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Hud 50-83 Word Analysis and Tafsir 61-68

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I was a bit lacking in the shade over James Smith over him.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala replaced them with another people and who were the the people of some mood and where did they live? They used to live in the area of and hedged

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and unhedged is located between hedges and a shin

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hedges is Arabia and a sham is where Palestine is.

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Where Jerusalem is.

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and towards some route, we sent a whole home their brother, who was their brother of solder, Hensarling, Arizona, again, he was a brother, because he understood them, he knew them, he could convey to them in a more effective manner.

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Allah He said, yo call me or my people are with Allah worship Allah, his message was all to the same, that worship only Allah that is the purpose of your lives.

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Man are coming in and vital, you do not have any other God except him.

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He is your only God is the only one who deserves worship. Because who are unsure come in and out, he produced you from the earth and share from the fetters known chain Hamza

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Nasha in chat, which is to cause something to rise and then it is to make something grow to provide nourishment and grow something.

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So, who come here produced you from the earth? What does it mean by this? That he produced you from who from Adam or this Adam?

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And Adam or his Sarah he came from where?

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From mud he was created from mud from Earth from soil

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and ensure a communal art can also be understood as that your nourishment where does it come from? From the earth? So he has made you to grow from where from the earth? Was there a model comb, and he has settled you fee her in it? Is that model from newsletters? I

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remember in my year Moodle, massage de la

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yar Moodle, our model year Moodle, what does it mean to populate, to inhabit a place to populate a place

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and aroma is used for age,

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a lifetime and age. So what's thermo calm? What does it mean? That he has settled you, he has made you to inhabit where Fie her in the earth. Your nourishment comes from the earth. And your residence is also where in the earth. It's not that you live in another planet and you have to get your food from somewhere else know the place that you live in. You have your food over there. And you can also survive over there was thermo comfy here.

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So is there a mono cone that has been understood as that he has made you residents in it India, this is where you reside. This is what your home is

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for all of your life. For all of your lifespan, where do you live in there. And what's thermo comfy There has also been understood as that he has enabled you to prosper and occupy this earth.

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He has enabled you to own it,

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to construct on it, to farm on it, to walk on it to build on it.

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So he has enabled you to prosper to occupy this earth.

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And also his third model coffee has been understood as that He has given you long lives in this earth.

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It's not that you live for a few years.

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Your lifespan is not a matter of one or two years or three years. But generally you live for a longer period of time.

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If you compare the average lifespan of a human being to that of a fly to that of an end to that of other creatures, generally, it's very less, isn't it? of other creatures, the lifespan is very short. But the lifespan of human beings on average is longer. So was there a model computer

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and these nations that are mentioned in the clock, each and every one of them was given something special?

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Like for example the people of odd as we learned earlier that they were given a lot of physical power. These people in particular were given longer lives. First of all who seek forgiveness from him.

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So matobo li he then also route Alberta him. Apologize for the wrongs that you have been doing and fix your ways. Don't repeat the mistakes again.

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change your habits.

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In not be indeed my lord is an evil and he is needed.

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And he is also Mooji B's ultra responsive, that when you turn to Him seeking forgiveness, he is Kareem. When you turn to Him in Toba, he is Caribbean listens to your prayers to your supplication to your seeking forgiveness. And he is he answers your prayers.

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Look at how much hope is given to them.

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Generally what happens if you know we're telling people we make them feel so guilty, that we make them feel that there's no way out for them? No way at all.

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When he makes them realize, okay, what you have done is wrong. However, what do you need to do? seek forgiveness from almost a Pantheon as well. Because when you seek forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala is deep and he's also Mooji.

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We learned earlier until the vaca I 186 that what he has said that they're evading our need for inequality, that one My servants ask you about the I am near, meaning I listen, I hear or deal with or with a dairy either dharani I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he called upon me.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is muddied. Mooji was wondering fetters guava,

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from joab, which is to give a response. So he is all responsive to the one who asks him.

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Why is this being said over here?

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That if you want something, if you need something, then turn to Allah, ask him.

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And when you seek forgiveness, be hopeful that he will forgive you insha Allah.

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And when you want something, be hopeful that Allah will give you because he is Mooji.

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And these people, what are they doing? They were doing chick. So anyway, he's telling them that when you ask Allah, Allah responds, when you ask these idols, they may be physically very close to you. But they're far from you because they're non existent. They don't hear anything.

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All they said, Yes, Allah who also Allah, God couldn't Athena, certainly you were in US module one, a man of promise of another before this module is from the realtors lodging. Well, Roger, what does it mean?

