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The Quran provides insight into the Prophet's journey and its use in bringing people to Islam with wisdom. The title of "The Book of Deeds" provides guidance on how to approach one's life and address one's behavior, emphasizing morality and actions. The title is also considered a source of healing for those with a history of suffering, with a brief advertisement for a church tour. The history and significance of the New authorization of the Hatoru Torah, a Christian faith based holy grail, is also discussed, along with the book "The Godfather."

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salatu salam ala rasulillah he was early he was hugging Allah of the Shah. He says he was angry. When you looked at me listen if Coco Kali abana Dena for dunya Hassan, Hassan, Okinawa now salamati Kumar Allah he oberliga to everybody, welcome to a juice a day. Today we are covering the 15th jewels of the Quran. We are going to be halfway done the Quran hamdulillah and you know today is the 14th fast and then tomorrow after Mother's Day will be the 15th so it is quite a you know, the important

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important milestone that we've reached halfway through our certificate and and we will also reach halfway in our study of our in our in our fasting of Ramadan as well. So this is a moment to maybe catch our breath a little bit and then get ready for you know, like a good finish the last 10 days which are upon us very shortly. To finish strong in those days in Sharla today's Josie is the 15 years. I just close the Quran your story, let me open up again. And it is 15 years begins with Surah Surah Surah Surah Surah number 17 and it ends at surah number surah number 18 Surah Al Qaeda have Ayah number 74. So it has the 17th salaam and most of the 18th surah in it. Let's start at the very

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beginning. And let's look at what this surah or this juice has to say. In the very first ayat.

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Allah Allah says I will be laying ministry on regime to handle the Asahi Abdullahi, Laila masjidul harami either masjidul upasana de Baraka hola who Nuria whom is it not in the who, who was semi oral mercy,

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holy is He who took his servant by night from the sacred place,

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from the sacred place of worship at Mecca, to the remote house of worship at Jerusalem, the presence of which we have blessed, so that we might show him some of our signs. Surely it is he who is all hearing, and all see, this is the

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this is the story of the Prophet sons journey that is known as Israel and the Mirage is that is to travel at night. But it's referring to Israel is referring to the traveling at night that the person did, which when he went from America, to Medina, excuse me from Mecca to Jerusalem, excuse me. This was a miracle miraculous journey that was what made him tick. And then add muck up, excuse me, add Jerusalem The Prophet, peace upon him, led all the prophets, Allah about the summon their souls again and all the prophets, Allah smart Allah made the prophets some lead them in prayer. And then from there, he ascended up to the, to the, to the skies, all the way up to the highest level, or the

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or the extent of where a creation could go, where he had a meeting with a las panatela. And thereupon he returned afterwards back to the earth. And that was a journey of Israel and Mirage, that is a very, you know, there's a lot of lessons, there's a lot of things that took place there. The the obligation of the prayer was given to the person on that journey. But the first leg of that journey was going from Mecca to Jerusalem, and leading the prophets in prayer. And this is what this is, is referencing. It's referencing that the details are found in the books of Syrah in the books of history. But this ayah is referencing that event. This is a very nice segue from the previous

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surah. If you remember the previous surah. Last month, I talked about Ibrahim alayhis salam, that he is a community by himself, he is like a nation unto himself.

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That is the role that is a statute Ibrahim, the prophets of Salaam

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is now the leader of the prophets, he is the Imam of the profits, he is the last of the profits, but he is the one who you know is the leader of them. So, the role of the Profit System is being cemented in this in this

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in this surah here and the in that incident cemented that also previously, if you look at another interesting segue I number 125.

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The Quran says in the previous surah Kudu Illa media Rebecca will Hekmati well Maori lotted Asada call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and a fair exhortation ignites reminder.

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More I thought that was a good reminder. Watch. I did humility here arson and reason with them in a way that is best. Okay. So it speaks about how

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You know inviting the people then surah number 17 surah Isabel is going to tell us what is the way that we invite people? What is the, the good example that the previous surah references? What is using wisdom in calling people to Allah inviting people to Allah? What is that? And that is the topic of the surah. This theme of the surah is the Glorious Quran. The Glorious Quran is the theme of Surah Surah Surah number 17. Why is that, because this word is mentioned 11 times in the surah itself. And this is not a normal occurrence of Quran, the word does not repeat so often and other students of Quran, but in this sort of review, it repeats 11 times. So that goes to show this as a

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central theme. And that central theme, the Quran is going to teach us how to invite people to to Allah with wisdom, and a nice way that shows this this first eye right here, this first ayah that we just looked at right now it shows the passing of the baton or passing of the book from Bernie is equal to the Prophet Muhammad sauce alum from the other prophets to the Prophet Muhammad Salam for money is equal to the Muslims. Okay, this is what I had number one signifying the problem is not the Imam of the Prophet and this nation, the nation of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him are the ones who the baton has been passed passed to and now they are the ones who are going to carry this

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forward. This is not strange, I number two says but I think now Mashallah kita Jana who don't leave any sort of ill a lot of illumine Luna Killa, the retirement Pamela I know. We gave Moses the book and made it a guide for the children of Israel. Do not take anyone besides me as a guardian. They are you are those who are descendants of those whom we carried in the ark. Excuse me with Noah, he was truly thankful servant to what happened in the past that the book was passed on from Noah Ali Salaam to Moses, and now it's passed on from Musa to the province of Moosa and Isa, right and then finally, it's been passing on to it's passed on to puffs of them and that is what this opening IRA

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signifies. Okay, but he saw

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they as but he saw it as mentioned in the Quran, the Quran mentions in them

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when they retreat critiques them, it is meant to also be a mirror for us. Bani Israel slacked off with regards to the book. The book here is going to refer to previous scriptures. So they have slacked off in the, you know, when it comes to

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holding on to the commandments of that book Wahhabi 911. So 11 keytab before warned the children of Israel in the Scripture, twice you shall commit evil in the land, and twice you shall become transgressors. Right. This was a this was a reference to two instances when Bani Israel completely annihilated, you know, expelled and humiliated. And it's a reference to that, because that's what happens to people when they give up their book, right when they give up the practice of their faith.

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And when that happens, then

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you know, Allah subhanaw taala would punish them right? With bunny. So

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this was something that took place historically, to instances were referenced here for example, with what happened with Nebuchadnezzar and you know how he completely annihilated them what happened with the Romans.

