Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P22 230C Tafsir Fatir 42-45

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallavi's actions are described in the Bible as abused and targeted for evil purposes. plot tactics and hiding behind animals are also discussed. The importance of forgiveness and a fixed time of promise for judge is emphasized. The use of negative language and the potential consequences of actions by previous leaders are also discussed. The importance of not giving too many opportunities to change and not giving too many time to change is emphasized. Allah's behavior is seen as a mercy upon us, and people are advised to focus on their beliefs and not give up.
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Welcome, and they swore an oath Billahi by Allah. And this war olts by Allah. What kind of ofs Jaga Emani him Jehovah strong meaning the strongest. Amen. A man plural of Yameen. And what is your mean? It's used for right hand, but it's also used for oath, because right hand is used for taking an oath. So this war by Allah, their strongest oats jet, what does that mean? To put in one's maximum effort to do the maximum that a person can. So they swear with full effort, the most emphatic oaths, most exaggerated and intense oats that they could swear. You know, for example, if a person is swearing an oath, they say, seriously, I swear that I didn't do this. And the other is Allah He, I

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didn't do this. Right? And another is, well, Allah, He will Allah He, and you repeat yourself again and again and again. Why are you repeating yourself again? And why are you swearing? The strongest oath possible? Why? What's the reason to show your truthfulness, to show your sincerity? So they as in the people of Makkah, Mushrikeen, they would swear by Allah, their strongest oats, and what would they say? Let injure HomeNet Iran that surely if a warner came to them lay Hakuna? Surely there will definitely be

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more guided men from each Dell Omen one of the nation's if they're one of an omen, plural of the word, Oma.

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They said that if a warner meaning a prophet came to us, we would be far better guided than any of these nations, which nations, those nations to whom the prophets had come to,

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meaning the People of the Book, the hood and the Nosara. What is this referring to? You see before the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, when the people of Makkah would see the disunity and the disagreement, the arrogance of the People of the Book, and the degradation that they suffered, they would boast over them thinking, look, these are people who were favored with Scriptures with prophets, and we do not have that. So, if we got a prophet, then for sure, we would be much better guided than these Jews and Christians.

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You understand? And it's very easy to say this, when you see someone in a situation, it's very easy to say, if I were in that situation, I would really make the most of it.

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Right? Like, for example, sometimes, you know, people will say, if I had that much money, if I had that much freedom,

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if I had, you know, my parents support, if I had this, if I had that, like what you have, I would be much better. Maybe we don't say it. But sometimes we think like this. It's the machine of Makkah, they used to think something like this also, when they would look at the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians. And it's a poor little Kitab what's wrong with them? They have a scripture, they had so many prophets yet, this is how they are. So they would say if a profit would come to us, we would be far better guided. How Allah says fallen magia HomeNet Iran now that a warner has come to them Mazza the home, Elon for it has not increased them, except in a version the word no fool

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known for raw, to be averse to dislike something. And basically this word is used for the bolting away of animals, meaning when the animals are just running away from something running away.

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Have you ever tried to chase a chicken?

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Or maybe you've seen somebody doing that? I've tried it actually many times. No matter how much you run after a chicken, you can never catch it. It will always beat you always. Right. And you have food in your hand. You want to feed the chicken and you want to, you know, hold it and maybe give something nice to it. But the chicken is running away.

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All right. So Mazagon home, Ilana fura. They're running away from the profit as if animals are bolting away from something that they're afraid of.

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This is how they're behaving. They're behaving like animals.

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That without even thinking they're avoiding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in sort of soft fat I 167 169 Allah says we're in canula Kowloon, and indeed they used to say, low entering the unethical middle of welline lacuna arriba de la Hedmark. La seen. They used to say that if we had some message if we had some scripture, we would be Allah's chosen sincere servants in total and haram i 157. Allah says otaku, Lu Lo and now on Xena Eileen L. Kita.

