Nouman Ali Khan – Surah Yusuf #26

Nouman Ali Khan
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seriously, we're doing an experiment. So this might sound a little awkward in the beginning. So I'm waiting for confirmation from satellite headquarters, which is my wife to let me know if I'm on the internet right now. Am I? I am. This is all happening right now. Okay.

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Okay. Not awkward at all. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. rubella Humana. shaytani r rajim. Carlotta BCG, new.

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Niki de

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rubbish everywhere silly. Nakata melissani Coco Lee hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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once again everyone Somali compartmentalised Allah Ricardo today, I tried to cover I am number 33 of Salut Yusuf. We are at the point where, you know, the wife of the minister has shown her true colors. She's also got all these women ganged up around herself. Now they're all in on it together at this point, because it's in their best interest to really support each other. Now, because of the political web that's been cast. And use of Harley, Sam is caught in the middle of this trap between him and all of those women. And at this point, she gets emboldened and tells him, he better do whatever I tell him to do, otherwise, he's going to jail. It's also important to note before I carry

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on, that at this point, there, he is not, it's not just him dealing with one person who's gone crazy, he's dealing with an entire group of people now. And this, you know, hydrolock was more of a suggestion, which is even I'm ready for you or come here. But now she's being authoritative and demanding. So she's gonna use her influence and her power, maybe even our other slaves, to force him and to impose something on him that he doesn't want. And that's why when she says he's gonna get thrown into jail, she'll have other guards come and take, you know, cast him away. So he's now in physical danger, too. So this has extremely intensified. And there's no, what's remarkable, also,

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that I didn't mention Valerie pointed it out, it's correct is you've got this environment where there's all these women, and there's this, you know, this the leader of the head of the house, or this woman, and they're all saying this crazy stuff, and not one of them has the voice of reason to say, Wait, this is wrong, we shouldn't be doing this. Or that we should treat this person with some respect, or nobody had the voice of reason. And why did that happen? You know, in psychology, sometimes you study the the the reason for which someone would remain silent, during, you know, something, it could be that somebody doesn't agree with what's going on. Okay, it's possible. We

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don't know that we just know that they all schemed, and whatever. But actually, they're, you know, what society tells us in a famous Hadith, if you see an evil, you should change it with your hand if you can't with your tongue. And if at the very least, you can at least despise it inside of your heart, right? But here's the situation we're just despising in your heart isn't enough because your life isn't in danger. These are influential women. And in that sense, they become complicit with what's going on. Actually, it's a similar, it's a more similar case than that Hadeeth, to what Allah describes. And so to Toba in sutopo, Allah describes that when the prophet SAW Saddam was taking

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the, you know, the drafted Muslim military for the expedition towards the book, which was actually a draft, so it wasn't a voluntary military, everybody had to go. And if you're not going to be joining the military, you have to present your reasons for not being able to go, okay. Everything okay?

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volume is low. Okay.

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All right. We'll work on the volume before I carry on.

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You got it. Okay. So, because it was a draft military operation, it wasn't voluntary. Even the hypocrites were forced into joining. So when they joined the military, they, you know, they're more of a liability than an asset, because these are soldiers that don't want to be on the battlefield. So even as you're traveling through the, you know, in caravans towards the military objective, they take their horses, and they go back and forth. And they, you know,

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they try to spread rumors and create dissent and lower the morale of the military. What are we doing here? It was crop season. I don't know why we're all the way out here. And there are people that are, there are some people that put a stop to it as soon as they open their mouth, right? You can't be doing this. You open your mouth again, we're gonna see what happens, right? Because in the military, you can't be creating that kind of dissent. That's tantamount to treason. But some of them a lot of the scribes will feed them some marinella whom Allahu Allah Muhammad Ali mean among you are those who actually do listen to them and Allah knows all the wrongdoers who was who was the

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wrongdoer. Now, the wrongdoers were they who went around trying to spread something bad and the

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wrongdoers were the ones that were listening implicitly. So the Quran also illustrates that when you have a social setting, and something wrong is happening, and you have the power to change it, and you stay quiet anyway, then you become part of the problem, then you know, be remaining silent in such a situation does not absolve you Well, at least I wasn't, I didn't want to be a part of it, or that's not good enough, because you had the power to say something, right. So that's a misuse of the famous Hadith where at least you should feel bad about it in your heart, the people who should feel bad about it in their heart are those who have no other recourse they have, they can get killed for

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opening their mouth, or whatever it may be, you know, and so at the very least, they still have the faith and, you know, if they don't, they don't want to be courageous enough to speak up, which is actually the fundamental of our Deen, what also will help it counsel each other to the truth. Lana ha, fulfiller Hello, mattala him, we're not going to be afraid to see the criticism of any criticize, or we're not going to be afraid of it. If we are convinced that we're speaking the truth, we're going to an akula haka. In America, that's a pledge people took to the prophets, I seldom will speak the truth, wherever we may be, in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. We don't we

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don't, it won't be part of our equation, who's not going to like Atlanta, half of La Loma de la him, it's because we're speaking for the sake of Allah, then whoever doesn't like it, they don't have to like it. We're not going to take that into consideration when we open our mouth. Okay, so that's actually the principle Now, coming back to this. There are, you know, this entire group, nobody speaks the truth and use of La Salaam doesn't have a human support with him saying, hold on strong, the fatherly figure jacoba his Salaam isn't there, you saw some people making the seed in the previous scene when she was alone with him, that he saw an image of his father, even if you accept

