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Ash-Shura 36-53 Tafsir 39-43

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Well levena and those people who either are Saba who will tell you when tyranny strikes them,

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either or Saba who will bug you what is bullying? But it is injustice, oppression, basically by the use of desire, and from this body is used for

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oppression. Why? Because many times when a person wishes to fulfill his desire, he ends up oppressing others.

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And Bobby is also to try to get more than once right?

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One thing was divided equally between you and your brother. You had yours your brother still has his share. Let's say it was a piece of cake. You still want more, so you have desire for more. As a result, it will lead to buddy depriving the other of his share decking on his house. So when Ludhiana either a Saba who will love you, when they are afflicted by Buffy when others commit outrage against them deprive them of their right. What do they do? homeand does. Amazing. Typically, what do we think that if you're being oppressed, just be patient and say nothing, do nothing. But this is another side that Allah subhanaw taala shows to us over here. homeand does lead on they help

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themselves in DSR is to help oneself to defend oneself. So they help themselves they take revenge, they retaliate against the one who has wronged them. How? In the same manner.

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So in other words, they are not content with disgrace and humiliation.

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They don't say oh, this is my fate. So I will just accept this disgrace and humiliation that has reached me know, if somebody is degrading them, if somebody is oppressing them, if somebody is humiliating them taking their right away. What do they do? They defend themselves homeand

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and you see intersol you can do How? By doing something yourself. You can do intersol by praying to Allah subhanaw taala as well, isn't it? So depending on the situation that you're in?

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What do we think we think that we are taught that you should be so forgiving that no matter what the other person is doing to you saying to you just keep taking it that if one person slaps you on one cheek, you present the other cheek? No, this is not the way that Allah subhanaw taala teaches us.

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You see, if somebody wrongs you, there are four options. What are those four options that first is when they hit you, you present yourself more so that they can hit you even more.

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You don't do anything you don't say anything. You are content with humiliation and disgrace.

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This is one option. The other option is that somebody hits you, you hit them in the same manner in which they hit you.

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Somebody was extremely harsh to rude to you, you respond to them, not in an equally harsh and rude way. But with confidence, with calmness, but you do respond. Right? Or you do make a complaint, for example, you go to a particular office, somebody's mistreating you. One is that you keep taking whatever they're saying. And the other is that you go to the manager and you file a complaint. This is

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the second option.

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The third option is that you forgive the other person.

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The fourth option is that you hit them more than what they have to and you become the violin.

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What are we allowed to do?

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Two and Three, what are they? That you defend yourself or you forgive the other person, you don't take more body, nor do body in return together. You don't take more body and you don't do more believe becoming a thought. Instead of a hedge I number 39 we learn all the nanny Latina yukata Luna the limo

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permission to fight has been given to those who are being fought Why? Because they have been wronged. So when a person has been wronged, he is allowed to stand up for himself he is allowed to take revenge and he also has the option to forgive.

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But forgiving does not mean the first option which is that you keep taking more and more disgrace and humiliation and less of a person cannot do anything but even then he has an option of making the artola. So when we are deciding what is that will say you added and the retribution for an evil. That is that the retribution the recompense for an evil action is how much meaning when they want to defend themselves. How do they defend themselves? What does that say you say you don't miss Lucia is an evil one like it, meaning whatever Evil has been done to them. They do

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The exact same evil to the other person not more,

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what is that will say you can say with lower. Now, if you think about it the retribution is also called say

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over here if you look at the eye, which is that will say I think the retribution for say here is like it

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doesn't mean that if a person is taking retribution is doing say here, he's committing a sin no. Why is it called a? Because on the outward What is it? It is say for example, if somebody has killed some persons relative, now the air, he has the right to take revenge, and he decides, okay, the revenge I'm going to take is that I'm going to kill him now killing someone on the outward inside here. But in his case, it's not say Why? Because he is taking revenge. And he is allowed to do that. So we see over here that taking revenge is allowed, although forgiving someone is much better. But taking revenge is permissible. But what's the condition

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that it should be equal, it should resemble it should be similar to the crime that has been committed to the person.

