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Al-Jathiya 1-37 Tafsir 14-20

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Only Lavina Manu say to those people who have believed. What should they do? el futuro de la Vina, they should forgive those people who May or June am en la, who do not expect the days of Allah. Why should they forgive them Leanna z oh man be mad can we xe boon so that he may recompense a people for what they used to earn.

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Over here we see that when the verses of Allah subhanaw taala, are recited, what's the reaction of people we have been learning in the previous ayah? Some people

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they mock, right? They're arrogant, they refuse to change, it's as though they haven't heard. And when they mock at the Ayat of Allah who gets hurt,

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who gets hurt the believers, right, when they oppose the Ayat of Allah who is being opposed to believers, when they refuse to follow them, who gets hurt the believers?

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So over here, loss upon data, tells the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to tell the believers that say to those who have believed that a young Pharaoh they should forgive, they should overlook, they should ignore. They should forgive who they let in and lay on Judah, am Allah those people who do not fear the days of Allah? What are the days of Allah? A Yama the days in which Allah subhanaw taala inflicted punishment on

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on the previous nations, right?

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Uh, yeah, basically, is the Florida of young Uh, yeah means days. And the Arabs use the word again for major historical events.

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So major historical events related to our last panel died in the sense that the days in which Allah inflicted punishment on the previous people, like when the people of God will punish the people of the mood or punish the people of New Harrison, I was punished. Right. So now your Juna yamamah they do not fear, the same consequences. They do not fear the punishment that they fell on previous people that we felt previous people. And because of that, they go on mocking at the ayatollah opposing the believers causing them so much trouble, oppression. So such people who don't have fear of consequences, who don't fear that history will repeat.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells the believers forgive them. So in other words, forgive the disbelievers for what further trouble for their oppression for their hurt.

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Why should you forgive them? The edges IE a comb and be mechanics equal so that Allah May recompense a people for what they used to earn. Over here Coleman has been understood in two ways. First of all, Omen refers to those who do not expect a yarmulke meaning the disbelievers who do not fear the loss of the disbelievers. So you forgive them so that Allah will take revenge from

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you understand, you forgive them, you don't say anything to them, you don't deal with them. you hand over the matter completely to a loss of primal data. And you know what, Allah would deal with them for your sake.

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The edges are Coleman B. McCann, we actually won for what they used to earn.

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You keep forgiving them and their sins, they're being accumulated. Yes, they're oppressing you. They're torturing you, they're harming you, they're hurting you insulting you, all of their insults, and they're wrong with their being accumulated. You keep forgiving them, and Allah will recompense them.

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This is the best way of dealing with who and oppressing

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you leave their matter to Allah. You know, like, for example, there is a big brother, and younger sister.

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The Big brother says to the younger sister, you don't do anything, you just remain quiet. I'll deal with this. I'll deal with this problem. But if she speaks, if she tries to defend herself, she tries to do anything, then what's going to happen? She won't be able to do everything herself. If you yourself try to take revenge from those who harm you. Can you fully take revenge? You can't because you're weak. So leave the matter entirely to Allah and you will take revenge from these people.

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Secondly, Leah to Xia Coleman Coleman refers to a righteous people.

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So Allah May reward or righteous people we might can we actually vote for what they have been doing, meaning for their having forgiven the disbelievers for their suffering, for their patience, for there is still karma on right ways.

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So we see that one way to deal with unjust people is that you busy yourself in arguing with them. taking revenge fighting back, keep

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Anger in your heart bottled up inside.

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And the other way is, forgive the other person.

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Leave the matter to Allah, overlook them and be at peace.

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Again, if you start taking revenge yourself,

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then constantly you're thinking, Okay, what do I say? How do I respond? Who's in misery? You're in misery. But if you just say, forget it, Allah will take revenge from that are you at peace? Definitely at peace. So this is the best way of dealing with these people. Now, this doesn't mean that you don't have anger for the sake of Allah. If somebody's ridiculing the verses of Allah, you don't have above the law. Of course you have. You have anger for the sake of Allah. However, it should not be such that it affects you in a way that you can't do anything. That you become angry, and you become restless, and you can't do anything. No, you forgive them, you overlook what they've

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done. And you hope for an award from a loss of hand.

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Look at the mercy of Allah. Look at the mercy of Allah, that you do submit for the wrongs that the other person has done. And Allah will reward you, and Allah will take revenge on them.

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Because you know what happens? We keep the grudges in our hearts. Somebody said something to us 20 years ago, and still today, we remember, somebody said something harsh five years ago until today, we remember it's history. But we remember and it affects us so much that we cannot do anything. Right? What's the best way? Forgive them and leave the matter to Allah, Allah will take care of them. Allah will take revenge from them. Alone established justice. We see that at the beginning of Islam in Makkah, were the believers allowed to take revenge? Not at all, but how much they suffered. They suffered. But how Allah subhanaw taala took revenge for them, didn't he? how Allah rewarded

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them for their suffering, Indonesia and Africa.