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Those are two instances are referenced here. Now it's a mirror to the Muslims because the Muslims also when they left the practice of their Deen when they became divided and interested in material acquisitions, interested in empires, and not so interested in upholding the law of the Koran, and implementing it, Allah sponza punish them as well in the same way they were, you know, other other nations came and ransack them, the Mongols came and ransacked the Muslims in a way that was never done before. Okay. And then, some years later, some centuries later, the colonists came and ransacked them again. And we still are seeing the ramifications of both of those things. So panela

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this is what happens when you give up holding on to the book. The Quran says it is a guide I number nine in the in the huddle called Anaya de la te a comb. Surely this Quran guides to the most upright way and gives good

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Use to the believers to do good deeds so that they will have a great reward. Well, under Latina Luna will occur the artisan Allahumma Dobbin Rima and warns those who deny the life to come with a grievous punishment.

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The Quran is the thing that guides Remember last surah it ends by saying, you know, invite to guidance. This book is the thing that guides it tells you how we should approach this, this topic of inviting people to Islam and reforming ourselves. Okay. It speaks about the book of deeds.

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Or it speaks actually, firstly, about

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when it comes to

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guidance and humans. It speaks a little bit about the psychology of humans, where the insane weather in sandwich shops who will hire candidates know our July man's ask for evil as eagerly as he should ask for good. Truly man is indeed hasty. Like we're quick to lose hope. We're quick to give up on ourselves to you know, question Allah's wisdom to throw everything out because we are emotional. That's how we are just hasty in this manner, what can I lose I know our jeweler, that is actually a character as a character flaw that prevents guidance, guidance is attained and when it is attained, it gives you tranquility and it gives you the ability to bear difficulties with patients by

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remembering Allah

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and, and not acting irrationally and emotionally, but this is a quality of people, unfortunately, who, you know, the guidance is prevented from from getting to them. This kind of attitude is a very dangerous one, this irrational emotional attitude that I had number 13 speaks about.

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About the book of deeds and the book of deeds, we have tied the fate of every man about his neck, and we shall produce a book for him on the Resurrection Day that he will find spread open, read your book, read your record. And today there will be none but yourself to call to account if I beat up sequel do Malaika Hussey but people will

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you know go through ups and downs of life. But everything we do, right? It's recorded in this book of deeds and on the Day of Judgment, that book of these will be produced. And even though we may forget because we are forgetful, the book of deeds has everything recorded in it. And it will be the thing that Allah will use as a baseline to hold us accountable. An important note about accountability is number 15. Money data in nema 30, DFC whatever chooses to follow the right path follows it for his or her own good, very important, if you choose to be guided, if you choose. Good, if you choose patience, if you choose rationality, if you choose, you know morality, you're doing

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this for your own self, it is not for anybody else. The beneficiary is you a non believer in the law, Allah And whoever goes astray, goes astray at his own peril. It's their loss. It's no one else's loss. They are the the first and foremost loser, may Allah protect us from that Mullah does it was zero to Mr. Ofra. No barrier or burdens shall bear the burdens of another. This is very important. Everybody is held accountable individually cannot blame society. You cannot blame these people misguided me You cannot blame anybody. Okay? Because if kuraki tabaka looking at the ISS, none but yourself, you know, today there will be none but yourself to call you to account like you

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know, there's nobody to point a finger at today. What does he do was, you

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know, bear a burden shall bear the burden burdens of another. Neither is that we are accountable, accountable for anybody else's sins, as long as we do our best, you know, if we're doing living a good moral life, and we tried to spread this and share this, and people don't want it, no problem. That's their choice. It's nothing. It's not a reflection upon us. There are prophets of Allah who barely had any followers, one or two followers, that that's all they had. That's not a reflection on the prophets, the prophet that those prophets were amazing. Their role models is this. It's a reflection on the people. womac una Mara Divina. hatanaka rassada. Nor do we punish until we have

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sent forth a messenger very important. No, this is is a what is a totally like it's a definitive

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clear cut iron punishment in this world when I last popular punished people in the world that was only after a messenger team, right? And the messengers clearly speaking from revelation from Allah, there's no doubt about it when the messenger arrives, there's no doubt that this is a messenger, right? It's not like an ambiguous thing. It's not like, oh, there's a 50% chance. It's very clear, it's only now a matter of accepting him or rejecting him. Okay. So that punishments, all the things that we've seen that speaking about that, but it's also speaking about the concept of on in Hellfire, nobody's going to go to Hellfire, if they have not received the message, or if they had

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not acted upon the moral compass that Allah gave them. This is a key part because how could you punish if they didn't know what they're being punished for? How is that, you know, in a way, acceptable? It's not. And that's why the Quran is very explicit about that. And in Surah, number 67, we'll revisit this idea again, because there's an even more explicit text about that concept. Okay, that doesn't justify a person saying, you know what, I'm just gonna close my ears and close my eyes and just, you know, live life in oblivion. And then, on the day of judgment, I will have no one. And I would say, I didn't know anything. Sorry. No, no, we're all given a moral compass. Okay. morality

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is in our souls. The fitrah is built in the desire to look for Allah is built into us. But the question is, how much do we act on it? And Allah is the judge of that. The question is, how much do we seek Him? Allah is the judge of that, but no one is punished until the message has been received. And they don't feel that they are unfairly treated. Okay. I number 18 speaks to us about a very important concept. Alas, Martha says, Man, can you read through the agility agenda? houfy hamanaka olema Nori? What about a good person? He lived a life. He was so good. He helped people he paid his taxes. He never got in trouble. Right? He's a good man. Sure he has a good map. Okay, but when can

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you read the larger agenda? houfy hamanako, Lima nurit whoever we give whatever we will to whoever desires immediate gains.

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They are you know, whatever they are they worked for in this life. Last part of that will give them whatever share is theirs according to Allah as well. But didn't plan or work for the asset up. So how can they be shared in the asset up? They didn't do anything to build a home in paradise. How can they have a home in paradise?

