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Yusuf 1-18 Word Analysis and Tafsir 12-18

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Also who Marana send them with us, or them tomorrow. Send them with us tomorrow have sent from the efforts of asking them to send.

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Send him with us tomorrow, meaning we're going for a picnic tomorrow. Let him come with us. So that he can eat, he can play he can have some fun. He's confined in the house. We want good for him that can come with us as well or he will eat freely and he will also play

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yard from the room cutters are

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very rare I What does it mean to graze? Generally it is used for grazing of the animals. Because animals they graze very freely.

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If you tell the animals only eat the grass, don't eat the flowers and the plants liquid to listen, know the heat freely without any limits. They don't care if it's your land, if it's somebody else's land, if it's a plant, or if it's a piece of paper, it's a banana peel, or it's something else they don't care. They eat freely without any limits. So they say, Let him come with us. Your third he will eat freely to his Phil to his satisfaction. Let him have some fun

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when or when he will also play.

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Like for example, sometimes when a group of friends want to go somewhere, and they know that a particular friend is not going to be allowed by their parents. What do they do? They go to their parents and they say you should let them have some fun. Let them enjoy. And sometimes they will get other people as well to ask on their behalf. Perhaps their parents, let them have some fun, let them enjoy. So you have to let him go let him eat his fill and yeller up he will play that and have some fun.

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While in an indeed we level for him to have his own. We're going to guard him. We're going to protect him. We're going to look after him. We're interested after all, we're strong group of men, we're going to look after him half a loan from the ruthless, heartfelt law.

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We see that when a person does something wrong, he takes a port of oaths and swears to make other people believe in him. And he also uses guilt tripping the other person. So they say over here, what in nanohole and alsager when we're in that oh, let her feel alone. What is this swearing odds were in Allahu Allah Hafiz on lenell sukoon. Sent him with us.

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On a he said he recovered Islam. He was very wise. He had insight. He understood what the children meant that they had some other kind of plan because of the way that they approached him. Because of the way that they approach him. he sensed they were planning something else. So he says in me indeed I layer Zuni surely it grieves me. It saddens me and turn her movie that you take him away.

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Meaning his separation. His going far is very difficult for me. I will miss him. If you take him for the whole day. It's too long for me. I will miss him. Layer Zuni and Tata will be Yes. Hello from the roof address has a known prison is to be sad, do grieve. And generally the word prison is used for something that happened in the past.

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So if you take him away, I'm going to feel very sad. His separation is very hard on me. I don't want him to leave my site.

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Well, harmful. And on top of that, I also fear and that cola who it will eat him. What will eat him a bit boo the wolf.

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I'm afraid that a wolf will eat him. What does it mean by this?

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It is said that in that area, there were many wolves, many wolves. And just imagine if a child who is seven or eight years old, even 10 years old, is still small, and can be attacked by

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a predator. So he was afraid that a pack of wolves or a wolf might eat him? Well until while you are unhooked from him a lot of hidden ones who are unaware.

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Like for example, if a group of kids want to go for let's say, you know up in the mountains for camping or something like that, and they take a child who was young, only 10 years old, with the parents agree. Think about it. Those of you who are mothers, would you send your 10 year old with a group of kids for camping? No, no way. Because you will be afraid especially if there are bears over there. If they're animals over there, you'll be very afraid that what is something like that happens while you're laughing? And look at him. He says we're under morphine. And this is a good supposition that it's possible that you become occupied with something and you don't pay that much attention to

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him and I'm afraid that a wolf might eat him. A wolf might kill him. So I fear that you might be careless.

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While tending to your animals, while playing while having some fun, and a wolf might attack him. Now, this response of his shows insight, because he understood from the way that they were talking, that they weren't just going for a picnic, they had some other plans. And many times parents can sense that, isn't it? Parents consents that when children are making a big plan of going for a trip or going for a weekend to someone's cottage for some fun, so you might be afraid, what is it that they're planning? What is it that they're actually planning to do?

