Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L264D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bible's use of non believers in K for their state means that they will use their bodies to extract the soul from the body and avoid suffering from death. The speaker discusses the challenges of preserving good deeds and balancing hate towards others, emphasizing the importance of being careful about what one says and how they deal with people. The use of language to point out the culture of the person being recognized is also emphasized, along with caution and testing in the language of Islam. The importance of knowing one's actions and feelings to avoid harming others is emphasized, and the potential for false accusations and the importance of avoiding harms in one's behavior is also emphasized.
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And such people who are hypocritical like this, who say one thing to the believers and the other team does non believers for K for either to affetto momella equal to, then how would it be When the angels take them in that? How would it be? How will their state be? How will they excuse themselves? What will they do to escape them? Right now they say settle do comfy bother.

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But what will they do When the angels of death appear before them either were fed to mama equal to and these angels when they take their souls? What will they do? Yep Li buena would you home? What about a home striking their faces and their backs? Why will the angels strike their faces and their backs at the time of taking out their souls? Because an unbeliever

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or a person to whom the angels of punishment come to take his soul away? What is he going to do?

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The person what is he going to do? Is he going to be willing to let us all go? Not at all. He's going to try to avoid that the soul is going to cling to the body. So when the soul is going to cling to the body, the angels what will they do? They will extract the souls by force, harshness and beating

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it's like if a person is not willing to go and he resists. he resists then what do the police officers do?

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Sometimes it is or him. Sometimes they lock him up somehow chained him up, trap him drag him in different ways, right? So similarly, for K for either to a Futterman malayaka to every buena would you have a word about a home?

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This is mentioned into an arm and throttle and file as well total and am I a 90 310 Tara is is lolly mountfield on Marathi Modi while Malaika to basophil ad him and fusa como Leo moto rizona addable Huni Bhima quantum de coluna Allah He later on how are quantum IIT the stock boon to arrogant to submit to His ads in terms of unfairly 50 well otara idiot orphan Latina cafaro la cartuja de buena would you home? What about a home? With Who are they?

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Why would they be beaten so severely at the time of death, because of their hypocrisy, because of their lies, because of their deception, the freedom that they had in the dunya they misused it, and at the time of death, that freedom will be taken away and in the hereafter they will have no freedom vaniqa that meaning taking them away in such a harsh way? Why the Anoma terbaru because indeed they followed, what did they follow a certain law that which angers

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them when everything, what did they do? What did they follow? What was their way of doing that which displeases Allah, that which angers Allah, that which upsets him

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is hot from sahab. sahab is the first level of anger. It's the anger in which someone older, someone greater is upset with someone who is lesser than them younger than them. Why?

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Why are they upset? Because the one who is younger The one who is lesser they have done something that is inappropriate, that is against their like, so they have displeased them.

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So, they follow that which upsets a lot which angers Allah and on the other hand, what can you who and they hate the dislike the one who has pleasure,

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they have been doing that which upsets a lot and they have been disliking that which brings about the happiness, the approval, the pleasure of Allah.

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They like doing things which Allah dislikes, and they dislike doing things which Allah likes, or curry who did wanna so as a result for

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Allah, so Allah, he has wasted their deeds, he has made their deeds useless. Why? Because they angered Allah, because they never did that which makes Allah happy. So this also shows to us that if a person performs actions which Allah dislikes, that is a means of battle armor, that is a means of the wastage of deeds.

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If a person avoid things that Allah likes,

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and he doesn't like what Allah likes, he doesn't like what Allah likes. Then this is a means of wastage of deeds.

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You see, one is a command of Allah and the prohibition of Allah what Allah commands does he like that? He does.

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What Allah prohibits, does he dislike that? Yes, he dislikes that. So if a person dislikes the commands of Allah, and he likes the prohibitions of Allah, then this is like going against the will of Allah. This is like opposing Allah.

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What are we supposed to do really to Bella here as well, Islami Deena, not that I'm upset.

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Please, when you're sitting in class, don't shake your legs. There are many people who do it and it's very, very annoying.

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And it seems as though you're waiting for the class to be over, you're being hasty and you're being impatient, have some sort of concentrate, look at the juice. Listen, carefully write down, use your mind and you will not have the need to move your legs constantly.

