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Al-Imran 121-143 Translation


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The segment discusses various topics including historical events and personal and professional news. The military and rise of Islam in America are discussed, with a focus on forgiveness and respecting men. The success of the military in winning new warships and bounty bounty bounty bounty bounty bounty is also discussed. A group of people discusses their experiences with Allah and their beliefs, with a mention of Leona and Amy.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Nakamoto who want to sell Dr. Ella Sudha Hill Karim amerit for the biller Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rashly surgery with silly angry

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little melissani of Coco de Robin and sweetener in

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or if and when

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you set out early in the morning,

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men from Africa, your household

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to go Will you post you locate me Nina, there believers Macari the positions will cater for the battle for the fighting.

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will now who and Allah semir on always all hearing our leemon always all knowing. If when Hamlet intended,

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if at any two groups, men come from you, and that, that shala they do despair, they to lose heart will know who and Allah will he you humor protector of them to where Allah and upon Allah He Allah failure the worker, so he should trust me known the believers. When occurred, and certainly mesoraco he helped you, he gave you victory.

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Allahu Allah be bredrin at better well until while you all are the Latin humble ones humble once a week. Factor cool. So you all fear Allah, Allah, that Allah come so that you the screw you all are grateful. If when Doku you say or you were saying

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then me Nina, for the believers. And then we'll never yet fear calm is enough for you. is sufficient for you. And that you made the comb. He extends help to you robocon yourself. Be selasa t with three lF in 1000s men from al-mulla ekati the angels menza Dean once sent down.

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Bella, rather, of course. In if does Will you show patience. What at the zoo and you fear Allah were to come and they come to you. Men from photo to him. They're rush their haste. Heather this young did come he extends help to you. Rob boom, you're behind Sadie with five lF in 1000s men from Al Mohler aka the angels, who so we mean once marked warmer, and not Jonah who he made it. Allahu Allah Illa except Bushra good news, glad tidings

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the comb for you

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and Lita to my inner so that it becomes satisfied it becomes content. Oh no become your hearts be with it. Warmer and not enough through the help the victory Illa except min from in the near Allahu Allah. And Aziz the always Almighty, Allah Hakeem the always always

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Leo Kota so that he cuts off for a fun aside a portion.

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Men from a novena, those who go through the disbelieved.

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Oh or yuck bitter whom he repels them with disgrace, yet better whom he repels them with disgrace.

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Firm Malibu so they turn back how he been once frustrated. disappointed. Laser it is not lucky for you. Men from an MD the matter the decision shy on anything. Oh, whether youtuber he turns in mercy

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I lay him upon them

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or you are the by whom he punishes them for in the home for in the day. So in the day, while the moon wants to do wrong when in there he and for Allah, ma whatever fee is in a similar way at the skies, warmer and whatever fee is in an early the earth, young Pharaoh He forgives Lehman for whom you share who he wills while you're a liberal and he punishes man whom you show he will he will know who and Allah gulfood on all forgiving for Haman always All Merciful.

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Yeah, are you here? Oh, and Medina those who are Manu they believed last do not that Kuru you all eat a Reba the interest of the often doubling increasing mobile offer, one redoubled one multiplied with the who. And you all fear Allah, Allah, La La come so that you to flee home you all are successful.

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What the Who, and you all fear and narrow the fire and muddy which were a debt it was prepared, named Catherine for the disbelievers. Were up to you and you will obey Allah Allah, what was soon and the messenger now lacunae, so that you are hormone you all are treated with mercy, or you all are shown mercy with Saudi Arabia, and you will hasten either to Murphy rotten forgiveness men from or become your red. Virgin nuttin and Jenna, paradise, a garden to her, it's with a semi wet the skies will help and the earth for it that it was prepared. lithophane for those who have Taqwa for those who fear Allah,

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Allah Medina, those who yearn for Kona, they spend fee in a server, the prosperity, the happiness, what the raw and the hardship, adversity.

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When can we mean and those who suppress and lay over the anger, rage, when are seen and those who pardon on from a nurse the people will know who and Allah, your hibou he loves and mursaleen those who do ersan when Medina and those who either when falou they did fisherton an indecent act, a shameful act?

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Or when a move they did wrong and fusa whom to themselves. Were Kuru they remembered Allah Allah festival. So they asked forgiveness leader newbie him for their sins. Woman and who, young Pharaoh He forgives at the Luba, the sins in there except Allahu Allah, Willem and not you see, do they persist either upon man What do they did, with whom while they are on the moon, they know

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those Joza whom they recompense, they reward

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maxilla tune forgiveness, men from or be him there are genetic and genetic gardens, that God it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it, and how the rivers, the streams.

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Holly Deena once abiding eternally fee her in it well and Miriam, how good at you reward and the army lien of those who do work out in fact, harlot it past men from above the comb before you sooner known ways, methods for zero, so you will travel fee in an RV, the earth famzoo so you will look kafer how Ghana was oktava to outcome. I look at the beam of those who belied. However, this burn is a clear statement. Lindner see for the people were who then and a guidance will mozzarella and an advice limit again. For those who adopt aka wonder and do not the halo you will be weak

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You all lose heart, weather and do not know you will be sad. You all grieve or until and you all are alone those who are superior in if you are you were meaning once you believe in if jm sasco it touches you or him a wound For God so in fact masa it touched and coma the people for whom a wound Miss Lou like it or tilka and that a year move that is new there we knew her, we give it by turns

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Vayner between a mess the people well and Leah lemma so that he knows Allahu Allah and levina those who knew they believed or

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and he takes men confirm you show her the martyrs will know who and Allah La not you hibou he loves a volley mean those who do wrong

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well and Leona hysa so that he purges so that he purifies Allahu Allah and Medina, those who who they believed were him hacker and he if he says, he wipes out caffeine, those who disbelieve

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hesitant you thought and that, that who you are will enter and Jenna the paradise when a man and not as yet yummy, he knows Allahu Allah and Medina those who jaha do they strove, they did utmost struggle. men come from you were lemma and he knows a soybean those who are patient

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Why not? And certainly condemned you were dumb unknown. You all wish alota the death men from probably before and that fellow who you all met it for so in fact, for a tumu who you all clearly saw it or you all saw it? Well until while you don't ruin your looking

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at the recitation of these verses.

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What is the

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ether journeymen

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la la la

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mina la

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de Palma boo boo beta

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me know

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Jimmy one

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in Abu Dhabi

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zzz Hockey League

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ladies and Rishi on

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the moon

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Bumi Aisha

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followed Viva

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What else he

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me Amy one lady in

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y Gen. De De De

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De De De

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De De una de

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la meanie audio Paula.

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meaning he says

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know what you can

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Allahu Allah