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Qaf 20-45 Tafsir 20-29

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. That's the number 270. So that cough is number 2245.

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One of your office od, and the horn will be blown, that ecoman worried. That is the day of the threat was at psychological modes, a person dies that has come. And then eventually, when you think of his soul, this is a reality, that the trumpet will definitely be blown. And velika that is meaning the day when the Trumpet is blown, that is your one worried the day of warning, the day of threat and worried threat or the promise, meaning the day when the promise threat is to be carried out, which threat, the threat that was given before of punishment in the Hereafter, the threat of the threat of punishment. So that is the day the day when the Trumpet will be blown. When that

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threat will be carried out mean the punishment will be given. Accounting will take place, a person will be questioned about what he said about what he did, well new physical facility that ecoman worried.

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A veteran once asked the Prophet salallahu salam, O Messenger of Allah, what is the trumpet, and he said, it is a horn that has blown into and it will be blown into by who by angel is Salafi, who has his mouth, placed on the horn ready, he is awaiting the order that is to be given to him and as soon as it's given, he's going to blow the trumpet instantly, immediately.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said concerning the angel of the horn, that when he will blow into the horn on his right will be Jubilee, and on his left will be Mika II. And it sound will be so intense, that the people will die upon hearing it. As they will hear it, they will die instantly. And we learned that the horn, it will be blown on the day of Friday,

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it will be a Friday, when the horn is blown. This is why we see that there is neither an angel, who is very close to Allah, nor anything in the heavens and the earth, nor the wind, nor the sea, except that all of them are afraid on Friday, that what if today, the trumpet is blown.

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And as you know that the Trumpet will be blown, how many times do times, movie episode how many times twice the first time, when the Trumpet is blown, everyone who hears it, which is the entire creation, what will happen, they will all die instantly, everything will perish khulumani la have wherever covered you Rebecca the jewelry will come and only Allah will remain

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and then what will happen? The Trumpet will be blown a second time. And the second blowing is what is mentioned over here, when new Philip is slowly because this is what will cause barrus this is what will bring about resurrection and people will come out of their graves alive and taken to the plane of gathering for the purpose of ASAP and later on just an

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intro to Zuma 68 one of the sorry for sorry, comment for semi YT woman fill out the ilam insha Allah The Trumbull will be blown whoever is in the skies and the earth, whoever any creation what will happen to it, it will die instantly except for those who Allah wants. So many of you Javi O'Hara for either who pm when he alone, and then it will be blown another time the champion will be blown a second time and at once they'll be standing looking on.

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And as for the second ruling of the trumpet, we learned that instantly, as it will be blown that people will come out of their graves alive in through the sofort 19. We learned for innama he has Angela to wahida for either homeand loon it will be one cry one shout and instantly at once. There'll be standing watching, observing for the donor of wotja you will come in groups

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which are at Kowloon of sin and every soul will come Mara ha with it set equal a driver was shahidan and also a witness every single soul that will come out alive at the blowing of the trumpet that will be resurrected, it will come it will come where to the plane of gathering and how will it come? accompanied by a sack and a Shaheed a driver and also a witness.

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So it is from the root letter scene well off or senior or from the word siaka. And what does that mean driving? Sir, isn't it is one who drives one who urges on and we have learned this word earlier until the Zoomer was seen on leadin

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we'll see you on Latina taco

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So we're just Kowloon FC Mara Hassan, who is a psychic, the one who will lead the person, drive the person, urge on the person where do the plane of gathering

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and along with the sign could also be a Shaheed

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who is a Shahid Shaheed is one who witnesses, one who testifies?

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Who is this and who is a Shaheed

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It is said that it refers to an angel, which Angel, the one who recorded the deeds of the person.

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So he will drive the person where do the judgment arena to the plane of gathering? And why is there a need to drive a person

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because people will rise in the day of judgment in different forms. We see that some will rise in the form of ants. Others will rise while they are blind.

