Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-007B Tafsir Al-Baqarah 26-27

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of examples in the Quran to explain complex behavior, such as hesitation to present complex behavior or shyness. They also explore the meaning of FOCA, a term used in the title of the book of guidance, and the importance of breaking the covenant of honor in Islam. They stress the importance of seeing things in the right and proper way, such as the way in which a person would eat a meal, and the potential for corruption on Earth.
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Are we the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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in Allahu Allah yester ye al gleyber Mithila MALBA roboton from our folk AHA Indeed, Allah is not timid to present an example, that of a mosquito or what is smaller than it for a man Lavina Amano Fajr la Munna a Nahal hakomi Rabhi him and those who have believed, know that it is the truth from their Lord, what a Medina kifaru Fire coluna mother, Aurora de la who be Heather meth Allah. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, What did Allah intend by this as an example, you bring up cathedra wayah, DBE cathedra He misleads many thereby and guides many thereby Why are you a little loopy, he ill fasci clean and He misleads not except the defiantly disobedient. Here, a very

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important concept is being explained. We learned earlier in Surah Baqarah, That Allah subhanaw taala presents two examples of those people who have hypocrisy. And we learned the first example the natty the example of the fire, and then the man II, the second one was off the water. And the fact is that as you read through the Quran, you come across many different examples. And examples are very useful in explaining intangible concepts through concrete things. What happens is that, you know, especially when it comes to behavior, or when it comes to the inner matters of people, what they do in private, or what is going on in the heart of a person, these things are not really tangible,

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they're not really visible. And when things are not concrete before us, it's difficult to understand them. So Allah subhanaw taala presents examples in the Quran, why in order to explain complicated matters to us, because when we see them in an example, the matter becomes clear. So, for example, when it comes to hypocrisy, a lot of detail was given. But then through the example like when it is said that whenever there is light, because of the lightning, they walk, and whenever it becomes dark, they stop, you need that shows the behavior of the hypocrites that when things are easy, they do things to be seen. And when things are difficult, they just stop, they don't do anything because

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nobody's watching nobody's looking. So don't do anything. The hypocrite just focuses on pleasing people on just being seen by others. So, a lot of you know concepts are elaborated through examples. Examples give us the opportunity to reflect further and to understand concepts which are important. So when these examples are given in the Quran, one opinion with regard to the background of this verse is that this idea was revealed as a response to those who criticized the examples of the hypocrites that are mentioned at the beginning of Surah Baqarah, That when those verses were revealed, the hypocrites said that Allah does not need to, you know, give examples like that they

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criticized so Allah subhanaw taala responded with this, that in the law hilarious Dahai a yield rebirth Allah, that Allah is not timid to present any example. Another opinion with regard to the background of this idea is that you know, when you read through the Quran, you come across examples of you know, those who associate partners with Allah. For instance, those who associate partners with Allah they are compared with or rather their weakness and the weakness of their idols is compared to the weakness of a fly or rather the fact that a fly, you know, Allah subhanaw taala says that, even if they all gathered together to make a fly, they wouldn't be able to make it any This is

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how weak your idols are, that they cannot even make a fly. And if the fly were to take something away from them, they would not be able to retrieve it. LaRue fatale Boohwal Mutlu both the seeker and the one who is being sought are weak. So the idols and those who worship them are both weak meaning their weakness is elaborated through the example of a flight. Okay? In another place in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala gives the example of of a spider that the weakest house is the house of a spider. So the people who rely on idols on false gods are like people who are relying on a spider's web

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Is that ever going to be enough to protect them, it's never going to be sufficient for them, it doesn't provide any shelter whatsoever. So when you come across these examples in the Quran, there is a lot to learn, there's a lot to reflect. But, you know, people, they said that, you know, we don't worship a fly, we don't worship in mosquito, how come your Quran talks about, you know, mosquitoes and flies and spiders and things like that? Meaning there are people who criticize the Quran, that if this is really from Allah, then why such examples? And if it's supposed to be a divine book, then there should be, you know, examples of massive impressive things, you understand,

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that there should be mentioned of, you know, impressive, huge things in the Quran, why are these little little things nuisances basically being mentioned in the Quran as examples. So this idea is a response to all such criticisms, that in Allahu Allah yesterday, Allah does not feel shy at all. Now, the thing is that shyness is the here higher shyness, technically, is something that is positive, right? Shyness is something that, you know, it's a feeling inside of you, that inhibits you from doing what is inappropriate from saying what is inappropriate. Now remember that shyness in general is good, okay? You know, when shyness turns into hudgell, which is cowardice, okay, then

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that is where it becomes a problem where shyness makes a person a coward. What that means is that a person is now timid, and they don't have the confidence to do what is right to say what is right. So in Allah hilarious, the heat Allah is not shy, he is not timid, he does not fear okay to present any example methylene GNMA any example in the Quran and that example could be of a Baroda of a mosquito from our folk AHA or even that which is smaller than it you can see in the running translation, there is only one interpretation that is mentioned and this is where we can see that reading the Quran, just through the translation is not sufficient, because from our folk AHA is more than just

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smaller than it I mentioned to you three interpretations. So, whether you know, the example is of a mosquito or something that is even greater than it in significance in vileness or something, that's the interpretation that it is even smaller than it or that it is greater than it bigger than a mosquito or that it is literally on top of it, Allah is not shy to present any example. Now, people respond to these examples in different ways. But before we get there, I want you to look at the word FOCA. Now, if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala could have said from our I lay her or that which is above it, but that would give only one meaning would only give the third meaning that on

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top of it, likewise, it could have been said from a doona her that which is less than it again that would give only one meaning, but when the word FOCA has been used, it is more comprehensive. So, it includes all of these three meanings. So, from our file kaha whether it is smaller than a mosquito, it is bigger than a mosquito, it is living on top of a mosquito, like a tiny bacteria or virus or parasite whatever it may be, Allah is not shy to present these examples. You know, the thing is that we think that certain things are too insignificant. Right? So we just judge things based on the surface, a mosquito, a fly, you know, a spider you and we just move on the end, this is our

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hastiness and this is our poor judgment. Because, you know, if you think about it, a mosquito, yes, it may be very tiny, but it is after all, an amazing creation of Allah. Right. And this is, you know, something that we realize these days that never be little a creation of Allah because of its size. Any think about it, the Coronavirus is something that we can

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not even see with our eyes. Yet it has literally brought the whole world to a stop. All right Subhan Allah, any how much our lives have been affected, because of this tiny thing that we cannot even see with our eyes, we cannot smell it, we don't feel it. Any a mosquito still we can see it, we can hear it. But this virus is something that we cannot even see with our eyes. Any May Allah protect you, but if you've ever had to take a COVID test, honey, it's amazing. I remember once I had to take the saliva test actually, where I had to sit and basically spit for good three, four minutes, you know, because you needed a significant amount of saliva in order to do the test any Subhanallah and how

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much it has affected our lives. So there are people who are too arrogant, and they just look at the surface of the Quran and they just come across a word or two and example. You know, the mention of something that I couldn't this, this is Quran, this is supposed to be divine, this is supposed to be, you know, your book of guidance, any their attitude towards the Quran is extremely arrogant. But this arrogance really does not benefit them. Because if they were to pay attention to the example that Allah subhanaw taala is giving any we can literally spend hours over here just talking about how fascinating a mosquito is. Its size, the way it flies, the way that it eats, you know the way

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that it sleeps, the different types, the different species, how they survive Subhanallah it's an amazing creation. So Allah is not shy to present any example for a Medina Amma no fire Allah Mona and know who will help Camilla be him. So as for those people who believe their response is that they know that this example is the V truth from their Lord. Any they don't become judgmental? No, no, when they're reading the Quran, their focus is to seek guidance to seek the truth. And their first response when they read anything in the Quran is ama now also doc now, we believe and we confirm you we confirm the truthfulness of this, this is 100% true, and this is something that we

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can you know really learn from and inshallah in this course, also when you will, you know, study different solos different verses, you will come across universes concepts that are mentioned, that will immediately make sense to you, right, you will immediately understand them, you can immediately relate with them, all right. And then there will be those verses, or those concepts or those commands, which might be a little unfamiliar or difficult to comprehend. Or it's not that easy to grasp those concepts, or sometimes it's difficult to come to terms with it, because of the way that you know, we have been taught the way that we have been raised the way that you know, we see the

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world today. But we see that those people who believe their response to the Quran is what they know that the Quran is the truth. And this should be our response, whether we understand something right away, or we don't, whether we are able to relate with it immediately or not, our response should be, this is a hawk, this is the truth. Because, you know, for example, the mosquito from our folk Aha, that which is on it, you know, now we know that yes, there are things that can live on the mosquito there, you know, certain parasites or there could be, you know, certain bacteria or viruses that the mosquito could be carrying, it could be on the wing of the mosquito could be on, you know, the back

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of the mosquito could be inside of the mosquito. We know that now, because we can see that, you know, through the microscope and et cetera. But two 300 years ago, people did not have access to that information. So the point is that there may be, you know, things that are easy for us to understand, given the other knowledge that we have, and sometimes it's possible that we don't understand something right away that's mentioned in the Quran because we don't know much about those concepts like for example, the seven skies. How exactly are they? Where exactly are they, you know, we learned certain things in the Quran. But how exactly you know are the seven skies their meaning

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how, where are they? Is it the layers of the atmosphere? Is it you know, above the Milky Way, like, how does this work? We don't always know. Likewise, there are things mentioned

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And about the hereafter or things that are mentioned about the past, right? What should our response be when we come across any word, any idea of the Quran, any example? And know who will help

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and know who will help? Indeed it is the truth. Indeed it is the truth, right? It is the truth. Why? Because this Quran is from WHO? loughrea Buffy, right? There is no doubt in it that it is from who from Allah, it is Mila Begum from their Lord. And if Allah azza wa jal, who knows everything, who has created everything, who has sent this Quran for our guidance, if he's telling us something, then Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah that Allah has informed us of this, so we believe in it. So the Quran is the standard, basically, okay, it is the truth, this is the fact. And everything else is supplementary. So if there's something that apparently opposes what's mentioned in the Quran, then

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what is it that we're going to take? We're going to take the Quran and everything else we're going to do more research, we're going to test it more we're going to explore more because the Quran cannot be wrong. What Allah subhanaw taala has said cannot be wrong. So for Mr. Medina, ermine, or fire Allah Munna Anna, who will help him with rubbing him. And notice how it's been said from there. Rob, this is very important. There, Rob. You see, some people, what they do is that when they have a question about Islam, immediately, there's the other ring, and what I mean by that they distance themselves immediately, you know, from Islam, and then they object. You know, for example, when you

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don't trust someone, when you don't like someone and they do something that you get annoyed by you get upset by, of course, you're going to question and you're going to object in a way that you know, shows that reflects that you don't trust them. But when you trust someone, you love them, you believe them, and they do something that doesn't make sense to you. You don't separate yourself from them. You don't criticize an object, you try to find out hey, what's going on? You try to find out. So yes, we are allowed to question we are allowed to be curious, but there's two ways of being curious. One is from within the fold of Islam, okay? Or with the trust in Allah rather. Alright,

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with faith in Allah, that I wonder what this means? I wonder what is meant by this? Okay. And the other way to question or to be curious is to distance yourself from Allah, and to criticize and to object that Why did Allah say this? Why did Allah command this? Why didn't Allah make this and that and Why did Allah make this and that Why did Allah decide that you see there is a difference? So for a Medina ama no fire Allah Munna and not will hakomi Roby him. Always remember, Allah is your Rob. Right? My robe. He had that faith, have that confidence have that trust? And people who have that faith, that trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And then they're curious, Allah subhanaw taala also

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guides them more. All right, we have the example of Ibrahim alayhis salam, exactly. When he said that yeah, Allah show me how will you resurrect the dead? And Allah subhanaw taala asked him to do not believe he said, Of course, I believe will that can lead to my inner Calbee this is just to bring contentment to my heart. I want to be 100% Sure, you know, I have this curiosity inside of me and I want to know more, I want to see it for myself. So a note will help to mirror be him have that trust that love, you know, for Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala will also increase you in your guidance in your clarity in your understanding. On the other hand, what Amma Lavina CAFO.

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And as for those who disbelieve, they reject, right, they reject. They have made up their mind from before that I'm not going to believe in this when they come across examples and descriptions and historical events that are mentioned in the Quran. But here's specifically examples, fire coluna mother Arad, Allahu behead that Mithila the mark and they criticize they say, what is it that Allah intended by this example? Like, what's the point? What's the point of this example? Any it's as if they don't understand it? And yes, they don't understand it because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, regarding example, that it is only the RP

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Don't the people who are intelligent, who understand the examples that Allah has given in the Quran? So they don't understand the example they don't understand the point of the example. And even if they do this question is what this question is of G doll, this question is off arguing, meaning they try to argue and debate. So these are two very different responses. And basically we are being taught here to choose the right response. We can either stop and reflect and try to understand more. And we start with Eman. That's our baseline that I believe this is the truth. And then from there, we explore, we research we study more, we reflect we discuss, and that's an excellent response. And

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the other responses, begin with denial begin with criticism and such people. Allah subhanaw taala says Yulin, Looby cathedra were the behaviors

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that Allah sends a stray many through these examples. And at the same time, many people are guided through these examples. Any the example is the same the text of the Quran is the same the description is the same. One person reads it and he increases in his Eman in his faith in His guidance in his love for Allah. You know, for example, the mosquito you know, the more you reflect on it any you're left incomplete all and amazement that such a tiny creature but so amazing. So, there are people who will increase in their faith and there are people who they read the same text and they only increase in there misguidance your little OBE cathedra way DBE cathedra warmer you

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will be he ll fasciae clean but it is only the facet pain whom Allah subhanaw taala sends a stray whom Allah subhanaw taala closes the doors to guidance for now who are the fasciae pain facet pain as I mentioned earlier, this is the plural of the word facet and facet is a person who does fist What does fist mean fist means to go out basically Okay, first up, got it tomorrow. Tomorrow is a date date fruit, when it becomes really ripe what happens to the skin? What happens to the skin of the dead fruit it breaks it cracks, you dries up it cracks and this is farcical because then what happens is that the pulp that is inside sometimes begins to show right it comes out. So fossa is

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what it is to go out. Okay, from the same root from fasten cloth is also the word for Waseda. Okay and for waistcoat is used for a mouse. Why? Because it goes out any of its home to cause mischief. So FISP is described as Hooroo Janita to go out of the bounds of obedience meaning to disobey to defiantly disobey to not care about the bounds the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has said and to go out of them. Now there's two types of FISC The first type of fist is you know, just sin. So for example, a person deliberately says words which are inappropriate, okay, words which are inappropriate, any they know that they shouldn't be saying those words and this is fist right

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Allah's paneled hearted does not like the open mentioned off that which is evil. So if a person continues to use foul language, knowingly, this is a form of Fiske but there is another type of FISC which is such that when a person does that action, then they leave Islam even meaning they're no longer within the fold of Islam. So when are you will you be he ill fasciae pain, this is referring to the second type of risk, okay, because it was mentioned what a Medina Cafaro those who deny those who disbelieve. So those who deny are people who are faceting those who have gone out of the bounds of Islam, okay.

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And who are thirsty or clean they are Alladhina Yun Kaduna de la human Bardi Misaki. There are those who break the covenant of Allah after contracting it. Now young Kaduna, I mentioned to you earlier this is from noon cough blood and not is to break something, but specifically knocked is to undo something untie some

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thing after consolidating it, okay? Like for example, if you've been into knitting or stitching, then you know you stitch something, you knit something together and then you just unravel it. Now, every, you know stitch that you do is what this is an act of consolidating that cloth or whatever material you're putting together. Alright, but knocked would be to undo it to break it. So Alladhina Yun, Kaduna de la Hui. They break the covenant of Allah mimbar, the Misaki after contracting it. Now, how is it that they made the covenant in the first place? How did they fasten the contract? They did it by taking oaths by giving their commitment to Allah, but then afterwards, they broke it.

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And shall I'm just going to talk about you know what that means. So they break the covenant of Allah after contracting it. Now, what is the covenant of Allah, the covenant of Allah can refer to a number of things. The first is the covenant that Allah subhanaw taala has taken with people before sending them to the world.

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And that is a covenant that Allah subhanaw taala took from all people that allow us to be or become, Am I not your Lord? And all people said that, yes, You are our Lord. So these people they make the covenant but then in the world, what do they do? They break that covenant. they disbelieve in their Lord, okay. Secondly, the covenant of Allah can also refer to the covenant that Allah subhanaw taala took specifically from the Bani Israel eel. Okay, from the followers of Musa alayhis salam, they were made to take a pledge that they would believe in the prophets of Allah, they would support them. But then what happened when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, they didn't believe

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in him, instead of supporting him, they opposed him. So what did they do then they broke the covenant that they made with Allah. And this wasn't just at the time of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, even before when they denied reciting his synonym, when they killed the curiosity his Salam, and yeah, here Alayhis Salam. So all of this is what breaking the covenant of Allah, after its binding after having contracted that oath. Then thirdly, the Wrath of Allah, the covenant of Allah can also refer to the covenant of obedience, basically, of worship that we have with Allah, which means that, you know, we are obligated to obey the commands of Allah, the obligations that Allah

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subhanaw taala has imposed on us we should fulfill them. So when a person does not care about the commands that Allah has given, and does not fulfill those obligations by for example, a person does not pray. A person does not fast. A person does not give the video of the fasts that they're not able to keep. This is what breaking the covenant of Allah. So those who break the covenant of Allah after contracting it and learn Wakata Runa Ahmed Allahu be a useful they cut what Allah has commanded, that it should be joined together, any Allah subhanaw taala has commanded that certain things should be connected, certain things should be joined together. All right, this is what

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Walsall means to join. Now what is it that Allah subhanaw taala has commanded that we should join? There is a lot of things there is of course, you know, Eman that our Eman should be joined in the sense that we should believe in Allah we should believe in the prophets we should believe in the books we should believe in the angels we should believe in the Day of Judgment. It's a continuous string, right? So it should be connected. So yep, Tarun Amma Amma Allah who be a useful the first interpretation is that they break what Allah has commanded should be joined meaning they disbelieve, they don't connect with Allah the way that they should connect. They don't connect with the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam the way that they should they don't connect with the book of Allah the way that they should. What's the connection between us and the Quran? That we should believe in it? That we should recite it, that we should understand it that we should follow it? What's the connection that we should have with the prophets of Allah who already said that we should believe in him we should follow him? We should say sallallahu alayhi wasallam whenever we, you know, hear his name. What's the connection that we should have with Allah azza wa jal that we should praise Allah, we believe in him. So Yocto Runa these aspects of Eman right that should be connected these

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that we should have with Allah with the messenger Salallahu earnings and then with the Quran. These people, what do they do? They cut those connections, they sever those connections. Okay, so this is one interpretation. Another interpretation of this is that they are selective in their Iman. Okay? How you see, believing in the prophets means that we believe in all of them. If we believe in Musa alayhis salam this means that we should believe in Ibrahim Morrison and we should believe in the prophets that came before him and all the prophets that came after him. Right belief in Musashi salaam should be joined with belief in you shall Alayhis Salam, which should be joined with belief

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in reciting his Salam which should be joined with belief in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, right, Allah subhanaw taala has commanded that we should join the belief in one prophet with the belief in the next prophet and the prophet after and the Prophet after. Right, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah has commanded that our Eman in one book should be joined with the Eman in the next book with the man in the next book. So yeah, Coronavirus, amatola would be a useful means basically, that they believe in some profits and not others. They believe in some scriptures and not others. And this is what the people of the book have done. They cut what Allah has commanded, should be joined, right Allah has

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commanded that it should be joined, but they cut it there sever it. So this is second interpretation. The third interpretation is that my Amana lover be a useful refers to that which Allah subhanaw taala has commanded that it should be joined, meaning Allah has given a command and we should join that with obedience. Right? We should connect that with obedience. So meaning they disobey Allah they outright disobey Allah. The fourth interpretation is that Allah subhanaw taala has also commanded us that we should join ties of kinship, right? Because deen is about what religion is about what the rights of Allah and the rights of people. So the blood ties, the

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relationships that exist between us and other people, our relatives, these relationships have to be joined and maintained. So they sever those bonds, they sever those relationships. So for example, angry with the brother, you know, a big fight, never talk to me again, never call me again. I don't want to see you, you're dead. To me. This is what this is severing bonds of kinship. So way Octoroon Emma, I'm gonna love a be a useful

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way you've seen a fill out, and they cause corruption in the earth. Now, what does it mean to cause corruption? You've seen a film called facade. facade is basically the opposite of Salah. Okay, Salah is when things are right and proper, when they are the way that they should be. And facade is when things go bad. Okay, when something goes bad, so for example, when food expires, and it gets spoiled, this is what facade of the food, okay, so when something is no longer the way that it should be, when something has decayed. Okay, when something goes corrupt, then this is what this is facade. You understand the meaning of facade now, that when something goes corrupt, it is spoiled,

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okay, it has become altered in its state, this facade. So where you see don't fill up because corruption in the earth. Now, how is corruption caused on Earth? This is in a number of ways, the first type of corruption on the earth is that is intangible, intangible that the earth is being ruined, meaning the people of the earth, their actions are decaying, they are corrupt. And what this means is that people are disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, they are associating partners with the lowest panel thought of or they're not giving Allah, the right that he deserves. They're not worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. They don't believe this is a form of facade in the earth. If you

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think about it, the entire earth and the every creature knows that Allah subhanaw taala has created it. Every creature is doing what it's supposed to do. Right? It is glorifying Allah. It is in complete obedience and submission to Allah doing what it is supposed to do.

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But we human beings Subhanallah any, you know anyone who has become corrupt it human beings. So the facade that people do is their disobedience to Allah, their disbelief, okay? This is facade. The second type of facade is that which is tangible, okay? Like literally ruining the earth, you've Sedona fill out literally ruining the earth. And this means that destroying forests and water and, you know, creating pollution and, you know, destroying life, all of this is facade fill up. And you see the first type of facade because it includes sin and disobedience. It also includes, you know, lying and cheating and harming one another, fighting and killing innocent people, stealing people's

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homes, land, and you know, playing victim when a person is actually the one who is committing the aggression. This is all forms of facade. So when you see don't fill out and they cause corruption in the earth, Hola, Iike Hunnewell hos Iran, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that it is those people who are truly the losers Subhan Allah ne This is so amazing. These are people who will openly make fun of the Quran, criticize the words in the Quran, and they will reject the Quran and they think that they're high and mighty, because they have no hesitation in in the name of free speech. They have no hesitation in criticizing the Quran, and they think they have won. But Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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that Allah Iike, who will have serum it is actually these people who are truly the losers, they will suffer loss in the world, Allah subhanaw taala will not allow them to taste victory, and certainly there are losers in the hereafter. So this Kasara this loss is a result of what this is a result of arrogance. This is a result of denial. This is a result of corrupt behavior, of disbelief of openly disobeying Allah subhanaw taala so there can be no success in turning against Allah. Allah Iike homall Ha see rune

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