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Muhammad 20-38 Tafsir 32-38

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 264. So that Muhammad is number 32 to 38.

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In alladhina, Kapha Lhasa do en Sabina la he, indeed those people who disbelieved and stopped others from the way of Allah, Who does it refer to

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the machine? Because that's what they did go for them. So the answer beat Allah, Who else does it refer to

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the hood of Medina even because that's what they did as well conference or the answer Viva La? Who else does it refer to the one African even? So all the different types of people anyone who does this, this belief and inside the answer vilella was Shaka Rasulullah. And they also oppose the messenger that turned hostile to him. mimbar the matter begun Allahumma alhuda. After the guidance became clear to them, after it was very clear to them, that what the prophets are allowed us and abroad was indeed the truth was indeed true guidance. Such people lay under the law, they will never harm Allah at all was able to murder him and Allah will list their deeds.

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Notice over here that they oppose the messenger, but Allah says they will never harm a law at all.

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Because opposing the messenger means opposing the deen of Allah and opposing the deen of Allah No matter how much a person tries to do and he cannot harm the deen of Allah He cannot harm Allah at all. And all the deeds of such a person wasted.

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If you look at the machine, the Calcutta they were trying to harm the religion from outside. And then when African How are they are harming their religion from within from the inside. So any kind of activity that is done to harm the religion of Allah to oppose the religion of Allah, whether it is from within or from without, whether it is from people who claim to be Muslim, or people who openly as non Muslim, they oppose the religion of Allah, all their deeds wasted was a huge armello all of their efforts are gone astray, Allah will never make them successful.

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The thing is that when a person goes out in the way of Allah, he tries to serve the deen in any way. What does he fear the most opposition of people, the hostility of people, what will they say? How will they react? I cannot face them. If they stop me, how can I ever do this? But the reality is that opposition does not stop. The work of the

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opposition has never been successful in harmony. If you go back all the way to a time of New Zealand was he opposed? Yes. But at the end who failed? Those people who opposed him at the time of Lutheranism, same thing happened. Abraham Ellison um, same thing happened. So those who try to harm the religion of Allah, they're the ones who suffer at the end. They're the ones who are unsuccessful at the end, not Allah, His Messenger and the believers. So whatever threats a person faces, whatever fears a person faces, he should leave them you should disregard them.

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And you see, this opposition, even this difficulty that a person faces in the way of Allah, this is for a reason as well. Whenever there is opposition, there are two possibilities. One is that a person becomes weaker he gives up. And the other is that he becomes stronger, he becomes even more firm. If you don't face the opposition, the difficulty will you become stronger? No. Will you realize your true potential, you will not realize it, you will not even know what you can do. When things get tough, when the situation gets difficult, then you realize how strong you are. Then your abilities that are hidden, they come forth and you can benefit so much more. You can do many more

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good things. So this opposition is also for a reason. And we see that throughout the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did he face opposition? Yes, from the beginning to the end. As a messenger he faced a lot of opposition. But we see that all of these difficulties, all of these trials, they only made the Muslims stronger.

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And on the other hand, those who oppose them laniado de la O'Shea was a young man at home. Yeah, you're Latina. amanu all you who have believed after your Aloha, obey Allah, will lt over Sula and obey the messenger. What I typically do are mela comb and do not invalidate your deeds. The believers are being addressed over here, because constantly what is being mentioned the wastage of beats. So all believers, save your deeds, guard your deeds, protect your deeds that you performed with so much effort how

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by obeying Allah, and by obeying the messenger, obey Allah obey the messenger and save your deeds. Don't be like the machine Don't be like the moon African, who disliked the religion of Allah who oppose the religion of Allah who disobey, align His Messenger. No, don't waste your deeds like that, but rather stay firm have is the karma keep struggling and preserve your deeds.