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And a person will question Rob Bielema, hotshot Dharma, aka quintuple

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colloca Dalit attacca Ayatollah fantasie de Vaca daddy Kalyan matanza. So some people will be resurrected blind on the Day of Judgment. Some people will be resurrected, walking on their faces, some people will be resurrected zurka all black and blue and pale because of all the punishments they have experienced in the Hellfire because of the punishment that will overwhelm them even in the pain of gathering Yamato BMW, but that's what the would you the day when some faces will be bright and other faces will be black. And so when people are like ants, or when people are in a terrible state, someone has to drive them. Someone has to lead them. If someone is blind, he has to be led

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and also static. Why? So that no person escapes, no person even tries to escape. The moment a person comes out of the grip instantly, the angel will grab him and lead him to the pain of gathering so that no one can even try to escape.

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And remember that the meaning of CFO it changes, doesn't it? According to who is being driven.

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So some will be driven honorably, and others will be driven in a terrible way. Why should he eat who is Shaheed The one who will bear witness bear witness to what the deeds of the person.

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Some have said that Shahid refers to the actions of a person.

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The actions of a person allama saw a kazoo, the angel and Shaheed is what alarma because the actions of a person they will testify against him. So in other words, it's the record of his deeds. Others have said that Shahid refers to his hands his feet that will testify against him with regards to his actions.

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Others have said that Shaheed is also an angel. So one angel is the sidekick another angel is the Shaheed one Angel will drive the person and the other Angel will bear witness to his actions.

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Some have said that sire because the angel who wrote his say yet, and Shaheed is the angel who wrote his has an alert. So a person when he will emerge from his grave, he will come to the hash accompanied by Celtic and Shaheed so that he cannot go anywhere, so that all of his deeds are brought in front, so that he cannot deny any of his deeds. The record is present. The witnesses present a person cannot hide, he cannot escape. Sir. Shaheed, this is just like a criminal. Who wants he has been caught? Can he go anywhere? No. He's been caught, he cannot escape. And then there's also the evidence that he has done something wrong. What can he do? Where can he go?

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law or the Kentucky law let him in whether it will be said you were certainly in heedlessness of this, in the life of dounia naka de cuenta de la flatten you were in LA Fleur. You were in heedlessness, you were in carelessness. Min Heather. Concerning this? What does this refer to this day? What has befallen you this day? What Allah has warned about you have this date. You never thought about it. You never worried about it. You were oblivious to it, unmindful of it. Never expected it. Never prepared for it. But now FACA chef now I'm gullible. But now we have removed from you you're covering the covering that prevented you from seeing in this dunya seeing this reality in

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this dunya today that covering that veil has been removed and now that it has been removed for basalt. Okay, Leo mahadi. So your vision today is very sharp. What is the thought the thought is a covering. It's basically a lid that is put at the top of something in order to cover it.

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Basically the pie is used for the cover or the lid of something

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thing that is open from one side, like for example apart, you understand the layout of something that is open from one side and the lead is such that when you put it, when you place it, then what happens? It completely covers it, it fits completely covers it. So, when it completely covers it, then for instance if you put a lid like this on top of a pot can any steam escape, can it no it cannot. Similarly, you have a lid on top of an ink pot, when you put that lid closing its mouth, can any ink come out? Can it leak? No, it cannot.

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This is what is a covering a lead that completely covers.

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So in the dounia you were in love flow. You were unmindful of this day, you never prepared for this day. Why? Because there was a thought on you. What is a thought referring to heedlessness that a person is in because of indulgence in material things. that a person is so lost in donia. Enjoying one thing after the other preoccupied with one thing after the other worried about one thing after the other, that he doesn't even think about the hereafter. It doesn't even cross his mind once. He's just concerned about dunya his enjoyment is all about this world, his concern and worry all about this world. He doesn't have any time for the axilla this is what it is.

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And you see sometimes it happens with us. That summary is right before us. But just because we're busy in our thoughts, what happens we missed?

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Something is sitting right before but just because our mind is elsewhere. We miss it. We don't see it a major reality right before us. We don't perceive Why? Because there isn't a thought on the eyes. What is that other part of heedlessness of indulgence of being distracted. So this is the thought that prevented you from worrying about the hereafter. While you were in the dunya today that we thought has been removed, this veil of the unseen has been removed. Therefore today for bustle polyoma. Today on the Day of Judgment, your vision it is headed It is very sharp. So it is able to perceive everything that used to reject and doubt in the linear.