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Like for example, if someone has hit you, you are allowed to hit them back but how much only as much as they hit you? If somebody has cursed a person,

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he can also say, you also like for example, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was with his wife and some Yahoo they passed by and they said Assam article must be upon you, or you shall be done his response. What was it? Assam Aleikum, one learner? She added one more thing. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no, what was his response? were illegal. So when you say where I lay calm, this is saying here like it, somebody says made that be upon using and on YouTube. So it's miserable like it very similar to it. So we have to be careful that when we are responding to the other person when we're taking retribution, we don't become the he will do it. So what does that say? You didn't

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say? Mr. bacala i 194 last

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year that there are legal fair to do our lady be Miss Lee Martha article wakulla. So whoever has assaulted you then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you and

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inserted an Iowan 60 we learn woman javis a Yeti fella, you desert in line with law. And whoever comes with an evil deed will not be recompense except the like there are. So in the law of Allah. If somebody does wrong, what do they deserve? What kind of punishment only equal to the wrongs that they have done.

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And Miss Lu has similar to it, meaning equal to it in its quantity.

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And also in its quality in the same manner, and also the same quantity. So somebody has it once. They're only to be hit back once, if somebody slept there cannot be punched. If somebody slaps them, they cannot be punched in return. So there should be no transgression in retaliation, which is that will say you at him say I don't mislead.

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But remember that there are some crimes for which even when you do take revenge, you're not allowed to take revenge in a manner that the person wronged you. For example, if somebody cheated you, can you cheat them in return? No, you can't do that. You can't say over there, that Oh, but Allah says, what does that say? You didn't say to me, they have cheated me, I will cheat them? No, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, well, the Hon manconi

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did not cheat the one who cheats you.

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So this ayah it will not be understood in a very general sense that if anybody wrongs you in any way, do the same thing to them.

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You have to see what Allah and His Messenger have also told us and in taking revenge. Are there any benefits?

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When you take revenge when you take retribution? Are there any benefits?

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Basically, we see that taking revenge has benefits. It does have benefits because a lot of panel data tells us in sort of Accra 179 Welcome Falcon saucy, higher

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yet we'll allow that for you in kasasa is life preservation of life when you will take the sauce when you will kill the murder? The nobody will dare to kill another person. But if you say okay forgive, then what will happen? It will allow so many people to commit murder. In sort of 945 we learn what the Taliban are lay him for the money Israel It was written that we had in it in the scripture that analysis of NFC will enable and will enfamil and for Odin I will Odin was sin every sin what do you do have to sauce

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Find the solder coffee for Hookah falter. So not just the Muslims but even before as the Bani Israel they were given the same law of taking as us of taking retribution because retribution does have benefits. And what is it that you stop the crime?

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You stop the crime.

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And if you think about it, for example, you go to a particular office, the person standing over there, they're very rude to you. they misbehave with you. They're very derogatory in the way that this week do. Now you forgive them. If you hurt but you forgive them, you say Allah will take revenge from me and you make the right to Allah. Now that you stand over there and let them say whatever they want to, but you forgive them.

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Okay, you forgive them, what will happen? They will become more courageous, another person walks in, they will be even more rude. But if you take revenge over there, not by yelling at them, and cursing them, and threatening them, but simply by going to the manager and filing a complaint and what will that lead to? stopping the round?

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Robin Allah Tatiana fitness Angela Dena, don't make us a fitna. For those people that don't know why. Because if they are able to do a loan through us, then they will become firm on that loan. So we will become like a fitna for them, they will continue to do one thing after the other. So taking revenge has benefits. However, what is still better, forgiving. Forgiveness is better. Both the options are there of taking revenge and also forgiveness. What should a person do?

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Look at the situation and see what is better.

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Some situations allow you to take revenge. other situations don't allow you you are helpless over there. You can't do anything.

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You can't even defend yourself over there. So when you forgive, you are securing reward, and Allah will defend you.

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We see that the prophets are along the center. Many times He forgive. But many times he also punished He also took revenge. So what does that say? You say I don't miss Lucha Femina, but whoever forgives what else Lucha and he reconciled for a Jew who Allah then his reward is upon Allah. alpha alpha is from the reflectors. I infer Well, if an alpha is to forgive, there are two types of Apple, one that is machmood and the other that is

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two types of forgiveness, one that is praiseworthy, and the other that is blameworthy, when is it praiseworthy?

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When is it praiseworthy? When is it good?

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So, for example, when it comes to personal matters, when a person forgives the other, why? Because he has harmed him in a personal matter.

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Like for instance, somebody curses you, you forgive them, you don't curse them back. Somebody says harsh words do you don't say any harsh words in return? Because if you say harsh words in return, you're retaliating. What will that lead to?

