Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L102D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of insula and the sacred months in which they are passed. They also touch on the history and context of the Bible, including the use of hedges to kill commanders and the importance of practicing certain pillars of Islam to avoid evil behavior. The speakers emphasize the need to avoid protecting against evil behavior and not kill people in the huddle until they reach a certain point. They also emphasize the importance of learning about Islam and not just highlighting its negative consequences, as well as acknowledging the need to be informed about its deeper meaning.
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Faith and self assurance

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and when the sacred months have passed by, for either so when in Salah in Santa Rosa is from the root fetters, seen lamb.

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What does insula mean?

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When the snake sheds its skin, literally, or when a woman takes off her clothes. So basically insula is when something that covers another is removed from

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it is stripped off, it is cast off.

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This is the meaning of the word insula.

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And insula is altered to pass away.

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What does it mean to pass away, which is why this word is also used for the passing away of a lunar month. The passing away of a lunar month in Santa Lucia is when the month is over the end of the month.

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When the lunar month is finished, it's over.

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So finally, then Salah has assured home, when the sacred months are over, they're finished.

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And ashore is a plural off shop, what the shower mean, month, Medina, Hillel and the time period between two crescents.

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Now, what are the sacred months, the sacred months, according to some it refers to the sacred month, the month of Roger little creature and will have during which fighting is not permissible and breach of peace is also prohibited.

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However, in the context, it doesn't refer to those ones.

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Previously, what did we learn that the machine were given four months to choose between Islam and COVID?

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So, these four months, refers to four months beginning from the day that the announcement was made.

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When was the announcement made? 10th of the future.

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So after that hedger comes, well, how long because of her does the end of the year, right. So mohalla, Safa W, a one and then rivieras thing.

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So the sacred months refer to these four months, which are mentioned the previous is, well, that procedure will be Alberta. So now the question is, why are they being called and

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why are they being called sacred?

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Because in this time period, there was trauma of what of killing the machine,

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it wasn't allowed that they should be killed.

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So finally, dancehall asuran, her when the four month grace period is over,

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where the Michigan we're told, either you stay here, but you become Muslim. And if you don't wish to stay here, you don't wish to become Muslim, then you have to leave. You cannot live in Arabia in Makkah, with COVID, which

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it is not allowed anymore.

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Because too much time has already passed. And this is a time when this believers are not going to be given any more chances.

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Just as I mentioned to you that the previous nations when the messenger was sent, the people did not believe a time came when they recite was expired, it was over. And they were not allowed to live even one more day,

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even one more day.

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And as we learned earlier, that the dabit the root of those people was finished, meaning not even one of them was allowed to survive.

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The people of which people survive.

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Only those people who believed and everyone else was finished. The people have moved the people of silent Edison and the people who each and every nation. When the time was expired, they were not allowed to live. But look at the mercy of Allah over here.

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That these mushrikeen if they don't want to become Muslim, it's not that a punishment is going to descend upon them from the sky. They can just leave hedges.

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They can just leave hedges.

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And this is one of the greatest mercies of Allah subhanaw taala upon the oma a prophet sort of odd isn't that a punishment was not descended from the sky to annihilate those who disbelieved in him.

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That if you don't want to believe, sure, just leave simple. Just leave from here.

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So when these four months are over, then what has to be done. faculty do then kill the commanders to the Muslims. Then kill who meaning you're allowed to kill who else

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wish to kena the mashiki, which was seeking

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those who violate the covenant.

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Those who were given for months, whether a covenant was made with them or was not made with them. Remember,

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the first two groups of people, whether covenant was made with them or not made with them, they had How long? Four months. So when these four months are over the grace period is over, then the Michigan are going to be

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where? Hey, so we're just to move wherever you find them, wherever they are found. What does it mean by this high user project to move home? This has been understood as according to some whether you find them in the area of Harlem or outside of the home,

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whether you find them in the Harlem or outside of the home.

