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Al-Jathiya 1-37 Tafsir 26-37

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Ola who here can say Allah causes you to live? It's not the passage of time. No, it's a law who causes you to live He is the one who gave you life. So my you mean to come then he will give you that film major Morocco and then he will gather all of you in a yo milky gamma to the Day of Judgment. In over here is a meeting of on. So he will gather you on the Day of Judgment, about which level you have a fee, there is no doubt concerning it. Whether you believe in it or you don't whether you prepare for it or you don't. There is no doubt about the coming of the Day of Judgment, what I can layer them on, but most of the people they don't know what do they don't know that Allah

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is the one who gives life who causes death and that there is an afterlife. Most of the people are unaware of this reality.

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Well, Allah He will customer what he will have, and to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He is the owner. All of this is not existing by itself. There is someone who owns it, someone who manages it, and he is the one who has created you. And he is the one who's going to bring you to life afterwards as well. When he left he will customize what he will have will medical massage to and on the day that the hour will establish yoma in that day, your soul mobile loon, the falsifies those who follow faltered they will suffer loss. Who are the mobile cleaner? Those who believe in faltered. That's what they believe in. That's what they follow.

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Instead of calling the Truth Truth, they call the truth battling. Instead of calling battle battle they call the battle have

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such people who have corrupted beliefs, wrong believes such people will suffer great loss on that day. All their lives they have been following faults. That's what they have been believing in.

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And on that day reality will come forth. They doubt the resurrection. They never believed in it. They never prepared for it. They thought life was just in this dunya so on that day, yes.

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intertraffic is 78 also we learned for either jungle law he called Leoville healthy while hozelock fanatical Moodle we know that when the command of Allah will come, it will be concluded in truth and the falsifies will their bond lose their loss, their suffering will be evident.

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What are our and you will see, color omitted every oma

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you will see every nation What does it mean by every nation, every community, the people of every religion, the members of a religion, whether it's Islam or some other religion, every single oma and Omar every single messenger, every single Prophet, what are called lomatin jatha humbled on its knees kneeling from fear. Every single nation will be jothi.

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What does it mean by the word Jesse? Jesse has some new fetters. genes that Yeah,

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and it's feminine of the word Jasmine.

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And jazzy feminine. What does it mean? She that Neil's

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one who is fallen on her knees?

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Okay, Jessie is feminine. And why is it feminine because of the word oma.

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Some have said that Jaffe is also from the root letters, Jean said, well, do so is to kneel on one's knees, to bend down on one's knees and to sit on the toes.

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What does it mean by that? Just like you sit in the shower hood, how do you sit? You sit on your knees, and also your toes that your feet are erect behind you. Right? And your doors, the doors of your right foot? Right? They are standing in a way. But Jackie is when a person is sitting on his knees and both his feet are erect behind him. Right? So this position, what does it reflect? humility, isn't it that a person is not able to stand he has fallen on his knees. He is sitting on his knees he is humbled. When do you believe you came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asking him questions about what Islam is what Eman is what your son is when the day of judgment will be how was

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he sitting?

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For Gerardo? Look with a little committee isn't it that he put his two knees against the knees of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he sat in front of him dislike we sit in the shadow because that is the position of humility. And remember what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said that gibreel came to teach you, your religion

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and part of that

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Also how to gain knowledge because the way he would ask questions from the profits on a Knowledge Center. So have also learned that this is how we should also ask,

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the way he asked about relevant questions. So however learned what kind of questions to ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam right? And the way he said before the profits on a loan isn't the way he came from this hadith scholars derive so many lessons with regards to the etiquettes of the student and the teacher.

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That how the students should be how why they said em came in clean white clouds, isn't it a clean, crisp, fresh, this is how he came, and how he sat in an alert position, in a humble position.

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Because of a person sits lazily in front of the teacher, if a person sits with arrogance in front of the teacher, if he's distracted, is he able to learn, he's not able to learn? He's not able to focus. So he sat in a humble position as well.

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And we see that on the Day of Judgment, what are our cola omoton jatiya every nation will be crouching on their knees, sitting on their knees defeated before Allah humbled before

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none will be able to stand arrogantly none will be able to stand mightily. No, everyone will be humbled before Allah, what are our cola omoton jatiya

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Coloma 10, every single nation to the Illa kita via it will be called to its book to its record, which book is this? It is said that keytab over here is referring to the keytab that was given to their messenger

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and to the lakita via meeting called by the book that all those who believed in such and such book, or those who followed such and such book, this is one opinion.

