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Lesson 40 – Chapter 44-47 Hadith 122-125

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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how are you all today?

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We're doing a lot of selenium I'm about shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Baba strategies whether you were silly Embrey weidler of the Tamil assignee of Coco de probenecid nerima. Heidi's number 122. The story of Masada Salaam, and how did we read about this story before? No, there are some more additions, there are some more parts of the story that we learn from this hadith. For example, the part about the bird that is not mentioned in the Quran even. So this shows that when you study the same story in Hades, you might learn new things. The description of other is given more, in this version of the Hadees. Let's go over the lessons that we learn in this Hadees.

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First of all, we see that mozzarella Sam when he said, Anna Ireland, that I am the person who is most knowing of the people, Allah subhanaw taala became upset with him for Atiba, he was upset, and inside Islam was informed that there is a person who knows more than you. And he went to meet that person. What do we learn from this, that sometimes we could be held accountable for the smallest of statements that we say, for apparently the very small actions that we may do? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam just found? And he was reprimanded for that musasa what he said was, in one way, correct, he was of the most knowledgeable people in the matters of the deen. And he didn't mean to say that he

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was the most knowledgeable person in everything, but in the matters of the theme. But still alasa panel data did not like that. So this shows to us that the more a person learns, the more careful he has to become about his words about his actions, what his duties to Allah, because a small negligence, a small action can have great consequences. No, we learned earlier that has an added velocity Atul Levine. So the more we know, the more careful we have to become extra careful, more alert. But that doesn't change us, you know, being human beings. So we are after all human being. So we are going to make mistakes. So what's necessary, then, is this

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is the thought the profits out of that is that I'm good so far, so many times in one day. So do that yourself as well. As the file should be, you know, on your tongue when ever you are free, whenever you can say is

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a little lower to be a little colleague, I'm going to say is too far a lot. Because we learned from our heads that a person could be doing the actions of the people of Paradise, but he will say do one thing and you will end up in hellfire. So small actions can also have great consequences. And as soon as it is pointed out as soon as we realize that we must accept and we must turn to Allah seeking His forgiveness. A lot of parents out is described as a tow web and the web, the one who does have a Toba and tawanda part of a las panatela is two times first when he gives the fee to a person to do Toba. And then a person repents. And then Allah accepts that over. So when you have

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been made to realize your mistake, a loss of handle Tyler has been merciful towards you, he has been at the web towards you. So now you have to repent to him so that he will accept your repentance because he is the most forgiving, and the one who accepts repentance the most. So whenever we realize any mistake of ours, turn to Allah. And in this journey, especially of seeking or in, of doing a Milan, of passing on, you make too many mistakes, every person makes mistakes. With regards to any other knowledge, don't we know about it? Yes, we do. But do we still make mistakes? Yes, we do. Why we're human beings, we forget, we always need to revision, isn't it? So similarly, when it

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comes to the dean, you do make mistakes, so nobody's free of errors. Everyone makes mistakes. So this is why the more a person becomes serious in this career, or in this field, the more is default, you have to do the mortar where you have to do the consequences of making mistakes in this way, in the way of ill can be very severe. So person must be even more careful. There are two types of mistakes, those that we don't even know we don't even realize, and those that we do realize. So those that we do realize, you know, consciously seek us too far. And those that we don't even realize, seek forgiveness for those as well. Another important lesson that we learned in this Hades

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is that no matter how much we know, what we don't know is still more

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We learned that moosari Sam, he knew a lot about the dean. But still, he knew about some matters that Mossad Islam did not know. And one after the other, no, he was learning about new things. What lesson did we learn from this there were folk Olivia element, or lien. And later on we learn in this chapter about the Iron Curtain woman at Terminal Michaela kalila you have not been given except very little knowledge. So this is why a person was never ever take pride in the knowledge that he has Rather, he should realize that what he does not know, is still much, much more than we also learned in this. Heidi said musala center when he went on his journey to seek he took a long food with him.

