Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P11 116C Tafsir Yunus 83-87

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the concept of "will" and how it relates to the culture of the Egyptians. It emphasizes the need for youth to fill out their youth and find their own path in life, as it is crucial for their identity and success. The importance of trusting in Islam, learning from one's youth, and praying together in public settings is emphasized. The segment also touches on the difficulties faced by individuals with their faith and the importance of settling for their personal mentality.
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Now what happened? Fifth our own. He didn't believe all the magicians believed he had them assassinated. The Bani Israel they were already believers. Now the people offer their own the Egyptians, Allah subhanaw taala says about them firmer, mentally Musa, then none believed in Musa alayhis salam INLA, except the RE yet on the RIA actually means children. Right? It's also used for generations, right? Because the children are going to be the following generation. Right? So the RIA means children over here and gives meaning of youth doesn't mean little children. It means youth. So from I am an early Musa in the reggaeton except youth, some youth men call me from his nation whose

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whose nation, the nation of Musa, who was the nation was Arizona, but Israel where they're not already Muslim. They were, they were already believers. So then who's nation is this fit our own.

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So none believed in will Sardis Anam from the people of Iran, except just a few youths,

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Allah joven been fit our own, because of fear from fit our own

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because of fear of your own, the adults, the older people, they were too afraid to believe.

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Because you see, young people, youths, they are more willing to take risks. And you see this in little children also, right? They don't have any concept of fear, they will just climb up on a chair. And then from there, they'll climb up on a table. And then from there, they'll climb up on a counter, and then they're just standing there as if it's a performance stage. All right, and the parents are freaking out. That's one slip, and she's gone. Right. But children don't have any fear. They're willing to take risks. They don't care about what might happen. They just want to get what they want. Correct.

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Now, youths compare to adults, same thing. Teenagers, they're more daring, more willing to take risks, more willing to take chances. They want to try different things out, even though they're crazy. But adults, they're fixed in their ways, isn't it? So they're fixed in their ways. They don't want to change their diet. They don't want to change their lifestyle. They don't even want to sometimes move from one house to another. Sometimes they're not even willing to change their furniture. Why? Because they think that the furniture they bought 30 years ago, is still better compared to anything that you'll find in the market today. Isn't that so they're more set and fixed

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and settled in their own ways. They don't want to change. Right? But young people that are full of enthusiasm, right? They want to explore and they want to go far, what happens even though something may seem very risky, they'll do it. But when will they do it? When they believe it's the right thing to do. And if they don't believe it's the right thing to do, you can tell them 50 times 100 times they're not going to listen,

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isn't it so? So for example, many young people over here, when you have to go somewhere in the morning, and you believe you have to go for whatever what happens, you will be the first one up. Because you believe that you have to do it. It's crazy, but you will still go like there are people who want to go see sunrise, right? They're very enthusiastic about it. They'll be up before Fajr

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know, their mom doesn't have to wake them up. Their father doesn't have to wake them up. They'll be up before Fajr they want to go somewhere with their friends and they're going to start driving early in the morning. They're going to be up and ready. Right? And their parents might be saying Are you crazy? You're leaving this hour. Wait a little bit, let the sun come up, let the morning spread, eat breakfast at home comfortably and then go there like normal. It's going to be too late. Trust me we have to go now. All right. But when their parents are just trying to wake them up, please come on all morning. You're sleeping Get up get up get up their parents can try to wake them up 50 times are

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they going to get up? No, they're not going to. So when they're convinced in the head that he asked this is right for me. This is something I want to do that even if they face opposition from everyone. They don't care about it. This is a quality of the youth This is actually a strength that Allah subhanaw taala has given to you. But what happens many times youth they use it in the wrong way.

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They use it in the wrong way.

