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Muhammad 20-38 Review 20-23 Tafsir 24-26


AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam is discussed, including the need for individuals to fight for their lives and defend their identities. The concept of "workout tomorrow" and the importance of avoiding false assumptions and avoiding false expectations are also emphasized. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding the title of the Quran and the importance of obeying guidance and following rules of Islam.
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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 264. So it Muhammad is number 2238

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we'll do a quick review of the ayah that we learned at the beginning of the lesson. And then we'll continue.

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Why akona Latina amanu

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Lola New Zealand surah

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Why did the believers ask about this?

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Why did they express this wish this concern lowlanders Zilla Torah.

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And when was it?

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Because the believers were eager to fight in the way of Allah take revenge against the machine who had oppressed them for so long. So they were hoping they were wishing that a pseudo would be revealed, with Sora

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with Allah in which was the command to fight for either on zerah to Rotten Tomatoes, what is mean by so rotten Kama

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Sutra, Kama

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Sutra, which was a hokum, meaning the hokum was very clear, also pseudotumor Kama, another meaning what is that?

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One that is final as it's not meant to, it's not abrogated. So for either on Zilla to Rotten Tomatoes, where do Killa fee healthy tell? What was the reaction of the people are eight alladhina fue Kuru be modeled on yonder una la kanessa la, la human and mode? Why did they look in this way as if they were at the point of dying, as if death had overtaken them? Why did they look in this way? Because they did not want to go out in order to fight in the way of Allah subhanaw taala Why is it so that they were so frightened to go out in the way of Allah, that when they were told you have to go find it was as though they were told you are going to die? Why were they so hesitant?

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because they were afraid to lose their life or lose their wealth? Because the monastic What is his priority?

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It is dunya he doesn't want to sacrifice anything in the way of Allah. But what does Allah say for Ola home What does for O'Donoghue mean?

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The two meanings, first of all, war to them, meaning destruction for them. And secondly, better suited for them is what, what was better for them the next day or the following Ayah. But I don't walk out obedience to who to the messenger to this command of Allah, and also our model what is called amargo refer to Samira nocona, meaning instead of showing reluctance instead of demonstrating fear, and as if they were going to die. Instead of behaving in this way, what should they have done, they should have been obedient to this command. And they should have said words that are appropriate Coloma roof,

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and you know that they would have been many times they were very harsh in their speech with the prophets or the lawyers. Because they did not like the command that was being given to them. And a person who has any kind of hatred for you and your heart, eventually it comes out on his tongue. So when the command was given the instruction was given to an African they would say extremely harsh words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So it is a workout tomorrow, that would have been much better for either as an emerald, then when the matter was resolved, which matter which command

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the matter of fighting, okay, for either as an emerald, Emerald refers to the matter of fighting, meaning the command has been prescribed, it's very clear that you have to go, the time has come, the preparation is complete, it's time to go for battle. Now at that point, fellow soda Cola, if they had been truthful to Allah like Anna hieronder home, surely it would have been better for them? How would they have been truthful to Allah? How should they have been truthful to Allah? By fulfilling their promises? Because they had been saying for so long, if only we could get a chance, because the believers they would express their desire, and they were sincere in that, but then when African just

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look nice just to look very pious, what would they do say the same things that the rest of the videos were saying. So at this time, Allah says that when the command came, when the time to go for battle has come, then if they had been truthful to the promise that they had made with Allah, that would have been much better for them for hell RSA to interval Layton and to see to fail early what to do, or hammer calm. What does it mean by this is

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that if you don't go through the trials of fighting, if you don't go through the difficulties of fighting, then this is also expected from you what? That if you turn away from the command to fight, then you would go back to your old ways, because when the command to fight came, they were

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options for the Muslims, what are they either fight or secondly, stay back at home. Now, if you don't fight, if you don't defend what's going to happen? What's going to happen, you're going to become weaker and weaker and weaker. And eventually you're going to turn away, eventually, you're going to go back to your old ways, isn't it so that when people are a minority, and they have to fight for their existence, literally for their survival, if they're not active, eventually what's going to happen? They're going to lose their values, they're going to lose their traditions, they're going to lose their practices, everything is going to finish. And very soon, they will go back to

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how they were before. So over here, lots of penalties saying that, could this be expected from you as well that if you turn away from the command to fight, then you will go back to the ways of Jay helliya? What a facade fill up and cutting off their relations with your family members. So in other words, you have to fight you have to defend yourself. Because if you don't defend yourself, how will you continue with this Deen of yours? How will you survive, you have to defend yourself.