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that interpretation, none of that here now. And this situation is exponentially worse, because there's far more pressure on him now. And yet he is just by himself. And this is Allah azzawajal, describing the intensity of the situation for this remarkable human being that you've got not just one individual putting him in fit, not an entire society ganged up against him, he's got no way out of it. And there he stands just alone with his faith. That's all he has is the man and Allah. That's, that's all the only you know, what he can turn to, which is why when she makes this threat threat to him, the incredible thing is, he doesn't respond to her. He has an immediate conversation

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with Allah. That's the first incredible thing to notice in iron number 33. She's just made his thread, let me let me have alma amarula, Luciana, our, you know, when you're when a minister he didn't, if he doesn't do whatever I tell him to do, he's gonna get thrown into jail, or absolutely, he will be from those that get humiliated. And at this point, he should be responding to this threat. But instead, again, he ignores her completely. And he turns to a lion speaks to a lead directly. Now my personal, you know, inclination, I was discussing this with him the other day, about this ayah it can be argued that he said this out loud the words that he's about to say that he

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said them out loud, or I laugh enough, see he that he said this inside of himself. Like this is like a dog when we make a dog to a lot, sometimes even we can't hear it, but we're making a dog. Yeah, that's us. Still speaking, the heart can speak to not just the tongue that speaks, the heart can speak to right so the word caller can be used for speaking within yourself, or speaking, having a conversation within yourself without verbalizing it out loud. Now, it could be that he also said this out loud, it may be the case to now at the very least, if I were to mix and match. My personal inclination is he said this to himself, that he didn't even consider them worthy of conversation. If

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you do say if I do it, you know, consider that there's a possibility that he spoke this in front of all of them, I would argue that that would have been a part of it. Not all of it was part of it as a hobby in a madrina nearly that part, meaning famous words, prison is more beloved to me than what they're calling me to write that part. He clearly may have said out loud, but he didn't talk to them he talked to who alum I master prison, the jail is better for me is more beloved to me than whatever they're calling me to we're gonna dig into that phrase a little bit shallow in a second. But then the next part where a lot of stuff and Nikki Donna, really hinder. And if you don't steer their

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scheme away from me, then I might inclined towards them. And I might become those who don't have control over their feelings. I might become those who act in, you know, in decent ways, or jailene in inappropriate ways. That part is his own vulnerability, and he's not going to give the enemy that that I might give into you. Allah doesn't steer me away. So I'm more inclined to think that latter part. If not all of it is something he says Don't be too alarmed that he doesn't say this out loud in lambdas let us live and degrade on

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our communal journey. If he did say towards them, then it can be considered that he's putting

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I'm down and saying you're being Jilin, and I'll be among you, you're being ignorant, you're being the ones who don't control your emotions, and I would be among you, there has to be something that has to be addressed about the cya. I am not interested in, you know, inclining towards more novel or more unique interpretations of the Quran against what traditionally has been said about the word of Allah. In fact, most of the time, I like to be on the side of what is being said, traditionally, even if I would say, that can be that view, can be looked at, in in a more nuanced way, but not going against what's been said already.

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But in this particular case, I've had a problem for many, many, many years. And I'll share that problem with you, I'll be open and transparent with you about it. And at the end of this discussion, again, I'm not presenting to you that I have the right understanding of this, but I'm presenting to you what I find the most convincing and you're welcome to do your own studies and research and inshallah, in the comments section, shift sohaib. I, you know, he and I spoke and those of you that have questions about it, he can certainly address them there too, because he and I had a discussion about this also, it's very famously said about this IRA, because he said, prison is more beloved to

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me than what they're calling me to, that use of Halle Salama other law made a mistake that he should have that if he had said, Yeah, love, protect me, or get your Give me your security, your security is more beloved to me than what they're calling to, then Allah would not have thrown him in allowed him to be thrown in prison, that the fact that he said prison is better for me, is the reason the law put him in prison, he could have chosen better words, right. And this has sort of become the standard staple interpretation of this ayah This is an example of you should ask for the best things. And if you you should be careful what you ask for because then you'll get it etc, etc.

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Right? So I'm going to tell you why. There's a layers by for which I could not for a very long time, I didn't open my mouth about it, but I could not accept that interpretation of this ayah. Let's first talk about the authenticity of that famous interpretation. That's everybody quotes. Everybody cites that Yusuf Ali Salaam as for jail, he should have asked for something better, etc. Right? I'm going to be rahima Hola, who's you know, clearly famous for citing sources of what's been said in the early generations right? And many attribute this to be an author meaning something attributed to the Sahaba that one of the Sahaba mentioned this phrase. Here's how the phrase goes in the in the

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wording of the Rama hula, this is this is taken from a local tourist seat. Well, hookah, and it has been said and it's been circulated and hokey also means the story has been told from HCA, the story has been told, and the use of insulin the use of an exam llama color signal, Habu in a year when he said that prison is more beloved to me, Oh Ha Allahu Allah He Allah is revealed something to him at that moment. Allah revealed something name Yeah, you serve. And the Hubba Stanhope sack you put yourself you engage yourself. Love revealed to him you serve you just engage yourself. Hey through qualta a signal Abuja when use when you said prison is more beloved to me when oculta lafiya

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bhulaiyaa. And had you said protection or less security or allows relief is more beloved to me that will veto you would have been given security and relief. So the fact that you so this is what's narrated in awkward to me. Now, here's the issue. The first thing is to be Rahim, Allah when he you know, cite something, then he gives you where he got it from.