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What will that lead to sometimes? More and more arguments. If you don't get along with a particular relative and you live in the same house, every time they get at you you yell at them every time they fight with you, you fight with them, every time they say something hurtful, you say something hurtful, okay. Technically, this is just taking revenge, this is not forgiveness. Forgiveness over here praise where these what when you forgive them, if they say something harsh, why? Because it will put an end to

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it will put an end to the problem getting worse. they yell at you, you stay silent. Would that give you the opportunity to fight with them? No, they say something harsh to you, you remain silent. So alpha is praiseworthy, when it is a means of putting a stop to

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Then it is praise writing. And the purpose is to do Islam. This is why almost pantalla says wonderful Acropolis taqwa and if you forgive that is closer to the core.

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The second type of RFO is that which is much more than that, which is blameworthy. What is that? That when it is in matches where the head is to be implemented.

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For instance, a woman was brought to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who had committed theft. Remember that incident? And because she was from a very noble family, people said Please forgive her. But what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say that by him in whose hand is my soul? If Fatima the daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam if she stole I would cut her hand as well. Over there he did not forgive.

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Why? Because they had was to be implemented, the punishment was to be carried out.

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So if a person forgives where the punishment is to be carried out, that forgiveness is not praiseworthy.

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forgiving those people who deserve to be punished who are extremely guilty. Even this is not praiseworthy. For instance, there are many prisoners. And let's say it comes, and the government decides, okay, we're going to release 10 prisoners, why it's a time of a very happy moment, let them go. If you let them go, where are they going to do?

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What are they going to do? They're going to do more facade. Somebody who is being punished who deserves to be punished, they must be punished, they should not be forgiven, because if you forgive them, it will let them thrive. It will let them increase in their own to remember these two types of alpha, and over here, which is meant

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over here in the context, that which is praiseworthy. So if I'm an alpha will asla hat and he also does Islam, meaning he does that which leads to Islam. Somebody yells at you, you forgive them. And instead of yelling, you say good words. When you say good words, is that going to lead to Islam? Yes, so famine or affair with us Lucha for agita, who Allah then his reward is upon meeting it is due and necessary on level definitely give it to him in who indeed he lay. hypovolemia he does not like the wrongdoers or the wrongdoers, those who initiate doesn't. And sometimes if you think about it, the Muslim he becomes a volume, how

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wrong was done to him and he does more wrong in return. So in the who labels alameen Allah does not like the wrongdoers, those who initiate the wrong and those who do more wrong in return. Insert the null I 126. Allah Subhana Allah says we're in our capital for our people, we miss him, okay, b2b, whether insalata level highroller Sabri if you punish, punish with an equivalent of that which you were harmed. But if you are patient, it is better for those who are patient. So two options are given over here of taking revenge and also

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forgiveness. And a person has to see what is better given the situation that he's in. In some situations, forgiveness is better. In other situations, taking revenge, punishment is better. If your child is being disobedient, he's being rude. You should forgive them. No, you have to punish them over there. You have to teach them a lesson because if you don't, then what's that going to lead to? that's going to lead them to doing more and more wrong actions. But sometimes children reach a particular stage where even if you say it does not make a difference, so in that case, if you yell at them, if you rebuke them, will it make a difference? No, no, it will not. So you ignore

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what they have done.

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So you have to see the situation. Sometimes forgiveness is better Other times, taking revenge is better. But Allah says over here, what am an intercessor and whoever Avengers himself whoever takes revenge, bardawil me after injustice, denting after Luton was done to him, after the wrongdoer has wronged him, he takes revenge for a cause and those people merola him in Serbia, there is no way against them, meaning there is no blame on them. No punishment on the

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Sabbath over here means way off, blame or way of punishing them. So for example, if a person takes the sauce, how a person slapped him, he slaps him in return. So when he slaps in return,

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can he be blamed? No. Can he be punished? No. Because Allah says, Well, I'm an intercessor, about Viva La aka Mariela human Sabine, there's no way against them, no blame, and no punishment.

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In our Seville, indeed, the way the way of what blame the cause is only against two Island lady nails of the moon and nurse against those people who do learn on the people who mistreat people who initiate the wrong action. Who will be punished. Who will be punished What is this I have teachers, the one who starts the one the one who does live on the people wearable who NFL early belated help and they oppress in the land without any right. What does it mean by this wave of NFL oddly related

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that they perform acts of disobedience to them because that is buggy. Do things are mentioned over here first of all loom on people and secondly, birth in the earth

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and that is disobedience. So when there's loads of against people, and the other is going against the commands of Allah soprano, so such people, they're going to be punished. Allah aka for them the home or they're gonna lean for them is a painful punishment, painful punishment were in the dunya how that whatever wrong they do, they'll be punished for it and in the hereafter also, there is punishment for them

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while I'm on sabara and whoever is patient will

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Are any forgive in Nevada, lemon asmall or more indeed, that is of the matters requiring determination.