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And another meaning of the word later is the second meaning of the word though and later given authority, meaning if without going through the trials, difficulties of battle, you're given authority, what does it mean by authority, victory over your enemy, just like that you're made the victors, then what will happen, you don't deserve that position, you haven't struggled for it. And if at such an early time you're given that authority, then you will end up doing facade instead of Islam. And you will end up harming people, instead of benefiting people. So these are the two meanings of this is based on the meaning of the will later.

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And those people who turn away from Islam, those people who turn away from the command of Allah, those people who do facade and cut off their relations with their family members, what does Allah say concerning them? hula you can Latina, Lana, Houma, LA. Those are the people who Allah has cursed, they are distant, they are removed far away from Allah's mercy. And as a result for us on my home, he has made them death for Arma upasana home and he has made their visions blind, meaning they cannot hear, they cannot see, what can they not hear? What can they not see the clear commands of Allah, that even when they're so clear, even when they're so obvious, they don't see them, they

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don't notice them. And this is the loss of turning away from the command of Allah. If a person turns away from one command, one obligation, one opportunity, then this begins a chain reaction of losing many, many more opportunities are turning away from many other things. Because good deeds, what do they lead to

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more good deeds. And if a person leaves one deed, then that will give him the courage to leave many other.

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If he lets go of one opportunity, then he will let go of many other. For example, if a person is very strict about praying his sooner, he praises sooner further, he praises enough of Mahoney of Russia. Now, because he prays regularly that will enable him to pray all of the sooner.

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But if he says at first, it doesn't matter. I'm not going to bother praying this one, what's going to happen?

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Doesn't matter. I didn't pray it anyway. So it's going to lead to losing more and more opportunities. You let go of one thing. This will make you let go of many other many other so that you can Latina Latina woman la who for a summer home or Arma busara home, that they become deaf. They become blind, they don't even see what they're supposed to do.

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FMLA after the baronial Quran, then do they not reflect upon the Quran? Allah Allah colbyn aka fanu her or are their locks upon their hearts

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FMLA at a bar una Quran, meaning what has made them turn away? Don't they reflect on the Quran? How could they ever turn away from the commands of Allah? When they are so clear? How could they ever think about disregarding what Allah has commanded? When the admonition of the Quran is very clear? The instruction the advice in the Quran is very clear. When the effect of the Quran is very great, how can they ever disregard the commands of Allah? fra the Bruna Quran? Yes, the Buddha is from the Dumbo and over here to the book is being encouraged that a person must do the work on the Quran, he must reflect on the

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Why should he reflect on the Quran in order to understand in order to recognize

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Truth in order to be admonished by the truth, and in order to do good and in order to stay away from disobedience.

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So in this is encouragement FMLA that the foreigner will do not reflect on the Quran? Do they not reflect on the Quran? How can they turn away Amala colluvial aka refer to her or are there locks upon their hearts? Meaning it's not just this that they're not reflecting on the Quran, but rather, on their hearts, our locks, which prevent them from understanding which prevent them from accepting

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a file is a plural of COVID. And COVID is from the electric car fella. And notice the word file. This is plural, many locks, locks upon locks on what on their hearts. What does it mean by the locks of the hearts? What does a lock do?

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closes what is inside Yeah,

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prevents anything from coming in or from going out. And once a place, once a room, a cupboard, something is locked, then you can't put anything else inside. Unless you have the key. Unless you've opened it up.

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You see one is that something is closed. Okay, that's bad. But the other is that it's closed and on top is also unlock that is much worse. Because if something is closed opening, it is easy. But when something is closed, and there is a lock on it, it's much more difficult to open it because in order to open you have to have the key.

