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Ya-Sin 13-32 Tafsir 26-32

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But what did the people do? Did they listen to him? No, they did not listen to him. Did they listen to the messengers? They did not listen to the messengers either. What did they do? instead? They killed this man.

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They threatened the messengers, isn't it? That we're going to kill you?

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the messengers, Allah subhanaw taala helped them with this believer. This video came proclaimed as faith call them, and what was the reaction of the people they killed him instantly.

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And when they killed him, Allah subhanaw taala says over here, the law it was said, Udo halogen enter Jannah enter Paradise immediately. It was at him antigen. They killed him. And Allah admitted him into gender.

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Why was it that he was admitted immediately into gender? Because he was a Shahid and remember, he goes directly to gender. Right.

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And also, that a believer, even when he dies, in his grave, whatever his grave may be, it is like a garden of paradise for him. Isn't it so? So Taylor, O'Donnell Jana, it was an antigen. And what did he say? color? He said, Yeah, later call me on the moon. I wish my people could no.

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I wish my people could notice Look at his sincerity.

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He doesn't say yes, I have succeeded. They have failed. They tried to kill me and look where I am. No Look at his sincerity and well wishing for the year later call me Allah would I wish my people knew. They knew about what we may finally be of how my lord has forgiven me. When you're alone, he will come in. And he has placed me among the honored ones. I wish my people knew about this.

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I wish there was some way I could go and tell my people that yes, you have killed me. But Allah, he has honored me. He has forgiven me. And he has entered me in genda. And he has made me of those who are honored. Look at his well wishes and sincerity.

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Why did he want the people to know?

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So that they do would believe as he believed.

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This is how much he desired for his people to believe.

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You see, again, the focus is not his own self. What is the focus to convey the message

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that people believe in Allah, when people turn to Allah, they're saved.

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Just imagine they killed him. Literally, they killed him. But how good he is towards them. He's so well wishing he wants good for them.

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And with us what happens? Somebody says just one remark, one look, and we don't forgive them for the rest of our lives. We don't talk to them. We don't look at them. We don't speak to them. We don't invite them. We say never again. Just because of one remark one statement. Look at how unfair these people were towards this man. And look at how sincere he was towards the

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female. Finally, Robbie. Well, Jelani will and will come in.

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I wish my people could know of how my Lord forgive me. And he made me of those who are honored.

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Now what does it mean by this female hopefully not be that how my lord has forgiven me. It's obvious that this man, he was a disbeliever, before he perhaps lived his entire life in Cofer. And as soon as he found out about the message of the Prophet, what did he do?

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He believed immediately. And when he believed he came running, yes. Right. He came running, defending the messengers, telling the people to believe and when they did not believe he said, in the amount of Europe, he confessed Maroon, he declared his faith at least.

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And when he declared his fate immediately he was killed.

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Isn't it? So? This is what happened with him.

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Now when a person believes, should he not follow his Eman by some actions,

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of course. And when he does something, only then you'll be forgiven? Only then you'll be rewarded. Correct. But what do we see over here? That he was forgiven and honored, despite the fact that he never even got the opportunity to perform even one good deed?

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You understand? So how is it that Allah forgive him? Why is it that you forgive him for what what was a good deed that he performed?

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That first of all, he proclaimed the faith. Secondly, he conveyed the message as well. He invited everybody as well. He defended the messengers, right? And for his sincerity as well. So be my offer. Only Robbie Why did Allah forgive him because of his email, because of his declaration because of his statement in need to become a scammer.

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He accepted the truth, and he supported it. Remember, we learned earlier that in limited little Manitoba.

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This is what it means that you accept it. You believe in it, you support it. You live by it, for however long that you can, isn't it? So there were some companions, who became Muslim at the time when the battles were going on? And what did they do? instantly they went and fought, and they died over there.

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Right? So even that was enough.

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Because he man it led them to action. And this man is a man let them to what defending the messengers, if at the time of the Prophet sort of answer, but was fighting battles over here, what was he doing this man defending the messengers, by argument, right?

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And we see over here that Allah forgive him female for a little bit. And secondly, what your attorney will come in and he has made me of those who are on it.

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The people try to humiliate him, make him smile, how by killing him.

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But look at how Allah welcomed

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the people rejected him and Allah accepted. The people humiliated him and Allah honored him.

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Because all honor is with a loss of time

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in the ledger mirror, but people still where do they seek honor from?