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And others say that keytab over here does not refer to the scripture that was given to that nation, but rather it refers to the record of their deeds.

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So every nation could lomatin to their lakita beha. to its record, because that is what is mentioned in the following is a record of their deeds.

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And thirdly, others have said that keytab over here does not mean book, but rather it means his hub that glommed on to the Illa kita. Every nation will be called to its account, meaning for the purpose of account taking

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and he omitted his own American term term alone. Today you will be recompense for what you used to do. You thought there is no resurrection, no accountability, but today you will be held accountable, you will be recompense for what you used to do, and you will be judged according to your deeds.

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Heather keytab una, this is our record.

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Heather keytab una which GitHub does it refer to the register of deeds, the record of deeds, this is our kita young Pico alaikum will help it will speak on you it will speak about you how in truth

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Why? Because everything that is written in the record is a truth. Of course, whatever a person did that has been recorded, nothing has been left out, nothing has been added.

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Yung de la commonhealth act accurately. This record of leads contains all of your actions small great without addition or deletion, every single action is present. This is why we learned in sort of calfire 49 that the people when they will see the record what will they say you know a Latina Maria del kitabi lanewatch Rooseveltian Well, I could be rotten Illa saw her every single action is recorded. And you see the word young people What does not mean to speak what does it show that the record it will speak on that day?

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It will speak on that the actions will be as a replay young D correlate will help.

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And everything you did it was being recorded and now it will be presented before you in consistency who merkon Dharma Loon. Indeed we were having transcribed, whatever you used to do. When you were busy doing whatever you want to do, following your desires. You never thought your actions were being recorded. But the fact is that whatever you were doing, it was being written it was being transcribed.

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Now stancy who Macintosh loon What does anybody know? stancy who noon seen hotness? What does not mean to delete abrogate but when the word is taken to extend

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Since it gives meaning of insert,

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and what does that mean? to transcribe, to copy to write

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nisswa? What is a piece of writing a piece of writing that which is written, and also that which is copied? Okay. So in self esteem, sir, is to copy one piece of writing from another piece of writing, meaning something is written, and you copy it, where? Another piece of paper,

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for instance, you find something in a book, you like it? So what do you do? You take another piece of paper and you write you copy exactly what was written in that book. This is what insert is, you understand?

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So what does it mean by this inner consistency Houma quantum thermal there, as you were doing? As you were performing your actions, your deeds were being written, transcribed?

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And if you think about it, everything is recorded where in the local Marvels, isn't it? everything, every action of every person, everything that he's ever done, everything he's ever eaten, every single detail is written in local muscles.

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And when people perform the actions, where is that written in their personal records?

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So what is written in the local martial people when they do it? Where is it copied to, in their personal records? So in kwinana, stanciu, Macintosh terminal.

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And this is, if you think about it, is TensorFlow in particular is what when something is written, and that is copied.

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So as you were writing something, our Angel we're also writing that in your record, have you ever thought about it? As you're texting someone? As you're typing something? you're typing at your desktop, at your laptop?

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you're texting on your phone, but as you're texting as you're writing? Where is it being written? In the record of your deeds, your texting your writing? Nobody knows. That's what you think nobody can see me. But in reality, the angels are copying verbatim not leaving anything out. Is themself is existing exactly exactly what was written. You copy it as it was, without leaving any detail

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in Conan, a stanza Homer content arm alone.

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So when we're writing, when we're texting when we're doing when we're chatting, when we're posting, what should we think? What should we think it's being recorded? Somebody is making an exact copy of this.

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You're never alone. No action of ours is ignored. Every single action is recorded my content, but what does my mean? Whatever every single thing that you were doing, it's being written.

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So a person may do whatever pleases Him in this dunya. But he should remember that everything he does everything he says, everything he writes, is being recorded, and he will be recompensed for it.

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He will be held accountable for it, he will be questioned about it. And what do we think that small deeds? Doesn't matter? Who cares? So what if I take something useless? So what if I write something that may offend the other person may hurt the other person may be incorrect? That's what we think. Right? This is why we go on writing whatever we want to, we go on passing comments, whatever we feel like.