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What is headed literally it's used for iron and found that it is used for anything that is sharp that can be used for cutting. So for buzzer Okayama Howdy. Today your vision is very sharp, sharp vision What does it mean? able to perceive what you were not able to perceive before

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able to perceive what you doubted before what you denied before?

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It is that an Estonian what either motto in

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that people are asleep. And when they die, then they wake up.

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People are asleep in this dunya and when they die, that is when they wake up.

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They're asleep and dystonia. Why last busy concern occupied with dystonia only.

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And when they die, then they wake up to the reality of the hereafter. What do we think when a person has died? Then he's sleeping. It's actually the other way around. That's when he's woken up

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for Vassallo, glioma, Hadid.

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Well, Carla, Colleen who and his companion will say, whose companion, the companion of collapse of the person who is occurring, a friend or companion who is connected with you, who is constantly with you,

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or who share something with you. Like for example, work. So work on a car you know, who who is this Korean referring to? Some have said that this Corinne is referring to the angel, which Angel

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the Shaheed the angel who recorded his deeds, the angel who brought him to the judgment arena, the angel who will bear witness against his deeds against what he did and said. So that Angel, he will say, Heather, this is ma what is lead a year with me, our deed ready. This is what I have with me ready and prepared. What does this refer to? It refers to the record of deeds, because in the dunya may I'm filming Hola, Illa de rocky bonati

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Bella waru ser una de him, Dr. Boone, Yala Mona Mater, falloon kiralama and Kathy viene.

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So the angels are recording everything in the dunya. So on the Day of Judgment, when the angel will bring the person to the judgment arena, what will you say? I have this record. Here's the record of this person had a man of the year. It

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This is what I have already prepared.

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This record is right here. He will show it he will present it. Secondly, it has been said that has it refers to the person himself that this person, I haven't ready, ready for what? For judgment? He has been resurrected. I grabbed him from there from his place of resurrection from his grave, and I've brought him here. He's ready for his job. He's in my custody, and now he's ready for his app.

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Then it has also been said that we'll call Carina who this Corinne. Corinne actually refers to shape on.

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Because remember that with every person, or angels, who are halfling and with every person is also a shaman, isn't it? And that shaitan What does he do? He whispers evil to the person.

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And we have learned in the Quran, that woman Yeah, sure executive Romani, Nokia bluboo shavon. And for who Hello, Corinne. Wakayama, Allahu Khurana is an actor, so that children who whispered evil to him who tempted him to do wrong, that Corinne that shaitaan will also come with the person on that day. And he will say, Heather melodiya Rt. This is what I have prepared, prepared for what? For Hellfire? This is what I have ready to go with me into the Hellfire because that is the mission of SharePoint. That is the goal of a police and his comrades to lead people astray, so that he and his friends don't go alone and Hellfire, but they also take with them people whom they've led astray. So

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the marine will come saying how they're melodiya it this is what I have ready to go to the Hellfire with me. It will be said Aliyah throw fija Hannah into hellfire. Good luck affair in our need every obstinate disbeliever ungrateful person throw into Hellfire, every person who has a foul and who's also I need notice the word LP.

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LP Yeah, this is destinia, the lF at the end, and this does Nia this address could be understood as the address to the two angels which two angels say actually, the two angels who recorded the deeds of the person. So they are appointed to record the deeds of a person in the dunya they are appointed to bring him to the judgment place in the hereafter. And they're also appointed to throw the person into Hellfire

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ltfu Johanna khaolak affair underneath.

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Then it has also been said that LPR this word is actually LP, LP, meaning it's actually a must being given to single to one person and who is that one, the angel that has been appointed over Hellfire Malik, Malik Lee, aka Dr Elena buck.

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However, the command will be given repeatedly over and over again to show the intensity.