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to hope to have some expectations? So Mom, you

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melvil do model do, what's the structure

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mufe rule.

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So model do is one about whom there are great hopes, one about when people have high expectations,

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someone in whom hopes are placed. So you are a man of promise. We had high hopes and expectations of you.

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We thought you would become a leader amongst us.

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We thought that you were very intellectual. We thought you were very, you know, logical. We considered you as someone who knew better what to say what not to say what to do.

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We thought you to be very smart. What has gone wrong with you?

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What happened to you?

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You understand there? Again, another psychological attack?

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The people have who there is an answer, that we think that our gods have possessed you with evil?

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What are these people doing? What happened to you? We feel so bad for you.

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You could have had such a good career.

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But what are you doing? Why are you wearing that on your head?

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And how come you left your work? And how can your studying the Quran? How can you wasting your time, we had so many high expectations of you, you could have done so much better.

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So sometimes people approach you and they show it to you as if they feel so bad for you.

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They feel pity for you, that you're wasting your time you're wasting your opportunities

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are the current Athena module and Kabbalah whether you are a man of promise, we had high hopes of you before this before what before this claim of prophethood that you've come up with? And then Hannah? are you stopping us on that narrow Buddha that we worship Marabou other owner, what our forefathers used to worship? are you stopping us from worshiping what our forefathers used to worship?

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What internet and indeed we left a shocking or surely in doubt, method or owner concerning that which you invoke us, which you call us lie to it more even in depth.

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Meaning we are extremely skeptical and doubtful about what your calling us do.

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We don't think it's right at all.

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Marie is from the veterans law. Yeah, but

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Right. And what does that mean? That,

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and marieb is one that puts you in doubt, one that makes you doubtful.

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And what kind of a doubt is right? Which makes you restless, which takes your comfort away, which takes your peace of mind. Okay?

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So what you're calling us to,

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we're very skeptical about it, we're very doubtful of it.

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We're not sure at all, we're not certain at all. So we see that, and this is the response that the people gave to their messenger was off rejection. But how do they deny him

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in a way, as to also, you know, seduce him away from his mission, also, to take him away from his mission,

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that What are you doing, you're wasting your time, we thought you could do so much better. And we also need to be careful.

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We also need to be on our guard. Because sometimes people will come to you. And they will really show that they feel bad for you.

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That you're wasting your time that your children are getting neglected, that you look so tired, that she looks so exhausted,

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that you could do yourself a favor by staying at home and taking some rest.

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that perhaps you should also enjoy. Perhaps you should also go on a vacation, perhaps you should also go and have parties one after the other. And what are you doing, you're wasting your time, you're taking it too hard on yourself, life is not the same anymore. You know, do something, do yourself a favor, people will come to you. And this is one of the attacks of shape on that he comes to you directly by putting muscles in your heart. And he also comes to you through other people to somehow stop you from what you were doing.

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But this is a tactic of shadow. So be on your guard, Be on your guard, Be alert.

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And they will also say things such as what happened to you. You're not doing what your parents used to do. Look, your father was so successful, your mother was so successful, your mother has always been a housewife. You think if you were a man, as a housewife, you will be someone lesser.

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This is what people do. They try to remind you of what your family tradition has always been. And if you're doing something different, they make you feel bad about it.

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But the fact is that if you are spending the same amount of time earning the dunion no matter how exhausted you are, no matter how busy you are, no matter how neglected your children are, people will not feel bad at all. What will they say? It's for something better, it's for their future. Right? If the husband is working, the wife is working, people will say doesn't matter. It's for the future of their children. It's okay if they have to sacrifice for some time.

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But when it comes to the dean, then people feel very bad about you. But the fact is, that a person must remember that if I am suffering at all in the way of Allah, then this is such a high paying job, as we learned into the Toba, that anything that you're suffering, the way of Allah, from your thirst to your hunger, to the step that you take, it is paid for. It is paid for every single step, every single suffering, it is paid for, you get rewarded for it. So why should you stay back?

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If somebody tells you literally, that the steps that you take to your office will pay you for that even the number of steps

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you will take that job you will accept it no matter how difficult it is, no matter how genuine it is. But when it comes to the matters of Deen, sometimes we feel sorry for ourselves, but we should not if we have a higher goal. If we have a goal in engine in paradise.

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So this air to him, you're stopping us from what our forefathers used to worship? We're very doubtful.

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I don't think what you're doing is right, perhaps you should do some more research, perhaps you should investigate a bit more. Maybe what you're studying is not right. Maybe what you're doing is not right.