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He took his food with him. So when you go somewhere, it is good to take your provisions along with you. It is in the center of musasa you know what is that you're doing this you're bringing your lunch anyway. You're going somewhere you take your food Anyway, you take your lunch money, but the other is that you think loser the cinema also did that. And you're doing it with that love for musasa with that love for the prophets of Allah. Isn't the reward going to be more? Yes. Also we learned this Hadees that it is not a it is not something that is a fault in the Prophet of Allah to request that food be brought to him. We saw this and requested that his food be brought to him by

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his servant. So do you think he was being oppressive towards his servant boy or he was being harsh with him? Or he shouldn't have asked anyone for anything because a yackety Yak kind of stirring? No. There's two types of esterna right? So it was perfectly fine for most artisan to ask his servant boy to bring food for him. Then we also learned in this he said he did not have the knowledge of the unseen what's the evidence of that?

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What's the proof of that that he did not have knowledge of the unseen you might say that when he killed the boy he knew that the boy was going to be very you know bad towards his parents. He warned was RSM that you will not be able to have patience with musallam said that no you will find me patient even know that masala Salah would not be able to something that's more direct from the hotties because he asked mazarin Who are you? Which land are you from? And we're sorry, Sam said I am Moosa your Musab Bani Israel, yes, if Hodder knew the knowledge of the unseen, then he would know about which land was on his arm came from which people he was from who he was, and what they said,

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he would know about everything, but he did not. So this is an evidence that Hubbard did not know the knowledge of the unseen, rather, whatever knowledge he had, was what Allah had given to him, you know, knowledge is given by Allah so he can give whatever knowledge to any of his creations and other people evidence that Allah has given, you almost have some knowledge that I do not know. And Allah has given me some knowledge that you do not know. So this is also an evidence that he did not know about everything, he did not have knowledge of the unseen. Another important lesson we learned from this is the importance of having such patience, for what for in the bathroom, whether it is in

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learning, in understanding in listening, in changing ourselves, in not giving up in not asking excessive questions, not objecting, even when you think that something does not make any sense. So when it comes to seeking, you have to be patient musar listener, he objected, how could you kill a child, an innocent child? Why did you destroy the ship, you're going to cause the people to drown? He was being a little hasty. Why? Because of the knowledge that he had. So sometimes, you know, we have knowledge that Allah has given to us. And based on that, we become judgmental of certain situations, and we react hastily. But if we come down, and we think about it, then we'll figure out

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why this was done or why it was not done. This is why they said that little bit of knowledge is dangerous. Why? Because when you have only little, then you pass judgments based on that. And you might commit many errors. Can you think of an example? And sometimes we do that? Somebody mentioned, this, isn't that? No, this is not how this I've never heard of it. It can't be heard this. It's quite possible. You haven't read that. Hadees. So don't be quick to pass judgment. You hear about a story of for example, the companions of what they did. So for instance, how we learned about, you know, some attacked of the legends of aid and in MCI, imagine MCI is being attacked. And it wasn't

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the Sahaba who attacked but it was there, it was the people who came later, but Makkah was destroyed. And if we start passing judgments, or they were disbelievers, you know, they did not follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they did not have any respect for the karma. You know, we become very emotional sometimes. When it comes to studying the history of Islam when it comes to seeing things that we haven't heard of before, we haven't learned before and we might become hasty

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Over there. So be a little patient. And if you're patient, and you will understand in Sharla cry, for example, when you're learning grammar, you see that many things are connected with each other. For example, if you learn about root letters, you have to know about the wasn't. And you have to know about the family and you have to know the Islam, you have to know the master, you have to know the mother, you have to know the Madonna, you have to know the jasmine, you know, all all of that. So there's so many things that are connected with each other. So what you have to do, you have to go along with the teacher, whatever they're giving you take that, and don't try to get ahead because if

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you try to get ahead, then you'll be in a total mess, that you'll be in a lot of confusion. So patience is necessary when it comes to learning knowledge. Similarly, with film, you know, there could be many, many opinions out there, and you know about one and you don't know about the other, just because you heard the other saying something that you don't follow. You think that oh, my God, how could they ever do this? And they're not on the same night anymore? And they're following their desires? No, we don't make such judgments. You have to look at the big picture, you have to look at their evidence, and we are no one's to pass judgment and other people. Be very careful about that.