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And if he's talking about it, why of some kind you will typically find lluvia or Yoruba, it's been narrated, and you those of you that are familiar with Islamic discourse, we talk a lot about narrations, right? So even his use of the word hakea is obscure. Like it has been said. It's been circulated. You know, if the story has been told, and he doesn't attribute it to anybody, he doesn't doesn't go back to some authentic source. Now, here's the other, there's a second problem. It can be that something is mentioned in the feed, and we don't find an exact trace for where it came from. And we can still may be accepted that that happens. And I don't find an intellectual problem with

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doing so in our tradition if it doesn't raise an issue. But this raises an issue for me at least on a number of levels. The first level is this is claiming that Allah revealed something. Right? Allah revealed something to us effortlessly. And Allah said to us every time you said this word had you said that word it would have been better, and you would have been given relief. So now we're attributing revelation that came from Allah in a quote, it's not a hobby, such as a hobby, or this happened in this, you know, human interaction, this interaction between Allah and a prophet. And if we don't have the highest authentication of any interaction between Allah and the Prophet, that to

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me is not something you can take as a basis to you know, to judge issues because that that should require the highest level of authenticity. Quran itself being the ultimate case of that right a lot directly speaking to his prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and Allah Valley

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stating that this is directly the speech of, you know a lot to him through the angel gibreel over and over again in the Quran. So authenticity when it comes to attributing something to Allah is of the highest importance in our religion. Right. So there can be other narrations that talk about other things where you can take a more lacs approach, it's possible, you know, maybe there's some visual aids and things like that. But here, I have an issue with it. I personally do. That's the first reason. The second reason I have an issue with it is what does the law say about use of an incident, please pay attention to this carefully.

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That Allah will teach him the interpretation of what lies behind speech. Yes, so people are gonna say something on the surface, but Allah knows what is behind it. Now,

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as far as I can tell, allow them. my reading of this ayah is one of the most amazing things that have ever been said by a prophet.

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The words prison is more beloved to me, than what they call me to is one of the most incredible words a prophet has said in the Quran. This is a young man, unmarried, surrounded by women that are throwing themselves at him. And now on the one hand, you've got the urges that a man would have one inside of him that Allah created us with Xena nasty hobo chahatein Anissa, Allah put that inside a man, that's not something that men created for themselves, it was put inside of them, it was installed inside of them. There's a reason Allah mentions those rewards of you know, of the spouse in gender, because that's a motivation for a man. That's something that, you know, a man looks

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forward to. This is why, you know, marriage is so important. Anyhow. So that's already there. The the element is already there inside of him, and he wants to hold on to Allah, and you know, seek the protection of Allah. The other remarkable thing about that is he's surrounded by all of this. And before when she was calling him, he said, I'm gonna cling on to Allah, right? I'm gonna hold on to Allah.

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And he could have just said, I want a less protection. But before he turns to a lion says, y'all, I want your protection. He tells him something else about himself between him and Allah. He tells him, I seems like I'm only I'm down to two options here. She's taken an oath over and over, he's going to jail, he's going to jail. He's going to do now use john. And then she's added an additional explanation of what's going to happen in jail. What are you gonna mean a fall hidden, you'll absolutely be from those humiliated, as if she talked about jail four times over. That's what she's five times over. That's what she's done. So the jail thing is now guaranteed it's in his face. And

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profits deal with reality in front of them. This is what's happening. You see, Musa alayhis salam, when he knows a lot revealed to him that the pharaohs coming for you. Right. So he's gonna take the Israelites and go into the desert is impossible as that seems. He's not going to stay inside his arms and say, Allah will deal with them here. You have to take whatever steps but that's in taking into account reality in front of you. The reality in front of Musa and Islam right now is the female Pharaoh and her cronies have joined ganged up, and he's now put in a corner. So he's got only two choices. He's got the choice of, you know, in the worldly sense, either he's gonna tell her if

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that's the case presented is because you can't imagine him saying anything else to her right? You can, because if she says, he doesn't do what I say he's gonna go to jail. Any believer in that place, especially a Prophet would say what then?

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Then go ahead and fight in Canada come kadowaki do that's what prophets say, if you have a scheme to make, go ahead and make it I'm not backing up. I'm not backing down. I'll take prison.

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But he doesn't tell her that. He tells her that he tells a lot. And he didn't just say if prison it is, then I'll take it. He said the most incredible words. He said prison is more beloved to me.

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It didn't say what prison it is then. Or I choose prison. He said, I have more beloved prison. And something more Beloved, don't go together. I would love prison way more. Love is an act of surrender to somebody. You surrender a part of yourself to somebody. That's part of what love is. He's telling Allah azzawajal in the most beautiful words, that if I obeying you, means I have to go to jail. I would love jail.

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If disobeying you means I have to you know, if staying safe means I have to disobey you. Then I would hate to be safe.

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I would rather I would love jail if it means I'm still with my robe. That's why the words that are being the beginning are so important. He didn't just say, oh boy, yeah. But you know, a prison is more beloved to me, my master prison at this point, because it will keep me away from them, because it will keep me in your obedience is more beloved to me. If those are the only two options, I have Yala, then gladly I will take prison.

