Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 119A Translation Hud 50-83

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics such as the return of the Saudi, the return of the Middle East, and the return of the Earth. The speakers discuss various aspects such as drug use, fire, and drugs. They also mention a woman named Hope and her daughter. The group discusses various plans for the day, including a barber distressed by a woman returning to a salon and a woman named Barbara. They also talk about random topics and their own experiences.
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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national they will want to suddenly our little studio Karim Allah Bartha are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish rally Saudi were Sidley Emery wash Little Rock data melissani of Goku COVID

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or Benezia dinner in

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lesson number 119 Sudha hood is number 5283 Translation

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what either and two are adding a ha whom their brother who the hood or the salon owner he said yeah oh call me My people are boo do you all worship Allah Allah MA Not locum for you men from Allah in any god are you who other than Him in not unknown you all except move the room want to fabricate

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Yeah or call me my people lead not as a LUCAM I ask you Our Lady upon it a draw any reward in not Algeria my reward Illa except Allah upon unleaded the one who fatter Ronnie He created me

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a fella do they're not dark balloon you all understand

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where and all call me my people is still fearful you will seek forgiveness from Macomb Europe summer then to boo you all return or you alternate in repentance lie to him your sin He will send a summer the sky or lay come upon you may the aura pouring abundantly or Madara in showers

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will end he has it gone he will increase you go Watton in strength ILA to go what become your strength? One and do not that the one low you all turn away? Would you remain as criminals? Or as sinners? Galuh they said yeah. Oh who do hood may not Gitana you have come to us be by uniting with a clear proof. Warmer and not know we be daddy key at all ones who leave early Hatena our gods I'm from CO Lika you're saying your word warmer and not national. We look up for you remote meaning at all believers.

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In not Nakula we say Illa except aerator aka he has seized you

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or he has intended for you bearable some early Hatena our gods be so in with evil. Allah He said in me indeed I wish you do I call to witness Allah Allah

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wash Hadoo and you all bear witness and need that indeed I bury on innocent or free of responsibility mimma from what to record you all associate partners

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main from Tony besides him for key Dooney so you all plot against me? Jim era altogether some then law do not don't lead only you all give us by to me

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in the indeed i The Oracle to I have put my trust Allah upon Allah He Allah Robbie my rock what have become and your man not men from the button any creature

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in that except who he actually don't want who holds been asleep at her with its forelock.

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In indeed rugby my rub Allah upon Surat in a bath Mr. team went straight

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for him but if the one low you all turn away for cod then in fact our beloved to come I have conveyed to you man that which are still two I was sent be with it. Eli come to you with your stuff live and he will give succession rugby my Rob Coleman are people ready to come other than you Wallah and not double Runa who you will harm him shake anything in the indeed Robbie Myra Allah upon Kali every che in thing Have you been a guardian?

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Well, Amma and when Gera it came on Bruna our command. Now Jaina we saved who Then who are they Salam when Medina and those who are Manu they believed Mara who with him be Ramadan with Mercy Mina from us. When a Jaina whom and we saved them, men from or the punishment for kneeling severe

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what n tilde and that I do not Jaha do they rejected bat with signs or be him of the Arab world so and they disobeyed Rasul Allah who His messengers, what terbaru and they followed Umbra

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A command godly every Jabarin tyrant are needed stubborn.

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Well and ought to be true, they were followed fee in heavy this atonia the world learner then curse way OMA and on day LTI Murthy the standing

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Allah unquestionably in indeed an advocate for who they disbelieved proper whom they rub Allah unquestionably burden away or curse there are them for going people who didn't have food or the salon

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what Isla and towards the mudita mode AHA whom their brother saw they have solid

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color he said yeah oh call me My people are will do you will worship Allah Allah may not like him for you men from either him any God right who other than him. Who are he and Sherco he produced you men from of the the earth was the American and he settled you fee her in it.

