Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L200A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of men trying to fight a group of criminals, including facing consequences such as being fired or facing negative comments on social media. They also mention a woman named Heather who talks about her father's death and how she is trying to convince her father's sister to join her group. The group discusses their actions and potential consequences, including being fired or facing negative comments on social media. They also mention a woman named Hope and a man named Tom who they call a man named Hope.
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said I'm already cold but I had to lie here but I got through

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earlier though, so do get him Mr. Bert feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim arbitrary acidity way acidity MD, ruler of data melissani of Cabo poly probenecid and Arima lesson number 200 SoTL casas is number one to 21

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Translation tahseen meme tahseen meme Delica that air to air versus Al Khattab of the book and movie in the clear net Lu we recite alayka upon you, men from number news Moosa of musar, the salon warfare owner and fitter own but with the truth, you come in for a people union, they believe

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in indeed, fitter owner fitter own Arla, he sells exalted fee in

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the earth, or jar Allah and he made a henna hair, it's people she earn into * into factions.

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He established riffle he oppresses if a turn a group men home from them, you that his daughters have been a home their sons, whereas the he and he would keep alive, Lisa home their women in the who indeed he can he was men from Alamo city, those who create mischief.

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What do you do? And we wanted and that no one we bestow favor Allah upon. And Medina those who are still the rifle, they were oppressed, fill up in the land, when a Java home and we make them in my den leaders, when a Java home and we make them and where do you mean, the inheritors.

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When alakina and we establish firmly the home for them. fee in the land. When re and we show fair owner fit our own while Herman and Herman Ward you know the Homer and troops of them to men home from them, man, that which candle there were the rune they fear

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what oh hyena, and we inspired Illa to me, mother, masa of Musa are the his salon, and that are very he you circle him for either than when 50 you feared I lay upon him about him

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for LP, then you put him fee in Allium me the river while there and do not the Harvey you fear Allah and do not destiny you grieve

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in indeed we do who once who return him, la key to you, or Jerry Lou, and the ones who make him men from an mousseline the messengers from Tata who, so he picked him up.

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Family, people, for owner, I fit our own licona consequently, he would be the home for them. I do one an enemy or has an N and a grief

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in indeed fit I wanna fit our own. What Herman and Herman what you knew the Houma and troops have them do care? No, they were hardly in one's at fault. We'll call that and she said in law to wife for owner of fit our own toddler to coolness, comfort. I'm off I Li for me. When UK and for you

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do not know who you are kill him. I said perhaps and that yen foreigner he will benefit us all or not the leader who we will take him when either as a child

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or home and they they're not yes rune. They prefer

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well asked by her, and it became for the heart in me of Mother mosa of Musa feriha empty

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in indeed care that she was near la tubidy Surely she reveals the he of him, Lola, if not, and that robot owner, we strengthened Allah upon, that will be here her heart, later corner. So she will be or so she is men from meaning the believers,

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what on earth? And she said, the key to his sister, closely follow him for basora so she watched the he with him on from gentlemen, a distance, side or home while they learn not yet Sharon, they perceive

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what had one there and we made unlawful or we prevent it, I lay upon him and morale there, the wet nurses,

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men from a blue before for color. So she said, * Shall I will look home I inform you, Allah upon people baiting of a house, the echo Nana who they shall be responsible for him. They shall look after him. Lacan for you.

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While home and they Lahu for him. Now see Hoon ones who are sincere.

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For the dinner who, so we returned him. ILA to me he his mother. Okay, so that the camera she calls, I know her her I was there, and not that she grieves while he thought a llama. And so she knows. And that indeed, what are the promise, a lot of heck is true. When I came, but ACTA home, most of them last not year alone, they knew

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while I'm there, and when Bolivar he reached, I should the who his majority was stoer and he became complete, he became mature.

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Athena, who we gave him hoekman judgment, where m and knowledge, worker liquor, and likewise, New Jersey we recompense and worsening those who do utmost good.

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And he entered Almudena the city, Allah upon him a time off letting of negligence. Men from earlier it's people forwarder so he found free her in it, or Delaney duman the effort that he ran there to fight with each other. Heather, this men from sheer it his group, well Heather, and this men from I do we he, his enemy, first of all, so who, so he asked him for help a lady who men from she RTE, his group, Allah against Allah, the the one who men from either way, he his enemy, for work as a whole. So he struck him with fist, Musa Musa alayhis salam, for although so he concluded, he executed our Li upon him. parlor, he said, Heather, this men from Arma did a shape on of the shape on him know

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who indeed he or the one an enemy, will they learn one who misleads mulvane one clear, Allah, he said, Robbie O'Meara in me Indeed, I want them to I have wronged Nazi myself for fear, so forgive, leave for me for half an hour. So He forgive Lahu for him in the hole. Indeed he who he is eligible for the most forgiving of Rahim, the Most Merciful.

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Allah He said, Robbie, oh my rub Bhima because of what an under You have blessed our layer upon me. felon so never a corner. I will be here on a supporter, a helper linguaggio remains

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For the criminals for us by her, so he became fee in Almudena the city hall even fearful yet or he anticipates for either so then, and levy who is Tom Sarah who he sought help from him. Bill Adams by the yesterday? Yes, the three who he cries out for help to him, either, he said the who to him. Moosa Musashi Santa in nica indeed you lahori Yun surely a deviator ouabain one clear. Fernanda so when on that or rather he intended on that you're able to show he strikes the levy as the one who, who he are the one and enemy lahoma for them to color he said yeah Moosa almost.

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Doo, doo dee Do you want on that? Dakota Fulani? you kill me? karma just as a Delta you killed Knutsen a soul built by the yesterday. In not to redo you want in there except on that the corner you become jobelan a tyrant and oppressor, fill out in the land warmer and not to read. Do you want on that the corner you become men from a Muslim again? Those who reform?

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Well, yeah, and he came or Julian? Amen. Men from apostle farthest and

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farthest and

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Almudena of the city, USA he runs dialer he said yamasa almost in Indeed, Allah, the chiefs. The leaders yet term yourown they take counsel,

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bigger about you.

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Leah Toluca so they kill you for courage. So go live

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in me, indeed a letter for you men from a NASA hain those who are sincere for Harada so he left men hair from it hard even fearful, yet are up here he anticipates. Tyler, he said, Bobby, oh my Rob nagini save me. Men from a town the people avoid demean the wrongdoing

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will listen to the recitation

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you that before

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to see the 101

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la que

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wapo Paula

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What else

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DVD Lola

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Mean while

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he was asleep

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oseni una de la la la

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la la Jaffe

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me she it either lady Me neither we

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follow me

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me evening

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to read

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or Amina Jeannie Mina,

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