Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 13 – L129B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history behind the Prophet sallavi Sunra is discussed, including its significance in achieving joy and achieving a culture of love. The importance of learning the Quran and following the proper path for achieving success is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and patientism. The speaker also highlights the importance of past events and the importance of being patient and grateful for blessings in life.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim that's number 129. sola Ibrahim is number one to 70.

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Senator Brahim is Mr. Kissel. And it was revealed at a time when the opposition was very intense. And in this order, the stories of the previous messengers were narrated, in order to comfort the heart of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah because when you learn that you're not the only one who has gone this way, you feel oppressed, you feel you're not alone, you get inspired, you get motivated.

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So in this order, the incidents of the previous messengers, and in particular glimpses and overview has been mentioned, in order to comfort the heart of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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In this order, there are a total of 52 verses. It's a very short total again 861 words

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and 3439 hurdles.

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And just as we learned in the previous sorta after sort of the use of that do opposite contradicting things were presented, so that a person uses his own mind. And he uses his rationale and he makes the decision himself to choose that to opt that which is beneficial for him.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Allah flam ra

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atod Kitab on a book, meaning how the Quran This is a book, Angela, who we have revealed it.

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And we have revealed it to who alayka to you. And what's the purpose of revealing this Quran to you? Later, three janessa mina Zulu Mati in a new so that you can take people out of the darkness, you can bring them out of the darkness and take them towards what? Uh, no, the light.

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So why has the Quran been revealed to you to take people out of darkness into light?

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If you notice, a Luna mat is plural. And a note is singular. What does this show to us? That there are many weaknesses out there? But there is only one light? What are the various darkness is one darkness is of ignorance. And other darkness is of misguidance. Some people are away from light simply because they don't know. Some people are away from Islam. Why? Because of their bias. Some people are away because of their disbelief because of their shit, because of their wrong practices. So your job is to take people out of these darknesses and take them to the light of guidance to the light of Islam, to the light of Eman to the right way of life.

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And how can you take people out of darkness just by telling them about the Quran? No, be is Nero be him by the permission of their Lord.

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Meaning you can only benefit someone with the Quran. When the permission of Allah is there.

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When Allah allows, when Allah facilitates when Allah gives the ability,

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because many people are informed of the Quran, many people are shown the way but not everyone accepts who accepts the one whom Allah has allowed the engineer of behave with the permission of their Lord, facilitation of their Lord, whom Allah has enabled. So you take them out by the permission of their Lord, and you take them towards where it asks the law cleaner Aziz to the path of the one who is mighty, and the one who is an Hamid, the one who is praiseworthy, and who is that? Allah soprano.

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When you take people out of the darkness into the light, where are you taking them? onto the path that Allah subhanaw taala has set that Allah has appointed, that takes a person to Allah and who is Allah, He is mighty, and he is also an Hamid. And Hamid is different from Muhammad. Muhammad is someone who is praised. But Hamid is one who deserves praise, whether or not people praise Him. Hamid is praise worthy. Why are these names mentioned over here?

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Because a person who walks in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has said, a lot will not humiliate him, Allah is disease, he is powerful and remember one of the meanings of diseases, one who is respected. So similarly, the one who walks in the way of Allah, Allah will also grant him honor. And Allah will also not make him lose out. He is disease and he is an HMI. So in this ayah the purpose behind the revelation of this book has been mentioned. And what is that purpose that people are guided

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that people are shown the way that people are told what they should do. When the opposition intensified against the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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he was reminded of his mission, that this is your mission, you are here to show the way to people, you are here to take them out of darkness. And he is reassured that giving guidance is not in the hands of people.

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How can a person be given guidance by the permission of Allah soprano.

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So we see that the way to light the way to guidance, it begins with what this Quran It begins with this book. So if a person wishes to walk on the straight path, then he has to find the way from where, from where, from the book of Allah from the Quran.