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So what are the locks of the heart? The locks of the heart? Are those locks or those things which prevent the heart from opening up, which prevent the heart from comprehending from accepting the truth. So even if a person sees he hears what happens, nothing enters his heart.

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What are the windows to the heart?

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vision? Hearing, right? So a person sees the truth a person hears the truth. He gets it but he doesn't take it in it doesn't have an impact on the heart. He doesn't comprehend it. So amarela khudobin, aka Fado are there locks upon their hearts that prevent them from understanding the Quran that prevent them from taking lessons from the Quran that prevent them from getting affected by the Quran. What's wrong with these people? Why don't they get it? Are there locks upon their hearts? And what are these locks? If you think about it, I told you the definition that is something that prevents a person from understanding from accepting the truth.

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So what is it?

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The locks of the heart are arrogance, pride, ignorance, heedlessness jealousy because they become barriers. You see the truth, but you don't want to accept it. You hear it but you don't want to take it in. It's logical, but you don't want to admit it. This is what Genesee does. This is what killed us. This is what pride does. So all of the diseases of the heart, what are the locks of the heart, because a lock of the heart preventing anything good from entering the heart, either collusion, aka Fallujah. So this is amazing that these people, they listen to the Quran, they hear the Quran being recited, the commands are so clear, the instruction of the Quran is so clear, the warning is so

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clear. The good news is so clear, then don't reflect on the Quran.

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Because if a person reflects on the Quran, it's not possible that he will not accept the instruction that Allah is giving him. It's not possible that he will stay away from what Allah is revealing. So what is the problem? Lack of reflection? What is the problem? The lock on the heart?

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Now, okay, the lock is there on the heart? What's the solution? You have to open it right? How do you open it?

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By reflection on the column, that when a person reads the Quran, when a person reflects on the Quran, he reads one verse after the other. He reads the warning. He reads the good news, the encouragement, the example of the people of the past the promises of Allah, the way a Lost Planet Allah has mentioned so many things, what happens?

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It opens up the locks one after the other. So a fella that the balloon Oh, come on, Mr. khudobin.

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Because you may have experienced this yourself as well, that some things which are so basic, which perhaps you found extremely difficult to do. But what happens as you read the Quran, that difficulty it goes away. Why? Because that ignorance has been replaced by knowledge.

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that hafla has been replaced by a state of consciousness. So, what is the solution to the lock? reflection on the study of the Quran? That is what leads to opening up the locks. So of an area that the Brunello Quran,

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Lubin aka Fallujah. Now, if you connect this with the context of these ayah, when the command is so clear, to fight in the way of Allah, the warning is there, the good news? Is there, the promise of Allah's help is there, then why would a person not go in the way of Allah? What's stopping him? Don't they reflect on the Quran? Because when a person reflects that it makes it easier for him to follow the commands of Allah. And if he's not doing it, then there's a problem there are locks on his heart. And we see over here that reflection on the Quran is highly encouraged. Because when a lot questions in this way, a fella in the baronial Quran, what does it mean? That they should

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reflect on the Quran, so it's highly encouraged over here. And we see that every single person is included in this yetta Barona means they, meaning every single person should reflect on the

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every person must do this. Why?

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Because this is what leads to action. This is what leads to opening up those locks. If you don't reflect, then those locks will not be opened up. If you don't study the Quran, you will not be able to do what Allah has commanded. So every single person on whom is the obligation to follow the commands of Allah must reflect on the Quran. This is for all people are honest for all people into the third Ayah 29 Allah says keytab one ns Allahu alayka Mubarak and Leah double iftt when he uttered that Cara

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and a person who turns away from this book does not bother to reflect, does not bother to study and understand and follow what is in this book. Then such a person is extremely unjust in South Africa. 57 women have lamb amendments to kill a big lobby for our other in her onesie. Anakata Matilda insert the search there are 22 one man of lamb woman man zucchero big Ravi sama.