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So sometimes people attack you in this way to persuade you away from what you are doing.

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But what is the reaction of the Prophet does he begin to doubt himself? No. He said yeah, call me or my people or our ATM Have you ever thought about this Have you considered that encounter alaba unity if I am upon ebina upon a tear evidence what is beggin me we learned earlier

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Okay, a miracle. Basically by going over here is a man and certainty. Remember

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the know how the correct religion so if I am upon by you know, meaning on Eman and conviction and your team

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that Allah has given me that what I am doing is right what I believe in Israel

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What I'm conveying is the truth, if I am upon a clear evidence upon the right religion from my Lord, and on top of that, what tiny and he has also given me men who from himself Ramadan, a mercy. What does Russia refer to Prophethood?

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that the people they were saying to him, we had such high hopes of you What happened to you? What is the response that he gives? You have high hopes about me with regards to my dunya

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a loss of handled it has given me something much better

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begginer and Rama? He has given me Dean, he has given me Prophethood.

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And this is what we need to see as well. When people approach us, telling us that they feel really bad for us, then, instead of feeling bad, what should we think that Allah subhanaw taala has given us a tremendous blessing, a huge blessing,

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a unique blessing

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for which there is no other substitute in the heavens or the earth.

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There's no other substitute for it.

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For the blessing of the for the blessing of Quran. So he says, that you have shock, I am upon by Hina you are doubtful, I am certain

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you feel bad for me. I have Rama, Allah subhanaw taala has given this to me. What are tiny men who Ramadan familia on Sunni minima, then who will help me from Allah in asleep to if I disobeyed him?

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If I turn away from this responsibility that Allah has given me,

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and if I stop conveying the message just to please you, then can you help me? Can you help me from Allah, you cannot help me for my young children, even ally in our cycle from Earth does he do any, then you do not increase means a lot of seed other than loss. The seed is from the root letters heartsine Ra, Hassan, has euro and duck seed is to cause loss to cause harm to someone. And what is this harm over here? What is this loss over here misguidance.

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Meaning if I were to listen to you, if I were to fall in your trap, that I would only increase in my loss.

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If I were to fall in your track thinking, you know, when you say to me that you feel really bad for me, and that you had high hopes of me, and I try to make you happy. If I change my goals now and my focus becomes your happiness, then I'm only going to increase in my loss, I'm not going to become successful.

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I'm going to go backwards. Because remember, we learned in a little above that what to do or lay him number a lady at a net who

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is in the eye Arthur such that tell them about the news of the person who we give our eye at. But then what did he do funciona homina, he left them

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for at variable shade lawn Academy and Pauline chiffon came after him and he became of those who are gone astray. And the example of such a person is like that of a dog,

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a person who leaves the Ayat of Allah,

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that if you attack the dog, if you leave it, it's still going to be greedy for the dunya.

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So if I leave my mission,

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if I change my focus, if I leave the Quran, if I leave the deen just to please you,

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then I am only going to increase in my loss. My example is going to be like that of a dog

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of a creature that is reviled, that is your faults that is not respected, that is known for its greed.

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Remember that story that we learned that example that we learned and tilted off in great detail.

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So if I listened to your format as you do in your late autopsy, if I listened to you, I'm only going to increase in my last I cannot leave this Dean, I cannot leave the message that Allah subhanaw taala has given me and this is the conviction that we must also have

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that once we have learned about Iran, if we ever think about leaving it, then we're only going to go backwards, we're only going to suffer a decline.

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Because remembering those items sorted off we learned that while oh * now a lot of foreigner will be happy. If a person continued in the art of learning more than we would have raised him we would have given him success, we would have given him increase but because he left it a flat earth he clung to the earth he left it so he increased in his loss only.

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So in this is a great lesson for all of us.

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When you're call me and he says oh my people had the inner cotulla healer come if this is the sheet ammo have a love for you as a sign. We have studied about it before that the people demanded a sign from him. And he showed that sign to them

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as she can and it's called a shakeout

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We'll have a lot because it was sent by UCLA.

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further ahead, so leave it leave the chic mo meaning letter be free. That coffee or the lab it will eat from the land of.

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Meaning if it comes to your garden if it comes to your orchard to your field, you cannot stop it.

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You cannot stop it further Oh had coffee of the lab because this land belongs to Allah.

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What atom is too heavy to in and do not touch her with evil. mean you do not wish to harm her at all.