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But we see that every person who reads this book does not necessarily walk on the straight path. Every person who reads this book does not necessarily walk on the straight path. Each person who studies his book does not necessarily become a Rabbani. Who is it that benefits from this book, the one for whom Allah subhanaw taala has allowed? And who does Allah allow to benefit from this book, the one who wants to know the one who wants to be guided, the one who is in search of guidance,

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because a person who is truthful in his desire for guidance, and Allah will definitely guide him, no matter how impossible the circumstances may appear.

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You know, the story of Samana fantasy, it amazes us look at where he was, and look at how he went from one place to the other, how impossible it seemed, for him to find the right guidance, but because he had that desire, unless the panel data showed him the way.

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So it happens by a trophy of Allah. And when does Allah give trophies to a person when he wants to be guided? When he wants a greedy bed? Because the book can only help if the desire is there.

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If a person is not hungry, and you present the most delicious foods before him, is he going to be interested in them? Is he? No, he doesn't have any desire for them. Even if he presents the most delicious, the most delectable foods, he's not going to enjoy it. What is it that enables a person to accept it's the desire?

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So yes, Allah give Sophia, but that is directly related with what the desire that is within a person, if he wants guidance Allah will give him but what is being emphasized in this ayah is that the way out of darkness into the light begins with what? The Book of Allah. So if we want to show the way to a person, if we want to help ourselves, if we want to improve and guidance, and what do we need to do? spend more time with the book of Allah. This is the key. This is the gateway. And if you start with anything else, it's not going to lead you to success. It's not going to make you successful.

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Because many times when people want to show the way to other people, they want to tell them about Islam, they talk about what different things random things. Whereas what must be spoken about is the Quran. What must be taught to people is the Quran. And this is exactly what the prophet sallallahu wasallam did.

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he recited the ayah he taught the ayah and this is how people learnt

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we learn instead of Bukhara I have 257 that Allahu La Jolla Dena amanu euthanasia homina rheumatic in a new allies the value of those people who believed and he takes them out of darkness into the light. Instead of Hadid and number nine, we learn one lady unit zero Allah RBD it by unit leader communists automatic in a new It is he who sends down upon his servant Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam verses of clear evidence why, so that he may bring you out from darkness into the light. So the way out of darkness into light begins with what

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the Quran if a person is confused, what will solve his confusion? What will remove that the Quran? If a person has doubts, what will remove those doubts the Quran

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if a person does not know how will he learn from the Quran? So this is how the way to guidance begins from the Quran. And this Quran has been sent by who the one who is

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the one who is an Hamid,

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who is he Allah, Allah is the one who led the one who level for him Murphy's similarity, whatever that is in the heavens. If you notice, Allah Hillary, right, the level Jelena it has a cursor Why? Because it is connected with the previous Names of Allah soprano. It also

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All clean or the zil Hamidi, Allah He. So all three are connected the path of Allah, Who is Allah, Allah de la Houma, for similar to mFl, of doom belongs whatever that is in the heavens and whatever that is in the earth, He is the owner he is the master, and if he is the owner, then he has the right to tell people what they have to do. What the way out of darkness into light is, and this Quran is from him. So this Quran tells us what the way out of darkness into light is. We're a little carefree Katharina and well to the disbelievers Minh or they have been shady from a punishment that is severe way is economy of destruction of worried. So why non meaning destruction, war for who for

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those people who disbelieve with what from a punishment that is very severe and this severe punishment could be of this world and also off the hereafter.

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So we see in this ayah, that Allah subhanaw taala he has absolute authority, he is the Malik he is the owner. He owns the entire universe and he has the right to guide people. He has a right to tell us what is right what is wrong.

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And on one side, Allah subhana wa tada has revealed the Quran, which is mentioned in the previous ayah. And on the other hand, he has also placed many signs in the heavens and the earth which is mentioned in this I know math is somewhat warm, I fill up. And both of these revelation, as well as science creation, they take a person towards recognizing a loss penalty if a person wants to understand.

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So Allah has also sent revelation. And at the same time, he has also appointed many signs of the heavens and the earth so that through them a person can obtain guidance.

