Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 045 Ablution Hadith 139 141

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of performing the will do properly is emphasized, along with the need for practicing the act of worship. The speaker emphasizes the importance of washing one's body, practicing light prayer, and avoiding harm. The speakers stress the importance of remembering the name of Islam and shaping one's body to avoid physical harm. The use of the name Islam in various situations, including loss of power, illness, and family situations, is also discussed.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I'm about fire with Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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performing gudo thoroughly performing will do perfectly. The one is Belle is from subwoofer and subwoofer means to be long to be wide. It is when something is abundant and when something is complete. In the Quran, we learn about Isabel nirma that our last panel data as well as Bahar la Koon, that Allah has perfected upon you bestowed amply on you his many blessings we learn about this insular Look, man. So it's well we will do it is to perform the will do thoroughly it is to perform the will do properly to perform it perfectly. So that nothing at all is left out. As you know that it will do there are some things that are felt that are watching and there are other things that are

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sooner, for example, washing the hands, the arms, the feet, the wiping of the head, all of this is obligatory, but when it comes to rinsing the mouth, and when it comes to you know cleaning the nose, as well as washing the body parts three times this is similar. Likewise, there are some things that perfect the will do. Like for example, if a person says Bismillah before performing the will do that is a means of perfection of order. So it's better what we'll do is to perform Voodoo in the best possible way it is to perform the will do in the best possible way. And this is not contradictory to what was mentioned previously of the thief in will do as you know that the faithful will do is to

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perform will do likely to perform the basics, the obligatory but beyond that a person does not do so that's also acceptable. And this is about perfecting it doing it in the best possible way. And the fact is that a person should know both ways because circumstances don't remain the same always. So we should know about both of them. So that whatever is possible for us we can do that. What Carla and he said who said ignore Omar Ebner Omar meaning of the library and what he said is Bella will do he the smell of will do is an Inca, cleanliness to perfectly clean in our is from New coffea and nakiya is that which is very clean, very pure. We learned about earth that is nakiya a piece of land

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that is not the year. So it's very often will do is in our meaning it is to wash and clean thoroughly that a person is not just washing the body parts to fulfill the obligation will do but he is washing and perfectly cleaning to also clean himself to rid himself of all filth that could possibly on the skin or even on the body in the form of sins. So it's Babel will do is Alan Clark had the center of the law hypno muslimah and mullikin are most of nirach better, or include a bin and clay Who was he Mola, even your best he was a freed slave of even our best of Allahu anhu under samata is Aiden Oussama even say that he's also a companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So

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look at the chain. You have two companions over here, another Sameera and no semirara who that indeed he heard him Yola, he was saying that, who was saying, Osama bin Zayed he was saying that he aku that devere Allah sallallahu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Minato Fattah de is to push it is to drive to move on to urge so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on his journey he kept moving the far meaning he kept going on. He urged the people to continue traveling many other further and this was obviously at hedge so they traveled from alpha hat until either Cana when he was beshara be at a sharp sharp is used for a mountain pass okay a pass that is from between mountains a gorge or

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ravine. So you may have heard of the sharp off abruptly gay that is where the Muslims in Makkah as well as the Banu Hashim, they took refuge when there was a complete social boycott against them. So it was in a ravine it was between mountains that they had taken shelter, so it kind of a sharpie, nessa he descended, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he descended his mount and then fabella and then he urinated so more than doubled but he performed to do Willem ended not use Bilal will do he did not perform the Voodoo perfectly. Meaning he performed Voodoo that was very light, just sufficient, barely sufficient, meaning just the bare minimum. That is what he did for all too so I said a Salah

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rasulillah prayer or messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because it was a time of Muslim

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It was time of Margaret the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did well. So, you know, they said okay, so Allah for Allah so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, A Salah, the prayer, it is a manak in front of you, meaning we are going to perform Salah when we get to our next destination, and when we're going to get to our next destination and what is the destination after alpha? What is it was the alpha and you know that at all of the data required to stay until the time of motive and then right at that time leave and then go Where do is deliver and that was deliver what do we do? We pray select the mothership and Russia so he said a Salatu amok then for Cuba, and then he embarked on his