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so much? Allahu jahannam Yes, Mama Mama the ruler then we have prepared for L for him, which he will enter disgraced and rejected. But the one who desires well on arrival after all,

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makes the one who desires hereafter and makes a proper effort to achieve it being a true believer shall find favor with God for His endeavors his or her because I applies to both Ganesh so you homeschool ra actually is used, the plural is used. The translation is not precise. akula Noemi duha Allah, Allah Minotaur, Arabic upon all, both these those who desire the world and those who desire the after, after we bestow the bounty of your Lord, none shall be denied the bounty of your Lord, everybody will get a share of the bounty of the Lord, everybody will get also this bounty of authority because not just material, the spiritual one as well the the, the hence the invitation

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that Allah gives to every soul to come back to it to come back to him. That is something that Allah bestows upon everyone but then the one woman can or you read will Arjuna the scanner you didn't tells us that that's all they wanted. Right look at this man arada man can you read with expression is suddenly different.

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Here the one who is focused on the world and and this life. It what this expression is saying is this is all they were concerned about. They it's not like they couldn't not not only did they not care less, they happily said I don't want to worry about an old life afterwards. As in i'd reject the present premise and possibility of this life because I'm going to focus my entirety of my effort and life on building my life. Here, man, Ghana, you redo that's that expression that shows that so it's not like Allah deprive them of the bounty. It's not like the last one that deprive them of opportunity to for guidance. The opportunities for guidance were given what are they now who know

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God like the Quran says that Allah guided them to both the paths the good and the evil, every soul.

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For allameh for Judah taqwa every soul, Allah inspires it to it, the evil and good so they can make that choice.

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The soul makes the choice itself though. But at the end of the day, it's what you want and what you prioritize. And what you want and prioritize is your actions expressed priority more than your words and if your actions are expressing the priority of this life, and so much so that you have completely ruled it out the other life, that that is what your share is on, okay? For Hawthorne, Nevada Humala about, see how we exalted some above others in the present life, yet the hereafter will be greater in degrees of rank and greater and excellence. Okay, now there are some commandments from the Quran. This is very similar to Surah number six, if you remember I in number 23 surah

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number six had those commandments and the very end of it are the 10 commandments. Like I like some scholars mentioned that from the Quran very similar verses here as well. We'll call darbuka Allah, Allah Yahoo bill valid any Asana or Lord has commanded that you should worship none but him. That's the foundation right? What is the guidance we spoke about? The Quran is both is a guide for us. Right? What is it that we are to do in life? simplify life for us? Oh, Allah, what is it that we should focus on this too many complications? There's too many things simplify. Here's a simplified version. Your Lord has commanded you. You worship nothing but him. This is one of those is you

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should underline or this passage, you know, make a marker. This is a real pastor, you should study

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and show kindness to parents, well believe it they need Santa. And again, you notice the parents are right after a lot because Allah chose our parents. So we're kind to our parents, because the Lord chose them to be our parents. And of course, if our parents were kind, and and, you know, they did everything for us, then we are even more indebted to them even more for, you know, their kindness and their love, that we can actually never really repay. But the premise of this kindness is built upon or the foundation of it is built upon the fact that Allah has chosen them to be our parents. And we are doing this to honor Allah and to be devoted to Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost,

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if either of them or both of them attain old age, would you say no word of contempt to them, and do not rebuke them, but always speak gently to them, and treat them with humility and tenderness offered lahoma Jana Halima Rama is a very beautiful image of lowering of the wings. The lowering of the wings is an image of a bird that's powerful could fly away, but it lowers his wind its wings, you know, voluntarily to show mercy to its kids. But here that image is flipped, and it's shown to show it's used to show humility and mercy to the parents that your powerful and strong like this bird that can fly away, but you're lowering your wings out of respect and humility and love for your

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for your parents, and then be tender with them and say, make the horrible hemangioma of their hand Huma Kamara Bayani Samira, oh my lord be merciful to them board just like they raised me up and I was little What a beautiful door This is the door you should again underline and make inshallah for your parents.

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A very, very beautiful dog. Rob boom, Allah Murphy nouveau. cecum your Lord, Your Lord knows best. What is in your hearts, if you are righteous, he will he is more forgiving to those who are constantly turning to him

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at the quarterback, okay, so we spoke about worshiping Allah number one, excellence to parents number two, and this time what's new is there was more details described about parents. Be kind, be gentle, be tender, make the offer them okay. Number three, we're our developer wahaca, who will Myskina webinar Seville whether to zero give to relatives, your relatives their do and also to the needy and the wayfarer can give this in the sense of support them. And this is an idea that is you know, you should use you should give your charity, your cat, your financial hub help first and foremost those who are closest to you. Okay, and then to the needy and the waiver. Well, not too

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bad. The number four do not become extravagant. Don't waste your money. Okay? We say hey, it's my money. I can waste it as I like. Well, in the mobile Marina Kanu, Juana Shelton, we think of our money as what Allah has given us. And it's money that Allah has entrusted us with. Yes, you've earned it. hamdulillah but don't be so entitled that it's my money. I can do whatever I want. No, it is the money that Allah has given to you. Bless you. It is his bounty is His grace. It's an it's a it's an Amana Allah has entrusted that upon you. So don't squander it. Use it for good use it for you know enjoyment, but don't squander and don't waste because those will waste in

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In what valina Kanu Juana shells in there, the brothers of the devil mccanna shape on ludovica fula. And the devil is ever ungrateful to his Lord, you do that you become this is a sign of ingratitude to Allah, okay? And this by the way with Vereen, and this kind of, you know, extravagance, you know what it burns, it burns more evil. Right? The, the, you know, it's not like extravagant spending brings about, like some real morality or moral causes, or some real great economic development. No, it only enriches a few people, okay? It will only enrich if select few, and it most likely will lead to some more immoral industries that will surround it. Look at the riches of the rich, right, the

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people in Wall Street who are partying, were the party. It's always around, you know, escorts and these clubs, and you know, these call girls that are glorified names for for prostitution, that's what it ends up, inevitably descending into, in the Medina Canyon, Juana Shelton. And then at that point, really what's left of a person's morality, when they are indulgent in that lifestyle, okay.

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But if you're waiting for your Lord, Lord's bounty, which you're expecting, you turn them down, that at least speak to them kindly, you don't have money right now, don't also insult and humiliate the person who's needing help speak kindly to them. For colon colon, my surah you don't always have to give money to somebody who needs help, maybe you don't have money to give to anybody, right. But irrespective be nice, don't humiliate the person who is you know, in a situation of need, and as we spoke about, don't be like the person who gives money and then reminds people and hurts people by his words, because that charity doesn't have anything. The spending policy of Islam because you

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don't may not have money at all times. Number five, Allah Lula Tana and our own cook.