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So the angel will be told lt lt through through to denote repetition, emphasis and because the command will be given repeatedly, this is why it has been said once in the form of alteya

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that Allah will say throw fija hana into Hellfire could let affair in or need every person who is gafurov extreme disbeliever and our needs stubborn, obstinate, obstinate to the truth, resisting the truth, stubbornly defiant against the truth. What is our need? I need this from the fetters I knew that and erneut is to become stubborn to move away from the right course to deliberately oppose the truth. So it wasn't that he disbelieved himself, but he also oppose the truth. He recognized the truth, yet he rejected it sees him and throw him manjeri little hiree preventer of good martyrdom, aggressor. marieb doubter

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because when a person does one wrong thing, when a person begins to oppose the truth, then he ends up doing many many wrong things. He ends up staying away from good himself and he also stops others from going near goodness. Munna. Munna This is the structure of feral who is menar one who does a lot of money, one who stops a lot excessively.

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So one who repeatedly, greatly stopped from what alive, meaning he didn't do good himself. And then he also stopped other people from doing good. If anyone else wanted to do good, he also stopped him.

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And what does it mean by height, height could be understood as any good deed, any good action, any virtuous

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Islam, anything of Islam, he stayed away from it himself and he also stopped others. And he can also be understood as well because White is used for wealth seminar a little higher, meaning he was preventer, he used to withhold wealth, and he also used to tell other people to withhold wealth.

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He did not give sadaqa and he also did not encourage other people to do. rather he discouraged them.

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Greedy hoarder, he was selfish, didn't care about others monera little hide, martyred in a transgressor. Merton is done well and who is more than the one who has erected The one who does it today meaning the one who crosses limits. He does not care about the limits that have been set does not care about the commands that have been given. So a transgressor a transgressor in what in his speech, he said whatever he wanted to, in his actions, he did whatever he wanted to in his behavior he behaved However, he wanted to violating the rights of others, disregarding the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has said, Mark, that transgressor crossing our limits, and on top of that Moody, who

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is Moody, one who entertains rave, one who is doubtful, a skeptic, doubter of what doubter of truth, he doubted the truth doubted Allah doubted the warnings that have been given doubted the Day of Judgment. And this is the reason why a person would ever steer away from good. This is a reason why a person would stop others from good manner a little Heidi Martin Moody, and Lady Jarl Mr. La Ilaha. Aha, the one who made us equal with Allah another day. This is the greatest transgression that he associated partners with Allah, therefore for altea, who will either be shady, so throw him into the very severe punishment, throw him into the punishment that is a shoddy, very severe, very harsh,

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Allah Kareena who his companion will say, whose companion, the Companion of the person, which companion is this, if we did the first meaning, that it's the angel, then the angel will say, or burner, or our Lord Mata later who I did not make him transgress what I can can appeal without him very, but rather, he himself was an extreme error.

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Why will the angels say this?

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Because a person when he will see the deeds that are recorded in his record, and he'll be questioned about them, he'll be made to suffer punishment for them, he will deny having committed those deeds,

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when he will deny having committed those deeds, that in other words, what is he saying?

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What is he saying that the angel was unfair? A person did not do anything, the angel wrote it anyway.

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Or that a person did something good, the angel didn't write it. Because we see that some good deeds a person does, but then they are wasted because of other deeds that he does, right? Similarly, a person does something bad and only then it's recorded, what do we learn about the mercy of Allah that when a person intends to do something good, it's written. When a person intends to do something evil, it's not written. When a person does the good that he intended, multiple reward is written for him. When a person does the evil that he intended, then only one evil is written for him. And if he doesn't do it, then what is written for him? Good is written for him. This is the mercy of Allah. So

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despite that, if a person ends up with his record against him, then whose fault is it? It's his own fault. But on the Day of Judgment, he will not be willing to accept that fault. Rather, who will he blame the angel? So the angel will defend himself saying robina Utley, too, I did not make him transgress. How? By writing this evil deed?