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Turning away from the Quran not studying it not reflecting it is the greatest injustice. And we see that the prophets Allah center will testify against the people who turn away from the Quran who abandoned the Quran. In honor 30 Wakanda was soon to be in a coma whether Khurana Maha Juma, they have abandoned the Quran, they don't bother to study it, they don't bother to reflect on it. And it's amazing how people say that the Quran is very difficult. Therefore every single person cannot study the Quran, he cannot reflect on the Quran. This is only for who, for the scholars, those who are highly learned that those people who are highly intelligent, who have studied a lot of detail,

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because every single person cannot understand the Quran. But if you think about it, at the time of the prophets on a lot of sudden when he would recite the Quran, who would he resigned to do? Only to the likes of Abu Bakar, the Nando? No, there were people of all ages, people of all levels, people who knew how to read and write people who did not know how to read and write people who were from the deserts, the veterans, and people who were from the cities, people who were young people who were old, men and women, everyone learned from the prophets of aloneness. And he didn't say that the Quran is only for the elite. It's only for those who are highly educated, who have a lot of

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reasoning, no, it's for every single person. Because the Quran if you studied up on the examples that are mentioned, for instance, every single person can relate with them. Like for example, that of rain coming down from the sky, everybody sees it from those who are educated those who are not. So this is an incorrect understanding that people have the Quran is only for the elite, the educated No, it is for everyone because Allah says a fella yetta de Bona

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Do they not reflect on the Quran? And the fact is that a Lost Planet Allah has made this Quran easy for taking a lesson. Intro to camera 17 Allah says Allah Katya sonoko analytically for helmy Mata Ki the Quran is easy for taking a lesson. Is there anyone who would like to take a lesson? Is there anyone who would like to understand it's easy the invitation is there intro to 258 for innovators some there will be this Anika la lomita karoun. Insert Maria Maya 97 for inner Maya somnambulists Anika. We have made it easy in your language intro to era 52 alacati

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Now when we get to heaven for some level, are there elements that we have certainly brought them a book which we have detailed by knowledge, meaning it's open, it's clear. And so many places in the Quran the Quran is called nude, light Buddha, Rama. What is light, it illuminates the way for you. It shows you the way. So it is light for everyone. It is light for every person. So over here Allah says FMLA that the brunette or an iron aka Lubin aka falou her What is wrong with these people? Do they not reflect on the Quran? Or are there locks on their hearts? They should open up these locks. How? By reflecting on the Quran, so that they can follow the commands of Allah. So what does this

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ayah teach us? What's the main lesson that we understand from this ayah?

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That if you find it difficult to follow any Command of Allah, what should you do? What should you do? reflect on the Quran, read the study the Quran, and that will give you the courage to do it. Because the Quran, it strengthens your Eman. It increases your fear of Allah, it makes you realize the reality of this dunya.

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And only when you are in this state of mind, then can you obey? Otherwise, it's very difficult.

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In melodien, altadore, Allah at a very him, indeed, those people who reverted back to disbelief who turned on their backs, instead do from the roof letters, rather than rod and what is to return something that is unacceptable. And if that is to go back the exact same way, when has come.

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So they went back the exact same way. They came. They were not believers. They were living a life of disobedience. And now what happened? They came to Islam, and after some time it due to him, they turned on their backs, they went the exact same way they came, they regressed. Who does it refer to? It refers to them when FFP because initially when things were easy, everybody was becoming Muslim, they also became Muslim.

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However, when the difficult commands were given, such as the command to fight in the way of Allah, what happened when f 15 they were very unwilling, they refuse to accept they refuse to follow. So their behavior has been mentioned over here, that those people who reverted back back to what if the due to what

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to call for Allah advantium upon their backs mimbar the motivation and the human Buddha after the guidance had become clear to them. Which guidance is this the guidance of the prophets on a lot of celebra meaning the truth the right course of action was very clear to them. It wasn't that they didn't know about the reality of Islam they didn't see the truthfulness of the messenger sallallahu Sallam No, it became very, very clear to them, who the guidance the right way was made very clear to them. But still, they decided to leave. They decided to go back to their former ways. Such people a lot Pantone says a shame upon someone at home, shame upon has enticed them he has to use them. He

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has made this very easy for them what unlearned at home and he has given them false hopes as well. He has prolonged hope for them. So well seen Well, this week. What does this wheel mean?