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right filament and when Gerald was delicata when he came to Metallica over there, Nasrallah he descended Fatah Baba, and then he performed will do and how did he perform will do for us Bohol will do then he perfectly thoroughly performed in the best possible way, and then some okema to Salah then Salah was established for solid Maghreb, and then he prayed Molly, summer then an alpha in a haze to make once Campbell kneel down. So colo insan every person he made his camel, kneel down, but you know who his camel were fee monthly in its destination, meaning wherever people were camping, wherever they were going to stay, that is where they made their camels kneel. And then after that

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summer, then Timothy Lucia, and then shot was established me they prayed Russia, for Salah, then he prayed while I'm you suddenly by ina Houma and he did not pray between them to between what to between Muslim ban or shut me there were no voluntary prayers that he prayed between the two. What do we see in this hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on the same journey once he performed Google that was very light and another time we performed although and that was very thorough, perfect. What does it show that in some situations, you can do light will do and other situations you can do perfect complete will do you have the option? It doesn't mean that if a person is

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performing the bare minimum will do he's doing something wrong. No, he's not doing anything wrong. Even that is the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. So depending on your situation, depending on your circumstances, whatever is possible for you, you should do that. And this shows us another lesson that it's not necessary that you do will do only for Salah. We learned that Voodoo is a condition for Salah, only, not for you know the recitation of the Quran or other acts of worship, it's a condition for Salah. However, it doesn't mean you cannot do otherwise, you can do otherwise as well. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he performed although although he did not

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pray at that time, and there could be various reasons behind that one could be that perhaps he liked to be in the state of Torah and the other could be that perhaps he wanted to pray some voluntary prayers on his journey to to Muslims because we know that it was his habit that he would also pray when he was traveling. So whatever reason it was we see that he performed will do and he didn't pray you know the fourth Salah at that time. So we can also do the same thing.

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It's possible that if you want to just stay in the state of the hora you don't have to pray at that time but you want to be clean, you want to have will do so you just do the bare minimum will do but when you are actually going to pray then what kind of what do you perform is by Hollywood

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It doesn't say in the Hadith that did he break will do in between a lower them but we do know that it was the habit of the righteous people that they would perform will do when they had to do he will do you understand that not necessarily only if you will do his broken then you perform like for example you perform to do at the time of salado and then you have people do all the way until selected. You don't have to technically will do will do but if you do it, there is no harm. In fact, it is beneficial because you're you're washing away more sense. And inshallah it'll be a source of more radiants for you on the day of judgment that we see that a companion is telling the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam prayer, shall we pray. And the thing is that any person no matter who he or she is, no matter what their status is, no matter how knowledgeable they are. Every person there's no harm in reminding them of prayer, because we feel offended. You know, who am I kids to tell me? Who is this young sibling of mine to tell me who was a student of mine to tell me Do I not know better you may, but there's no harm in reminder. So for example, you are sick and you feel that if you wash the parts of your body three times in a day then you're already feeling cold you're already feeling very weak. So if you do very light will do there is no harm. Likewise you feel there isn't enough

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time you were stuck in traffic and by the time you come home, you feel that your Salah will be very late, so you quickly do we'll do the bare minimum and then you prompts Allah with that, that's also fine, you have the option. So light will do. inshallah, we will learn more as well. But first of all using very little water using very little water. Because we see in the Hadith that we learned earlier that the prophet SAW The Lord has underperformed will do from a water skin and that has limited amount of water right. So first of all using very little water secondly, water

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The body parts only once, as opposed to twice or thrice. So these are the two main things. And thirdly, that only performing the obligations. So for example, washing, rinsing the mouth and nose, you don't have the time to do that you are unable to do it. So you do the bare minimum, which is of washing in the face, the hands, the arms, the feet and the muscle, because it's not mentioned in the Quran. Right? So that is