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So we see over here for about our motorhome, Allah has wasted their deeds. Now in this order, if you see constantly this has been mentioned, what

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what is being mentioned constantly, deeds being wasted.

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And if you think about it, this is something very scary that a person is doing good.

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And as he's doing it, that these are also being wasted, they're being canceled.

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What he wants to achieve by doing those deeds, he never accomplishes them, his efforts are useless. Isn't it very scary. Just imagine how difficult it is to do good. You have to fight against your knifes you have to sometimes go against the people. Sometimes you have to fight it into what's what's up shaytaan It's not easy to do good. It's difficult. You have to put an effort you have to force yourself you have to have the right nia.

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And if a person does not take care of the good deeds that he has performed, then what a great loss. What a great loss. So doing good, it's difficult, it's hard, but preserving that good is even more difficult.

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Preserving the good deeds is even more tough. Because wasting good deeds is very easy. How that a person does something good for instance, giving further kind of a loss

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or giving something to someone for the sake of Allah, the person whom you gave that thing to, they said something to annoy you. Now when they annoy you, you tell them how can you say that? I helped you in that way? How can you be so ungrateful, that's it man. Good deaqon wasted. So, a person has to be very, very careful. He has to be careful about what he says what he does what he likes what he dislikes, because otherwise all the efforts are gone in vain.

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And has he been Medina fiocco lubega moroccon? Or do those people in whose hearts is a disease think Alain de la who Atlanta home that Allah would never expose their hatred.

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This is what they think.

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How does it refer to alladhina eukanuba model? The hypocrites then when africaine those whose hearts is a disease do they think that Allah will never expose their hatred of one is a plural of living and living from their infectious blood lane noon is used for hidden grudge hidden hatred.

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It is such hatred, such anger that a person keeps in his heart and does not ever reveal.

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He doesn't show it. He doesn't say it. This is what Dylan is such anger, such hatred, such jealousy, such ill feelings that a person keeps in his art. He doesn't say anything about it. He doesn't show it he tries his best to hide it basically. This is what the Quran is. So Allah says over here, that do these people think that Allah will never expose their ablon?

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What they're striving so hard to conceal in their hearts? Do they think they will be left like this? No, Allah will definitely expose your hatred. Now what is the hatred that they had in their hearts? What was the hatred they had against you? against the messenger against the believers against Islam? They didn't like because of the previous ayah What did we learn? Gary who did wanna, they dislike His pleasure, they dislike that which pleases Allah. So this hatred that they have this enmity, this opposition that they have, and they're so determined never to expose it? Do they think we're never going to expose it, we are going to expose it. And this is a very powerful idea. This is a very

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strong i a very scary I even

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that if you think about it, a person deceive someone, a person has ill feelings in his heart for the other. And outwardly, he pretends to be very nice. He pretends to be very good. And like this, he thinks that he's fooling the other person. But what do we see over here? That Allah will definitely expose that hatred, he will definitely expose those ill feelings and how does ally expose them that Allah puts that person in

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situation where that hatred and that jealousy, it comes out on the mouth. It comes out.

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It doesn't stay in. It is exposed by his behavior, it is exposed by his expressions by the words he uses, by the way he deals with the other.

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Because whatever is in the heart, it always comes out, you cannot fully conceal it.

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If you like someone,

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if you like them, eventually it's going to show if you're afraid of someone that's going to show as well. If you're not afraid of someone, even that's going to show if you're embarrassed before someone that's going to show and if you have ill feelings against someone, even that will show so what's the solution that we must try our best to cure our heart to free our heart of these feelings? Because these ill feelings, Allah exposes them. He does not let them stay concealed inside. And when they are exposed, they are a source of humiliation for a person disgrace for a person in this dunya and also in the

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only when there is filth inside, filth will come out. If there's no filth inside, no filter will come out. When you open it. Only good will come out. So Elaine, you had a low Atlanta woman he will definitely take out their ablon

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we learned sort of earlier on I went 79 last prank Tara says mercan Allahu la mina, Allah Alayhi Allah would never leave the believers in the state that you're in presently have diames hobbies I'm in a play until he separates the evil from the good.

