Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L268C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of small bar and how it is considered evil, with the need for people to avoid becoming "naughty and evil" and avoid being mocked. They also emphasize the importance of purifying the heart and avoiding offense, as it is common behavior. The segment ends with a discussion of the creation of a law and the importance of avoiding offense. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to control their bodies and avoid negative consequences, while also emphasizing the importance of language and language management to avoid negative emotions.
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So unless as big so this small for Tsukuba, man, what an evil name of sin after Eman? What does it mean by this silly small foo bar the meaning and isn't his name, title. So what an evil name a person could have of what alpha to alpha soup over here gives meaning of classic barbell email after email. Meaning to be known as a facet to be popular as a facet is so bad while being a believer,

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every person depending on what he does a lot does he get that name? Is that how he is viewed by people?

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Like for example, if a person talks a lot how is he considered talkative? If a person smiles a lot how is he considered someone who's always smiling? If a person is always saying Salaam How is he remembered by people? How is he known by people as someone who says Salah, but someone who is making fun of others insulting others? He is giving other people bad titles. What kind of a name? What is he becoming famous for rather infamous for for forsook? Isn't it all because making fun of other people insulting them, all of this is what forsook so for silk refers to Supriya Lumsden. I was the person who does this to others, he becomes infamous first fisc So Alice has been successful for

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Sukkot. What an evil name of sin. You could have borrowed an email after email. What did we learn earlier? That will cover Ah, la C'mon cofra well for suka, when there is land for suka something that cannot be beloved to a believer, he cannot like it. So if you're earning a name, if you're becoming famous for something amongst people, what are you becoming famous for? For for, for insulting other people? And you may have noticed that people who insult others, you know, people stay away from them, isn't it? People who are quick at marking and other people making fun of others, you stay away from them? You don't want to go near them? You don't want to be seen by them,

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isn't it? So what a bad reputation Are you developing with email? It doesn't suit a believer.

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You cannot have this kind of reputation by selling small for suku burden.

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And we see that being a facet or being known as a facet, being known as someone who commits for soup. This is not something very small at all. This is in fact something very major. Because a facet, you know certain rulings are applied to him. Like for example, the person who is known for fist he's known for committing sin. Such a person whose testimony is not accepted. Well at Aqaba, Lula homeshare de la ecomo fasciae Khun fassifern you cannot accept their testimony. Why? Because they're not trustworthy, they're not reliable. What did we learn earlier in jet confessio convener in Fatima, you know,

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other scholars have also said that if the father is a fasciae, he cannot be the Wali of his daughter at the time of nica.

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So, just imagine, what a bad name are you making? What a bad reputation Are you developing by yourself? Similarly, a facet cannot be made an email he cannot be allowed to give than at all, because this is a very bad reputation a person can develop, he cannot have any leadership position. Because if a person is given such a position while he insults others, while he marks at others, while he gives bad titles to them, and what is he going to spread amongst people? unity or this unity, this unity? What is it going to promote? Evil not good?

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Secondly, desires also been understood as so dismal for Zuckerberg in reading what an evil name, which name name of alpha sukh. Meaning calling people by some sin that they have committed in the past. Could you give to someone by the email after they have become believers? Meaning a person while they were non Muslim, while they were in their time of ignorance, they did wrong things. But once they have repented, once they have changed their ways, and what a terrible description you're giving them, after they have become believers. Once a person has become a believer, once they have repented, then you cannot insult them. You cannot even tell them it's not right bit. So this one for

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supervisory event. And look at this woman lemmya top and whoever does not repent for una eccomas ronamoon than those people are the wrongdoers

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whoever does not repent. Notice woman lemmya to it as though every single person suffers from this problem at some level, making fun of others, insulting others, it's very common. children, adults, women, men, very common between people. This is why

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Woman limited, you have to repent. You have to change your ways, and whoever does not change his ways, whoever does not leave these bad habits than they are those who are doing good. How are they doing on themselves because they are presenting themselves for punishment. And for alayka masani mode, this is also understood as if they are the ones who are wrong. They're the ones who are wrongdoers, when a person calls the other with a bad name. What is he trying to do show the other person is a wrongdoer. But Allah says whoever does not do Toba, in fact, he is

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for oolagah homozygote and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a year for inazuma Zulu Maria, welcome. Be careful, stay away from Why? Because Lulu mad injustice will be darknesses on the Day of Judgment.

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So when a person insults the other, this will be a means of darkness for him on the Day of Judgment. And on the other hand, those with a man What will they have? noodle home? Yes, avena id him, okay, money and they will have known around them Why? Because they didn't hurt other people. They didn't harass other people, they were careful in their dealings with other people.