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it's better if you do it, but if circumstances don't allow you, then there is no harm. Like for example, they pour water on your feet or they pour water on your arms. Yeah, that's fine. Somebody can help you with that as well. Bab hustlin wedgie washing the face, this is Russell Russell is also wash, but this is Russell. And Russell is you know, washing the whole body taking a shower, in other words, but this is just washing. So Leslie YG washing the face, Billy adeiny with both hands, how many of our team from a handful of water wahida single meaning use scoop, you know only a handful of water in your one hand and then you join your other hand with that first and then you wash your face

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with that. So, in other words, you are using very little water, very little water in order to wash yourself. So, this shows to us that it is not necessary to use a lot of water to perform will do do perform will do perfectly. One can use even a handful of water to wash with that as well. And this also shows to us that you know from one hand full of water, how many times can you wash your face only once? So, it is enough to wash once and as you know that washing two or three times this is what so now

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had the Mohammed Abdul Rahim Kala Verona Abu Salah matahari monsoon of new Salama color of boron Abu Bilal in here and he Sulaiman invaded me Aslam Renato even Nia setting or near our best and the who that indeed he who even our best he developed law he performed will do and then how did he perform well do philosophy What do you who so he washed his face? So my then a hotter or fatter me man? Then a hotter he took her fatten a handful Mima of water fermob Mobile be her mother, he runs his mouth be happy with it was 10 shocker. And he also cleaned his nose with that same handful of water. So he took water in the scope of his right palm. And with that same water, some of it he used to rinse his

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mouth and some of it he used to clean his nose. Okay, so the same handful of water, one part of it in the mouth and part of it for the nose. For Model B here was done Shaka some other Then he took a lot of autonomy man, then he took a handful of water another handful of water for journaler then he placed be here with it hacker like this. In the same way above her. He joined it Illa Yeti Hill Ofra to his other hand, so he took some more water in his right hand. And then he joined his left hand with the right hand so that the water that was in his right hand was now also in his left hand. What do we do generally put both our hands under the tab and when the water is overflowing then we start

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washing herself but he took a handful of water joined the other hand with it and then both of them together for Salah then he washed be human with both of them watch his face so much then aha that he took a lot of fun another scoop another handful mimma of water for salah and then he washed beha with it yet the who his hand alumina right and over here yet does not just mean hand but all the way up to the elbow the arm. So he took the water and then as if he you know bent his hand forward so that the water washed it dripped down his arm. So mahatama Then he took another handful of water for lasala behavior, the whole Yusra and then he washed with it the left hand the left arm, and then

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some amasa habibollah see he and then he wiped his head, some other Then he took a lot of fun another handful minima of water and then falesha further then Russia Russia is to sprinkle to spatter to splash. So he sprinkled that water where are they originally he upon his foot, which foot alumina the right one had the until masala he washed all of it. I just imagine one hand full of water and he used it to wash his entire foot. You're like how's that possible, you can barely get your foot to be wet. It is possible since the past few days I've been actually trying since I studied this Hadees that I use only one hand full of water do everything and believe me it's

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possible. It's very much possible. Because you see he took that handful of water and he sprinkled it on his foot. So for example, very little bit on the ankle, a little bit in the middle, a little bit on the toes. So the water did drop and it

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You know, it's trimmed off, okay of the foot. So the hustle was done, the washing was done some other outfit and then he took another handful of water for lasala beheaded, you know who and then he washed his foot yarny olusola, meaning the left one, some Allah And then he said, heck, they're just like this, a two I saw Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yato he was performing. I saw the Messenger of Allah performing the will do in the same way. What do we see here that in just a few a handful of water, even Ambassador lover, I know he performed the entire will do, he didn't use a bucket, the water was not running from the tap for

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like five minutes or three minutes, even literally six or seven maximum handfuls of water he used to perform the entire world. So this shows that even our best webinar on who he generally performed a very light evolution he generally performed will do that was very fluffy, meaning he would use very little water, that when he would be done, only a few sprinkles of water would be seen on his body

