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Al-Anbiya 30-50 Word Analysis and Tafsir 30-33

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Are the below him in a shape on over June Bismillahirrahmanirrahim?

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lesson number 165, sorbitol ambia. Number 3250.

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Our lomira levina cafardo have those people who disbelieve Have they not considered? Have they not seen? Have they not realized that unnecessarily what he will offer? that, indeed the heavens and the earth, the skies and the earth? What about them cannot rot on con, they were both a joint entity.

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So have the disbelievers not seen that the heavens and the earth, the skies and the earth, both of them they were together in the form of one entity. And then what happened

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firfer taco now Homer, and we separated them. We separated them into heavens, and we separated them into Earth. What's your aluminum Maggie? And we have made from water? Good lashay in everything hi Yin alive flr umino then will they not believe? Despite knowing this, despite realizing this, despite understanding this, still they will not believe

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in this ayah amazement is being expressed at the behavior of those who do not believe in a loss opponent. Third job is being expressed that LLM you're Latina, careful, it's amazing. Have they not seen still the disbelief.

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And over here, yellow gives the meaning of Yala

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meaning Have they not known this? Have they not realized this? Have they not learned about this? And Lavina cafaro those who disbelieve? What do they disbelieve in who did they disbelieve in Allah soprano down

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in the fact that He alone is that He alone is Malik that He alone is the holiday.

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So have they not seen an SMS at all over Canada rotten? rotten is from the root address of all the above.

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And what is when two or more things are joined together? It is to be joined together. It is when something is joined together by nature, meaning that's how it is originally or by manufacturing. It has been made in that way.

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So the heavens and the earth they were joined together, they were close together. They were clogged as if they were one thing. But what did we do? firfer Dakota Houma. photokina from the newsletters fair, they're off fat. And fat is the opposite of

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where a lot is to be joined together. Fat is to divide it is to separate between two things. What does that mean? To separate to create distance between two things to separate to join entities. So for example, where ROTC would be to pack something together, first would be do unstitch where a lot would be to bind together. First would be to tear apart to unbind. to crack open to split open. So fafa, doctrinaire human. What does it mean by this?

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That we separated them to

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carbon fiber, he said that Allah subhanaw taala he entered air, or you can say space between the two.

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So the heaven and the earth, what were they, they were one mess. And what happened a loss of panaderia cost space to be admitted between the two with separate the skies from the earth. So there was one mass before and then after this, there were seven heavens. And then there was also a separate entity of what of the earth as well. sofa dakumar means that space was admitted between the two making them two separate entities

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became a he has explained this as that firfer takanohana. What this means is that both were closed, the heavens, they were closed, they were sealed, and the earth that was also sealed. That was also closed in how it was such that the sky was sealed so that it would give no rain and the earth was sealed so that no vegetation nothing would grow out of it.

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So firfer tokonoma we made them such that the sky began to rain, and we made the earth such that the earth began to produce different types of vegetation.

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So for DACA now, there are two meanings. What are they?

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That first of all, both of them were together into one mass we separated the two. So now you have one entity of the skies and another entity of the earth.

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The second meaning is that both were there but they were sealed such that nothing would come out of them. The sky would not give any rain the Earth would not produce anything.

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But firfer, doctrinaire Houma we open them up, how so that the sky It gives rain and the earth it produces vegetation.

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What do you think? unnamable Maggie and we have made from water, cola Shea in high, everything we have made it alive with what with water.

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cola Shea inhaling has been understood in two ways. That first of all, everything that exists, everything that exists, it was given life, its existence, how, from what from water.

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And secondly, cola Shea and hygiene che in hyena has been understood as every living thing.

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Meaning everything that grows everything that can move everything that has life. So for example, plants, human beings, animals, birds, these creatures only, the first meaning galusha in would refer to everything that exists, that has been brought into existence how by water,

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according to the second meaning cola Shanghai, Shanghai means a living thing that has been brought alive how by water.