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And the people who do use it in the right way. Look at how far they go. If you think about it, all of the prophets of Allah, their main supporters were who young people will start as salaam who would accompany Him you shall be known and who was he Fatah. In the Quran? He is described as Fattah a young boy. And it was eventually you shall be known. Under his leadership, the Bani Israel entered the holy land. Because remember, for 40 years, they were in the desert, right? When we started, Saddam told them, let's go, let's go. They're like, No, no, we're sitting right here. You and your Lord will fight. I remember that incident we learned about in sort of the law. So what happened?

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They stayed in the wilderness for a very long time, Bousada, someone passed away, and then under the leadership of us sharp anoon, they entered the holy land, right? Likewise, if you reflect on the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we think of a bucket of Dillo on who was a very old man. All right. But there was a very small age difference between him and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Right. Likewise, we see it a little more in who he was one of the first people who believed How old was he? Very young. Alright, Zaid been seven, how old was he? Very, very young.

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Right? Musar been remade, hopefully a lot more on whom? How old was he? He was also quite young, or smile, hopefully lower and who also he was quite young. All right. All of these companions were quite young when they embraced Islam and the prophets that a lot of them also gave a lot of tasks to them to perform also. So for example, Osama bin Zayed Allah and who he was so young, when he was sent as the leader of an army. We all know about Mohammed bin Qasim, when he he was not a companion. He came much later, but still, he was only 17 years old.

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When he conquered?

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Can you imagine 17 years old? I'm sure these days. 17 year old kids, they don't even know how to hold something heavy. You tell them Can you please chop the cilantro? And they will be like how do you hold the knife?

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If you ask them, Can you please open your closet? I don't know how to iron clothes. You ask them? Can you please vacuum the floor? I don't know how to vacuum. What do you know, I know how to play on my phone.

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I know how to play video games. Right? We're wasting our youth we're wasting our time. When there's so much capacity. There's so much talent, there's so much ability, so much strength that Allah subhanaw taala has given to the youth if an armadillo on who he was also a very young companion, very young, so young, that once he was sitting in the gathering of the prophets of Lourdes, Allah and the prophets have also asked a question from the companions. That what is that tree that resembles the believer? And people you know, they said this tree that tree and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, No, not this one, not this one. And even aroma. He wanted to say what he

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thought was the right answer. But he was too shy because he was the youngest person in that gathering. He was too shy to speak up. So the Prophet salallahu Salam, eventually he told the people it is the novela de Pomme. And even ermine was so happy that yes, you know, I knew the right answer. But later on, he told his father, that, you know, when the prophets of Allah sent a message, I knew the answer, but I was too shy to speak.

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I was too shy to speak, he was so young. Does it ever happen that all aunties are sitting and you're sitting amongst them and you feel shy to speak? Right? Why? Because of the age difference? Because people are immediately going to look at you what do you know?

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Right? They're gonna look at you as if what do you know? And this is also a problem that we have we treat our youth like they're nothing. They don't have any ability. They don't have any strength. They are completely incapable. We don't let them make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. And this is why we are losing great potential in the community.

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I shed a little light on her, the wife of the Prophet saw a lot of setup. How old was she? When the prophets of Allah Islam passed away? According to some scholars, she was still a teenager, 18 or 19 years old, can you imagine?

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But if you think about it, out of all the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who was the most inquisitive,

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it was her who was the most daring. If you think about it, once the Prophet said, a lot of Saddam, he got up in the middle of the night, and he went out. So I shouldn't dwell on her. She was like, where's he going? So she went up behind him.

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She dared, and she went up behind him. And the Prophet said, a lot of them didn't go to the house of any other of his wives. Instead, he went to be clear, but clear is the graveyard. So I should have let her know. That's what she saw that he was there at the graveyard praying for his companions who had been buried over there. But if you think about it, I mean, she had the guts to follow him and an older

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A woman, she wouldn't have that confidence. Right? I showed her she asked so many questions. She was so observant of all of the wives of the prophets of auditor and the way she narrated things afterwards. All right, and she learned their aim, when in her youth, we think we will learn later. But the best time to learn anything is when when you're young,

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when you're young,

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right? And this is why the person who spends his youth in the worship of Allah and part of worshipping Allah is learning the deen of Allah, where will this person be on the Day of Judgment, where, under the shade, under the shade that Allah subhanaw taala will provide him, you will honor him with that shade.

