Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P06 070B Tafsir Al-Maidah 15-16

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Are the blame in the shaping of a genius.

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Lesson number 70 Sultan ma ADA is number 15 to 26.

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Yeah and Al Kitabi or people of the Scripture or people of the book, Khadija ACOM Rasul Luna there has come to you our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, you by Eula calm, he is making clear for you Cathedral on a lot of that which much of that which mimma condemned to phenomenal kita from that which we use to hide of the book, much of what you use to conceal of the Scripture. Now, our messenger has arrived and what is he doing? He is clarifying all that you used to hide majority of what you used to hide we are foreign cathedra and he also overlooks much meaning everything is not clarified, but only that which is relevant to you is clarified and that which is not relevant

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anymore that is not clarified by the Jet A comin Allah He knew Ron Wakita Abu been certainly the has come to you from Allah alight and a clear book

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over here in this verse, primarily the People of the Book, mean the people of the Torah and the people of the injeel. And who are they, the Jews and the Christians, they are addressed. That oh people, finally the messenger has arrived, which messenger, the one whom you were waiting for, you wanted him to come, because there is artisanal came approximately 600 years before Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And for that whole time for those 600 years, there was no messenger who had been sent to the people of the book. And during this time, what happened was that the book that they had, it was basically taken over by their scholars, their scholars had taken over the book in the

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sense that they kept it to themselves, and they kept the people in the dark about what was in the book, what the book said.

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And as a result, the majority of the people, they were absolutely unaware of what Allah subhanaw taala had revealed to them, of what Allah had commanded to them. The only thing they knew about the religion was whatever their scholars told them. Even though there were supposed to be people of the book, knowledgeable ones, yet they were not knowledgeable of the book. Only a certain group of people, certain individuals, they were aware of what was in the book of Allah. We have learned earlier woman whom only unit Leia and ammonal kitab. And of the people of the book are those who are unlettered uneducated, illiterate, how that they do not know what is in the book. So the scholars,

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they kept the book to themselves, and they would only tell the people as much as they wanted them to know, they wouldn't tell them everything that was in the book, they would only tell them a few things, which few things would tell them through which they could have power over the people through which the people would remain in need of the scholars. And they wouldn't tell them the rest of it. What do you think they would hide? They would hide all those things which they themselves did not do, which the scholars themselves did not practice. Because if they told people that this is what the book of Allah says, Don't consume interest or don't consume the property of the people

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unlawfully, then what would they do? The people would come and question the honesty, the integrity of their scholars that what kind of people are you that here you are saying that the book of Allah says this while you yourself, contradict it, in your actions in your behavior? Likewise, there scholars have invented many things in the religion as well which had absolutely no basis in the deen. They had invented many things in the deen, which had no basis in the book of Allah, nothing whatsoever. So if the people got access to the book, then what would happen? People would say where in the Torah does it say we have to do this? Or where in the book of Allah does it say we don't have

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to do this. So again, they would be questioned by the people they would not be trusted anymore. So, the scholars they kept the people in dark about what the book of Allah said. And they also made many changes we have learned earlier about the Hadith that they used to the alteration that they used to do you hardly follow Kenema um, no welder, he, they would alter the words from their proper places, they will change them distort them. And yes, this is something that the people of the Book managed to do a while

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Go. But later on what happened, that they couldn't keep the book to themselves anymore? Because even the common people, they got to know, they became aware, however, they've invented other things in order to have their monopoly over their religious texts. But we see at the same time, something very similar happening amongst the Muslims. And what is that, that some people have as the frightened the Muslims that Don't you dare try to read the book of Allah try to understand because if you do so, you might make a mistake, which is a big sin.