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Without hesitation, these are the most remarkable words of loyalty to Allah. And what they teach us is a timeless lesson. It's so timeless, that sometimes obeying a law will put you on the path to pain,

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obeying Allah, as opposed to disobeying Allah, disobeying the law, you can keep status quo, you can actually feel good in some ways, you can stay happy, if you want. Everybody around, you will be happy, nobody's gonna get upset, things are gonna get not gonna get rocked upside down. You know, you can just live your life and just put that little part of your conscience that's poking you that this is wrong, this is wrong, you can put that to sleep, and everything will be okay. But if you do the right thing, and you stand up for the right thing, then man Your life will look like you're being thrown into a jail. Everybody will outcast you, anybody who liked you will hate you, you're

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gonna feel humiliated, you're gonna feel like you don't belong anymore. All because you decided to do the right thing. And if if it comes to that, then we have to be like use of an A Salaam, our hero in this case, who turns to Alliance as my master, if loving you means if being loyal to you means that I have to go to jail, then I would love to go to jail.

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This is actually loyalty at its peak. It's so beautiful. Those words he didn't just say, Well, if I have no choice, I guess I'll go and Yala protect me in jail. He said, I said you know how boulia

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and you know the other problem with the narration I was telling you shake sohaib as far as the the eloquence of the narration. Allah says to him while you put yourself in trouble by saying prison is more beloved to you. Yeah.

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Allah azza wa jal doesn't know what's in the heart of use of an A Salam isn't Yusuf alayhi salam, the one who just before said in the hora br cinemas while not too long ago, he said my master provides me has provided me that with the best possible housing, Isn't he the one who talked about the best possible housing, all of a sudden he forgets that Allah provides the best housing and says I go to jail.

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Allah doesn't know what's behind his words, more than anyone else. Allah won't give him the benefit. We give benefit of the doubt know what he means by this is the love he has for Allah, the loyalty he has to Allah, but more than us, Allah knows the depths of his heart, does he not?

00:22:18 --> 00:22:30

As as opposed to that when a man in this situation said Yara, for you? prison is built more Beloved, my master president is more beloved to me than what they're calling me to. And a level say, you know what, you should have said this instead.

00:22:31 --> 00:22:51

I can't I have a hard time attributing that to a lot because that sounds like a gotcha moment. You know, if you said this or whatever, now that you said Jaylen when they put you in jail, that's not the rub. We get introduced to in the Quran. That any we are we believe in our Rob, what happens in the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where a man is out in the desert in the middle of nowhere in this camel gets lost.

00:22:52 --> 00:23:02

And when his camel gets lost, he's in a state of hysteria. And in a state of hysteria, when he finally finds his camel, he turns to a lion says, I'm your master, and you're my slave. Oh.

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Like he flipped it, right? So I'm the I'm the one.

00:23:09 --> 00:23:27

You're my slave, and I'm your master analyzer. We just did not punish him for it because he's in that state and he's excited. And now we're seeing user friendliness and I'm in this extreme state actually says the right thing and allows them to say to him, you could have said this better therefore you go to jail. I I can't accept.

00:23:28 --> 00:23:58

I don't accept it. What I what I do accept here is actually even in the next ayah allows origin so beautifully. He Allah didn't say so how he says faster. jhabvala hora boo. Just that phrase, his I'm not doing the next ayah today, but just to give you the idea of why I find this so convincing, not not accepting this version so convincing. Allah says then his master responded to him. His nurturing master responded to him. These words festa Java, la hora boosterism endocrine

00:24:00 --> 00:24:05

faster Java la hora boo and Isla de la mala Milliman. comienza Karina otava, local member of

00:24:06 --> 00:24:41

your master responded to them, I will not waste the good deeds of any one of you that any do any good deeds. Allah does not see his intention. Allah does not see the fitna. He's put in a lot. So junk does not see the sacrifices made. Allah does not see that he's willing to put himself in harm's way just to obey Allah azza wa jal, he doesn't see any of that. You know, and so the word you use could have been better. That's, that's why I don't, you know, with all due respect, maybe there there is a authenticity to it that I'm not aware of, I couldn't find it, and so he couldn't find it. But if there is one, then you know, I stand to be corrected. But as far as I can tell, this goes

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against the spirit of what we learned about a lot as origin. And what we learn about the prophets, Allah circumcised, especially this remarkable Prophet, that an entire school is dedicated to, you know, and it's as if we're telling about him that he has the talent of that we look at Hadeeth right, he can interpret the best of speech.

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Yeah, you can figure out what's going on behind speech. And yet he's not capable of very good speech.

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and if I can, if I as a human mind can think of what's behind his speech, the beautiful intention behind his speech, Elon knows way better than any of us on tomorrow level amela. You know, so that we love is Hadeeth is better known to allows origin than any of us may Allah will forgive our mistakes and, you know, allow us to, to understand His word in a way that pleases Him. Anyhow. So that's the first thing that I wanted to bring to your attention. The second thing I wanted to bring to your attention is this phrase is now occurring for the second time, more Beloved, if you remember, the use of fu wahoo Abdullah bin Amina Yusuf and his brother are more beloved to our

00:25:45 --> 00:26:02

father than we are. So the words more beloved came before, and now they're coming again. Right. And it's interesting, you know, recurrence, because they're people decided to take action and go down an evil path, because they were vying for the love of Allah's creation.