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And others say that no, in the area of Harlem, it is not permissible to kill people. Correct? What's the evidence for that we learned earlier in silicon Bukhara I 191 that will add to quality Luma marine de la Ciudad harami Hector ukata, Lu confy.

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that do not kill them in the sacred mosque until they fight you in there.

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Over here, obviously, the machines are not fighting you in the huddle, you are the ones who are going to go kill them. So in that case, what does it mean, you're not allowed to kill them in the huddle? But others say that this was a specific context where she had to be eliminated. And if the machine were not to be killed over there, then what would they do? All the skin would go into

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the point of saying, hey, the way that the moon is that none of the machine should be allowed to survive in the hedges,

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kill them wherever you find them.

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Well, who to whom, and sees the

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hoodoo is honoring veterans Hamza ha, that meaning take them as prisoners. from the same root is a word he? He Hamza ha, yeah, then he, and he is a prisoner.

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So hate the word removal, who will hold over and capture them, meaning take them as prisoners walk through him and also besieged them?

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Whether it's from the veterans house or through a hassle? What does hassle mean to encircle to confine something inside?

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So what is the mean by this room? That if these people, they go and hide in a fort, then what are you going to do? Let them stay there in the fort? No, you're going to lay siege to that fort, and not leave until they come out. Until you capture them.

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wherever they go. lay siege surround them. Don't let them be

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Walker, do anyone search them find them. That same login for them were good llamosa every place of ambush. The word monster this wandering fetters alongside that, and also that is to watch it is to keep one's eye on someone.

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It is to lie in wait for the prey.

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So that as soon as it comes, you immediately catch it.

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You understand? So Merseyside is a place

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to lie in wait

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to lie in wait for someone.

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So what are the 11 kilometer? Go and find these people in their cages, go and find them, Go and search them

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and wait at every place of ambush so that if they come by if the past by you can catch them?

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What does it mean by this?

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that none of the machine should be allowed to stay here.

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And make sure you enforce this rule, make sure you execute this plan.

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None of the machines should be allowed to stay here in the area of hedges.

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Because if they're allowed to stay here, then what's going to happen

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eventually sherco grow and the entire reason for which the prophets are allowed is Adam was sent is going to be useless because the heat will not be established for the establishment of the heat ship has to be eliminated. And to eliminate ship the people of ship have to be eliminated. So make sure that none of them remains and this is the punishment from a loss of penalty upon at the hands of all the believers. As I mentioned to you that the previous nations, what happened to them, not even one of them was allowed to survive not even one faculty are damaged along the route, the extreme part even the last of them was finished.

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Similarly over here, the last of the machine even have to be eliminated from this land.

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But again, look at the machine

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See above law upon this nation, that fair interval, but then if they do Toba from there, we're accommo salata, and they begin establishing the Salah, who was the CATA and they begin to give this a cat as well, for her new sebelum so leave their way, don't bother them. Don't say anything to them. Don't obstruct them. Do not kill them. Do not imprison them. Let them be for Hulu sebelum. The word Hulu is from the real fetters, Heartland, well, Hulu, what does it mean to be empty? So leave their way empty. Meaning do not obstruct them. Do not imprison them, do not kill them, do not lie in wait for them. Let them go about their daily lives when they repent, and they also prove their Islam

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and how they prove their Islam.

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Let's do things What are they

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establishing the Salah? And secondly, giving us a cat?

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What does that show to us? The importance of these two pillars of Islam,

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that if a person is practicing these two pillars, then what does that show that he is a Muslim? If he is practicing these two pillars,

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and if a person is only praying, and he refuses to give this a cat, then there is a problem with his Islam.

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Which is why Abubakar Daniel, he fought against those people who refuse to pay those attacks. He fought against them.

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So what does Allah say? That if you see them praying and giving us a cat and leave their way? Because in the love of food and Rahim Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Yes, they have committed great crimes. Yes, they were mushrikeen. But that is history. And Allah is Forgiving, and He is merciful to those people who repent.