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lacuna Minho, the prophet has been sent the Quran has been sent, so that you cannot say, on the Day of Judgment, that if only we were given a book we would have been guided. The fact is that the book has come, the messenger has come but what are you doing? You are running away, instead of fulfilling your oath and following the Prophet accepting his teachings, you're running away from him. Why? Allah says is thick bar on fill or what's the reason is thick bar on Fill old out of arrogance upon the earth, arrogance towards who? Towards the messenger towards the truth that he brought thinking that they were too good for it is thick bar and fill up Walmart cracy and an evil plot evil plotting

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mockery is plot an essay is a description of that blood meaning it's evil, it's bad, it's a bad plan. Bad as in, it's evil, it's an evil nature. What was this plan? They planned that they would just pretend that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is a liar. They will just pretend that the Quran is not the word of Allah and just pretending it as something false will somehow make it for button. You know after some time people will forget about Mohamed Salah Lhasa they will forget about the Quran. This was their MCRA say, even though they recognize the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, they recognize the truthfulness of the Quran. Yet their evil plan was just pretend

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that it is false. So call Him a liar call him a magician call him something else, but never acknowledges truthfulness. Allah says Willa, you're here called macro say wala and not your Haikou. It encompasses it encloses it surrounds how well path or how Yaacov basically your Heiko means you Cebu Yun Zulu you feel to it doesn't hit it doesn't descend on it doesn't reach what the evil plot Ellerbee Lee except its own people,

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meaning those who plan and evil plot become the victims of that plot.

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Is this true?

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So often it happens that a person makes a plan in order to harm someone in order to tarnish someone's reputation in order to harm them in some way. But then what happens? The other person, nothing happens to them. Allah subhanaw taala protects them Allah protects preserves their honor, their reputation. So then who has a bad name? Who gets a bad image? It's the people who came up with that plot, because they're not reliable anymore. They're not trustworthy anymore.

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Exactly. The Roadrunner trope, right that the coyote or that animal whatever it was, always sets traps in order to trap who?

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The bird, the Roadrunner, but then who falls in that trap? Who suffers? Who gets caught in that trap? It's the coyote himself is that has that ever happened with you that maybe you want to do something funny, you pull a prank on somebody, and then you forget about it.

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And then you end up getting trapped in it could be something small as you know, putting something in the refrigerator or you know misplacing something. hiding something, yeah, hiding something from somebody. And then when you want it, you cannot even remember where you hid it.

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Exactly. When you hide it from children, or when you hide it from your brother or sister. Right? You hide some chocolate and then later on, you're like, where did I put it? You hide some keys, you change the internet password, and then you cannot remember it yourself.

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Exactly, there were people who call the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that His name will be cut off, because he doesn't have a son.

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And today whose name is known, it's Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his enemies. We only know a few of them. Literally a few of them Abu Jamal, Abu Lahab these are the big names, right? And then there were so many others those mentioned, we do we do find in the books of Hadith, in the books of Sierra, but those are not well known names. I mean, the average Muslim doesn't even know that name. And so many of them, they are completely lost. I mean, if you think about it, 1000 people came in the Battle of whether to fight against the Prophet salallahu earnings.

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Where are those 1000 people? What are their names? Right. 70 people were killed out of them in the Battle of better who were those 70 people what were their names we don't even know

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their names are not even recorded. So while you're here can macro say you elaborate, Lee, this is a very, very

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important life lesson, when a person is plotting and planning to harm someone in reality, who is it that he harms himself?

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This is why we should always always want good for others. Allah says for Hollyanne Zerona So are they waiting, except Sonetel actually in the way of the former people, meaning, the way that Allah subhanaw taala dealt with the former people with the Fascinations and how is it that Allah subhanaw taala dealt with the former people with the past nations that when they plotted against their prophets, all right, when they attempted to harm their profits, then what happened? Who is it that suffered? It was the deniers

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isn't it? So? What happened to Lutheran asylums? People? Look at how the wife of Lutheran SLM betrayed him. Right? She informed her people about the guests who had come, this was a muck, right? And then what happened? The people came and the overpowered Lutheran esalaam, demanding that he should hand over the guests to them, because they wanted to do evil with those guests. And over the guests, it was the angels. And then what was Lutheran Islam told you leave, leave with your family except your wife, and he left? And what happened to the people who stayed behind who thought Oh, finally, we've got what we want. We've won. What happened? For anthem now?

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Our lay him mother, all those people were punished. So this is the Sonetel a well in this is the way that Allah dealt with the previous nations, that when they oppose their messengers, then it was those people who suffered. So the people of Makkah, what do they want? When they're opposing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when they're plotting evil against him, What results do they expect? felon 30 The so Never will you find listen Atilla he for the way of Allah the Videla any change, meaning it will always be like this. What? That those who denied the prophets those who prefer shalt suffer while Anta Gita and never will you find he Sunette Allah He for the way of

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Allah, the wheeler any alteration the wheel how well

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the wheel is to remove something one of the meanings of the Creed is to take something away to ward it off. So lambda diddly Sunette Elijah Aquila mean the punishment can never be removed, it will never be warded off from them, there is no removal of it. No alteration, no diversion into the Radha 11. Allah says what either arrived Allah will be coming so and Fela Mala della Alma the human dunya he meanwhile the that when Allah intends evil for people, then there is no rebelling that evil there is no rebelling that punishment. I want them Yes, zero Have they not traveled fill out the in the earth for young guru so that they could see. Okay, if I can help people to let him and cuddling him?

