Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P28 281E Tafsir Al-Saff 12-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of striving for excellence, achieving success in life, and protecting one's religion is emphasized in these settings. The success of Islam's investment and investment opportunities is also discussed, along with the importance of maintaining passion and engagement with one's work. The success of the Hawaiian religion is also discussed, along with the need for individuals to adopt it and not just do it for themselves. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting a theme and finding support for Islam in personal life.
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y'all welcome the robot calm, where you will heal calm Jannette integrity and tactical and how he will forgive for you your sins and He will admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow.

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Meaning if you fulfill what Allah commands you, if you do that, which Allah guides you to, than Allah who will also forgive your sins, if you believe and if you do jihad in his way, then Allah will forgive you your sense.

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If you think about it, there are so many mistakes that a person makes so many. As a believer, a person is striving to do his best to stay away from bad things, but after all, he is a human being he will make errors.

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So what is it that brings forgiveness, jihad in the way of Allah Yuffie locum Denuvo calm, where you can come Jeannette integrity him and Danielle and her. And in these Jeanette wama, Sakeena uebert and Feagin natty and delightful pleasant houses pleasant homes pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residents. Masakan is a plural of masculine and masculine is a place where a person lives with sukoon peacefully in peace.

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Peace Where can a person find it? In Jana, Moroccan hatha yoga and the yoga is a description of these houses, but he knows what that which is good pleasant, and not just good and pleasant, but also favorable, that which is best for a person that which is most suitable for him. The hump Ljuba is such wind that is favorable. So my second thought Yuba, suitable houses best houses the best that a person would desire Fijian, Natty Arden, that Ecole Fosun Aleem, and that is the greatest achievement. That is the great success.

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So the one who strives and struggles in the way of Allah, what happens to him, he is striving, he is struggling, he's suffering hardship isn't it's

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just like any business demands a lot from you.

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This Java as well demands a lot from you.

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So it's quite possible that you're living a very difficult life in this dunya because the jihad that you're doing,

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people tell you relax, now take a break, take it easy. And of course, it's coming to an end, take it easy, but then you'd like the advanced courses coming up. How can I take it easy?

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And then until you then take a break, then take it easy to write No, no, no, it doesn't stop. It doesn't stop anywhere. Because this is a life long commitment. If it's not this, it's something else.

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So a person who is constantly striving in His life, how does Allah reward him? With Misaki not the Yerba with peaceful, comfortable, pleasant, beautiful rooms. And if you try to get my second play Cuba, Indonesia, it's not possible. It's impossible. You can get a big house you can get a very nice house. But then all your time all your energy will be dedicated to what maintaining that house will that really give you a sense of achievement? No. Will that give you satisfaction? No it won't. Because you will clean you will make it look nice and the next day again. It will be dirty.

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This piece is only where in Jana. In order to get there you have to strive now you have to invest now.

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A person who struggles in the way of Allah, He sacrifices his sleep. And Allah subhanaw taala has sagoon for him in the hereafter.

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Well Okhla to hit buena her and you will obtain another favor. Whoa ha okra meaning and he will give you something else. He will give you another neuroma.

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Meaning near mutton okra, he will give you another Nirma and this blessing to hipbone. Uh huh. You just love it. You really like it? And what is it that he will give you NUS Salman Allah Wafaa turn cloudy victory from Allah and an imminent conquest, that Allah who will help you, He will not leave you alone. You go out in his way, Allah who actually assist you. And you will be amazed you will be shocked at the way that Allah helps you

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will find her career and then Allah will also give you victory, success. And this success is not too far or near. It's not going to go on for centuries. It will come very near it'll come very soon, provided that you put in the effort as well. While the shooting Mini and give good news to the believers. Just remember the seed of the Prophet said a lot is

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that how initially it seemed impossible.

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But look at the effort of the Sahaba look at their Jihad look at how they strove with their wealth with their lives. But Allah subhanaw taala helped them and he gave them victory as well for turncoat Eve well, but she didn't want money, give good

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Use to the believers of what? of Allah's Helgen victory of reward in the era.

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We see over here, we're Okhla to hipbone Aha, you really like it. You really love it what nurserymen Allah Alpha turn colleague, but in order to get that, what do you have to do first? Do you have these will be the law. And we don't want to put in any effort, but yet we want to reap the fruits, you have to put in the effort and then you will get the result.

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So, over here, we see that this investment, this bargain, this trade is so amazing, that if a person puts an effort, look at the result,

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success in dunya, results in dunya and also reward in the Hereafter.

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And if you see over here, reward of the Hereafter as mentioned first

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and then success of dunya as mentioned second, right? Reward aka Jeanette Arden Masakan Thank you, but that is mentioned first and Oakleigh to her buena that is mentioned second. Because what should be the goal of a person reward of the Alpha even if he does not see any results? But what does Allah tell us over here? That yes, that should be your goal. But Allah will also show you results. Perhaps you will not see them in your lifetime. Perhaps it will not come about in your lifetime. However, they will be there. Your efforts will not go in vain.