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Honestly, there are places in this world where people are not allowed to read the Quran to study the meaning of the Quran rather, because they say you have to have the knowledge of 12 or 15 Sciences of the deen before you can actually get to studying the book of Allah. Until and unless you know about the science of the week, you know all the facts. You have the knowledge of renewable Quran or alumina Hadees or sunnah fake all these big, big scientists until you have mastered all the sciences, you cannot get to the book of Allah, which is why there are Islamic schools out there in the Muslim world, where they teach everything but that the fear of the Quran. Why? Because the Quran

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is too holy, it's too inaccessible to the people, you cannot comprehend it, you cannot understand it. It's the word of Allah, and you are just one person. Which is why there is a lot of opposition against those who try to make the Quran easily understandable to people. The thing is that the book of Allah, Allah sent to who what do we learn in the Quran leanness for all people, right? And all people includes men and women. It includes people who are old, and also people who are young. It includes people who are very knowledgeable, and also people who are not that knowledgeable. Because the book of Allah contains guidance, everyone can benefit from it. Yes, it is not possible to

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understand 100% everything at once, which is why it is never enough to study the Quran just once in your life, you have to study it again and again, to better your understanding. But just because you cannot understand it perfectly the first time, it doesn't mean that you don't even bother to know its meanings, you have to make at least one attempt. So anyway, the people of the book, what did they do, their scholars had concealed the book from mankind from the people. And for that, we see that for example, today people have made touching the Quran so inaccessible, that you can't touch it unless and until you have done will do and you will touch it like this and you will kiss it you know

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the cover and the top and the back and then each page you have to turn with a kiss or something. And people are like you know what, forget it. I'm not going to bother reading it.

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What did we learn in the Quran and Medina yet Quran Allah pm and Wakarusa, were allowed, you know, between those who remember Allah standing, sitting reclining, and the best type of liquid is what? The Quran, the recitation of the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu sunnah, when he would wake up from his sleep, even before he performed will do, he would recite the last verses of Surah earlier one, before he would perform to emulate and this would be sometimes while lying down without will do. So if he read it, why can we not read it to? The thing is that there is a distance, you know, a barrier that is created between people, and the book of Allah. And because of this, what happens is that

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when you're not familiar with the book of Allah, you're not too comfortable with it. You don't read it as much you don't reflect on it. You don't memorize it, you find it too difficult. You find it too difficult. It feels alien almost.

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For example, women if they are on their period, or if post childbirth I mean for 40 days almost they're not praying for for it, it is imagined they're not allowed to even read the Quran. How can you imagine be strong if you haven't read the Quran in 40 days? Honestly, how is it possible?

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So there is a distance that is created between the book of Allah and the people and this distance this barrier needs to be broken. Because Allah sent this book for us for our guidance. Yes, there are etiquette that we have to observe when we're handling the book of Allah, when we are reciting the book of Allah, but that etiquette is not you know, so difficult because of which reading the book of Allah will be impossible for us. So, Allah says to the people of the book that all people are a messenger has come to you, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has come to you, and he has gone and he's clarifying to you much of that which you're used to how

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aid from the book to PHONER is from Hoffa, yeah, it is to conceal to hide something. So you were hiding many things of the book of Allah. First of all, the book itself. Secondly, the message that it contains the laws that it contains, you were hiding all of that. And at the same time the messenger what does he do while your foreign Cathy? Yahoo, I infer Well, what does it mean? Maha is Allah right? To wipe off erase? So in other words, he ignores he ignores what I'm cathedra and much, much of what you have been hiding, he ignores it. Because when the traces have been wiped out, it's as though they don't exist. So likewise, he ignores some of that which you have concealed.

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So in other words, some truths some realities that people were kept in the darkness off the prophets of Allah Islam came and expose them how in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala revealed to him in the Quran and other things they were left they were ignored. So basically every single thing was not opened up and exposed. Why because everything is not relevant anymore. Only those things which are relevant, important for people to know their told about and that which is not relevant to them anymore, which is not really important for them to know. Then that is not mentioned. Allah says pada Jaya a comin Allah He knew Ron Wakita harbor movie, there has certainly come to you from Allah, a

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light and a clear book.

