Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L154A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics including war, religion, and a failed mission, including a woman named Maria who talks about her love for Jake and a woman named Yelled who talks about her fear of leaving her home. They also mention a woman named Kansa who is trying to convince a woman named Kansa to leave her. The group describes a group of people including a woman named Yama trying to convince a woman named Kansa to leave her, while also discussing a woman named Kansa who is trying to convince a woman named Kansa to leave her.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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now whether you want to solve a lot of soliel karimabad for the B let him initiate one rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem beshara Lisa de were Sidley Emery. Hello melissani of Cali Robin as ignoramus. So number 154 suited to cast iron number 6282. Translation.

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What if and when? Allah He said, Musa Musa alayhis Salam leafa tahu to his servant lair not Abra who I will see his head the until a believer, I reach Majumdar place of meeting junction and the horizon of the two seas out or Anglia I continue help over a long period. fella then when bellava they too reached much Mara junction benei Hema between them to nesea they both forgot who the Houma fish have them to further harder. So it took Sevilla who its way its course fee in Albury the sea serova tunneling slipping away,

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fella so when Joe was a day to cross the two past Allah He said leave it to his boy to his servant attina you bring us over there Anna our morning meal locker certainly Latina we have met men from suffering our journey had this Masada much fatigue on he said

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did you see it when away now? We retreated Illa to a Sahara the rock for me then indeed I Nessie to I forgot who the the fish warmer and not and certainly who he made me forget it Illa except a shape on the shape on and that ad guru who I should mention it what the other and it took Sevilla who its way it scores fairbury in the sea our Java amazingly

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color he said that nigga that ma what good now we were nibbling we seek for that the then they do or then they both returned either upon 30 humor footsteps of them do kasasa following retracing for each other then they both found evidence a servant men from Reba Dena, our servants at Dana who we gave him Ramadan and mercy men from Indiana near us. We're alumna who and we taught him men from Laguna near us Elma knowledge Allah He said Lahu to him Musa Musa Elisa help me shall at America I follow you. Allah upon I'm that to eliminate you teach me member from what are limited you were taught rush the sound judgment. Carla he said in liquor indeed you know never does totally or you

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will be able Marian with me sobre impatience wor k for and how does little you have patience Allah upon ma what learn not to help you encompass. Be with it. Cobra in knowledge earner, he said Saturday dooney soon you will find me in if share he will Allahu Allah sobre patient while and not asleep I disobey letter for you Umbra in any matter in any order. And he said for him then if if the botany You followed me further than do not only you asked me about Shea in anything had that until I mentioned I initiate lacquer for you men who from it are about it. The decor I mentioned. From Tanaka. So they both proceeded they both set out. Hector until either when or Akiba. They both

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embarked fee in a Safina the ship her aka her, he tore it open. He made a hole in it.

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Allah He said *

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terracotta hair, you turn it open, you made a hole in it little vertical so that you drown the hair. It's people, lockup, certainly. You have gone Shea and a thing in raw, grave, serious, evil.

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Allah He said, Adam did not occur I say in NACA indeed you learn never does that they are you are able Maria with me sobre la impatience Allah He said let do not do a hit me You call me to account Bhima because of what mercy to I forgot whether and do not turn here Connie, you burden me You make me suffer main from Emory my matter or saw difficulty

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from Telecom. Then they both proceeded then they both set out had their until either when lucky Yeah, they both met whoo lemon, a boy for katella who so he killed him. Allah He said have a Delta you killed. Nuff said a soul zakian pure with it without Knutsen a soul locker certainly Jake that you have gone Shay and I think nohcra hateful.

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Allah He said, alarm did not call I say locker for you. In nikka indeed you learn never does study or you have ability. Maria with me sobre impatience. Allah He said, If

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I asked you about che in anything by the her after it fellow then do not do so heavily. You keep me as a companion. But in fact, Bella after you have reached men from the dooney near me, or draw an excuse from Telecom, then they both set out. Then they both proceeded. Had the until either when they both came. And people Korea of HR is stopped armor. They bought us for food and a half from its people for a bow but they refused. And that you buy the food, they offer them both hospitality. You buy your food home and they offer them to hospitality, for what you other than they both found. fee her in it. Darwin award, you redo it once, it is about two and that young. it collapses for a coma

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who then he restored it for a karma who then he restored it. Or then he set it upright. Honor, he said no. If you will let the hosta surely you could take I lay upon it a draw reward. Which father he said Heather this fear of parting separation benei between me whereby Nick and between you, sir owner Bianca soon I will inform you better way with interpretation of what love not does still there you were able or lay upon it sobre patience. Amma as for a Safina the ship for granite, so it was Lima sakin for poor ones, Yama, Luna they work fi in and battery the C for our two so I intended and that arriba I make a defective worker and it was what are behind them. melikyan a king Yehuda he

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seizes color every Safina can ship waspa by force

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what amber and as for alarm the boy for Ghana, so he was a boy who is to parents may name two believers for her Sheena. So we feared um that your hookah humor he would overburden them to or he would oppress them to doriana in transgression or cofra and in disbelief.

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For dinner, so we intended and that you Videla Huma, he should substitute for them to rob Bahama Rob of them to hiren better men who from him the Catherine in purity will Acaba and closer nearer Rama to mercy to affection. What a man and as for LG though, the one for Ghana so it was legal airmini for two boys, yet the main two orphans fee in El Medina, the city worker and it was that the who underneath it, consume a treasure lahoma for them to work on it and he was a boomer their father saw and they have righteous for it.

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So he intended Rob Booker Europe, and that year Bulova, they both reach a should the Homer majority of them do, or their full majority, their full strength. Whereas the region and they both extract Kansa Homer, their treasure or treasure of them to Ramadan as immersi men from Arabic Europe, warmer and not found to who I did it on from Emory, my accord, Emory, my accord

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velika that that we interpretation, explanation

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of what landlord does there you had ability, you were able, I lay upon it, Sabra in patience.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Were born

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you know soccer was

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VG Tony

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Kavita De Lima.

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Lima Sakina

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I'm Rita Nikita

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