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So we see from here, that the machine of the entire Arabia, they were to be eliminated from Arabia.

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And this was a form of punishment that had been descended upon them,

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because of their constant opposition towards the messenger. So

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if you look at it, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he established proof against them. He used all ways to bring them towards guidance. He spoke their own language, the Quran was revealed, which made things clear to them 23 years the profits or losses, and he was patient with them. He answered their questions. He showed them so many miracles, they saw the miracle of the splitting of the moon. They saw Yeoman, on the day of criterion which showed the truthfulness of Islam and the falseness of corruption. But still, despite that, there were some people who remained on check. So how is it possible that they would be allowed to live and thrive?

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It's not possible. This is not justice. Because if they are allowed to live, then the entire reason for which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent was defeated, the entire plan would be defeated.

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So if they don't believe even now, and refuse to leave this area as well, then they must be killed. And this is a form of punishment on them.

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Now, this I remember, this is for a specific context, at a specific time and a specific place. This is not a general idea, which is to be applied until the day of judgment, that any disbeliever wherever you find him, Go kill him, imprison him, wait for him in ambush. And when you find him, kill him until he becomes a Muslim, this is not general. And it is not justice, that this ayah is generalized, or this ayah is applied in every situation.

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This was revealed in a specific context. Because many people they say that look, this is the teaching of Islam. This is what the Quran says that go kill all the disbelievers anyone who does not believe is that the case? That's not the case, because if that was the case, and not even one non Muslim would be allowed to live in the Muslim Empire. And we see that throughout history. So many non Muslims have lived in the Muslim Empire to the point that they have even had positions in the government. They have even had positions the government.

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So how is that possible? If this is to be applied everywhere at all times? This is not for everyone. And it is not for all times. It is in a specific context for specific people.

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Were in the huddle, and if any one minute Machina from the machine if anyone from the machine which was taking those whom you have been commanded to kill after the four months or over

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if anyone is the Java, he seeks your protection is the Java is from the roof hackers dream well

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do out

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What does it mean to be a neighbor, and Joe is to protect, to help

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adjara yujiro is to protect to offer help. Like, for example, well who are yujiro alasa panels are the one who gives protection. So is the Java, he sought protection, he sought help.

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And in particular, this word is used for seeking help and protection against an enemy,

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that your enemy is coming after you. So you go to someone and ask for their protection.

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So if anyone of the machine, he asks for your, for your protection, meaning he wants to be spared, he says, Don't kill me. You catch him? You're about to kill him after the four months. And what does he say? Give me protection? Don't kill me. Give me protection.

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Then what are you supposed to do? Say No, no, you're just saying it to save your life? No. What does Allah say if I

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give him protection? Give him protection so that no other Muslim can also kill him? Because all the Muslims were told, right? That if you find any wishek now after these four months in this area, they're to be killed. But if a missionary comes to someone and he says, Give me protection, give me refuge give me asylum, and that Muslim is obligated to protect him. Why? So that no other Muslim can come and kill him?

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And why should he be given protection? had that until? Yes, Mark anomala until he hears the words of Allah. What does grandmama refer to the Quran?

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Meaning until this person learns about what Alyssa prenta has said, had their yes Merica lemma.

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Give him time, so that he can learn the D.

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And then he can make a decision for himself. Whether he wants to accept Islam or not.

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Someone then evaluate who you make him reach meaning you escort him. A bill from the roof that is bare lamb white, what does Bella mean to reach? Lily you make that mushnik reach where Munna his place of security. Men is from the root letters, comes me noon, what is a man mean? Peace, man, my fall, what is this? isn't love. So my man is a place of refuge.

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So, escort him make him reach his place of

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What is this place of refuge?

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It could be the home of his people. It could be another Muslims house where he's taking refuge, anywhere where he's going to take refuge. Because if he goes about opening the streets, some Muslim is going to find him and kill him. So he's going to be somewhere where he's going to be Captain security. So make him reach there, escort him over there. Why then, that is the unknown because indeed a common their people, they are animals. They don't know. What do they not know their religion of Allah. They have no idea what Allah has said. They have no idea of what Islam is, what the teachings of Islam are.

