Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 181A Translation Al-Nur 35-40

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of dialogue and music plays by the speakers. They discuss various topics such as warahmatull he'll be allowed to act in the movie, the return of a woman to a room, a scene where a woman gets upset, a scene where a woman gets angry, and a scene where a woman gets upset and angry. The speakers also mention a scene where a woman gets upset and angry, and a scene where a woman gets angry and angry.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who

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know who and suddenly are allowed to Sula Hill Kareem and my birth father with a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish Rouhani Saudi Wei a silly Emery Wagner of data melissani have Kahu Kohli, Robin as in

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lesson number 182 Sora. To note ID number 35. To 40. Translation, Allahu Allah model is light. A summer worth of the heavens while earth and the earth

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method example movie of his light. Can you share it in like a niche? A shelf.

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Fee her in it. Miss Behan a lamp. I must buy her the lamp fee in the judge attain a glass

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as the Georgia to the glass KAMNA her as if it coca Boone a star the region barely

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you can do it is lit men from shudder rotting a tree. Mobile rocket in one bless it

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zetonna 10 of Olive law not Sharqiya 10 One Eastern

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Walla and Nora got to be here. Western Yoker do it is near. Ze to her. It's oil Ubu it glows bright light

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wallow, even if lum not them says who? It touches it. Now room fire. neuron light. Allah upon mood light. Yesterday he guides Allahu Allah Lemare he to his light, Minh, whoever, Yeshua who he wills

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are operable and he strikes Allah who Allah Allah himself be examples, lunacy for the people. Will Allah Who and Allah because only with every che in thing, our demon always all knowing

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fi in boo youth in houses. Edina he gave permission. Allahu Allah on that too far it has raised where you'd go. And it has mentioned fi her in it is smooth his name. You said Bihu He glorifies law who for him? Fee her in it. Bill who do we at the mornings? Well our soul and the evenings

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Regehr alone men law not to leave him it diverts them to jail return any trade whenever and nor Bay earn any bartering.

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I'm from the remembrance. Allah, Allah, what you can and establishing a salah of the prayer, where ether and giving a Zika of desert Johar fauna they fear Yeoman a day that a callable it is overturned. Fee it Elcano boo, the hearts will absorb and the sights

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Lea Xia home so he will recommend them. Allahu Allah escena best ma What are mela they did was either home and he increases them. Men from fogli he his bounty, Allahu Allah Allah years ago he provides man whoever Yasha who he will be lady without her serving any account. One Lavina and those who care for me, they disbelieved. Amala home their deeds. Tessa Robin like a mirage? Billy I think, in a dry play in desert.

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Yes, I will who he thinks it of them earn the thirsty one ma water had the until either when Joe or who he came to it long not your God who he finds it che anything. Well Roger the end he found Allah Allah in there who near it. philosopher who then he gave him fully. He said about who his account will Allah Who and all

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la serie or most swift l herself in the reckoning in the account taking all or kills one American like darknesses fee in Ba Si la je Yoon one deep Yorkshire who it covers it merjan A wave men from 40 feet above it margin a wave men from folk the above it Sahagun a cloud

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zone imagine darknesses Bow to her some of it photo above bobbin some others

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either when uh huh Roger he took out Yoda who his hand learn did not yet he is near your hair. He sees it. Woman and whoever long did not hear Geron he makes Allahu Allah le who for him? More than light firmer than not LA who for him men from mood in any light.

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mezzaluna Norihiko Mischka.

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Miss bath okizu Tjahaja as Suja just

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Do do you do me

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muda contains a tuna zaytoun Shakti and you will be the guide who's a to her? You only one of them's a sunnah. No, no? Yeah Do you love

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While log

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log will be Felicia Inari in vivo you're in Allah one.

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Karate has moves. You said before that movie had been

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on Regina to hear him teacher or to

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decree decrease

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learn to lead him to

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calm you saw that dy E

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is Zanka your whole whole

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debacle movie

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the AGC

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was either

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probably along with me

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Well Larry and I get

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at several one

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all along said he on his

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I won't cover rheumatic fever heading load G

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load on

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woman myalgia hula hoop

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