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And now, remember that when it comes to lumps or so, Hurriya or the NAB was Bill alpha, this is something general meaning no person should be mocked at.

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Because what has a lesser layers have Coleman know people should make fun of other people. So no person should be mocked. This is does not specify Muslim or non Muslim friend or foe. Know, any person does not deserve to be mocked to be made fun of.

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Because sometimes we think just because we disagree with the other, just because the other person is very rude to me, just because the other person has hurt me. Therefore, I can make fun of them.

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I can give them a bad title, I can give them a bad name. You know, it happens sometimes at school, for instance, children, one of the teachers is very mean. So all of them, they give her a bad title. Why? Because she's very mean, she's very strict. No, even if she's strict, even if she's mean, you don't have the right to give her a bad title.

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Remember, I was in the gathering and the love of it for there. So this one brother, he said, Oh, you know, this one's specific racial group. They just thought the Quranic garbage and they know that it's crucial that, you know, he was trying to like, you know, make the other racial group, you know, be of lower level. So I was very amazed how block Phyllis responded, he was very well to a point he said, exaggerating some laughter to say that's not true, like exaggerating.

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Justice earlier, we learned when there's a conflict between people, what is your duty do? Similarly, when a person is mocking at another, making fun of the other insulting him, What is your duty? Stop them, don't just laugh.

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And the other thing I wanted to mention is that sometimes they make fun because they have, like, no knowledge, like they don't know this is wrong. But when you tell them they know they realize their mistake is because it's so common. so common, you know, children, when they imitate others, when they make fun of others. everybody laughs everybody clap. So can you imitate that person? Can you imitate that person, we encourage it, we promoted so much. So it's become extremely common.

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But it should not be promoted. Rather, it should be discouraged.

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I was thinking when individuals don't do tava, and when individuals don't stop each other from this role, then this becomes like an accepted norm in the societies and the result of that you see in media all over the place, whether it's Western media, or even our own Islamic countries, programs that are very popular right now are either based on making parodies of people, or you know, caricatures comedies. And I've heard people saying, Okay, at this time, that particular program is coming. So we're not going anywhere. They're sitting in front of the tube, watching this for an hour, which is totally based on every single thing that this is a lumps, the novels, and you know,

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so Korea, and it's a very popular program, and I can think of many heroes, many, many, some are based on making fun of other people's accents, their way of life, you know, their workplace, their work life.

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going concern of so many kids in middle school in high school, that have either committed suicide or on the verge of suicide,

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because they're bullied, they're marketed.

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I was thinking that to stop any of these actions that a person might have, you have to start in the heart, because you have to purify your heart because whatever is actually in your heart will come out and now come on your tongue. And that's why Allah apologizes that because someone might be better than you. So that's where we should actually start from that we think that everyone else is better than us, and that we're lonely, and that's why none of us will come to any of these actions inshallah.

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Now, we see that over here, the is very general, and which teaches us which shows to us that no person should be marked as no person. Because sometimes we allow ourselves to market others, you know, for various reasons. And we see that a believer, he is not bad in his o'clock he's never ever ill mannered and making fun of others insulting them. This is a sign of what being ill mannered. But this is something that does not fit a believer. a hypocrite is known for having a bad luck not having good manners, and a believer, what does he have good manners.

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We learned that our delivery was rude. He said, If I were to laugh at even a dog, I would fear that Allah would make me worse than that dog.

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But what do we think? It's okay to make fun of animals. It's okay to make fun of different people, non Muslims, people who are lesser than you, people who are poorer than you would look at how careful they were. If I were to laugh at even a dog, I would fear that Allah would make me worse than that dog.

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So one should not even make fun of animals. Because in reality, the one who is making fun, who is he insulting? himself isn't

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a person who insults others. In fact, he is portraying a very evil image of himself. Nobody likes people who make fun of others.

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We also learned that I'm not even sure. He said, If I see someone putting his mouth to the others of a goat drinking milk, meaning directly from the goat, and I laugh at that, then I fear lest I make the same mistake.

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I fear lest I make the same mistake. Because sometimes we see people doing something which we cannot understand, why are they doing it? It seems ridiculous to us. But even if you find something ridiculous doesn't mean you start making fun of them. Because if you start making fun of them, it's quite possible you end up making a mistake, which other people view as very ridiculous. And they make fun of you then

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I showed it on her set and afflicted person fast by some women once and those women, they made fun of him.

