Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L123A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various news stories, including a woman who wants to be a woman and is charged with a crime, a woman who seductioned a man and refused to let him go, and a woman from Ghana who wants to seduce a man from Ghana. The transcript describes a few cases of similar behavior, including a woman from Ghana who lie about a man from Ghana and later called her a woman, and a woman from Algeria who talks about a woman from the US who wants to seduce a man from Ghana.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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we'll get him another

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headline of

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this malaria rush Mona Rahim rubbish. is flooded the way acidity and the Washington iraq data Melissa, Annie, Callie urban as in

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Lesson number 123 sudo user I am number 19 to 35

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What ended game? Say y'all are done a caravan for absolu so they sent where their home their water drawer for Angela so he led down then we're Who? his bucket

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corner he said yeah Bushra oh good news. Heather this ruler moon a young boy well as a roof and they conceal him below or then as a merchandise will law who and Allah are the one all knowing Bhima with what the army loon they do.

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What shadow and they sold him visa money for a price boxing do little very low.

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There are him there hands Mara do that in numbered. Well can do and they were fee concerning him. Men from Azeri been those who are indifferent

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what corner and he said a lady who Easter who he bought him men from missile missile Egypt Lima de to his wife a creamy, you honor. You make good math well, who is pleased to see his residents are sir perhaps and that yen foreigner he will benefit us Oh or Nikita who we will adopt him while other as a sun

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workers as Arnica and likewise. But then we established the use suffer for use of early salon fee in an out the earth while in our lemahieu and so that we teach him men from the wheel interpretation, a Hadees of the scenes of the matters

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well level and Allah hollyburn one who has full power Allah upon me he his affair his command. Well I can but XL most Ines of the people learn not you're alone. They know what a man and when Bolivar he reached

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his maturity, his full strength. They know who we gave him frogmen wisdom judgment, work and knowledge work Urlacher And likewise, ledger z we recommend and machining those who do those who do utmost good.

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What are the two and she tried to seduce him? A lady who who was he fee in baby her her house and from Nazi he his or her locker and she closed or she locked abueva the doors were closed and she said hater. Come on. Let her you.

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Corner he said Martha seek refuge, a lot of Allah in the hood indeed he probably might have

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a center he made good must wire my place of staying in who indeed he led not you flee hope he succeeds a whirly moon the wrongdoers

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well of course, and certainly Hamlet she intended be here with him Warhammer and he intended be here with her. Lola If not, he saw bohannan clear proof copy of his robe karateka likewise, Lina Sleaford so that we turn away on who from him as soon as the evil one for sure. And the indecency in the who indeed he made from rebel Dena, our servants and mostly those were chosen

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was another call and they both raised each other Alibaba to the door. What about that? And she told me some his shirt men from dobrin back what else I uh, and they both found say either her her husband, leather near above the door.

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She said, My what Jessica recommends man who

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he intended to be as legal with your wife, Sue an evil in law except on that use journal. He is imprisoned.

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And, oh or are there been a punishment, a Lehman painful?

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Color he said he or she, Ra Whitney, she sought to seduce me. I'm from Nazi myself. We're sure he did. And he testified, share hidden a witness main from her family. In Ghana, it was a mutual rule is shared with them. It was stolen men from Google in front facade. So she spoke truth wahoo and he made from a garabed the liars were in and if Ghana it was permissible who has shared Buddha it was stolen men from the burden behind her back.

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So she lied. Well who and he is made from a soil clean the truth for one's fellow muscle when he saw camisa who his shirt was done it was Darren main from the brain behind Allah He said in the room indeed it main from caddy corner, your plan in indeed gaida corner your plan, agreement, great use of all uses, you turn away and from Heather was still feeling and you seek forgiveness. Leave them big for your sin. In Nikki indeed you continue you are men from a hotly in those who are sinful.

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We'll call her and said Miss wattles women see in Almudena the city, in LA to wife Allah disease of the disease to LA we do she is seeking to seduce Fatah her her young men and from Nazi he herself. But in fact, Shiva for her. He has impassioned her he has infatuated her prober in love in the indeed we learner or her surely we see her fi in Berlin error will be one clear

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fellow muscle when semirara she heard me McLean of their scheming all sudden, she sent Elena to them what our desert and she prepared Luna for them would occur a banquet for others and she gave cola each wahiduddin single men hoonah from them 16 and a knife we'll call it and she said Oak Ridge come out or they hinted upon them further muscle when are you know who they saw him abona who they considered him great, or they greatly admired him or Katerina and they got a be a hoonah their hands will corner and they said how should they learn? God preserve us or Allah preserve us? How should Illa Allah preserve us? Ma not Heather this special and then in not Heather this Illa except Malecon

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an angel Karim noble

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pilot, she said suddenly. So that is you all, a lady who learned to nanny, you all blamed me see concerning him. One of us and certainly all of us forward to who I sought to seduce him. I'm from Nazi yourself for stelson but he firmly refused.

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Foster assan but he firmly refused.

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Whether in and surely if Lam not Yes, he does matter what Mr. Who I command him by us, gentlemen. Surely he will be imprisoned while you're Conan and surely he will be made from a solid in those belittled

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Allah He said Robbie O'Meara a surgeon in the prison. I have boo is more beloved is preferable.

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To me mimma than what year their own any they call me lie to it. We're in LA and if not just with you avert our need from me. Qaeda hoonah their plan or their plot.

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I might incline Elena to them or a cone and I will be main from Algeria Helene, those who are ignorant, faster Java, so he responded Lahu for him or boo his robe for sort of so he averted on who from him. Qaeda hoonah their plot in the who indeed he who he is a Sameer the always or hearing or leave the always all knowing.

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So more than whether it appeared it became apparent. The home freedom main from birth after Mehrdad. For a while they saw

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the signs, layers junoon who surely they should

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Definitely imprison him

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until halen a time.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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up he mean? He was

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he actually me my.

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the moon

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pamesa who

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the US

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to one

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on one

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Yusuf 19-35 Translation 19-35

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