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that it will dry very quickly. And this is very different from the way people perform will do today, as if they are swimming or bathing in water as if you know a tap has exploded in the washroom so that not just the sink, but the mirror and the counter and the floor and the wall and everything is wet splashed with water, you know, it just shows how much water we use, as long as you're wet, meaning you're not fully done with your water has not fully dried, if you catch that part and then you can make it whether you can pour water over it a little bit of it. So we see that he used very, very little water to perform will do. And it shows that it's always better to be conservative in the

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use of water, even when a person is using it for everybody. You know, think about it for other than everybody is it worth it that we use more water No, it for a bother, we don't use that much water than other than that what is lesser than that does not deserve as much water. Right. And we learned that even if a person is at the edge of a river, how much water should he use only as much as is necessary. So even though there may be a spring flowing from your tap still use only as much as necessary. You're having repairs in the house, and they were changing the boiler or whatever. So we were out of water hot water plus water for almost two and a half days to three days. And I was

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surprised at my own ability to do with do with the same way. Unfortunately, I didn't know it at 10 that you could do that we're very good at and I had just a mug, tea mug of water, we want the palm Cata because there are a lot of people in the house. So everybody had to use it. And you couldn't really keep on warming the cover because you wanted to pray. So I just want it up and this much water I told him, I was surprised. And after that I kept that mark on my sink for a very long time. Because I was so appreciative of how much water I can use, and still be have to do and do whatever. And you don't know how thankful we were when everything went back to normal. So it is really

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possible. Also, like I read somewhere that if we keep on using the water at the rate we do, generations to come will not have water or just barely enough to drink. So that horrifies me a lot

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that when you have very little water to use, then you become more careful, more conscious, more alert, you're mentally more engaged in that act as it was just using a lot of water, you know dispelling it here, spitting it there, our mind is somewhere else. And at the same time we're doing well.

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Let me explain this a little bit more, it seems that if you use only a little bit of water, then he would be able to just barely make the skin wet. And we know that when it comes to certain parts of body in will do they have to be washed, only the head has to be wiped, the rest of the body parts have to be washed and there's a difference between muscle and muscle, there's a difference must is to wet your hand and then pass your wet hand over the skin or over the head and then make that place wet in that manner. So for example, when you drink most of the head, you wet your hand and then your wet hand you straighten it up and then you just pass it over your head. But we see over here that he

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did a hustle he washed well hustle is to pour water no matter how little it is to pour so that it streams off. So even if you take a handful of water and you bend your hand slightly inwards onto your arm, the water will actually flow down your arm, it will reach your elbow. Okay, it will actually do that. And then whatever parts do rain dry, then you kind of take the water then you pass it over. Just like with you know, a wiper or something like that. When you make water move, you know from one place to the other. You can do that too. Likewise with your handle

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You can do the same thing. Move your hands and take the water along, don't wipe your hand, take the water along how much ever you can do that in the Hadees, we see that he washed the body parts only once, not three times. You know what it happens? Sometimes it goes somewhere in the water flows continuously because the taps are automatic, be a little quick, bit little quick, you know, the answer is washrooms and hamdulillah many times, I'm able to wash my arms, by the time that it stops the first time, you know, be a little quick, use less water in and be quick to make yourself the wash, you clean your you wash yourself properly, and then within twice that you're done. Exactly,

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pull up your sleeves beforehand, take off your hijab, you know, everything you ready fully, inshallah you can do, you will do quickly, then, you know, we should really take fresh water as a blessing. And we should use it very carefully just because it's flowing from your tap very easily. And we don't have to pay much money for it, it doesn't mean that we become careless. Because accessing freshwater making it available in your houses, you know, it requires a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of money. So okay, our money has not been used, other people's money has been used, but still similar to aluna Yama in early 19.