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From others into the marriage? I 35 return Willa ecoffee jannetty mocha moon, they will be in gardens honored,

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honored, because the one who is admitted in general, then he is McCullum. Why? Because the reward in general is agilan khadim. Remember, honorable reward, generous reward, and the person who receives that he becomes mocha.

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If you think about it, one of the greatest fears that people have in the wave of light is what? The fear of people.

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And that is based on what desire of honor. People want honor. They want to be respected, they don't want to be insulted. This is why they're afraid of people, they want to look good in the eyes of people.

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And if anything will ruin their image in front of people, they will stay away from it. Right. So what stops many from walking on the wave a lot is the fear of people the desire for honor. What will people say? What will they say? What will she say? What will they think about me? If I do this? I look so dumb. This is what people think.

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But what do we need to remember? That honor is with who? Allah subhanaw taala it's not with people.

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It's not with people. A person may respect you today, tomorrow, they will humiliate you isn't the same people. It's amazing how when it comes to elections when it comes to, you know, a new president coming or a new person in the government, how people are, you know, praising him and supporting him. And what happens and after some time, people forget about it. Or they push him out of office, or they accuse him, right? They say foul things about him just to get him out of office. This is what people do. So you cannot get reserved from people.

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Riza does not lie with people. If you try to seek it from people you'll be humiliated reverberate around who say that we were nothing Allah gave us honor through Islam. And if we leave this religion and turn to anything else, and Allah will humiliate us, so all honor is with who Allah subhanaw taala if a person is concerned about fixing his image, his reputation before a lot, then he is fine. And when does it happen? When has he been claimed? And when a person is just concerned about fixing his image reputation before people, then he is a loser? He will never ever be successful.

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So we see that this person, what is he concerned about? His image before Allah, how that he is declaring his faith despite the fact that people are opposing, despite the fact that there has been a death threat for the one who say to the messengers, because the messengers have been threatened with them. Right? But still, he declares to the people humiliated insulted him, however Allah, He honored him

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with your other Nieminen makani he made me of those were honored. He made me he placed among the honorable ones in gender in paradise.

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And you see over here, isn't it amazing that he says to the people in the Atlantic Europa conference maroon and all

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All of a sudden

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the death part is omitted. Isn't it? So? It's not mentioned? Why?

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Because it makes you sad. Right? But what is mentioned over here, how he is rewarded and how he's honored, and his words, paid attention for the Gen Con a year later komiya Anna would

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be with

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And the fact is that when a believer the time when the angels come to take his soul at that time, we need to give them the good news, isn't it? So it says, Oh, this person is dying and the good news is given to him. What do we learn in the Quran in surah 32 we learn and Medina that our fellow human Malacca to tie up in yaku Luna salam, Aleikum, odo Janata, Bhima terminal. So they're given the good news right at that time, into the throat chakra at a time to 89 we learn for in Canada and macabre been for one what I had on my genitourinary and if the disease was of those brought near to Allah, than for him is rest and bounty and a garden of pleasure.

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So he submitted immediately, and Allah accepted him immediately as well. You see, yes, he ran.

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And how was he given his reward? Immediately? You understand? He ran, and Allah gave him his reward immediately as

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he did not delay, a lot did not delay.

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And if we delay, then what do we expect?

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We have to be instant, immediate in obedience. And when we're like that, that the reward will also come immediately.

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With this, listen to the recitation and then we'll continue.

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I mean, Medina to Louie

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told me,

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even our best friend who said about this man, NASA hakama, who Hagen

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he was sincere to his people when he was alive. And also when he was dead.

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He was sincere to them. He was well wishing towards them while he was living how that he advised them.

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And when he died when he was killed, what did he say? Yeah, later call me on the moon Bhima Ferrari Robbie, was with your attorney Michael McCullough mean, I wish they knew, so that they too could become believers. they too would do what I did. They do would also proclaim faith like I did.

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And this kind of sincerity and well wishing is extremely necessary because without it, a person cannot do his work.

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Then what will happen? The smallest of obstacles even will seem extremely great. A person will not be able to do anything. The fear of people will not let him speak. The fear of people will not let him take any step.

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And the smallest obstacles I mentioned early will seem extremely great. If you think about it, this man was unknown, isn't it? Yes, there were three messengers, but he's talking alone. There was no one from his nation who had also become believers who were supporting him who were saying yes, what you're saying is right, what you're saying makes sense. No, he was all alone.