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Now the thing is, that this if this the Hadith that the scholars did, that they're knowledgeable people did, this prevented many people from the way of Allah.

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Because think about it, if the dean is hidden, major things about the Dean are hidden, then how are people ever going to get to it? How are people ever going to practice it? How are people ever going to observe it, they're not going to. And like I said, when that barrier is created, people feel that their religion is so alien, they feel that they don't belong. So as a result, many people are prevented from the book of Allah. This is why Allah subhanaw taala has sent this messenger and this is why he has sent this light. What is this light referring to light refers to the Quran. Because every book of Allah is light. We learn about the Torah, it is called New in the Quran, we learn

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about the Injeel even that is called New in the Quran. And the Quran, even that is called New because what is new light, and what is light do enlightened its surroundings. What is in the dark, what is hidden comes to view you are able to see it something that you could not see before. Now you can see it. So this book is a light, meaning it's guidance, it exposes the reality to you, it clarifies many things for you the doubts the confusions, that you had this Quran, it dispels It was a terrible movie in the Quran is also called Kitab a movie over here remember that Nora and Kitab have been are the same thing refers to the Quran Kitab have been a clear book meaning the Quran is

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clear in its message and its meaning in its commands, so that nothing at all is left ambiguous to the people unclear to the people. So in this ayah What do we learn? The first thing we see here is that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is a messenger who was sent to all people, not just the Arabs, but rather all of mankind, because who is addressed in this verse, the people of the book. So even to them, Mohammed Salah Addison was sent as a guide. Secondly, we learned in this ayah that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam despite being an amine, despite being a person who was unlettered, he rectified the changes the alterations that people had made to the deen, how he didn't have any knowledge

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himself. So how could he rectify the alterations that people have made to the deen? How could you fix it based on the knowledge that Allah gave him based on the way that Allah subhanaw taala gave him 30 We also learn in this buyer that the Quran is news, it is enlightenment.

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What does it bring to light, your life? Your mind? It's like a light bulb goes on. What does that mean? That all of a sudden, you understand, you could think you can see things become clearer to you all the confusions, they are removed. So this is exactly what happens that before Quran it's as though the same person is in darkness. They don't know what's happening. But once the Quran enters their life, what happens is

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It says everything they can see, it says that the light has been turned on. Do you feel that yourself, perhaps concerning your own self, you felt that you did not recognize yourself, you did not know yourself that much your talents, your abilities, your weaknesses, your strengths. But once you learn the book of Allah, then what happens? It says, you can literally see yourself, you can see every error of yours, every weakness of yours, you see the potential in you.

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I feel like being in this course and studying the Quran in this way, that I've gained a lot of wisdom that I wasn't able to gain through university, high school or probably any other degree. So that was some kind of enlightened my life. Yes. Because the Quran makes you think it makes you think and analyze and question Question one, even your heart, even the reason why you're performing an action. So it really makes you an enlightened person. It makes you think it makes you use your intellect, your mind. And we see that generally people think that those who study the Quran, they will become backward. But what does Allah say, the exact opposite this Quran is light. So those who

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have the book of Allah present in their lives, they're the ones who are enlightened. They're the ones who have gone through enlightenment, and those who lack the book of Allah in their lives than they are in darkness. Because they don't know what they're doing, why they're doing it, where they're headed to do what their goal is, what their purpose is. They don't know. They have no idea, no clue.

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Just the other day, I was reflecting. From my kitchen window, I can see lots of birds. They come because my neighbors, they have a small pond, they come and take a bath in it and they come on my grass, they sit down and they spread out their wings, and they dry themselves. And so basically lots of birds the whole morning.

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And then after they're done bathing and drying themselves, then they go and eat berries off of a tree. And they keep coming and going all day long.

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So I was just thinking, look at their lives. They get up in the morning, they wash up the dress up, and they go find food. And they have fun, they fly around the comeback and the evening again, they will wash up and then they disappear. They go to their beds. And in the morning again the same cycle begins.