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In alladhina cafaro indeed those people who disbelieve was subdue, arencibia Allah He and they also stopped people from the way of Allah Summa motto and then they die. Well whom could fall while they're still disbelievers. felonio ferula hula hoops so Allah will never forgive them. Those who stopped people from the wave, Allah do Cofer and they also die in that state. This is a condition thermometer home cofell felony affair Allahu Allah will never forgive them. Because what is the condition? Eman? But if a person dies on COVID then what's going to happen? None of his deeds will be accepted and he will not be forgiven either. falletta he knew, so do not weaken. Now the

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addresses again to the believers filata he knew do not weaken what other illa selmy nor call for peace. What until Alona while you are superior filata he knew that he was 100 fighters while her noon What does one mean? weakness. So Latta he no meaning do not become weak. We have read earlier in Oh Honolulu youth, oh Honolulu youth levator. ankle boots. So the weakest of all houses, the weakest of all homes what is weakness. So let me know do not feel weak, do not be weak. When when you have to confront the enemy, when the enemy comes face to face in order to fight you. Because remember, this was an early modern era. And in this sort of basically the Muslims are being prepared

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for all the future battles that are to be taken place. So let me know. Okay, you may feel that you are limited in your numbers in your resources, but don't feel weak inside.

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Don't be a coward on the inside ladder, he knew. Rather you have to be strong, you have to have courage, you have to have confidence letter, you know, what other LSL me what other This means well at other because this is connected with letter he knew.

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So what other means while at the end Also, do not call Do not ask for do not seek What? In a sell me to the peace? Because when a person is weak, when he doesn't have confidence when he becomes a coward, then does he want to fight? Then does he want to take up the challenge? No, he doesn't want to take up the challenge. So don't fall weak and as a result, call to peace. What does it mean by this a sun sun refers to sort of a truce with the enemy. A treaty of peace with the enemy, making peace with the enemy. What does it mean by making peace with the enemy that we won't fight instead, we will compromise on this and this

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that we are not going to fight. Instead we will make an agreement.

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So over here, the Muslims are being told, don't become weak. Rather be confident, have courage. And don't even call the enemy to be meaning you have to fight the enemy. You have to fight the enemy when you encounter the enemy, especially what ultimate or Alona when you are alone when you are superior or alone as a Florida or Allah. You are superior you have the upper hand when you are the vectors. When you have the ability to overcome the enemy, then don't fall weak. Don't lose courage and don't start calling them to peace.

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And remember that will la humara come and Allah is with you when they

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come and he will never decrease for you your deeds. What do we see over here that in the way of a law, a person will definitely definitely face difficulties. He will face challenges. But in these difficulties, a person was not lose courage, he must not lose resolve, he must not lose hope.

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Because when a person becomes weak from the inside, then what happens?

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What happens and can he continue? Can he do anything? No. Can he even do that what he's able to do? He cannot. You may have noticed yourself that when you are confident about doing something, even if you're not fully capable, you are able to do it. Like for example, a new software on the computer. You're confident you're like okay, it's only a software I can do it. You download it and you figure it out.

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Well, but if at the beginning, you said no way I cannot do this, my husband has to come and see it, my brother has to do it, then will you be able to do anything? No. But if you try, you just start the downloading, and you just follow the prompts one after the other, you realize you actually did it. You haven't taken any computer courses, you're not as smart as your brother when it comes to technology. But because you started, you took the initiative, you took the first step, you have the courage, you have the confidence, then what happens, you're able to do it. But if you think from the beginning, I can ever do this, there is no way, if you're weak from inside, yes, then you will never

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be able to do. So difficulties, they are there. But it doesn't mean you lose hope. It doesn't mean you lose courage. falletta, you know, don't become weak.

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And if you think about this dunya This world is for a test. Every single moment, we are being tested, one test after the other, each person is being tested. So there will be tests, there's no escape from them. So how to deal with them. Be confident challenges are there, but be confident.

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And it's not possible that every situation in life is favorable, no situations will be there, where you find it very difficult. Everything seems to be against you. things cannot be smooth, favorable all the time. No, there will be turbulence in life. And not just once but many many times. But during those difficulties, stay confident. Do not give in do not compromise, because remember that will allow American allies with you into the nallah 128. We learned in the lahoma I live in North Dakota, where Latina home mercy know that allies with those people who fear and those people who do

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and when a person remains firm despite difficulties, then that is a means of preserving his deeds as well. Because look at the end of the Wallonia Terracotta Army, the way to get your outcome is from the root letters, while they're raw with what is with me odd 135. So, when you have the number one one is missing,

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when you have the number three, again one is missing. You have to take one out in order to make a number odd. In order to make an even number odd you have to take one out. So what are ya to do is to depreciate it is to reduce to cause loss to make less.