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But we see that despite the fact that he was

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alone, what did he do? He conveyed the message he spoke to the people

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being alone was not an excuse.

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It was not a justification for not doing what he was required to do. Why? Because he had the message he knew that he had to convey.

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You see, earlier we learned in Slovakia seen that return zero comma zero

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people are involved. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been sent Why? So that he can warn them? Because they do not know.

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And similarly, there are many people who are around us who do not know they're in Koffler. And we know that how can we set then how can we not do anything? This man? How much knowledge is he attained? Did he learn the scripture from the messengers? Did he ask them about all of the commandments that they had been given?

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That he learned all that knowledge and then he went and gave the message know, whatever he knew, he passed it on, because valuable I never know.

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Because you don't know even one I can make a difference. And when something has entered your heart, then you cannot stay still you have to pass it on, you have to tell other people about it.

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This is why the our w conveying the message this is an obligation on the Muslim Ummah, we do not have a choice with regards to that.

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And it's a fourth key fire. What does it mean by that, that the entire community is responsible.

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The entire nation is responsible.

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And if some individuals don't do it, then the entire community will be punished. The entire nation will be held responsible for what happens with us. We know what's supposed to be done. We have knowledge, a Lost Planet, Allah has given us something that other people don't have.

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But sometimes it's the fear of people. Sometimes it's our own challenges. Sometimes it's our own personal problems that keep preventing us keep stopping us from going on.

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We don't have the same energy of Yes, sir. Like this man was running despite the fact that we have more knowledge perhaps send him what degree did he attain? which courses did he do? when something has entered your heart, you cannot stay put you have to pass it on. And this is a sign of well wishing University. So we all need to check ourselves that what knowledge has Allah given to us? What ability Has he given to us? He has given us something and other people they do not know they're often.

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And it's our obligation to tell them.

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And we will be held responsible if we don't tell them.

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This man he told them, whatever you knew, while he was alive, and when he was dead. Still he had when wishing for them.

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If you look at many other communities, many other people, what do they do? Whatever they know they pass it on the go door to door? They'll keep calling you? Isn't it?

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Why? Because they think they have the truth. And they want to tell you and they keep advising you they keep coming back to you. Because you have well wishing right whatever good they have. They want to share it with the rest of the world.

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And you harsh with them, you argue with them, you tell them never come again. But they'll still come, isn't it? What happens with us, we are afraid to even speak up. We are afraid to even take one step even to our friends. People that we know people who we are friends with will not yell at us who will not threaten us.

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And just look at our lives right now the situation that we're in right now, when it comes to doing this course even when it comes to either studying it or helping out in other people studying it. Think about it, Allah has given you this knowledge. He has given you the skill.

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Many people don't have it.

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Many people don't. And if you have been given this knowledge, think about it. Isn't it your obligation that you tell them?

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Isn't it? So many people are dying every day? So many people have no idea. It's your obligation, you must tell them and keep telling them you never know when they might except when it might make a difference.

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We listen, we read we cry. We get very emotional. And then when it comes to telling somebody else about it, it says oh, we have no idea. It's as though we don't know we don't even share with one person. That means it has not had any impact on us. That crying was is temporary. Because if something has really affected you, then you will start running. Yes, sir. You're tired, you're exhausted. You're ill. It doesn't matter. You do it.

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Look at this man. He's been threatened. He's been killed. There's a live threat but still he does it. So when something is important to you, you will run.

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We assume that people already know and we don't need to tell them

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She's mentioning about how recently she went for a job interview. And the person who was interviewing her, she told him that currently because the month of Ramadan, she has some strict religious obligations, so she cannot do whatever. And he said, Okay, what religious background isn't? He had no idea. So she told her, it's Islam and he was spelling Islam with an E.

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We just assume that people know, people don't know.

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We cannot keep assuming and if you look at it, this man, he is speaking despite the fact that three messengers are there. What do we think

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other people are doing it? I don't need to do anything. Other people are defending Islam, they're teaching, I don't need to do anything. They are responsible for what they're doing and you are responsible for what you know. Remember, yesterday we learned about atharv leave a good

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this man left a good enough. He prepared something for himself.

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If you look at it, his other has been saved in the Quran for us, for us to take lessons from

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so he died. But Allah subhanaw taala honored him and what happened to the rest of the people Allah says woman and homey human body human June then Mina summer, and we did not send down upon his people after him any soldiers from the sky.

