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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses Jana's position as a driver and the importance of striving for the word of truth. They stress the need to be mindful of one's words and stances in order to make compromise and avoid mistreatment. The speaker also mentions the success of Jana's position and the potential for her to become a jihadi.
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is when you say the word of truth in a position where the person in authority will oppress you. That's what this hadith means the best form of striving is when you speak the word of truth, in a position where those who have authority are going to oppress you, or there's a high chance of them oppressing you, gentlemen, someone who does not treat you fairly. And it's an important idea, because it points out a little bit for us. The profit out of you saw this meme acknowledges that at some point, Jana, you're striving will be with your tongue, with your words, with your stamps with your position with what you share, and what you that's going to be a part of our story, because

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because during his life, it is still out there. So the majority of striving was in combat, because that was just the nature of that time and position. But he gave us he thought he was and he said these words, knowing that at some point in the future, the Muslims will be in a place or a time where they're striving, and we won't, we won't necessarily be that way. And the striving that you and I are a part of is this is it, this driving is with our words, with our stances with our positions with the way you know, with how we carry ourselves and the voice and the voice that we have, and the noise that we make. And, and that's important. He's saying, he says, and this is the

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best, this is the best act of driving, you say the truth in a position where there's a high probability of you being

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oppressed or mistreated. Again, I'm not saying that you should go and start posting things and doing things on it, it gets you noticed, not what I'm saying. And I've tried to explain this topic and multiple times and I still get that question. No, don't go do things that will compromise your ability to make a living or compromise your ability to continue carrying the position that you carry. Be wise in what you and what you say and how you say it. But I'm saying that you should not back down and what you believe in and you should not allow fear of mistreatment, change or compromise making compromise your values or your principles are what you stand for. And you should

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be able to express yourself bravely when needed. Specifically when it comes to a to a to a to a topic that as important as the one that we are I need to dealing with on a daily basis and I just thought this is something to kind of, to me this is uplifting. It's something that Jani gives me a little bit of comfort in my heart knowing the prophet Isaiah Sontaran saw that down the line for us and that this is sometimes where we are where we have to make some choices so I hope that's a benefit you're really numb with giving me the you will enamel

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for you Jamie and he was the tsunami he'd be sent out in Hudson and deciding and Cody you know the Allahu Anhu called Paul and maybe your son Allahu Allah, you only will send them a little jihadi Kalama to adilyn and this will paw ninja and Salah for several months of Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah learn to stop here with a week or so Allahu wa salam O Allah Allah Allah you know Muhammad

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