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And it happens sometimes that people will come to you to ask you, so what do you think, what do you say about such and such about? so and so? What should your response be at that time? What should you say, a low item. And also, you know, advise them to have respect for one another. Because many times it happens that, for example, if she was teaching something, we have the right to disagree with him, you have the right to disagree with him, but you don't have the right to say negative things about him. You cannot spread propaganda against him. Because that is something that we have been forbidden to do. Another important lesson that we learn in this hadith is about the other the respect that a

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person should have towards the island, because we see that was arrested, I was told to be patient. And when he objected, that he was reminded, and he was reprimanded. And then eventually, the chances finished, he ran out of them. Another important thing that we learned is, Are you familiar with Gollum at work on it? Okay, you can say something like miracles that are given to people who are not prophets of Allah. Are they true? Are they? Yes, it may happen. Okay, it may happen. For example, we see that how the last Pantheon had given him some knowledge that other people did not have. And based on that, he did some things he perhaps saved, he saved a ship, he saved some poor people, he

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saved very righteous parents, he saved innocent orphans, right with the actions that he did. And this was based on the knowledge that our last panel had given him. And when we see when we hear about such events, first of all, remember that we don't have to believe in them. Likewise, we have to believe in the Quran and Sunnah. thing, just yesterday, somebody was telling me about karma that they had heard of, and you know that there's an old person and they were going and did this. And this happened. If you hear about a story, you told me, what did you tell me? That is this man was traveling somewhere in a group. And everywhere he went, he took money out of his wallet that was off

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that land, meaning the currency of that particular country, whereas he never went to the money exchange people and you never got the money exchanged. And you never brought, you know, different currencies from home. So what, okay, this happened, it was a blessing of Allah on him a little item, whether it's true or not, we are not to pass judgment. And we are not to believe that that person is very high up there, and he's completely forgiven. And, you know, we should go to him and we should kiss his hands and his feet, and we should ask him for blessing. No. Because if you think about it, the prophets of Allah did not perform greater miracles. Yes, they did. However, whatever they did,

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what was that be in the law with the permission of Allah so whenever something great happens, it happens with the permission of Allah. So it's not that we should be impressed by the person but we should be impressed by the power of Allah. And we see that with the prophets, whatever they taught the people was based on what what Allah had given to them. So likewise, if there is a person on whose hands and Kalamata happened, if they tell you something, you will only accept and listen and obey. If it is according to Sharia law. If it's not going to show you of Allah, you're not going to follow it, because they're not the lawmakers who is the lawmaker, Allah soprano. Third, to remember

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this rule. One more important thing, that if in a situation you have no option, but to you know, you have two evils in front of you and you have to choose one of them. So choose the lesser of the two evils. Where do we learn that from her that he had the ship? Right, he had to save the ship. One was that he could cause the ship to drown or he could destroy part of the ship to save the ship. So what did he do? He destroyed part of the ship so that the ship could be saved. Many times it happens when you are in a situation where you don't know what to do. This is bad, this is bad. This is not ideal. Even this is not ideal. So choose the lesser

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Of the two evils. And we also learned something very beautiful about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about his eagerness to learn more, learn more about the righteous people of the past about their events, about what they did what they said, Why? Because there's so many lessons in that for us. So look at the statement of the profits or losses, I don't know, why didn't surely we would have loved if musasa was more patient so we could know more about him more about what happened. So we should have the same desire as well. And this can only come with love for the righteous people love for all the believers. Bab Mansa, Allah, the One who asked what while he was out, he was standing, the one

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who asked while he was standing, so a person is asking a question while he's standing. And who is he asking element? A scholar who is jellison? who is sitting. So a scholar sitting and the student is standing? Can the student ask a question in that state? Or does he have to sit down? Is it disrespectful? He can ask, he may ask. We see that there are different types of people. Some people are serious students, learners, they want to learn something. So they will come and sit in a classroom. And they will sit and study. And they will ask whatever questions come to their mind whatever clarifications they need, they will ask about that. But they're serious learners are

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sitting with the teacher. They're in the company of the teacher. But occasionally it happens that there are people who are walking by who just come as listeners who are just standing there wondering what's going on. And all of a sudden, they have a question. So if they ask a question, should they be asked to sit down? Or can answer be given to them while they're standing? The answer can be given to them while they're standing. Everyone does not have to be a regular enrolled student. Okay? Everyone does not have to be a regular student, to be able to ask questions to have their questions answered. And we also see that the ideal situation is that the teacher is sitting and the student is