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In sort of the newer if 45 Allah subhanaw taala says will long Hanukkah cola dab but in mimma and Allah has created every creature, every crawling creature that moves by itself, it has been created from what? From water. So this shows to us that the origin of the existence of all creatures is what water that is how they have been made.

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And also whether Allah gives a sense of that everything gets its sustenance, from what? From water, that if there is no water, how will the plants grow? How will the animals feed themselves? So it's water on which life is based? So after mentioning this, Allah says, a fella you know, then still will not believe. So amazement is being expressed that what is wrong with these people?

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That Do they not realize that the heavens and the earth that they see now did not always exist before someone created them?

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That the heavens and the earth were one entity once upon a time, and Allah subhanaw taala caused them to come into the state of existence that they are in at present.

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It was a little before halfway through 20th century that the big bang theory was proposed. Have you heard of the Big Bang Theory?

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What is it about? That this whole creation that exists the universe that exists? What was it, it was one mass, it was one mass that was together. And then after the Big Bang, they started coming apart.

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And this is just like, if you put a bread in the oven to bake and it's full of raisins. As the bread rises, the raisins, what happens to them they they go farther and farther. And this is how the universe is expanding over time. But it started from one mess.

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Now many people they believe in it. Because logically, as well as scientifically, this seems to be the most reasonable explanation to the origin of the heavens and near.

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However, when it comes to bread, what do we say? Somebody put it in the oven, isn't it?

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Somebody put the dough in the oven, somebody put the oven at the right temperature. But why is it that when it comes to the heavens and the earth, we say that it happened by itself?

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How is it possible?

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It's not possible that all of this would happen by itself. All of this could be the result of an accident. No, it cannot be the result of an accident. Somebody has done this. And the one who has done this is the one who deserves worship.

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Still people you turn away. Still you pretend that he does not exist. Still you are indifferent to him. Still using that you do not need him. You do not need to submit to Him. No. If he is the one who has created all of this and you realize this, still you will not believe

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and this is also scientifically proven. That everything life of it is based on what on water.

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So when this is something that you understand, it makes so much sense to you. You do not think about who is the one who has done it. Who is the one

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whose power is behind all of this? So the one who has made all of this is the one who deserves worship. So how can you turn away from him? Fly, you know?

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What's your underfill of the end we have placed in the earth we have made within the earth, or Alessia firmly anchored mountains. Alessia is a plural of Russia.

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And Russia is from the root letters that are seen? Well, we're so

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and so is to be firmly fixed. And rho st refers to such mountains that are tall, that are huge. And they're also deeply rooted, that are also deeply rooted in the earth.

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So we have made in the earth or were seated firmly anchored, towering, huge mountains. Why? And to me, that became less it's ways with them, the meters on the roof address me via the made

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and made is when something huge, it's way as back and forth.

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Made is when something huge, something very big, it moves, it shakes its ways its wings.

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So we have placed in the earth firmly anchored mountains, so that the earth does not shift with them. The earth does not swear with them.

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In other words, the function the role of these mountains is to stabilize the Earth's crust.

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And if these mountains were not there, the Earth would constantly be quivering,

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what you're under, and we have made fee hat in it, meaning in the earth, we have made few judgin facets that are sibulan that are as roads, why? La lomita dawn so that they can obtain guidance, they can find out their Wi

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Fi guide is a plural of fudge from the root letters fair, GG, and fireflies do the open pathway. It is the open passage between mountains. So what is it?

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It's the open pathway, open passage, open space that is between mountains.

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So it can be applied to a valley it can be applied to a ravine it can be applied to a pathway that is between mountains. So mountain roads, mountain passes.

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And these mountain passes. What's their function? They're like sabalan. So Buddha is the plural of Sabine. They're like roads. They're like natural pathways and roads for people. Why let alone methadone so that they can find their way? What does it mean by this? that many times people need to travel from one place to the other?

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and mountains because they're stabilizing the earth? This is why you'll find them all over the earth,

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isn't it? So?

