Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 167B Tafsir Al-Hajj 1-4

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the significance of hedge events in achieving hedge objectives and the difficulty of planning for them. The concept of hedge is discussed, including the Day of Law and the Day of Jgment, as well as the importance of fear and negative comments in causing disaster. The speakers emphasize the need for evidence to prove the truth and avoiding misunderstandings. The conversation also touches on the concept of "hasn't it?" and the potential consequences of shameless behavior and the potential consequences of shameless behavior.
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Lesson number 167 Surah two hedge is number one to 24 Surah Al Hajj is a very unique Surah of the Quran. It's very different surah and what I mean by that is that this Willa has many unique characteristics. What are those characteristics? First of all, if you look at the name of the Surah, what is it? Hajj, what is Hajj? It's one of the pillars of Islam. Is there any Surah which is called a song, a fala a shahada as the cat No, this is the only Surah which is named after one of the pillars of Islam. So, another Hajj is also different, because it is the only surah in the Quran which has to do such that tilava such that Halawa what is that that certain verses which when they

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are recited, what should we do? Prostrate, right as we are reciting, or we should pause the recitation and go into sujood and then continue the recitation, which is why if a person recites an IR like that in Salah also what do they have to do going to sujood and then continue with their prayers. So, this surah has to such that tilava in it. Also, Suunto Hajj is a Maki surah and a Madani Surah it's murky and many

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parts of it were revealed before the hijra, and other parts of the surah were revealed after the Hydra

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and if you think about it, if you connect it with the concept of Hajj, what does that show? Hajj is a pillar of Islam, right it is something that is required from every believer who is able and we learned that all of such commandments were given to the Muslims after the Hijrah. You understand? They were given after the Hijra. So for example, the cat when it comes to fasting, all of these obligations came after the Hijrah, because in Makkah, it was not possible for the Muslims to practice the deen. Right. The only thing they were required to do was pray two times a day if that was possible, right. And then finally when the prophets Allah, Allah is on when for Miraj, then the

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five daily prayers were made obligatory. So anyway, hedge was obligated after hijra, so you can understand why the sutra parts of it were revealed after the hijab, because it talks about Hajj and those details came after the Hijra. However, the concept of Hajj existed even before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, because who announced the hajj who began the Hajj? Ibrahim our listener, and it's Marina Listen, um, he was in Makkah, and his children, his descendants, the people who came after him, they did practice, they did perform Hajj. But obviously over time, just as many concepts, many rituals were distorted hedge was also distorted. It was also changed, but the concept of Hajj

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existed amongst the Arabs against the machete King. So this is why parts of the surah were revealed before the Hijra also, right now, Hajj is an obligation, right. And while it is an obligation, remember that there are also many lessons that we learn from Hodge, when it comes to any command that Allah subhanaw taala has given any command, whether it's a ritual that we have to perform, or it's the command to forgive, or it is the command to be good to the relatives, whatever command it is, there is definitely wisdom, there's definitely some benefit behind it. Definitely there is whether it's the hijab or anything, there is some benefit. There's some wisdom behind it. You know,

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there's something that is known as Mufasa, the shed era, the objectives of the shittier meeting, every command every prohibition, that is part of the shittier it is to achieve certain objectives. So for instance of the objectives of the shut er is the protection the preservation of one's sanity, you understand? So, this is a reason why alcohol is forbidden. You understand? This is a reason why drugs are forbidden. Why? Because if a person is allowed to have alcohol, then what will happen to his mind? What will happen he will be intoxicated, he will be drunk, and he will do something that only an insane person would do. Right? So when it comes to Hajj also remember that this is not

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something that we have to do for no reason. There is some reason there is some benefit. There is some lesson that we learn from hedge that we cannot learn from anything else. You understand, this is the reason why hedge is obligated. Now, what are those lessons that we learned from hedge? If you think about it, hedge is one of the biggest gatherings on Earth annually. I remember watching the documentary, and it was about hedge by National Geographic, I think and in that they were saying that planning for hedge is so difficult, because it's like you are

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Preparing for five or 10 Super Bowls, right? In which every person is participating. Imagine Super Bowl. It's one of those events that is watched all over North America. Right? And imagine the place where the Super Bowl is taking place. How many people are there? 1000s and 1000s. Now imagine all those 1000s of people are not just watching the Superbowl, they're actually playing, participating. Right? So hedge is one of the largest gatherings. But despite the fact that it's one of the largest gatherings How do you feel when you are at Hajj? You feel alone, you feel alone in that biggest gathering? You know, for instance, if you are in Mustafa, or you are at Mina, and you don't know