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And I was just reflecting that there are so many people living in this whole area. What is their life about? Same thing, right? Every morning they get up, you see the lights are on, people are getting ready for work, then you see the cars are gone. And then they come back. And then people are resting. And the next morning again, same thing happens. People get up they get ready to have some fun, they go make some money to get some food. Why? What's the difference between a birds life and a human beings life? What's the difference? The difference should be that a human being also worships Allah also thinks, does what he does to please Allah. He's living in this dunya. Why to make his

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right to make his home in Jannah. That is supposed to be the difference. But if that's not present in a human beings life, then how is he or she different from a bird? What makes him better? Just that he eats more fancy food? Just that he showers in a more fancy place? Just that he works in a more fancy place or he dresses up in a more fancy way? Is that the only difference? Is that the only difference? really compare your life with animals. How is our life different? If the Quran is not in our lives? If the book of Allah is not guiding our day or night our work our eating our dressing, then there is no difference between us and animals. Absolutely none. So the Quran enlightened a

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person it makes him think it makes them useful. It makes him productive. It makes them focus on the Afula

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it makes him use common sense. It makes him use his brain that the life that I've been given I better make more than a bird would I have to make the home of my hereafter right now. Not just the home of this world. So Ajah are coming Allah He neuron Wakita album will be in

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yatimer Hila who Allah guides through it. Yeah D He gives hedaya be with it meaning through this book, who Allahu Allah gives Hidayat through this book. Remember there are two types of hidayah the first kind is a dyer is shad Hidayatullah.

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And the second type of hidayah is he died a trophy

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Hidayatullah AMA, the first type is when Allah guides meaning he teaches a person he gives them knowledge. Because that is also guidance, right? That for example, if you have to get from one place to another, you need the information, what information that which route should I take? Which road should I go on which path should I take, if you're missing that information, that means you don't have the guidance, you're not going to get to your destination. So the first thing is Hidayatullah.

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So when a person opens the book of Allah, he starts reading it, what does he get? He then

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he gets to know of what he has to do, to make Allah happy. He gets to know what he has to do, to go to Jannah. And you can't know all of this unless and until you open the book of Allah and you start reading it.

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Secondly, he died.

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He died Hidayatullah tofield that as a person keeps reading keep studying. The Quran reminds it shakes him it melts his heart. It warns him and gives him good news involves his emotions. As a result what happens a person yearns to be better. He desires to improve, he wants to make Allah happy. He wants Janna he wants to be saved from hellfire. So as a result, when that desire to improve, when that comes, then Allah subhanaw taala also gives the person the ability to act on the knowledge he died to defeat it is also given to the person but remember, it doesn't happen unless and until a person opens the book and starts reading it. So yeah, d be Hilah who Allah guide through

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this book, if we want to learn, we need to open the book of Allah. If we want to know we need to study the book of Allah. If we want to do something, then we need to again read the book of Allah. Because only through this Allah gives a dire so yeah, the beginner who

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but there are many people who study who learn, but only some are given the Hidayatullah Armelle Hideto tofield who are the money tuber idled Werner who? The one who follows His pleasure, meaning the person who follows Allah's pleasure what does it mean by activa? It Tamara is literally to go after to follow in the footsteps of someone so someone's walking, they're leaving behind footsteps if the bar is that you follow them, you pursue them. So everywhere they're going you follow them. So if the bar gives meaning of pursuing as well, going after going in order to gain in order to catch up with so many Donald Weiner, who is the one who pursues Allah's pleasure, the one who wants to

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attain Allah's pleasure and notice the word real one. This one is from Robert Yeah, Robert. Yeah. What does that mean? Probably Allah who and whom, what to do and who to be happy to be pleased with that he'll Duan is, you can say, is the greatest form of someone's approval, meaning when they approve 100% of what you do. So when that happens, they'll never be upset with you.