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It's not that the mountains are concentrated only in one area in one place? No, you will find mountains all over the earth.

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So when people travel from one place to the other many times they come across mountain ranges, isn't it.

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But these mountain ranges, Allah subhanaw taala has made them such that it is possible to cross them.

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They're not like huge walls, that you have to climb over them and jump off of them. No, they're such mountains, that there are passages going between them, that serve as roads that serve as fast as for people, so that they can go from one place to the other, they can safely and easily cross the mountains.

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So now let me add on to that they can find their way. They can easily travel from one place to the other.

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And also there are Lumia to do and if you think about it, the mountains and not just the mountains, but the mountain passes the natural pathways that are in the mountains. What do they serve as landmarks as well?

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Isn't it so?

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If you're ever traveling through mountains, you will see that a particular passage or particular river, a particular ravine or spring, it serves as a landmark. When you see it you know exactly where you are.

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And if these natural pathways were not there, it will be very difficult for us to figure out where we are exactly in the mountains. Solar on the home. Yes.

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So this is also a huge blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed humankind with that he has bestowed people with

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intellect no i number 19 to 20 we learn will love who they are either Lacuna Coil, Adobe Serpa, Lita, suku, minha, Subala and fija. And Allah has made for you the earth and expanse is

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very huge that you may follow. They're in roads of passage that you may follow. They're in roads of passage sibulan fija

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which are unnecessary. And we have made the sky sacrifice. fools are a protected ceiling

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suffered from the real pleasures seen coffee. And self is used for the ceiling, the roof and my falls from the root. Let's have a look.

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So what does it mean by this that we have made the sky subwoofer much fuller?

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My fault has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, my fault has been understood as half is. Remember that although it's a structure on my food, sometimes my rule also gives meaning of fairy.

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So my full meaning half is how that the sky above us. What does it do? It serves as a protection for the earth.

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How? The atmosphere the ozone layer, the sky that is above us, it protect the Earth? How does it protect it? What does it protect it from?

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What does the sky protect the Earth from

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ultraviolet rays, debris and meteoroids. So the earth is protected from such harmful things by what? By the sky that serves as a ceiling that serves as a protective roof. That just as the house that you live in, what do you have above it? a roof Why? To protect yourself from sunlight, to protect yourself from bad weather, to protect yourself from extreme climates. So similarly, a loss of personal data has also placed the sky as a ceiling above the earth to protect its inhabitants.

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Secondly, soften my phoolan has been understood as that Allah has held the heavens. My food is one that has been protected, one that has been protected by who by Allah soprano.

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So Allah has made the sky such that he is protecting them, he is preserving them from falling onto the earth.

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Because of the sky was not protected and life would become very difficult for people.

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Now we have research we have discovered that the sky is like space, it space. It's not like a solid structure that could collapse upon us. However, if you look at it from the eye of the viewer, when you look up, what do you see above you?

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A blue thing covering you, isn't it? Similarly, in the darkness of the night, what do you see? A black thing covering you? Sometimes it's the clouds, isn't it?

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But what is it that clouds are there, the sun is there, the moon is there, this blue thing is there, but it doesn't fall down upon us.

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You don't have this feeling that it could fall down anytime. This is my fault, that when you see the sky, you have the sense of protection. You don't feel threatened by its existence. Generally, when you have something above you, you always have this fear. What if this light falls down? What if this fan falls down? Don't you have this fear? Always you have this fear. Because the things that people have made, there are always problems with it. But the sky The loss of personal data has placed above us it is such that nothing from it folds down that could be harmful for people.

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Thirdly, Stephen McFarlane has also been understood as the protected sky such that there is no rift that there is no crack in the sky. There is no hole. There are no rifts. There are no empty spaces in the sky. Because imagine if we were to see a hollow, you know, in the sky, how would that feel? Scary? You wonder what's up there. You know, sometimes if you go to somebody's house, if you buy a house yourself, and you walk into your closet, or you walk into the room and all of a sudden you see a hole? How do you feel threatened?