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where your tent is, all right, you go to the bathroom or you go to get some food and you don't know where your tent is, every tank looks like your tent, but it's not your tent. What happens in that huge gathering, you are lost, even though there are 1000s and 1000s of people all around you, but you feel all alone. You feel alone. And what does this remind a person off the Day of Judgment, the largest gathering, but in that gathering a person is all by himself all alone. Hajj is also very difficult. It's not that easy. Which is why one of the first things that we need to remember when we go for Hajj is subject to sub sub, I have to be patient, because each person is going to be tested

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in their own unique way, in their own unique way. Because Allah knows what the weaknesses of that person are right? And Allah will test that person, according to his weaknesses. You know, it's amazing how people do all their planning when they go for Hajj, right all their extra clothes and extra Plan B whatever, in case something goes wrong, then I have this. But what happens when you go for Hajj, your bag that you were relying so heavily upon, just never shows up?

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Right? Or you get the most expensive package. But what happens? You're stuck in Mina without food. I remember when we went for hudge we were in Mina, we barely got breakfast in the morning. It was hardly you don't call it breakfast, it was just tea with like package snacks. All right. And for those people who don't drink teas or person like me, it meant no breakfast, just water and maybe some nuts or some crackers or something like that. So anyway, that's the breakfast that we got. And then there was no lunch, and there was no dinner. Why? Because the person who was supposed to bring the food, he was stuck in traffic, he was stuck in traffic. So he's on the phone, he's like, I have

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all the food with me, I just can't make it. I'm sorry. I can't make it. And so many people were getting upset, they were angry. They were like, when we go back, we're gonna sue this group, and we're gonna do this, you know, everybody's getting upset.

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But everybody is tested at HUD. Right. And in that moment of difficulty, when you are being tested in that way, we see that each person their reality is exposed how each person, you just abandons the rest of the people's like, you know what, I don't know you anymore, you deal with it. I can't bother anymore. So people, their weaknesses are exposed also how each person, they just dissociate themselves from others. You go your way i go my way. I'm sorry, I can't carry your bag anymore. I give up. I've had it, I'm done. And we see that on the Day of Judgment, people will also abandon each other in the same way.

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So in hedge, there are numerous lessons, many lessons. And we will see in the sutra, that where hedge is mentioned, Day of Judgment is also mentioned. Because the hunch, in fact, is a reminder of the Day of Judgment, it's a glimpse into how the Day of Judgment will be you know people are wearing just two white robes. That's it Do I cheats, simple clothing. The richest man is looking just like the poorest man. Right? If you look at the Kings also, if they come for hedge, what are they dressed like? Just like their guards are just like everybody else. There's no difference. Everybody's dressed in the same way. And hedge. It's a long journey. And that also reminds us of the length of

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the Day of Judgment, the heat of the day of judgment, the sweat, the difficulties of that day.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says are the beloved Nisha Tania rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Yeah. Are you her nurse, all mankind, all people, it the core of bacame Fear your Lord, have fear of Allah. It Dakota bacame. Stop disobeying Allah. Obey him already. Wake up. Until when will you be heedless.

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Have him it Dakota bacame because in Oiselle Diletta PSA indeed the Zelle Zela, the convulsion the earthquake a sorrow of the Hour of the final hour, it is che on alim. It is a terrible thing. It is something that is very, very great. What is very great the zones Allah of the final hour, what is Zona Zona literally is Holika movement, what kind of movement a Shalida that is severe. If you look at the word Szell Szell, Zilla xylon lamb lamb is to slip zelan padam, the slipping of the foot and Zillow is to slip again and again. When is it that a person slips again and again, when they cannot have balance? When they cannot maintain balance? So Zelda, earthquake, convulsion, the shaking the

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tremors, the Zelda of what of the saga of the final hour, meaning the Day of Judgment? Why is it called a serif because once the Day of Judgment occurs, then there is no more ticking of the clock, then there is no more changing of time, then there's only eternity there's only permanence. What happens in this world is that once our as it is over, another cycle begins, nothing is permanent in this life, everything changes into something else. However, the Day of Judgment is a permanent day, the day of judgment begins eternity, there is no change after that, in nosodes Villa de sa, the earthquake of the final hour, and this means that the Day of Judgment will begin with an earthquake