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Dude reduce someone's Hulk. So while at rockem, armella calm, he will never diminish for you, your deeds, he will never reduce for you your deeds that you're putting in so much effort, but Allah, He reduces your efforts. He reduces your deeds, no, he will not depreciate even a fraction of your deeds but rather he will pay you he will reward you in full for them. wilayah dirocco harmonica, Allah will never invalidate your deeds. If you see constantly what is being mentioned about armella home, the other narmala who leads are wasted efforts are wasted. A person who becomes very fearful, what to do, how to secure the deeds, the solution is given over here. What that whatever challenge

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that comes to you in the way of Allah, face it accepted, do not lose courage, do your best. And that will be a means of preserving your deeds.

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introduce our fat I 173 we learn we're in June denna lahoma hollobone that indeed our June, our host, those who are struggling for the sake of Allah, they will be victors they will be those who will overcome. So this is why don't fall weak because you have a lot on your side. Now over here, we see that one thing that is mentioned that falletta you know, whatever it is, tell me don't become weak. And don't even call for peace. Don't make a truce with the enemy. But isn't B's favorite religion? What does it mean by this? Don't even ask for some.

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What is meant by this is Do not be the first one to ask for a truce.

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But if the enemy offers peace, then except

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Don't be the first one to offer because the one who offers peace, the one who offers a truce, what does that show

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his weakness? The one who is willing to compromise? What is it show that he is being weak? He is accepting defeat. There has to compromise more. And just imagine the enemy has come to fight you and you say please, let's not fight. Instead, we will do this and this

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This is like accepting defeat. When you're standing in front of the enemy, and you have the ability or until we are alone, you have the ability to fight the enemy, then you have to fight, then you don't start offering peace you must fight.

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And remember that you will have the upperhand is Allah is with you. But we see that it doesn't mean that Muslims are not allowed to make peace with the enemy at all. Because we see in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he made the Treaty of today via he accepted it. But what do we learn he wasn't the one who offered it, he accepted it. And making a peace treaty with the enemy is permissible only in a situation where the Muslims are weak. Why?

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Because you cannot fight the enemy. If you think about it, the Treaty of her day via when was it made after the battles of but

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and the trench they had been fought. And by this time, the Muslims had lost many people, many Sahaba had been martyred, many resources had been exhausted literally. And there was one difficulty after the other. So the Muslims, they were falling weak at that point. So this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam agreed to make the treaty with them for 10 years, no battle. Excellent, because then that means the Muslims could focus more on the power, they could focus more on strengthening themselves. Because if there's a battle one year after the other, eventually your time comes that you run out of your resources. So the Muslims are only allowed to make truce with the enemy when

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when they are becoming weak when they don't have the strength to fight the enemy. Because when you have the strength to fight the enemy, and still you don't, then this is like cooperating with the enemy. This is like helping the enemy become successful. And that is not permissible. Well, after our winner is me when we're doing

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so this part of the I should not be generalized, that Oh, the Muslims are never allowed to make peace with the enemy. No, they are. But you have to understand this, that in certain situations, making peace is favorable. In other situations. It's not favorable, it demonstrates weakness. So where it demonstrates weakness there, you don't make these so falletta you know what other Illa send me or until our Alona will love miracle while at Rock Omar Malika Why do you worry? What fear do you have? Why would you not fight the enemy when the enemy has gone to fight you? You're afraid that you're not going to get rewarded for your efforts, you will be alone will never reduce for you your

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deeds. And remember that Allah is with you. Allah is with you.

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In normal hyah to dunya indeed the life of this world it is nothing except Larry one, Willa one. Play and amusement diversion. The reality of this life What is it, Laurie? And what does love mean?

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learn? What is it adult, something that you play with? from the same root is the word love as well. Love is Drew spit that flows from the mouth larvae at our booth the flowing of the drill. And Larry is to do something without a right purpose. So enamel higher to dunia Larry born. this dunya is only a play.

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If you think about it, when children are playing and they're drooling over the games, they're drooling over their toys.

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Is it really something very important?

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Is it it's not that important?

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Okay, it's necessary for their development. It's necessary for them to socialize with one another to learn many skills. Yes. But when they're playing just like that, is it really unnecessary action? Is it really a very important action? No, it doesn't have to be given that much importance. You know, when children are told, did you do your work? Sometimes you don't ask. You never asked me? Did you play?

