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Al-Jathiya 1-37 Tafsir 21-25

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 260 Sujatha will begin from Ayah number 20 1am hasim alladhina Gita who say it? Or do those people who commit evil sins do they think? And Niger Allah whom that we will make them? Can Latina ama know where our middle slowly had? We will make them like those people who have believed and who have also done righteous deeds, that sour on my hair whom woman to whom that equal will be their life and also their death? Sir, my common evil is that which they judge over here loss of penalty questions to people, that those people who he thought of her say it they commit evil deeds they commit since his daughter who is

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from the roof letters, g Ma, ha, any other word from the same route?

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Jerry and Joanne, What does jawara mean? limbs, right? So he thought Oh, hell is to do something with your limbs. And generally, each dollar has used for committing a crime doing something wrong, and is used for a wound while Judo healthy sauce.

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So I'm happy we're Latina, cheetara who say those people who commit evil deeds, do they think that a Niger either home, we're going to make them can levena ever know what I mean? Like those people who believe and do righteous deeds. So two opposite personalities are being mentioned, on the one hand, are those who commit evil. And this is Dora her say ad can be of different types. Evil that is done through words in action, evil that's done through the manual.

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And on the other hand, is a person who has a man and who also does or mozzarella.

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So do these people think that they will be just like those who believe and do good, that's our own mahiya who mamama equal will be their life and their death. Semi comun evil is what they judge meaning evil is what they judge about Allah subhanaw taala about His justice, that it does not make sense. It goes against the justice of Allah that He would make to people who are completely different, the same, the same in their living and the same in their dying. What does it mean by the same in their living and their dying? So our own mahoma motto,

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that no matter what they do, there are no consequences. No matter what they do, how they behave, what they eat, what they drink, what they believe in, there are no consequences. So why would Maria Hamamoto and when people die, there is no recompense either, who thinks like this generally, those people who do wrong,

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isn't it? That's what they think that regardless of what you do, there are no consequences. Because if a person has even the slightest fear of the consequences of his bad actions, then would he change his ways? He would.

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So when a person thinks when a person believes that no matter what you do, there are no consequences. Then he goes on doing whatever he wants to, he thinks whether you do good, whether you do bad, it doesn't make a difference.

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So over here, a lot of panel data is correcting this thought that this thinking is wrong. This thinking is incorrect. When a person does evil, he will meet evil when a person does good, he will meet good it goes against the justice of Allah that do people who have lived completely different lives are just turned to dust at the end it's unfair.

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Similarly, we learned instead of sod i a 28 that unnatural Latina Amma Nova I'm in a slightly heretical Medina fell out unnatural mechanical for job. No, we will not do that. Both will meet different outcomes. This is why Allah says and sort of how should I have 20 as well, that layer still we have a nerdy was Harvard and those who do evil, where do they end up? In Hell find those who do good, where do they end up in Ghana, people of Hellfire and people of gender, they are not the same.

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They are not equal with regards to how they live their lives. And also with regard to their final outcome. They're not the same. They live their lives differently. This is why they have two different outcomes and two different outcomes as horrible genetti homolka isn't the people of gentlemen they're the ones who are successful, not those who have ended up in hellfire.

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Well, Haleakala, who somehow worked, he will help and Allah has created

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created the heavens and the earth with the truth. How could a person think that no matter what you do, there is no recompense at the end? It's impossible.

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Allah has created this entire universe for a purpose. And when everything is for a purpose, human beings also have a purpose have a reason behind their existence.

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So the one who is fulfilling his purpose, how can he be made the same like the one who is not fulfilling his purpose?

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Well, Hanukkah law of similarity will urban help when he teaches a Kowloon fcmb maca Sabbath, and so that every neffs is recompensed for what it has acquired,

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every single soul have a reason.

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Likewise, human beings also have a reason

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because it's not possible that a lot of penalty has created this entire universe. And the center of all of that is a human being he is the one who's benefiting the sun, the moon, the clouds, the rain, the trees, animals who are the benefiting human beings so many times over and over again we have read in the Quran was Sahara Morocco, Sahara Morocco. So the center of all of this human being, and he doesn't have a reason. How is it possible? Allah subhanaw taala questions as some sort of piano i a 36? I asked, I will insert a new a new tharaka seudah does man think that he will be left neglected, meaning he can live however he wants, he can do whatever he wants, and he will not be

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questioned? No, he will definitely be questioned.