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also sitting, as we learn in the hadith of gibreel, the gibreel or the salami cave, and he sat in front of the prophet SAW the Lotus and while he was also sitting, and then he asked the question, so that is ideal. However, in in some situations, it's not possible for the student to sit or the teacher just sit. So for example, it's possible that it's a small place, there's a lot of people sitting and some are standing at the back. Okay, so this is not disrespect. Likewise, there are a lot of people and the teacher has to stand in order to be able to see everybody. So again, if the student asks they give a comment, this is not disrespectful idealists that both are sitting. But if

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it's if it doesn't happen, then this is not against other. If you think about it would be like yeah, of course Why not? But what is it your house sensitive? Remember how it was? how careful they had the scene where that they weren't just concerned about the Hadees and the Senate, what they were concerned about the other as well, that what kind of other they're observing and what kind of other the teacher has to observe. How does the nurse manual pilot, Nigerian and monsoon and we were in an OB Musa, Abu Musa Alicia, he said, Allah He said Joe Rajan, a man came, ala Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for color. So he said, Yasser, Allah Allah, O

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Messenger of Allah Makita what is Alcatel fighting feasability law in the way of Allah? What is real fighting nueva? What is it to actually fight in the wave of law for him now because indeed a harder now one of us, you know, he fights have been in anger, meaning he's fighting just to satisfy his anger. He's just taking revenge from the enemy for the personal damage that was caused to him. So he's fighting out of a lot of what you all do. And there is another person who is fighting out of Hamilton. Remember the word Hermia hamato, jelly chauvinism to be very protective and to be very you can say proud of your tribe or of your group, and you are always in favor of them. So if anyone says

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anything against them, you stand up you defend. So when you call to the Henrietta, that if for example, a person you know, somebody from his tribe or somebody from his relatives, somebody from his family has been killed harmed by the enemy, so you're fighting only to protect your people.

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Like for the sake of Your Honor, okay, so is this Okay, for Rafa, Illa hero, so who, so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam lifted up his head towards, towards that men, Allah, the narrator of Musa hissing were mellifera la de la Sahu and he did not lift his head towards him in that except a know that indeed he can, he was even standing. The only reason why the prophets are allowed Is that him lifted up his head was because the

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In the person who was asking the question was standing before him. So because he was standing before him, this is why the prophets are a lot of them lifted up his head in order to look at him in order to speak to him in order to give him the answer. Why? Because he was sitting and the man was standing. What does it show to us? Exactly what the screaming I just mentioned, lift up your chin, towards Who? Towards the person that you're talking to. Why so that they can hear you they can see you for Allah and then he said, Man Cortana The one who fights Lita acuna, so that it becomes what becomes Kelly motto law, the word of Allah hear it earlier, the highest, so the one who fights so

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that the word of Allah becomes the highest for Hua Fie, Sabina la hora xojo. So he is truly in the way of Allah azza wa jal. What does that mean? Isaiah exalted, right and mighty. So that person is fighting in the way of Allah. What do we see in this hadith that the Prophet said a lot of them lifted his head because he was sitting in a question who was standing. So this shows is a very good etiquette, that if somebody is asking us something, somebody is talking to us, and we should look at them, then we should see them. And we see that the man asked, what does it mean to really fight in the way of Allah? How should it be done with what intention? Because we learned that animal armello

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Binney yet so this hadith clearly explains that the one was fighting for the sake of Allah and he is in the way of Allah. His intention is, so that the word of Allah is Exalted, then he's in the way of Allah. But if his intention is to take revenge, if his intention is to humiliate others, to disgrace others, then that is not in the way of Allah. That is not in the wave Allah. Because when Muslims have been commanded to fight, like we seen in the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam It was not just to take revenge, it was not just to wait, you know, to humiliate to disgrace other people, because if that was the objective, then that would have been done. We know about how peacefully,

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Morocco was conquered, we know how the prisoners of war were treated in such a good manner. So the objective of fighting in the way of Allah is not to humiliate others. It is to raise the word of Allah, what does it mean that if anyone comes against the word of Allah, opposing that, then those people will be fought. And we see that once there was a king, that his name was Tay mood, he conquered an enemy. And what he did was that he had their necks got off and had them arranged. And very, you know, boldly, he said that have not done right. And one of the scholars he said that, no, you have not done right. And he quoted this Hadees, that what you're doing is not fighting in the