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Meaning I only wrote what he did. I only recorded what he said, I'm not presenting him as evil when he wasn't actually evil, no, mildly to, well, I can care of Ebola linbury, but rather, he himself was in a very extreme error. He himself was very wrong. He did the wrong and only then I wrote it. Secondly, if we take the Quran to be shaitan, then what will happen on the day of judgment? A person will blame Japan as well, that he is one who led me astray

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like we do in the dunya we do something wrong. Instead of seeking forgiveness. Instead of making amends. What do we do? It's Satan's fault. And we think that it's perfectly fine. Once we blame Chevron, once we realize that it was from Shetland. Okay. shaitaan made you do it. But what about you? Aren't you supposed to seek forgiveness? Aren't you supposed to make amends? You're supposed to do that. But we see in the hereafter when a person will try to blame shame on what will share time say mercy.

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They do. I did not force him. I did not make him sin. When I can kind of feel that island breathing himself was an extreme error. He made the choice because I only suggested I only whispered and he agreed, he accepted. And he's the one who decided to do it. This is just as we learned in sort of Ibrahima 22. That will call the shaytaan lamacchia angle in the La hawara dakumar. They'll have to come from left to go mechanically, or they come in so far and I had no authority over you under Article, prostatectomy. I only called you and you responded to me. When you responded to me willingly with your own decision for that alimony. Don't blame me today, while we were on full

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circle, blame yourselves. Allah will say, Allah He will say Latifah simola D do not dispute before me will call the condom to La COVID worried while I had already presented to you the warning, Allah will say don't dispute in front of me. Don't dispute in my presence. Because this is a dispute going on a person denying no I never did this angel say No, I did not write this incorrectly. No. Allah will say that after similar they don't argue in front of me. Because arguing in front of Allah disputing over here is of no use. Why?

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Because if someone is guilty today, it's their fault.

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If in the record, evil is written, it's that person's fault. Letter similar data

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will cause them to lie conville worried. And in fact, I had sent you I had already presented to you the warning. Don't argue right now. Because I had already sent you the warning. A dumb to LA con bilberry. A dumb to have that mean a demo when it's followed by B. It means to inform of something in advance or to give an instruction in advance.

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So I informed you of where it from before. It's not that you didn't know the Day of Judgment wasn't coming. It's not that you didn't know every word you said was being recorded.

00:27:16--> 00:27:24

It's not that you didn't know that some deeds waste other deeds. It's not that you didn't know you'll be questioned about your deeds, recompense for them

00:27:25--> 00:28:02

down to La kaminari I gave you the warning. You knew. So don't blame each other. Don't blame the angel. Don't blame shaitan it's your fault. But cut down to LA can be worried you knew very well. Now what you worried is this, which threat? is this? The threat of punishment of the hereafter? And how did a loss of penalty warn us about it when from before to the Quran to the various messengers that he has sent through the various examples that He has given in the Quran. Through the descriptions of the Day of Judgment, these ayat themselves are a warning were condemned to La COVID worried.

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So a person cannot blame anyone on that day, except for himself. May you bet de la colada, the word will not be changed with me. Why am I Nebula alarmingly lobbied and never will I be unjust to the servants. I'll code the word the statement which has been said meaning the statement that Allah has uttered which statement is this? The statement of punishment, the statement of giving reward of giving punishment of giving recompense, the final judgment that has been made concerning a person once that has been made. It's not changed, it's not altered. May you bet the dollar the

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woman and a bill alarmingly lobbied and I am not at all unjust to the servants, meaning I will not punish anyone except that they deserve the punishment except that punishment is justified against him

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into the profit is 17 we learn a Leo moto juicer coloane fcmb maka Sabbath logo milliohm. This day, every soul will be recompense for what it earned no injustice today. There is no injustice on the Day of Judgment.

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You see, when people are arguing, especially when a final decision has been made, then what's the point of that argument? to somehow alter the judgment? Isn't it to somehow alter the decision that has been made? But we see that once Allah has made the decision on the Day of Judgment concerning a person, this is what he's getting? This is what he deserves. This is where he's going, then that word will not be changed. What do we learn in the Quran? The Hadith? colo colo, Allah actelion for whom let me know what am i carrying with Rebecca Johanna mineral genetti onesie ultramarine.

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So the soul of Allah once it is established against a person it's not changed.

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Because then he deserves it.

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If Allah decides for a person that he's going to Hellfire, it's justified because women and it'd be 1 million arbete