Reviving Ramadan #24 The Origin of the Night of Power

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the meaning behind the names of different names, including the names of carriers and the Night of Decree. The names are not connected to any specific date or time, and some may have been written in a incBD state. The meaning behind the names is that they are honoring a night and are tied together with a Talim, a honoring event.
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Why was the greatest night of the year Leila to other given that name. The word cuddle can refer to several matters in the Arabic language. One of them is a Talim, honoring and glorification. So when you say Laylatul Qadr you're saying that it is the glorified the other night. That's because it has virtues connected to it that are not connected to any other day of the year. Allah Almighty said about it in Zanna houfy Lay that will cover we were the ones who sent down this Quran on the night of other night of glory.

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Or the Night of Decree, while the other aka my little brother, what will make you realize what the night of glory is? Little cuddly hieromonk l Fisher. That night is better than 1000 months 10 A zero and eager to grow healthy that night. The angels and the Holy Spirit meaning Gibreel descend, be it neuro be him mu Cooley Umbra by the permission of the Lord for every decreed matter salaam on here had their motto, line Fajr it is all peace until the break of dawn.

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So it's called The Night of Qadr because it's an honor night, a glorified night. So it's the glorified night. Or it could be because the one who honors this night becomes honored with Allah Subhana Allah Tada. So this is a meaning that revolves around tadley and glorifying honoring something another one of its meanings is that other can be in reference to in Arabic to attack the narrowing of something closing in on a space. As Allah Almighty said we're unlikely they'll never tell who the Cadabra ally here is. When Allah tests a person, and he limits there are provisions Hadera limiting narrowing. So what does limiting or narrowing HAVE TO DO WITH LEILA to cuddle the

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night of other it could be set the date of this blessing night has been kept a secret. So in that respect, the knowledge has been limited narrowed.

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Or we could say that it was given this name because the space on the earth is narrowed and limited on that night, due to the sheer number of angels that descend from the heavens to the earth on that particular night. As Al Khalili Mohammed mentioned, others have said that the meaning of other is from Kadar decree. And that's why we translated sometimes as the Night of Decree because all forms of decrees of creation for the upcoming year or decreed on that night, Allah said fee how you for aku Amarin Hakim on that night every matter of wisdom is ordained is decreed.

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And that's why Abdullah him no I bet she said in Nicola Tara Raju, Yoshi feel us working worker the worker spoofing note on that night, the Night of Decree, you see people walking around in the marketplaces and they have no idea that their names have been written amongst the dead. These are several understandings as provided it's cold and a little cutter