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We become impatient, we become hasty. And we think that the power lies with us. It doesn't lie with us. If somebody has been unjust with you, you can never fully take revenge no matter what you do.

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Physically you make but the hurt they have caused you? Is there any payback for it? Nothing.

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So you have to let go. And free yourself so you can be at peace, and leave it to Allah, who will reward you for yourself.

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This is the best way of dealing with someone who is unjust with you, unfair with you, and unless has been army lasagna, and whoever does a good deed, fell in love. See, it's for his own benefit. If a person forgives the other overlooks the other, it's for his own benefit. He will be at peace, Indonesia, and allow will reward him greatly in the hereafter. In our center, that center, the unphysical.

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Woman as far as labor, and whoever does evil, it's against himself. It's to his own detriment. So why do you worry if somebody has been unfair with you know that before being unfair with you, they have harmed themselves before harming you they have harmed themselves. So why do you worry? Why do you become impatient when Amina Saleh unfairly FC woman a sapphire later Submariner have become to Jeroen than to Lord all of you will be returned and Allah will establish justice between people.

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One way is that you take revenge and the other is that you let go

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if you take revenge, okay, you're not doing anything wrong. Right? You're not doing anything wrong. But if you let go you forgive Do you get reward? Yes, when you take revenge you're depriving yourself of reward you know that when you let go? You're getting reward.

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So forgiving the other person letting go of it is also arason is also good deed.

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As we learned earlier, that homie and Tesla alone, they also defend themselves retaliate. We discussed over there certain situations they demand that you defend yourself and other situations they demand that you let go. In Macaca developers take revenge, could they? They couldn't. So why keep a grudge in your heart getting angry, getting restless. You can't do anything in that situation. So the best solution is lack and hope for work from a muscle.

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So in our center, our center Liyan physical, right, just remember that Minami la sala empfehlen fc woman SF r la her and remember that everyone's going back to a la film a lot of become tojiro everyone's going back to Allah. If somebody has been unfair in any way.

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They will be held accountable. So may not have become torture. So just be a little patient.

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So in these are basically

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The Diary is being taught that how he must have suffered how he must show forgiveness in the way of a loss of time without and then, in general, day to day life as well. There is instruction in this for us that how when we come across the hurt of other people, the unfair treatment of other people how we should forgive the other person, just as a prophet sallallahu Sallam when he came into Makkah, at the conquest, what did he say? That the three were a chameleon, He forgive everyone, because there's so many benefits of this. When you forgive someone, then what happens? You're able to do Dawa at a very large scale, you're able to bring a lot of benefit people don't acknowledge now

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but they will acknowledge later.

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They won't appreciate now but they will appreciate later. The profits are a lot of them forgive so many people at the conquest of Makkah. And because of that, so many people became Muslim in that they encourage one another to become Muslim as well.

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Why don't other attain aveni Islam Al Kitab are welcome our new Buddha and we did certainly give the Bani Israel the Scripture and the judgment and the Prophet now will also present our dimensions that people have the best that how Allah give them I act as well. Right? This omo they have been given and the people of the previous oma they have been given is what they were given the book The Torah judgment, what is referred to leadership

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like for example, at the time of the Buddha, listen America times today man are listening. And not just that, but one Nobu and Prophethood is where many messengers were from Aeneas Lee, and not just religious blessings, but also worldly blessings, what are the canal who may not pay you back? And we provided them with good things will * Burleigh whom Allah Allah Ameen and we prefer them over the people of the worlds

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and sort of bacala it's mentioned with guru near materiality and unto aleikum wa and nifa bultaco Anil and amin in sort of de Haan just now we read welaka desktop now Humala element, Allah Allah mean they were chosen above the people of their words. So they were given many things, among them, religious blessings, worldly blessings, and if you look at the previous ayat, what does Allah subhanaw taala mention is I had I had Kony worldly blessings, right? I chattery religious blessings.

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What are they now whom begginer timolol Emery, and we gave them clear proofs of the matter of religion as a noun, but you know, tier proofs, clear proofs, or clear illustrations of what what does I'm gonna refer to the matter of the deep, meaning the Dean was made very clear to them.

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The Dean was made very clear to them, the commands that they were given. They were clear what is lawful, what is unlawful, clear evidences. Were at a Nahum beginner terminal empty. It's not that their religion was very confusing to them know, if they were given Kitab they were given hokum. They were given the Buddha what confusion could there be none. But what happened? The people disagreed differed amongst themselves.

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So Allah says for McDonagh food, so they did not differ. regarding what

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regarding their Dean.

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The Dean was clear by ynab they were given halaal was clear how long was clear. So how can they different later on in learning bar the manager a homeowner and after knowledge came to them?

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They had knowledge, but still they deferred. Why? Because they did not benefit from their knowledge. Just as we learned in the previous is about the attitude of affection a theme. What either I Lima mean, I A Tina shaden it's not that he doesn't know. He knew, he learned, but he didn't benefit from that knowledge Columbia smarter. Even here the bunny is for either mimbar the magenta homeowner, they still differ amongst themselves.