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Right, and they were willing to take whatever actions justifying it for themselves, because they were, they were trying to win the love of their father. And here you have use of honey salon, in his love of Allah and his love of loyalty to Allah, he would prefer to put himself in harm's way. You know, there they were putting him in a dark place here, he's ready to go to a dark place. He himself is ready to go to a dark place because of the love he has for allows origin. May Allah give us that kind of love for him, which gives us the bravery to stand up to these impossible situations. Then comes the next you know,

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challenge in the saya min, my other owner Neela he mastered prison is more beloved to me, I would love it more than what these women are calling me to what these women plural, you're the owner. The owner is one of those strange verbs in Arabic the iron rule, which is not the city and it's not as well we've got a vowel at the end, which is a well, which means the masculine conjugation is homea Drona. And the feminine conjugation is hoonah Drona. So it's the same. Okay, this one is one Nyah Drona. Those women call me too. Okay, so prison is better for me than what these women are calling me to. But the problem with that is in the previous ayah, the women weren't calling him to anything.

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In the previous ayah it was one lady saying if he doesn't do what I tell him to there was just hurt. And now he's saying whatever they want, they're calling me to. There's a gap. And that gap can be filled. You know, in a Labib Minelli shadow to form. You know, an intelligent person can fill in the gaps right? Or blue circle when Kelly Shara coffee. A smart person can take a hint. What's the hint? You remember? She said if he doesn't do whatever I tell him to? Yeah, she's so vindictive. She says What does she want from him? She can't get Richard from him. She can't get him to love her. She can't get that. But you know what, he made her feel lesser. He made her feel a little.

00:28:04 --> 00:28:33

And he wants to make sure he feels little now there's only two avenues where she can make him feel little one. She already said if he doesn't do what I say he'll be little when he's in jail. While I akuna minal savini What's the other way he can feel a little, that precious chastity of his, that precious integrity of his that he held on to and defied me. I'm gonna rip that integrity to shreds. ladies have whatever fun you want with him. He's all yours. Whatever you want. It's okay.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:47

Enjoy yourselves. She says Oh, you want you want you want charity. You want chastity. You want to hold on to your dignity. I'll show you dignity. Here's what I do with your dignity. And she's been he's basically to talk about the wolf will eat another pack of wolves.

00:28:49 --> 00:29:25

Now there's a and he's just been thrown in the middle of this, this crazy situation. Here he was bandaging some women about their injury. And then she made this monologue speech and said, ladies, you can have whatever fun you want. And he's in this crazy circumstance where there's security guards, if he stops and he doesn't even know they're gonna, you know, grab him and take him away. And he's gonna say this. And so he says, whatever these women are calling me to he runs towards the guards arrest me, take me away. No matter the only lady from whatever they're calling me to. Now we get to one of the most beautiful, subtle, you know, wisdoms that I could think of inside of these

00:29:25 --> 00:29:33

iaat that's the first thing he said. So he's, he's got he's preferring jail fine. The second thing is

00:29:34 --> 00:29:40

to in order to describe this to you, I hope I can do a good job because I really want you to take this one home and hold on to this this lesson from the Quran.

00:29:42 --> 00:29:59

There is inside of us. We have we have appetites. We have appetite for food. We have appetite for beautiful clothing. We have appetite for good perfume and a nice house. We have sexual appetites. We have these appetites that Allah put inside of us. These This is what human beings were created with. Zucchini NASA hobo Shahada, Nisa,

00:30:00 --> 00:30:15

Well Bernie will conduct a limo kuntala mina is a woman with an iron will have a beautiful ride and Halima sama investments. These are appetites that human beings have. They have a hunger for them, they are intrigued by them they have an allure towards them and there's a list of them in the Quran fine.

00:30:16 --> 00:30:56

So there is something inside of us that is pulling us towards what gives us pleasure from this world. Yeah, there's something that's pulling us towards this world and then there are and that's already inside of us it's like the explosive material the dangerous you know, fuel is already inside the combustible fuel is already inside ready to be set on fire. And then there's the devil shape on trying to set that stuff on fire. So now we've got we've got the explosive material already inside and then you've got shadows constantly trying to light it up. And then on top of all of that you've got and by the way chatons mentioned here no initiate on a little inside. I do a movie Okay, so

00:30:56 --> 00:31:14

we've got two dangerous materials now, this is why less has fun ha ha Fujiwara with a quad enough's has incited explosively dangerous material, and but also, it has both. Then on top of that you've got a society or a friend or an owner, whoever that is pulling you towards the wrong.

00:31:16 --> 00:31:59

So you already have a drawn draw, because you're born with appetites. The devil wants you to use those those those urges for the wrong reason. And then you've got the human efforts, a person or society pulling you also towards the wrong thing. Yeah, so you've got these three forces working against you, actually, part of you is working against you to the devil is definitely working against you. And then the devil gets successful and using other people to work against you also. Yeah, now, Yusuf Alayhi Salam in scene one with this woman found himself and what does he say? Ma de la Mandala. I'm going to cling on to Allah. Now I want you to imagine the imagery. Something's pulling

00:31:59 --> 00:32:40

you away and you're holding on. Right? You're holding on. So the gravitational force has not ended. The negative elements, the enemies within and without having disappeared. They're still there. They're still tugging at you. You're not budging because you're holding on. Yeah, that's the idea. So imagine you're tied to somebody they're pulling at you but you're holding on. Yeah, fucker, this thumb soccer ball or whatever. God, he's holding on to an anchor. Not letting go. So the first first time we found the imagery of him holding on clinging on was my other law. That's number one. Then he came back again when she said foster sama. And he held on tight.

00:32:41 --> 00:33:02

So twice Allah mentions What? Holding on holding your ground. Now even if he's holding his ground, does it mean that the pole has gone away? No. So we've only discussed him holding on. Now comes the other part. The other part is y'all I'm holding on as best I can. But can you change the pool a little bit?