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when something bad is made to appear good. A person wants to do it. And when it appears to be good, it becomes very easy for him to do it as well.

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It becomes very easy for him to do it as well. Remember introducer both so well at local and full circle.

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That this is something that your enough's your souls made very easy for you, your soul tempted you, your soul made it look very good. Because when you see something as bad Can you do it?

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Can you do it? If you've used something as harmful, you will never do it. You will only do it when you view it as beneficial. enjoyable, correct. So someone Allah home he has made this easy for them meaning he has enticed them he has seduced them. He has tempted them he has adorned there is to that for them what amla home and he has also prolonged hope for them. Unless from the roof letters mean lamb well and amla

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To give them an okay men is to walk briskly. And it is also said that amla is from Amman MLS falso. So amla, one is to

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walk briskly so I'm low meaning he has prolonged for them. And secondly, unloved meaning he has given a mode to them, he has given false hope to them. social bond has given them false hopes. He has prolonged hopes for them. What are the false hopes that your bond has given them? That doesn't matter if you turn away? What's the big deal? Enjoy life? Life is short anyway. Yeah, we'll see what happens in the hereafter false hopes when a person does something wrong, what gives him the courage to do it. false hopes, like, for example, a person is cheating the government in something, he's not fighting his taxes properly. What does he think I'll get away with it? This is what he thinks,

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right? I'll get away with it. He doesn't say the truth in filling up a particular form. What does he think I'll get away with it? This is a false hope. Because if a person thinks that no, I can get caught, he would never ever make that mistake.

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So I'm Lila home. shaitan has given them false hopes.

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Now we see that when the Quran was so clear, the messenger was so obvious in both the meta vegan and the human Buddha, what was to be done, meaning the commands, they're also very clear. The command for example of jihad, it was Makkah, there was no ambiguity. It was very, very clear. The Muslims were required to go and fight in the way of Allah. But we see that still the 115, the hypocrites, what was their way that they turned away from? obedience, they didn't accept it. Now this behavior doesn't seem very strange. Because who is expected to make a wrong decision? Someone who doesn't know someone who doesn't get it. But when the reality is very clear, the command is very clear. Why

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is it that they turned away? Why?

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You know, every time that we study about when African at the time of the Prophet settlements, and we wonder what was wrong with those people? Why did they do anything like that? The messenger was so clear, the truth was so evident. The Quran is so clear, when we read it, it shakes us how can we didn't shake them? What was wrong with those people?

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So over here, last panel, data tells us that the reason behind they're turning away, the reason behind their disobedience is that Chevron has made their evil look very beautiful to them. And shaytan has given them false hopes as well many, many false hopes on which they depend, and they think they will get away. So the greatest deceiver, he has deceived them.

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And then this is a lesson for us as well. That if despite the commands being very clear, we are not doing what we should be doing, then there is a problem shavonne has affected us then shaytan is leading us then.

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Because look at this Ushaped Manasa what Allah home or Atlanta home, then it will be unknown kalu that is because they said who said

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the Mona flipping the hypocrites, they said and velyka that it refers to their if they're turning away, how can they turn away? How come they made this decision of not following the Prophet sallallahu Sallam be unknown palu because they said mean this was a conscious decision they had made. They said Lil larina curry who managed Rama? They said to those people, who dislike what Allah has revealed, what is it that Allah has revealed? The Quran? And who are those people who dislike what Allah has revealed?