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Somebody I know always makes this objection to their mother that you always asked me. Did you study? Did you do this? Did you do that? You never asked me did you play? Why? Because play is not that important. It's not that necessary. So this dunya even is Larry.

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It's not that important. It should not be given a lot of importance. However, when the play is going on, then what do people think that that is the most important thing in life

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when people are chasing the ball, and it's only a ball, but what do they think that it's the most important thing in their life, which is why they'll run as fast as they have never ran before. They'll jump as high as they've never jumped before.

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Why? Because they think it's extremely

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tremely important. Similarly, dounia when a person is busy in it, what does he think it's whole important. But if you look at it from the outside, it's not that important.

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I remember in school and we had to play sports, many things. There was a time when, you know, I would have to run after the ball and like, it's only a ball. Why do I run? And I wouldn't bother. I remember my team that would not like to play with me, because sometimes I would say to only Well, why do I run after it? So, in the moment, it seems extremely important, but if you disconnect yourself from that scene,

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it's not the end of the world. It's not that important. This is what life is. In the manhyia to dounia Larry Boone, it's only a play. Well, a one and amusement, a diversion, a distraction, something that distracts you. What is low level is

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something that distracts from what is more important. Mullah he Do you know what Mila here?

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An amusement park where there are so many rides? What happens over there? People get distracted, they lose sense of time completely.

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You tell them, it's two o'clock. Have you prayed really, really, I didn't even know it was two o'clock. The sun is setting really already. Because you're so distracted, they don't even realize so much time has passed. Similarly, donia once a person is busy in it, when he hits 20 Oh my God, I'm actually 20

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Oh my God, I'm 25 quarter of a century. I'm 30. I'm 35. So much time has passed loved one. While a person is busy, he's distracted from what is more important. So in the manhyia to dunya lair, even while this dunya is only amusement and diversion, and just as any amusement diversion, it comes to an end. Similarly, this dunya will also come to an end, this life will also come to an end.

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It's only a pastime. It's only something that amuses you. So should you spend your time in your life, just busy in this life and law? No. There should be a higher purpose in your life well into me No. And if you believe what a taco and you fear Allah, you are Judah calm, he will give you your rewards, when is ethical and welcome and he will not ask you for your wealth. Why he doesn't need. He doesn't need your wealth. He is learning. He is the one who provides you in the first place. Why would he ask you for it.

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So this dunya is going to come to an end eventually. This is the reality of this life. It's a deception. Nothing of dystonia has stability, and this dunia nothing of it is reliable, your life will come to an end eventually. Therefore, the time that you have been given, don't be consumed by this world rather, into me know, what are the who if you believe and you have Taqwa, then what's going to happen? Allah will give you your reward. Your life will not be meaningless. Your life will not be useless. Rather, you will have something at the end. When is elcome and welcome. And remember, Allah is in no need of your wealth. He doesn't need your wealth.

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Because when we obey Allah, when we do something of the deen, what do we think we're doing a favor to Allah.

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But in fact, we're not doing a favor to Allah, we're doing a favor to ourselves only.

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And whatever Allah demands from us, is it something that we cannot do? Is it something that is impossible for us to do? No, if you think about it, even the wealth that a lot demands from us, there's a cut is everyone supposed to give? Firstly, no. Only those people who have a certain amount of wealth for a certain period of time? And even of that, what do you give? What do you give only a very small percentage, not in its entirety? Not a big percentage, but only a very small percentage. What is unwelcome? He's not in need of your wealth, ESL kumuha? If he should ask you for it. If Allah should ask you for your wealth, if he should demand it from you, then would you give it

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readily? Would people give it readily? No, they wouldn't.

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For years, then he would press you meaning then he would force you press you in order to make you give your wealth in the way of Allah your frequent from newsletters have a well, however well, and effort is to exaggerate in doing something.

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What does it mean to exaggerate in doing something?

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Sherry boohoo that he trimmed his mustache a bit too much. He exaggerated in trimming it in cutting it.

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So URL is when a person asks repeatedly, over and over again.

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that a person exaggerating

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Asking, he asks one question then another than another, then again and then again.

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Like for example, if somebody is after you, how old are you, you try to ignore that, but they ask you who can they ask you again this is what

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that a person is pressing you in asking questions from this we have read earlier. Yes, aluna caca, Anika haffi Yun on her that the machine they asked you about the coming of the hour as if you are happy about it as if you are in search about coming of the hour when exactly it will happen. Or you are very knowledgeable about it. In the who cannot be happier. That my Lord He is with me very happy. What does happy mean? One who is very inquisitive, very concerned about you.