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How was the consequence of those people who lived before them? Having the scene? What happened to the Fascinations? Did they not run out of time? They did. Did they not die yesterday? So have these people learned nothing from observing the past nations looking at their remnants, looking at their homes that stand today but the people are gone, the owners are gone? What can I know? And they were meaning the previous people were a shut them in whom or what? And they were stronger than them in strength, meaning they were stronger than the people of Makkah in strength. What kind of strength?

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physical, financial, right economical, in so many ways they were stronger. And also in terms of skill,

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in terms of skill also, it's amazing how they did so many things, or they built structures that stand till today and our structures, how are they?

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How are they so weak? Right? We don't have the capacity. We neither have the skill nor do we have the financial strength. We don't have it. What can I shut them in whom cotton, Walmart can Allah Who and Allah is not ever such that Lior jeiza Who, that it would weaken him, it would cause him failure. What could cause and failure minsheng in anything meeting Allah is not to be caused failure by anything for some llt wala fell out in the skies or on the earth, meaning there is nothing in the sky that could cause failure to Allah. There is nothing in the earth that could cause failure to Allah. So what do these people think of themselves? With their denial? Do they think that they can

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cause failure to Allah's plans? No. Do they think that they can run away from Allah in the hole can I Lehmann Indeed he is ever knowing he knows their deeds and he is a de la he is competent, he is fully able over them. Allah has so much

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Hour. If he wants he can punish them immediately they can never escape him. But then the question is why does he not immediately sees people for they're wrong, because wallow and if you heed Allahu Allah were to cease

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to cease meaning to punish over here. In the context seizing means punishing if Allah were to seize a NASA, the people, for what be mad Casa boo for what they have earned meaning for what they have acquired of evil for the actions that they have done for the sins that they have committed for the arrogance that they have displayed. If Allah were to seize them for the wrong they have done, if each person was punished 100% for the wrongs that he has done, then what would be the state of this world today? Allah says Matt Taraka He would not leave. I know a lot he hung up on its back, meeting up on the back of the earth meaning the surface of the earth. There would not be on the surface of

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the Earth Minh dabba, any creature,

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there would not survive even a single creature

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what I can, but you a hero, whom he defers them, he delays them, Isla Edgerly Musa to a specified term, a designated time. And what is that time, the time of their death

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for either than when Jah it will come a Jew whom their time their term, meaning the specified time comes for in Allah, then indeed Allah can have very bad de basura he is ever of His servants seeing meaning he has been watching them all along. He knows what they have been doing. He has, he has been seeing them, he knows them like no one else.

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So what's been said in this is that if people were punished 100% for the wrongs that they're doing in this life immediately. And the fact is, that all life would come to an end on this planet, not even a single creature would survive. Because really, our sins are too many. And we don't need to think about others. Just think about yourself.

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Just think about yourself.

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Think about the kind of words we've said to people hurting their feelings, maybe the lies we've uttered. Think about how we've prayed majority of our prayers. Think of how much neglect we have shown in regards to the rights of our parents or in regard to the rights of our husbands, our family, our friends, the people and the hook of the Quran, really. And if justice would be established, now, not a creature would survive. And Allah is only giving us time, until the time of death. And that could be any moment.

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So let's not get deceived by the tolerance that Allah subhanaw taala shows by the forbearance that he shows, because once our time is up, then remember Allah is believed, he is seeing he has been seeing us all along. So we cannot hide any deed of ours from him to the time to seek forgiveness as when now the time to change is when now the time to repent is now in total. CalFire 58 Allah says woroch Bukola folders are Rama. Your Lord is forgiving, Most merciful The Possessor of mercy, the one who shows mercy, lo you are free the won't be mad Casa boo. If you were to seize them for what they have done, large jail Allahumma Florida he would have hastened the punishment for them. By

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Alohomora don't lay your doom in Dooney mo Isla, rather they have a fixed time of promise time and appointment from which which they will not be able to avoid meaning that appointment is fixed and there is no avoiding it. Intro to Nathalia 61 Allah says, Allah will you ask you the Allahu NASAA be eluding me him if Allah were to punish people because of their little man terracotta lay him and

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then he would not leave even a single creature on the earth when I can you know him in a jelly Musa but he delays them until a specified time for either judge at whom layer still hit on ascertain whether you're stuck the moon and when that time comes, then they cannot defer it for an hour. Meaning they can't get any extension that time is fixed. That moment of death is fixed than the chances are over.