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Youth is a very critical stage of life, because this is when you form your identity. Or this is when you form your personality. And you decide which path you want to take in life, which way you want to go. And if you think about it, everyone is after you.

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Right? Everyone is after you meaning everyone is trying to recruit you for their own work. So for example, at school, there's so many options. If you think about it, gadgets, so many things are for who made for who? For old people, how many phones have you seen that have been made, especially designed for old people, maybe one or two, because I remember I was looking for a few options for my grandparents and I really couldn't find many options. And those that I could find there were so expensive. But for youth, I mean, there's no limits. There's so much choice out there. So everyone's out there to get you. Right, they're offering you something, give us your youth, and this is what we

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have for you. But Allah subhanaw taala offers us the best deal. Give Allah here youth and Allah will honor you.

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At night, so in the morning is also you know, the start of the day, exactly, if you think about it morning compared to nighttime morning is more productive, right? Likewise, the early stage of life youth that is much more productive. They just like infants are developing and their minds are more developing. And secondly, these experiences around like 1718, you need that crucial youth time, your prefrontal cortex isn't developed at that time. So all the experiences that you are getting at that time, they're going to eventually affect your whole adulthood. So that's why you know, they say it's crucial that you're getting your sleep and you're getting all those experiences because that's

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what's going to make you an adult. So your mind is still developing in youth.

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So for me, I am Anna Lee Musa inlet the RIA TermInfo me he either joven minffordd our own some youths, they weren't afraid of their own. They didn't care about him, they said, doesn't matter. What is he going to do? Yes, he's a tyrant. Yes, he's related to us. Yes, he's from our family doesn't matter. They still believed. So for example, in sort of movement, we learn about Roger movement, a man who believed a believing man, and he was from the family of their own, who believed. Likewise, the wife of her own, she herself also believed and the Mufasa and have also suggested some other people from the quarters of their own and from the servants of their own, who were young in

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their age, but they believed

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and the rest did not believe why or the whole from infant or older woman that he him out of fear fit our own and his elite gift in a home and you have to know him that he would put them in fitna. Yes Tina is from Fattah unknown. fitna is also from the same route and what is fitna basically torture, so they were afraid of it or owns persecution. And this is why they did not believe what in the fit our own Allah Island fill out. Allah's parents, artisans. Yes, I'm in Pharaoh and was someone who was very mighty in the land, very oppressive. So their fear was kind of genuine. We're indifferent on the land and fill our garland on and it's wonderful that his own land well, Lulu, what is it

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renew, to be high. So Arlen is one who is very high. So he was very high, meaning he had a very high position of authority in his land. He was very powerful. And he was also very proud and arrogant. What no lemon was riffin. And indeed, he was surely of the dystrophin, who are Mr. Griffin is trough

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extravagance, again, those who don't stop at any limit. Indeed, he was of those who were extravagant. So people were afraid of it. This is why even though the truth was clear to them, they didn't believe except just a few people. Because when our own was very powerful, very arrogant, and he was also illustrative think about how he treated the magicians.

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Did he just threaten them and leave them? No, it is sad that he actually killed all of them. He crucified them all. He got their hands and feet from opposite sides. And crucify them hung their bodies on date palm trees, imagine and let them rot in public so that people will take a lesson that Don't you dare do anything that I don't allow you to do. But still think about it. There were people who believed who saw the Hulk, and they accepted it, even though it was so difficult. And amongst them was the wife of their own.

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And did she have to pay the price? Oh, yeah.