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He will definitely be recompense for what he has done, while home lawyers learn more, and they will not be wrong. But still we see that despite this, there are many people who put aside what Allah likes what Allah has commanded. And instead, what do they do? They just follow their desires. They do whatever they wish.

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And the reason behind that is that the thing there are no consequences for evil. So Allah subhanaw taala says, follow ADA, then Have you seen money to her that Ilaha who Hawa who have you seen the one who has taken as his God, His own desire? Have you thought about this? Have you ever reflected on this? This is amazing. Amazing is the case of the one who has taken inaho Hauer? Who is his God? Who does he worship? Who does he give priority to? It's his house? Notice it's not himself, but what is it? It's his desire? That is his priority?

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Now, what is our How are you we literally means to fall down? When najmi either, however, literally what does it mean to fall down? And however, is used for such desires before which a person falls down? What does it mean by that?

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What does it mean by that meaning he cannot resist it.

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He cannot control himself. It doesn't mean that he's unable to control himself. But he doesn't control himself enough.

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He doesn't try hard enough. So he just fulfilled his desire.

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And when a person fulfilled this desire, then what happens he falls in his rank in the sight of Allah soprano.

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He falls in his rank in the sight of the one who is the greatest. So he becomes extremely low.

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So this person, he has made his God His ILA. What does it mean by this to make something and ILA that a person gives it the highest priority,

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the highest priority, the most important that he prefers it over everything else. And compare it to it, everything else becomes secondary, unimportant.

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He doesn't say no to the god but He says no to everything else. You understand? He always obeys. He never disobeys. So many other Ilaha who is God is his desire, meaning he follows his desires in every matter. He doesn't look at what Allah likes. He doesn't look at what Allah has commanded, what Allah has forbidden, what is good, what is bad, what is harmful, what is beneficial? No, what does he do? Whatever he wants to do, what does he do? Whatever pleases Him? Whatever he feels like. So he gets up whenever he feels like he sleeps, whenever he feels like he eats whatever he feels like. There is no order, no principle, no rules, nothing like that. But a person is just following his

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desires blindly. And as a result, many many limits are violated. Many limits are

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crossed, whether those limits are against people, or against a loss of panel data, something that Alliance community doesn't care about that something that goes against people, he doesn't care about that. No, he just wants to do whatever he wants to do.

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And unfortunately, Isn't this what is promoted today? Do whatever you feel like, you live only once, right? I remember as a child once, my mom told me do something, and I said, I don't feel like it.

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She said, What do you mean?

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You don't feel like it?

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What do you mean, you don't feel like this is wrong. But unfortunately, this is what we promote? Do you want to do this do you not want to do this is what we tell children all the time. And this is why they're unable to control themselves. they're unable to control their desires, when a person follows his desires, when it comes to little things. And even when it comes to big things. Then what does he do? He follows his desires. I will do it because I feel like it I'll say it because I feel like, I'm not gonna go here. I don't feel like this is not the way to live. We have a purpose in life. We are here for a reason. And we cannot follow our whims and desires.

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Life doesn't work that way. That if you keep following your desires in every matter, then you won't be able to do anything, you won't be able to accomplish anything. And you end up hurting yourself, you end up harming many others. You end up harming your health, your success, your self esteem, so many ways. So for eight Amanita inaho Hawa, who, the one who has made his God His desire, he doesn't think that who is my Creator, what are his rights? What are my duties towards him? What are my responsibilities, know, anything he wants to do? He does it whatever he doesn't want to do? He doesn't do it. So what's his priority? It's his desire. Overall, just as he said that, this means

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that he obeys his desire as one should obey his God. Meaning he religiously, devotedly, obeys his desire, follows his desire religiously follows his desire, devotedly, obeys his desire. He doesn't say no.

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He doesn't control his desire, but rather he follows it. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that three things are destructive.