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And what's the reason behind that? Both of them being out of rebellion, jealousy amongst themselves, bias against one another Genesee against one another? And what's the reason behind that? Why would a person have bias against the other because he thinks I am better pride.

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So the people of the past are being mentioned over here. Look, they were given clear evidence of the the Dean was made very clear to them, but they did not benefit. Why, again because of pride.

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In not bakayoko the binomial model kiama indeed your Lord will decide between them on the Day of Judgment FEMA can will fee of telephone in the matters in which they differ.

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So much I look at then we have placed you you meaning or Prophet sallallahu wasallam Allah Sharia terminal Emery on an ordained we're concerning the metric which matter. Again, I'm over here first you matter of religion and Sharia What does it mean? law right what

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They are literally mean, I told you the meaning, a clear path. Sharia is a clear path that leads you to water. It said shiratama meaning a place where people can easily sit and have access to water.

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How they can drink it, they can use it for washing, so on and so forth. So this religion, the law that Allah Subhana Allah has given to us the court of Islamic law, why is it called Sharia?

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Because it is clear and it has been appointed by who? By Allah soprano. When a person follows this God era, then what does he reach the pleasure of Allah? And if a person abandons his *tier than what is the inviting the Wrath of Allah so some measure Anak Allah surely Ottoman Emery after the Bani Israel now they're gone right their time is over. Now with regards to you a prophet sallallahu wasallam we have placed you on an ordained way

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this way has been ordained by who? Allah subhanaw taala and this way is also clear I

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mean out of the matter of religion so when you have this clear religion

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what should you do first the Vera follow it when I add are there I add county i a cherry the truth has made so clear. What should you do for the beer have follow it when at the top of your alladhina layer lemon and don't follow the ways don't follow the desires of those people who don't know,

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into the super fire 43 we learned for STEM sick Villa de la Vega in the Colorado stocking hold on to that which has been revealed to you, but the warehouse and don't follow the desires of those people who don't know.

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Who are those people who don't know.

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Who are those people who don't know who don't have knowledge, knowledge of knowledge of this Deen those who follow their whims, so don't follow them. We have given you clear proofs do not follow those who do not have clear proofs. Why? Because if you follow them in the mail neuron coming, Alicia, they cannot avail you against a law at all. They cannot help you against a law. What in those line Amina Barbara whom Oh Leah bow and indeed the wrongdoers their helpers off one another.

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Even if you follow them, are they sincere to you? They're not sincere to you. Even if you follow them, abandoning their religion of Allah, abandoning the commands of Allah, they will not help you. They're not sincere to you. Remember that your true friend is who will know who will lead him with Ducky and Allah, He is the protector of the righteous. So never fear following the commands of Never fear following what Allah has revealed what Allah has commanded us. You may wonder how come the bunnies rider mentioned all of a sudden?

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If you look at this ruler from the beginning, what do we learn? What is this Quran from who Aziz Hakeem worth following, right? And then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned so many is why we open up our eyes. We realize Allah is greater.

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We realize that our knowledge is limited. And then Allah mentions the attitude of those people who are liars and sinful. That when they find out about what Allah has revealed, they refuse to follow. They refuse to accept an example of the bunnies, right as mentioned. They were given a tear of religion, but they didn't follow it. Why again, pride buggy. Now you have been given a clear religion as well. You have been given clear if vague enough. What do you do? What are you supposed to do? Follow what Allah has revealed. Don't follow what other people tell.

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Because what other people tell you is based on what their desires which are lonely, which bring humiliation to a person and if you follow them, they are not sincere to you anyway. Allah is your protector, so follow Him will law who will a human with nothing had ever saw illness? This is enlightenment for people. This Koran is beside for people without it, you're blind. Without it, you're aimless, without it, you're lost, you're in darkness, you're in confusion. This plan is beside How could you think that other than the Quran is beside it? No, that's not enlightenment. This Quran is true enlightenment beside is a plural of both legal and vasila is enlightenment the

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vision of the heart with which you can see the reality.

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So this is enlightenment. Where who then and this person is also guidance, Ramadan and mercy but for who? He called me up for those people who have conviction.

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So what does it show to us that in order to live by the Quran in order to do what Allah has commanded, what does a person need?

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He can only get her there and Rama

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When he has the opinion

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in throttle annamma 104 Allah says by the Jericho Messiah it'll never be confirming Upsala fair enough. See, woman armia finally her woman nrna can be heavies, intro to Casa saya 43 when Nakata attina muscle kita mimbar edema lachenal peronal una basa la nasci wahoo then we're rahmatan la la

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that Musan his people were also given the Torah and that was also beside Buddhadharma. And Allah has given the same blessing to us as well. But in order to benefit we need to get the

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he or

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she it was someone

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One camino long Shang

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long 130