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She really had to, she was persecuted to the max. She was persecuted so much imagine for their own persecuting his own wife. What message is he sending across to the entire nation? Don't you dare listen to Musa otherwise you will also receive similar treatment. We'll call her Musa. Now in this state of fear of oppression. Most artists Anam What advice did he give to the people? He said, Yeah, call me all my people. And this is general This refers to the Bani Israel as well as those youths from the people of their own who had believed because believers are one even though they're from different races, they become one nation. So mozarella, some advise them in contemn Amman to Billahi

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if you truly believe in Allah, finally hit our Kullu then on him, you should rely. If you truly believe in Allah, then on him you should rely, don't rely on me Don't look at me asking for help. What can I do? Because you see, when people are going through some difficulty, who do they look up to their leader do something to help us do something to relieve us? Right of our difficulty? But Musa said I'm studying them. If you believe in Allah, then trust on him. Have faith in him. Rely on him, not me. Not any person, not your money, not your background, not anything rely upon Allah in quantum Muslimeen if you are truly Muslim, meaning those who submit and surrender to Allah, because

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the fact is that a person cannot do or better without the Wakulla Allah Allah what is it? rabada what is worship? Essentially it is asking for help. Right? So for example, in Salah when we recite hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Rahman Rahim Malik Yomi Deen Yeah, can our wudu what a year can sustain you alone we seek for help we ask help from you, because that is what worship is about a DUA, mahalo Riba. supplication calling upon Allah is what? It's the essence of worship.

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Now, if you're asking someone for help, if you're asking someone for something, can you ask them? Without having this trust on them? That yes, they can actually help me they can actually give me

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can you do that? So for example, your mom, you know, she's got money.

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Right? You know that she just got her paycheck, and you desperately want this new pair of shoes. So you ask her mom, can you please please, please take me shopping and buying me those shoes? Why are you asking her?

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Why? Because you know that she's got the money. Right? Will you ask your younger brother?

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Who gets like $20 as his monthly allowance? Yeah. What do you ask him? Can you please take me shopping and buy me this $80 pair of shoes? Will you do that? No. Because if you know that, he cannot do that for you. He doesn't have that money. He doesn't have that ability. Who will you ask? Who will you ask? The one whom you believe is capable of helping you. You have this trust on them that they can help you. And they will help you.

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Likewise, amongst our family members, there could be some people who are very generous towards us. And there are others who are not that generous. So for example, you want something and you know that your dad can get it for you and your mom can also get it for you. But you know that every time you ask your dad, he's gonna question you like 50 things before he's gonna get you what you want. And your mom, she just loves you. She'll just listen to you. So who will you go to? Your mom or your dad? Your mom, obviously.

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So, likewise, if you truly believe in Allah, then trust upon him, ask him for help. Ask him for relief. Worship Him more, trust on him more, strengthen your bond with him more, love him more. So that his help will come to you. Relief will come to you. You see many people they accept this firm or they become serious about their business.

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them, and they expect help from who help and support from people who are around them. And as soon as they see that, oh, people are not really that helpful, they get disappointed and they, they go away. Like Forget it, it's not worth it.

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But the person who is seeking Allah,

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the person who truly believes in Allah, who trusts upon Allah, then what will happen? Even if he gets support from people or he doesn't get any support? Is he going to continue on his journey to Allah? Yes, he will. Why? Because he has experienced the sweetness of faith. He has experienced what faith truly is.

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So this is a reality. When a person will accept Islam. When a person will become serious about his Deen, there will be difficulties. And at that time, don't look at your mom for support. Don't look at your brother for support. Don't look at your husband for support. I mean, people are there to support you. But they're not the only source of support. They're not the ultimate source of support, who is the ultimate source of support? Allah subhanaw taala I lay heat on him You should trust in quantum Muslimeen if you are truly a Muslim.

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Now you see at that time, accepting Islam believing Musar Islam in his prophethood was like committing a crime because remember that fit our own. He ordered the sons of Bani Israel to be killed twice. Once at a time when Masada son was born, remember, okay. And second aptamil surrealism came as a messenger.