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And what are those three destructive things shahan Mopar stinginess, that is matar that is obeyed.

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You understand stinginess selfishness that is obeyed? What does it mean by the stinginess? That is a bit,

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you see, sure is stinginess of the heart greed, when a person does not want to give each only once for himself. And sometimes we have these feelings, why should I listen to them? Right? Why do I have to give this up? But if a person begins to obey his show, then is it destructive for him? It's very destructive.

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Secondly, how long whatever desire that is followed, this is also destructive, how one looked about desire that is followed. Why? Because when a person continues to follow his desire, then it leads him to destruction. Think about it. If you just let children eat whatever they want, not eat whatever they don't want to eat, right? Sleep whenever they want not sleep whenever they don't want to sleep, then what's going to happen is not going to affect their health. Of course, will it not affect their growth? Of course, it will affect their studies, it will affect their abilities, it will affect them in so many ways. We see this a little children even. So, how am October This is

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also destructive, and it will not even have seen a person being impressed by himself, loving himself, being self conceited, being arrogant. When a person begins to like himself, being impressed by himself This is also very destructive. Instead of to clarify a 28 we have learned that one or two theramin often Calva who are on the cleaner with tobacco who were kind of Unruh furuta the one whose heart is negligent of the record of Allah doesn't remember a lot. And he follows his desire. don't obey that person. Why? Because his affair is off. photocard meaning it's excessive. Everything that he does excessive.

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Now, over here, last panel data says photo eight Amita Illa. Hahaha. When does a person typically follow his desires?

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When when he doesn't know any better, isn't it? This is what happens right?

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Like for example, many times people will eat food that is unhealthy that's not good for them. Why? Simply because they

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Like it's taste, right? They will not eat something. Why? Simply because they don't like it. But once they get to know of the benefits of eating a particular food, even if they don't like it, will they force themselves to eat it? Will they force themselves to change their diet? Yes, they will write.

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So many times a person follows his desires due to lack of knowledge.

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But when a person comes to know, then he changes his ways. However, over here, Allah subhanaw taala says, What about Allah, Allah who Allah mean? That Allah has sent him astray, he has allowed him to go astray, despite knowledge that this person his case is so bad, that he has knowledge yet he is astray. He knows yet he is a string.

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Think about it. A person who knows a particular food is not good for him. He eats it anyway. He knows it's not good for him, he eats it anyway. Can you help him? Can you scare him? Can you tell him? Can you make him understand? Can you stop him know? If he knows yet he doesn't care, then you cannot help such a person.

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So over here, Allah says well above love, Allahu Allah, Allah May, Allah has sent him astray, despite knowledge, he has knowledge, knowledge has reached him, he knows what is right, what is wrong, what Allah has commanded, what Allah has forbidden, what is permissible, what is not permissible, he knows about that. But still, Allah has allowed him to go astray. Why? Because he continues to follow his desire, he continues to follow his desires. And when a person follows his desires, despite knowledge, what does it mean? He doesn't care, isn't it? He doesn't care.

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And it shows that he's not benefiting from his knowledge, because one who benefits from him? He will change his ways. And the one who does not benefit from the knowledge he has, then what does it mean, he will not change his ways? So at one level, Allahu Allah Al, what's the reason behind that? continuing to follow desires despite knowledge?

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So what is it sure to us that in order for a person to be on guidance, is knowledge alone sufficient,

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is knowledge alone sufficient, know what else is necessary?

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controlling the desires, controlling the desire that is also very, very necessary.

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Because desire is sometimes your natural, right? You want to sleep, you don't want to get up, you want to eat, you don't want to stop eating, you want to yell back, you want to argue.

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You don't want to do something, desires are natural, and shaitaan is always there. However, just because you feel like something doesn't mean you have to do it. Allah has made you stronger than what you think you have the ability to control yourself. And when a person with knowledge, he controls his desires, he feared the position of his Lord, and He prevented the soul from from following desires. When 100 upset, ideal, however, he didn't follow his desires, but he forbade his enough from following the desire, then this person fit in agenda, the agenda that is his abode.