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When people are not grateful for the blessings, and they're taken away, some people don't even have enough water to drink. Literally, they don't. And we're, you know, wasting away the water. And there is no harm in taking water from a copter in general, there's no harm, because you know, back then people would use water that was, you know, in vessels in containers. One more thing I've noticed a lot is that you go to any Masjid, you know, even over here, at the time of Salah, you will see the washrooms wet, okay, the counters wet. Why is that. So because people use a lot of water, when they're doing little. If you're using very little water, then you know what's going to happen all

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the water, you're actually going to use it, you're not going to spill, because there's nothing to spill, all the water that you're using is actually going on to your skin. And the little that is falling off. You know, that's very easy to wipe that's very easy to clean up. But generally, you will see that the sinks, you know, the counters, the floor, the mirrors, everything is wet. Why? Because we tend to use too much water, we have to become careful in this. And this will be a means of, you know, keeping our places clean as well. Yes, think about it. If every single one of us over here, if we start using less water for will do you know just enough, we start using water carefully,

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then how much effect can we make in Sharla. So we have to become careful, every drop matters. If your tap is ever leaking, and only you know, drop of water is coming out every few seconds that if you ever keep a container under it, after a few hours, you will see that it's full. So every single drop matters. So we shouldn't try to be more and more careful with every Voodoo that we perform. When the water came back, I opened the tap and started to make to do normally the way we use we're used to doing it. And you wouldn't believe two of the bowls got filled up. And I was so alarmed to how much water was I using.

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Also also when when we do that, that all of us are careful in our video and using less water. I think it will also help prepare our impression on other people that we don't leave the rooms messy but

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and then you know sometimes you think oh, it's not possible for us to do it. I have always done it this way. Because you so much water How can you become careful like this? You can do it in such difficult situations that teach you that you can actually do better than you think in life. For example, in the summer, you'll never think of fasting but when Ramadan comes into summer you can fast right? You are able to do that. Otherwise, it seems impossible. So when Allah subhanaw taala, decrease, you know Kony and carry things on us. They really show us what our real capacity is what we are capable of doing. So it's just about deciding that now I am going to do this, or I'm not

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going to do this. But at this meeting,

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at this Mia meeting, mentioning the name of Allah saying the name of Allah, Allah upon coli harlyn. Every state every situation, meaning in every state, before doing anything, a person should say the name of Allah, were in the car and even at the time of *, meaning even before going to before having sexual relations at the time, at that time as well. A person has to say the name of Allah Bismillah What does it show why isn't Buhari mentioning this over here to show that saying Bismillah before performing will do is something that is is something that's very beneficial. And there is a difference of opinion concerning between the scholars concerning saying Bismillah before

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will do. Some scholars say that it is mandatory to mention the name of Allah before performing will do. And if a person does not say Bismillah before will do that his widow is invalid it's incomplete. So they say that it is shocked it is a condition for the Sahaba for the correctness for the correctness of will do for the will to be invalid and other scholars say that. No, it's not a condition. It's not a shot for the Sahel, but rather it is a shot for the command the perfection of will do

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So, Mr. Bahari is proving over here that it's recommended that a person says Bismillah before doing anything that is necessary before doing anything that is important before we eat, we say Bismillah and we see this in the way of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as well that you know, beginning every important action With the name of Allah. And if you think about it, the chapter headings were in the car, that if a person is to say Bismillah before *, then you think it's not necessary to say Bismillah before other things. I mean, that is something that's so private, that's something that's so private but even for that, so for other things, it is all the more necessary to do that.

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How does an early you've know Abdullah? Allah had the center jury room, among Soren Ansel and Whitney, Abby Alger, the Enclave in an evening of this yamalube he he conveyed with it meaning this is what he used to convey who even our best from who an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Kala He said, The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said lo and haidakhan if indeed one of you either when atta he comes, he approaches Allah who his wife, meaning to establish relations with her. Allah if he says Bismillah he In the name of Allah, Allahu Allah Allah Allah Geneva shape on jun Nibbana Jen what has been the site of a person right? So Jennifer, you generally with a Geneva's to keep away,