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way of Allah, you're fighting just for the sake of fighting just to humiliate your enemy. And this is not in the way of Allah. But so early, questioning one foot here, and giving fatwa or in the near Columbia, gmF. What am he, what does he mean, stoning of algae mouth? What does that mean? the Jamaat admin, where the hijacker is supposed to throw stones as a ritual of Hajj. So at that occasion, while performing that ritual at that place at that time, can a person ask a question? And can a person give an answer? Yes. You'd be like, why not? Why is this such a big deal? The point is that in can be learned and taught anyplace, anytime. No matter how busy you are, no matter how

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spiritually focused and involved you are, there's still time to give, there's still time to take. Because sometimes it happens that people think now I'm focused on myself, I don't care what other people are going through, I don't care what they want, I don't care what they need. No, I'm gonna focus on myself. But at hedge, there are so many people and everybody has not studied with double hedge. Everybody does not know about the future of hedge. So if somebody asks you, by the way, and adhered to this happens, if anyone has gone for how'd you will see the confusion that people are in our group, they did not take us here and we ended up coming late. And this is not happening and that

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isn't happening. So when people are in confusion, should you tell them if you know yes, you should. And you will see this at large that you will see, for example, small groups of people who are sitting together and you know, a person is instructing them, or their herd leader, the group leader is instructing them. So it's the best time to ask questions. And many times it happens that when you're engaged in something, then the questions that are related to that, you will remember only at that time, isn't it? So ask then get the answer. Then, if you wait for later than what's going to happen, you will forget about the question, you will it will not bother you anymore, and you will be

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deprived of learning about something that may be very important. Had this inner wound or even Allah had the Center of Disease of newbie Salah Mata and his rig are under he suddenly fell hotter.

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Abdullah hypno Ramadan Kala he said aiton obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are in the jungle at near the gemorah, one of the jamara I saw him over there. And obviously Why do you think the prophets of Allah would be there by the Jamaat to perform the ritual work? While he was used to he was being questioned meaning people were asking him questions one after the other. For Colorado June so a man said Yasuda law or messenger of Allah now how to not have to now have I sacrificed I slaughtered my animal called the night before, and that an arrhythmia that I did Ronnie, so I started the animal before I could do the Rami call of the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said is me do Rami Well, I haven't and there's no harm in that. It's okay you you don't have to do anything. by that. person said Yasuda law or messenger of Allah hallak do I shaved my head Avila before and how about that I sacrificed I offered a sacrifice. Allah He said in how will I How much do you mean you offer your sacrifice? And there's no arm for my suit Ella so he was not asked unshaven about anything put Dima that was advanced meaning that was that was done before its time whether or not it was deferred, meaning it was done afterwards. In that except Allah He said if I will I have to do it and there's no harm no problem to any question that he was asked.

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He said no problem. What you've done is okay, now just do what you haven't done. Ronnie. It comes before

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Rami technically is supposed to be done before offering a sacrifice. And now comes before how

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know how often the sacrifice comes before shaving the head before cutting the hair. Because the last parameter This is what I definitely

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do. Mahela do not shave your heads until the hottie reaches its place of sacrifice being until the hoodie is slaughtered and once it is slaughtered, then you should cut your hair or whatever. We see that on the day of the judge who are admin, they're supposed to perform five rituals. On that day, how many rituals are they supposed to perform five admin. First of all, let me the second ritual is the third is help the fourth is the left and the fifth is sorry, Rami not help the wife. And sorry, the order is like this. And it is of well meaning it is best if a person performs the rituals in this order. However, if it's not possible for a person to perform the rituals in this order, then

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what do we learn in the Hadees and it's okay there's no harm and this is not just specific to this day, but also for the remaining days when a person has to do that ami. So this order you don't have to follow it on the day of reading also afterwards the remaining days of Hajj. What this is how these shorter was that our Deen this Deen is very easy, very practical use.