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Even if there's a cover on it, you're like, What if something comes down from there? What if somebody comes and hides up there and then comes down? Don't you have this fear? When you see a hole in the ceiling,

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but the sky Allah subhanaw taala has made it such that there are no holes in it. That would frighten us to soften my fula

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instead of cough I number six Allah spent Allah says Follow me on little lsms if a painful banana was a banana, or merola home in full rouge Have they not looked at the heaven above them, how we structured it and adorned it and how it has no rifts. It has no cracks.

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In total milk number three we learn and Lady holla cassava is Emma Watson play by metallography healthcare, management the foreword for Jerry bussola. Health around in football. Do you see any breaks? No, you don't. Because if there would be cracks, then we would always be afraid. So Allah subhanaw taala has made the sky such that it is a source of comfort and peace for us.

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And soften my fallen has also been understood in another way that the heavens they are protected from who from the sheltering in through the hedged item number 17. We learned what her Filner her mean Cooley shaitana regime, and we have protected the sky from every devil that is expelled.

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So do not look at the sky. That how we have made it, something so secure something so peaceful, something that gives a sense of being protected for those people who are living upon the earth.

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But it's amazing that we're home or on a tear, but they are from it signs more or you don't want to turn away.

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That it's amazing that they turn away they do not reflect on the signs that are in the sky. What are the signs that are in the sky,

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the eye in the sky refer to what Allah subhanaw taala has put in the sky. Like for example, the sun that we see, the moon that we see the stars that we see, the clouds that we see the rainbows that we see, the beautiful colors that we see in the sky.

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Allah says well, whom it I'm already alone, they turn away, they don't reflect on them. They don't bother to look at them. They don't bother to study them. They think that they're boring. It's something that only scientists and astronomers do. know, this is something that even an average person can realize, only if he reflects on the skies above him.

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We also learn elsewhere that what can a human a attend for summer worth? He will, oddly mo Runa. And they were home on hammer alone. And how many assigned within the heavens and the earth to the Passover while they're there from our turning away. So many signs there are in the heavens and the earth we see them. But still we turn away. And this is the case of the majority of the people. This is not just the case with those who don't believe. No, it's a case with the majority of the people that they don't reflect on these things. And if they do reflect, they only have the superficial reflection. They don't go to the fact that there's someone who has created for a reason.

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Well, one lady, and he is the one who meaning Allah is the one who Hanukkah Laila when Mahara, that he is the one who has created the night and the day. And where do you see the night and the day in the sky?

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And you see its effect on the earth as well. Well, shumsa will come over and he is the one who has made the sun and the moon.

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And the sun and the moon, the night and the day called learn fi Falcon Yes, behold, all of them in an orbit. They are swimming, they are floating.

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First of all in this ayah what is mentioned the night and the day, that Allah is the one who has created them. In total, and am I in 96 we learn fairly quickly. Hey, what's your island Laila second, and was shumsa will Pamela has been and delicate aka D roll or zz eilene.

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That he is the cleaver of the daybreak that when you see the day coming, there's a Daybreak there's a crack of dawn. So who causes that? A loss of power. And he has made the night for rest, and the sun and the moon for calculation. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might the knowing. So the night and the day, who causes them to come and go, who causes them to alternate? Allah subhana

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wa shamsur will come around and the sun and the moon who has made them alone.

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And it's the sun through which the night and the day are determined.

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During the day you see the sun and during the night, what do you see the common

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colon all? What does schooling refer to? It refers to the sun, the moon, all of the celestial bodies, whether it's the stars or some galaxies that we know of, or we don't know off and colon may also refer to the night and the day.

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All of them fee for login. They are in an orbit.

00:24:51--> 00:24:52

What does that mean?