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Your efforts will not go in vain.

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We listen to the recitation

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a human Lavina

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nada I mean early to mean owner. You also want to J dune Fe savvy

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calm in

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yellow fever. Calm you know back home while they're

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on a sack you know, boy eat

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Kalfa Loveleen will crawl to him Boehner nice home

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party. Well, the shooting

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it's an all profit, no loss investment, you invest and you will get something out of it. And it's the Promise of Allah.

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When I was looking at Yeah, are you willing to AMA No, unless one is I didn't address Yeah. Are you a nurse? For example, the way I was looking that the first condition it means that it's an honor, imagine honor that Allah, if somebody gets it, and then you are being invited. So exactly those who are not in this invitation meeting missing a big thing? Of course, they're missing out on a very big opportunity. And then, yeah, y'all Adina Avenue includes all believers, right? All believers, every single believer, no matter who you are, what your age is, what your background is, what your ability is, no matter who you are, you are being given this offer by Allah, would you like to invest?

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Yeah, you Alladhina amanu are addressed. And yet what has been said that what do you have to do to me? No, no, Billa he was solely, you have to believe we already believers. So what does he mean by this, Iman, maintain it, revive it, don't let it fade away.

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Keep rejuvenating it. Keep reviving it. And also adhere to it live by prove it.

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Have a business. And it's not just nine to fivers unlimited hours, you're your own boss. So even in like a business like in for example, doing behind the wheel, whether you're your own boss, so it's like it's not specified how you can do it. You have to you have the reins in your hand what you want to do. Also with the business, you can do work from home, work online. And when a job you have to actually go there work nine to 540 hour work week, but hour work weeks when you're doing jihad can be as long as you want as much as an investment as you want. Yes, very true. That the more money you want to make, the more you work. But with a job nine to five, no matter how much effort you put in,

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at the end of the day, you're only going to get your paycheck, that's it. But with the business, you know, sometimes the results will be more sometimes less depending on the amount of work that you've done.

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So it's completely up to you. And a person can only have a business when he's passionate about it. So similarly, a person has to be passionate about the work that he's doing for the sake of Allah, because when he's passionate about it, then it doesn't matter. He's tired, doesn't matter. It's the weekend. Doesn't matter. He will do his work because he

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He loves it.

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Allah is offering us over here *, I don't look home. Should I tell you that in a way this is raising our interest? And this is how we should also be calling other people to Allah. Shall I tell you? Are you interested? Do you want to know?

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And then if we still don't get it, Allah says yeah, uh you have Medina Avenue or you have believed Kuno Ansara Allah be supporters of Allah. Just imagine. Allah is telling us directly now. First he offered us Would you like to? Are you interested? And if we don't get it, Allah asks us directly. Yeah, au Hola, Dina, Armano Kuno unsalted Allah be helpers of Allah.

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Meaning be helpers of his religion.

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Do something to help his religion. Do something to protect his religion to serve his religion to promote his religion? Kuno Onsala don't just be content with living Islam in your own personal lives. No. Go to the next level. Go to a level higher. convey this theme.

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Protect this theme preserve this theme. Kunal Onsala. Come up color isa blue Maria model Hawaii Jean, just as reciting ammonium or the Sunnah. He said to the Hawaii when he said to the disciples, who are the disciples, those who believed in Him, those who followed him. So those who believed in a Cyrus Anon, what did he say to them? Man on Saudi it Allah, who will be my helper towards Allah, meaning who will be my helper towards attaining the nearness and pleasure of Allah? Towards spreading the deen of Allah? Who will help me in this cause? Who will work with me?

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Notice who did restart us I'm ask those who had believed in him.

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And over here also, Who is Allah inviting to this era? Those who have Iman

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so recently said I'm sad to those who believed in him, man I'm sorry it Allah. Paul and Howard a Yuna all the Herati Yun said, No unsought Allah, we are the helpers of Allah.

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Allah all of them accepted this offer, not even one stayed back.

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So when Allah is asking all of the believers, how do local? Should we say? No, thank you. We don't want to know about this genre. I don't want to invest here. I'd rather do something else with my life. Is that what the answer should be? No. Look at the Hawaii Yun. All of them responded, all of them accepted.

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So when Allah is telling us Qunu unsought, Allah, what should our response be? Love be that Oh Allah, here we are, we accept we will be your unsought

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on how to use the Nano unsought of law and when they will became the helpers of Allah when they said that and they did something. They helped resign his center for MNL PLA effort to mean Bani Israel era worker ferrata iffa, then a group of the Bani Israel believed and a group disbelieved

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because what happened was, that is our listener. When he brought the message to the people. Very soon he was lifted up. Why because of the opposition to persecution that he was facing.

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But after him, it was a Hawaii Yun, who spread the message everywhere.

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They're the ones who took the message everywhere. So when they get the message of reciting this to them everywhere, some people from the Bani Israel they believed in reciting seven other people they didn't believe.

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So what happened? There were those who believed in the silence around the Christians and there were those who didn't believe that you would walk out for a thought.