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First of Pharaoh who so you will seek forgiveness from him so my than to bow you will turn in repentance lie to him. In the indeed Robbie Myra Caliban near Mooji when responsive

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Carlu they said yeah oh salehoo Saleh earlier Salam God in fact content you were fina in US Module One a man of promise Cabela before Heather this Athan Hannah Do you forbid us Do you stop us and that nabooda We worship ma what year are Buddha he worships Abba owner our forefathers were in Vienna and indeed we Luffy surely in Czech in doubt minima from what the owner you call us la he to it Marie when in doubt

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Allah He said yeah, oh, call me My people are Atim Have you seen in if going to I was Allah upon by uniting a clear proof men from rugby my rub were attorney and he gave me men who from himself Ramadan and mercy for men so who young Sunni you would help me mean from Allah Allah in if I say to who I disobeyed Him for masala does he do noni you all increase me Clara other than the seed in ROSS

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well yeah and oh CALL ME MY PEOPLE heavy this nacoochee Camel Allah He of Allah. La come for you I attend a sign for the row has so you are lever that girl she eats V in all the land Allah you have Allah Walla and do not the Mizzou ha you all toucher Bisou in with any evil for your whole the Quran consequently it will cease you either been a punishment or even near

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for our Kuru has so they hamstrung her for color so he said tomato you all enjoy fi in that he comb your homes. The letter three a Yemen days there Lika that word on a promise that you do not make do one denied

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further muscle when Jaya it gave a Munna our command. Now Jaina we save saleha Salah her de Sena, well, ADINA, and those who are Manu, they believe Mara, who with him be Ramadan with Mercy Mina from us. Women and from hizzy humiliation, Yo Ma even of that day, indeed, Rebecca Europe who are he took away the powerful are these the mighty?

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Were other

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and it seized Alladhina those who want to move the wrong

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or say her the shriek for us were who so they became fee in the anti Hindu homes Jaffe mean once fallen prone, or once fallen on their faces.

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Gun as if lamb not yoga, no, they dwelt they lived fear in it. Allah unquestionably indeed. So move the move. Go follow the discipline disbelieved about the home they rub Allah unquestionably burden away. Curse litho wood for the mood.

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While account and certainly jet, it came through Soluna Our Messengers Ibrahima to Ibraheem Alehissalaam Bill Bushra with the good news Kalu they said salobre peace father he said Solomon peace from also not Levita he remained and that ger he came Berejiklian with a cough honey then roasted

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fella muscle when he saw idea home their hands learn not just say do it reaches la he to it natural home. He distrusted them

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MACURA home he distrusted them what oh Jessa and he felt in heart men home from them prefer then fear apprehension.

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Oh no they said lead do not the half you fear in that indeed we

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are sinner we were sent Isla to go people looting of loot early Salah

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ombre to who and his wife got in Mattoon one standing for the haircut so she loved Furbish Shona her so we gave her good news because half of his help women and from what he after is how can this help your global your group are you sort of honored she said yeah Oh way later wrote to me a little Shall I give birth? Well Anna while I am or Judaism and Old Woman Well Heather and this barley, my husband, che ha and old men in the indeed Heather this Leshy on surely a thing or Jeevan amazing.

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Paulo they said, do our third jobina you are amazed.

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Men from armoury command Allah He of Allah,

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Rama to Mercy Allah He of Allah, wa baraka to and his blessings are lay come upon you.

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People elbaite of the house in who indeed he Hermione praiseworthy, Maji dune honorable

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falam fella then when the hubbub it went on from Ibrahim, Ibrahim or the salaam of lower the fright wotja at WHO and it came to him. I'll Bushra the good news Yuja DeLuna he was disputing with us fee concerning golem people looting of loot or the seller.

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In the indeed, Ibrahima Ibrahim la halimun. Surely forbearing aware Han extremely grieving

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aware one extremely grieving MiniBooNE frequently returning

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Yeah, oh, Ibrahim Ibrahim are the turn away. I'm from her this inner who indeed it odd in fact, it came amou command Rebecca of Europe. We're in the home and indeed the tea him. One that comes to them are their punishment right or not murdered? One rejected or one repelled

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when a man and when javitch came rasuna Our Messengers Lupin to look at a salon. See, he was distressed, or he was grieved, be him for them, while darker and it tightened, or he felt tight.

