Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 03 – L039C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim.

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So we studied the last three verses of Surah Al Baqarah. Yesterday, and I mentioned to you about the importance of the last two verses, that a person who recites them at night, what happens, these verses are sufficient for him for his protection for his safety.

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And we see that it was a son of the prophets that allowed insulin to recite these verses at night as well.

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So it would be good for us that we also get into the habit into the routine of reciting these two verses. And if you memorize the last three verses, actually, you can recite them in Salah in Maghreb, and also Russia. And one of the best ways of memorizing the verses reciting them every night and you won't even know and you will have memorized. I'm sure so many people have memorized so many verses of the Quran, how just by regularly reciting them. So if we start that, inshallah, we will be able to recite these verses, in Salah as

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I mentioned to you the Hadith, that these last verses, we learn about them, that when the last panel data revealed, Linda emf is semi wet, you will not fill up or interview Murphy and fusi come out to fool who you have simple comprehend their failed bulimia share where you're at the woman will not who are earlier coalition parties.

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day when these verses were revealed, the companions of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They found this very hard, they found this very difficult. They came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and they said that we were asked to perform what we can bear of deeds. We were asked to perform certain actions, the prayer, the fast charity, jihad, and we accept that and we have been doing it. However, this ayah which tells us that if we even conceal something in our hearts, Allah will call us to account for it. This is something we find very difficult. This is something that we cannot do.

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And what is the profits are avoidable and say to them, that are you going to repeat what the Bani Israel said? Are you going to say Samir Nawaz Lena, that yes, we have heard, but we find it too difficult. Therefore, we're not going to accept we're not going to listen, no, don't say that. What should you say instead? samina, what are now and when they said that we'll find a car opener were illegal mostly. Then the last few verses of Surah Baqarah were revealed. We learned something very important from this, that it's possible. We learn of something in the Quran. We learn of some hokum we learn of some command, and we find it difficult. Maybe in our lives, we find that impossible. We

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say that no, no, I cannot do this, I cannot stop doing this or I cannot start doing it. It's not possible for me. But this way, is a way that is very negative. Why? Because it stops the person from moving further from going ahead. Whereas if a person is positive, and he says, okay, fine, I've heard it, or Allah, I accept it. Now you help me do it, then a person is also able to follow the commands of Allah.

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So whenever we hear any Heckle, we should accept it positively. And because we are human beings, we cannot do anything by ourselves anyway, we need the help of a lot anyway. So ask him for his help.

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We generally pray to Allah subhanaw taala, for what? health, for money, for success, for other people's kindness and good behavior. But this shows to us that we should also pray to Allah Subhana Allah for assistance, when doing good deeds, when obeying a must,

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because even good deeds cannot be performed, without the help of Allah.

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They cannot be done without the help of Allah, without the assistance of Allah. Remember, tofik who gives selfie Allah gives a trophy, you can have all the knowledge, but you cannot act upon the knowledge, you cannot do something until and unless of that helps you until and unless Allah assists you. So if you find yourself falling behind in something, not doing something properly, not doing something as you should be doing falling behind in any way, even if it's missing classes or missing some homework or missing memorizing the lesson, if you find it difficult, whose help should you see almost a penalty because without his help, we cannot do it. We cannot do anything. And we learned

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that when these two verses were revealed. What happened was that when the people accepted the statement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and their tongues recited it Allah subhanaw taala sent down the last few verses of surah two

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in Sahih Muslim, we find that when they did that Allah subhanaw taala abrogated the previous either third last I have sorted Baccarat and sent down these last two verses. And every time the companions has said robina whenever Elena Islam Cana Hamilton who are living in poverty in a last panel data set, I shall accept your application.

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And when they said Robin, I want to help me lamella Takata nabee Oh our Lord, put not as a burden greater than we have the strength to bear a loss of panel data said I shall accept your application.

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And then when they said we're for on welfare, Atlanta, what Hamner antimo Lana from Savannah, Coleman caffine pardon us and grant is forgiveness, have mercy on us You are our molar and give us victory over the disability people of Los Angeles I I shall accept.

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So if there there are got accepted, and if we make the draw that Oh Allah make it easy for me. Don't make it too difficult for me. If I forget, if I make a mistake, forgive me, and bestow Your mercy upon me so that I don't repeat the mistake again. If they do, I was accepted, we should also be positive, that I will do I will be accepted because what did Allah say? I shall accept? He said, Now, I shall accept.

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And as for the last part of the I once saw nanako, McCaffrey and help us against those people who disbelieve Why is this important? If you think of it, when it comes to our Deen, when it comes to practicing the deen, first of all, we have to fight ourselves. We have to make ourselves accept and agree with the commands of Allah, that I have to do it. Or with the decree of Allah, this is what Allah has decided for me, I have to accept it. So first of all, we have to struggle against ourselves, we have to make ourselves agree, we have to make ourselves accept and then do what Allah has commanded us.