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He did that, in order to oppress the Bani Israel even more in order to exert more control over them more, you know, he wanted to control them even more, to show them that you're nothing you can't do anything. So don't you dare rebel against me. So he ordered that their sons be killed. Now imagine the money is right for the second time their children are being killed in front of them and they're helpless. Anyone who becomes Muslim, even if it's the wife of Iran is persecuted terribly. Imagine the state of people how helpless they must be feeling. How abandoned how weak. And what does Musa al Islam say to them? If you believe in Allah, trust on him, if you're truly Muslim, what was their

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response? They didn't say what about this and what about that and how come but no, what's an ifs and buts nothing for Callooh they said Allah Allah He upon Allah Tala Khurana we have relied. We rely on Allah. We believe in Him. We accept it for his sake. We responded to his call. We surrender ourselves before Him. And on him we trust. Who is he on a banana? Our Lord and they make dua to him immediately they make dua to Allah, what have been. Third, your fifth Netta little coal mill volley mean, one Egina Bureau Mati communal coal mill caffeine. What is the straw? They said Robina letter Anna Oh our Lord do not make us do not make us what fitna done, an object of trial an object of

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persecution. For who? Little Coleman's Lolly mean for the people who are wrongdoers. What does it mean by this da don't make us a fitna for the wrongdoing. People. What is fitna it has two meanings over here. One is object of persecution.

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Meaning don't make us so miserable and helpless, that we are just persecuted by these wrongdoing people by these oppressive people meaning furrowed and his people, they keep harming us and persecuting us and we're unable to help ourselves. Don't make us an object of persecution.

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Please, why are they making this law? Why? Because it's very difficult to tolerate this. It's very difficult to go through persecution. It's very difficult to face opposition even forget about physical persecution that's even more difficult.

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It can shake a person literally.

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Because you see, if somebody hurts you with their words, what can you do? Ignore them and move on? Right? Some people are very tough on the inside.

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But if you're being physically abused,

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you're experiencing physical abuse in your body, you're bleeding, your friends are being killed before you you're losing your property. Your life is a mess because of the persecution that you're facing. Aren't you gonna start doubting about what you're doing? You're gonna think is it really worth it? Shouldn't we just give up and go back to how we were before life was so much more easier and simpler before?

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So they made this dua in order to save their Iman. They say oh Allah don't make us an object of persecution for these people that they persecute us persecute us, and we just suffer at their hands endlessly. Do relieve us.

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Another meaning of this is lateral now fitna, 10, meaning don't make us an object of trial for the wrongdoing, people that we become a trial for them. How would we become a trial for them, that they oppress us, and we're unable to defend ourselves and to think we're right, because of these people who believe in Musa alayhis salam, if they were upon the truth, their god would have helped them and see their suffering in our hands, they're helpless. They're wrong. And we are right.

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Because this is what happens right? Whoever has the upper hand starts to think that what he's doing is the right thing.

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And the other person is wrong because if he was right, he would have been successful in one way or another. So this is why they made they're all Robin Allah Tatiana fitna tunnel como la Alameen when a Gina Vera latika and save us deliver us with Your mercy meno Coleman caffeine from the disbelieving people. Deliver us from here so we can be free, save us from their torture so that we can live we can survive.

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What Oh Hanaa Isla Musa Elfi and we revealed to Musa and his brother Allah subhanaw taala commanded Musa Salam and his brother had an earnest salon what um that there were what both of you settled from the letters bad well Hamza, but

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both of you settle make to settle who Nicole mikuma Your people meaning but he is right you who are your people, both of you are their leaders meaning Musa and who were both leaders of Bani Israel. So they were told make the Bani Israel settle. Where be Misra in missile missile, meaning Egypt may come settle in missile. Where will you turn in homes in houses were used as a floor love bait? Meaning tell your people that they have to live over here. As difficult as it is. As hard as it is. They have to live here.

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Because they cannot go anywhere right now for their own refuse to let them go. And there is no way that the Bani Israel can go anywhere right now. You see, sometimes, when you're going through some difficulty, just want to get out of there.