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You may wonder how is that possible? 23 years have passed by still these people don't know about Islam? Yes, it's quite possible. Because when people have a bias against someone, and generally when there is a big hype, that these people, they're criminals, don't listen to the prophets or a lot of them. Don't listen to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam that obviously people will not even listen to him. They will not even try to learn about what Allah subhanaw taala has said what the prophet sallallahu is and was teaching.

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And we see that even today. There are so many people, they have heard about Islam, they have heard about Muslims, but have they read the Quran? Do they know about the teachings of the Quran? Do they know about how Muslims live? What practices Muslims add? They have no idea. They only know what they have heard. They have not known for themselves. So if there is a person who says, I really don't know about Islam, I would like to know, I know the four months have expired, but still please give me some more time. Then what are you supposed to do? give him time and make sure he is safe. You are giving protection to him so that he gets to know what Islam is and then he can make a decision

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And look at the reason that Allah gives there Lika be unknown como la Yato.

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Today there are so many people who say we have to fight against the non Muslims. We have to fight it.

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into this video is against these machines and the wage war, or they declared war against every non Muslim.

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But the fact is that how many non Muslims even know about the religion? They have heard about Islam. They have heard about the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah, but how well do they know about it? They don't know.

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So how can you declare war against them? You cannot, you don't have the authority to do that at all. And you don't even have the permission to do that. Because you have not conveyed the message to them.

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Many times people are hostile towards Islam, because they don't know Islam. They don't know their religion, and whose fault is that?

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We blame the media. Whose fault is that? In reality, it's our fault. We have not conveyed the message to them. How much have we tried to convey the message? If other people are trying to portray a wrong image of Islam? How much should we try to portray the correct image of Islam? How much look at the situation, four months of Best wishes enough to be killed? All of a sudden a person is caught he says I don't know give me time What does Allah say give him time because he does not know he does not know and he should be taught. And when he starts when he learns then he can make a decision on his own. He can decide for himself

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Okay, we will listen to the recitation of these if attentively

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learn Shame on you.

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fussy fufill

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la hammock,

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machinery cleaners.

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Move on.

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In a law how you

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to move

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among law.

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Generally, when we learn about what happens, people's faults, their mistakes become very evident to us. And sometimes we become very upset and what's wrong with these people? Don't they get it? Don't they understand? But what does Allah say?

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They don't know. They don't know. And it's your obligation that you have to tell them before getting upset with them.

00:24:47 --> 00:24:55

before showing your frustration to them. They don't know. Have you told them that you're becoming upset with them? Have you told them that you want to take revenge from them?

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

So even in times of war, when you have declared

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war against a certain people. Still a person says, I want to know more, give me time, you're obligated to give him time. Only then can you take action against him? otherwise you cannot.

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And this makes us reflect on ourselves. How much have we done on our part? And how much of the message have we conveyed to the people? that today we become upset towards non Muslims or people who are not upon Islam, they're conspiring against the Muslims, and so on and so forth? How much have we done on our part?

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We haven't even conveyed the message.

00:25:37 --> 00:25:38

So what did you learn from these

00:25:40 --> 00:25:51

it's amazing how the commands the instructions are not generalized. But rather, depending on the situation of each people, different case has been given a different way of dealing with them has been given

00:25:53 --> 00:26:31

that those people with whom there was a treaty, but they fulfilled it, the Muslims have been told that they must keep the treaty and they must fulfill it until the end of its time, until the time of its expiration. And the same obligation is also upon us. That just because there is a non Muslim, and we have a promise with them, we have a commitment with them, we have a contract with them don't just cancel the same or they're non Muslim anyway. No, that's not a justification at all. If they're being truthful, if they're fulfilling their Treaty, you have to do it as well. And if you sense that they are being treacherous, then openly cancel it as we learned earlier, until