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As a result, one of those women was later afflicted with the exact same problem. This isn't a double muffler. The book I remember her.

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Just imagine a group of women, a man passes by who is afflicted who's disabled or something, they made fun of him. And one of those women, she got afflicted by the exact same problem, same affliction.

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So when we make fun of others, we should be careful. What if Allah puts us in the same situation?

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What if the same thing happens to me?

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This is injustice. It's a type of lol mocking at someone making fun of others, and if the other person does not deserve it, it's coming back to you. And in fact, no one deserves it.

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And sometimes we just have a habit of talking about others for no reason.

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People are sitting, somebody passes by comment on their bag, comment on their shoes, comment on the way they're walking. As if sitting silently is a crime. Why can't you silently you have to speak you have to pass a comment.

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And if a person learns to become silent, if a person learns to adopt silence, he will stay away from many, many bad things. Because speech that has to be fixed, right? And for that you have to control your tongue. You have to learn to be silent. Sometimes we're talking, talking, talking, and we don't realize we're gossiping. We're backbiting we're making fun of others. Keep your conversations brief, especially when you're talking about other people. Making fun of others is in fact making fun of the creation of a law making fun of Allah. And sometimes people you know they do these things just to have some fun. You know, if you ask them, Why are you saying this? Come on. Don't be so boring. You

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want me to sit idle like this? You want me to sit silently.

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But we learned that when I 15 What did they say when they were asked into the Toba? 65 whether in Alta home layer Kowloon in America Nana haldwani love if you were to ask them why did you make fun of a lion is messenger they will say we were only conversing in play, just having some fun. Allah says full say a bit laggy or it was soo Lee contestant soon. You could find nothing but align his eye and His Messenger. That's what you were working at. And a part of the Ayat of Allah is what the * cover law, the creation of a law. So you can't have fun, other than this, can't you find other ways of having fun? Is the only way of having fun, mocking or other people, insulting the creation

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of Allah in through the Toba 79 also, we learned about the hypocrites that alladhina young mizune al Motta were a nominal meaning a facade of God. Those who criticize the contributors among the believers concerning their charities yell mizuna, they insult them with regardless of the big

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As a person who's not doing anything himself, he looks bad right? So how does he make up for it by making fun of others and this is something that when I 15 did a lot this was always there excuse international was does he own

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internal Baqarah 212 we learn Zulu unity Latina capital hire to dunia Where's Corona Mina La Nina Ave, Valentina taco, Falcone, oh PM, that beautified for those who disbelief as a life of this world, and they ridicule those who believe, but those who fear Allah will be above them on the Day of Judgment.

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I sat in a corner, hi, Romania home, you don't know, they might be better than you.

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It happens sometimes that people call others by insulting names and titles and descriptions. And in fact, they're the ones who are most deserving of it

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will listen to the recitation of desire.

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If you've seen this, either what was mentioned and sometimes people make fun of other nations.

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Like, for example, just because there was a car accident, or somebody was not driving properly, what is it must be a Chinese person.

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This is making fun of the entire nation.

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somebody does something foolish, so dodgy. This is incorrect. This is not right at all. And unfortunately, this is very, very common in our daily vocabulary, very common in our daily lunch. This is making fun of other nations. And it's something greatly disliked. It's like racism almost. Similarly, sometimes, people will pick on someone's habit, for example, how they eat, how they walk, how they talk, how they meet others. You know, sometimes people have a habit of hugging someone, we will have a habit of always shaking your hand, always asking you always talking to you. Some people don't like. So when they go to a gathering, they come across someone like this, they come back and

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what do they do? They just start talking about other people making fun of them, how they were dressed, how they were talking, how the food was served, what kind of food was there. Sometimes the way people are dressed up sometimes your hairstyle, many things are made an object of mockery. Sometimes people accents the way they talk that is made fun, isn't it?

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Just because someone has a foreign accent someone speaks differently than you, they will be called a foul. They will be called different descriptions. And these words are not strange to you. They're not strange, because you've heard them so many times. And unfortunately, they're still in our tongues. These words should be eliminated from our language from our vocabulary. They should be out of our dictionaries, we should not be using them.

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Similarly, sometimes people go to the extent of making fun of them, or making fun of the actions of the for instance, a person's hijab. Look how huge it is. Why are you wearing a bedsheet? Why are you wearing your grandmother's? Why are you doing this? Have you borrowed it from someone? You were wearing the same job again?