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All of this said, argumentative behavior. If the Father has said, No, they don't take that no, they will argue until they get what they want. This is also extremely disrespectful.

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If your mother has said no, it means no. If your father has said no, it means no, you don't need to argue. It's very, very disrespectful. They say, let in akola. Who will if a wolf should eat him, we're not gonna respond. When we are a strong clan in his aloha saloon, then indeed, we will be losers. How is it possible that a wolf would kill him would eat him while we are with him? We are such a strong group of men, young men, young boys, it's not possible that a wolf would eat him. And if it does eat him, then we would be losers again. What are they trying to do? making their father feel guilty? There is as though they're saying you think we're losers? Are you calling us losers?

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You think we can't take care of them?

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Again, emotional blackmail.

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Fellow motherhood will be. Now another scene has been mentioned that they argue and argue until the Father gives him obviously, who is the father going to like? Think about it. Who is he going to like? Which child

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the one who is very obedient, or the one who's extremely argumentative, extremely stubborn. It's only natural that the Father will be inclined towards the child who is more obedient.

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So they persisted. They begged him, they argued with him, they made him feel guilty until eventually, he recovered. He gave up and then follow Madhavi. Then when they went with him, meaning the cooking user friendly center was amaru. And they all agreed.

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And he had your Aloo that they will put him philia. But it'll be into the bottom of the well. They took him and they agreed. A tomorrow from the roof actress, Jean Marie jemar means together together. And tomorrow is from each Mar. And agema is to gather upon a decision to have a unanimous agreement. consensus that yes, we're going to do this.

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So they unanimously agreed unitedly decided that they were going to put him in the depth of the weld in the bottom of the well.

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Because earlier, there was a difference of opinion. Some said, kill him. Others said no, don't kill him.

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So now what did they decide all of them that they were going to only throw him into? Well,

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because of the wouldn't decide together? If they wouldn't agree, then what would happen? Those who disagreed with them would go and tell their father, isn't it.

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So someone had to compromise. So they compromised, okay, we're not going to kill him. Instead, we will throw him into the world.

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Now just imagine, use a very similar, deceived, and he's been thrown into the world by his brothers. The details are not mentioned over here as to what exactly happened, how they threw him into the world. But we learned from other sources that the brothers they abused use of them verbally by cursing him. And also physically, they physically beat him up. And when they reach the well, they agree to throw him in. They tied him to a rope. And they lowered him down and halfway. They cut the rope so that he would fall into the water. And there was a little bit of water, but there was also a huge rock. So he got out of the water and he managed to sit on the rock until eventually the Garmin

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they came and picked him up.

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So just imagine use of Alice and I'm in the state. If you put yourself in that position, how would you feel somebody so jealous of you? Somebody hates you so much. they dislike you so much.

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That they haven't just verbally abused you. They have physically abused you. They have put you in a well, you can't even get out of it yourself. You don't even know if you're going to survive. You don't even know if you're going to stay alive. You don't even know if you'll ever go back home.

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And just imagine a child 10 or 12 or eight years old, very, very young. So what did Allah subhanaw taala? Do? He inspired to use?

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What Oh hanaa Allah He, and we inspire to him that led to not be unknown, the MDM, Heather, that surely you will definitely inform them about this affair of theirs, you will tell them something about what they did. In other words, this is not the end of the world.

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This is not the end of your life, you will come out of this problem when alunos. But someday, you're going to tell them about what happened.

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Oh, hanaa, the word that has been used over here is where he revelation. There's a difference of opinion as to what exactly this word means over here. Some have said this is the worry that is done to profits, that at this point, the first revelation was given to use of a center. According to some he was actually 17 years of age at this time.

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But according to others, no, this was not actual where he this was just in ham. What is it?

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When Allah subhanaw taala inspires a heart in the heart of an ordinary person, not a prophet, but another person.