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Like, for example, that person is suffering in their relationship. They just want to end their relationship and be done with it. They're having a very hard time in a particular country. They're like, You know what, I would just want to wrap up and go away from here. I can't take this anymore. So imagine the Bani Israel where they're facing a very hard time in Egypt. oviya a very, very hard time their sons were being killed before them.

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They were not allowed to practice their faith. They were not allowed to have any masajid any congregations, nothing at all.

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Because previously, in previous times, people were on the religion of their kings. Whatever the Kings religion was, was the official religion of that place. And everyone was supposed to follow that religion. There was no freedom of faith, not at all. So the Egyptians they were polytheists but Bani Israel, they were believers, Musa Hassan brought the message of Tawheed.

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So for them to practice another religion in that area impossible. So what did they want to do? They just wanted to get out of there. They wanted to get out of there for a very long time anyway. But Allah subhanaw taala told them, no, you have to stay here. Make your houses in Egypt, stay in Egypt. You have to stay here. Just accept it. You cannot go right now. And this is so beautiful. Because sometimes we want to escape from our problems. We just want to get out of them and we become impatient. And we keep making dua to Allah get me out of here. Get me out of here, get me but we don't see any relief. Why? Because it's better for us to be in that situation, even though it's very

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hard. It's better for us to be in that situation. You know, somebody said recently, life makes sense. Only in hindsight.

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Meaning if you look at what's going on right now, it will make no sense to you. But in the long run in hindsight, yes, it will make a lot of sense to you. So right now you don't get it. Why is Allah subhanaw taala making you go through this trouble, but just accept it? Deal with it? What your aloo boo you talkin Keebler and make your homes into Qibla? What is tribler?

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A direction, right? Direction of what of prayer? So for example, our Qibla is what our Kubla is what the Kaaba in Mecca. Right so Maca is the Qibla

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So anywhere you are in the world, where do you face when you have to pray? Makkah, so Puebla becomes a central place also. Right, it becomes a central place also a place where you return to from everywhere no matter where you are you face Makkah. Correct. So it becomes a central location. It's a place of worship. So what's your Hello bill? You talkin? Qibla? Meaning you don't have any misogyny over here. You're not going to get any permit to build the Masjid. You're not going to get any permission to gather together for congregation in your Masjid. You're far from that you don't have that freedom over here. So does that mean that you leave your brother? You leave your worship?

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You don't teach the deen you don't learn the deen your children become Jahan of the deen completely? No. What do you have to do that what you're allowed to come Qiblah? Make your houses into Qibla meaning into misogyny. Make your houses into massage. Do gather together and worship Allah subhanaw taala. Observe your prayers and congregation learn teach. But how? openly? No, because if you do it openly, you're going to be persecuted, you're not going to be allowed to do it. So how should you do it? A goal very, very low profile, very low profile, stay in your houses, avoid the fitna out in the streets, avoid the persecution, stay in your houses and practice your faith. And this is a very

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relevant lesson for us. Because there are times when you're not able to publicly practice your faith. So if you do that, you're going to invite more trouble. Right, you're going to invite more trouble. So what should you do be very daring. And you say I don't care about anybody. And I'm just going to take my prayer mat out in the middle of this government building and I don't care if the security guard is saying what I'm just going to pray here and I don't care about anybody what's going to happen,

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you're going to be in trouble. And you know what, some people, they're after you anyway. They just need one incident to create a fuss. The next thing they're gonna do, they're gonna, you know, take your freedom away from you completely, you won't be able to practice the little bit of faith that you can anyway.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:25

Unfortunately, our mentality has become very crooked what we think is that what the right thing to do is if somebody is stopping us, you know, react even more, react even more.

00:32:26 --> 00:32:29

It's like telling somebody come hit me.