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Me neither miserly nor so open handed, that you suffer, suffer reproach and become destitute.

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Dr. ruden balumama surah. This is also very beautiful image, don't make your this is a literal translation. I'm actually trying to see if there's a more literal translation here. Saying International.

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Ah, alright, this is more literal. Don't make your hand as as if it's chained to your neck. Right? Literally, like this, whatever. So Taco Bell bus and don't extend it completely like that. Okay? Why, what? What's this image, when this image of someone's hand is chained to their neck is actually the image of somebody who's a prisoner or slave, right? This is a person who can't do anything out of free will don't become so stingy. It's like your stinginess has enslaved you is enslaved you and you're not doing you're not even spending on what is a necessity? What is, you know, the right of the people? What is the right of the poor? What is the right of your family? You are even stingy in

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that. It's like your stinginess has enslaved you. Okay. Well, that episode tackles the image of less gay

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turn, without any thought, right? If you remember in Sweden before, the Quran says, Don't give your money to the fools meaning don't give money to someone who you know is going to squander it foolishly, that's not good charity, that is being irresponsible. That's enabling irresponsible behavior. So don't do that either. In both cases, you are maluma masan, you are blameworthy.

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In both cases, if you're too stingy. And if you're not calculated about how you spent in both cases, you are blameworthy. And in both cases, you are masu, you're trapped. If you're too stingy, you're trapped by your stringiness. Right? And May Allah help that person? And if you are not rational, yes, waste your money, right? You just spend it and you think is good, but you didn't really put some thought into it. Right? you're you're you're trapped because you're going to be poor.

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So don't do that either way. So the very beautiful, very amazing guidelines the Quran is giving us about how to spend spend on those who are close to you spend on your family, don't waste don't become extravagant. Don't become too stingy either. And when you spend, do it in a calculated manner, don't just, you know just throw money and say, Okay, let's see what happens. Okay? That's not how that's not wise. In all of these circumstances, you are blameworthy and you're trapped. You know, or might you might cause yourself harm. In narangba Casa de risk anemia oyakata your Lord of gifts abundantly to whom He wills and sparingly to whom he pleases this, Allah has decreed he makes

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some rich he makes some poor

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In the hook NaVi buddy hubiera masirah but he is informed and observant about his servants he knows exactly very well. who is who. Okay, number six wala tokoto CATIA imlach do not kill your offspring for fear of want this is not also good translation about this. Let's see what Santosh says what a Dakota do Allah Kumar shettima good to not kill your children for fear of poverty National Nurses Oklahoma Jaco. We will provide for them and for you, indeed, the killing is a grave sin now you might remember something similar from a surah number six iron number 153. Okay.

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Or sorry, iron number 151. Excuse me, okay. Very similar expression lakdawala, Taka to Allah dokumen imlach right here it was, Do not kill your children out of poverty.

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Or due to poverty. Here it is. Do not kill your children have shatta imlach out of fear of poverty. slight difference in the wording. Look at this expression though. Not No, no, Zuko come home here. We will write for you. And them us first them a second in Surah 17, National zucco home when he come they are first and your second. Right? That's a very subtle, so subtle, the Quran is source. So, you know, incredible in his expression. And it's such a subtle little thing here, but you have to catch it. Right? What's the subtlety? Here? You are, You have kids you are in a state of poverty.

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And because you see the poverty, you kill your kids, because you are in a state of poverty. Allah says no, no, Allah will take care of you. And them. Okay. Here you are in Ayah number in Surah. Number 17 you are fearing poverty, you're not in poverty just yet. But you're afraid of it. And that's why maybe you don't want to have kids or you want to abort your child. So Allah says no, no, Allah will provide for them.

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And then he will provide and you as well so the pronoun is synced with the cause the pronoun is in sync with the the reasoning why a person is killing or why they would be compelled to do something as evil as killed kill their child.

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Just as an expression I'm just trying to show you how powerful the expression there is how in sync it is, you know in the Arabic but Subhanallah all that aside, the ruling is of course you know, don't worry don't don't think that Allah is not going to provide for you and for your kids. Allah will provide for you and your kids and the killing of them is indeed a great sin that I think we said number six number seven Allah tala bozena do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse that's usually what causes the reason to have abortions right? Someone is trying to hide a pregnancy someone doesn't want a child and because they had it out of wedlock right? Or they didn't plan for

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it usually when they were just hooking up casually Okay, don't do this in who can afford a shotgun was a Sevilla it is a morality and an evil way. Okay, this is not the correct way the correct way is doing it under the prescribed way of you know, marriage number eight while I talk to nafsa Lottie harmala, who 11 half Do not kill the soul, which Allah has forbidden except by right. This is again, we spoken about this at length, it's completely outlawed in Islam to kill a person vigilante justice completely outlawed.

00:33:50--> 00:34:39

The, the the knifes is haram Allah, Allah has made it sanctified, it has a sanctity, okay. And we should see when you see a person dying or you hear, you know, 20,000 people have COVID and 10,000 people died or something, right? All those are souls, right those that Allah has sanctified. So there is, you know, there is an element of pain they should feel for the for the souls of people, right, that is part of our humanity, if I'm an alum of lumen *a john oliver Lee soupon, and, of course, the one who's the air, the air of the murdered, Allah has given that person authority, meaning that they have the authority to see justice, when they are seeking justice for law, you

00:34:39--> 00:34:39


00:34:40--> 00:34:59

don't see justice and go overboard justifying that, you know, that justifying that, that that transgression by the fact that you were wronged. Right. That is not correct, either. That's the Koran is very precise about this. Don't overstep your bounds even when

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

You are right and you're seeking justice. Don't do that. Because now you will become the oppressor and you have become the wrongdoer. Okay, number eight, I believe was at nine I was found, like keeping track of my thinking. I think it's eight. Yes. Well, I talked to my dad at 1130 he said, Don't come near the property of the orphan orphan except in the way that is best. This is very good. Right? This is very good because orphans are exploited. We spoke about them before. Well, Ofu Bella had fulfill every commitment because commitment is to be questioned. Number nine, number 10. Awful. Kayla either killed tomasino bilquis thoughts and muster cream, your full measure and full weight