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But what happened for a year then Alladhina ermine are either I do with him. So we helped we supported those who had believed against you against their enemy. Those who believed in recited center, they were assisted against their enemy.

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For us, bahala hit eat. So they became of the victorious they became those who were victorious, those who were uppermost

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in meaning it wasn't their enemy who was victorious, but in fact it was they who were victorious.

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What do we see over here?

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The example of a Silas and I was given the example of his followers as given those who believed in him

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that when their messenger asked them, they responded, and when they responded, they didn't just respond by words but also by action.

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At the beginning of the surah What Did We Learn limit the photo novella for alone, the whole

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Why do you and we're not like that? When they said they will be helpers, they actually did it. They actually spread the message. And yes, Christianity, it has its faults, okay? However, if you look at it, the spirit is still within the Christians

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that they're not just content by being Christian themselves, what is their mission? What is their goal of spreading their religion? And they're doing it till today.

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And they plan to do it for however long they can. This is their goal, this is their mission. They want to spread this religion. And if you look at it for us for hula hit eat, they became dominant. Isn't that the case?

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Isn't that the case? The number one religion which one is it?

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It's Christianity. Most people, what do they believe in? What do they follow Christianity? It doesn't make it right. But I'm just pointing out to that, that the Hawaii Yun said they will be unsought Allah. And this mission has continued in them since then, till today, and look at the results.

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Because if a person makes something, a mission of his life, he's passionate about it, then he will not stop at any point. He will continue.

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And if they have falsehood and look at how much they're striving, we have the truth. We should not strive Of course we should. Should we say no? I'm happy with it just in my own personal life. No, if you're happy with it in your personal life, you must take it to others as well.

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The Hawaii Yun spread the message and when there was ever a conflict between them and their enemies, what does Allah say for a year then Alladhina amanu Anna or do we him for a spur hula hitting? They became victorious just as earlier it was sadness roaming Allah of a turn cloudy. Allah will help you and victory is not too far either.

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no no. How's it gonna fall?

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Again and

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for all

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or if at

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metal wall heating

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if you think about it, he started us and I was who?

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The Messenger of Allah. But still he asked the Hawala human man on slavery it Allah,

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that even the messenger of Allah is asking for who supporters people to work with him. Because a person cannot work alone. He needs supporters. So imagine the Messenger of Allah, he asked for supporters.

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So the same goes for everyone else as well. Those who are working for the sake of Allah, they need supporters as well. They cannot work on their own. They cannot do what they have to do by themselves. You have to be together Banyana muscles.

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And if you think over here, Allah subhanaw taala tells us Kunal, unsought, Allah be helpers of Allah. What does that mean? That if you want to invest in this trade in this era, then you must adopt the right methodology.

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If you want to invest in this era, if you want to be of those who took me on a bit Lehi rasuna here to Jay UniFi, Sabina Levy and Wiley Conwell, unfussy Khan, that what you have to do,

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be of the absorb,

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be of those who are helping the religion of Allah promoting the religion of Allah carrying it forward. Not just taking it and stopping there. No, carrying it forward. That if you look at it, Allah subhanaw taala is addressing the videos yet you have Medina Amma know you are believers. However, Kuno unsalted Allah become Onsala go a little higher. And sod Allah helpers of Allah does Allah need helpers? He doesn't need helpers. But if a person is called the helper of Allah, the helper of the religion of Allah, this is honored for him that should eat for him. And remember, there is Baitullah House of Allah. There are bad Allah servants of Allah. And over here what do we

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learn unsalted helpers of Allah. What agreed

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what a great honor. But in order to get this, you have to do something. You're moving to Allah you get the scope of Allah Allah doesn't need you. Because think about it like you know, sometimes parents have to carry something and they they're just training their children so they say, Come Come help mommy. So they will just touch like let's say the moms and carrying a heavy tray and then the girl is just touching it. That's it she just feels very honored that she's doing this but who's carrying the whole weight, it is actually Allah who carries forward the message he is going to complete the node is just giving us an opportunity to fourth session Exactly. That if you think

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about it ourselves, we cannot do anything. We cannot accomplish anything. This can only happen when Allah makes it possible. But when Allah gives us the opportunity in fact he is honoring us giving us the opportunity to save ourselves from

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Bill Bill me well I will keep it

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Do you want

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me in

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it was

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his hockey game

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yeah you

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can I

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move any

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aid in a lane

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on law he came out by

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MIT in our area and I'm in Saudi in a law on an anti Union

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law the MNF or

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any Israel or

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or the medina

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the we him but also BAFO law heating.

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To be up the unsalted Allah.

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When Allah asks us, Gu unsalted Allah, how is our response? Think about it.

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What should our response be?

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No unsalted. We are the unsought Allah. You want us to be of the insaat Allah we are we will help your religion we will not stay back

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Subhanak Allah Houma behind the kana shadow Allah Illa illa Anta Mr. Little Covenanter really, I said I'm really gonna have to lie

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