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to avert to ward off to protect so protect us keep away from us, avert from us who are shade on what generally be shade on and keep shaytaan away from us. keep us away from shaitan and keep shade lawn away from us, ma with regards to that which was a katana you provide us meaning Don't let your pond have any share in what you provide us. In other words, our child if we do conceive, so if a person says that for cobia beno Houma Well, I don't and if a child is decreed for them to lemmya Lola who children cannot harm that child, Shannon cannot harm that child. Now, what can we see in this Hardys that even at the time of repair or *, a person should say, the name of Allah? Why to expel

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Shetland from that do not let you don't have any share in that, in that act and the result of that act as well. And if you see over here, let me a little shade on cannot harm that child. What kind of harm This is understood in the general sense that children cannot harm the child in the history way as well as in the Martin UI, meaning he cannot physically harm the child and he cannot harm the child in any other way, either. physical harm, what's the physical harm that children can have? can affect a human being with what is that? Yes.

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Okay, so for example, you know, the possession and sometimes there are some diseases some some ailments even, that people cannot figure out at all, and it's the result of Shelton harming a person, for example, a part of a body aches, it hurts, it swells up well, you know, there's, they cannot figure out what the problem is what the reason is, and many times it's the result of the shellene harming a person physically harming a person. Likewise, you see, that is the horrible, even that is the result of shavon gene harming a woman, right. So Shannon can actually physically harm a person and we know that when a child is born, what does shavonne do, he goes and hits the child,

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imagine a little child just born, look at the head that children has for every single human being that as soon as a child comes into this world, he goes and hits him just imagine. So, if a couple have said Bismillah, before the child was conceived, then inshallah shaitaan cannot harm the child, even if he does hit or poke the child, he cannot harm him. And then in the intangible sense, like for example, psychologically, mentally, emotionally, or harming a person, you know, it happens sometimes that because of the was was a constant was was of shape on, you know, a person cannot think straight, a person cannot do anything, he starts doubting everything that he does, you know,

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it causes strife between husband and wife relationships are ruined, right, because of the West west of children. So if a couple says Bismillah before the child is conceived, then shaitan cannot interfere at all.

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If a person asks that, for instance, there is a couple and they always say this, and let's say they have a child, but still the child is you know, harmed by shade line is affected by shell plant. So what's the answer to that?

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It's a test from Allah subhanaw taala.

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harm does not read someone unless if Allah wills, the harm could have been much more to bring a person closer to about you're telling me the reasons behind why a person is tested. I'm asking you how come the door didn't work?

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The first reason is that always No, that does work. Okay.

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Saying that how can you do I didn't work this is wrong. We never, ever have any doubt concerning any Hubbard, that Allah and His Messenger have given Hubbard, meaning a fact that alone His Messenger have told us. So for example, this statement is what its effect, it's a habit, that if you do this, then such and such will happen or such and such will not happen. So, we can never ever have any doubt concerning this, this is how this is set up, we should not doubt concerning this. Another thing that we must remember is that it could be the result of puzzles,

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meaning falling short, in adopting the means to protect the child from children, what are the means that a person has stood up what is mentioned in the her the saying Bismillah, but a person could have fallen short in adopting those means in doing that act. So for example, a person says that in his heart, but he has doubted his heart, the person says it, but he doesn't mean it. Okay. So he says it with lack of europeen lack of conviction.

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As a result of that, you know, the child may be harmed. And the third reason is, because of the presence of something that is minor, something that prevents from the statement to have an effect from this there are to have an effect. Like, for example, something is already decreed. I mean, a lot decided from before that this child who will be born will have such and such, we know will be affected by chalon in this in this way. And a lot of pantalla can decree anything. And we know that, yes, sometimes decree is changed because of drug but not always right. decree can be changed by the law, but not always, it's up to Allah at the end of the day to decide, and that for your dog, you

00:31:42 --> 00:31:44

will get your reward in Chava.