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Be him for them. There are in strength. Wakanda and he said, Heather, this Yeoman a day are asleep one crucial asleep one crucial

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watch wotja Who and he came to him Oh Mugu, his people, yoga owner, hastening la he to him, woman and from Cognito before canu they were your MeLuna they do say the evils or the evil deeds. Kata he said yeah oh CALL ME MY PEOPLE her hola it is Bennati My daughters are not they are a total pure locum for you for tacos. So you all fear Allah Allah, Allah and do not do Zuni you all disgrace me fee concerning by fee my guests Elisa is he not men come from you Roger loon a man Rashidun one of reason for one who is guided

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although they said lockup certainly are limited you know Are you new man Atlanta for us fee in banana Tikka your daughter's men from happen? Any claim

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we're in Africa and indeed you letter Allah mu surely you no matter what nudie do we want? Allah He said low if only under that indeed leave for me become for you. Oh well done some power. Oh, or are we? I could take refuge Illa to Brooklyn a support a pillar shed Eden strong.

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Carlo this year oh do to loose or insular? Indeed we also look messengers are big of Europe. Lamb never yesterday Lu they reach alayka to you for asleep so you travel by night for asleep. So you travel by night. Be Alika with your family. Be littering in abortion men from a lay of the night Wallah and not yet have it he turned back. Men come from you or her Don't anyone in law except Imran attacked your wife

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In the who indeed it mostly boo her one that reaches her my that which Osama whom it reached them in the indeed Merida whom their promised time a sub who the morning Elisa, is it not a sub held the morning weekly at all one near or definitely near

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further maths so when it came on Bruna our command Jana we made our idea her its highest surfy to her its lowest one partner and we rained we showered or lay her upon it he gelatin stones men from CG Lin baked clay

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Mondo one Laird

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was a woman marked in the near Rebecca your warmer and not here it men from a blood mean the wrongdoers be buried at all one form

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we listen to the recitation of these ideas and we move on well I

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mean are you in

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the home yeah oh Neela is

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in Nigeria

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not only me.

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Welcome Home is 12 00

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to go Ely you will see this

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middle Oh.

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What an

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income. Why is he doing

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oh my god, me. God. Oh, yeah. voodoo magic. Be vain. You know Nobita Riki Lee has been

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our man

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early 19 Oh, Allah in me we'll show you how I shadow anybody

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to shrink * Meudon he think he do need me

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on elite our canon law he'll be home

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not be at all. They'll be

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assumed to be he

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was definitely for me. Lawyer on top of Warner who shall

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be Alicia in 30

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Runa Dana

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when I

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mean, nobody

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just had to be to be more awesome.

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need to be movie had he dunya Allah

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told me

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where he

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of the was down are comfy. There's still too much Oh ELA in rugby Mooji or

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taffy. Door

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ona in Nana fish

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Jonah moody on me Oh ain't Don't

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be one anymore

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me to login now so you

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can see why you wrote up see

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me having gone too long

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quality elderly he won and Emma Sue has been sued

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in the

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body that all have gone down V daddy

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there you go I don't know you're

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J now saw the whole

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thing mean Bill met him I mean now I mean his year will meet me

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back and who

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he is well I'll call the lady mostly had over us but who will be the

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in a mood and

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what else

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Bush follows Alabama Paula's

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hairy butt

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boom hater all

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one more and took off on email to Allah He can't read the show. He is

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on his

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ball and try Elijah

00:22:42 --> 00:22:47

Jules Oh bernicia You call in

00:22:49 --> 00:22:53

AIG auto Tara Jabeen I'm in

00:22:56 --> 00:22:58

a rush matalon You are

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very late in Hamid Majeed.

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Gu Shah Yuja de Luna he

00:23:19 --> 00:23:21

he Hemara had Iman

00:23:23 --> 00:23:27

Mooney yeah you're all here more

00:23:35 --> 00:23:38

big we're in a home

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Do you

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see him calling him

00:23:53 --> 00:23:54

Bobby him

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heard I O now see

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Ramona Elaine? I mean

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we are gonna say

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oh me

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to zone eBay up early selling

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she borrowed I'm Jana Lana de rana. As you can mean have you

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manually read Paula one review who was an we let me share D

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bing Kelly, I'll see you Oh, he Lake Bessarabia Malika.

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You mean a lady well I mean

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in most evil

00:25:15 --> 00:25:19

most social places sorry

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Morona John

00:25:28 --> 00:25:29


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mu someone

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being Kawana he I mean, what do you mean Abby berry

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