're on your clothes, they're on the walls. Anything you open, you will find these locusts or flying ants or something like that everywhere. And they're falling, they're bumping into walls, they're bumping into people getting crushed by people, this is what's happening.

00:45:42 --> 00:45:49

So similarly, people will come out of their graves Imagine all the people that millions and millions of people that are buried in the earth

00:45:50 --> 00:45:54

whose graves also have been lost. Imagine all of them coming out

00:45:57 --> 00:46:32

into the cafe 44 we learn yo mothership Coco Alderaan home car there Lika Hashanah Elena, you see that when the earth will split, all the people will emerge how rapidly just as giraffe, how do they come? rapidly? mustaches scattered everywhere. And as they will come, move clarina illa dairy racing toward the color of clarina, Florida more there and it was motor. One who is running one who is hastening one who is rushing towards his destination

00:46:33 --> 00:46:44

and how is he rushing? How is he running towards the destination with his neck protruding out and his eyes fixed on the goal fixed on the target.

00:46:45 --> 00:47:35

Like a person is eagerly running towards something his neck is before him. He's not running with his body straight, but rather his neck is ahead of him protruding out and his eyes are fixed. So this is how the people will be running clarina illidari running running running towards the collar towards where the call will be coming from yaku caffee Luna the disbelievers will say among the people, the disbelievers, they will say Heather Yamuna acid, this is a day that is very hard. This is a day that is very difficult. acid from the room factories are in scene raw, this is sliver matcha. And acid is one that has a lot of verses in it. One that is extremely difficult, very hard, very tough, very

00:47:35 --> 00:47:40

trying. This is a day that is very tough. That is very difficult.

00:47:41 --> 00:47:51

This day will especially be difficult upon who upon who upon the disbelievers because over here law does not say your coluna but specifically your Kunal careful una

00:47:53 --> 00:48:17

entrata mudassar is nine to 10 also we learn further likoma even Yeoman RC Ll cafe de una de se see that day will be a difficult day for the disbelievers not easy at all in sort of sakana 26 Elmo cuyama it'll help color man What can a young woman lol Katharina our Sierra, very difficult.

00:48:18 --> 00:48:43

And for the believer this day will be easy How? Just like we learned that the duration of Salah the duration of Sala How difficult is a person find it? Depending on his email. Some people find it difficult to pray even for five minutes. Some people don't find it difficult to pray for even an hour. So for the believer, the day will be very easy. But for the disbeliever it will be very very difficult.

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We listen to the recitation

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know Whoa, whoa Shannon.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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