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But those people who refuse to accept who don't take heed, neither from Revelation nor from the signs. For them, there is destruction. Who are these people? Why is it that they don't accept they are alladhina those who Yes, the Hubbard and Hyatt adonia. They are the ones who prefer the life of this world above the hereafter. Yesterday, Buddha from the root letters have that but an st Bab is to seek love, to desire something, and is to have is also to prefer one over the other, to love one over the other. So they seek to live the life of this world meaning they prefer the life of this world over the hereafter.

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They forget the hereafter they ignore it, it's completely out of their life plan. And the only thing that they're concerned about is the life of this world. Dunya is their priority. And they're surrounded by it. They're fully immersed in its enjoyment in its pleasures, completely heedless and oblivious to their end. And when a person becomes like this, that his ultimate desire is the desire of this dunya he does not care about afterlife, then obviously he's not going to make the right decisions. And when the truth is presented before him, he's going to disregard it. Why? Because he wants to fulfill his desires.

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He's not thinking long term, What is he thinking about? immediate benefit, immediate enjoyment.

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So when a person's aim is to enjoy now, then he will neglect the after

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the no matter what is shown to him, he is not going to accept he's not going to change his ways. And when he becomes like this, other people who are following the right way, he feels threatened from them, because he appears as bad. So what is he going to do? Well Sedona and they stop on subida left from the way of Allah, the stop other people from the way of Allah.

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They don't learn the Quran. They don't follow the Quran. And if other people are doing that, they stop them, they discourage them.

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We have a winner. And one way through which they stop other people is that they seek in it meaning they seek in the way of Allah erweitern crookedness. What is it religion, crookedness, that is intangible. When something appears to be twisted and bent when something does not make sense, when there are contradictions,

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when it's illogical so this is what they are looking for in the Quran. When they find out that someone is studying the Quran, what do they say? So you're studying the Quran in which men are allowed to marry for wives.

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They will try to say such things in which it has been said kill the disbelievers wherever you find them. That's what you're studying.

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Wherever Luna, Hi, are you watching? Why did they do this to stop people from the way of Allah Allah

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Hola, ecoffee, Berlin burried such people are in a far misguidance, Berlin misguidance that is very far, far away from what far away from the truth, they have gone very far very deep in their air. So there is hardly any chance for them to come out of it.

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You know, when a person has made a slight mistake, then there is some room of correction and improvement.

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But if a person has gone to such an extent that he is abandoned at himself, and he's also discouraging others from accepting it, and on top of that he's putting in effort to present it as something crooked, then there's no way that this person will ever come back, such a person has gone far into misguidance.

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And what this is begin with loving this dunya more than the

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making this dunya The ultimate goal, the ultimate objective. So such people, their oola ecoffee blood allenbury they're engulfed in misguidance and ignorance. And therefore there is no hope that such a person will gain guidance from the Quran.

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Women are Salam ala rasulillah. And we have not sent any messenger Illa except very sonically in the language of his people, meaning every messenger who was sent What language did he speak? The language of his people? Why leovegas Allah home so that he can make clear to them? What can you make clear to them?

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The message that Allah has sent?

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Because just imagine if the messenger spoke a different language? How would he communicate with the people? It would be very difficult? How would he explain to the people it would be impossible? How would he make them understand? Impossible. So every messenger who was sent, he spoke the language of the people to whom he was sent to.

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And the message was also in that same language, so that people have no excuse for not understanding.

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And similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was also sent to the machine of Arabia, and What language did he speak their own language. And the Quran was also in what language in the language that they spoke, so that they can understand

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for you when you're logging in your shop, then allow, allow us to go astray whomever He wills, we are the militia, and he guides whomever He wills will, who will are xizor Hakeem and he is the mighty, and he's the wise.

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What is the objective of mentioning this?

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Because if you think about it, when the messenger has come from the people, so the people are fully aware of him. And on top of that the message that he has brought is also in the same language, there is no room for misunderstanding. So despite the fact that the people understood the message, they did not accepted. So there are some people who despite understanding, they still go astray.