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and that earthquake Allah says it is che on our lien it is something very, very great. It is very, very tremendous. It is an earthquake, like no other that you have heard of or seen, you have never witnessed anything like that delta. And there may be many earthquakes in this world in this life, that we may have avoided, but that delta that earthquake, it is shaken alim, and you shall witness it, there is no way that you will avoid it. Sometimes it happens that a person is at home, there is an earthquake in the middle of the night and they have no idea they sleep through it. Likewise, it's possible that there is an earthquake, and while a whole building collapses, a person is standing

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outside, he's perfectly safe and sound, he's unharmed. He doesn't even get wounded. He doesn't even get injured. He said he survives. There may be many disasters in this life that we can avoid that we can survive. However, this zelzal is a Zelda that no one will be able to avoid. No one will miss it.

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It will not be unnoticed in Zillow society che on our whim and this PSA, this hour it will come suddenly Allah says letter T calm Illa Botha, it will not come except by surprise. All of a sudden, without any warning. Today, there are many earthquakes that people can predict from before or many disasters that can be predicted from before and because they have been predicted. The whole city is evacuated. Right? The whole area is evacuated. Everybody goes away. There's a storm coming or something like that everybody leaves but Zeldin at Asara, it is going to come without any warning. So oh, people, it Dakota bacaan. Fear your Lord, because if your relationship with your Lord is not

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as it should be, then what will you do then? Who will save you? Where will you run? Where will you hide? Either will juggle or do Raja when the Earth is shaken up? shaken up? Like it has never been shaken up before? What busuttil zhiban obasa and the mountains have been crumbled. No structure no building stands. Where will you hide? Where will you go? Where will you find shelter? So Itakura bacame Fear your Lord. Yama, Corona, ha. How intense is that? They How severe is that convulsion? Is that earthquake? Yo methadone. Uh huh. Yo, ma on the day when terone Uh huh. You will see it meeting you will definitely witness that earthquake. That Zilla? How will people be the people? Their state

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is described? First of all, does Hello Can Lumo they attend? I'm on that. Does Hulu she will be distracted. Who will be distracted? Go Lumo they attend every

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nursing mother, she will be distracted from who I don't know a lot, whatever that she is nursing, does her nose from the root letters then her lamb, The Who, then is to be stunned.

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It is to be stunned, to be numbed. When a person is in extreme shock, or because they are in extreme fear, what happens, they become absent minded. They become confused, they become speechless. It's as though they are numb. They don't know how to react. They don't know whether to scream or to cry, whether to run or to hide. This is the state of the who,

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when out of fright, or when out of shock. A person doesn't even hear anything. They're not able to take a step even, you know, sometimes in fear what happens, we freeze, we freeze, we're not able to run. We're trying to scream, but no sound is coming out of our mouth. Or we are so afraid, we know what to say. But the words are not coming out of our mouth. Or in that state of shock. Somebody is trying to talk to us, but we have no idea. They're trying to talk to us. Somebody's coming, but we don't even see them. They're waving their hand in front of us, Hello, are you there?

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This is the state of the heart. When a person is distracted out of fear, they cannot be mindful, they cannot be in the moment. They cannot pay attention to what is being said what they're witnessing.

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Now, who will be distracted that day? Who will be in the state? God no more there are certain every nursing mother, the word modal the modal there is from Raghav. Radha Radha is to nurse. Right. And modal the modal there is also used for nursing woman. And modal there is also used for nursing woman Malir is used for a woman who is nursing in the sense that she's in that stage of life where she is nursing a baby. So for instance, a woman who has a newborn baby, right and and she is nursing her baby. All right, what would you call that woman? How would you describe her model there. However, model there is slightly different model there is when the woman is engaged in the act of nursing the

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baby. You understand? model there is who that the child the baby is in the lap of the mother latched on, the baby is nursing. The mother is nursing the baby. This is Modera

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now imagine being in that act. A woman is nursing her child, the child is in her lap. But what does Allah say that that woman also she will be distracted from who from the very baby she is nursing.

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From the very baby, she is nursing and the nursing baby when the baby is in the lap of the mother. If even for a moment or two. What happens if the baby is not latched on what happens the baby will start screaming and crying.