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So for your recon, what does it mean? That he would have to press you he would have to ask you persistently insists that you give nag you for your outcome. But what would you do then?

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Even then you would be stingy.

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Even then you would not want to give in the way of Allah, ESL kumuha for your frequent double Hello, where you heard a barnacle, and then he would bring out he would expose your hatred, your ill feelings that you have in your heart. So what do we see here? That Allah subhanaw taala does not ask us for our wealth. And if you were to ask us to bring everything that we have in the way of Allah, and he pressured us too much, then we would become stingy devil Hello. And then what you have learned from that he would expose the ill feelings of the heart, the unwillingness of the heart. So this shows to us that the demands that Allah has made from us in this Deen, are they unrealistic?

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Are they they're not? Are they unpractical? Not at all?

00:26:59--> 00:27:17

When it comes to wealth, Allah does not ask us to give 10% to the 50%. How much does he ask 2.5%. Not every month. But how often? Just once a year, not with every purchase. But just once a year, when we see that what people demand from us, that's much more.

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If you think about the taxes that people have to pay on their income, that's almost one third. But what is the loss of penalty demand from us that we have to pay 2.5 on everything that we earn? No, it's 2.5 on what you have for a year above a certain amount. But we see that here in dunia what happens, people no matter how much they're earning, whether it is in five figures or six figures, no matter how much you're earning even four figures, you have to pay taxes. But what Allah asks us, it's very practical, it's very reasonable, we can do it, they are possible.

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And why is this so? Because Allah subhanaw taala knows our weaknesses lie, you can live Allahu nevsun. He loves her. He doesn't overburden any person more than what he can bear. And if he wanted good, he have asked us for more. Could he have imposed more obligations on us? Of course he could. He has complete right to do so. But in order for us to obey, Allah subhanaw taala would have to your company would have to press us force us to do it. And then if we wouldn't do it, would we be blameworthy? Of course you could Atlanta come What does it show that we would be blameworthy even if we didn't want to do it? Because the commands are so difficult? Why? Because Allah has every right

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to be obeyed. He has every right to legislate, any command that he would give to his servants would not be unjust would not be unfair in his part, but it is out of the mercy of Allah, that he only commands us with that which we are able to do.

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This is the justice of a loss of power. So when he asks so less from us, so little from us, then even then we should be reluctant. Even then we should be stingy and miserly. Even then we should be thinking twice and many, many times again and again. Should I do it? Should I not do it? No. If Allah has given us a command, know that it is best for us know that it is possible for us it's not impossible. If you remember the context of the surah that it's the early modern period, the command to fight is being given many people are finding it difficult. tests and difficulties are going to come sacrifices people have to make in the way of Allah. So the mind is being prepared. The Muslims,

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the believers are being prepared mentally, that look, whatever Allah commands you, whatever he asks of you, you can do it. And remember, it's almost right to ask you. It's his right to legislate to command you and if you don't obey, you are blameworthy. Her and to her will lie here you are those people

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People who do their own you are being invited, why little few coffees are beaten in order to spend in the way of

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her anthem or you who are being addressed. Her is have done me for exclamation that have here and tune you all our who highroller ie those people who do their own you are being invited letona Kofi Sabine Allah to spend in the way of Allah.

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You see, in Medina, after the hedger whenever the Muslims had to go for any expedition, where would they get the supplies from?

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From the Treasury. There was no Treasury at that point. The people themselves if a person wanted to participate in battle, he wouldn't get a horse from the Muslim government. No, from the battle man, no, he would have to take his own horse. If it was a 20 day trip, he would have to take food himself. This is why so many times what is mentioned the time they spend their lives and also their wealth, both because they had to spend out of their own pockets. And people who could not afford they will not be able to participate. Remember the Battle of the book that the expedition to the book What happened? Only those who could afford they could go and this was especially the case at

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the beginning. So her and Tom have will eat to their own a little coffee, Sabina, you are being invited to spend in the way of Allah. Anything that you spend, you're spending it in the way of Allah from income but from you is who my neighbor how he who is stingy, who doesn't want to spend even that which is mandatory.