00:31:45 --> 00:32:24

And also remember that there's some things that prevent the us from being accepted. So, for example, if a person has been consuming, how long, then the doctor will not be accepted for some time. So these are the reasons why, you know, the doctor was not accepted, apparently. But let me get on cannot harm him chip on affects everybody in some way or the other. However, some people hit on effects, the more to the point of harming them, to the point of damaging them, their life, their relationships, their physical health, everything is affected. Now, one more important thing that we should remember with regards to this, or this is that what if a person doesn't intend to have

00:32:24 --> 00:32:50

children at the moment, then even at that time, should a person say yes, because even if a person does not intend to have children, still, a law could grant the couple children. So because it's every time, every single time that a man approaches the wife, they should say this or both of them. One more thing that we see this is the result. This is the benefit of saying what you smell.

00:32:51 --> 00:33:22

This is the result of mentioning the name of Allah, the name of Allah subhanaw taala is not like any other name is Virgil Allah is small Delilah, the name of Allah is not like any other name, its benefit, its blessing is far greater. You can't compare any other name With the name of Allah subhanaw taala. There is no comparison whatsoever. And we learn in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says de Vaca Surabhi cattle Jalali will come to Baraka

00:33:23 --> 00:34:01

Baraka surah, because the name of your Lord is bless it. If the name of Allah is pronounced before slaughtering an animal, only then that animal will be highlighted for consumption. If the name of Allah is mentioned before eating only then children cannot interfere in your eating. If the name of Allah is mentioned before performing anything that's important that's necessary only then will Allah Nussle his that yield his trophy will be there. And if a person does not mention the name of a love, and he's left on his own, he is left on his own, to do what he has to do. And as a result, whatever he does, will not have the same effect. It will be mature, it will be cut off, it will not have any

00:34:01 --> 00:34:41

blessing in it. I remember I was attending a lecture and a chef was talking about the importance of saying Bismillah. And so the show kind of went on a tangent and he was giving us examples. So the shelf has knowledge of gins and have renal core on people. And so there was a time that he experienced that there was a young child and there was a jewel in him. And you know that he spoke to the gentleman he asked him, Why are you in this child? And he said, there's times when there is there's times I am not in him. And he said whenever this child remembers the same smell before he eats, I don't come near him. This is very clear that the name of a law is a source of protection

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

against your bond is a source of blessing is a source of tofik is a source of a loss of power without his help, and his assistance for the work that you're about to do. And if you think about it, the way when it was first revealed in the prophets, a lot of them How did it begin? It got the smell of bigger Lily holla

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

With the name of your Lord, the first lesson, mentioned the name of Allah, before you do anything, seek help from him seek blessing from him. Because there is nothing, nothing in this world that we can accomplish, except with the vehicle of Allah.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:51

And if Al Hamdulillah today, we have come this far, for many of you the journey of almost two years, you know, studying the Quran, studying the Hadees, going through difficulties of life going through illness and sickness and children and family situations and travel and guests. And you know, every possible situation that a person could have gone through two years is a long time. And if despite that 100 life we have come this far, this is by the blessing of Allah. So there's nothing at all that a person can accomplish, without the help of Allah. This is why I mentioned the name of Allah before you do anything. And when you're doing it even then, because if you read on this

00:35:51 --> 00:36:33

neuropsychological lock, and then we learn it cannot read again will become a clone. So keep reading, keep doing this, and you will accomplish and you will continue with the blessing of Allah, with the help of Allah. Definitely, in the Quran, we see that Allah is used for loss primarily many times, however, Allah, you know, that's the name of Allah, that's the name that he has, in that he has informed us. So definitely, we should use Allah, the name of Allah, when we're referring to him, when we're talking about him, when we're asking his help when we're, you know, hoping for something from him. It's not a long blog, or difficult to pronounce anything. So I think that there's use in

00:36:33 --> 00:36:36

the, from beginning to end,

00:36:37 --> 00:37:10

all you have to do is Bismillah. And it's so easy to say. And because of that the work becomes so easy as well. And I've experienced many times that I'm doing something and I'm finding it difficult, even if it's something as putting something in a bag or taking something out of something, literally. And the moment I say Bismillah, I'm able to do it. The other day, my son, he was trying to put something back into a shelf, and it was kind of heavy. And he was trying to take it's falling, its falling. I said, say Bismillah. He said Bismillah Alhamdulillah, he was able to do it. So I taught him that, you know, whenever you're doing something, say Bismillah