00:32:30 --> 00:32:35

Literally, it's like, telling somebody the little bit of freedom that I have, why don't you take that away from me to

00:32:36 --> 00:33:17

know be wise, be wise, don't attract too much attention. Go low profile in times of difficulty in times of persecution. So over here, the bunny is traitor advisor same thing with Gerardo buta calm Qibla will pay more salata don't leave the prayer established the prayer of a shift in meaning and give good news to the believers because sometimes you get frustrated Why is it so difficult? Why can't it be just easy for me like other people, but good good news for the believers more struggle more reward and inshallah relief will come very soon. You see over here a Kamal Salah established the prayer. Part of establishing the prayer is to pray in.

00:33:18 --> 00:33:22

Pray, Jamal and congregation. Right.

00:33:23 --> 00:33:36

And we see that this was a time of great fitna when this was going on in Egypt, this was a time of great fitna, but still the Bani Israel are told, pray together in Jamara. What does it show?

00:33:38 --> 00:33:46

The importance of Swan Ethel Jamara. And that's collateral Jamara will be performed even when there is a threat to one's life.

00:33:47 --> 00:34:25

Even when there is unrest in the society, which is why we see that even during battle, the Sahaba would pray right in Jamara and that prayer is called so that will hope we learned earlier the method of celestial health in Jamara. Right? We learned that responded below one who when he was a Khalifa there were some people who rebelled against Him the whole adage and they came to Medina and they laid siege on his house. They basically said you stepped down from Khilafah or we're going to kill you. You stepped down from collabo we're going to kill you do this, this this this this. Basically they demanded some very unrealistic things from him. And they threatened to kill him and they laid

00:34:25 --> 00:34:29

siege around his house which meant that if he dared to step out of the house, he would be killed.

00:34:30 --> 00:35:00

And the Sahaba the diver even who were present in Medina they asked or spinal below on who allow us we will kill all of these rebels will fight them will kick them out of Medina. But arrest Manuel de la Martin who said no, I don't want lecture to be caused in Medina because of me. In the city of the Prophet bloodshed is caused because of me. No, he didn't allow that. So that siege continued for quite some time. Now imagine the Khalifa he's not allowed to come out of the house and the Khalifa suppose

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

To be the Imam of the people. He's supposed to lead the people in prayer. But you know who was leading the people in prayer? When responded to no one who was besieged in his house, the Imam of fitna meaning the leader of those rebels, the leader of those who added because obviously they had imagined gunmen coming in right and daring people that you don't you dare do anything against us, otherwise, we're gonna kill you.

00:35:25 --> 00:35:30

So the leader of the fitna, basically he is leading people in Salah.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:45

So one of the sincere believers, he somehow got into the house of Earth man, and who and he came to meet him and he said, respond to the lower No, come on, do something. I mean, we are being led in prayer by this sinful, tyrant, oppressor.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:11

This rebel is leading us in prayer. And we are afraid our prayers are not valid. You have to do something, you're stuck here. Come on, get out, do something, so that you can lead us in prayer. Our prayers are accepted. You know the answer that it was mine a little more on who gave? He said a sudden to a sun. Solid is the best armor the best deed that people perform.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:46

Solid is the best deed that people perform. Yes, there are murderers. Yes, there are liars. Yes, they are evil in so many ways. But out of all the actions that they performed, Salah is the best one. So when they're doing something good, do good with them. And when they're doing something evil, than avoid that evil, don't cooperate with them in that evil. So basically you told them that even if you're being led in prayer by this man, don't leave the Jamara pray in congregation.

00:36:47 --> 00:37:20

Pray in Jumeirah don't leave the gemera even if you're being led by this person. So the Bani Israel we're also doing the same thing with our chemo salata. You might say why, what's the big deal? Because you see in times of turmoil, times of unrest when people get together and they make dua they stand before Allah asking Him for help. What happens? They develop more crucial their doors are more genuine. Right? And he had Allah He file called Jamar Allah special help comes on those people who get together

00:37:22 --> 00:37:36

unity you cannot receive Allah's help unless you're united and you cannot be united unless you pray together. So what are people salata established the prayer together recitation Burma

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follow me on

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