00:35:42--> 00:36:23

when you're doing business, be an honest person. That is the best way and will bring the best result. Well, Otto Kumar, telecabine. Erin, do not pursue that which you have no knowledge. Okay? Don't speak about about the religion without knowledge. Don't, don't be pretentious, don't be pretentious. That is one of the most fatal character flaws a person can have to be pretentious, about to speak about something as if they know when they don't know. Because that's lying. That's pretending to know something. It's like you are trying to make yourself seem bigger than you are. You know, like if someone's being attacked by a beard. Like one of the things that they're taught

00:36:23--> 00:36:47

is, you know, you kind of pretend to be bigger than you are you stretch out your arms and try to you know, look bigger, you know, as of course, we can run away if you run away, you can run away and run away first. But that you do that for survival. You don't do that in normal circumstances. Like you pretend to be bigger than who you are. That's actually a really major character flaw. That's as your keeper. arrogance is stuck. But the seek to be big.

00:36:48--> 00:37:31

That is what this is referring to. Don't be like that. In the summer I will basara Well, indeed the hearing the site and the heart about all those one will be questioned. All of our faculties will be questioned how we use our hearing our site how we use our hearts here for odd is not called always the heart for art is the emotional heart of last month, I will ask us about the times your emotional, you can say I was just emotional. I was angry. So I said that. You said it. You said it right. And that's the thing. Your art is going to be questioned as well. So there is no like, get out of jail card because you were angry because you were upset. Some people are like, Oh, this guy

00:37:31--> 00:38:13

is just angry. He's always you know, when he has a good heart. He has a good heart. Well, a good heart means he can control his anger in the summer I will pass on I will forward he doesn't hurt people when he's angry. That's what a good heart is. Not that you know, oh yes, he has good intentions. But in anger he says whatever he wants, we don't accept this. You don't accept these kind of these kind of, you know, explaining away of bad behavior. Well, Adam Schiff in the Murrah don't work proudly on the earth, in Atlanta, call out, you're not so you're not the center of the universe, have humility. Remember your origins. You can cleave the earth you can just like destroy

00:38:13--> 00:38:56

it. You can become as tall as a mountain. You're just a small human. Okay, cool news article kanessa. Yoo hoo, Ender. obika makuha. All this is detestable in the sight of your Lord. Right? understand how important this is. These are the the commandments that Allah has given to you. Mineral hikmah from the wisdom, right, if the religion is becoming too complex for you, brothers and sister, this is the place you go back to, that's what you're asked to do. That's from the wisdom middle hikmah. That is from the revelation. And then everything else is fine details. These are the important aspects of the faith, how we deal versus about the oneness of Allah, how we deal with our

00:38:56--> 00:39:44

family, how we spend our money, how we do a business, how we transact ourselves or conduct ourselves. When we are angry, when we are happy, how we make relations and have families. These are the things that are important, right? How we walk with humility. We talked with humility, right? We treat people with grace and kindness and tenderness. These are the things that are important. That's what the deen is about. What Allah and Allah do not set up any other deity with God lets you recast and held and condemned and rejected for total coffee Jana mama lumen madhura maloom if you are cast in jahannam, if a person is in that situation, it's the Quran will make this very clear. It's their

00:39:44--> 00:39:48

fault that they were there. It's not the fault of God. Okay.

00:39:49--> 00:39:54

There are some people of course, who are this this beautiful wisdom that the Quran has shared, right.

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

Some of some people will be deprived from this further quote.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Francis Welcome soboroff nappy headed for a free huddle for Annie, Leah Ducker we've explained the truth in the Quran in various ways. Right, so Ruffner is the example is given in multiple ways. So we can process it, maybe it clicks. Now, as for some other people click it Other times, but Allah has given the examples in various ways. So people may take heed, but for many, and particularly the people in the audience of Makkah, it only increases their aversion. How? So? What is the reason? One of the reasons is that they seek other idols with Allah and Allah says, How is that possible? logically, if there were other idols, idols besides a lot as they claim, then they surely would have

00:40:42--> 00:41:24

found a way to the Lord of the Throne, meaning the idols would try to seek closest to Allah, they wouldn't worry about you, right? Or they would try to overthrow Allah and become the dominant Lord. How is that like, just logically think about this? How is this going to work in this in this manner? Right. Now, a law sponsor says also, there's people who will be prevented from benefiting from the Quran, if 45 and you recite the Quran, we place an invisible barrier between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter. Okay? Again, this is not talking about someone who is not a Muslim, and they are learning about Islam, you know, and whatnot, and they're interested in whatnot. This is

00:41:24--> 00:42:05

someone who, particularly the, this one is speaking about the people or mcus, specifically, but generally someone who has the same attitude as the people of Makkah, who were just trying to find a reason not to believe in the process of them, okay? And you have that attitude that Allah will place that barrier, it's going to prevent you that attitude is what's preventing you from benefiting from the Koran. What does Allah say, place veils over their hearts, and we to prevent them from comprehending it and afflict their ears, but deafness, when you mentioned your one and only Lord and every citation in the Quran, they turn their backs in a version, okay? This is a very interesting

00:42:05--> 00:42:07

thing. They say what they say look,

00:42:10--> 00:42:55

is a canary vamos a faton, inanimate, una conferencia de la number 49, when we are turned to bones and dusts shall be restored to life, how is that going to be like? How is that possible? The Quran says yes, even if you were to turn into stones or iron, or anything that's even more substance that you think is unlikely to be given life. Even then Allah will bring you back to life, they will say, well, who is it that will restore us to life? And so then the one who created you the first time, the one who brought you into existence from nothingness has the power to bring you into existence for the second time, after you have been created, and he passed away? He has the same power for so

00:42:55--> 00:43:25

you know, in a gruesome way. akuna mata Who? And they will say when will this be they will shake their heads at you and say, Yeah, when will that be? When I saw an akuna horiba? It may well be very soon look at that this conversation, right? They're asking a question not to learn, that asked me a question to either mock or to maybe just find some reason, some justification in their heart to not believe right to not have this, this, this worldview.

00:43:26--> 00:43:44

And then the parent says, well, then the day that happens, right? It will, it will it will be too late. Or be too late to praise him. It'll be too late. You should appraise them mentally when you were alive. Okay. The Quran speaks about the story in this surah about the story of

00:43:45--> 00:43:48

an alum and a police. Okay.