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And that will wake the mother up even in the middle of the night. Right? That will make the mother leave her food. Forget her conversation, throw down her phone, leave her computer, whatever she's doing, she will leave it and she will pay attention to that child. But what do we see over here that when that hour will begin that mother will forget the baby she's nursing. She will be in so much fear in so much shock that she will not care about the baby who was in her arms. Couldn't do more they attend every mother every nursing mother whether human or animal could know more there are 10 I'm gonna have Darth what toddler room and she will drop the LaRue from well but I am what is to put

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something down to unburden to get rid of something. So a person is carrying a burden. They put it down they get rid of it this is what Ah. So Tada ru she will get rid off who will get rid of that he Hamelin every that meaning possessor of hammer, Hammer burden, meaning every pregnant woman, every woman who is carrying something in her womb. What will she do? She will drop hamdullah her burden meaning her pregnancy. In other words, she will miscarry. She will miscarry. That fetus will be aborted. Why? Why? Out of the fear of this old Zola

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out of the fear of that earthquake, because when a woman goes through some trauma, some trauma, sometimes it could even be emotional. It could be psychological. That trauma can also cause a miscarriage. It can also abort the pregnancy, because the woman is not able to handle that pressure. She's not able to handle that pressure and what happens what's in the body, what's in the womb is discarded, because the body is not capable of carrying that burden anymore.

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The Day of Judgment is such that every pregnant woman will miscarry. Now if you think about it, women are mentioned here. And which kind of women mothers, which mothers, those mothers who are nursing their babies, and those mothers who are carrying their babies, both will forget about their babies.

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If you think about it, these two women, what do they show? Love? What do they express love, sacrifice, care, concern? Sometimes it's amazing how a pregnant woman will sit down she will discontinue her work. She will quit her job. She will take a break from her studies. Why? Because of the baby that she's carrying. She will stay in bed. She is told you need complete bed rest if you want this baby. Right. And she will literally stay in bed. Her house is a mess. Her body is a mess. She doesn't care. She wants that baby. She will sacrifice her body she will sacrifice her work. She will sacrifice her life for who for that baby. A nursing mother. Also if you think about it every

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two hours, sometimes every one hour, the baby needs to be nursed. And what is that mother doing constantly. She's delaying her shower. She's delaying her breakfast. She is delaying everything possible for who for that baby. If this is the state of the most caring people, the most loving people that they will forget their babies. They will abandon their babies and what do you expect from the rest of humanity? Who will show love? Who will ask you if you're okay.

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We will ask you if you're fine. Who will ask you if you need something nobody will? Nobody will you are alone that day. Yo matter owner her does Hello carnival they attend ama of God. What other Hakuna that Hamlet Hamlet her the rest of the people. Allah says what are Anessa Sukkot at all. And you will see the people as suka Sakara is a plural OFSAA. cron seen kufra Sakura is to be drunk. When a person is under the effects of or basically he's intoxicated. When a person is intoxicated, then what happens? Is he able to look straight, is able to focus his vision even know Can he walk straight? Does he have balance in his body? No. Can he speak properly? No, he cannot. So just as a

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person who is drunk is trying to walk is trying to have a conversation is trying to drive this is how all of humanity will be their senses will not work properly, their mind will not function properly. Why? Out of the fear of the Day of Judgment out of the horrifying events of the day of judgment? What are Anessa Socotra, you will see the people as if they are drunk. And remember that sacral motor assault from the same root what is the collateral multi agonies of death. When a person is in the state of dying, the soul is leaving the body. And what happens is senses they're covering up a person is trying to have a conversation. He's trying to complete his sentence. But he's not

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able to complete his sentence. He says two or three words, and then he's not able to say the next one. What are Anessa Socotra? Are they actually drunk? Allah says No Ma whom be su cara, while they will not be intoxicated, because there is no more death, then they will not be intoxicated, then why will they be like that? While our kin nada Billahi Shadie. But the punishment of Allah is indeed severe. So because of the pain, because of the shock, because of the fear that the Day of Judgment will bring, they will be an utter confusion. People will be confused. Even the prophets of Allah, You know what their reaction will be on the Day of Judgment. Enough, see if see, I'm sorry, can't

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help you. I can only be concerned about myself. Because the people as the resurrection will take place as people are brought back to life and they're assembled in the great gathering. What will happen they will wait, wait and wait and wait. The sun will be brought very close and the people will wonder when will this judgment begin?