00:33:03 --> 00:33:08

Can you get rid of the pole? Can you loosen these ties a little bit? Can you cut them for me? You understand?

00:33:09 --> 00:33:34

So twice in this story? Allah says twice, holding on twice he says what gallica Lee Nasri fan who Sue our fascia. And now he's gonna say why not certify Nick, I don't know. He says Allah says and that's so we can steer evil away from him steer the evil away from him. And he's gonna say and if you don't steer their scheme away from me.

00:33:35 --> 00:33:58

If you don't see it now, this is not about him holding on. This is about the ropes that are pulling, getting cut and pulling on something else go away. change the direction of this wind. Stop pushing me in this direction you understand? Now, there's two parts holding on tight. Now let's imagine that there's strong winds and they're pulling you this way. And you're holding on to something Yeah, like a hurricane or something like that. Yeah.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:25

The part that's yours where you're using your strength isn't holding on. And as you start getting weaker, or you say y'all I'm only that strong, I can hold on much longer. Can you make the wind go away? That part's not up to you. That part is up to who that part is up to Allah. So there's two things there's you holding on but if you show to Allah that you are holding on, Allah will change the direction of the wind.

00:34:26 --> 00:35:00

A level redirect Allah will make the pole go away. Because Allah did not create human beings to be constantly be yanked in this way. After every difficulty comes what is and the This lesson is so beautiful because it actually takes us back to so many places in the Quran. Like for example, all are available Falak and Colorado bureau of bananas. There's evil on the outside and there's evil on the inside. You got to hold on and not let the evil on the inside get to you and Allah will protect you from the evil from the outside. You come to the Fatiha, you tell Allah Yakubu, we're going to work

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

worship you. We worship you means we're holding on to you. But we can't hold on to you. We're not strong enough, we need your help, because there's things pulling us away from worshiping you. So we don't just say, Yeah, can I do what we say? Well, he aka, last time, we need your help. So turning their direction somewhere else getting me away from them, getting them away from me rather, that's a loss intervention.

00:35:24 --> 00:35:59

So there's two parts. To get away from evil, I have to first show a lot that I'm holding on as best I can. But I also have to admit that me holding on doesn't mean that I have angelic ability where I can constantly hold on and never be tempted and never let my grip loose. And I'm human. I'm human. And so what does he say? He says, first of all, he's already shown that he can hold on, and he is holding on. But he realizes, I am human. I can't if I'm holding on today, if I hold on tomorrow, if I hold on next week, I can't even guarantee about myself in two weeks from now.

00:36:01 --> 00:36:21

I don't know where I'm going to be a month from now. I can't be so overconfident about my eemaan that I'll just hold on, and nothing will ever get to me. I can't do that. To me. That's arrogance. That's self righteousness. Yala. Here's the thing, he turns to a line says, prison is more beloved to me. What's he saying? Hi, can't be here constantly being pulled.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:58

I've held on as much as I could. I don't think this is a situation I can be in anymore. I don't know how things didn't, things are gonna get much, much worse. And they're out of my control. You see, you have to understand the reality of the situation. And it's difficult. This is why I said don't bring kids into this conversation, Charlie, he is a slave. He is a slave. He is living in slave quarters. There is no lock on his door. Where's he going to go to sleep? They can come at any time. They can do whatever. He there's no way for? Where's he gonna go? Where's he gonna go? So he now realizes this has gotten so out of hand, that the only place left if that's prison, then that's what

00:36:58 --> 00:37:07

it is. And now he turns to a lion says this was totally funny. Okay, Donna, if you don't steer their scheme away from me,

00:37:08 --> 00:37:14

if you don't redirect their scheme away from me, you see now he's telling a lot to intervene.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:53

And see, first he told a lot, I'm going to hold on to you my other law, that was his part. He's told the law now I've done my part job. He cannot do I did. Now it's time for a while, you're going to sign that that's what this is. It's so beautiful. That it turns to Atlanta says Yala, please just get this away from me. I can't, I can't in Latin, and he says if you don't steer their scheme away from me on a side note, why is it their scheme, the scheme was just one woman, those women didn't come to scheme. Those women had a different scheme against that woman. Right? They just came to eat some fruit and you know, chitchat or whatever. But now they're all in on it, aren't they? So now

00:37:53 --> 00:38:20

they've it's become their scheme. There was one woman scheme. But now it's become all of their schemas. And it's kind of a foreshadowing, the man had said, this is the kind of scheming you women do. Your scheming is amazing. Your scheming is great. And now they're scheming has become great. Exactly, these women have developed a much greater scheme. So he says if they're scheming if you don't take it away from me, US boo la Hana. Listen to these words.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:40

Saba in Arabic has to do with being a child. So you know, gave a ukulele woman kind of mid Serbia, Serbia, so savoir and Saba that they have to do with being a child or a baby even carry young child. Saba also means mother to incline.

00:38:41 --> 00:39:16

And the idea behind the two connected to each other is children become inclined towards something like they get inclined towards a chocolate cake, or they get inclined towards a toy. And then you can't get their mind off of it. And they'll throw a fit in the store. And you'll put those fall on the ground. And you're dragging them and they're like, Teddy, I'll come back for you. Like, you know, once they get their mind on something, they lose their common sense. It's very hard for children to redirect their attention to something when they lean on something and when they incline towards something. Yeah. So some kids, for example, when they have a favorite toy, and that little

00:39:17 --> 00:39:53

bunny rabbit, or whatever it is, is getting old, it's got all kinds of bacteria COVID-19 got nothing on this rabbit, but you want to throw it away. Every time you think even about putting it in the washing machine. The child has like a, you know, mini heart attack. So you have to make sure you do that when they're asleep or when they're at grandma's house or something. Because they can't they can deal with it. The idea that children become unreasonable, and they let their emotions run them. And it's very hard for you to you know, their brains haven't developed to the point where you can be logical with them. Yeah, he uses the word he could have said, you know, Malaya Miu Emily Lahaina.

00:39:54 --> 00:39:57

If you don't turn their scheme away from me, I might inclined towards them.

00:39:58 --> 00:40:00

But he used the word that's used for

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

A child,

00:40:01 --> 00:40:42

as if to say, Yala. And he has seen life. he's not, he's not. He's not a sheltered young man. He's seen how many women are in Egypt. He's been in the marketplace. He knows how these politicians are. He's this this woman, that she's this character. You think she was like a righteous person all this time all these years that he was growing up. He's seen these things. And he's seen the effects on men. And he's seen the effects on women. And he's seen good men turned bad. He's seen men lose their senses over this kind of thing. And he's telling a larger, which I may be holding on today, or tomorrow or a year from now. But I'm not going to say that I'm not human. Yola, you know, my

00:40:42 --> 00:41:17

weaknesses more than I do. I might turn into one of these, I might just lose control over my senses, and just go on impulse and not think about it, because that's exactly what desires do desires make you turn your logical brain off. You don't want to think about tomorrow, you don't want to think about the right and wrong, you just want to do what you want to do the urges take over. It's like an animal takes over. And neurons imagery is like a child inside you takes over a child that just wants a toy and nothing else takes over. There's no sense of consequence. There's no sense of right and wrong. There's no sense of future. There's no sense of loyalty, all of that disappears in that

00:41:17 --> 00:41:53

moment. And then people can make such a mistake. And later on say, I wasn't myself. I can't believe I was like that. I can't believe that happened to me. And that because that is a reality that can happen. If you put yourself in that situation that can happen. It can shut you off. It can shut part of your brain off. So as Boolean law, I might become like that. He's admitting this to a large religion. This is a remarkable thing for a prophet to say he would never be like that. Not in our belief. Most prophets are you know, not assume Anil hapa they're innocent. They're they're dignified human beings. But he is also acknowledging his humaneness.

00:41:54 --> 00:42:06

And if a prophet has no shame, acknowledging his humaneness, and saying, Yeah, Allah get me away from a situation that is going to test my dignity to the point where I may lose my senses and do something bad.

00:42:07 --> 00:42:10

Then who are we to think that we are immune from that?

00:42:11 --> 00:42:18

That if you know that 10 steps down the road, it's going to lead to something bad, why even take step one?

00:42:19 --> 00:42:51

And if you take if you refuse to take step one, and a million people come to you and say, why aren't you taking step one? What's wrong with step one? is step one, wrong. Step one is not haraam. Why are you being so extreme? This is not a conversation between you and people. This is a conversation between you and Allah. Allah says about Xena without akapusi now, don't go near it. And what brings you near it and your friend near it and some girl near it, or some boy near it, or some married woman near or a married man here? What brings you near this in your world? You know, what brings you near it? That's one thing for everybody. It's you have to understand in your world, what can bring

00:42:51 --> 00:42:58

you near it. And allies. That's how I'm telling you not to do it. He's telling you not to go near it because Allah knows in his wisdom, and

00:42:59 --> 00:43:20

Doesn't he know who he created? When you take small steps, then one inch can turn into a mile before you know it. And when you're taking those steps in those moments, you become a savvy, you're not thinking rational, you're just a kid. You're thinking without reason. And you're taking steps, you're not realizing the consequences of just like kids.

00:43:21 --> 00:43:50

And so us boulais hana is him admitting the train the the, you know, the step by step deterioration, the moral decline that happens inside of a person, he doesn't even want that to start. He doesn't even want that process to start when he says this boy hit nine, Danny says, while koombana giant and if that happens, then I will then I would become from Jacqueline and Jacqueline in general is the opposite. JOHN is the opposite of him in Arabic. So when it can be the opposite of someone who has, you know,

00:43:51 --> 00:44:16

consideration. Right, held by someone like a mother has helped, because she's always considerate of the child thinking of the child's feelings. Yeah. So one of the meanings of it is you're just concerned about your desires, you don't have no consideration for someone else. Now think about it from that point of view for a moment. When someone is inclined towards you know, when someone's inclined towards wrongdoing, they may be doing a sin themselves. But are they not pulling somebody else's aka into danger to

00:44:18 --> 00:44:25

they don't they didn't just consider not worrying about their own afterlife. They don't care that that person has to stand in front of a loss. All

00:44:26 --> 00:44:59

right, even if that person is being ignorant, you're not you're new and you blinded yourself to it. You chose to blind because that's in considered. That's part of this is why in the Quran, the inconsiderate are also called Jang yes Abu Hamza Hello Anya. Amina Topher facilita dakara. Allah says that the Jahan thinks that the one in need has no need meaning you see them in the community. They're losing a lot of weight. They got bags under their eyes, but you just say hey Bubba, can you give him a hug and they go and like Allah says ignorant people don't see that they're in need. But if you were sensitive you

00:45:00 --> 00:45:29

Say, Hey, I noticed that you didn't come in the car you rode a bike to muster up in the car. Or I noticed that you're lost a lot of weight or I noticed that you're not wearing your normal uniform, you usually come from work in uniform. Do you lose your job, you don't care because your giant, giant means inconsiderate. That's one meaning of it is the opposite of alcohol. Also, active means someone who thinks, which means giant means someone who doesn't think they don't they want they don't want to think about it, they just want to do without thinking.