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But sometimes, the opposition is external.

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Sometimes it is internal. And other times the opposition is external. Sometimes it is other people who are stopping us from reading the Quran, from studying the Quran, from practicing the Quran, from applying the commands that we have learnt.

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And I'm sure you have faced it. And if you haven't faced it till now, maybe you will face it. Right now perhaps you are in a very sheltered environment. And the moment you will leave, people will be objecting, how come you're doing this? or How come you're doing that? So sometimes, there's opposition internally and other times there's opposition externally, whose help do we need, unless help helped me against myself and help me against others as well?

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If I am stopping myself helped me against myself, if others are stopping me, helped me against them as well.

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And when it comes to a las pantallas help against the disbelievers, it is of two types.

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First of all, through code, what does it mean by that? speech word

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that help us against them through statements that give us such proofs give us such understanding of the deen that first of all, we ourselves are convinced. And if ever, we need to defend the truth, we need to support the truth. We need to prove the truth. Give us the ability to say such statements that prove the truth.

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Because sometimes it's possible. Other people will question you How can we have to wear the hijab? How can we have to pray? How can Muslims are like that? How can you believe in us? And how can you believe in that it's possible. And when we're in these situations, we go blank, isn't it? We don't know what to say on so narrow Komal caffeine how, through code through speech, tell us what to say. What words to use, what manner is the best.

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And secondly, Allah help how through actions through actions. That in particular, in certain situations, obviously, when there is a battle, when there is war, so help us at that particular time when facing the enemy when it comes to fighting the enemy. And other times as well. Through action, help us against those people who oppose us. So we see that we need the help of a lot of panel data, to understand his words, to accept his words, to follow his instructions. And in the face of opposition as well. Sometimes his opposition is internal. Sometimes it is external.

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We learned at the beginning of sort of Bukhara about the virtues of the soda

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We learned about the virtues of the suitor. And now with the grace of Allah with the mercy of Allah, we have come to the conclusion of the surah. So I would like to remind myself and all of you of the virtues of the sutra, so we don't think that reading it once was sufficient.

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Trying to understand it once was enough.

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I had mentioned to you some of the ahadith we learn from the son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, on the Day of Resurrection, the Quran, and its people, the Quran, and its people who are the people of the Quran, those who used to implement it will be brought forward.

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The Quran, and its people, those who used to implement it will be brought forth, and they will be preceded by Sugata Baqarah and Surah

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Surah Baqarah into the iron one, we'll be right at the front leading them.

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We also learned that unaware said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said three examples for these two students with sudo sudo tillbaka into the alien barn. And I did not forget these examples ever since. And what are these examples that they will come like to clouds? Just imagine you're in a place that is very hot, open, there is no tree there is no building. There is nothing under whose shade you can come.

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On the day of judgment. These two suitors will come like two clouds or two dark shades or two lines of birds. And why will they come

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arguing on behalf of their people defending them? That Oh Allah, this person used to recite the surah. This person recited the last two verses every night. This person spent this much time trying to understand this sutra. And then he tried so much to implement the sutra. And he didn't just read it once, but he read it again and again.

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These sutras will argue on the day of judgment on behalf of those people who recited them.

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We also learned from another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do not turn your houses into graves. Do not turn your houses into graves. If you go to a graveyard. It's empty. It scares you. It's very quiet over there. It's scary.

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There's no color, there's no life.

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There's no life over there. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said do not turn your houses into graves. How? By not reciting Quran in your houses. Verily shavon does not enter the house where suitable bacala is recited?

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Is it important to keep shavon out of our house?

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Because shavon is our our the woman will be imagine your enemy is inside your house. Is it going to let you live in peace? Is he going to let you do anything in peace? Is he going to take the happiness away from you in your life? Of course. So don't make your houses like graveyards and shaytaan does not enter our house we're sort of Akira is recited. And other Hadees tells us that learn sort of bacara because in learning it there is blessing in learning the sorta there is blessing.

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Okay, yes, we have read it once. We have learned the meanings. But how about trying to literally memorize the surah.

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In learning it there is blessing in ignoring it there is so if a person ignores it, there is hassle for him in it. There is sorrow and the sorcerers, the magicians. They cannot memorize it. So they cannot harm the one who recites pseudo tilaka.

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So yes, we have come to an end. But don't close it now.

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Keep it open, keep reciting it. Keep listening to it. Keep revising it. Keep going back to it.

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will listen to the recitation of last few verses.

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The homie

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sabi was

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Sunni. Walk on

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you, Elena.

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Do you wanna feel

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for the

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big one? Me.

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Me wakatobi Mussolini

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Mussolini walk on

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on Bernina

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Como mubychem the kalasha de la Ilaha. illa Anta, a stockbroker wanting to bring a set I've already caught up with the law here.

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