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Like for example, the mother of Masada son, I was, well, the same word has been used. Well, ohana Illa, Mimosa, Allah inspiring to the mother of musasa, that she should put him in a box and put the box in the river. So Allah inspired to him that led to not be a new home, surely you will definitely inform them one day be angry him about their matter which matter, meaning what they have done to you. This affair, this deed of theirs, how they have dealt with you, you will tell them someday about it, we're homeless alone, and they will not perceive. What does it mean by this, and they will not perceive.

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This has been understood in a number of ways as well that first of all, that when you will tell them, they will not realize that you are useful.

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And this is exactly what happened.

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That when user right Hassan told them that you know what to do to your brother use it. They were like, are you user Are you use of our brother. So a home lawyer Sharon, when you will inform when you will reveal yourself to them, they will have no idea that it's you.

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Secondly, were homeless or alone. They don't realize right now what they're doing. They don't realize that you're not going to die over here. That your future is not going to come to an end over here. That your success is not going to come to an end over here. You're only going to be more successful from this point onwards. They have no idea about what is to happen in the future. They have no idea whatsoever.

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And in this is a great lesson for the people of Mecca.

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Because the people of Mecca what were they doing? They were ill treating the prophet SAW the liars who was one of them. He was one of them. He belonged to the same tribe, same city, he spoke the same language, but still they were mistreating him. And this is a lesson that today you're mistreating him. Tomorrow he will come as a victory over you. As someone who is victorious over you. The same thing happened with use of Reddit Sam and his brothers

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would yo and they came about home to their father, at what time, Russia and at night. And they came here bokun crying.

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The brothers of use of our SNM they went back home to their father at night. Russia is from the roof hunters iron Shinya.

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And it's used for the early part of the night, which is the time when we pray Russia. Remember a shot is supposed to be in the early part of the night. It doesn't mean that whenever it's dark outside, you can probably shut up until you know, it's only early part of the night.

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So Russia is early night. So they came in the late evening, early night and they came here Vokoun crying, faking it. You have a cold from the roof mattress backup. Well. Why did they come at night, crying at night, pretending that they were busy all day they were trying to protect us over Islam. What else?

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Because at night, in the dark, your expressions are hidden, they're concealed.

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So they came crying so that when they're crying, the father cannot tell if they're faking it or what because of the darkness of the night. So that their facial expressions, they would remain hidden.

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All they said yeah by now or our Father, in indeed we the homeowner, we went nuts who we were racing and who from the roof electricity.

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verkauf subak is to get ahead and stvr is to try to get ahead of one another.

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So we were racing, we were running, we were trying to get ahead of one another. Just imagine you go to an open field and people start playing this legend young boys. They said we were racing without oxygen usage and we left you serve in the Medina by our luggage, our bags, our food, our clothes, etc. We left use of RSM over there that you sit by the stuff. We're just going to have a race and come back.

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And then what happened for UCLA who the and a wolf came in at. Just imagine, look at our small mindedness. They didn't even have the imagination to come up with something else different than what their father said to them. ocula was a wolf a Tim wama and and you are not be Macmillan at all, one who believes us. Weill Cornell saw the thing, even if we're truthful, she would never want to believe us, even if we're telling the truth. Again, look at their behavior, blackmailing their father emotionally blackmailing the Father.

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So they try to lessen the impact of the news that they were delivering. And they said that we know you're not going to believe in us, even if you consider us truthful, even if you consider us truthful. So what about when you suspect that we are not truthful? Even if we're truthful, you're not going to believe in us. And now that you think we're untruthful, you're never going to believe in us? Well, oh, conus oddity. So in other words, they're blaming their father. They're not even taking the blame themselves. They're blaming their father, it's your fault. You're not believing in us. They're putting the guilt on the other person.

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And if you look at it, they say that a wolf ate him. This is something very strange. It is reported in other traditions that they are Hubertus and and replied that what a merciful Wolf, he ate us up and left his shirt. Because in the next day, we learned that they brought his shirt with fake blood. So he said, what a merciful wolf that he took the shirt off in any attempt. So, I mean, when people lie, they can't even use reason. This is a sad part. They can't even use reason. And sometimes we see that when people are caught guilty committing a crime, the kind of excuses they present. They're completely lame. They don't make any sense.