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They will wait for a very long time. And even though people will be afraid of herself, what will happen, they will go to Adam and his salon and they will say, Yeah, Adam, you are our father, Allah made you with his own hands, he put you in Jannah when you made a mistake, Allah forgave you. You are the father of humanity. Please ask Allah to begin the judgment. Please ask Allah to begin the judgment otherwise and I will say enough's enough. See, I'm sorry, I can't, I'm too afraid. I cannot ask Allah because my Lord is angry the way he has never been angry before.

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So the people will go to Ibrahim Morales and um, he will give a similar response, they will go to Musar listen, I'm very sorry, listen, and all the prophets, they will give similar response. And then eventually they will come to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And then he will intercede and that is known as Shavon Cobra. So anyway, the events of the day of judgment

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are very severe. And these events are unavoidable.

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They're serious. This is a serious matter. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala says it took over Paco, Fear your Lord, what are you doing?

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What kind of life are you living? How are you spending your day? How are you spending your night? How are you dealing with other people? What do you keep in your heart? What do you think in your brain, fear your God, you have to face him one day, a day when you will be alone, a day when no one will come to aid you a day that is very traumatizing, very scary, horrifying.

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Such that the most caring people will not care for anybody who do you think will care for you, who will come to save you who will come to protect you when the prophets of Allah will only be concerned about themselves. So it Dakota bacame Fear your Lord or people. Now we see a similar experience at Hajj. Also, that Howard Hajj because of the length of the journey, the exhaustion of the journey, we see that many people, they become selfish. They don't care about the needs of others. You know, if they find water somewhere, they'll just take it for themselves. They won't ask another person would you like some water? No, the person is sitting in their car in their bus and they see others

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walking, nobody would bother to give another ride. Why? Because initially when things are good, you're willing to help others. But when you're getting tired, you're exhausted, you have little food, your patience is expiring, then you cannot care about other people. You only care about yourself.

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This happens at hedge. And this happens in life also, that to a certain degree, we are willing to help others. We are willing to give up our comfort in order to bring comfort to others. But then when we are sleep deprived,

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when we are hungry, then what happens? What happens? Where do all our promises go? They go away, we're not willing to help other people. And sometimes they could be the most closest to us. The most closest to us.

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Somebody once mentioned to me that they learned about a study in which they put a monkey, right, a monkey with its baby in a cage. All right. And that cage was slowly heated up, right just to see how the monkey would react. So what happened was that as the cage became a little hot, the monkey it picked up its baby.

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All right. But as the heat increased, what happened, the monkey initially held the baby tight in order to protect it, but then eventually, it threw the baby through the baby. And when it got even more and more and more hot, it stood on top of the baby.

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It stood on top of the baby to avoid the heat that was coming from the bottom. And this is something that happens in life. And this is something that will definitely happen on the Day of Judgment, the Oh my official model, mean he will only he will be well Sahiba to whoever any, a person will run away from those who are closest to him. In fact, if he can, he will use them in order to have himself forgiven, he will put the blame on them. He will not take the blame on himself. He will put the blame on the mother on the father on the wife on the children. And today. He doesn't do that at all.

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This is why Allah says it the whole book on Fear your Lord, rectify your relationship with your Lord. Give your Lord's help to him. rectify your affairs because Allah is Ever Watchful. He knows what you're doing and you are accountable to him. This is a day that you cannot avoid. So don't live life ignoring

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This end, remember this end, it's coming. Sooner or later you have to face it. Sooner or later. You have to witness it. So don't forget it. Be mindful of it, prepare for it. Remember it, but today, the state of many people, what is it? Allah says Wamena Nursey. And among the people, my Ugandan Orfila he, man is who? You Giardino he disputes he argues. Fila, he about Allah, you Giardino from Judah, and what is judul an argument, an argument in which people try to overcome one another. Right? Because this is the point of the argument, you're trying to defeat the other, you're trying to prove them wrong. You're trying to win. This is doodle. Sometimes does that mean, we see that the

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truth is clear person realizes they're wrong. But still, they will go to the maximum degree in order to win the debate. So do that. It's not necessarily about, you know, proving the truth, or it's about winning. A person doesn't care about what is right and what is wrong. What is he concerned about? Winning, like, for example, a lawyer, not saying every lawyer just as an example, it's clear that the person who's come to him with his case is guilty, but what will he do? He will find some loophole, some evidence, some witness something to when the case. So among people are also those who will argue about to Fila he about Allah, meaning about his oneness, about his uniqueness, about his