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But remember that when my neighbor, whoever is stingy for innama, Yaba, Hello, I'm Neff See, then indeed he is being stingy, against to himself, how? Because he is withholding reward from himself.

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When a person doesn't spend in the way of Allah, he thinks that he is saving his money. But in fact, he is depriving himself of reward for inner Maya bahala and FC, will la honey and Allah is rich from you, and from your charity, were untouchable for color and you are poor? You are needy of Allah. It's not that Allah wants you to spend because he needs your money. No, he doesn't need your money. This is just a test that you're being put in that what do you do? Do you spend Do you not spend? Do you sacrifice Do you not sacrifice do you go? Do you stay back? Do you struggle? Do you stay back? What do you do? allies money will undermine untold for holla you are needy.

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And remember that we're in debt our low and if you turn away, if you don't go out of the way of Allah, you don't struggle for his cause. You don't defend his Deen. You don't serve the deen. Then remember that he has struggled it'll come home and he will substitute a people other than you. Meaning he will replace you with another group of people. He doesn't need you. If you become stingy, you don't go out of what doesn't need you. Yes, wl Coleman IRA comm he will replace you with another nation. So Malaya Kunal and Salah come and they will not be like you. They will not be the like of you. But rather they will be different.

00:33:28--> 00:33:39

The people whom Allah replaces you with, there'll be different from you how that you turn away. They will not turn away. Your stingy. They will not be stingy. You don't spend they will spend

00:33:41--> 00:34:06

the established little Coleman of Iraq on Somalia kuno onsala calm they will not be like you they will be better than you in throw to NASA I want 33 we learn in your shot you have become a un nurse. Where DVR Hurry, well can Allahu Allah Delica cul de la if you will, so you can do away with your people and bring others in your place And ever is Allah competent to do that? What does it show to us?

00:34:07--> 00:34:20

What does it show? Allah doesn't need us. The Deen of Allah even doesn't need us. But rather we need Allah and we need to serve the deen of Allah for our benefit.

00:34:21--> 00:34:28

If we don't worship Allah, we are depriving ourselves. If we don't serve the deen of Allah, somebody else will.

00:34:30--> 00:34:49

If we don't serve the deen of Allah if we don't support the deen of Allah, somebody else will. Allah doesn't need us a look and defend his Deen himself. He doesn't need us at all. Yesterday Coleman Rocco Somalia Kono I'm Sana Khan. And remember that when you are replaced by someone else, they will be much better than you.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

How embarrassing that Allah gives a person an opportunity. He doesn't benefit from that. And Allah gives that opportunity to somebody else.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

And the benefit from that.

00:35:02--> 00:35:03

Has it ever happened with you?

00:35:05--> 00:35:16

Perhaps there's some food on the table. You don't take it. You don't eat it you like later later Later, somebody else comes and picks it. That's it. Your opportunity's gone. Whose fault is it? Your fault.

00:35:17--> 00:35:41

The dessert was there, the last piece of cheesecake was there. He just didn't take it. You're far too bad. And the person who took it, he is enjoying it. And you are just sitting there with empty hands, wishing, if only you would have gone and taken it. This will be the state in the era of those people who don't avail the opportunities to serve the deen of Allah when it's offered to them when it's given to them.

00:35:42--> 00:36:24

We see that people who are born in Islam raised as Muslims they don't value Islam as much. So what happens in this Allah Needham deserve his Deen? No. Allah has brought about another people in their place who have the courage you have the confidence to invite people to the religion of Allah, where we are shy to read the Quran because we're like, oh my god, this is not that great. Even if they know a little bit they will read. Even if they know a little bit, they will tell. So yes, Deb del Carmen is Iraq. Somalia Kunal, I'm Sarah completely different than you. They'll be much better than you. They will not be like you. But remember that you will lose out

00:36:25--> 00:36:55

a boomerang with the learner he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he recited this ayah that we're into the willow establish common leader comes from Malaya Kunal and Salah Khan. So the Sahaba asked the Prophet sallallahu, Sena, or prophet who are these people that Allah has mentioned, that he would choose them instead of us? That if we turn away, Allah will choose them instead of us. That they will not do as we do, they'll be better than us. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam placed his hand on cell mandevilla in his thigh salon fallacy.