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I remember I went to a wedding once. And this lady came to me and she said you're wearing the same clothes. I saw you wearing those clothes at that wedding. Make Yes, people repeat clothes, especially the more expensive ones, you tend to repeat them. So this is like making fun of other people. What's the purpose? So what if someone repeated the same clothes? So what if they don't have their hair? The way everyone has them? So what sometimes the Dean of the other person, the way person is wearing their hijab or the length of the beard of a man or the fact that he has rolled up his pants. So we have to be very, very careful with regards to our speech, the comments that we pass

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because sometimes when a person is making fun of the Dean of the other, this is a sign of hypocrisy. Anything of the dean you cannot make fun of

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I had one session, may Allah have mercy on him. person is an insulin. He was walking with his house marine. And then he saw a dead dog. And some of them they covered the northern said he smelled bad. Like they make fun of the dado. And he said he looked and he said, What a beautiful does he have? So we have to look at the good part of the people not bad. And another chef, he was saying, like the fly, you sit in a garbage, and he brings disease and the honeybees sit in a flower and bring the honey. So always look at the good side of the person.

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That is sometimes you go visit someone, you go to a party, you go to a gathering. You don't like everything that was there. But there's always something good as well. Why are you looking at the bad things only look at the positive things as well.

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Sometimes people will come back from somebody else. And they will say, Oh my god, their house is so stuffy, the air was not fresh at all. It says though the cook all the time will never open the windows, and you're going on and on and on making fun of them. But at least appreciate the food that you had over there. Appreciate the time that you enjoyed over there. So always look at the positive side as well. And you see this is the difference between a person who is grateful and a person who is ungrateful. A person who is grateful he will find things to appreciate a person who is ungrateful, he will only find faults to point out to make fun of

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sometimes he will go for Hajj and when they come back or do they talk about other people making fun of other people, how they talk, how they behave, how they interact with one another, how they push other people. And they will not talk about the good things that they experienced over there they bothered that they enjoyed over there. Different big difference. So our Dean teaches us humility.

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Who is a Muslim?

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When Solomon Muslim una melissani y de melissani. Where did he that from the tongue don't say anything that hurts the other from the hand, don't even make a gesture that could hurt the other. Because remember, the meaning of lumps make a gesture to signal with the hand or the eye. So other people are safe, even from your gestures, this is a sign of a true Muslim.

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I was just thinking that we shouldn't be little making fun of other people and see it as harmless play because it only leads to smothering or mockery. And it just reminded me of a trailer that I saw once and it was about a little boy who was about the age of 1011. And he was walking along the creek and just picking out rocks with his backpack. He had his backpack on him and whichever rock he liked, he put it into his backpack and walk and walk and walk. And he ended up at the top of the cliff. And he had his backpack on and what they showed was he turned around and just fell down the clip and it said at the end stop bullying.

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So I was just thinking that even if each one of us were to be honest, like many times people pass comments our way. And even though you know it was hurtful to us, sometimes we laugh it off, or we did not inform the other person that that was hurtful to us. So even if our class alone was to be surveyed and asked, Did you ever experience that? I think everyone can say that. Yes, they have. And so we need to be so careful that sometimes we may think it's harmless, but you don't know you may be hurting the other person. So be very careful with what you're saying and think twice. It's not just saying but even the way we look at people, the way we move our hands and our eyes around and

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sometimes it happens at three people are sitting in another person passes by just like the other autocracy is coming. Or with the eyes. Oh, look, they're coming. So even this is mockery. Even this is included in lumps. Even this is included in Sofia.

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So you have to control yourself, you have to control your tongue. You have to control your hands, your elbows, don't imagine other people calling their attention to someone who's passing by control your eyebrows, control your eyelid even don't wink, don't do anything that could hurt the other.

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And it's unfortunate how sometimes people make fun of others. And then they say, this is a joke. Don't be so boring. Don't be so serious. Go on relax. How can the other person relax when you've heard them so much? When You've insulted them when you've made fun of them.

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We talk so much about human rights. This is against human rights.

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I was thinking it's a kind of a manometer for us as well as

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why would we see the positive things Another is that a person has only all the negative things. But if we are looking at other person, only for the negative things it means something is wrong in our heart because Allah subhanaw taala said when I came to La, la common man was in a movie. So if our heart is not clean ourselves, it means that is how the glasses we have put on and that's why we are looking at others with the same. Exactly that depending on what is in the heart that is how the vision will be. That is what a person will see that is what he will view. If the heart is clean if the heart is

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grateful, if the heart is free from hypocrisy, free from pride, then a person will notice good things and he will appreciate good things. And if the heart is full of pride, full of grudges full of enmity, full of bad feelings, then a person cannot appreciate good things.

