Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L270A

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Qaf 20-45 Translation 20-45


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The transcript describes a group of speakers discussing a variety of topics, including a variety of topics such as war, money, and the state of the Union. The speakers mention various people and events, including a woman named Yasha who is a woman of war, a woman named Marara, and a woman named Yasha. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears disjointed.

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hola hola barakato

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una sala del Rosario Kareem. I'm about to Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim of the Swati suddenly you will see the MG Washington Dr. melissani Coco Ali Baba has given her EMA that's the number 270 sort of off is number 2245

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wonderful. And it was blown. Fie in a soul the trumpet there leka that yomo de la worried of the warning of the promise wotja and it came galoot every Knutsen so my aha with it, sir econ. A driver was Shaheed and a witness

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laqad certainly contact you were fee in reflecting heedlessness men from Heather this FACA Schaffner so we removed Anca from you refer your cover for basalt rock so your site polyoma today How do you don't is sharp? What color and he said, but he knew who his companion has this man what led a year with me or didn't one Ready? One prepared? Althea, you took us cast you to throw fi in Jehan NEMA Hellfire cola every gefahren most ungrateful or need in stubborn

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manner in much hinder little hide for the good Martha in a transgressor, mood even at doubter. And lady who geralyn he made Mara, with Allah He, Allah, Allah Han a god, other elfia who saw you to throw him fee in either the punishment or shadid, the severe

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Allah He said, or he knew who his companion robina Oh, our Lord may not apply to who I made him transgress

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Well, I can but can he was fee in Berlin, a string and error where Eden waunfawr Allah He said, let's do not Dr. C. Mu. You all argue that a year before me what occurred while in fact a dumb to AI advanced alaikum Do you bit worried with the warning?

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message? Matt not you bet deleeuw it has changed

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the word lead a year with me warmer and not an I believe in them at all. One who is unjust little Arby's for the slaves

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yoma en de Nicola nicolaou We shall say ledger hanham to help help our intellective you filled up what aku and it will say help our men from mazie then anymore.

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What was the effect and it was brought near agenda to the paradise little moutain for those who adopt a viral not buried in for has this man What do I do now? You all are promised liquidly for every a web in one who is asked returning

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happy Lin one who guards

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mn who questia he feared of washerman the Most Merciful, believe in the unseen world. And he came because Ben with a heart muneeb one that turns repeatedly

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or the Hulu her you all enter it besana with bees with security Delica that yo mo is day and Hulu of the eternity. Now home for them ma whatever Yasha una they wish fee her in it while a Dana and with us mazie don't is more welcome and how many a HELOC now we destroyed. Avila home before them men from ordinary generation home they shut down our stronger men home than them bottleshop in strength funnel kaaboo so they explored fi in albula the lens Hell is men from machine any escape in indeed fi in their liquor that led the clock surely a reminder Lima for who can and he was law who for him ahlborn a heart, Ghana it was the who for him collarbone a heart

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Oh or alpha, he cast a summer the hearing wahoo while he shahidan a witness while awkward and certainly Hanukkah we created a semi wet the heavens while upper and the earth warmer and whatever bainer Homer is between them to see in Sector six a year many days warmer and not must center it touched us men from lovin any fatigue, phosphate so endure with patients are the upon man what Yoku Luna they say what's up and glorify behind the with praise Rob Baker of your governor before blue rising a shadow of the sun will Karbala and before Alou the setting woman and from a late the night for Sabir who so glorify Him what a dibella and backs after a sujood the prostrations

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was the mirror, and listen yoma on the Unity he will call aluminet the color men from McCann in a place, but even one near

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yoma on day. Yes, Marina they will hear of say half the cry, been helped with the truth, the liquor that yo move is day 100 of the exit

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in indeed we national we Nashi we give life when you Me too, and we give that what Elena and to us and mostly the destination yoma en de de shokaku it will split asunder of the earth. I know from them CRR as one's hastening as one hurrying out velyka that freshmen are gathering our laina upon us. Yes your own very easy.

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National we are a normal one who knows best Bheema with what your coluna they say? warmer and not until you are lay him upon them. beija belt at all. One who compels for that case? So remind bill or an with the Quran. Man, whoever your half he fears. What are you doing? My threat?

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That's the recitation.

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Back cash.

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Happy Monday.

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Fish behind your big

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