00:36:57--> 00:37:02

And he said he and his people who was he, a Persian

00:37:03--> 00:37:23

he wasn't an error. The prophets of autism said he and his people. And even if faith Eman is near the Slayer, meaning the star up in the sky as meaning so far away, someone from the Persians would attain? What does it mean? That no matter how difficult it is to get something good, they will find it.

00:37:24--> 00:37:34

And we see that today, Muslims, they're not willing to knock on the doors of other people to tell them, other people come knocking on their doors, asking,

00:37:35--> 00:37:49

and what do we want, the knowledge should be brought to our houses. But we see that so magnified to see how long did he travel for how long, how far away? How many sacrifices he made for the religion of Allah to find the truth to live by the truth.

00:37:50--> 00:38:35

And we see that after the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after the whole affair of our shooting. After a few generations what happened when the Muslims were only concerned about wealth and about leadership about authority? Then who served the dean? Was it only the Arabs? No, it was other people who was a member honey, he wasn't an error. A Muslim, he was on an error. And I'm a Timothy, I'm gonna say all of these scholars are non Arabs, a Buddha would all of them non Arabs. So the thing is, that even if a person thinks that because of the knowledge that he has, because of the skills that he has, the deen of Allah depends on him. He is wrong in his thinking. He is wrong in

00:38:35--> 00:38:58

his thinking. Because no matter what you have, no matter what ability no matter what skill, you have the deen of Allah does not depend on you know, you depend on the dean, the dean does not depend on you. You don't serve the dean, you turn away, Allah will bring about another person. Yes, he may be less in his skills, but Allah will give him the ability to do it. And he will do much better than you he will perform much better than you.

00:38:59--> 00:39:18

So basically, we see that opportunities. Allah subhanaw taala gives them to people. And if a person does not take it, remember that the opportunity that will not be lost. Someone else will take the one that you leave. Someone else will take the one that you leave a lot will give it to another person.

00:39:19--> 00:39:24

But at the end who is getting deprived? We are if we don't seize the opportunity.

00:39:25--> 00:39:26

Okay, recitation.

00:39:30--> 00:39:31

vena cava.

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me No.

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See when it comes to dunya sometimes will become so greedy. We want every kind of good for ourselves. We want the best food we want the best house we want the best linens, we want the best dishes we want the best everything, isn't it?

00:42:15--> 00:42:21

But why is it that when it comes to the new like okay, doesn't matter if I don't have this doesn't matter if I don't do this

00:42:22--> 00:42:39

on Raw honey, we're antimo Pokhara we are poor when it comes to the matters of Baccarat. Even when it comes to the matters of Deen, we are poor, we need it. We need the deen, how can we think that we can survive without it. And we let go one opportunity after the other.

00:42:41--> 00:42:50

This this Friday. What happened with me was I taught the morning class. And then in the afternoon, as you know, after the break, there was half an hour session. And

00:42:51--> 00:43:16

later on in the evening, somebody had requested me to teach a particular halaqaat in the masjid. And because a person who usually teaches over there was not there. I almost wanted to say no at that point, because I was so exhausted, I was so tired. And my husband was traveling and I had my son with me as well. And I was worried that what's going to happen he had napped and at that time I kept thinking to myself, this is an opportunity and opportunities don't come all the time.

00:43:17--> 00:43:22

They don't come all the time. Yes, I am tired as a learner nobody? Of course he does.

00:43:23--> 00:43:47

It's the end of the week does not know that. Of course he does. But he gave me the opportunity. He knows I can do it. This is why he brought it to me. And if I say no thank you that I'm depriving myself. Somebody else will do it. That halaqa is still going to be done, somebody else will do it. But I won't be there. I will not have the opportunity to tell other people.

00:43:48--> 00:44:15

So who's missing out? Who's missing out? I'm missing out right? Everybody else is there. Somebody else will come and teach those people. I will miss out on the reward. So I have to seize the opportunity. And always remember that when something comes your way. Allah has sent it to me. It's an invitation that Allah has sent you. And Allah knows you very well. He knows you can do it. This is why he gave it to you.

00:44:17--> 00:44:27

If you look at the previous is that ESL como Hatha Yoga contabo Holloway, you hit upon her and to her lie to the owner of Isabella Fomenko mania because

00:44:30--> 00:44:34

he's only being stingy with himself. He's only depriving himself.