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So this I also shows those two things, the one in sort of the nazirite 4241, that when a person has fear of Allah, then he's able to control his desire. Knowledge, alone is not sufficient. fear of Allah has to be there. When a person has fear, then he will be able to control his desire.

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And the one who has this fear is the one who is intelligent.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the intelligent one is he whose neffs follows the command of Allah. Who's the intelligent, the one who's knifes follows what the commands of Allah subhanaw taala and who performs deeds for the life to come.

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What is his aim? What is his goal, the life to come? That is what he's preparing for.

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And the wicked one is He who follows his own naps, and has a lot of great hopes. What does he do? He follows his desire, and he doesn't do anything, but rather he has high hopes, great hopes to do whatever you want. Elizabeth photoready

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I don't think I'll be held accountable for doing this. After all, I'm a human being as well after all, there's so many temptations after allies but this desire in

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so he has high hopes and others

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But he doesn't do anything. So this person is wicked and who's the intelligent one, the one who follows the command of Allah, not his desire, and he performs deeds for the life to come, that is his goal. And you see when a person is focused on the alpha, then is he able to control his desire? Yes, because when a person's goal is dunya, then he wants to fulfill every desire, then he wants immediate gratification, and because he wants immediate gratification, he will do whatever pleases Him, He cannot delay. But when a person's goal is accurate, then he's able to control himself. And remember the advice that was given to the router hustler into the tada 26. The other will do in

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Niger, an alcoholic fat and fill out ugly, fat, convenient, nasty will help the world who do not follow the desire. Why? Because if you do so, for you will knock on Sabina Allah, it will lead you astray from the way of Allah.

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So no matter how much knowledge a person has, if he does not control his desire, he is going to go off track, he is going to get misguided. What Allah who Lahore Allah, this is worse, much worse, because his knowledge has not benefited him.

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In total costs, if 50 Allah says woman alone, lumen Manitoba Hawa who the lady who doesn't mean of law, and who is more astray than one who follows his desire without guidance from Allah.

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So the one who follows his desire, Who is he, the one who is most district, because look at what Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, what a marvelous summary he and Allah has set a seal upon his hearing. What does it mean by that, that no matter what advice you give to this person, it will not make a difference.

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He knows already, he has already. Yet he follows his desire, then is any advice going to affect him? No.

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And not just on his son, but also wakatobi and also his art. And what is the heart reflect the sense of comprehension, the sense of feeling, understanding, so he knows but yet he doesn't get it. You understand? ohata, more or less similar, he will call the word Giada on a bus or use a shower. And he has placed upon his sight upon his vision upon his eyes, a carefree, and discovering prevents him from seeing the reality. He is blinded by his desires, he doesn't see what is beneficial, what is detrimental.

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For me, the human burden. So who will guide him after Allah? Meaning after Allah has sent him a stray? Can anyone guide him? No one can guide him falletta karoun? Will you not take a lesson? Will you not understand? Will you not remember? So this ayah tells us that the one who follows his desire, in reality, his knowledge does not benefiting?

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And then no one's advice can benefit that person either. Because if the Quran cannot affect the person, if pure knowledge or in pure knowledge cannot benefit a person, then what else can? This is why and sort of upon a 43? Allah says Allah atim ana de la Ilaha. Well, under the corner Allah you Akilah then can you be responsible for him? Can you manage his affairs? Can you guide him? Can you help him, you cannot guide him, because such a person he has lost the view.

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The view has been taken away from it. Why? Because of following his desires.

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And this is something very dangerous. Just imagine that they'll feel snatched away from a person, he doesn't see any opportunity. He doesn't benefit from it. And in every situation, he just does whatever he feels like whatever pleases Him.

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And if you notice, at the end of the day, Allah says flf de la garoun. Will you not take a lesson? What is it, that we should stop thinking about others? And we should reflect on ourselves? Because there is a lesson in this for us if elected.

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That knowledge alone is not sufficient. being proud about knowledge is not good. Knowledge should translate into action. Knowledge should lead to the fear of Allah. Knowledge should lead to a person controlling his desire. Because if he doesn't control his desire, if he doesn't limit himself to what Allah has commanded, then the consequences are very dangerous.