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If someone approves 100%, of what you are doing, then what will happen, they won't be upset with you. They won't dislike anything that you're doing. For example, if there's a boss, and his employee has won his heart has proven to him that I am an asset to your company. And he brings in the statistics every now and then and brings him what he's doing. And you know, where he wants to see the company goal and everything. So he has basically won the heart of his boss. He's made him very happy. Now this employee, if he shows up 10 minutes late one day, do you think his boss is gonna have a problem with him? No, he's gonna say I don't mind. He's doing his work. He's getting his work

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done. So what if he's 10 minutes late? Likewise, if he leaves a little early, when his boss have a problem with him, not at all, he's just happy that he has him as his employee, because he feels that he's such an asset. If he was missing, his company would dissolve it would finish. Likewise, the employee one day he comes and asks for a raise using the boss we'll give it to him. Yes, he will give it to him happily. If the employee comes and says, you know, I think I have to move on now I have to go find something else for myself. What will the boss do? He will try to keep him he will give him more incentives.

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So what does it mean that that no matter what the employee does, the boss is not going to be unhappy with him. Why? Because he has earned his real one

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And this is the meaning of the word of that one.

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And Allah's Ridhwan is something that that people will gain when they enter Jannah

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which is why when the people will be in Ghana, that Allah subhanaw taala will ask them, Do you want something?

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Should I give you something else? Would you like something more? And the people of Ghana will say no, Oh Allah, you've given us everything that we could ever want you fulfilled every need every wish of ours, what more could we wish for? They won't be able to think of anything. They won't be able to think of anything that yeah, I want this and I want that and I want this and I want that know, they will be just so happy with whatever Allah has given them, that they will be 100% satisfied. So Allah will keep asking them Do you want do you want and they will say, we have.

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So then Allah will say, that today I have bestowed might have one upon you. For Allah as hot Scotto. So now I will never become upset with you other than ever, I will never become upset with you now. So once the people enter Jannah then it is that they will earn Allah's Ridhwan so Allah will never be upset with them.

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Never no matter what they do what they say. What happens Allah will never be upset with them. In this dunya what happens? You find one Ramadan and you feel so good. You know you feel closer to Allah, you feel light hearted, you know, you feel that the burden of sins insha Allah is gone. You hope and Allah's mercy in Allah's reward. But then what happens? A few days later you find yourself making mistakes, you find yourself committing sins. Why? Because you human being. So every now and then we fall in this dunya you can't earn a loved one. You have to pursue it, you have to want to have it and where are you going to get it in Jana. So the one who wants to make it to Jana, to have

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Allah happy with him so that Allah never becomes upset with him. This person who wants to make it to Jannah Allah guide this person through what through the book of Allah, He guides him through the Quran, that you read, you learn, you recite, you practice you are reminded you do then you make it to Jana. So Allah guides such people who want to make Allah happy through his book. And He guides them to what sabula Salah to the ways of peace, to the ways of security to the ways of safety. Seville is a plural of Seville and sabinas bath way. And Salam is when someone is safe and secure, safe and secure, free from any danger from any harm from any loss from any destruction.

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This is what Salah means. So He guides them through this book to the ways of peace, meaning to the ways that will lead them to ultimate peace and security. And where's that ultimate peace and security and safety? Only in Ghana?

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You see every single person What does he want? Safety. Which is why we see that we don't live on the streets. We live in a house or an apartment, whatever the home is we live there why? So that we can have we can feel safe. Then on our main doors? What do we have locks? Then on the house? What do we have setup and alarm system? Why? Because we want to be safe and secure. Likewise, if it's your money, you don't keep it in the house. You don't keep it in your pocket? Where do you keep it in the bank. And the bank also gives you a card which anybody cannot use rather it needs either your signature or it needs a code why? Because you want to keep your money safe. Likewise, if you have a

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car, you want to make sure that your car is safe so that even if it gets into an accident, you have insurance. Everyone wants safety and security. Which is why everything in this dunya even if you buy an appliance even if you buy sometimes even a garbage can, and it says 10 year warranty, lifetime warranty that if anything messes up you can go take it back and it'll be fixed. Why? Because you want to be safe from having to pay for it again.

