Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L269A

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Qaf 1-19 Translation 1-19

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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now whether on a Sunday or notice we didn't get him another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim Baba slightly acidity way acidity unreal the rock that and really sunny of cocoa Lee urban as a dinner in Lesson number 269 sort of off is number one to 19 Translation

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off of welcome and by the Quran Al Majeed the honored the glorious Bal rather RG boo, they were amazed. They wondered, and that jet a home he came to them mowed the lawn, a wonder men home from them, footballer, so he said alkaff you ruin the disbelievers. Heather this Shea on a thing, or G Boone strange

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show either when mitzner we have died while koebner and we were to Robin dust there Lika that Roger on a return buried on fire. And in fact, our alumna we no matter what ever done also, it reduces

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the earth, men home from them. Were in Ghana and with us keytab on a book happy alone preserved but rather get the Boo they have denied will help with the truth. Lama when whom it came to them, for whom so they fee in ambreen a matter marijan confused Flm did they're not young rural, they look Isla towards a summer the sky fell for whom above them kafer how Bernina her we constructed it was a year now her and we adorned it warmer and not let her for it. Men from Fujian any gaps while Alba and the Earth Mother dinner her we stretched it what Elena and we bought PHY her in it for RCA firmly anchored mountains.

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What am BATNA and we produced we cause to grow Fie her in it. Men from Cali every zodion gained by Heejun beautiful

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double silicon and insight where they cry and a reminder liquidly for every arbutin a servant moon even one who repeatedly turns one agenda and we sat down Mina summer from the sky Ma and water mobile I can one bless it for unbuttoned then we cause to go be with it. Jenna gardens will have been and green and has lead the reaped one Knopfler and the date palm bear supporting ones that are tall, lofty, let her for it further on fruit noblis arranged one above other or no bleed arranged in layers. There is a provision literary bed for the servants. What are Hina and we give life be here with it by the turn a land Mater that gallica likewise l who wrote the exit Gaza but it denied Allah

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whom before them pomo people new head of new was horrible and companions of us of the rest of the world. With a mood and some mood. Why don't we fit our own and fit our own? What is one and brother's loot of loot? was horrible and companions alayka of the forest, walk home and people to bar after bar colon each cadabra he denied of also the messengers for help. So it proves true or ad my threat

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did further than our Gina. We became tired. Bill Hulk with the creation of the first bell rather whom they fee in leverson a confusion men from Hulk a creation Jedi then new one apart and certainly Hala Cana we created an insane the human being. When they're alone and we no matter whatever to us. We suit it whispers behind

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With him with it next to his soul one afternoon and we accruable are closer LA to him, men than Hubble wrote or vain and worried. The juggler, or unworried, the vein is when you get a laptop he receives an motala pn the two receivers on from Ali amin, the right one and from a Shimon the left bar even while sitting, may not yell filou he utters men from Colin a word Illa except lead a he near him, Rocky been a watcher, a guardian RT dawn, one who is ready. One who is alert.

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What ended game Sacra to intoxication, agony and mode of the will help with their reality.

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Their Lika that man what country you were men who from it, the head you avoid?

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This means

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then ijebu

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it is funny.

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any meenie miney Shima