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I fell out of the car, Will you not then take a lesson?

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You will listen to the recitation. Then we'll continue

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Knowledge is a huge blessing, it's a follow up almost.

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However this blessing a person should not just be proud of that I know about this, I've learned this, I've learned that no knowledge should translate into action.

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An action means controlling yourself, right? Doing what is necessary, staying away from what is forbidden. And if a person does not do that, then his knowledge is not benefiting him. When it's not benefiting him, then look at the consequences. He doesn't even see the opportunities mahatama summary will can be rajala la busca de Lucia, familia de human bar de la who can guide such a person archroma no one can.

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beneficial knowledge is something that's seen as good, yet it can have two outcomes either can bring upon arrogance and a person or humility. And beneficial knowledge is in fact that knowledge, which makes a person humble, which translates into action. Because if a person only knows, knows, knows, and he doesn't translate into action, that knowledge is not beneficial. If knowledge makes a person proud, that knowledge is not beneficial. This is why we should constantly meet for knowledge that is beneficial.

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It's not like what I was thinking, the more knowledge you have, for me anyways, the more fear I have, because like I feel this responsibility that I have to impart this to a lot of people who do not know the deal. And it's scary because a lot of people, when you tell them about the truth, the most part they don't want to do is to leave what they're enjoying. You know how they cannot leave the desires. They're just on denial that there is a here after Likud. And they're thinking that this is all they have. And then after this, there's nothing and so like they want to live life now and be married. And that's the most scary part. And that's the most difficult part as well, to convince

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This is why I forgot to the Quran. It's not just those who don't believe but it's there is a huge lesson in this for us. But the one who just increases in his knowledge, but not in action. He only increases in his distance from Allah. Yes, conviction is necessary. Knowledge alone is not enough.

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I was just thinking that when I just read this, I

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mean, whenever we learn, we have to learn thinking to implement it. Because sometimes, you know, just verse after verse, and then we just move on. And then we don't really kind of stop and then think that I might change it or something like that. And that's why I was just thinking about it.

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Again, and again.

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So that's what that is not satisfied. that crosses the limits and fulfilling desire.

00:28:54--> 00:28:58

And that's why we have to keep baking dry and ask Allah to guide us.

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How is this happening? Why is it so hard sometimes that we can have supper, and then I realized that we have so much knowledge and we know that we should have supper, however, we have to live a conscious life. And that's what it tells us that we should be conscious of that it does take a lesson. And you have to be alert when you're reacting. And also sometimes when we're learning when we're gaining knowledge, you become fetus and it becomes something regular to us that we're just gaining knowledge. Whereas we have to realize that we have to change our life

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and stop living a heedless life. Because you see over here, the problem is heedlessness Guatemala summer you will be not using your ears not using your heart, not using your eyes. This living needlessly.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

I was thinking about three disruptive things. And one is leading to the other. I mean it's the same person, the person who is

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his desires, his selfish self conceit as well. It's all connected. Sure, however, and your job will be necessary This is all interconnected one leads to the other.

00:30:14--> 00:30:23

everything related to knowledge also becomes a part of fulfilling desire. Right? That he's learning something, why he wants to,

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he's not learning something he doesn't want to this is also part of following the desire This is why such knowledge does not benefit a person. So, the question is that what are these desires? That blind person what are these designs?

00:30:40--> 00:30:42

How well which designs are these

00:30:44--> 00:31:09

basically any desire for the fulfillment of which a person does not care about the commands of Allah, right about the limits that Allah has said, if you think about it, desires are the natural, yes, they are eating sleeping, particular activity, their natural, every person has his own likes and dislikes, right? They become a problem when a person does not care about the commands of Allah.

00:31:12--> 00:31:21

That he keeps on doing that, just because he wants to he doesn't stop at a limit. This is why air today balance is necessary.

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It is okay. Sleeping is okay. Going out is okay. Talking is okay.

00:31:27--> 00:31:42

However, when does it become a problem? When a person does not care about the limit that Allah has set? And also if you think about when a person follows his desire when a person does something excessively does it prevent him from what is more beneficial?