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We're not conscious over there. Because we think that these little little actions don't matter. But what do we learn from the Hadees? That small deeds are enough to destroy a person? Because small deeds, what are they like? Like pieces of wood that have been collected together, and when you collect them together, one piece from there one piece from here, little pieces, eventually they are enough to light a huge fire.

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And a huge fire is enough to destroy a person.

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Think about it, one lever a day, one light a day.

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One, only one a day. But if you accumulated over a period of time, does it not add up? It adds up to a lot.

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So many times we belittle little things, thinking, it doesn't matter. But it does matter. Because in con Nana stencil malcontent, whatever you were doing, we were having it copied, we were having it written

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for a millennia. amanu so as for those people who believe what I mean asylee had and they also do righteous deeds for you the halo mabuchi rahmati. So their Lord will admit them into his mercy.

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The alcohol fosun will be that is clearly success. That is the evidence success.

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There is no doubt about the success. It's clear, evident achievement success.

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And on the other hand, what Amala Dena cafaro and as for those who disbelieved, it will be sad to them Flm to call it toothless Alico, we're not our verses recited to you,

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our verses where they're not recited to you, where you're not informed about them, where you're not warned.

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first talk about but you we're arrogant. We're contempo McDreamy, and you became a people of criminals. What does it mean by this, that Melina cafaro, those who are in a big problem on the day of gentlemen, it's not because they were ignorant. It's not because they didn't know Flm Taku iottie totleigh alaikum, you were informed. But what was your reaction first, at bottom? You were arrogant. This is pride, right? That when a person is informed, and he doesn't change his ways, he doesn't take the advice.

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We belittle reminders, sometimes. Just because someone is telling us

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this is pride.

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Somebody is reminding us with the Ayat of Allah. And we say Mind your own business. This has pride.

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You know, many times people say that. Don't tell me.

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I'll do it myself.

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Don't tell me. If you tell me. I'm not going to listen. Just because you're telling me I'm not going to do it. I will do it anyway. But you don't tell me. What is this? What is this? It's pride. fest talk about

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a Philando con it took La La confessor cuarto.

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A humble person doesn't look at who is telling him. What does he look at? What is being told?

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What is being told? He doesn't see. Okay, why is she telling me and why is he telling me? No, he looks at what is being said?

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Because a stick valve what is a stick bar? Don't tell me first Berto, Welcome to Common What do you mean? And then you kept on doing whatever you wanted to you were criminal people.

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I'm accountable for my actions. You mind your own business? You don't tell me.

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If you think about it, somebody is telling you, what does it show? They care for you. They're concerned for you.

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That a remodel dealer knew how he wrote that letter to his friend, the beginning I had to sort of have it. And that was enough to remind him and imagine if somebody else reminders with the ayatollah, we get enraged. How dare you say I'm doing something wrong? How dare you point out my mistake? Do you not see your own mistakes? How dare you tell me? Do you do this yourself?

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Or whatever they don't know whenever he was reminded of the eye of the colon you would become a man over there. He would stop there. But unfortunately, you know we are reminded by one after the other but it says oh we haven't heard. We're going to add me. Well either peeler in noir de la he has gone and when it was said indeed the promise of Allah His truth was sir I do love I will see her and the hour is coming. There is no doubt about it. Colton, you said, Man, Andrey Massara. We do not know what the hours. We don't acknowledge it. I don't believe in it. Man, Anthony Massara. We don't know what it is. In aluminum Illa. One, we assume only assumption meaning with regards to the Day of

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Judgment. We only assume we need we don't believe with conviction. woman to be mistaken in and we are not at all convinced. mistaken in mistaken This is from a state corner. from European What does Ukraine mean?

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conviction, certainty. Right? And conviction yaqeen This is the opposite of shock.

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shock is when a person is doubtful. And what does shock create restlessness.

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Is it true? Is it not true?

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And you're keen, on the other hand, is certainty conviction which gives contentment satisfaction to a person meaning he's satisfied with it. He's content with it. He's not restless.

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But he has accepted it.

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So you can give sukoon and Chuck What does that cause restlessness.

