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Hud 50-83 Translation 50-83

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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suited with Kareem armagard further below him in the shade Ronnie regime Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbish rarely saw the way sigley md Dr. melissani Yakubu Cody

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lesson number 119 pseudo hood I am number 5283 Translation

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what either and to add in a home there brother who the hood or the Santa Ana he said yeah or call me my people were abou you will worship Allah Allah magnet lagoon for you mean from Allah him any god bless you other than Him in not until you all Illa except move the room one to fabricate

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Yeah, oh call me my people lead not as eloquent I asked you are they upon it, Angela any reward, in not area my reward Illa except other upon and Lady, the one who felt Hourani, he created me

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I further do the not therapy loan you all understand

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where and oh only my people is still fearful you will seek forgiveness rubber comb Europe summer then to you all return for your turn in repentance lie to him your sin He will send a sinner the sky or lay come upon you made Aurora pouring abundantly or mid Aurora in showers

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will end your zip code he will increase you overturn in strength Illa to go vertical your strength whether and do not that the one low you alternately would remain as criminals. Or as centers are low. They said yeah or who do who may not gitana you have come to us by unity with a clear proof. Warmer and not national we beat every key at all ones really. And he had dinner our gods I'm from Holika you're saying your word warmer and not national we Lucky for you remote meaning at all believers.

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In not Nakula we say Illa except Iraq. He has seized you

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or he has intended for you bearable some early Latina our gods bisou in with evil corner he said in me indeed I wish we do I call to witness Allah Allah

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wash hadoo and you all bear witness unnamed that indeed I bury own innocent or free of responsibility mingma from what Nicole your associate partners

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main from Tony beside him for key dooney so you will plot against me Jimmy IRA altogether so much then last do not don't literally you all give us by to me

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in me indeed I the Welcome to I have put my trust Allah upon Allah He Allah Robbie, Myra What are become and your man not main from the Putin any creature

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in there except who he hidden one who holds been asleep at the hair with its forelock. In indeed rugby my rub Allah upon Surat in a bath Mr. Bean went straight

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for him, but if there were low you alternate way for God then in fact our beloved to come I have conveyed to you man that which autoseal to I was sent be with it in a come to you wire stuff live and He will give succession Rob be my Rob Coleman of people very local other than you whether or not double Runa who you won't harm him shake anything in indeed Robbie Myra Allah upon Cooley every Cheyenne thing Have you ever been a guardian?

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When a man and when

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it came on Bruna, our command? Medina we saved Buddhahood, early Salah, when Medina and those who are Manu, they believed Mara who with him, or her meeting with mercy Midna from us, when a Jaina whom and we saved them, main from our the punishment or kneeling severe

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well and DeLuca and that are do not jaha do they rejected, be it with signs or be him up there up? Where are so and they disobeyed Rasulullah, who his messengers, whatever and they followed a murder

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Command coldly every jabbering tyrant are needed stubborn.

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Well and would be rude they were followed fee in heavy this adonia the world learner then curse way oma and en de lt Emma D the standing

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under unquestionably in indeed our than our cafaro they disbelieved rapa whom they rub Allah unquestionably burden away or curse. There are then for our own people who didn't have loot earlier salam

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wa ala and two words the mood the mood a hormone their brother saw the house silent Acela corridor he said yeah oh call me My people are boo your worship Allah Allah. Ma nauticam for you main from inner him any god radio other than him. Who are he and sherco he produced you main from the earth was the American and he settled you fee her in it?

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foster Pharaoh who so you will seek forgiveness from him so my than to boo you will turn in repentance lie to him. In indeed Robbie, Myra, Caribbean near Mooji when responsive

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kalu they said yeah, all silo silo early Salaam are in fact content you were feanor in US module one a man of promise. carbonyl before Heather this Athan, Hannah, do you forbid us do you stop us and that narrow Buddha we worship man What year are Buddha he worships our owner our forefathers were in Ghana and indeed we left surely in shakin doubt magma from what that the sooner you call us lie to it Marie when in doubt

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he said yeah, oh, only my people are a dumb Have you seen in if going to I was Allah upon by uniting a clear proof men from or be my Arab

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attorney and he gave me men who from himself Ramadan and mercy for men so who young Sunni he would help me mean from Allah Allah in if I say to I disobeyed him from so not dizzy dooney you will increase me later other than deceit in Ross

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well yeah and oh call me my people have he this nacoochee camel Allah Allah La come for you I attend assign further who has so you are lever that could she eats V in all the land a lot of Allah weather and do not assume you are better suited with any evil for the con consequently it will seize you either a punishment or even near

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for our Kuru has so they hamstrung her for color so he said that you will enjoy fi in the home your home's falletta three a year Mindy's vaniqa. That word and a promise they do not make do one denied

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fellow muscle when it came on Bruna our command net, Jaina received Seiler her celebrity center while Edina and those who am a new day believe Mara who with him, there are meeting with mercy manda from us women and from crazy humiliation. yoma even of that day, indeed, Rebecca Europe who are he Alka we the powerful Aziz The Mighty

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and it seized alladhina those who wanna move the wrong

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OSI her the shriek for us for who so they became fee in the air in their homes jersey mean once fallen prone or once fallen on their faces.