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But tell me something. Can you find ultimate safety and security in this dunya No. No insurance plan can fully cover you know, alarm system can always keep your house safe and secure.

00:29:52 --> 00:30:00

No food, no supplement, no miracle food such that you eat it and you'll never become sick. You'll never become

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Old people try to take care of their health so much. They eat so carefully. They avoid so many things, and they eat the most strange, healthy things. Why? Because they want to keep their bodies fit and healthy. They don't want to age early. They don't want to get sick. They want safety. But tell me, do they have the safety in this? Dunya? No,

00:30:24 --> 00:30:25

they don't.

00:30:26 --> 00:30:31

Somebody was telling me about a person whose father died of cancer.

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And he was a person who did not smoke who did not eat out when he was very particular about his food. So for him to die of cancer was a big shock for everybody that how could he die of cancer. So anyway, after his death, the entire family, they changed their diet completely. They became so particular about what they ate, you know, they were very much into naturopathic treatments. Likewise, food supplements, and all these strange herbs and stuff. That's what they used to eat.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:14

And someone like this, you would think that they're physically very healthy, they don't have any sickness, nothing, but one of their family members died in an accident,

00:31:16 --> 00:31:31

in an accident, and every time I think about this, I feel that you can try to do as much as you want to save your body, to save yourself, to keep yourself safe and secure.

00:31:32 --> 00:31:53

But ultimately, we all have to, this doesn't mean that we're not particular about what we eat. No, we should be. But the reality is that ultimately, everyone has to go. So for one person, cancer becomes a cause for another person accident becomes a cause, you have to go ultimately, because this dunya is not the place of security,

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that will come to a person even in his bed if he's meant to die. So this dunya is not a place of safety. You can never feel 100% safe and secure here. Even the people who are closest to you, whom you feel you can trust, even they can hurt you. Even they can betray you. Even they can harm you.

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The food that you are eating, thinking that it's going to make you feel better, it's going to cure you that same food can become the cause of your death, the cause of your illness.

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So this dunya is not a place of safety. Where is that place of safety? What is the place of ultimate peace and security? It's Janna. It's the home of the Hereafter where a person will never become sick. They will never see a wrinkle on their face. They will never see their hair go white. Nothing. They will never feel any pain. They will never feel any danger. In this dunya you go to a resort or something. And here they tell you that you have absolute privacy here but you feel scared.

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You go to a place which may be very big. You may get a house that's very big and you get scared. What if there's gin, you can hear things. He feels scared anyway, you're going to Estonia, you go to a beautiful park, you'll be scared there. No matter how strong you try to become. You can find danger anywhere you go in the studio.

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So this dunya is not a place of peace and security. The place of security is Jana. This is why Allah wants us to go there. This is why he has sent His messenger. This is why he has sent the note. This is why he has sent this book. Yeah, DB Hilah who Manitoba Eduardo sabula Salam. So ultimately the ways of peace are the ways do Jana

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and notice the word Sybil baths ways? Why? Because there are multiple ways to gender, multiple paths to gender.

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What does it mean? You see, gender itself has many gates. It has many doors. One gate we know is web Orion, from which who will be called the people who fast frequently it's their habit they fast they will be called to dinner from Bab Alia. Likewise, some people will be called from the gate of sadaqa. Those who wish to give her the kala others will be called from the gate of Salah and Abu Bakr Allah or no he will be called from every single gate. You will be invited to enter Jannah from every single gate.

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So anyway, the point is that every person has different strengths, different abilities, a unique set of qualities.

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Everyone is not the same. One person loves to recite the Quran, improve his recitation, her recitation, so their focus is that we and after that they feel so they want to perfect the resuscitation. They keep reciting the Quran to one

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And after the other one teacher after the other, keep doing one course after the other, they keep studying one text after the other. Why? Because this is what they enjoy doing. This is what they love. And through this, they want Allah's pleasure.