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So if we are surviving today, if we have any blessings today, this is entirely Allah's mercy upon us.

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It's entirely his favor on us, that despite our sins, despite our failures, despite our shortcomings and our insincerity and our corrupt intentions, and despite every wrong thing that we do, and we think of and we say, He gives us a chance to even do Tilawat of the book,

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to even learn this book to even study this book, he allows us to live on to enjoy the blessings that He has given in this world. So it's entirely Allah's favor.

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And let's show gratitude for this favor. These verses, remember, they're also reassurance for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because in Makkah, the believers were being persecuted. And when a person goes through difficulty things if I'm upon the truth, and why does an Allah's help come? How come these people are not being caught for the wrongs that they're doing? And many times in life, it happens that you see people being unjust people being unfair. And you wonder, where's justice? All right. Well, the fact is that this world is not the home of Recompense.

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This world is a place where there's respite for people. And it's not unlimited respite, it's limited.

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And when that respite is over, when it's finished, then there will be recompense. So this is an encouragement for the believers to be patient. And at the same time, it's a warning also, that what are you doing for the time that's coming? For the moment that's coming? What are you doing in this time that's literally slipping out of your hands? In this life that's going away from you moment by moment? It's going away, you're running out of time, what are you doing?

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All right, anybody would like to share?

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So, me and my neighbor, we were talking about how it's really scary how, like this life is all we've been given to change. And if we don't change right now, then we're not going to get any second chances. Like I remember, as a kid, I used to be like, you know, if I don't do things, right, it's okay. Because then I can go ask a lawyer in general or whatever, or like a second chance. And this was as a kid, I'm talking like, six or even younger, maybe. But then like, when you read these verses in the Quran, you're like, Allah has addressed like, any possible excuse you may have for, for not obeying Him. And yeah, so it's scary that we have to change now. But we do.

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I asked to start talking about that Allah subhanaw taala, giving us time, and he's giving us so many blessings. Despite that, we are not actually giving our time to read Allah's book and reflect on this book. So we have to learn from that and we have to give her more time to study the book of Allah.

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Subhan Allah, it made me think like for the first idea that we did that were chosen by Allah, every one of us sitting here right now is chosen by Allah and me myself, I had to think Am I a Marxist? Or am I a sovereign? Am I going to die as a sovereign when you who reflected who use whatever I learned for the sake of others, and for the sake of myself, right, so I want you guys to also think, well, you die as a sub, or a mockingbird, Salonika?

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Me and my sister, we we're basically talking the IO where the Mushrikeen the disbelievers would be in the hellfire and they finally realize of the punishment and they finally believe and like they will ask Allah Subhana Allah like, for a chance to come out and so that they will be able to do good deeds like because now they see the punch me they believe it. And I pretty sure you all heard the saying you got to see it to believe it. But it doesn't really work. You got to believe it to believe it. These

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This is make me think how she then taken his time and raising his business to deviate from us because we have a limited time and we not realizing as a Muslim, but shaytan he's doing his job because he's trying to make sure that everybody doesn't do their job. And that's that's a scary thing that would make me think

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Salam aleikum, this ayah we're talking about the maastrichtian of Maccha so I was thinking about even though there are not many people who associate other things and worship other than Allah today, there are a lot of Shirkey that we do anything that makes you BC worshiping Allah reading the Quran, it looks like you're worshiping like some people may be worship, money. Some people may be worshiping like in a subtle way.

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So there are a lot of subtle Mushrikeen in here and my Allah Cephas

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so what really impressed me was how Allah like divided the Muslim one mind three categories like the ones who are making the least and then will the ones in the middle and wants to hoard the best sake how sometimes

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like for example in school we try to be the best like we have to get the the top grades and be the best in class why can't we do it as Muslim who they have to be the best we get Jannatul for those so like we should fight for Islam is how much have you fight for school?

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Recitation What

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do you

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this stick

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feeling only one that costs say one I hate to save

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homeowner in less

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30 then he soon

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we fail oh can you think

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the bad

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shall the minimum to Wanaka analog warning your

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shame in fees vis

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in a walker now Holleyman on the heel all whatever you

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but you

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can whatever key you feel

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in Milan

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the mostly all

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the Pentacles on the handshake I should

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stop it'll go back to who they said I'm already caught up with Allah he will

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