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sublimity about his power about his commands. But how do they argue ability or element without any knowledge without any awareness? Meaning this person does not really know about Allah's oneness. This person does not really know about Allah's greatness. This person does not really know about Allah's wisdom. This person does not know about Allah's knowledge, yet he will argue about Allah's commands. For example, Why did Allah give people these comments? Why is this given in the Quran? Why is this command given in the Quran, it doesn't make any sense. And this is very harmful, by the way, and all the negative aspects of it. You know, for instance, there's many commands which are given in

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the Quran that people disagree with. Right? They openly disagree with it, they openly criticize it, right? Whether it is capital punishment, or any kind of punishment or command to pray five times a day also, or the command for women to wear hijab, even any kind of command people disagree with, they openly criticize, and they say, Look, if we observe this, then these are the harms. Okay? But do you have knowledge the way Allah has knowledge? Is our knowledge comparable to Allah's knowledge at all? No. Oh, when people try to prove that there's no concept of hijab in Islam,

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then this kind of argument is based on what knowledge of the deen knowledge of the Quran no belaid Aryan, but they're arguing so confidently. I mean, sometimes this kind of do that, like I mentioned, it's not to prove right or wrong. It's not for the purpose of seeking the truth. It's simply for the sake of arguing for winning. And then a person will find any kind of evidence and distorted or misrepresented to prove himself right, believe it or even without any knowledge, way, a double arrow and he follows when he's doing this, who is he actually following gondola che upon him muddied every shape on that is Marine. That is rebellious. Medina is from the root letters meme, Radha, M. Radha,

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is to strip a branch off its leaves. So imagine a branch with leaves on it, and all the leaves are taken off. So this is what I'm Radha. Many that will add is when land is bereft of any growth, meaning there's nothing growing on that land. You put fertilizer, you put water, you make sure that it gets sunlight, but it's not producing any grass. It's not producing anything, any vegetation. So when you see a piece of land like that, right, when you see your backyard like that, that no matter how much money you put in and how much fertilizer and stuff you put in, it's just not growing anything. What do you call that piece of land? Stubborn?

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Right? Or just bad? It doesn't have any good in it. And what are you told that you have to get rid of all the grass and get rid of the topsoil and replace that topsoil with better quality topsoil. Right. Why? Because that whole topsoil is ruined. It's no good. It's no good.

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So this is muddied, stubborn, from whom nothing good comes out. It only produces bad no matter how much good you put in, it only produces bad. So I go

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this point is very relevant to something that I've been thinking about a lot lately, which is,

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in my classes, where we study anthropology or whatever, and they're always academics are always all about complicating things. Like they're, it's all about, like, Well, life isn't so simple. So they complicate things, and then they, they do all this research, and then they get to the bottom of it, and then you're like, Okay, so now what do we do? I'm like, we don't know. And I'm like, subhanAllah, I, we spent this whole entire yesterday I went to a lecture where, like,

00:35:47 --> 00:36:28

they took us through the whole history of something. And at the end, it all made sense that there really was a problem behind something that we view so simply, and then after people like so what should we do now? And they're like, well, we don't know. And I'm like, somehow like this knowledge it's, it's kind of useless, like only Islam or the Quran will tell you something practical that will help you. Yeah, it's knowledge is not leading to any action, right? Whereas knowledge is for the purpose of action for the purpose of improvement. And what a person is arguing like this without any knowledge, what does Allah say, he is in fact following shape on and muddied rebellious shape on and

00:36:28 --> 00:37:06

notice, out of all the descriptions that chiffon has, what description is given here, muddied, stubborn, someone who is rebellious mood is to exalt oneself, so rebellious and being proud in rebellion, bold in disobedience, extreme in rebellion, so no good comes out ever. Now, how is this attitude described as following Shavon? If you think about it, at least what did he do? He disputed with Allah subhanaw taala. Right. About Allah about his decision about his command, Allah ordered IBLEES

00:37:07 --> 00:37:52

prostrate to Adam. What did IBLEES do? He refused. And then when he was asked, Why did you not prostrate? What was his answer? And teittleman Right, I am better than Adam. There's no way I would prostrate to Adam. And then Allah subhanaw taala said, orange minha Get out from here because you have no right to under the cup of coffee here that you exalt yourself over here. So get out from here. You're expelled for in Nicola gene? What did IBLEES say? You misled me Furby Ma? Oh, wait, honey. You misled me, oh, Allah, it's your fault. You gave me this command, while knowing that I would not follow it. And as a result, it wasn't my fault. It's your fault. Why did you give me a

00:37:52 --> 00:37:55

command that you knew I was not going to follow?