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How many people gather together for Hajj can't even count them 1000s and 1000s. And if all people were to perform the same ritual at the same time, in the same order, what would happen? Hajj would become impossible for people there would be so much chaos. So we see how practical how realistic our Deen is that you have to perform all these rituals within this time okay in whatever order possible do it. But this doesn't mean that we start changing the order of other rituals according to our own thinking. We can't do that only the permission that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave we observed that and the revision that he did not give we did not observe that. So for example, the mustachian

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they will change the months they will say that Okay, we'll make this so and so on. We make the so and so much we don't have to fight or we can fight. It was convenient for them. So can we do like, you know Ramadan is coming this summer so shifted to the winter? Can we do that? No, we can't do that. Even if it may seem more practical, but we are not allowed to make such changes. Make such exceptions in the Sharia, we will only observe those with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has made for us. A person may also perform the surgery before the left as long as he does the other rituals within the given time. And at the right place. Bab only Allah tala the statement of Allah subhanaw

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taala, one mt o t terminal ilmi illa kalila. And you have not been given knowledge, except khaleel. Except very little. And this is very true. Just think about it. Even in the matters of the dunya what people know and what they don't know. What is more what they don't know. So likewise, in general, human beings, what they don't know is more than what they know about me.

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aka Lila and what we know is some Hannukah l'oeil Milena Illa Mara lantana we have no knowledge except what You have taught us. You know, this is the reason why we don't object when it comes to the decisions of Allah, whether they are Kony or Sheree. This is why we accept the way Allah subhanaw taala has decreed anything for us. And this is why we say Samir, now will Athena and releasably layer have been revealed Islam Idina, because we don't know much, we really don't know much whatever we know, is what has been given to us by him, and what we don't know so much more. So we should realize our position and accept the greatness of Allah. And only then can a person humble

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before Allah. How does that apply some who have seen Allah had the center of the warhead by Machu Sulayman or Ibrahim Ali. Abdullah, Allah, he said, of the lineman was on the left, this is Miss Earth. He said, Vina um she Bettina What does it mean? Once good once while I was um she I was walking my Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam fee in Hawaii bill Medina. Hurry. What's the root? Horror of any word that you can think of? hora wasafi hobby What does karma mean? When something is destroyed and also wasafi hobby, what's the herb of the massager? abandoned, empty. So hurry when Medina the empty places the wasteland of Medina meaning there are no

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houses there no people, no fields, no agriculture, just empty land. Just like when you go out of a city, you you find such places, whatever Well, he was yet a worker he was reclining. Allah upon receiving Mara who the prophets of Allah said when he was walking, he was reclining on an RC that was with him. What is RC RC was basically a branch of a palm tree whose leaves have been removed a branch of a palm tree whose lives have been removed. He was using it as a stick from Allah. So he passed by BNF or in a group minneriya hood after you move to a group of Jews was there for colaborado so some of them said Lee burden to others. selu who asked him about rule asked him about

00:32:25--> 00:32:25

the rule

00:32:26--> 00:33:07

of thumb and other said let us and who who don't ask Muhammad Ali about the rule. Why? Because law you he should not come fee concerning it vishay in with something takuna who that you will dislike so don't ask him about rule because he might tell you something that you will not like he might tell you what something in response to your question that you will not like so don't ask for color back to home. So some of them said let us know we'll surely definitely going to ask him for camaraderie into a man's dead men home from them for color and then he said yeah, I will cost him or I will cost him he didn't say your suit a lot. He said yeah, I will pass him my rule. What is the rule? For

00:33:07--> 00:33:51

sakata? So the prophets are about us and I was silent. For also I said meaning even our best in the who, in the who indeed him in the prophets of Allah said him you had a lady it has been revealed to him meaning he is receiving Revelation, this is why he is silent. For come to so I stood meaning I stood there until the Prophet sallallahu Sallam received into where he for Lama than when inshallah inshallah Jim lamb. Yeah, it passed from him. It cleared from him meaning that when he was over Allah He said, Where's aluna carnivore? And they asked you about the roof follow him in the lobby, say the roof is meant to be from the command of my Lord. Woman Oh to Manila in Manila. karela and

00:33:51--> 00:34:01

they have not been given of knowledge except little. Allah Arma Sharma said hacker that feel karate now this is how it is in our killer. how diverse that one two minute