00:43:51--> 00:44:29

Actually, before that, this is actually very nice. I want to share this I don't know I didn't have this in my notes, but I'm gonna share this with you. poorly, I bought the Akala t OS and tell my servants what they should say. Always say, they should always say what is best. It's very powerful. I think I always remind myself, I try to remind myself this is whenever I get angry at people, right? We should always try to say what's best because Satan stirs up discord among them. You say something out of anger and shaytaan will come up and stir up discord and this is true will lie This is true. You say something out of anger. And that is now you shape one goes to town, right in the

00:44:29--> 00:44:59

shape on a candidate in sunny r1 bobina. Surely Satan is an outright enemy to mankind. But the solution to this is say what's good. I don't this arm the devil, help your brother as well. Very, very important. And we ask Allah to give us this kind of wisdom. I mean, you look at IRA number 61 last month that speaks about right now little mala egotist Julie other Mufasa police. We said to the angels prostrate yourselves with

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

For Adam, the all prostrate accepted beliefs he said, am I to prostrate myself to someone who was created out of clay. Right? The story has we've seen it a few times. But here again a slight difference appears a slight, little slight variation of the example right? Have you see this being whom you have exalted above me, right? Again this is this arrogance of the devil, that he will say I you know, how dare Allah Subhana Allah exalt this other being over me he chose wrong, right? He chose wrong, the show should have chosen me.

00:45:40--> 00:46:25

Of course, last month I said to him, this is, you know, not your place. And now here a little bit of detail about how the devil can entice people, how you can lead people away from the path of God, entice whoever you can, with your voice and mount assaults against them with your cavalry and infantry, and be their partner in wealth and offspring. I make promises to them, Satan promises nothing but delusion. It was was that was his most apothem, in whom you saw Tucker, this is a reference to the whisperings of the devil well as the valet him behind the cover. Raji, deca, this is, you know, this assault is a, you know, not like the horror, the devil is coming on a horse to

00:46:25--> 00:46:42

attack you in your house, right? But this is the idea of a person surrounding themselves with bad influence, until they're overpowered by the influence or power by the devil, like the way to good is so the chance of them mutating that is so slim.

00:46:45--> 00:46:48

And it's there is no escape to that for them.

00:46:50--> 00:47:23

This is the shift right there because some people and the worshipping the devil, okay, and they end up ascribing divinity to the devil, okay. And this is something that is part of his plan. So all of these things the Quran mentions, right, it's going to be whispers is going to be overpowering influence, and even the worst case, right or in the worst case, someone ends up ascribing divinity to the devil. This is all you know, like it's kind of like a sea from bad to worse, it's going in the eye.

00:47:24--> 00:48:01

Of course the true servants of Allah, you will have no power over them, you will have no power over them. And that is something we have to understand that the devil does not have power over us. Allah has given us authority lamonta has given us salon or ourselves and we have insha Allah to seek the means of protection that Allah has given us idle corsi supplications okay. The Quran mentions that we have honored the children of Adam welaka Khurana bunny Adam is number 3070 I'm trying to figure out where it says yes. Welcome to kurama bunny.

00:48:04--> 00:48:05

Well, how Allah homefield very well

00:48:08--> 00:48:46

what does that phenomena for you Betty? Marla Kathy, the milkman Hola, Karnataka. Dina, we've honored the children of Adam, and have borne them on the land and sea, given them for sustenance, things which are good and pure, Exalted them above many of our creatures. This is what Allah Allah has done for us. This is for all humanity. Bunny, Adam, the children of Adam were like this one large family. That's how it's supposed to see, you know, in humanity as such, yes, of course, we know people are good and bad, but fundamentally, we are all the children of Adam, and Allah has honored the children of Adam, okay.

00:48:47--> 00:49:18

But at the end of the day, on the day of judgment, people will be summoned, people will be summoned. And people who get their books in their right hands will get the record and they will be happy and they will be looking forward and they will not be wronged. But the one who was one can have he had he, whoever has been blind in this life will be blind in the next life to come and be further straight, a small further stray away from the path any What does that mean? That means in this life, they were

00:49:19--> 00:49:57

the idea here is that they were not interested in looking. They're not interested in looking for the purpose of life. And not just like that they were busy, like they weren't able to find that I am no, no, they were ama as if like they just didn't want to see if there was something bigger in life, something more meaningful in life, because that requires a lot of change. And that's hard. I don't want to change. Okay. Then if you have that approach, then that is the end at the end as well. That's going to be the case of the end as well. The Quran says the proposition was supported by Allah through the Quran, of course the Prophet is thought to Salam was

00:49:59--> 00:50:00

you know, he was

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

He was tempted by his enemies, right? They'd wanted to strike deals with him they were like hey, how can one one day you worship Allah we all worship Allah. And one day you know, we worship idols. How's that for a deal right there. That's the kind of things that will come to give the person them as you know, as like a exit from all the persecution his people are facing. But the Quran says no, if he had not made you stand for him, you would have inclined towards them a little Lola and sad but now calacatta kita. Can we name Shay and kalila? Right? Allah strengthened the process of them through the Quran. And that is what what what Allah monta does he strengthens the prompts on to the

00:50:41--> 00:51:24

Quran, he strengthens us to the Quran. Again, remember, the theme of the surah is the Quran, its meanings, its commandments, its wisdom, right? And then, of course, the example of how Allah, you know, provides help to the problem. and by extension, all of us, when we are in trouble, through the Quran, through its guidance is number 76. When cadoola stuff is zuna come in, and I'll give you a fluke I mean, ha, they want to unsettle you, so they can expel you from the land, but then they won't stay behind for too long. Because that's what happens to every people who did that to their messengers, if they kick out their messenger, they will also meet their end soon. And this is what

00:51:24--> 00:52:08

happened to Quraysh this was a prediction from the from the Quran for what will befall flourish and then came in the battle a brother just a few years after, right well not that you don't wanna do like sonatina Davina, you will not find any change in our ways. The Quran, the sweetness of the Quran is felt in Salah right number 78 Archana salata de De Luca shamcey la Sufi lever Quran fragile in por vida de ganar mush houda and specially for Anders recited in the prayer of fudger that's when its sweetness is truly felt. Say your prayers are established the prayers from the decline of the Sun until nightfall these are the five daily prayers you know, four of the five you know from the