00:35:13 --> 00:35:34

At the same time, there could be a person who specialist of see. They want to know the meaning of the Quran, the depth of the meaning of the Quran. Why? Because this is what they love to do. This is how they want to make Allah happy. This is how they want to attain Allah's pleasure. There is another person who doesn't know much about Islamic sciences, but they love to pray Salah.

00:35:35 --> 00:36:19

So they're praying constantly, they pray regularly, they pray all of their sunnah and they're nowhere fail regularly as a habit. Why? Because through that act, they want to make Allah happy. There is another person who doesn't find himself strong enough to do this or strong enough to do that. But they love to give in charity. So they want to make Allah happy through their charity. So it doesn't mean that Allah is not important. No, they have to do everything. But there's always one thing that a person excels in, that a person enjoys doing more, that when a person does that he hopes that he will make Allah happy through that act of his through that striving of his. This is

00:36:19 --> 00:36:27

like a rubber hottie when he collected his Sahai. He said that this is one thing that I hope will be an argument for me on the day of judgment.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:34

There's one thing that I hope Allah subhanaw taala will forgive me because of other judgment.

00:36:35 --> 00:36:54

So, there are so many ways. So the thing is that the one who wants to make Allah happy, he will find something, you will find at least one thing which he will do in order to attain Allah's pleasure, but where will he find that from? Where will he discover that from, from the Quran,

00:36:55 --> 00:37:20

when he will read the book of Allah, then he will get ideas. Like I said earlier, the light bulb will go on, and then he will look it, this is what I should do. Because the thing is that when you read Quran, you'll learn about so many different good deeds that you can do so many different things that you can do. And what happens is that once you read, and then you forget, but then the same thing is mentioned again, after a little while, and the same thing is mentioned again.

00:37:21 --> 00:37:26

And then each time you read it each time you study about it, you're motivated again.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:50

So Allah guides people through this book to the home of the Hereafter, which is the home of peace. And when you read your home in Illuminati Illa know, and he takes them out of darkness into the light through this Quran, He extracts people, he pulls people out of the darkness, and he puts them in light.

00:37:51 --> 00:38:39

What does he mean by darkness? When a person is in darkness, what happens is that he's not aware of his surroundings. Bring example you could be at home. And there is no electricity that one odd night. Possible. Yeah. happens, right? So let's say there is no electricity, there is no light. It's your house. That's where you live, you know every corner of it. Which is why even if you see a speck of dust on the ground, you can pick it up. Other people don't notice it, but you notice it. So you know your house so well. But yet if it is dark, can you walk easily? Can you go up and down? Is it? Can you find things in the cabinets easily? Can you find things on the table easily? No. What do you

00:38:39 --> 00:38:48

do you feel everything with your hand. And then you feel with both hands. You take your phone out, shed some light on it and then like yeah, this is this is what I was looking for.

00:38:49 --> 00:39:05

Even though it's your house, you don't see things. You're not aware of your surroundings. This is a reality of the person who is in darkness of what the Quran says meaning he doesn't know the Quran, the Quran is not in his life. So then what happens?

00:39:06 --> 00:39:17

He is unaware of the various good things that he can do. A good opportunity might be in front of him. But he doesn't know.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:23

A chance to do something amazing is right before him, but he doesn't know.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:59

He has no idea when he has no idea. He won't do it when he won't do it. How would he make Allah happy when he got to make Allah happy? How can you make an agenda? So the Quran when a person begins to study it says though, if you have light on dimmers, it says though it becomes brighter and brighter and brighter, your life becomes brighter when it becomes brighter, that you can see more and more opportunities to do good. More and more chances to perform good deeds. Because in the Quran, for instance, we learn about your son towards the parents, the parents, we've been living with them all our lives.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:54