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Aleikum, I was just thinking that if you're 100%, perfect, and you start making fun of others, then it means you're not 100% perfect, because people think they are 100% perfect. This is why they can make fun of others. This is why they can laugh at others.

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So a person whose focuses his own imperfections, you will not even look twice at other people's imperfections.

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sonicwall just thinking that, I guess majority of us are guilty of this,

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at the end of this ad that woman Lumia. To me, it's just like, there's always Yes, that the door's always open. This is why we learn from our bodies, that whoever has wronged another believer, hurt him, you know, wronged him in any way, then let him seek forgiveness from him today. Before the day comes when dinner and they're humble, not help. Because each person is wrong the other in some way or the other who seek forgiveness from them, before the day comes when your money will not help. And if you've wronged someone, how are they going to take justice by taking your deeds, or by giving you their sense?

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Thinking that Sophia

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is to subjugate and part of when you mock somebody, you're actually controlling them, whether you know it or not, I know a story about somebody that I know, like he had a hard time accepting responsibility and fulfilling the things that he had to do. And he had to actually go to a psychiatrist to fix it, because it was so bad. And through a lot of talking, he figured out that it was because when he was very young, he wasn't the smartest kid in class. So his teachers would pick him last to speak in front of a class and his teacher would not treat him equally compared to the other students. And also his parents would make fun of him for like, they would say, oh, you're not

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going to do your homework again, and stuff like that. So these things had a really big influence on him. And he grew up thinking that he wasn't that good. So this affected his adult life as well. So I was thinking that like most of the insecurities that we have, if we think back, there's some statement that somebody else said, or some look that somebody says this is very true, that many psychological problems even they come from where bullying, making fun of other people, or that if you don't have a particular body type, if you're not of a particular height, if you're not have a particular weight, if you're not have a particular skin color, if you don't have a particular kind

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of skin, then you will be made fun of or that particular image is made fun of. So what happens people develop psychological problems,

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isn't it. So many problems come from this. Eating Disorders. So many things come from this girls don't eat properly, because they're afraid they're going to get fat. If they get fat, people are going to make fun of them. They don't socialize because of the socialize, they go to other people's houses, people are going to ask them about, you know why they're not looking that good. And it really disturbs people. So be very, very careful because you don't know how you can ruin somebody's life like this.

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This is should be taught to children as well. All those who have children, younger siblings share this idea with them, because it's the root cause of many problems. And if these things are eliminated, if they are avoided, then inshallah the relationships between people they can improve a lot.

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We learn from a Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that a true believer is not involved in taunting, or frequently cursing others, or in indecency, or abusing.

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This is not the way of a believer. It doesn't suit a believer at all.

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But unfortunately, it's the norm. It's practiced, it's encouraged. We have days that are fixed for making fun of other people. April Fool's Day. This is so encouraged. But it's a big crime. It's a big thing. We learn into little azova 58 we're Latina. You mean in our movement? It will it matassa Boo.

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Boo Boo, Donna, what is Mo Mo Bina isma Medina, that those who harm believing men and believing women for something other than what they have earned, meaning what they don't deserve, have certainly worn upon themselves a slander and a manifests. If you hurt another believer, he doesn't deserve that. Then you are carrying What? A manifesting.

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So whatever has happened has happened. Now doba should be done.

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And a person must change his ways. If he did it before, which is quite possible. He must change his words. He must change his style of speech. He must change what he talks about.

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How he talks because it might hurt other people.

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This girl was very fond of becoming a part of our group. But she was constantly made fun of. She was like very tomboyish and the way she was in the way she talks and the way she told stories, everybody would make fun of her. And I would keep telling them that this is not right. Don't do this, you know, Allah has made her and we are all Alaska creatures. And it so happened that she was the niece of a famous film actor. And somehow that film, came to that part of the world river and stayed in her house. And as soon as people found out that she was the niece of a famous film actor, their attitudes totally change. They just started making friends. Oh, you have such long, beautiful hair.

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Your talk is so nice. And when Shall we come over and see your uncle? How selfish and I looked at them with my mouth, I guess that all my talk of decency and being nice to her would not change them. But this worldly and materialistic aspect of life. Just swish them around like they see an eggplant on a platter.

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do anything for their own selfish needs? Yes. For that make fun of others or for that not make fun of others. This is selfishness. Another person is concerned about others. And he's careful about how he speaks.

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We listen to the recitation of desire

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Assalamu alaikum

Al-Hujurat 11-18 Tafsir 11

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