00:26:33 --> 00:26:37

we see that the way the Prophet sallallahu Sallam conquered Makkah,

00:26:38 --> 00:27:19

and the way Michigan were given so much time, rest by more and more chances again and again. It This was so peaceful, it was such a peaceful way of overtaking that place. Generally, in the history, when people would go and attack certain places when they would go and conquer, there would be so much bloodshed. 1000s of people would be killed. The women would be enslaved children would be treated harshly. There were so much bloodshed, massacre of people, but look at the way the prophets are allowed some conquered Makkah. And not just that, later on how the Michigan were given so much time that it wasn't just at the conquest of Mecca, they were told you have four months No, was the

00:27:19 --> 00:27:31

year after the next year. That is when they were told you have four months now they were given a grace period Make up your mind, you either want to stay you have to be like us, if you don't, you have to leave.

00:27:32 --> 00:27:37

So this shows that in our Deen, there's more emphasis on one

00:27:38 --> 00:27:55

on peace, and not on war, not on killing people randomly. And this was only in a specific context. And even then, compromises are made chances are being given Still, if somebody wants refuge, give him refuge, give him time so that he can learn and make an informed decision.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:01

And that he could be an uncommon lie on the moon, there's so many people out there who don't know about Islam.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:24

And even if they don't want to become Muslim, they have the right to do that they have the right to make their own decision. But it is our duty that we must tell them about Islam. We must clarify their misconceptions or misunderstandings because many times when people do become Muslim, what did they say? We never knew about Islam. We had no idea about this is what Islam is. We had no idea

00:28:25 --> 00:28:26

whose fault is that?

00:28:27 --> 00:28:28

It's our fault.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:51

And we interact with this believers with non Muslims on a daily basis, we take so much benefit from them. So much benefit there teaching our children, they are providing such good resources for us. avenues for us to grow to learn. And here we are, we cannot even help them learn about our religion. Just inform them about our religion.

00:28:53 --> 00:29:26

And you touch any topic, whether it is with regards to worship or the rights of women, or the justice system in Islam, or even the history of Islam, or the interpretation of the Quran, any topic you touch, people don't know. They just have misunderstandings. And part of the problem is us. If we see over here, they don't know what the problem is even we don't know that the ayat of the Quran, they're being quoted out of context, they're being misinterpreted, misunderstood. And when we are questioned, we have no idea we cannot defend because even we don't know.

00:29:27 --> 00:29:38

So it puts the obligation on all of us to learn about the Quran ourselves. And learning does not mean just going through once and passing the tests. But learning means that you make sure you understood every Ayah

00:29:39 --> 00:29:53

this should be the target of the scores for each and every one of you, that you make sure you have understood every single verse of the Quran. Because if you haven't, then how will you be able to convey it? How will you be able to present it to the people.

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

If you only have a general understanding, a rough understanding you won't be able to convey properly you

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To understand every idea

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and we see so much importance of solid and data only when a person is doing these two things then is as long as acceptable. And if he's not doing either of these two things and Islam is doubtful.

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You know, sometimes if bring, for example into my mind that when the brother proposes to a sister for marriage, generally what do people look at? Okay, does he have a beer? Does he work has he studied? Has he done this? Has he done that? And this is not considered does he pray solder?

00:30:31 --> 00:30:36

And if this question is asked, Does he pray solder? say okay, what's the big deal?

00:30:38 --> 00:30:46

What's the big deal? At least to eat halal? Well, that's good but Salah is mandatory. So that is what shows the righteousness of a person

00:30:47 --> 00:30:59

and it's not just praying this or that it's establishing the strength for men Where is that in the masjid? Because if a man is beautiful towards his creator, then he will make sure that he is caring for your rights as well.

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Okay, listen to the recitation of these if

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he levena

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mean freaky SCI.

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mean, he was he

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Illa de

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to move

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is not

At-Taubah 1-15 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 5-6

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