00:37:56 --> 00:38:01

You understand? For be my own way, Tony. This is doodle.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:50

And people who do do that they are in the footsteps of a bliss of shaitan. So when a person argues about the matters of religion, whether that is about Allah, about Allah's existence, his oneness, His power, His commands, his promises, the Day of Judgment, then when he is arguing, he is in the footsteps of shaytaan. The Day of Judgment is certain. It is real, just as we sleep, and the next morning we wake up. Similarly, when we die, what will happen? We will wake up on the Day of Judgment after our death. Yet many people what do they do they reduce the seriousness, the magnitude of this day, and the serious attitude that it deserves. How? By arguing about the day of judgment without

00:38:50 --> 00:39:31

any knowledge? It's not possible, there is no way how do we know for sure, in sort of the casino 77 to 78 we learned our mural in San and now HELOC on our home and not fighting for either who are hustling Mubin does man not consider that we created him from a mere sperm drop? This is his origin. Then at once he's a clear adversary, he begins to argue what little banana Methoden want us to culpa. He presents for us an example that Allah cannot resurrect the dead. And that same man he forgets his own creation, that how small he is. Follow May your healer Allama will heal me. He says who will give life to bones when they have disintegrated. So he argues about the Day of Judgment,

00:39:31 --> 00:39:59

how is it possible that the dead will come back to life? Allah says this person who argues about the matters of religion kuti by Lee, it has been decreed, meaning this a certain unknown, that indeed he meaning the shaytaan mento Allah Who whoever turns to him, meaning whoever befriends him, whoever follows him. Whoever follows shaytaan whoever is in the footsteps of bliss, what will bliss do for under who you will do then indeed, he will misguide him

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

Chevron will not guide people, what will he do? misguide people. So the person who is in the footsteps of Chevron is he guided? No way he is misguided, where d and shaitan will guide him meaning Chevron will lead him take him where either other adversaries to the punishment of the Blaze, because that is where Chevron will end up. And all those who are in the footsteps of shaitan will end up in the same place. The same result, you see Shamp on one of his greatest success, you can say is that he has made people deny the AKA, he has made majority of the people disbelieve in an affair.

00:40:46 --> 00:41:01

Whereas the other is something that is completely logical, completely logical. And the more we reflect on this planet on this world, the more resurrection becomes clear and certain.

00:41:02 --> 00:41:45

Because if you think about it, anything that goes into the earth, it's dead, it's lifeless, once it goes into the earth, does it grow back? Does it change into something else? It does write a dead seed, you eat an orange and a seed comes out, it's dry, it's dead. But the same seed, when it's put in the soil in the earth, what will happen? will it remain a seed? No, it will grow, it will grow. If there is mud, if there's water somewhere, there's moisture somewhere what will happen? There will be life, you know, things will change. If you think about it, a closed basement you there's something that I can never understand a basement which is closed, the windows are never open. Why

00:41:45 --> 00:41:50

does it get so dusty? Where does the dust come from? From where I don't understand.

00:41:51 --> 00:42:13

When it's so far away from the main door, there is only one entrance into the basement, and the windows are never opened yet. Every time you go to that place you find dust wherefrom. And then you find those bugs? Where are they coming from? You wonder that I thought the whole place was sealed? Where are these bombs coming from? The windows are never opened.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:58

Right? But we see that anything that is under the surface of the earth. There's life there. There's life. There's movement. So likewise, human beings, when they die when they go into the earth, are they not going to come back? They will come back? Or they're not going to grow back? Or they're not going to be resurrected? Of course they will. But what does Shavonne do? He makes us think it's not possible. And the thing is that when a person disbelieves in the ACA, when a person does not remember the ACA, then what happens? What does he follow his desires? Because he thinks live life however you want. Nobody owns you. You're not answerable to anyone, no one is going to question you

00:42:59 --> 00:43:23

just fulfill all your wishes. Because disbelief in the Accra means there are no consequences. Right? So could the bar lay under who manto Allah whoever befriends che upon for unknown you Lilu where de la vida de serie than a person will worship has desires and when he will do that you will only end up in *. Recitation Bismillah he'll walk

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back home in a

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