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When he was killed, Allah did not have to send out any soldiers from the sky and army of the angels. Why? To destroy the people? one miracle now when zelena and we were not ones who sent down meaning we had not even intended to send it to them.

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We don't send down an army of angels to destroy the people. How do we destroy them in Canada? Illa say Hatton wahida it was not but just one shout. Just one last one scream for either Hong Kong we do. And an instantly immediately they were extinguished. How we doin florala comets from the roof address, ha mean that her mood. And her mood is when the flames of a fire die out when they get extinguished completely.

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If you look why this word has been used, the people the nation, how they were raging, they were so furious and violent in their opposition against the messengers, just like fire is that the existence of the fire even is a big threat.

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It might burn you might spread. So look at these people the way they were raging. They were furious in their opposition against the messengers. Then out of Juma Nakayama Salah caminada when a man came and spoke up, they killed him instantly for either whom Hameed Hoon and Allah subhanaw taala he sent one blast and at once they were extinguished, like extinguished ashes.

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Yeah has slept in a bed. How regretful for the servants. Yeah has selected hustla from the root letters has seen or what is hassle amin extreme agony, regret. It's a combination of sadness and regret over what has been lost. So yeah, has gotten a bad look at the servants.

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What a pity or regret for the servants, Maja de him it was sued and no messenger comes to them in lack and will be here soon, except that the marketing

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This is worth 50 that the people what has been the reaction, every time a messenger has been sent to the people, they have mocked Him, they have rejected Him, they have denied him. And as a result, what has happened?

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What has happened to the people finished, they were punished. So regret pity for the people. This is so sad. You see, the people denied the messengers, they made fun of the messengers. They rejected the truth. And as a result that people were finished,

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isn't it? They lost dunia. They lost

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How sad

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they lost dounia and they also lost after

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many times why is it that people do not accept the message of the messenger?

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Because it harms your dunya isn't it? This is exactly what happened over here. They were most European people they did not want to listen to the messengers. Right? And they wanted to preserve their dunya but what happened the last year donia and they also lost after when they killed that man, Allah subhanaw taala finished all of these people, when they were finished dunia gone, a paragon.

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Allah says lm euro, do they not see meaning the people of market the present people have not seen come alakina covenant hoomin and qurani how many generations we have destroyed before them?

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Meaning with what audacity are they denying Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. With what confidence are they denying him with what courage are they denying him have the knock on effect of the people of the past

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many generations before them were destroyed. Why? Because they denied their messengers. And once they have gone a new home he lay him lay on your own indeed these people to them, they will not return to who? to the present people on earth. The previous generations once they have gone, will they ever come back to the earth? No, there's only one chance that we will have to live in this dunya and if they lose that chance it's gone. It's finished. No more chances unknown illenium now your dear one.

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We're in Cologne, and indeed all of them. Them jamir Ola Dana macaroon. All of them will yet be brought present before us.

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We're in, in over here gives meaning of in, indeed, Kowloon, all meaning all people, every single person. All of the generations.

00:25:55--> 00:26:20

Where they believed were the desperate they rejected the messengers or they accepted them. All of them, Llama Llama, it can be understood as zide extra in gives meaning of inner. So indeed, colon all llama died for emphasis jamir on all of them together, meeting all the people that they know before us Maroon One, two will be presented.

00:26:22--> 00:26:56

Meaning all people will be presented before us. Why? For the purpose of hisab, so that they can be given their Recompense. Each and every person is going back to of law, as an answer to the people were elated to geralyn and to him, all of you will be returned, so all people will be returned to him. And this time that we have is temporary limited. And a loss of penalties observing us What do we do? When we find out the truth? Do we accept it? And if we accept it, what do we do? Do we just sit with it? Or do we pass it on?

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We're going back to Allah and he will question us about the knowledge that He has given us about the opportunities that He has given us about the time that he has given us.

00:27:08--> 00:27:15

He will question us and all of us should think about it. If Allah has given us some knowledge, what are we doing?

00:27:16--> 00:27:23

If he has given us some skill, what are we doing? If he has given us an opportunity? What are we doing?

00:27:24--> 00:27:52

are we losing one opportunity after the other making excuses of people have some personal problems of some obstacles? One thing or the other? The people before us had greater challenges? But if this man can do it, we can also do something because remember, we're going back to Allah. We're in Kuala Lumpur jamir Allah Dena Mercado, we have to face him and he will question us. What answers do we have? What have we prepared?

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We listened to the recitation of these.

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stockbroker wanted to be like Assalamu alaikum