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Gun as if love not yoga, no they dwelt they lived fee her in it Allah unquestionably in there indeed so mood the mood photo the disbelieved proper home they rub, either unquestionably burden away. Curse litho mood for some mood

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while account and certainly it came Rasulullah Our Messengers, Ibrahima to Ibrahim rainy Salaam bill bush law with the good news although they said saliva piece powder he said Solomon piece from us or not levita he remained on that journey he came berejiklian with a calf honey then roasted

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fella muscle when he saw idea home their hands learn not just do it reaches LA to it. Nikita whom he distrusted them

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Nikita whom he distrusted them were Odessa and he felt in heart main home from them safer than fear apprehension.

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Although they said lead do not the half you fear in that indeed we

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are center we were sent either to count people looting of loot or the seller

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or to who and his wife got a Mattoon one standing further hiccup so she left for her shoulder her so he gave her good news because half of his help women and from what he after is how can this help your group your group really center on it she said yeah oh way later wrote to me a little Shall I give birth? Well Anna while I am or June an old woman well Heather and this barley, my husband, Shea her and old men in the indeed Heather this lingerie and surely a thing or even amazing.

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Polo they said, Do our third jobina you are amazed.

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Men from only command Allah He of Allah.

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Rama to mercy Allah He of Allah wa care to end his blessings are they come upon you? Allah, people elbaite of the house in the who indeed he hamidou praiseworthy mudon honorable

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fella then when the herb it went on from Ibrahim, Ibrahim or insulin of lower the fight was a two and it came to him. Allah Bushra The Good News yuja deluna he was disputing with us fee concerning people looting of loot at a center.

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In the indeed, Ibrahim Ibrahim Halima surely forbearing a well known extremely grieving

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a well known extremely grieving miniboone frequently returning

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Yeah, oh, Ibrahim Ibrahim, are already turned away on from her this interview indeed it or in fact, it came through command prompt because of Europe. We're in the home and indeed the at him, one that comes to them, either punishment, or not, more do one rejected or one repelled

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when a man and when it came rasuna Our Messengers lupulin to loot on a sinner. See, he was distressed, or he was grieved, be him for them, Walker, and it tightened, or he felt tight.

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Behind for them there are in strength or corner and he said, Heather, this Yeoman a day asleep one crucial asleep one crucial

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word wotja who and he came to him over who his people, Your Honor, hastening lie to him. Woman and from kurulu before canu they were here meluna they do a say at the evils or the evil deeds. Cora he said Yeah. Oh, call me my people. How old are these banality my daughter's owner they are a total pure local for you for tacos. So you all fear Allah Allah, Allah and do not do Zuni you all disgrace me fee concerning by fee my guests. Elisa, is he not? main come from you? Roger Luna a man rashidun. One of reason. For one who is guided?

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kalu they said laqad certainly are limited, you know, or you may not lenna for us fee in fanatical your daughter's main from Hampton. Any claim

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we're in NACA, and indeed you letter them, surely you no matter what notary do we want? Other he said low? If only under that indeed leave for me become for you. overturn some power or are we? I could take refuge Illa to Brooklyn a support. A pillar shaden strong

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kalu they said yes or no to loot or the seller in indeed we rasuluh messengers are a bit of Europe. Lamb never Yes we do. They reach alayka to you for us. So you travel by night for asleep. So you travel by night. Be Africa with your family, but littering in a portion main from a nail the night whether or not yelled he turned back. men come from you or hadn't anyone in there except him or attack your wife.

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Who indeed it mostly will have one that reaches her mother which a Saba whom it reached them in the indeed Merida whom they are promised time a soap who the morning Elisa, is it not a superhero the morning Bukhari at all when you are definitely need

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further muscle when it came on Runa our command Gianna we made earlier her its highest serafina had its lowest one partner and we rained we showered or lay her upon it he gelatin stones men from CG Lin baked clay

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mangled one layered

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was a woman marked in the near Rob Baker your mama and not here it men from the wrongdoers be buried at all one form

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in Nigeria

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you see this

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VB net you

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Nobita Ricky Lee has seen

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me in Abu

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Me shahidullah how shadow me buddy

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Tony Frankie Do you need me

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be more awesome.

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He was down

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to LA in

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Buddha Buddha

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min min is yummy

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big four oh.

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komeito in

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Are we

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I mean a lady when I

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majah morona john

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CG g

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ma ma, ma de Mina.