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Allah lets them go astray. He likes them because they opt for that. And on the other hand, where the money shot, he guides whomever He wills will, who will or xizor Hakeem, he is MIT and he's the wise. If you allow someone to go astray, there is wisdom behind it. If he gives guidance to someone, there's a wisdom behind it. And what is that wisdom

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that a person who wants misguidance he is allowed to go astray. And a person who wants guidance, he is given guidance.

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So we see a very important thing in this ayah that every messenger who was sent to the people who spoke their language, that there is no language barrier.

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And despite the fact that there was no language barrier, there were people who disbelieved. So in other words, there is no justification for them to deny, because they were able to comprehend the message. It wasn't that they misunderstood. It's their fault. It's their own mistake.

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It's not that the message was unclear, no, it wasn't their language. On top of that, a messenger was sent to explain, sustained of a person does not accept And whose fault is it?

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It's his own fault.

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Then in the following ayat musallam has mentioned as to how he also did Dawa to his people how he called his people. And he also was one of them, he spoke their language, he understood them. He knew them, he could relate better with them. And this has been the case with every messenger including the last messenger.

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So now we will listen to the recitation.

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Keita Boone

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a lot.

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a coffee

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if you look at the beginning of the first

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and if lambda kitaen Angela who alayka, Leto collegian, NASA Mina, Lulu Mattila new, what is the purpose behind the revolution of this book? What do we learn so that people are taken out of the darkness? Because there are many darkness in this world. And for that reason, a loss of panel data revealed.

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So what does that teach us? That if a person wishes to leave darkness, into light, what does he need? The Quran?

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And if a person wishes to guide people, what does he need to use? The Quran? Because the Quran is the way that leads a person out of darkness into light? How? Because light is knowledge? And where do you learn from, from the Quran? But if a person only reads the verses, and he does not understand what they mean, can he bring about a change in himself? No. Similarly, if a person does not follow the Quran himself, he does not understand it himself, can you deliver to others? No, he cannot.

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So this shows to us that in order to benefit ourselves in order to benefit the rest of the people, what do we need to do?

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We need to learn the Quran first and foremost. And we have to become extremely serious about it. Which means that we need to know the meaning we need to know the explanation we need to be able to recite it. Because unless and until we have this knowledge, we cannot pass this on.

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So the reason behind the revelation of the book was to take people out of darkness into light.

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How does that happen, be it near him. And this path from darkness to light. This path of light this path of hedaya is not an ordinary path, because it's the path set by who? Allah subhanaw taala who is under Aziz, and he's also an Hamid

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and then Allah subhanaw taala tells us that Who is he that he is the one who owns the heavens and the earth, therefore he is the one who has the right to tell people.

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But those people who refuse to believe, who refuse to accept for them is a very severe punishment, very severe punishment, which shows to us that if people are left in darkness, if people are not shown the way, then what is awaiting them.

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What is the waiting, a severe punishment, which shows again, the responsibility on us that we need to take the Quran very seriously. We need to pass this on to other people. Because if we say if we become indifferent to other people, then what awaits them or they have been shredded, a very severe punishment?

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And who are such people? And who are such people? alladhina esta Habana Hayato dounia and those who prefer the life of this world over the Hereafter, and if anybody is on the street where they stop them, and how does it stop them by seeking deviation in the religion and such people are far off in their misguidance very distant from the truth. But our last panel tada he has made arrangements for the guidance of people throughout time, which is why he sent messengers and every messenger that he sent he spoke the language of

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the people to whom you were sent to. So Allah subhanaw taala gave the message and the Quran also came in the Arabic language. Why because the first recipients were Arabs. And the message that can be conveyed in this language cannot be conveyed in any other language. Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions that one or the other Salaam

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Mussa. And certainly we had sent Masada Salaam, be it now with our sites. I add over here first to the messages, as well as the miracles that he was given.