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

Fennec is the orbit of a celestial body. Falak is

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orbit of the celestial body. And if you look at it from the same root as the word full, what is the full a ship? Because the ship also does not randomly float from one place to the other. Right? It has a certain route, that it floats on a certain direction that it floats in.

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So folk ships, and what do ships do? They also sail in a particular direction. And Fennec is the orbit. So colon Fie Falak. All of them are in an orbit Yes, balloon they're swimming.

00:25:35--> 00:25:59

Yes, the honus from the reflectors seen by half and sub, any other word from the same root? This be so paronella. What does it literally mean? to swim, or to fly to move quickly, in water, or in air. So sub over here gives a meaning of that they are swimming, they are floating, they are moving with speed.

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And then this word is figuratively also used for the movement of the celestial bodies. Because if you look at it, the aerodynamics for the movement of the celestial bodies, the sun and the moon, and also all the bodies that are underwater, they're exactly the same.

00:26:16--> 00:26:23

They function they move in the exact same way. So yes, for one, column fee for locking, yes bearing.

00:26:25--> 00:27:00

Now over here in this ayah, a lot of panels are dimensions the night, the day, the sun, the moon, the orbit, the movement of all of these creatures, that we see up in the sky. Some we see some we don't see some we know the existence and we don't know whether or not they exist. But what is common in all of these things is what they are doing what they are supposed to do. Go learn FIFA like in your spare room, each and every single one of them is doing what is required of it, what it is commanded to do.

00:27:01--> 00:27:05

And this is something that we see common in all of the creation of a loss.

00:27:07--> 00:27:17

Whether it's the creation in the earth, or it is a creation below the earth, in the water outside of water, up in the sky, beyond everything is doing what it is supposed to do.

00:27:18--> 00:27:22

And these creatures, they give us a huge lesson.

00:27:23--> 00:27:39

That if they're obeying Allah soprano, despite their huge sizes, if you compare the size of one human being with the sun, is it even comparable? No, it's not even comparable.

00:27:40--> 00:27:49

But we see that the sun despite its magnitude, despite its heat, despite its power, what is it doing? It has submitted to a loss of

00:27:50--> 00:27:56

the moon despite its huge size and its power. What is it doing? It has submitted to almost

00:27:58--> 00:28:19

all human beings, what is wrong with you? That you see the signs that you don't take a lesson. You see that everything has admitted to Allah, colon FIFA like and yes balloon and still you don't do what is required of you. You are so indifferent to your Creator, you are so indifferent to the one who deserves your worship. We listen to the recitation and then we will continue.

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If you notice in the first time, we learned that the heavens and the earth were one entity, Allah separated the

00:29:31--> 00:29:48

earth is mentioned and then the sky is mentioned. The earth is explained that in the earth there Alessia and the skies mentioned that it's a fun makeover. And then the night and the day Colin FIFA konyaspor who is mentioned, which gives us a huge lesson

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

at the beginning of the solar What did we learn that external battery NASA hisab Obama home feel of letting mercury alone and what's the reason behind that? Let he attend

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

People, their hearts are occupied with other things. They're too busy looking at their phones, playing games on their iPods. They're too busy staring at their computer screen so they don't have time to look up to the sky. They don't have time to observe the night in the day. They are not interested in the signs that the CRM themselves. You know, it's amazing how sometimes you go to such beautiful places. There is such a beautiful rainbow by the water, for example, by Niagara Falls, and we see people they're busy looking at their phones.

00:30:31--> 00:30:51

That's what they're doing. Children, they're busy playing stuff on their iPads, that you see something so beautiful in front of you still you're lost in your thing. Lay it on kulu. So, when a person is so engrossed in this dunya then what happens he forgets to see these signs he forgets to appreciate the signs.

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And if a person does not appreciate them, then how will he develop love for Allah? How will he develop a feeling of gratitude? He will not be able to do that.

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And without love. Without this feeling of gratitude, a person cannot increase in disobedience toward loss.

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So colon fever lacking? Yes.

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Let's listen to the recitation.