00:37:12 --> 00:37:44

Bismillah, I have something a personal incident to share. We had a kitchen fire, and it was a big fire. And the flames were quite high. And it was alone with the kids. The kids were small, and the fire trucks came in. And they said to me, lady, how did you put this off, you must have some power in your lungs. And I remember I asked my son because I was not in a state of mind when you see those flames. You don't even remember what you said. And I remember asking my son when he was 13. Then I said because he was standing right there. So do you remember what I said? And he said, All he said kept saying was

00:37:46 --> 00:38:20

as one a lot. You know, sometimes we underestimate it because at that time, I couldn't think of anything. Maybe I was joking, I was hyperventilating myself not knowing what to do. I was alone. And it was in the middle of the night actually. And it was a lighter that had triggered it off like a an ignition light or for lighting a gas stove. And so yeah, I'd kept it beside wooden spoons, and it caught fire because from the spark that was left after turning it on. So that's what had happened. And sometimes we underestimate the power of the cinema. And the thing is like saying bisphenol to calms you down, you know, you relax at that time as well. And it really makes you realize of luck

00:38:20 --> 00:38:51

and do this luck and, you know, eliminate this alone will help me. So it calms you down, it gives you confidence. And there's also the help of Allah. You were talking about, like having pain in the body and stuff like that, right? I went to this, psychiatrists and like, I just sort of was working with him trying to find out, you know, a way to like heal some of the pain in my body. And like it would come up, like I was explaining to him He's like, What could it be? What could it be? And like he was he was like, so annoyed by the end because he was like, I can't have it. I don't find any answers for you. I don't know what to do with you. And so he gave me a couple of pills. And then he

00:38:51 --> 00:39:22

told me Take them and two weeks later, I came back. And he's like, I found the answer. And he actually knows it up here as well. And so he came behind me and he started like he just told me to read this and then he like read some stuff and within like 20 minutes, the pain in my shoulders like disappeared, it completely disappeared. I don't know, like, I'm not sure what it was. And it was probably like, you know, combined treatment or whatever. But he explained to me later that you know, the power even if you don't understand it, the power of thought and the healing from allies there and its surprise there and

00:39:23 --> 00:39:37

and if you also look at the tradition which we learn about the drought that a person should read, when he's eating, he's hurting somewhere, let's say Bismillah three times, and then say, are with a visit Allah He will go to a demon shall remain.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:59

So saying the Name of Allah first three times. So with the blessing of Allah, we started this course long time ago with the name of Allah with this midnight man Rahim Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen and Alhamdulillah with the help of Allah, we've come this far. And you know milas pantalla give us the ability to keep you know taking his name and mentioning it.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:24

And you know continue in this journey and myths journey never end until our last breath. One thing I'd like to share with you at the end of the class is I read a quote somewhere and it really hit me and I want that it hits you as well and it changes you and it changes the way you view yourself and change the way you view other people to very humbling got that oxymoron nasty haha.

00:40:26 --> 00:41:07

Declan the Havaianas the people with most sins will be those who count the sins of other people the most. We don't want to come on the Day of Judgment with our records full of statements concerning other people counting their mistakes, counting their faults, looking down on them thinking of ourselves to be very great. Just because we've studied the Quran just because we studied the Hadees The more we learn, the more our eyes should focus on ourselves. And this knowledge is a gift of a life full of something that we shouldn't be proud about and look down on other people with but it should make us observe ourselves analyze ourselves, in times of, you know, when we're alone, times

00:41:07 --> 00:41:25

when we are perhaps the one who knows most amongst other people, that we stay humble. We remember ourselves our faults, our mistakes. And not the mistakes of other people. Tell we can do it over here. subhanak Allahumma La ilaha illa Anta Mr.

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Lesson 45 – Chapter 6-8 Hadith 139-141

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