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So they said woman Nana, we must say opinion, we are not at all convinced about the day of judgment that it will come to us. They couldn't believe in it. And we see that the root cause for many crimes is the weakness of faith India.

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Because of a person believes in the ACA with conviction, not one not check but with you

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Then it will change his way. It will change his actions it will change, how he listens to the advice of others,

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Obeidallah, whom say, tomorrow or middle. When a person does not have conviction in the hereafter he ends up doing many wrong things. And then we have Adela, whom say Atma amilo, and the evil consequences of what they did will appear to them, when in the Hereafter,

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the evil consequences of whatever they did will appear to them will become manifest to them,

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will help him McCann will be esterhazy own, and that which they used to mock at that will encircle that they will be surrounded by what is it that they mock that punishment.

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So that same punishment is going to encircle them, surround them and they will not be able to escape

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with the law and it will be said earlier woman and SATCOM, today, we will forget you Come on, see tomiko Iommi, calm Heather, just as you forgot the meeting of this day of yours, we will forget to you

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who is saying this, Allah subhanaw taala command aceto Melaka i omega mhada. Just as you forgot the meaning of this state of yours.

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You forgot the author. And we will forget to in the fire today. What does it mean by this that we will forget to you that we won't care for you. You call you don't call you pray, you don't pray? You're in distress or you're indifferent. It doesn't make a difference to Allah, Allah will not respond to you, He will not change your condition for you.

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You see in this dunya even if there is a disbeliever a person who doesn't believe when he is in pain,

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when he is in difficulty, he calls upon Allah.

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shows mercy to him, isn't it? So many people, so many people, when they're in pain when they're in difficulty, and they're very restless, they call upon Allah, Allah removes their difficulty from them. But in the hereafter in Hellfire joaquina Yeoman and circle will forget to you. We won't care about you. Why? command aceto myka. Iommi, Cunha just as you forgot the meeting of this day of yours, you were oblivious to the hero and we will become oblivious to

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you didn't care for the alpha, we won't care for you.

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In the dunya, what happens if there is ever a criminal or someone who is innocent,

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but criminal or innocent, whatever the case is, if they are being tortured, if they are imprisoned for many, many years, and many injustices are being committed against them, over some time, what happens people forget?

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Initially, they remember, but after some time, after the passage of a few years, people forget, they move on with their lives. Right. But there are always some NGOs or some human rights activists who constantly remind people don't forget so and so. Isn't it? you forgotten? You're not that concerned about what's going on. And all of a sudden you read an article, all of a sudden, you come across something that some human rights activist has posted somewhere. But in the hereafter when people are in the punishment, then circle, no one is going to struggle for their freedom. No one is going to care for them a Yeoman and second, come in and see tomiko Yumiko mhada, Homer welcome, and your

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abode is a fire, Romana komenda, serene, and you will have no helpers, no one to help you. No one to care for you. Why?

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They're licon that for you is why be unwelcome because indeed you in the hospital is delay who's where

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you took the verses of Allah in ridicule. Instead of taking them seriously. You mocked at them, instead of getting affected by them. You benefit them.

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Instead of accepting them, you rejected them. Well, what about como hyah to dunya? And what's the reason behind that, that the life of this world deceived you? It diluted you?

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What's the deception of the life of this world? The person who has Well, he thinks as well, we'll help him, the person who has friends, he thinks his friends are sufficient for him. Right? So the life of this world has deceived you it deceived you. And you thought, no problem. Do whatever you want.

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folio Malaya. Hello, gentlemen her. So today, they will not be removed from it. From what from the punishment when you start a boon and they will not be allowed to appease you start a boon. Is there a tab? What does it mean?

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To try to remove

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anger, how, by apologizing by saying some good words. So while when you start a wound they will not be allowed to say sorry even they will not be allowed to even apologize to appease Allah know, whenever you start a boon

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and you see this deception that is mentioned over here we'll come we'll hire to do

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that enjoy doesn't matter, no consequences.