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From what is necessary? Yes. Like for example, you might say they're okay sleeping, what's the big deal? I caught up I prayed went back to sleep. Okay, they were sleeping continuously for hours and hours. But are you not depriving yourself of many other important things, many other good things half your day is gone. half your day is gone, you could have done so much good, but you deprived yourself. So this is when however, becomes a problem. When it's not controlled, when a person does whatever he feels like endlessly. And when a person does not think about what Allah has said, concerning For example, He wears whatever he wants to wear, doesn't care what what Allah has said,

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right? eats whatever he wants to goes wherever he wants to. This is when it becomes a problem. And the thing is that a person might even know I should not be wearing this, I should not be going here. I should not be doing this. But he does it anyway. This is when it becomes a problem.

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We'll call numa. Here Illa hyah tuna dunya. And they say there is not but our worldly life. Meaning This is everything that life is about dystonia. dystonia is the only time that we live Wakayama, here in the hierarchy and adonia our existence is only in hierarchy. This is the only life that we have.

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And when a person thinks like this, then what does he want to do? fulfill his every wish, fulfill his every desire, when he believes that the only time of existence is in this dunya and he doesn't care about the consequences of his actions? Well, Carlo Maria here in La Jolla, tuna, dunya nomoto, we die when I hear and we live reading, some of us die. And some of us continue to live. Some of us die Some of us are born. And this is what happens. This is all that life is about. Who am I you Nicola and nothing destroys us in the mean, except the passage of time as time goes by, we grow older, we die as time goes by. People are born to grow older, they die. That's it, it's just time.

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Now Adele, is from the roof letters, dal halwa. And the home is used for time. There are many other words in the Arabic language that are also used for time. You think about it universe is a composition of three things. What?

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space, matter, and time, isn't it? So this is what universe is, right? space, matter and time. So when we refer to time, this is what the hell is matter, space and time. So that time is what they have.

00:34:21--> 00:34:28

It's not a limited amount of time. It's not referring to a specific amount of time, but it's just time,

00:34:29--> 00:34:30

the time of

00:34:32--> 00:34:33

the timer the universe.

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

So they say why you licona illa nothing destroys us except for the passage of time. Allah says woman at home Be ready coming in. They have no knowledge for that in whom in liable noon, they're only assuming they have no evidence to support this claim of theirs, that nothing discharges except time and that all based on theories. So this is the thinking of rule

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

Those who follow their desires.

00:35:05--> 00:35:25

Now in this ayah, the creed of a daddy, that is what is mentioned, what is a daddy? It's from the Huff. Right. Those who think that it's just time, right as time passes by, light moves on. Some people are born, some others die. And that's it.

00:35:26--> 00:35:31

And this belief This has led people to Bohemia. What is Bohemia?

00:35:33--> 00:36:07

It's from an arm, right? So living like an animal, what is called hedonism, right? That people they just live like animals. What does it mean? No rules, no laws, no limits. Just do whatever you feel like, follow your desires. Marry, don't marry where whatever you want, live with whoever you want to live, eat whatever you want to eat. And this is a complete misuse of freedom of choice. Allah has given freedom of choice to people. However, this is a complete misuse of that what? Bohemia doing whatever you feel like

00:36:08--> 00:36:12

and if you think about it, the majority of the people today, Isn't this what they do?

00:36:13--> 00:36:39

Technically, okay, they have a faith, they have a belief but that belief that faith that religion does not guide their lifestyle, it does not guide their way of thinking it does not guide their choices. They just do whatever they want to do. What either took learning how to never unity, and when our Verses are recited to them as clear evidences, clear evidences for what for afterlife, a purpose of life.

00:36:41--> 00:37:13

Mechanical gentlemen, there is not their argument is not Illa and carlu except that they say to be in a bringer for five forefathers in quantum. So I do think if you're truthful, then the only argument they have left is that they say if you think there is going to be a resurrection bring our forefathers alive if you're truthful. However, as we have discussed earlier, this is incorrect because the prophets are alone instead of the Quran. It doesn't tell us that resurrection will take place in this dunya when will take place they have judgment