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And they brought on alchemy, see upon his shirt, beat them in Khatib with false blood. What does it mean by this with false blood? fake blood, it wasn't real blood. It wasn't the blood of use of rec center.

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It is that that this larger land, and they adapt his shirt with its blood. And it's also said that they forgot to tear the shirt.

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So they came with the shirt with false blood and color. He said, You're a Kubernetes. And when he saw the shirt, he knew that what they were saying was wrong. There is another story to it. So he said, well, so well at the command was a camera. Rather, your souls have enticed you to something your souls have enticed you to do something. So well, let's remove ever seen a Lola and soul is to become loose, when something becomes loose, when something is hanging, it's not tight anymore.

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And this wheel is when the knobs present something as very beautiful and a person wants to do it, he becomes greedy for it, he wants to do it. So, so what local enforcer komamura this matter, this deed your knifes presented very beautifully to you and you have done it your nafs has enticed you into doing this

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for sovereign. So my matter what am I going to do? patients that is Jamil that is beautiful for Southern Jamil. So my affair my stance is going to be of that of beautiful patients will long Mr. Han and Allah is the one whose help is going to be sought rmse fluent upon what you against what you describe.

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Amazon is on the roof letters are in well known Amazon one whose help is sought. So, my behavior is going to be of service

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and what kind of software Jamil what is Jimmy that which is beautiful and it is said edgemont affilorama meaning he did an action in the best possible way at gmail affilorama to do something in the best possible way. So I am going to do sobor in the most best possible way and what is that way in which a person does not complain to people? This has sovereign Jamil in which a person does not complain to people. He does not go yelling at

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them, he does not argue with them, he just remains silent. This is the beautiful attitude of sublime.

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And this is what Allah subhanaw taala likes.

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So my behavior is going to be absorbed and Jamil will long muster on and I'm going to seek help from Allah against what you describe

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meaning against what you describe our use of isns affair.

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So we see that they completely made up the story, that use of renessa was eaten up by a wolf and the father knew. But the state of the brothers was such that even if he reprimanded them, it wouldn't make a difference. Even if he scolded them, it wouldn't make a difference.

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Because if someone has the audacity to do such a thing, to do something wrong, and on top of that lie on top of that accused the other then if you tell them off, are they going to listen? They're not going to listen. And your corporate isn't understood that. So we don't see him yelling at them, scolding them, boycotting them? No, we just see him dealing with them very patiently that I am just going to do submit, I know that what you've done is wrong. Your enough's enticed you to do something that is completely unacceptable. And I'm going to seek the help of a loss penalty against you.

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Because just imagine yourself, put yourself in that state 10 of your children, 10 children, they come up with the story against one child, what can you say? What can you do against them? Especially if all of them are joined together in that matter? What can you say against? You cannot? How can you yell at them? You cannot, it's not going to make a difference. So in this state, what is the best behavior of sovereign Jamil and seeking?

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And in this is a very big lesson for parents,

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that there comes a point where you don't have any authority over your children. when they're younger, when they're little. You can tell them don't wear this, don't speak like this. Don't go there. Don't go here, isn't it? You have some control. But then you see yourself losing that control. You see yourself losing that control and sometimes it begins at a very young age, that when a child you ask him to eat and he refuses to eat,

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he asked him to wear something he doesn't want to wear. You asked him to come and sleep he doesn't want to sleep. You see yourself losing that control. When you lost it. What should you do? Go in depression, know Be patient and seek the help of Allah. seek the help of Allah because other than that, we cannot do anything else. At least we should preserve the reward.

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We listen to the recitation

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watching me

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I have

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the snow

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Why? To get the love of their father, but can you win someone's love like this? No, never. You can only gain someone's love by pleasing them by making them happy. Not by making them unhappy. They made their father unhappy and lost him.

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Don't sleep.

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So panic alarm will be the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.