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After mentioning retribution again, Allah subhanaw taala mentions forgiveness, that whoever is patient on the harm that has been done to him on the evil that has been done to him, and he doesn't take revenge, he bears the insult with patients will offer any forgives, he forgives the wrongdoer. And remember part of mafia is conceding the same. So he doesn't tell everybody about it in Nevada.

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Because sometimes what happens we forgive the other person, but we tell everybody, by the way, they said this to me, but I forgave them. But what do we see over here? How far are you also conceal what the other has done? You don't publicize?

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What am savara will offer our patients and on top of that forgiveness. Sometimes we are patient over there, but we're not able to forgive the other person. We hold those feelings for the rest of our lives. savato will offer in a delicate demeanor as well. That is of the matters requiring determination, or ism is what

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determination firm will when a person has firmly resolved that he's going to do something. So it is of those matters for which you need us. If you haven't made up your mind that you have forgiven that person, you will be patient you cannot be patient, you have to actively use your brain over here. Because in emotional situations, we tend not to use our brains.

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But in this situation, when you want to forgive someone when you want to control yourself, you have to be very active over the head to be very alert over there. So it is those matters which require firm resolve otherwise a person cannot do it.

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And it is of those matters, which Allah subhanaw taala has required us to do in the dyadic element.

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So patience and forgiveness, they're not easy. They require a lot of strength, firm resolve, but the benefits How are they

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How are they eternal? Because if you go back to where these is began from what is the loss of prioritizing the home of the hereafter that is heightened or otherwise for who for those who had these characteristics?

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He will listen to the recitation

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for you

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been a journey buena?

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Me one

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female poo

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I have a job

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mean Nazneen.

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Subbu really brings honor to a person if you see over here to control one's anger. What does a person need

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to forgive the other person what does a person need? Some do not retaliate when you have the ability? What do you need some? And we see over here that while I'm on sobre, la follow in the Delica let me know as well.

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And before that a loss from data says from an affair with her, for Andrew,

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that they're worried of this person is guaranteed, the one who forgives The one who reforms. Because you see when the other person is angry with you, you get angry with them, they're yelling at you, you yell at them. It really satisfies your ego. When you are taking revenge, it really satisfies your ego, however, is it leading to this law or more facade

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leads to more facade.

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So this is why their award is so great when a person focuses on doing Islam. And when a person's focuses on doing Islam and not satisfying his own ego, then he will take the right decision of either forgiving the person or taking revenge.

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We learned that was she when he killed the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and later on he became a Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forgive him, but he just told him not to go in front of him, because every time he would come in front of him that would cause her to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But if you look at what caused him to be so upset with what humans there was a genuine reason over there, that he killed his uncle, his uncle Hamza, who was a means of so much strength for Muslims and the way he killed him, and what was done to his body afterwards, it was something very hurtful for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So definitely what is higher is that you

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forgive you pardon, you overlook what the other person has done. However, we're human beings after all.

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And Amanda was about

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Sarah Holly, I remember once my son was playing in a park and a bigger children, they harmed him, and I get angry, and I went in the way I was angry to talk to these kids. And then when I saw that, he said, somehow, I changed my mind. And I said, Listen, this is your project, because I live in areas, how many Muslims? And he said, this is your young brother, I trust you guys. I send my brother, my son to play outside. And you guys, you do this to him? And I was talking to the boy and the boy, he didn't reply, but he was just looking down and then when I left was my son and he's calling me, sister, can you leave him we'll take care of it. You see, like, we thought good to them,

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inshallah, we'll get the benefit. Right? Your focus is Islam. And if your focus is just to satisfy your ego, then that will not lead to Islam.

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We see that in Makkah, the Muslims, were they allowed to take revenge? No. Why? Because if they took revenge over there, it would not lead to Islam, it would lead to more facade. And in Medina, then they took revenge. Why? Because that would lead to again, Islam. So, every time when you forgive someone, or you take revenge, your focus should be what? Islam

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that should be the focus that will help you make the right decision.

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You will listen to the recitation of desire