00:34:02--> 00:34:41

armor set in our camera. It is 102 and in the mature in the more famous era, what is it woman? Whoo Tito, we seen this hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was passing by and the Jews, they wanted to ask them a question. And there was a difference amongst them some wanting to ask and others did not want to ask. And this is just like, you know, sometimes you want to ask a question like, should I ask it or not? And then people say ask us. So what kind of questions should we ask? appropriate, relevant, something that we need to know something that we have to find out about? So never hesitate concerning such questions? Because it is your obligation to find out to learn. And if

00:34:41--> 00:34:59

you don't find out, you don't learn and you end up doing something wrong, then you will be held accountable. Because you had the opportunity to find out what you didn't take benefit. However, what kind of questions should we not ask questions that don't have to do much with the questions that are just just the other person so what does he have

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

To see, what opinion does he hold? Well, how much does he know? Is he familiar with this? Is he not familiar with this? So the Jews, why were they asking? They wanted to test the progress that a lot of a sudden, what does he say? What does he know? Let's test him. So such questions we should always avoid, because there is no benefit in such questions and look at the response at a loss of hometown. Again, you don't know much. This is the commands of a loan, you don't know anything about it. And we see that when they asked the question about the root, what does it mean by over here, scholars have different concerning that some have said that over here. It may refer to the human soul with which

00:35:35--> 00:36:17

there is life and others have said that no, it refers to the intelligibility because the angel jabril has been described as a ruler in the Quran, many many times. Then Israel Mullah ikkaku hufa coolness. Todos nasolabial. Rahul Ameen so many times has been used for the activity. So many scholars say that over here, the Jews were asking about the angel jabril. Why would they ask about the angel Gabriel? He was the one who was bringing revelation to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but why were they concerned? They did not like gibreel, they were due to gibreel. One cannot or do lillahi wa Malaika t? When can I do eligibile so they said that we are enemies to do we don't like

00:36:17--> 00:37:00

jabril. And this is the reason why some said that don't ask him about gibreel because he might tell you something that you're not gonna like, he might tell you something, you know, that praises gibreel or that shows how good he is that shows his good qualities. And you're not going to like that. So don't ask, don't ask him about it. And other scholars say that rule over here means rule high, meaning the rule with which there is life, of a living being of a living being such as a human being. So this is what they were asking about. But in any case, if you think about it, whether it is about the angels, or it is about the human soul, both of these are what are the matters of the

00:37:00--> 00:37:43

unseen, we don't know much about the human soul, we don't see it, we cannot feel it, we cannot study it like we can study the human body. And we know that it does have some kind of form. Because once a person dies in that room is taken out of the person. And the angels, they take the room, and the person who's dying the eyes look at the room. So it is definitely a reality. And it's mentioned so many times, though it does have reality. But what is that reality? How is it? We cannot describe it, we do not know much about it. And the fact is that this is something that we cannot fully comprehend. Because what you cannot see how can you fully comprehend it? You can't, your

00:37:43--> 00:38:24

understanding of it will always be limited. So likewise, the answer is in reverse that will not will determine an early illa kalila, you have not been given except very little knowledge. So even if you're explained about what rule is you won't be able to comprehend. So what kind of questions should we ask questions that we can comprehend, about matters that are related to us, things that we can see things that we actually deal with, and things that we don't deal with, we don't need to go into such arguments, it's not going to change the angle. And the statement of a loss of penalty will not will determine an enemy lapadula. This is something that's very true that we have very, very

00:38:24--> 00:39:00

little knowledge. Recently, I was watching this video about this person, know if you've heard of him, Dr. Nathan Wolf, he is known as the virus Hunter. And in a video I saw how he he went to address a group of students at once. And they asked him that, so what Where should we explore what should we explore, and he was trying to explain that people have this idea that we know about everything now. And if we want to have more discoveries, we have to go into outer space, or we have to go deep down in the sea. And only then we can discover something. And he said, there are things that are right, you know, blow our noses with quite literally, and we don't even know what they are.