But when did we bother to do something to put a smile on their face? When you read over why they near Santa, then what happens? You put in extra effort to make your parents happy. The same parents in your house you never bothered. And now you bother. Why? Because you can see. So this is exactly what happens. That way you could have a woman of lumati Illa No, be in here by his permission. It can only happen when Allah allows for a person to see that good to do that good. So the Quran takes people out of darkness to light out of gopher to Islam, out of ignorance, into knowledge out of beggar into sunnah, from following the desires to controlling the desires and obeying Allah from

00:40:54 --> 00:41:20

Lofland heedlessness to being alert and conscious. So how does this happen? How does this change occurred? Through the book of Allah B, isn't he? Well, D him illustrata musta came and He guides them to the straight way through the book of Allah, Allah guides people to the correct way. So what do we learn in this idea, that guidance is only in the hands of Allah.

00:41:21 --> 00:42:00

You cannot guide whoever you will. No matter how much you scold them, no matter how much you encourage them, no matter how much you want them to be guided, you cannot do that only Allah guides people, how does he guide them through his book, and a person has to have the desire to be guided, and then Allah will guide him. Because if a person does not wish to change, then even if he's studying the book of Allah in great detail, two hours for every two pages, it's not going to make a difference, if that desire to change is not from within. And then we also learn over here that the person who follows the deen of Allah who follows the Quran, that ultimately he will attain peace and

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00:42:02 --> 00:42:53

So the deen of Allah, observing it takes one to safety and security, ultimate peace and happiness. And when a person leaves it, when a person cuts it from himself, he removes it from his life, then can he ever attain happiness? No. The prime example is look at the people who earn worldly fame, through their music, through their songs through their movies. But what happens every now and then you hear one of them died because of drug overdose. One of them died because of such a reason. Do you read the news, every now and then you hear this so and so singer, so and so Popstar, because of drug abuse, because of alcohol abuse, because of all such things, what happens, they end up killing

00:42:53 --> 00:43:09

themselves, they end up dying, even though they have money that they cannot even marriage, even though they have everything available to them still, they're not happy, the heart is not at peace, it is not satisfied.

00:43:10 --> 00:43:26

So this is a reality, this dunya cannot make you happy, it cannot give you peace. Only you can find it in Ghana. And for that you have to start working on it from now with the book of Allah

00:43:27 --> 00:43:30

trying to earn Allah's pleasure, this will make you happy.

00:43:31 --> 00:43:58

So if people eliminate the Quran from their lives, and they think they are, you know, very happy inside their heart and their Iman is in their heart and their turquoise in their heart, and they love Allah in their heart, it doesn't make much of a difference unless and until they follow the book of Allah, because Allah sent this Kitab as he died, if you eliminate the hedaya, no matter how much you desire to get to your friend's house sitting in the car, you're not going to get to your friend's house, you have to get up and drive. And you have to follow the route.

00:43:59 --> 00:44:35

I was listening to a lecture and the Sheikh was talking about a group of pop stars and it's famous represented and as a club of 27. And there are a group of musicians and the famous thing about it is that they all commit suicide at the age of 27. And he was mentioning a specific star and she I forget her name, and how she made a statement saying that I wish I cared about what people think about me, because she lived a lifestyle where she did everything. She had money. So she wanted to party, she partied, if she wants to eat something she eats. She didn't care what people said or did yet at the age of 27. She commits suicide because she was sick of life because she had no guidance

00:44:35 --> 00:44:47

with a nurse. Because how much can you eat? How much can you party? How much? Eventually it's over? Right? The fun is over. And the more you do it, the more dissatisfied you become with it.

00:44:48 --> 00:44:54

You know, it's like the more you go to a mall eventually a time comes where you're just bored of it. I don't want to go to the mall anymore. I'm tired. I'm done.

00:44:56 --> 00:44:57

Okay, let's listen to the recitation.

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or less. Meanwhile you

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may know Mauro Murthy, Elan moody be

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