00:44:35--> 00:44:53

So whatever Allah asks us to do sends our way. It's practical, it's realistic. We just have to make ourselves agree. We just have to accept it ourselves. Because the problem is not with our physical ability. Many times the problem is with our mental state of mind.

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

We think we have the reason to not do it. But the thing is, as we have learned earlier,

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

vanetta he knew what to do in a semi what animal are Alona will love America? Why are you worried? Why do you stay behind, don't lose courage, do what you have to do. And remember that Allah is with you. And believe me, I did not get the time to prepare for that halaqa. But what happened was that the hotspot that we heard that Hades, I just went and repeated that entire hotspot. And mentioned a few more things, mentioned a little bit about dry the profits or losses due I was accepted. And hamdulillah it was fresh in my mind, I was able to convey as well and there was a good discussion. And if I said, Oh, I didn't get time to prepare it, I knew I shouldn't go. No, you accept you make

00:45:41--> 00:45:55

up your mind. Always with you will know who Marco and why do you worry when a lump is so well? Why do you worry when Allah rewards you for every step you take every effort that you make? Why do you stay back when you do come? armonico

00:45:56--> 00:46:04

so when such a generous Lord you have, the opportunity is given to you, you can do it, don't stay back, do it.

00:46:06--> 00:46:47

Even sometimes you will be working on the way of Allah Subhana Allah you think but the people will meet your leg behind them. This is how can you do that? You can do that to something else. But you have to have purchased Allah subhanaw taala until Allah subhanho lp whatever, no way, whatever I'm doing. Let the people see what exactly, sometimes people discourage you. Are you sure? You want to do this? You sure you can do it? Isn't it too much? Didn't you have a long day already? Don't have to spend so much money on this, people discourage you. But don't fall for that. Always look at the promise of Allah. always focus on the help of Allah antimalaria one law who Morocco with Terracotta

00:46:47--> 00:47:05

Army Allah, what a beautiful verse. Allah is with you. You don't need anybody's help. Allah is with you. And He rewards her generously, he will never diminish you your deeds. any effort you put in the way of Allah, even if it's very, very small, unless a shocker is very appreciated.

00:47:07--> 00:47:40

Everything every situation is a test that when the opportunity comes your way, you accept it or you don't you think it doesn't suit you, you should be doing something better. No, you should do it. Like for example, this this helicopter to go to. Nobody knew me over there except for just one or two people. You walk in there, you know every time you come to 100 people look at you people know you. They know you're the Koran teacher, but when you go to another place, people don't even know your name. They don't even know who you are, where you've come from what you do. And if at that time, you're like, No, no, those people don't know me, I shouldn't be going there. Does that make

00:47:40--> 00:47:52

sense? No, it doesn't make sense. Because when a person is serving the deen of Allah, he's not doing it to gain importance to gain fame. He should be doing it to teach the Hong Kong on how to teach the people how to help people.

00:47:53--> 00:47:58

And when that becomes a focus, that every effort becomes easy. every difficulty becomes easy.

00:47:59--> 00:48:31

Because when your focus becomes a reward, that this is what I have to grab, this is what I want, I can't let go of it, I can't lose it, then it gives you energy. It gives you the ability to do it. It gives you the courage even when you're physically exhausted. Your mind forces you to do it. And then you are able to do it when your focus is on the reward. But if you focus becomes Oh, I'm so tired and I'm so weak and so this so that then even what you're able to do, you can't do

00:48:32--> 00:48:34

when the machine came to fight the Muslims that bothered

00:48:35--> 00:48:57

that Allah not know the Muslims were only 300 and the Michigan were 1000. Of course, he allowed for that situation to occur. But he knew that the Muslims were able to fight that they were able to be victorious and Allah help them. So to summarize, any situation any opportunity that comes your way?

00:48:58--> 00:49:00

It has come to you for a reason.

00:49:02--> 00:49:09

Allah sent it your way. He knows the situation you're in. He knows your abilities. He knows your weaknesses.

00:49:10--> 00:49:21

And being alima lavey has sent that opportunity away and into Well, no, he has stopped del Carmen Huracan. Somalia coup I'm sorry. If you turn away,

00:49:22--> 00:49:28

you will lose out. That opportunity will not go away. Somebody else will grab it. But you will lose that

00:49:31--> 00:49:31


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La ilaha illa Anta

00:53:32--> 00:53:34

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh