Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 103A Translation Al-Tawbah 16-28

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers personal relationships and values in various segments, including former members of the Saudi team and a group discussing various topics such as sex, drugs, and the moon. The group is centered around these topics and provides examples of recitation and myths. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a group of coworkers discussing a law firm.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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namah who want to sell you a lot of Sunil Karim Amma Bharat for are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rightly Saudi UAE silly Emery wa Helen rock data melissani of ko who called the Robina xinerama Lesson number 103 Sudha Toba is number 16 to 28 Translation

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um or has it done you all part of that to trochu you all will be left while a ma while not as yet

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ya alum he knows Allahu Allah and Lavina those who Jaha do dated utmost struggle, men come from you. Well, um and not yet a free do they adopt men from Duni besides Allah He Allah, Allah and nor Rasul li His Messenger, wala and nor me Nina, the believers, were Legion, any intimate friends. Well Allah Who and Allah Hobbiton always all aware Bhima with whatever there are Malone you all do.

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Man not Ghana, it was Lin wish Lukina for those who do shake and that year Maru, they populate they occupy massage either mosques Allah He of Allah Shahina as ones witnessing Allah against and foresee him themselves Bill cough with the disbelief hola Erica those have you thought it was wasted? Or mirlo home their deeds were fee and in a natty the Hellfire home they clearly don't want to abide eternally in our indeed not but your Maru he populates he inhabits masajid mosques, Allah He of Allah, Minh who am Anna he believed Billahi in Allah while Yomi and the day and hit the last one a coma and he perfectly established a solid the Salah was there and he gave us together there's oka

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wallum and not Yasha he fears Illa except Allah Allah for ourselves so it is hoped. Hola Iike DOS and that yaku they are made from an MK the deen those who obtained guidance

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did Jarrell to you all made Sequoia the giving water to drink al Hajj to the pilgrim what an email otter occupying populating al Masjid the Masjid Al Haram the Sacred command like Oh, Amana he believed Billahi in Allah will Yomi and the day and flip the last were gehad and he did atmo struggle fee in Seville in their way of hola la noche yes the Warner they are equal in the LA near Allah. When Allah Who and Allah La not yet the guides and found the people of Lolly mean those who are unjust

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Alladhina amanu they believed what had you and they did Hijra they migrated what Jaha do and they did atmo struggle fee in severely way Allah He of Allah be and Wiley him with their wealth were unforeseen him and themselves are more or greater the Rajah in rank in the near Allah He Allah wa hola Iike and those whom they are alpha is soon those who are successful.

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You wish you know whom he gives good news to them, or boom they rub be rotten with Mercy men who from him what learning and pleasure are Jeanette and gardens know whom for them see her in it never even blessings, McLean one everlasting

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Holly Deena ones abiding eternally fee her in it a brother forever in indeed Allah Allah in the hall with him. Do you run a reward? Or Lehman? Most Great?

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Yeah, are you hurt or you Alladhina those who are Manu they believed led do not totally do you will adopt you will take a comb your father's what a whiner comb and your brothers earlier as close projecting friends in if is the hub boo their preferred al COFRA the disbelief Allah upon al Iman the belief woman and whoever yet a welder whom he befriends them, men come from you for Allah Ecosa those home they have volume on those who are unjust.

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On say, if Ghana he was about your father's what a brunette will come and he

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or sons? What if Why not come and your brothers well as well as you come and your spouse's or your wives why Sheila to come and your closest relatives or Sheila to come your closest relatives What am why alone and wealth or properties it turn off to move her you all earned it you all acquired it what the gelatin and trade the Shona you all fear cassava its loss it's declined one a second and homes dwellings the owner her you all are pleased with it I have a more beloved la come to you mean then Allah He Allah wa su li and His Messenger What do you have in and struggling feasability in his way further Basu than You all wait had the until yet There he comes Allahu Allah be Emery ye with

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his command. When Allah Who and Allah land not yet he guides and calm the people and firstly, those who cross limits

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Lacan certainly not Sadako he helped you, Allahu Allah, fie in Marina battlefields. cathedra in many way OMA and on day, one Anan of her name in when our Gibert calm a please do go through to comb your abundance. phenom they're not told me it avails aren't come from you che anything well market and it became tight, it became constricted, RNA come upon you herbal the earth Bhima in spite of that, or her birth, it was vast. Some of them were later on you are turned away, would be seen as once turning their backs.

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So my then under Allahu Allah sent down Sakina to who his tranquility, his calmness, Allah upon also the he His Messenger, where Allah and upon me Nina, the believers were unzila and he sent down do you know the armies? Lamb not that Oh, ha, you all saw it? Well, I've never and he punished Alladhina those who care for who they disbelieved with Ellika and that Jezza is recompense and carefully of those who disbelieve

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so my then year two he turns in mercy. Allahu Allah, men from birth after Danika Allah upon man whoever Yeshua He wills will Allah Who and Allah will afford on most forgiving or Haman always all merciful

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yeah you hola Dina Amanu or you who have believed in nama indeed not but and wishing Hakuna those who do shake the polytheists not just our impurity and cleanliness. Further. So it should not year caribou they approach al Masjid the Masjid Al Haram the Sacred Baroda after army him their year Heather this we're in and if Clifton you all feared or you Latin poverty for sofa then will soon you will Nico he will enrich you Allahu Allah min FOB Lee from His bounty if shatter he willed in the Lucha indeed Allah or the moon or was all knowing hacky Moon always always

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let's listen to the recitation

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Mercan anymore shrieking

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a law

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Zanka Daksha in

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the general Don't

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me Garmin Garmin

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him the myth

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the law

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you bet she'll

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moving body

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are we

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are you

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in his

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body moon only

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to move

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on to shown against

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hacking was

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very Labor

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will be

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now pardon us

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well methylene

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go back

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to the beginning

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lobby yeah are you

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gonna do so?

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he is

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