00:25:34--> 00:25:37

Life is long, well Herat, como Hayato dunia

00:25:38--> 00:25:53

and because of this deception, a person ends up doing many wrong things. But in the Hereafter, they won't be allowed to even apologize for the wrongs they have done. In Zoho 77, one melancholia called airliner a book called intercom

00:25:54--> 00:25:56

whenever you start a boom,

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fell in the hand, then to Allah belongs all praise for lilla Hill hum to 11 lungs all praise what is the attribution of what is beautiful, right to describe in beautiful terms. So Allah, how do we describe him in the most beautiful terms fell into his hand? Who is he have this similarity, one of Bill early of Bill alameen, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth, Lord of the worlds, he is the owner and the owner of all that is in them and on them. Rob dissimilarity water bill Aldi Avila al Ameen. And this is the first lesson that we learned in the Quran that at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And because He is the Lord of the alameen wa sallahu Kibriya. And To Him belongs all

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grander, all greatness all majesty were for similarity. Well, are they within the heavens and also in the earth? What is kebaya COVID He is from calf Bella and Kibriya is algoma Wellman.

00:27:09--> 00:27:21

greatness, Majesty. And also, what does mulqueen sovereignty so greatness, Majesty, as well as sovereignty?

00:27:22--> 00:27:31

What do we read in such the inner core sapan subpanel double 12 melaku? Well, Kibriya equal

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Kibriya is to have greatness over everyone, to have sovereignty above everyone to be above any kind of obedience. You understand that Allah has all Kibriya. So he does not need to obey anyone. He's not under anyone in any way.

00:27:53--> 00:27:57

Everyone else, no matter what heights they achieve, no matter what greatness they achieve,

00:27:58--> 00:28:08

after all, in some way or the other, they are under the obedience of someone. A person may be the president. But when it comes to his wife, he has to listen to

00:28:10--> 00:28:23

a person maybe the boss and his work, but when it comes to his mother, he can't say neuter. So, Allah subhanaw taala he alone has Kibriya he alone has supreme greatness and majesty.

00:28:25--> 00:28:52

That above him is no one. He has greatness over everyone he's above any kind of obedience. What okay video for similarity well out in the heavens and also in the earth. This is why we learn in the Quran, sort of 84 wahoo a lady for summer Isla Warfield are the ILA that he is God in the skies and also in the earth, He is worthy of worship up there and also here,

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everywhere, when a whole Kibriya facility will fill out the will or these are hacking into the room I have 27 what a whole methanol

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system our tea will have, To Him belongs the highest attribute highest description in the heavens and in the earth. Well what are these are hacking, as it's mentioned over here as well. That Allah He is the mighty, and he's also the wise.

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So at the end of the solar, a very strong message is being given. Due to all those who learn the Quran, listen to the Quran, come to know have something from the Quran, who are informed of the ayat of the Quran, what that they should save themselves from pride and arrogance. And especially the pride of knowledge, because all greatness, supreme greatness, authority sovereignty, who deserves it alone when a whole Kibriya fits somehow it one up and if a person has

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Any kind of pride, any kind of arrogance, it doesn't refer to him. Because Who are we? What are our Coloma? jatiya we are nothing before Allah. We are small before Allah and if we don't show humility today,

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we are going to be humbled tomorrow anyway.

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No one can stand against a lost and mighty before him. And we learn that the surah begins with the names of Allah, Allah Aziz and Hakeem,

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isn't it? And it also concludes with Aziz al Hakim,

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surreal greatness real my real power, real majesty, it belongs to Allah.

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Therefore it is incumbent it is mandatory on each and every single person, that he should humble himself before his Lord. Because what I will keep an eye out for smile at your love and showing humanity to Allah, what does it mean, accepting what he's saying?

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Not that a person continues to follow his desire, no. He controls his desire, he suppresses his desire, when it comes to the command of a law.

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When it comes to his command, a person does not listen to his desire, he stops over there. And if a person thinks, I don't need to do this, I don't need to follow. I don't need to obey. I can do whatever I want to, then he is diluted will let go will hire to the

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life of this world has diluted him, because this life is not forever. You follow your desires, eventually your life will come to an end. Eventually you finish this dunya is not eternal.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah says allow them to is a welcome video reader he feminazi anyway them in Houma, US can to nadie that Allah says glory is my role and pride is my garment.

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Glory and Aloma is my robe and Kibriya that is my garment. Whoever rivals me for either of them. Whoever tries to take even one of them. tries to be mighty tries to be great. tries to stand arrogantly before Allah is going to who nadie I will make him reside in my fire. That's where he will end up. recitation.

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We listen to the recitation of last year versus

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