00:52:08--> 00:52:54

decline of the sun that Lahore then also the mother denisha work for Anil fragile and number five is fudger and that dawn because the citation in the Quran of the Quran at the Salah fudger is witnessed with this by who people are sleeping it's witnessed by the angels is witness but a loss Partha because it's difficult, difficult to be awake at that time to recite Quran and to pray. It's a hard thing so Allah sparkler makes a note of it especially right and at night is hard at night. It is an additional prayer the hijab big enough in Atala and additional prayer with something we can do right now in Milan. I sorry, I forgot Oh boo como como la moda. And if you do that, it may well be that

00:52:54--> 00:53:39

your Lord will raise you to a station of praise and glory, and say, My Lord, grant me an entrance and an honorable exit and sustained me with your power. corabi Mutasa Ragini Maharaja said, What a beautiful door, the browser knew that the people of Makkah are going to are plotting against them. The Quran gives him this beautiful to allow me to exit honorably, and then enter honorably. Alright, let them not put me in a situation where I get humiliated or I get distressed, and give me sustained me with your power. It's a very beautiful draft for anyone who's in trouble in any type of trouble that you're in, whether it's a troubled relationship, but you may have a

00:53:41--> 00:53:59

regime of Maharaja said, Oh Allah, Grant me an honorable exit. And they grant me an honorable entrance and stained me with your power. I need your help. Allah sustained me a very beautiful Dora, I want you to underline this one and make it in sha Allah for yourselves. In sha Allah as well.

00:54:00--> 00:54:43

The greatness of the Quran. This was a prediction By the way, excuse me, as mentioned in ayah, number 81. truth has come and falsehood has disappeared, false is false one is bound to disappear. And then the Prophet returned to Mecca for the conquest of Makkah, he was reciting this idea and he was destroying the idols in the Kaaba cleansing the Kaaba of idolatry. Okay, well, you know, zero mineral core Anima, who was Shiva warahmatullah, meaning we sent down in the Quran, with that which is healing and mercy for those who believe the Quran is a mercy and a healing. Right, it is a healing a source of healing for us. It heals our soul. It heals us, you know, even physically, right

00:54:43--> 00:54:55

when you are ill physically, we're supposed to seek cure by reciting the Quran. And it's a mercy a source of mercy acting on it is a source of mercy reciting it is a source of mercy, but those who are evil,

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

it only increases their loss. This is what the Quran is.

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

It for those who

00:55:03--> 00:55:17

are believers, it is a source of it's the best thing ever. For those who are the wrongdoers, the oppressors, the ones who are doing evil, then it doesn't do anything for them. In fact, it only makes things worse for them. Okay.

00:55:18--> 00:56:07

Last month I said something, again, a little thing about a person how a person could become a wrongdoer. Right, a little hint of human psychology whether an idol in Sani Allah when the abbey journey by the massager room, can I whoosah when we bestow a favor upon a person, he turns back and draws a sight, he's happy, he's gay, you know, whatever, you know, I got this. Yeah, this is all me right? Everything is good hunky dory, while the massage shadow can also but when evil afflicts him, he gives up in despair. This, the the moment of tragedy just turns this person's world upside down. And they are as if there's no purpose in life left and annaleigh what a what a tragic situation,

00:56:07--> 00:56:54

right? That is someone who is far away from guidance. Everyone acts in their own way and your Lord most best was rightly guided, this person is not rightly guided, the one who is rightly guided is who takes the guidance of the Quran, the mercy of the Quran and puts it into action by being able to deal with tragedies that they are they see and the experience I have number 88 speaks about the greatness of the Quran, Allah in HTML, in general Allah to Allah Quran, ly autonomously, if all men engine were gathered to produce the like of this foreign, they could not produce one like it, even if they were all together in trying to produce something like it. It speaks about the Quran is it

00:56:54--> 00:56:58

speaks a little bit about the very end in the story of Musa

00:56:59--> 00:57:47

and and for round number 101 wellacre atina mu satis or it may not get Moses nine definitive signs. You can inquire that from the children of Israel when he came to them and Pharaoh said to him yam or Moosa, we think you are bewitched, call Allah darlin, Tama Angela. Hola, Illa Mattila de Masaya you know full well that nun has Sandy's down, but the Lord of the heavens and the earth as an eye opening evidence. Indeed, I indeed Pharaoh I can see that you are doomed, for any stuff is the home of in order to scare them out of the land, but Allah drown him and those who are with him, all together, the same word was used for Quraysh. In Ghana, when

00:57:48--> 00:57:53

when candlelight is the fifth zuna camel, they want you to expel you and scare you out of the land.

00:57:54--> 00:58:38

And they did. frown wanted to scare and expel most of the some of the land. And he did. And they both mandarins. Right so the parallel is drawn between the Pharaoh and the Quraysh. very subtly in the Quran. They both tried the same things. They both rejected the great prophets who brought clear signs, and they moved that method and similarly, now the Koran says we'll be happy and Allah who will have been as well. We have revealed the Quran with the truth and with the truth it has come down truthfully, Allah has revealed that it is nothing but the truth. Okay, and it guides to the truth, what matters and what you don't want. What are the law who sent you for a profit as the one

00:58:38--> 00:59:26

who gives good news? We have revealed the Quran to you bit by bit Ferghana who Lita caranas so you may recite it to people on our mocks, slowly, when is the now hooten Zilla with deliberation and we imported it by gradual revelation, the Quran is not to be consumed all in one day, or all at once it was revealed over 23 years. Take your time to the study of the Quran. Take your time to the study of Islam, don't rush, take it easy. take it step by step. It that's how the Prophet was taught. That's how the Profit System was taught piece by piece bit by bit. So it could, you know, become firm, it could be processed, it could be, you know, implemented. That's how it's supposed to be acted upon.