00:45:31 --> 00:46:10

Also, accola means to tie up it also means to tie your tie your emotions, meaning when someone is thinking clearly, they have to tie up their anger, they have to tie up their resentment, they have to tie up their lust they have to tie up their you know, not all of the emotions have to be tied up before you can think in a in a clean way in a clear way. Joy * is the opposite. Someone who cannot control their emotions. Someone when they feel something, they just do it they become impulsive. so gentle actually means impulsive. This is the meaning that you find with Musashi Salaam, when he got really upset when they said when he told them to slaughter alleged told you to

00:46:10 --> 00:46:15

slaughter a cow, and they said, Are you kidding? You're taking us for a joke that Dr. Dre has, oh, he got so angry.

00:46:17 --> 00:46:54

You're gonna you're gonna tell I just told you what Allah said. And you're telling me that I'm kidding with you. After you know that I'm a prophet of Allah. Like it made him so mad. I would imagine he wanted to throw at least one punch. But we know what happens when musalla slam throws a punch. Right? So you know what he says? When he heard that ignorant response? He said, Are you an akuna Minal Jaden Isaac, I'm clinging on to a law that I might become I might become from those that are giant, giant means what? I might not be able to control my temper right now. One left hook, that's all it's gonna take. And the Israelites will get straightened out.

00:46:55 --> 00:47:40

I'm like, y'all, I don't want to go there. You know, so he that's giant also someone not able to control their temper. Here. Joy has meaning someone not thinking someone not consider it. Someone not considerate of the legacy of your father Ibrahim is, you know, his Hawk, that that legacy Yaqoob. And on top of all of that someone not control and control over their impulses. This is our only relay an akuna minal jehlen. And hear us Bula hinda. What are communal jelly? The idea that Allah he turned to Allah and admitted Yella I'm holding on. But this poll is really strong. And I may be strong today, but I might get weak tomorrow. There's no guarantee for me. There's the old

00:47:40 --> 00:47:52

guarantees only live with you. But before that could ever happen, could you just take me away from here, so amazing. He's not asking Allah to protect him. After he becomes weak.

00:47:53 --> 00:47:58

He's asking Allah to protect him. Before that can even happen

00:47:59 --> 00:48:12

before because he can see it coming. He can fear it coming, whether it will come or not Allah knows. But he can fear it and himself. He can fear that himself. You see, others will give you and me benefit of the doubt.

00:48:14 --> 00:48:21

But don't give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Don't Don't lie to yourself. Don't say I would never

00:48:22 --> 00:48:29

don't say that would never happen to me. Stuff Rola. No, not me. I fear Allah. I'm a good Muslim.

00:48:30 --> 00:48:33

He's pretty good Muslim, I'm pretty sure he's better Muslim than you and me.

00:48:34 --> 00:48:46

But he's not delusional about his, his fragile, you know, his his delicate, you know, holding on to eemaan and how easily that can go away from somebody. What do I do we make in sort of

00:48:48 --> 00:49:03

the most people of the sound is my little Bob the people of the sound is minds The Purists thought, what, how do they turn to what light What do they ask Allah to Saku bonobo de tener Yama, don't let our hearts deviate after you've guided us.

00:49:04 --> 00:49:41

Which means you can have guidance and the heart can still want dva that's what that means. Well, habla Nam Illa done. kurama. And gift us from your special vaults, some loving care, which means that loving care will mean that our hearts will not deviate. That's the biggest gift you can give us your up. And that's what he's asking for really, us really hidden our communal Genie that says do our to Allah. When people find themselves in these kinds of situations where they're they have to either obey their impulses, because their impulses are constantly telling them, begging them to be obeyed.

00:49:42 --> 00:50:00

Then there's the shaitan spotlighting fire on those impulses, and then there are people around them in that circle, or that they've created that circle. Maybe that circle is physically a circle. Maybe it's the social media circle. Maybe it's a chat circle. Maybe it's a snapchat circle or an Instagram, whatever.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:45

circle that is that is pulling you away. You got to cut those ropes and c'est la, vie Nikita Honda. You gotta delete those apps get out, just get out. If you slipped already just unsleeved Okay, just be done with it. We finish it for yourself. Don't allow it anymore. Don't allow. Forget I'm never gonna allow step 100 stop allowing step one. Don't give don't give anybody step one. And then turn when you're holding on like that. Then turn to Allah and say if you don't turn away from this fitna away from me that I might become, I might incline and I become I might become from the giant and realize oh, it'll protect all of us from fitna all around us. No one is immune. No one is safe. If

00:50:45 --> 00:51:21

you suffer the salon feels unsafe. We should definitely feel unsafe. We should constantly ask allows the witness protection when it comes to this. When it comes to this fitna and so I'm going to leave you guys with is number 33. And whatever I could share with you of it and inshallah Allah tomorrow I'm going to talk to you about how Allah responded to him. And then we're going to wrap up I think we can wrap up this scene, at least the the scene of the palace or the scene at this Governor's Mansion by tomorrow inshallah, which will be up to number 35 barakallahu li walakum Quranic Hakim when the final year can be it with the Solomonic Okay, bye

Part 33_ Prison is more beloved.

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