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So this is around was sent with some ayat. And what was he told? An average omega that bring your people out? Take them out Mina Luna Murthy from the darknesses and take them towards what in a new to the light. Take them out of the darkness of ignorance. Because the people of Musa Islam who where the money is surreal, where they're not believers,

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or they're not believers, they were believers from before. So what does it show to us? That ignorance is also a type of darkness. And knowledge is light. And it shows to us that the guidance of Allah is not just necessary for those people who don't believe it's also very important for who those people who believe because even they need constant guidance, even they need to learn. So Musa Salam was sent to his people that take the people out of the womb add to the light. What a kid home and in order to do that, what should you do? remind the people be a yarmulke with the days of Allah.

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A yam is a plural of yo. And we have done this phrase earlier as well The aim of Allah, what does it refer to?

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major historical events, major historical events, in which there are many lessons for people,

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the days on which important events they occurred, and such days are only remembered, isn't it such days are memorable. Ordinary it is when nothing special happens you tend to forget about those days. But the day when something different happens. The day when something big happens you remember that day you recorded such days are recorded in history. So ayama the days when major historical events occurred in which are great lessons for people and such events. What were they? First of all, when people were afflicted with great trials with great difficulties, like for example, when in history, some people were punished, they were completely annihilated, they were destroyed, perished.

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Similarly, it also refers to days, when some people were given great blessings by Allah subhanaw taala.

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So remind them of history of the days when some people were punished, and some people were given many blessings, great blessings, remind them of these days, remind them of these events.

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Because in Murphy danika indeed in that in what in the ayama law in remembering the am Allah, there are I think, surely signs for who? liquidity suberin for every person who is very patient, and Shaku who is most grateful.

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Notice it hasn't been said solve it and check it, what words have been used. So bear, and Shaku, who is Subbu Subbu. File one who does a lot of sub, a lot of sub again and again, at everything, and a lot of support, not just a little bit but a lot and Shaku from sugar. Again, it's not just shackled. But it's shackle on the structure of firewall. Again, mavala, one who is intensely appreciative, one who is greatly thankful, very, very grateful, one who acknowledges the blessings.

00:28:51 --> 00:29:00

So why is this being mentioned that indeed, in that there are short designs for every person who is very patient, and every person who is very grateful,

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because a person who is patient, only he can take lesson from history,

00:29:08 --> 00:29:54

because when he reflects on the events that occurred in the past, then what happens? It gives him more patience. Like for example, when a person reflects on the fact on how the Bani Israel were tortured, how they were persecuted, how the previous messengers they had to suffer so much. When you reflect on this, then the problems that you're going through, this seems so insignificant, and it enables you to do so good. So a person who reflects on the ayama law, he will get many lessons but who a person who does suffer. And shocker, one who is very grateful, one who is grateful for living little blessings as well for the smallest blessings evil. Only such a person is capable of remaining

00:29:54 --> 00:29:57

positive and remaining patient in difficult times.

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

Now, the ayama

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Well, for the bunny Israel in particular, where when fit our own was destroyed. The Yama the major historical events in the history of Bani Israel were which events when for their own was destroyed and the Bani Israel were saved from history from slavery from his oppression. So Musa Islam, he reminded them of that.

00:30:23 --> 00:30:30

And Allah subhanaw taala says that when a person remember such things, then he can be patient, and then he can be grateful.

00:30:31 --> 00:30:49

Now remember the context in which the surah was revealed. When was it revealed, when the opposition had intensified and instant profits or loss of sentiment all to the rest of the believers. And they're being told that if you think about what happened in history, you will be able to do something you will be able to do

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so in this is a lesson for those who are suffering from persecution in Makkah. And after them, anyone who suffers from difficulty when he is delivering the message of Allah to the people, when he's suffering from opposition, then this will enable him to do something because his problems will seem so insignificant compared to what the previous messenger suffered from it will make it very easy for him.

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So every person who was in difficulty in Makkah and every person afterwards, if you reflect on this, he will be able to suffer and also shook

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