00:59:27--> 00:59:52

Though the ones who believed in the Quran. Look at the attitude look at how beautifully this sort of ends say to them, you may not you may believe in it or not those to whom knowledge has been revealed. They fall on their faces in prostration. When it is recited and they say glory is to our Lord. The promise of our Lord is to be fulfilled. Right. This is such a beautiful experience where

00:59:54--> 01:00:00

as Connie Koon they fall down on their faces weeping the experience of finding the

01:00:00--> 01:00:46

Shoot is so powerful, it makes them cry, and increases them in humility. That is what the attitude of the believers is from throughout time. throughout time, whenever they lived, when they heard the word of God, that's what it caused them to become. And when they heard, especially those people who came to visit the Prophet, and they were here the Quran, and they were seeking the guidance, you will see this happen to them every single time. And today do you see when people when their hearts are searching yearning for guidance, when they hear the Quran, and they process what it says. It fills them up with humility, and gratitude. And the eyes overflowed with tears. How beautiful, only

01:00:46--> 01:00:53

Al Hamdulillah say all praises to God who has never gotten a son. And he has no partner in the kingdom.

01:00:54--> 01:00:57

And he has, he has

01:00:58--> 01:01:06

no one to aid him because of any weakness and proclaim His greatness. Surah 18 is the one

01:01:07--> 01:01:48

that we recite your Soraka half is what we retired on Friday. Okay, this is a recommendation sister Laura is asking why do we recite this on Friday. And this is a recommendation from the prophets on them to be excited every Friday. One of the reasons why is and I'll mention because Surah 18 continues to the next use. I'll mention this introduction right now. And then we'll continue talking about in more Surah 18 alkaff speaks about the trials and tribulations of life. And as it speaks about the trials and tribulations of life, Friday, you know, it's a it's a nice reminder every week to get a reminder of that, that life is going to be full of trials full of tribulations and a

01:01:48--> 01:02:33

variety of them, and how the stories of the people of the past how we can deal with them. This is an extra reminder, look at how the surah ends, the previous year ends by saying Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. The next word begins by saying Al Hamdulillah. Right, the previous surah began surah number 17 began by say Subhana Allah the Astra brb he right, his slave, his servant. And then here Torah. 18 also begins by saying Allah has sent the book upon his servant, his slave, right? This is a nice, you know, there's a nice parallel there, these tools to swords are almost like they're like a cup a couple, right? They're like a couplet. Very, there's a lot of parallels between the two.

01:02:33--> 01:03:31

Okay. The surah speaks about the Quran as well, and how the Quran is our way to protect us from the trials and tribulations of life. Okay, and it mentions five stories, okay, it mentions five stories in this surah. Okay. It mentions the story of the the use of the cave as horrible calf. They're mentioned here in Iowa, number nine. I number nine, all the way to iron number 2025. Okay, a 26 Excuse me, I nine to 26 is the youth of the cave. Their trial was the trial of following the true religion. They were young men in the home videotron ama Nubira beam, they were young men who believed in the Lord. And We bestowed upon them further guidance be solidified, strengthened their

01:03:31--> 01:04:15

hearts when they stood up for the truth. And they declared Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and never shall we call upon any of the data other than Him, for that will be an outrageous thing to do. So they were following the truth, but they were persecuted by a tyrant King. So they ran away. Right? They ran away, and they sought refuge in the cave. And in the cave, Allah subhanaw taala put them to sleep miraculously, for 309 years as either 25 mentions for 309 years, they kept, they were asleep. And then what happened is, as they were asleep for that many years, they woke up, right. When they woke up, they started to question each other. How long have you been

01:04:15--> 01:04:59

here? And they were told, well, it seems like a day or maybe a part of the day. But they were there. They didn't actually know exactly how much to say your Lord and Lord knows best how long you've stayed. They went to the town to get with the silver coins, right? some food and the purest of food that they can find they try to purchase with that. So that silver coin, but now when they arrived into town, and people recognize that this coin is 300 years old, and then they start to recognize that this is perhaps those youth that ran away 300 years ago from that Tyron King, that is when their story came to an end. And that was Allah's way this was disclosed to people because Alexander

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

seminar I laid Him, they were disclosed to the people after they were sleeping for 300 years and three or nine years so that they might know Allah's promise was true. And that there's no doubt about the error that they have judgment. So Pamela, this is a beautiful reminder that the promise of Allah is true. Allah promised them, he'll protect them, now protect them. And as a reminder for all of us, Allah will promise Allah has promised to protect his believing servants, and he will fulfill his promise, we have no doubt about that. Okay. And then the other thing is, there's no doubt about the hour that do judgment, just like these people were asleep for 300 years, and then they were

01:05:39--> 01:06:10

essentially brought back to life. People was brought back to life again, as well. This is the first story in sort of half the story of the youth of the caves. You know, one interesting thing about them is the number right people will say there were three, the dog was the fourth, there were five, six was their dog, Raji mambilla, guessing randomly, right? Allah says, you know, only, you know, say my lord knows best a number only a few know anything about them. So panela this is what Allah

01:06:11--> 01:06:28

says, this number, the details of the story is not the point of the story. The point of the story is, what is the moral what can we take away from it? And these figures and numbers that, you know, the previous people for the scripture would speak about? Those are not the important parts of the story.

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the, I'll conclude with one small part here wasn't enough so Kamala, Dina, the owner of Bahama, Dottie valachi, Judy Luna, watch her, okay, keep yourself attached to those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His pleasure to not let your eyes turn away from them designed the attraction of the worldly life, obey, do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless of our remembrance, and one who pursues his whims and becomes dissolute. This is the cause of losing the true religion. We have to surround ourselves with people who are attached to as long as the who are attached to their Lord, they pray to them, that's the kind of company we should seek to keep, we

01:07:17--> 01:08:02

should not seek the company of those who are, you know, designed the attraction of the worldly life, we should not strain our eyes towards them. Because if that becomes our, you know, criteria for success, then all of a sudden, we will start to drift away slowly, slowly, slowly, and then slowly, slowly, our hearts will become heatless of remembrance of God. And that is the beginning of the end. So it is a very critical thing as you know, the story of the youth is mentioned who Allah took care of them, and they stood up for following their true religion. Well, that reminds us to be around just like those youth were together they'd found protection. Together they were able to find

01:08:02--> 01:08:34

strength and courage together, keep yourself together with the congregation, so that the life that difficulties of life particularly the difficulties fall in the true religion are easier upon you shall will end but that will cover the other stories tomorrow inshallah tada along with surah number 19 surah Merriam, which is one of the most beautiful sutras of the Quran. And I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place, so it's quite a long way behind the Ganesha de la Ilaha. illa Anta Safarova to be like Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh