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Ghafir 23-55 Tafsir 43-55

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ledger Rama, assuredly, ledger Rama together is an expression and it gives meaning of no doubt, certainly, of course, ledger Rama, certainly for sure. Unlimited rune any lie

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that to which you invite me, meaning, the worship of these beings that you're inviting me to, because the people of our own they were an idolatrous people, right? They worship for our own they believed him to be God but at the same time, they also worship many idols.

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So that do what you were calling me to lay center who or what don't fit dunia well I feel

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it has no supplication in this world or in the hereafter. What does it mean by this laser, who does what and fit dunia well,

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meaning it does not have any dharwad that is responded to in this dunya or

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in other words, what you're calling me to

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what you're calling me to the worship of it.

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Any drama that is made to that? It cannot respond to it. It has no call. It has no Dawa, that is answered.

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So they cannot respond to any Darwin any data that is made to them. They cannot respond to those who call them.

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So if you're telling me to worship these gods, they cannot respond to me. They cannot respond to me in dunya they cannot respond to me in the afternoon. They cannot help me in this dunya they cannot help me in the accident they cannot benefit me they cannot cause me any loss here or later.

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Instead of after I have 14 we learn in the room layers Morocco, Willow Sameera Mr Jabu local William Wilkie, Amity, your Karuna, Bishop Kiko

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if you invoke them, they do not hear your supplication. And if they even heard, they would not respond to you. And on the Day of Resurrection, they will deny your association.

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So ledger Alma, unlimited Rooney in a laser who there wasn't fiducia whenever I feel, assuredly, that which you invite me has no response to this application in this world or in the hereafter.

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So calling upon these gods false gods, this is useless. Why should I do that? A waste of time?

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Well, anomala dinner in a law, and indeed our return is to allow.

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So we should be afraid of him, we should be concerned about giving him his right because we're going back to him.

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Well, Anil, mustafina, homeless Havana, and indeed the transgressors, they will be the companions of the Fire.

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The muslimeen those who transgress bounds, whether it is off doing schilke, or anything else, they will be the companions of the fight, they will always remain there. They will dwell there and forever. Why? Because of their grades.

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And what's their great sin? What does this rock mean over here in particular ship?

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Well under mustafina, houmous harbor now.

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And if you notice, how was 15 Islam mushrif. This has been mentioned again and again, isn't it?

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Because this was what the people of our own did. This is what for their own himself did. And this is what his people did.

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Federal our own head himself committed great Islam by claiming to be God.

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And they were committing a lot of ISAF also by oppressing the bunnies for killing their children, enslaving them keeping their women alive.

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And again, they were committing a lot of Islam how by opposite musasa, despite the fact that the truth was so clear, they were denying him.

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Then the Raja movement finally says to them, faceted Karuna. Soon you will remember, man,

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what I say to you.

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Right now, you don't pay attention to my words. You don't heed my words. You don't care about what I'm saying to you visited Karuna mercola calm. Right now you don't pay attention later on. You remember what I say to you.

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When when you see the punishment with your own eyes, when you will suffer the consequences of what you're doing. Then you will remember the advice that I am giving you

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what will fall will only in Allah and I entrust my affair to Allah. I have done my job. And I leave my affair with who Allah

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He will take care of me.

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Because he must have had a feeling that now I'm in trouble. Now they're going to take some action against me. Remember, the believer who came and supported the three messengers into the trc and also what happened to him. He was killed.

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He was killed. So he tells them for certain Karuna mercola calm well far will only eat a lot and I entrust my affair to him.

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He will save me, he will protect me. He will take care of me who fall below is from the routers firewall bot.

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And the fleet is to confide in someone who is also to submit something to the judgment of another

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that you tell me what to do. You judge you decide concerning it. I don't say anything with regards to it, you judge concerning it and whatever you judge, whatever you decide, I'm fine with it.

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So far, we'll do I interest I commit, I hand over my entire affair to Allah and inshallah herbicidal. Very bad. Indeed, Allah is seeing his service.

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He is seeing all the servants he knows exactly what state they're in. If they're in trouble if they're in ease, and he helps them.

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Now we see over here that the Roger movement, he gave evidences, he gave proofs, he gave naseeha. Warning, good news. But along with that, there's also well wishes isn't it? It says, oh, he really wants it for them.

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First set Coronavirus, hola loco, when you really mean what you say, when you really want the other person to accept what you say? Because you know that it's good for them. Then this is what you say that you remember what I tell you.

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You know, for example, when children don't listen to their parents, what do their parents say? You don't listen to me later on, you'll realize.

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Learn how to do this, learn how to do that. And later on, you realize and what happens many times children don't listen to their parents and later in life, they say, you know, my mother used to say that my father used to say that I wish I had listened.

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So it shows that the person who is advising is sincere. He's well wishing.

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So this original movement had well wishing for the people.

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But what happens with us that we don't have well wishing but we have a lot of bad feelings for the other which is why you become angry become furious, we start yelling, we start cursing, this is incorrect. If you have well wishing, then you'll be very careful in the way that you talk with the other person as well.

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You will be persistent, you will not give up. And when you've done your job, you will hand over your fare to Allah.

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So he gave the help of conveying the message. he conveyed it to his best covering every aspect. And then he handed over his affair to Allah He left his affair to Allah and this is how a person must do their work. Do your best.

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Try to cover everything that you can in the best way possible and then you leave it to Allah. If Allah gives the faith he will bring about good results from it.

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We learn instead of the natural that other Elizabeth Baker will Hekmati. While morality has anything if you look at the advice of this modular movement, this is what it comprises of hekla and also mo Ella that is hesa.

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And then he hands over his affair to Allah so many times in the Quran, we learn that on user responsibility to convey and Allah is a judge, isn't it?

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So when a person has done his job, then he should trust upon Allah? Because when they advocate Allah for who has been alive, sufficient for him.

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Now this was the conclusion of the Raja woman's speech. What happened afterwards?

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For we'll call Hello Jose Mercado, so Allah protected him from the evils they plotted for their own and his people. They had mocker why to harm him to harm the believers. But were they able to harm him? They weren't able to harm him. Allah protected him.

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Look at how when further on decided he was going to kill musasa. Allah protected him how to this original movement, this larger movement when he did his job, and the people were about to harm a lot protected him again fo acaba, Lugosi. ottima Mercado, Allah protected him he saved him, and on the other hand, will have to be airlifted or owner soon either. And the people of their own they were encircled by what evil punishment and what was that evil punishment?

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What was the evil punishment that they were surrounded with? that they could not escape? drowning, drowning in the sea?

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We see that on the one side is the entire nation and on the other side is just one person,

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one person but the strength of a man and the help of Allah is the greatest thing that you can have.

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It is sufficient for a believer, even if he doesn't possess great numbers. Even if you

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Doesn't possess a lot of wealth, even if he doesn't have a lot of authority.

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But if he has a man and he has the help of Allah that is sufficient for him. And this incident proves that

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I'm no Hellfire euro Luna I lay her they are exposed to it. We'll do one where I see ya in morning and also in evening. And now, this is the description of sewer or the evil punishment.

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What is this evil punishment that surrounded the people of our own that envelop them that they cannot escape? That it's fire, which they are presented before in the morning and also in the evening. And this is when now presently we're yoma. Takuma sir to an on the day when the Sarah the hour will establish that the Cebu elevator owner is shut down or the it will be said that admit the people of their own into the most severe punishment.

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What is this I show to us

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that the people of our own in Bursa, they are being punished

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because two things are mentioned over here. And now we are on a lunar layer we'll do one more Ashiya and this is when until the day of judgment, and when the day of judgment will come then they will be entered into the most severe punishment which is the punishment of the hellfire.

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Now what does it mean by this year aluna. Allah will do one where she will do morning or she evening.

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When something happens in the morning in the evening, there's a morning shift, there's an evening shift, what is it true, it's nonstop constant 24 hours, and also odawara Shia this will be until there's night and day.

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Right? until there is night and day, the people of your own they are presented before the fire meaning they are burnt in fire.

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And when night and they are over.

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Way over the homosassa you understand when the night and day are over. Meaning when this dunya this comes to an end, here after begins and what will happen as we do our own, I should either admit them into the most severe punishment.

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Now this ayah gives us a very strong evidence for What punishment in Buddhism

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that the people of our own, they are being punished. They're presented before fire even though the day of judgment has not begun.

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Just as the marchers those who die in the way of Allah, are they given reward instantly after the day, of course, even though the day of judgment has not begun but still they are rewarded by Allah.

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Just like the people of New Harrison, what is that concerning them? That mimma hottie team Rico, for those who Luna

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that because of their crimes, they were drowned and immediately admitted into the fire.

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We learned from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when one of you dies, he is shown his place in paradise or hell morning and evening. He is shown his place his final abode in paradise or hell.

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If he is one of the people of Paradise, then he is one of the people of Paradise and if he is one of the people of hell, that he is one of the people of hell, it will be sad to him, this is your place until a lot resurrects you to go to it on the Day of Resurrection.

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And from other IDs we also find out that a person whose final destination is Hellfire than a window to Hellfire has already opened.

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And there is our that will cover.

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And on the other hand, the person who has to go to gender, that a window to deny is open in history.

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So and now your aluna are later we'll do one more Ashiya way over the kusatsu. Elevator owner, I said that are the

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idiots ahead do nothing.

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And when they will be arguing in the Hellfire when in the hereafter when all the criminals are brought together in the hereafter for punishment

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in the hellfire. So they'll be arguing in the Hellfire for your call of warfare. So the weak ones will say to who lilla Dina stackable to those who are arrogant and who are those who are arrogant, their leaders. What will they say that in Cannella calm Tavern we used to be your follower stubborn is the plural of Tabby.

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We used to be your followers for her and to move Luna nursery woman and now then can you relieve us of a portion of this fire? Muna Florida money Who is the one who enriches the other one who helps the other one who makes him free of what

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So can you

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remove this punishment of fire from us even an asleep even just a small portion? Can you help us against a portion of the fire? Can you carry a part of our burden for us? Because after all, we were your followers

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fit our own Who was he?

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leader, and his people who are they? They were his followers, they did not use their mind in following for their own. The logical moment clearly presented the truth before them. musallam clearly presented the truth before them, but still they were blinded by their own and they followed him.

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So, in the Hereafter, the followers they will ask the leaders can you please take some punishment from us? Because after all, we followed you, we had so much respect from you, can you help us now a little bit?

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Honestly, alladhina stackable, the arrogant ones will say meaning the leaders will say in Kowloon Fie her indeed all of us call in indeed we call on all meaning us and you see her in it.

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All of us are equal in punishment.

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We cannot take even a little bit punishment away from you, because you are in punishment. We are in punishment.

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In the law, how the heck am I binary bad? Indeed, Allah has judged between his servants, meaning he has made a final judgment concerning His servants, whoever is in hell remains in hell, whoever is agenda remains agenda. Now we cannot remove the punishment from you.

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As we learned into without off and 30th that liquidity and therefore, while our collateral amount for each is double punishment for who, for leaders and followers, but you don't know

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what color Latina for now, and those who are in Hellfire will say to who? Because it Johanna. To the keepers of Hell has Anna florala has it? What will they say? odor aura back home. Call upon your Lord, you have a fun yoma minute either that he should lighten for us just a day from the punishment.

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First, the followers will request the leaders can you do something for us? You did so much for us in the dunya we followed you we respected you. We obeyed you can you do something for us? The leaders will say we can't help you. We can't even help ourselves.

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Then everyone will ask who the keepers of hellfire. Can you make request for us? Allah will not listen to us. You can you make requests for us? That the punishment is lightened for us just for one day, just one day kalu the husna the keepers will say our undercoated Tikka Masala compelled by Hina did your messengers not come to you with clear signs? Were you blind to the truth? Are you they will say Bella Of course, the messengers did come to us. Look at the example of musasa

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musallam came he presented the truth the Raja movements poker kalu, then the Hasina will say further, go ahead and make the yourself. We don't intercede for disbelievers. We don't intercede for those who are like you further ado, go ahead, go make a call yourself. But unless as we'll do, it will kind of fit in at 11. But the drop of the caffeine is not except in error. Meaning when they made the error, it gets lost. It's ineffective, it's unsuccessful. It's not hurt. It's not responded to it does not benefit them.

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Because a believer when he makes a dog,

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even if it's not accepted, does he get rewarded for it? He does.

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But a disbeliever when he makes to Who is he calling on to?

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Even if he's calling onto a loss of penalty because of his cover? his door is not accepted. Because what do we learn in a year's time? Well, I'm going to solitary alpha.

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Right? You need a man you need I'm excited for the art to be accepted. And if a person prays with gopher, it does not carry anywhere.

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And when he prays with coffee, it's are accepted and he doesn't even get any reward for it. So the husband I will say to the people of Alfred go ahead and make the robot Allah says there Dora is inland.

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It will not help them no matter how much there are they make it will not help them. When does draw help a person in dystonia?

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When a person responds to a law positively, when a person obeys, Allah worships then his there are hopes and

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so we see that the punishment of Hellfire will not be likened for them it will not be reduced even a little bit. This is why Allah says rota Toba is 68, one of whom are the blue team for them is a lasting punishment. Instead of Lacan as 65 in it

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Ever heard kind of armor? The punishment of Hellfire is ever adhering it's permanent. into the fire is 74 in mahoma yet the robo demon for in Allah who Johanna lei motiva wanna hear

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the punishment will not be reduced. Allah says in London sudo su Lana one larina Amano. Indeed we will support our messengers and also who those who believe were Phil Hyatt adonia in the life of this world.

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And look at how Allah helped was our listener. Rajan.

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Allah help Busan through La Jolla movement, Allah help Roger movement as well against his people. So Allah, this is his promise that he will definitely help He will definitely support the messengers and also those who believe were even in this dunya and definitely he will support them we only Akuma shad, on the day when the witnesses will stand who are the witnesses?

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the messengers, the angels, the records, the believers, the jawara.

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So, on the day of judgment, when the witnesses will come, they will all witness in favor of who, the messengers and the believers

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and those who oppose them, the head will bear witness against them, isn't it so? Like for example of the eyeshadows also the Muslim Ummah,

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the Muslim Ummah, they will bear witness in favor of who? the messengers, the believers,

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and they will bear witness against to those who disbelieve in the messengers. So while y'all may have had also, Allah will assist His messengers, his believers into the software, I have 171 to 172 what are called the cerebral cortical imaginary read in a more serene inner home level one so they will definitely be helped. And that day, yo Malayan for overly minimize the law to whom the day their excuse will not benefit the wrongdoers. Those who have done will, no matter what excuses they're present on that day, their excuses will not benefit them. If they say we just believe because of our leaders, we disbelieve because there was a huge threat, there was a lot of fear.

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There was no way we could believe No, no excuse will help. Because if rajala movement could believe, then other people can also believe if he could speak up for the truth. If he could stand up for the truth. Others could also do it. So on the Day of Judgment, no excuse will work well at home and learn how to follow him suit.

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And for them for the wrongdoers. There is learner distance from the mercy of Allah and also an evil home and what is that Hellfire?

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musar Listen, Allah subhanaw taala helped him he gave him victory for our own and his people. They were drowned. And then what happened when I called attina moose? alhuda and we certainly gave musar Listen, I'm alhuda the guidance and what is this guidance referring to? The Torah will allow us nobody is like Al Qaeda but after musala Islam was gone, the Bani Israel they were made to inherit the book

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musasa was given the Torah and after musar lesson on the total remained within the Bani Israel for their guidance. And they still who then were they call it as guidance and a reminder for who people of understanding

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who then a guidance that shows you what to do and what they call a strong reminder, giving you hope, showing you the way.

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For Smith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has advised the patient. Why? Because in Noir, the lighthouse indeed the promise of Allah is true. Because the Prophet said a lot of center was facing a lot of opposition. This was Makkah, so be patient. Learn from the past, in the word Allah He helped. Indeed the promise of Allah is true which promise the promise of victory the promise of help.

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Was the fatalism bigger and seek forgiveness for your sin. What does it mean by the sin of the messenger, his shortcoming whatever does not refer to him? So was thoughtfully done, because seek forgiveness Why? Because when a person does is to fall, then what happens? What happens? His difficulty turns into ease alone makes a way out for him from every trouble. And Allah provides for him from where he cannot imagine.

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So it's tough, Illidan big, busy yourself and his stuff. And this is what every they should do. A person was calling people to Allah, he should be patient, have confidence have trust that the promise of Allah is true, and he should resign himself in seeking forgiveness, because that will make the situation easier for him. And also, what's up Bethlehem Dr. Baker, Villarreal. She will go visit yourself in the glorification the prayers of your Lord in the evening and also in the early morning because Allah with the karela he

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call me

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deikun Sabine.

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Walk on

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Mika minashi will

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panicle mahoma shadow a la ilaha illa Anta a stockbroker wanted to be a Santa Monica.