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The machine, who else they, they also disliked what Allah had revealed. So they said to the machine, the hood and also then when after cleaning the other hypocrites, what did they say to them? Sir nuclear accom we will obey you. Fever will only in some matters, meaning in some matters, we're going to obey you. We're not going to obey the messenger. Yes, we are Muslim. However, there are some things in which we are not going to do what other Muslims do. We're not going to listen to the Muslims, but instead what are we going to do? We're going to do what you tell us to do. We're not going to do what Islam requires from us, but we will do what you dictate subtlety or calm feeback

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MD, we're not going to follow the Quran sooner. Rather we're going to follow the ways in which the king we're going to do what they want us to do. But Allah says will love who you are level

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Serato and Allah knows about their secrets, they set this very secretly to the machine that's at this very secretly to the Jews. But what does Allah say? Allah knows about their secrets the word Islam is a master. And its raw a file is to do said, to hide secret to keep a secret. So all of these secrets that they kept within themselves, Allah knows very well about them. And Israel has also been read as Assad which is a plural of said, meaning their secrets. Those even Allah soprano data knows about them. Now, what do we see over here about them in Africa? And what was their way

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of total submission? To align His messenger? No, not of total submission to Allah His Messenger, but rather partial submission. That Yes, we are Muslim, because of the outward, that's what they did. However, we're not going to do everything that Islam requires from us. We are also going to obey who, our friends, our relatives, even if what they say, contradicts what Allah subhanaw taala wants us to do. Instead of through bacala, what do we learn about them and everything? We're either Nicola, Dina, amanu. Hello, Amanda. Well, either Hello, Elijah kalu, in America, with the believers who said, We're with you, and with their shouting with their devils, meaning the machine, the rest

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of the hypocrites, they would, what would they save them, that we are with you? So they would constantly go back and forth between Islam and COVID. They would come to the believers of the gathering of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam make it seem as though they were listening very attentively. And then when they would go back, they would say, we will listen to you.

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Don't worry, we are loyal to you. Why would they do this? Why did the Muslims were with you to the Michigan were with you? Why?

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Because they wanted benefits from both sides. They didn't want to displease anyone.

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They didn't want to make anyone unhappy with them. They wanted to keep the Muslims happy. And they also wanted to keep the machine happy, the other one after being happy or the hood happy, so that they could benefit from both. But the reality is instead of the Nyssa 143, Allah says, whatever the Vina bainer they're like wavering between the two, wavering between that between who the Muslims and non Muslims, just like a pendulum. At one point with the Muslims at the other point, with the other side, whatever the vena bainitic lair Illa, Allah, he would either have neither to the believers nor to the disbelievers, meaning neither are they fully with the believers, nor are they fully with the

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disbelievers. So whatever they said secretly, whatever promises they made with the non believers like this, Allah subhanaw taala is well aware of this. And we see that to the machine even they would say or to the Yahoo, they would say, that we will obey you. We will do what you tell us to do. We will follow your way. But when the time came, would they listen to them? Would they support them? They wouldn't support them. For example, we learned into the hashtag 11 to 12. About the benoquin aka that when they were exiled when they were told to leave Medina.

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How did the hypocrites respond? Allah says lm de la Dina Neff, aku, yaku, Luna, Leah, Juana him and Medina for women as well. kitabi la in Oakridge etom Lana hood an American. If you go, we're going out with you. Meaning if you're exiled, we're leaving Medina with you. Why did they say this?

00:33:44--> 00:34:29

Why did they say this? to support them that you have our full support? Let in original Lana hujan American well I know Taro FICO hadn't Aveda and we will not obey. With regards to you anyone ever. We're including Otto Lenin. Sora Naka, if you're fought with, we're going to help you. But Allah says will La Jolla shadow in the bone Allah bears witness at these monopolies? They're liars. Because like in Oakland, you layer who do tomorrow when the Jews are exiled these when Africans are not going to go with them? Well, I encourage you to lay on soluna home and if they're fought with, they're not going to help them what an inner sorrow home lay you will learn about and if they do

00:34:29--> 00:34:32

help them, they will abandon them very soon they will turn their backs away.

00:34:33--> 00:34:43

Because the reality is that if someone is not faithful, if someone is not loyal to his Lord, then he cannot be loyal to any human being either.