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For other computers if you do so then it's going to seize you what's going to see is your other album called Eve a punishment that is near. It won't be that far. It says it suspended on you that the moment you touch the she camel with some arm, the punishment is going to descend upon you. But they did not pay any heed to the sign or to the warning. And instead farakka ruha so the hamstrings

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for Paula tomato so he said to them the material live enjoy fee daddy come in your homes, that after that again three days, they were given three days to live only.

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And these three days they were given as a final warning that perhaps they would repent perhaps they would realize but again they did not take any lesson.

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They did not repent at all. The messenger told them they still flew to boo. They didn't take a lesson.

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There liquor Warden that is a promise later mukou not to be denied.

00:21:36--> 00:21:53

Meaning the punishment that is going to come after three days is a promise and it's vital. McClure McClure's from the rule Tetris gap that Yvette McClure must rule that which is belied that which is falsified that which is regarded as false as a caddy.

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So, this promise of a law cannot be regarded as a lie.

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It cannot be rejected, it cannot be defeated, it will be fulfilled.

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Fellow manager Jamuna, then when our command came, Medina sila Han we save sila.

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When Medina, Armand O'Meara wa and those people who believed with him, below him it mean as a mercy from Us, as a mercy from Allah, Allah subhanaw taala save those people who only those who believe in solidarity center.

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So we save them from the punishment that came upon them in the dunya women fizzy and from the humiliation yo may in of that day.

00:22:43--> 00:22:46

What does it mean by this woman, his Yomi, even

00:22:47--> 00:22:55

this day is understood as the day of punishment in the dunya because it was a day of humiliation for those who had rejected the messenger.

00:22:57--> 00:23:01

And yo may if this day is also understood as the day of judgment

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that they were saved because of the mercy of Allah, from the humiliation of this dunya and also the humiliation of the hereafter.

00:23:13--> 00:23:29

In a burqa, indeed, your Lord who will come, he is strong, he is powerful. He is able to inflict punishment, and he's alter Aziz, he is ultimately a disease. Powerful and mighty. None can defeat his plan.

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What are the leadin Avada mo and it sees those people who had done so what only these people commit

00:23:40--> 00:23:42

denial rejection, as well as

00:23:43--> 00:23:44

killing the she camel.

00:23:45--> 00:23:55

This was injustice that they committed. So what sees them? I'll say hi to the shriek a Say hi is from the roof better Assad? Yeah.

00:23:57--> 00:24:01

and say hi is used for a loud piercing sound.

00:24:02--> 00:24:21

What is it a loud piercing. So basically, it's a shrieking sound. And literally the word insignia is used for the sound that is produced by the cutting of the wood if you're cutting wood. Just imagine with a saw streaking

00:24:23--> 00:24:26

or for example, if you have a piece of cloth and if you rip it

00:24:27--> 00:24:31

that sound the shrieking ripping sound. This is what NCR is.

00:24:33--> 00:24:37

So I'll say how the loud shriek the loud blast.

00:24:38--> 00:24:39

This is what sees them.

00:24:40--> 00:24:59

For us via houfy the ATM so they became in their homes jazzy mean ones that are fallen progetti mean is a plural of jazzy from the root letters gene fat mean we have done this word earlier as well. Jeff is basically used for someone who is fallen on his knees on his face. So they were falling upside down.

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

Dead corpses. And what isn't a sign of disgrace, helplessness, crazy humiliation that they were upside down that had fallen on the floor and they were destroyed.

00:25:15--> 00:25:28

The people of the mood they had carved their houses were in Rocky Mountains. So just imagine if they had carved their houses in Rocky Mountains, could they be destroyed by

00:25:30--> 00:25:32

you know, let's say an earthquake,

00:25:33--> 00:25:51

a normal earthquake generally great earthquakes, they can affect the mountains as well. But generally, you know, people would live in mountains. Why? So that they're saved from all types of natural disasters from a storm from a flood? No. But look at how a lot destroyed

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not by a wind, not by a stone, not fine earthquake, but what a blast. Because just imagine in Rocky Mountains, a loud sound just imagine how much it would echo how much the sound would be increased. Just imagine the loudness the fierceness of that sound of that blast. And that is what destroyed them.

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And when they were destroyed,

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as if they had never lived there in yellow from the roof address. They knew near lineable mechanics to live in a place to reside in a place It was as if they never lived there. Anna unquestionably in moda cafaro trabaho indeed the samode they disbelieved in their Lord Allah burden Lisa mood unquestionably board away with some mood, meaning they were distanced from the mercy of Allah. They were finished they were destroyed and they deserve this destruction.

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more you

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Corner fee.

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