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He will separate the evil from the good. He will show who is sincere, who is insincere, who is honest, who is not honest, who is pretending, and who is really sincere in his heart. And you may have felt this experience this yourself as well, that sometimes there are people who say big things to you. But the reality becomes obvious within some time. That one difficult situation, and whatever anger they have in their heart, it just comes out and you're shocked. This is what they feel. This is how they've been feeling

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when someone has not forgiven you. And you may have felt this yourself so that you when you have not forgiven someone for what they've done. Even 20 years later, you'll remember that incident. Why? Because you haven't forgiven them. They will mention it because they haven't forgiven you. Because once you've forgiven, you will forget about what has happened.

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So a person must fear a lie and disregard because it's as though it's the promise of Allah that He will expose what is inside and has evil ladina fiocco Luba Maradona, Alinea, fridge, Allahu Atlanta, oh, no, he will definitely expose it. So personal sphere of law in this regard,

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will only show and if we will let Elena go home, we could show them to you show who the munafo came. Because in their hearts, they kept a lot of hatred, anger, ill feelings against the religion of Allah against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on the outward, they would show good behavior, they would show submission when they would come to the gatherings How would they listen? Yes, the mirror as if they're listening attentively. So on the surface, you could never tell that this person has epoxy inside. But what does Allah say he will show it He will reveal it willona sha Allah Allah inaka home. And if we wanted, we could have shown them to you how that we could have pointed them

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out to you. This person is a monastic that person isn't whenever we could have shown them to you, one after the other. And when we will show them to you further off their home busier home, then surely you would recognize each one of them with their marks. Sima from their own fetters well see me the word is actually what smell from that Sema and Sema is Mark sign characteristic. So what does it mean by this, that you would recognize them by their characteristics? Meaning that we would put a mark on each one of them a physical mark, and you would recognize each one of them by that mark. This isn't

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like we learned that towards the end of time that that bottle of what is he going to do?

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The Beast that's going to come out of the earth, what is he going to do? He's going to mark the people, those with m&ms without even so this is how people will be distinguished it will be so obvious This is a believer, this is not a believer. Because when you go out in public, you don't know someone's a video or someone's on a believer, right? So similarly at the time of the Prophet sort of autism and those who claim to be Muslims, you didn't know if they were actually Muslim or they were hiding covering their hearts.

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So Allah says well out of the home vizima home, you will recognize them by their marks, by their faces by their characteristics. But even if that's not the case, definitely when a 34 new home and surely you will definitely recognize them, you will definitely recognize them feel a little cold, by the tone of their speech will love who you are, that will come and Allah knows your deeds. Meaning if Allah wanted, he could have pointed each and every single one of them, how, by putting a mark on their faces, so that you would see a person and you would know this is a monastic or this is a true believer.

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However, Allah has not done this. Why? Because this dunya is a place of test. This dunya is not the place of Recompense. And we as people have been told to not be judgmental about others, but we are to deal with them on their surface.

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So Allah has not done this that each and every month, or Mark has been put on his face. No, this has not happened. This is not the case. However, Allah has told us about a major sign, which he told the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that regardless, you will recognize them when asked by Lionel Cole, by the tone of his speech by the style of his speech. Latin is from the roof letters, lamb her noon. And Latin is the way of speaking, the style of speaking.

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Bella Hoon will recite the Quran, in the style of the Arabs meaning the way they recite the way they pronounce their mo hardage. The way they used to elongate their mud and their Alif, so on and so forth. So learn Latin is one style of speech way of speaking. So you will recognize them by the way they speak. How is it that the main African used to talk?

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What was their style of speaking,

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they would use harsh words against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, because the believers they were always very very respectful. Every time the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked a question, what would they say online is messenger know best? They were very respectful. But the one African what would they do? Be just fear Allah.

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So by their harsh words, what else

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they would present offer a lot of excuses as well.

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To justify their actions, what else swear or they would also swear a lot of words. So when authority find a home, feel a little cold, you will recognize them by the way they talk, by the way of their speech. And also, the way they were disrespectful to the prophets of the Lord isn't, that was enough of a sign that they did not have any love for him. Instead, they had anger and hatred for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in their hearts.

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Because someone whom you love, whom you love a lot when you respect a lot, even if they do something, they say something that you don't like, will you yell at them? Will you be harsh with them? No way, the respect that you have in your heart for them that will prevent you from saying anything harsh.