00:34:44--> 00:34:51

You understand? If someone is not loyal to his Lord, then he cannot be loyal with anyone.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

If someone is not sincere to the religion that he claims to follow, then he cannot be sincere to anyone

00:35:01--> 00:35:34

There are people who claim to be Muslim, who claim to be Muslim, but at the same time, their interests are with with others. But we see that when they're not faithful to their religion, they're not even faithful to others, where they cheat their religion, their Lord, they also cheat people. This is a fact, such a person cannot be loyal to anyone. If a person is lying to someone else, tomorrow, they will lie to you. If they're cheating someone else, tomorrow, they will cheat you.

00:35:35--> 00:36:06

So we see over here about the NFL team, that they would say to the non believers, I know they are comfy barley in some matters, we are going to obey you. But in reality, they didn't obey them. This was just a way of pleasing them. In reality, what did they do? Whatever their heart's desire, whatever they liked, whatever they found easy in whatever was their best interest. That's the only thing they would do. And this is the reality of the NFL.

00:36:07--> 00:36:12

But Isn't this amazing? Doesn't it sound the statement as I was reading it, I was shocked

00:36:14--> 00:36:35

that this statement, it seems so familiar, that people say, with regards to religion, that we don't have to do everything. We don't have to do everything. We don't have to listen to everything that is said, in some matters, okay, I obey Allah and the messenger. And in some matters, I have to listen to my family and my culture and my country, and so on and so forth, isn't it?

00:36:36--> 00:36:58

So we pick and we choose whatever suits us that is what we do. Because what's the excuse a low answers Jake Dean and dunia together. So when I do something of a dean, that's my taking something from the dean and when I leave something of the dean, that's my taking the dunya with me. So they say you have to take Dean and dunia together. This is why subtlety or confusion.

00:36:59--> 00:37:11

There's a misconception as to what balance is what it truly means by taking Dean and dunia together. people misunderstand this, it means that you pick whatever you like, you take whatever suits you.

00:37:12--> 00:37:50

There is this story that is told about this man who owned this company. And he hired many people from different different places. But every time somebody would come and apply for a job, he would interview them. And depending on their religion, he would also ask them personal questions. You know, in many places, personal questions, you're not allowed to ask whether a person is divorced or not whether a person is faithful to his religion or not, but this man, he would always interview every single person who he hired, no matter what position he was hiring them for. Why? Because he wanted his company to be the most successful one. So once this Muslim guy, he went to him. And he's

00:37:50--> 00:37:56

asking him, are you divorced? No. And one of the questions that he asked him, you pray five times a day?

00:37:57--> 00:38:11

Why did he ask that question? When he was asked later? How does that concern you if I pray five times a day or not? He said that if someone is not faithful to his religion, if someone is not faithful to his Lord, do you think you'll be faithful and loyal to me?

00:38:13--> 00:38:23

If someone claims to be a follower of a religion, and he doesn't follow it properly, then how can I expect from him that he is going to be sincere to me? How is it possible?

00:38:24--> 00:38:56

So, when a person submits fully when a person accepts fully, then it shows his loyalty, and it shows that he is faithful. And when a person is just picking and choosing, doing only what he likes and leaving whatever he dislikes, then that shows he has not submitted fully. What does Allah subhanaw taala want us to do? Yeah, you're Latina, amanu odorheiu facility kapha, enter into Islam completely, completely, entirely. This is what Allah wants us to do.

00:38:57--> 00:39:38

But unfortunately, we think that we have the freedom, we have the liberty to take whatever command we like, and at the same time, also try to please the rest of the world. In some matters, follow the religion in other matters, do what the society dictates, do what the family says, Do what you want to do. This is not total submission. This was the way of the monastics this was the way of the hypocrites Unfortunately, the monastic team, they said this openly. Senator confy brothers. However, many people today, they don't say, but this is what they believe deep down in their hearts. I don't have to do everything. I can pick and choose whatever I like to do.

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

But they weren't they reprimanded for this effort to me noona Belden kitabi work for una Viva. You believe in some part. And you disbelieve in some. This is not the right way. What Allah likes is the way of Islam and this is what our religion is about as well. Who is a Muslim, someone who has completely submitted in every single way

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

Not in ways that he likes and he leaves what he dislikes no total submission.