00:39:00--> 00:39:39

And he was given the example of viruses that how they were discovered and how there's so many that exist, and we have no clue about what they are. And there is a term known as biological black matter. Okay. And that is no, for every organism, there's we know that there's a genome, there's genes, right, and it can be coded. And when they code that majority of it, they have no idea what it is. They cannot call it anything, they cannot test it with anything they cannot identify, they have no idea what it is. And before they used to call it nonsense, because they thought it was nothing. And now they know that it is something that we don't know about. And now they're studying. They're

00:39:39--> 00:40:00

researching, testing one thing after the other, and this man, he's been studying about potential viruses for over 10 years in Africa, collecting blood samples from animals, humans, such a huge study. And still, there's very little that we know very little that we know even in the world that we're living in even more

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Have you own human body? Isn't it, this thing about yourself, you don't know what's going on inside your body, you don't know why something's happening in your body, why something's not happening, you have no clue. You go through one test after the other, you cannot find out. You can't even figure out what's happening with your children or with your, with your school or with your studies or whatever. There's so many things that we don't know about. So we should realize our reality that we know very, very little. And as long as a person remembers his reality, he will remain humble. He will remain careful. Well, Marlon would rutabaga, Illa, who knows about the armies of a like septim.

00:40:38--> 00:41:18

So we have no idea but what they are, we learned that, mmm, I had been humble. If he was asked about something, and he knew about it. He had the evidences, he would say what it was whether it was halal, or it was how long or Mr. Howe Baba or whatever. And whatever he whatever evidences did not exist, meaning he didn't know about it. Or he could not find anything that supported an argument in the corner sooner than you would say, No, it's not appropriate to ask such it's not appropriate to delve into such things. So what we know about accept it, do it and what we don't know about accept that as well. accept that as well. Would you don't know, accept your ignorance in some matters? We

00:41:18--> 00:41:56

think that, you know, it would be humiliating ourselves if we didn't accept our ignorance in some matters. No, there is no humiliation in saying that. I do not know. Because a person should realize how much I know, whatever I know is still little, there's still so much to learn so much to benefit from, and we should be careful in saying what is halal, what is haram? Right. fluctuating our knowledge as well. So whatever we know today, so people at the end of the course, if there have been scoring 80 90%, or 99%, even a couple of years, if they're not related to the same knowledge go as Mr. rootwork, if I don't know, so our knowledge is not with us, for sure. And everybody knows about

00:41:56--> 00:42:33

old age how people begin to forget things in old age, something that you could be so sure about something that was at your fingertips, you didn't even have to think about it when you were saying it, but you can forget it. So you know, this is really a gift of Allah. And we should be happy with this gift, very happy, but not to the point of Mark, and Butler. And in you know, boasting and being arrogant about it, no. And whatever we do find out anything that we learn about remember, there's always more to learn about that. Think about the story, moussaka, we learned something completely new in the version that we learned. So before you perhaps thought that I know the story of Muslim

00:42:33--> 00:43:13

father, but every time you learn, you learn something new, you learn something more. So whatever you do know even that is not perfect. And this realization brings many benefits to a person. First of all, it keeps the person humble. Secondly, it gives the person careful, he doesn't speak much without knowledge. And thirdly, it keeps him eager for more. It keeps him eager for more. And he doesn't ever think that what I've learned is a vision. Rather, you want to learn more and more, you become more curious. So for example, if you studied earn what Hadees I remember one one of you said to me that I want to study this, again, I want to go over this again, because you feel as though

00:43:13--> 00:43:56

you've just touched the tip of the iceberg, there's so much more to understand, to learn, to memorize, to go over again. So there's always room for more improvement. One supports that only lady yet they're a filler ilmi Marie fatin, say to the one who claims that he knows out of the shaman world, Arthur encarsia, that you know only one thing, but there are many things that you don't know, to say to the one who claims that he knows that you know only one thing and there are many other things that you don't know about, or determine or estimate it. Luckily, that is such a huge blessing that it satisfies you like nothing else does. It keeps you curious, it keeps you thirsty for more

00:43:56--> 00:44:20

that no matter how much you know, you want to know more. You know, for example, 100 years ago, people had no clue about what viruses are. Now they have some idea and this person was saying about how 100 years from now people will say they didn't even know about this. So there's so much to learn. As time goes by. There's so much information everywhere so much to learn. So we should definitely benefit from it.

00:44:21--> 00:44:40

That the more you learn, the more eager you become, the more anxious you are, the more thirsty you are for more and if a person continues this way, the last panel data will satisfy him inshallah. inshallah we'll conclude over here subhanak alarm will be handy condition to alert Illa Illa. Enter the stuff in gov to relax