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But someone whom you don't care about? someone whom you have no feelings for? just the slightest excuses, needed slightest excuse. And that's it, everything will come out. Or it's mildly learn who he said, Never would one conceal a secret, but a lot will expose it by the look on his face, and the words of his tongue.

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that a person can seal something in his heart, but he will not be able to conceal it for long. Why? Because Allah will show it by the look on his face. And the words that come out from his tongue.

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He has ill feelings for the other and he's hiding it. But that Ill feeling will come out on the face how the person walks in the color of the face changes, the expressions change. Right? And the words he's not able to control them. They just start pouring out

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so well. Authority funnnel feeler Daniel Cole, will La Jolla Alamo Armada calm and Allah knows about your deeds. You cannot hide from him. You can hide from people, but you cannot hide from Allah.

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What do we learn from this ayah How is a believer in his speech towards others?

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polite, respectful, soft spoken humble.

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Because the believers How are they supposed to be with one another how albino they're supposed to be affectionate to one another. So even if you disagree with someone, doesn't mean you become harsh with them. disagreement

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Normal harshness that is not normal, that is not acceptable rudeness. That is not acceptable. We have to be very, very careful in the way that we speak to one another in the way that we deal with one another.

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One another one nickel. And surely we will definitely test you had nanomol Mujahideen remain calm until we make evidence those who strive among you will Sabina and those who are patient, whenever you are about to come and we will test your affairs. We're not going to leave you when an evolution Naco we're going to try you we're going to test you and this test is not going to be just once it's going to come again and again. And again. Like the Muslims, they were tested, but they were tested or they were tested at the Battle of trench they were tested for davia. And so many, many times in the middle and afterwards, when another one knock on this test, it will always be there. We will

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definitely test you had Nana until we know who are the Mujahideen and we know who are the Sabine and we know who are otherwise not doesn't Allah subhanaw taala already know? Of course he knows. So what does it mean by this knowledge, that he will show he will expose He will make known who is it that sincerely strives in the way of Allah Who is it that has patience for the sake of Allah in the way of Allah whenever you are about to come and we will test your state's your affairs of voters of Florida Hubbard and cover his news information cover is also the knowledge of the reality of something how something actually is. So we will test your affairs that how you actually are on the

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apparent you can say many things, but a lot of destitute through different situations that are you true to your words or not.

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Instead of earlier in Milan I 141 a las pantallas says well you might his Allahu La Nina Amano. William hackled caffiene Allah will test again and again until he will purify the believers. How will you purify them distinguish between those who are sincere those who have suffered and those who don't have?

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They will listen to the recitation then we'll continue

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Why are Polina

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Xena de PUE

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long we

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know Joe,

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Ba ba

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ba Polo bien.

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La free jumbo

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Marina can

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be seen

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Walla, one

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Kumar, Swami Irina,

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whatever is in the heart of a person, eventually it comes up. And we think that we can conceal whatever ill feelings we have for the other, we can keep it in the heart, it doesn't matter because a lot will only question is with regards to our actions, but the thing is that whatever is in your hearts, that is what dictates your actions. Whatever feelings you have,

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that is how you will behave. That is how you will talk. That is how you will treat the other. So eventually what's in the heart is going to come out in the actions anyway. So it's not okay to harbor ill feelings. It's not okay to keep bad feelings against each other in the heart.

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We think that we don't have control over it. No, you do have the ability to forgive Otherwise, I would not tell you to forgive, you do have the ability to overlook the faults of others. Otherwise, I would not tell you to do so. Because now you can live long enough as a loser. Yes, in that process, you have to kill your ego, you have to go against your enough's, you have to do what you don't like, you have to let go of your right. However, whatever is important is important. You have to do it.

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Okay, you don't like something about the other person. Remember that when you don't like something about the other person, it's okay to dislike their behavior, but it's not okay to dislike them.

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Because the moment you start disliking them, you will not be able to help them. You will start comparing yourself to them thinking I'm so good. I'm so much better than them. Look at how they're behaving. I never do this. So then you cannot help the other person. You obviously have to dislike the wrong they're doing. You can ever like it, but you don't dislike the person

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that's listen to the recitation of these verses.

Muhammad 20-38 Tafsir 27-31

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